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Three for the Summer: Summer Camp Swingers: Gina Series Book 4

by Nick Scipio

Published: 2003-07-15. 77,539 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB   Kindle   PDF

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Summer Camp Swingers: Gina Series Book 4

With the relationship heating up Paul, Gina, and Kendall are more than just friends who have fun together. They’re becoming a true threesome—they even call themselves P-G-K. Their boundaries are finally clear and they can all indulge their passions.

In Three for the Summer, book four of six in the Summer Camp Swingers: Gina series by award-winning author Nick Scipio, our trio’s lives become intertwined, both physically and emotionally.

This book starts us down the path to the conclusion of the Summer Camp Swingers: Gina. Paul, Gina, and Kendall are growing and learning more than just sex—they’re learning respect and maturity as well. What started as a fiery fling is quickly becoming a serious relationship.

Three for the Summer was previously published as part of Summer Camp: Gina.

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The journey continues as steps are taken

Reviewed it on June 2, 2021

Discovery is always best left for the true adventurer.