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Andi's Dream - A Blizzard in Buffalo

by Duleigh

Published: 2024-04-21. 123,562 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Romance

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17


Adrianna "Andi" Roberts, a young doctor, a single mother of five-year-old twin girls, and up to her eyeballs in school debt. She traveled from her home in Denver to spend Christmas with a friend at a B 'n B in Springville, NY, but Andi took the wrong turn and ended up getting caught in a Western New York blizzard. She's rescued by a fellow doctor, Paul Jarecki, who takes her and her twins to his cabin to wait out the storm. While they wait out the storm, they realized they had met weeks before the twins were born. As they waited out the storm, they fell deeply in love with each other.

They make an odd couple. Paul is 6'2" and slim, and is just months shy of turning 50. He's a veteran, a retired USAF flight surgeon, and his first wife was an F-15 pilot who died while on a temporary assignment. Paul was convinced that she was having an affair because she died from an allergic reaction to the Plan B morning-after pill.

Andi is tiny, 4'9" 32DD-24-36 with dark blond hair and a bubbly personality, unless you get between her and her babies. The twins are tiny blond girls, preemies, now 5 years old. Her husband ran off with a cleaning lady from the hotel they were staying at and left her with a mountain of debt and then sued her for spousal support just weeks before the twins were born.

Together, Andi and Paul find a soul mate, someone who understands them and the issues that each other is facing and they end up proposing to each other at the same time. The storm stops and they head into town to meet Paul's brother John, the pastor, and ask him to officiate their wedding. Before they go to the church, they stop at Paul's house and it was a huge Victorian house. That's when Andi discovered that her husband doesn't work as a doctor anymore. He inherited his father's car business and now owns 10 successful dealerships and Andi's financial problems are over. This book covers from their meeting to their wedding night.

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