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A Glass, and Darkly (Knox #2)

by The Outsider

Published: 2018-02-01. 158,781 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Biographical

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

Terrorist rage pierces the heart of the United States in a shocking and brutal attack. The attack jolts the country from its naïveté in one, horrifying instant. Jeff Knox, his family, friends, and neighbors are shaken from their comfortable lives in that same moment. How does a nation of three hundred million respond and how does it change one man?

Tags: Romance, War, Military, Workplace, Alternate Timeline

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Excellent book a great read

Reviewed it on May 1, 2024

Could not put the book down


Reviewed it on February 17, 2024

Spellbinding !!!4


Solid writing, good pacing

Reviewed it on November 6, 2023

A great story all round

Great read.. I couldn't put it down.

Reviewed it on August 27, 2023

I'm looking forward to the next book.


An essential read

Reviewed it on May 26, 2023

A riviting tale with a twist of truth. As an ex-serviceman I can relate to this story and the most important message hidden within: "there is no I in team"

Couldn’t put it down

Reviewed it on May 17, 2023

By the time you wind your way through all of the parts, this is an awesome story. Well written, and an excellent job blending the cast of characters into a story.


A good conclusion worth a read

Reviewed it on May 10, 2023

I found a more convincing story line and well crafted threads


Great story!

Reviewed it on April 27, 2023

I had finished the first book and then found this one. Please read “A Charmed Life” first both well written and full of human reality situations.
Can’t wait for book 3


Another home run . . . but don't lose the handkerchief

Reviewed it on March 23, 2023

Simply sublime. Teared up again at least half a dozen time. . . damn you outsider!
This one may be hard on some veterans . . . it's real.
Best cliff notes description of Ranger School you're likely to find. A bit updated, of course, but otherwise sounded like 1973 all over again . . . didn't mention the chiggers, tho.
A veteran's challenges reintegrating with family, friends, jobs . . . it's all here and, again, very real.
Wish volume 3 was out already.


Great story - Ignore the conspiracy theroy stuff

Reviewed it on November 17, 2023

I enjoyed the second story as much as the first. The author has developed a great story with multi-dimensional characters. His political leanings aside if you can ignore that George Soros and the Democrats are responsible for all the bad things in the world you will be most entertained and happy with the time you spent reading book 2.