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The Conqueror's Rise

by INtrinSicliValud

Published: 2024-06-01. 98,556 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Contemporary

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

No ordinary young man, Damon Porter, is driven. Not just as a towering presence on the football field, nor in his studies. While focused on escaping the small town in which he lives, fate provides him with an opportunity. A pair of grainy videos from his teacher’s sordid past. But what begins as simple blackmail to amuse himself becomes far more when Mrs. Goodman’s secret desires are revealed.

After he catches the hungry eye of Ruby, a lustful woman with a thirst for tall, muscled dark men like him, more pleasures abound. Plus, no surprise, her teenage daughter, Maddie, has the same unfulfilled needs. Together, the trio clamber up the fiery heights of unfettered sexual desire.

Beautiful, fearless, and alluring, Amy Warren is a younger version of Mrs. Goodman. She’s the girl in his high school who Damon’s chosen to be a cover should anyone suspect the complicated relationship with his teacher. But it’s not long before she finds her way into his heart. And while cold incisiveness leads to revelations of her mother’s tainted history, he’s soon satisfying her sensual needs.

At last, only one woman remains who could possibly slow his ascent. And when he turns his attention to her, his momma stumbles into his loving embrace. With her, he’s slow and deliberate, using the same calculations she understood so well. After all, he was her son. And as they fuse into a newer union, the last challenge to this new conqueror shatters.

All these heated, sexy encounters build to a swirling climax as Damon conquers the world around him. But do they also change him? Shape his vision of the future? Provide even more opportunities to be exploited? Not just for himself, but for the women he’s chosen. These, the earliest to accompany him along the winding path to untold riches and boundless pleasures.

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