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Summer Storms - Summer Camp Swingers: Gina Series Book 1

by Nick Scipio

Published: 2003-01-15. 82,981 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Happy is relative.

With Paul’s summer of discovery behind him, it’s time to get back to real life and his connection with Gina. But when the women keep knocking—and Paul keeps answering—things get complicated. His heart belongs to Gina, but his adventures with Amy, Susan, and Stacy could spell trouble.

In Summer Storms, book 1 of 6 in the Summer Camp Swingers: Gina series by award-winning author Nick Scipio, Paul tries to settle into life after an adventurous summer of sexual exploration.

This book sees Paul try to establish boundaries, determine what he wants, and come to terms with what is (and what isn’t) okay in a relationship. With all the fires raging between the sheets, will the embers ignite tempers as well?

Summer Storms was previously published as part of Summer Camp: Gina.

Summer Camp Swingers: Gina Series
Summer Storms (Book 1)
Coming Clean (Book 2)
Two Plus One (Book 3)
Three for the Summer (Book 4)
Practice Makes Perfect (Book 5)
Halcyon Days (Book 6)

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The journey starts with but a first step.

Reviewed it on June 2, 2021

Discovery is always best left for the true adventurer.