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The Medieval Marine-Rise of the British Empire

by T W Shirley

Published: 2024-03-19. 304,738 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Alternative History

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Undefined

Surrounded by enemies, friends who would stab her in the back, and a hostile court, Marion must guide her nation into an unknown future while trying to rebuild her family. She had no idea how high the cost would be.

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Reviewed it on June 12, 2024

I can’t wait for the next installment to be released. Damn you for the cliffhanger…. Lol when is the next segment of the story coming out?


very detailed and engaging

Reviewed it on June 9, 2024

Fantastic story. Still has some minor errors but worth reading.


Great book, but missing the ending. It stops at 85%

Reviewed it on May 17, 2024

Great book, but missing the ending. It stops at 85%


Great Read

Reviewed it on April 22, 2024

Enjoyed every minute of this fantastic tale, but I hate seeing ending like this one!

Awsome book

Reviewed it on April 16, 2024

keep up the good work



Reviewed it on April 8, 2024

I must say that this new addition is very well done and very fun to read. You did a superb job in the details of the past and their limitations on technology, health and war fighting. All that and we get what looks like an exciting addition in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us! Cheers!


Another chapter is in the works!

Reviewed it on March 28, 2024


Stuff happens

Reviewed it on March 22, 2024

Excellent story


Very happy to see this continued

Reviewed it on March 27, 2024

Thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and knew the wait would be long for book 3. That said, I continue to enjoy this story. Not much new here but done in a way that makes me want to keep reading. I both love and hate the fact that real historical figures are used though if I were distant relatives of, let's say, Pope Alexander II, I might be upset at how he is portrayed in Books 2 and 3. I don't know of it is accurate that he regularly raped and killed "whores" during his reign as Pope but it certainly doesn't make him look good (from a historical perspective). Overall, I recommend this series.


Man, that's long...

Reviewed it on March 20, 2024

So, the story continues. Good. There's basically no editorial support. Bad. Lots of misspellings, wrong words, homophones, and just "I couldn't be arsed". If this story were a woodworking project it would be made from big-box 2x4's. With the stickers left on the ends. Unpainted. The story has devolved in some ways. More and more, the foreign elements are just 20th century stereotypes back-planted in time. All college professors are pinko commie leftists who hate America, the Chinese are kept in a reign of terror by the secret police, anybody with a suntan and a moustache is a "muslim" but the French, Germans, and Italians are subtle and nuanced countries with diverse histories, etc. This book seemed long to me. I'm not sure if it's actually long (as in, high word count) or if it was just a slow read for some other reason. I felt like I was reading fast, and in fact I deliberately glossed over a bunch of scenes. But there were enough errors and other problems that I may have been bouncing out of the story flow. A lot happens in this episode. Like pretty much all the "back in time to the British Empire" TT stories, there's the question of how to colonize the Americas, how to deal with the Med, and the Norse countries. The Norse are actually the surprise package, rendered fairly toothless by Amerengland's tech superiority. Plenty of different things happening on different fronts. If you're this far into the series, there's no way you're going to skip this episode. And you probably already know what to expect, with the bad guys being cardboard cutouts and the women all panting for the hero in between bouts of hot dark-ages lesbo action to keep the pipes flowing. Someone should probably collect a "corrections" document and send it in, though.