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Potential - Book One

by EroticScribbler

Published: 2018-12-19. 97,045 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

A teenage boy's normal struggles growing up with his twin sister, a stepmother, and stepsister are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story. Too bad his best friend's moral compass is broken.

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so much slow burn

Reviewed it on April 12, 2024

This is definitely a stroke story, but it's not. I actually read this one straight through. The slow build to each event is excellent even if the actual sex scenes are short or even clipped. There is so much potential in the next segment I really need more of these characters.


Great Story with a few typos

Reviewed it on April 4, 2024

I wish I could give 1/2 stars because this really deserves 4.5. The typos weren't too distracting but some of them came at weird times, taking me out of the story. The story itself is exceptional. The relationships are well crafted and the people are three-dimensional. The use of 3rd person omniscient is masterful, letting you experience the cause of actions instead of just experiencing the actions and wondering what caused a person to act a certain way. The best part is that EVERYTHING is done slowly and the clues to how and why a person acts a certain way are doled out in dribbles of information keeping you hungry for more. I absolutely can't wait for Book Two.