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Pinhole, First Lessons

by Fanlon

Published: 2022-11-05. 100,258 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Josh, is your average, unremarkable, run of the mill, high school freshman. He isn't cool, he's not going to be the starting quarterback, point guard, or anything along those lines. He is average in almost every way. One of those kids you won't remember at your twenty-year reunion but pretend you do with a smile.
That all changes when he takes his one elective class, photography. He learns how to make a pinhole camera, just like every other kid who's taken a beginner photography class in school. This is where things change though, drastically. Josh, it seems, has a knack for photography. After taking a picture of a classmate with his homemade pinhole camera Josh's talents are immediately noticed. Not only by Mr. Watts, his photography teacher, but the girls in school as well.
There is a problem though, the girl Josh has his eyes on, the one he took a picture of, is not at all happy about it and for good reason.
This story will tell of Josh's "adventures", that may end up being the doom of him or could potentially be the key to giving him everything he's dreamed about and more...

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Fanlon nailed it!

Reviewed it on November 9, 2022

Josh exists in a real-lifelike situation, much like that I grew up experiencing; only without Josh's success. Black and white photography was a stepping stone to better technology, but in the day; it was an art form that many attempted, while few mastered. While stepping up to the challenge, Josh must also face his fears and inadequacies while transitioning from adolescent to young adult. Fanlon writes about those challenges that Josh conquered and how his friends help him grow and live up to his full potential. I couldn't stop reading once I read the first chapter. I was hooked. Terrific read told by a true artist.



Reviewed it on November 6, 2022

I was expecting a fun, romp of a story. I got so much more than I bargained for and can't wait for the next book in the series!