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The Medieval Marine - Repercussions

by T W Shirley

Published: 2023-02-27. 201,141 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Alternative History

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Undefined

For every action is an equal and opposite reaction. Marion is now queen of England and must learn on the fly about ruling a country. The question is: will the rest of Europe accept her as Queen of England without her ruining her family?

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Good old amazing tale

Reviewed it on May 21, 2023

Well written and developed! Good read all the way.


Interesting Alternate History Read

Reviewed it on May 13, 2023

The change in historical timeline events looked plausible with the edge in technology and social change in slavery/serfdom in the story introduced by the lead character.
I find the characters of certain royals and nobles true to life in their behaviour and thinking.
What any reader would most likely enjoy are the clergy, nobles and royals schemes and plots creating upheavals and making the story more interesting.
I hope to read the third part of the fascinating story of the Medieval Marine soon😀


History and proofreading

Reviewed it on May 10, 2023

Fascinating historical research, plausible however needs a proof-reader?


The Medieval Marine

Reviewed it on May 1, 2023

A great read waiting for the next installment


Odd ending

Reviewed it on April 30, 2023

I’m wondering if the book was cut off or if it was left as a cliff hanger and a book 3 is in the works


Remember that this is fiction

Reviewed it on April 28, 2023

This is a well thought out continuation of the first book in this series. What really stands out is the author has done research of the era of this book to enable those of us that like to imagine "what if's" that could really happen under the circumstances of a Marine thrown back in time. I think this is a great book/story and highly recommend it.


Unexpected and very enjoyable fiction

Reviewed it on April 13, 2023

Great start for a history sci-fi redo series. As long as reader does not try to completely over-analyze what is possible or not (by overthinking the science), should be very enjoyable otherwise to most.


good, small typos and or word errors keep it from being Great!

Reviewed it on April 7, 2023

Really quite good, but a good editor review (not spell check) should have been accomplished prior to publication. I may reread this edition and capture those errors. Would you like the list of errored words? There were instances when the word was spelled correctly, but was not the correct word. It would interrupt story line for the mind to inject sometimes one of many possible solutions. I thought it strange when the fabric and depth of the author is so good.


The Intrigue highlights this story

Reviewed it on March 24, 2023

Frankly the XXX passages just slow down this tale.


Top Notch

Reviewed it on March 23, 2023

Good pace. Makes you want to continue reading. Sign of a good book.


Great Read

Reviewed it on March 19, 2023

Great read, thanks!


Another chapter ends and another chapter begins

Reviewed it on March 3, 2023



Rather riviting historical novel

Reviewed it on March 2, 2023

The book kept my interest very well. It is a good story well told. The characters are plausable, the plot twisats maintain interest, setting is realistic, the theme is consistant with the plot, there is well reasoned conflict with logical resolution, and the point of view contains sufficient supporting dialog.


Great second book in the series

Reviewed it on February 28, 2023

This book started where the previous book ended. It informed the reader enough about the previous books events to provide continuity without slowing the pace. There were some minor editorial glitches that were easily overlooked. The book did a great job of addressing how technology could be inserted while providing a realistic appraisal of how other rulers of the time would react to a thriving Britain led by a queen. I look forward to another book to resolve some of the personal issues raised at the end and how this world will evolve.


A Great Read...

Reviewed it on May 25, 2023

The Title says it all.

Great new series,

Reviewed it on March 12, 2023

Wonderful story. Next I suppose Is conquest of Ireland.


Great but needs editing

Reviewed it on March 9, 2023

Great story, but the spelling and at times incorrect words used broke immersion. If cleaned up it would be 5 stars.


Strong story

Reviewed it on April 7, 2023

Strongest when focused on character and interactions. Less so when covering general history and a panoply of “important” movers and shakers.


1632 six hundred years earlier

Reviewed it on April 4, 2023

It's really a pretty good action read, but some things stretch believability. Bessemer steel process in four years? Steam engines in full production at the same time? Railroads connecting all major cities? A Queen that doesn't allow the person responsible for her rule to defend himself from charges? Oh well, I suppose it could happen, somewhere, maybe...