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Living Two Lives - Book 9

by Gruinard

Published: 2022-09-07. 88,424 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

A coming of age story following the life and adventures of Andrew McLeod. This is the story of how a nerd gamed the system and had an amazing life.
Book 9 – first three months of university. An unusual New Year. (October to December 1983).

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Another great read !!

Reviewed it on May 26, 2023

See title


Good read

Reviewed it on October 6, 2022

Still knocking it out of the park!
Another homer.

lot of future plot lines

Reviewed it on September 26, 2022



The books keep going

Reviewed it on April 26, 2023

Overall excellent, however a number of missing verbs or contextual pronouns that should have been caught in editing.


Very repetitive on photography parts.

Reviewed it on March 20, 2023

First book of the series that was tough to read. Over half the book felt like was all about his camera work and all of the planning around the shoots. Felt like said the same things differents ways over and over and over again. Skipped atleast 45 pages cause was just talking about same shoot stuff again and how hes is the only one that can bring this out in her, and how it turns them on detailed in 30 different specific ways over course of book when he takes her pictures. Really tough read as was so dang repetitive. Had some good chapters too with family and freinds and lord stuff, but way too much details on clothing and setup of shots done over and over to make for a enjoyable read for me. Wish wouldve treated it more like the computer side. Where go into details once or twice and then just mention programming or doing x with computers without the need to say is sitting at keyboard and typing a do while loop function to validate data return level of detail.