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To Brave A Colorado River: Whitman Western Complete Series 1-9

by E.A. Shanniak

Published: 2023-03-16. 313,401 Words.

ISBN: 978-1955160315

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

A runaway – A thief – A lonely delinquent – A soiled dove – A self-centered woman – A bitter widow - A hidden treasure – A leery pickpocket – A fearful sweetheart

Nine incredible women shoved into difficulty, must risk it all for the men they love and thrive in an untamed country. From Philadelphia to St Louis, New York to Denver, their adventures are laden with threats of death and ambiguity. Take your chances on a lawless, unruly journey with these courageous women.

Escape with Audrey and the horrid ties binding her to a pretentious society.

Follow up with Kayla, a bandit on the threshold of a hangman’s noose.

Take a stormy ride with a lonesome Mary facing death from a former lover and a rampant Colorado river.

Find your inner strength to overcome a haunting past with Lena for a shot at happily ever after.

Risk it all with Natali, a young woman who’s selfish loathing might cost her a love of a life time.

Continue the Colorado expedition with Jane, a bitter widow forcing herself into her work, believing love will never find her again.

Discover a new beginning with Maisey McGinn as she navigates her way into her new life at the Whitman Hotel while hiding a growing secret.

Be careful with Kitty Jones, where her turning over a new leaf proves difficult as old habits tend to die hard.

Put down roots with Charlene Brandt, who’s fearful desperation finds her a new beginning and endears her into the hearts of a family she never knew she needed.

Whitman Western Romances 1-9

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