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Fanfare (Country Roads #2)

by Travis Starnes

Published: 2022-02-17. 205,077 Words.

ISBN: 9781737215653

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

Music, Baseball and Bullies.

Charlie's life is busier than ever as he continues to put down roots in his community, making friends and enemies, and explore who he wants to be. Charlie decides to follow the two things he always loved when he was a kid, music and baseball. Joining the school team and forming his first band both pull him in different directions, adding to the pressures he already faced with school, bullies, making friends, and trying to become his own man.

Can he keep it together or will Charlie push himself to the breaking point?

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A terrific read…great characters and plot.

Reviewed it on April 25, 2022

I think this book was better than the first story in the series. Very interesting characters and a very active plot. Highly recommend!!! Can’t wait for book 3 in this series.


well written with believable characters

Reviewed it on March 2, 2022

well written enough that waited to see what would happen between the main character and the bullies an asshole coach, REALLY waiting to see what happens in book 3 now that some things have happened to make the main character get his 'big break'......


Living characters.

Reviewed it on February 25, 2022

The author lets his characters live, so that you can look over their shoulders. The protagonist is a kind of wunderkind, but no superman.
I love his story telling.


Great read of a story with lots of ups and downs

Reviewed it on February 22, 2022

I like purchasing these stories since they are quite reasonably priced and I feel the writers deserve to be paid a fair wage for these stories. This is a coming of age story of a teen in High School who suffers many mountains to surmount. Charlie is not an average teen, he’s an up and coming musician who must suffer at the hands of bullies at school but who has surrounded himself with a grand cast of characters who help him live the right way. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

I only have a small complaint. If you don’t have a copy reader please find one soon. The grammar needs some assistance especially with the “they” “their” ‘they’re” and with “you” Your” You’re” Might be picky but they stick out to me.


Excellent Second Book

Reviewed it on February 20, 2022

Better than the first one, which was really, really good. I loved the Charlie character and I Hanna is one of my favorite supporting characters in any book I've read recently. He is world-weary fifteen/sixteen year old who is still innocent in many ways, and Hanna is there to protect him from himself. Brilliant story. I bought it here then downloaded from Amazon Unlimited because of issues sending this one to my Kindle, so Travis got a double payment out of me, and still worth it!