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Living Two Lives - Book 2

by Gruinard

Published: . 76,638 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 13

A coming of age story following the life and adventures of Andrew McLeod. This is the story of how a nerd gamed the system and had an amazing life.
Book 2 - the arrival of young women at a previously all boys school; chaos ensues (September to December 1979).

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Wonderful story

Reviewed it on October 2, 2022

This is such a lovely story, I hope there's going to be more.
Although living in NY state, I went to Edinburgh University in the early 70's and studied of all things computer science, your mention of places in "Auld Reekie" bring back many fond memories - thank you.

Wonderful story - looking forward to a lot of enjoyment.

Reviewed it on September 30, 2022

Excellent story of the early microcomputer years. I went through them and almost succeeded in building a business myself albeit in the states. Wonderful characters and portrayal of puberty angst. Wish I could have read this 65 years ago!


Great human story

Reviewed it on September 28, 2022


Great again.

Reviewed it on September 27, 2022

Another great read.


Great series

Reviewed it on September 24, 2022

I am up to Book 15, and really like this binge worthy series. However, I have one caveat. Other than the ubiquitous HIs editing problem.

The Roman Numeral for 1000 is M. The actual Roman numeral for 1 million is M with a line over it. Our keyboards don’t have this symbol, so MM is usually used. Just a personal peeve.

On his way

Reviewed it on September 23, 2022

Good continuation.


Good story

Reviewed it on September 24, 2022

Very good story so far. Was it my imagination or did the first few chapters review the first book? Seemed to take off after chapter 4. Trying next one.