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Sleight of Hand

by Devon Layne

Published: 2015-09-25. 33,000 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-950183-73-9

Available as part of Hero Lincoln Trilogy

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Action/Adventure

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Hero Lincoln Book 1.
Crippled while saving his niece and sister-in-law from a drunk driver, Lincoln has struggled five years to ‘never give up’ at their encouragement. When his friend and magic tutor Seth is suddenly killed on Chaos, though, Lincoln is forced to consider that the stories his friend told him were more than a LARP. But what kind of hero could a guy in a wheelchair become? 33,000 words. Just 7 chapters.

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From Paraplegic to Hero

Reviewed it on October 22, 2022

Well written fantasy.