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Kyle's Story - Book One

by JTrevor

Published: 2017-03-04. 112,294 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Coming of Age

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Extreme Contents

Kyle's Story is that of a young man's coming-of-age adventures in high school. Although not an autobiography, the author does draw from his own experiences and personal feelings, with small, slice-of-life moments that form rich ingredients for storytelling. If you’re looking for a fun, erotic, coming-of-age story with relatable characters, then Kyle’s Story may be for you. Author: JTrevor, submitted by his agent and with site approval.

Book Two and Book Three are now available too!

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Story was good but the grammar needs to be fixed.

Reviewed it on April 18, 2024

I will probably buy the other books in the series cause I liked the character development. But, this author has a common problem with grammar I see in many other authors. He doesn’t know when to use "I or me” in a sentence when combining it with another person. Example: Bob and I went to the mall.- good since it is the start of a sentence. Joe said hi to Bob and I.-bad, should be Bob and me. If you are unsure just remove the other person and read it again. You wouldn’t say Joe said hi to I, you would say Joe said hi to me. If you do that in your writing you will never make a mistake.