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What Were They Thinking?

by Devon Layne

Published: . 146,000 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-939275-98-1

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic

Format: EPUB   Kindle

Content Rating: Older than 17

Living Next Door to Heaven Book 10
This story is neither a sequel, though the prologue would come after the end of the ninth LNDtH book, nor is it a prequel, though chapter one begins long before the beginning of the LNDtH saga. I will call it an ‘equel’, running parallel to the nine books of Living Next Door to Heaven, and with multiple narrators, sometimes running parallel to itself.

“Now look,” my friend said, “you and I both have daughters not long out of their teens. We can read this story and think ‘Where was this when I was in school?’ But if your daughter or my daughter came up to us and said, ‘Yeah, Dad, I’m spending the night at my boyfriend’s house with our ten other girlfriends,’ we’d have said, ‘Oh, no you aren’t!’ and we’d have made it stick if we had to sit at the door with a shotgun. What the hell were those parents thinking?”

And What Were They Thinking? is the result, with parents of the teens sharing the story from their perspective.

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