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The Chronicles of Thanos - Book 1

by Shady Lady Julie

Published: 2024-05-17. 25,487 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Kelly and Martin often role-play as part of their sex lives. As a treat for her husband, Kelly ties herself up, naked on their bed. When her husband is delayed at work, she is discovered by Thanos, a two-year-old fawn Neapolitan mastiff. Thanos fucks Kelly and when her husband returns, he witnesses the act again.

To Kelly’s surprise, he is not shocked but highly aroused by what he sees as he has experience in this area through his parents.

What follows is how Kelly becomes hooked on dog sex and then involves neighbours and her family in a sex-fuelled frenzy.

WARNING: This story contains graphic sexual content which includes bestiality, incest, lesbianism, masturbation, normal, oral and anal sex and a variety of other sexual possibilities.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This story originally was inspired by a friend who sent me a cartoon that is described in the scene in the early part of book one. In that scene, the woman is fucked by her family dog. I wanted to name that character after my friend, but she was too embarrassed to reveal herself, so I called the character Kelly instead. I also changed the name of her husband and the dog which she owns.

Over the years ‘Kelly’ has helped me develop and craft the story but still refuses to step forward into the spotlight to receive the praise that is as much hers as it is mine. I won’t reveal her name as I promised I never would but thank you ‘Kelly’ for your help and friendship and hope that one day you enjoy your ‘Thanos’ on your back.

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