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Edward Jennings: A Novel of the American West

by Jack Knapp

Published: 2023-03-24. 60,512 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Western

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: All Ages

Edward Jennings grew up during the turbulent years after the Texas Revolution. While still a teenager, he found himself responsible for two ranches and a family. Comanche raiders, stock thieves, and hard men he can cope with. It’s part of life on the 1860s Texas frontier. But then came secession. Ed, like many in central Texas, voted against the ordinance only to be overruled by east Texas cotton-growers. The resistance led to a declaration of martial law, followed by an order that every able-bodied male must join the Confederate Army. Will Ed obey a law he considers unjust? Or will he risk everything rather than betray his principles? Raiders, rustlers, and outlaws, take notice! Push Ed, and he pushes back—violently!

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ongoing story

Reviewed it on April 1, 2023

I liked it a lot. My problem is that I read too fast amp; his books end before II'm ready. My own fault not his, if he writes it I'll read it...