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The Contractor

by Rollie Lawson

Published: . 75,307 Words.

ISBN: 978-1-716-26277-7

Categories: Fiction » Adventure

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Older than 17

“Do you really think James Bond was born James Bond? Or was he actually born Joey Numbnuts and then changed it after he became Double-Oh-Seven? How do you get to be James Bond? Where do you start? And how do you leave? How does James Bond retire? What happens when he runs out of spies to catch? Does he go back to being Joey Numbnuts?”

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Reviewed it on July 26, 2021

Loved it through and through. Another great story from Mr Lawson.


Great Read

Reviewed it on January 12, 2021

Really enjoyed it 👍


Another great read.

Reviewed it on January 6, 2021

I think you did an amazing bunch of research to be able to have written this. Really enjoyed it.


Good Read

Reviewed it on January 20, 2021

Good Read