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Good Medicine - Medical School I

by Michael Loucks

Published: . 425,000 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

In a very short time, Michael Loucks has gone through two life changing endings, with both leading to great beginnings. Graduating from WHTU as his school’s Valedictorian, he immediately afterwards ended his bachelorhood and engaged in the Dance of Isaiah ahead of his upcoming ordination as an Orthodox Deacon. Mike is about to enjoy his final summer off… and of course, a honeymoon with a VERY horny and soon to be no longer virginal Orthodox wife.

Having settled down with his final girl doesn’t mean there aren’t issues. While Elizaveta is aware Mike is experienced, she doesn’t truly realize just how experienced he is, nor with whom. Trying to find a balance between revealing too much information while reassuring his new spouse he’ll remain faithful requires Mike to walk a fine line. It won’t be easy, considering several of those girls will still play significant roles in both of their lives as time marches on.

After their honeymoon at Niagara Falls, the newlyweds and their closest friends venture to Europe. Here, they continue to learn more and more about each other, including discovering a rather interesting new side of Elizaveta’s sexuality. Upon their return home, and Mike’s ordination, they tackle the challenges of newlywed life, along with supporting friends and family through challenges of their own. On the horizon though is the challenge Mike has wanted to tackle since he was a 4th grader: His first day of Medical School.

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Great original story

Reviewed it on February 8, 2021

I have followed this story from the beginning and the worst part is waiting for a new installment. There are many complex, interesting characters and sometimes great dialogue. The info on the orthodox religion is fascinating but perhaps overly detailed and a little repetitive. The ending of this book is a little abrupt but there is a lot going on and I suppose it had to break somewhere.