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Wizard's Apprentice

by Jack Knapp

Published: 2023-01-12. 50,531 Words.

Categories: Fiction ┬╗ High Fantasy

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: All Ages

Young Holisz was fascinated by the study of wizardry, but then he found something even more interesting: girls!
Young women!
One in particular took his fantasy, but there was a problem. Holisz, orphaned as a young boy, worked as groom to the baron's horses, and also as a stableboy; while the damsel who captured his fancy was the baron's only daughter!
'Twas a forbidden relationship, and when the Holisz' enemies discovered them together, quick were they to inform the baron!
Cautioned was the baron by his seneschal, that he not anger Holisz' master the wizard by shortening Holisz by a head, yet revenge would he have!
What form his vengeance would take, and how Holisz used his meager skills at wizardry to survive...why, good readers, ye'll just have to read this novel of wizardry, of how Holisz overcame his deformity, and how all was made right in the end for yourself!
An ye favor a rollicking tale of high adventure and low humor, narrated by a bard of sobriety seldom endured over-long, this book is for you!

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A very enjoyable adventure

Reviewed it on February 8, 2023

A great story but the ending sucked leaving the reader hanging.

Good story line, great ­čĹŹ flow

Reviewed it on January 25, 2023

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