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Kyle's Story - Book Three

by JTrevor

Published: 2021-04-12. 166,370 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Undefined

Love, such a small word but with so many big emotions attached to it. As everyone knows, falling in love quite often involves plenty of “making love” and that is something Kyle is definitely open to explore.

Come with Kyle for more fun and adventure as he continues to navigate college life. New characters and interesting situations are presented, some of which will have Kyle realizing that his studies into human psychology will be more than he originally imagined. Life is all about growth of mind, body, and soul, but not without its fair share of erotic pleasures included for good measure.

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Book 4?

Reviewed it on April 16, 2024

Interesting. Will the paranormal angle be revisited? Will there be a book 4?


Not bad, weirdly condescending author notes...

Reviewed it on April 2, 2024

... and those notes kind of summed up the somewhat pedantic and over-explanatory writing...