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Kissed by a Rose

by Marc Nobbs

Published: 2022-08-15. 91,500 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Romance

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Who'd have thought that hearing someone's tears in the library could change your life? For Adam Smith, it led to love.

But when your new girlfriend is England's Rose, the latest young starlet to grace the silver screen, then life's not going to be easy. They are hounded by the press. There are autograph hunters at every turn. And Everyone is telling him that an ordinary student and a superstar just don't mix. That they're from two different worlds. That it will never last.

She's his power, his pleasure and his pain. An addiction he can't deny. But the more he gets, the stranger he feels.

And remember what the song says: Every Rose has its Thorn.

Kissed by a Rose" was inspired by a Classic SOL story, "Transcending the Role" by Don Lockwood. The setting is slightly different—a university rather than a High School—the characters are a little older and "Kissed" is almost three times longer and has more sex scenes in it. But the story has the same premise—a movie star who tries to continue her education and falls for an "ordinary" boy—and hits some of the same beats.

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