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Firebrand of the Witch Wood: Another Dark Fantasy Romance

by Rowan Betencourt

Published: 2024-07-04. 62,788 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Action/Adventure

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

The Witch Wood: a vast, untamed jungle where civilized men fear to go, inhabited by wild, shapeshifting beast-men and magic-using witches. Humans fear the Wood and most people refuse to go there, except for those women accused of witchcraft who either flee for the forest's safety or are banished to its borders, never to be seen again. The Wood and its inhabitants are protected by the goddess Mylan who loves her subjects dearly, and for untold centuries, she has guarded its borders from any invading force.

Ayda's father sold her into slavery at a young age, and she grows up working in the kitchen of a rich woman, dreaming of fire and a chance to live her own life. When her village is attacked by wild beast-men, she flees into the only place that might provide her any safety at all--the Witch Wood. But when she encounters a black panther with more than a passing interest in her, Ayda is taken on a journey she never expected, leading her to discovering the truth about her past, her fiery dreams, and the fate of the mother she never met.

Note: this book was previously sold under the title "Captive of the Witch Wood."

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