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Dissonance (Country Roads #3)

by Travis Starnes

Published: 2023-03-01. 202,157 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-960747-00-6

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Undefined

You Can't Outrun Your Past

Everything is going Charlie's way. He's survived his first year at public high school, has made lifelong friends, and has a brand new record deal that will, hopefully, launch his music career for real. As always seems the case, misfortune strikes whenever things are going too well. Charlie’s life is turned upside down and his future plans are put in to jeopardy when a problem from his past returns. Charlie's only hope is that his family, and the support structure he's built, are strong enough to get him through this newest challenge; all while still facing the normal challenges of teenage life.

Can Charlie keep his life together or will it all come falling down around him?

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Just buy it

Reviewed it on May 31, 2023

I really enjoyed the growth of the main characters. This book reminded me that parental units are so important to us. Few of us would be where we are without them.


Great read

Reviewed it on April 9, 2023

Tight, no errors(I mean none), super fun and a great story.


Charlie's Growth and Development

Reviewed it on April 6, 2023

The series continues to grow as Charlie's perspective and involvement in a wider world matures him while remaining true to his central character and values. The plot never lets up with a new angle and challenge at every turn. Great story. Eagerly await the next book.


Loved it

Reviewed it on April 5, 2023

Awesome book, please continue

Bring coffee. You won't want to put this down.

Reviewed it on March 25, 2023

I wasn't done reading it yet when the book ended.. I sure hope the next one comes out soon.


Read it!

Reviewed it on March 6, 2023

Great story and well told. Good character development to boot. Hopefully the next installment comes out soon.


Very good read.

Reviewed it on May 16, 2023

The last book of a coming of age trilogy. Each book was a little better than the last. All very good reads


Solid book! Good next chapter!

Reviewed it on March 18, 2023

I've read the first 2 books and enjoyed them very much repeatedly. This was a solid next chapter to Charlie's story for sure. It seemed like there were some continuity/ memory issues in the last 3rd of the book (introducing people twice and repeating information) it certainly wasn't big enough to detract and I'm looking to the next book immensely.


Good, But...

Reviewed it on April 5, 2023

I really enjoy this series. I noticed a handful of inconsistencies though, with Sydney being introduced as Sarah, her meeting Hanna earlier in the story and then again later. Small things really but they kind of stood out.

Looking forward to Book 4.