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What Listening Could Lead to

by Shady Lady Julie

Published: 2024-07-06. 3,478 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

I used to hear my parents having sex when I was younger. This story recalls that time when I used to masturbate listening to them. Then it develops into a ‘what might have happened.’

Parts of this story are drawn from a variety of incidents in my youth and are therefore real, however, the story's conclusion isn't true and is very much a fantasy. As to where the truth stops, and the fantasy starts... that is a brilliant question and one that probably deserves an answer.

WARNING: Contains relations between father and his 16-year-old daughter watched by wife/mother

NOTE FOR READERS: I am giving this short story away for free as a 'taster' for my other works. If you want to reward me for this story then please leave a positive review, (and/or buy my others) Many thanks and hope you enjoy.

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What a terrific story

Reviewed it on July 18, 2024

What I really like about this author stories is that she doesn't hold back. Her characters are very realistic, almost as if she is placing herself in the protagonist slippers. This is another of her very good stories and I am glad that they are here for us to read.


A very engaging story.

Reviewed it on July 12, 2024

A very good plot with realistic characters. A unique way to lose your virginity!

A Voyeur's Delight

Reviewed it on July 10, 2024

Multiple scenes of her parents having sex helps this teen explore her own sexuality. Voyeurism and masturbation go hand in hand. This book doesn't disappoint!