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Bitter Pills

by Peter Argonis

Published: 2024-02-10. 33,500 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Urban

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Tom and Iris Verkade had great plans for their future. Now Tom is stuck in a dead end job and being the whipping boy for upper management. Iris is a powerless figurehead at the company she inherited. When their marriage is falling apart, too, they make an effort to rebuild their love and respect for each other, before setting out to reclaim control of their lives and jobs.
By Peter Argonis, a.k.a. Argon to SOL readers.

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Reviewed it on February 26, 2024

It’s been so long since I have seen one of your stories, I had misplaced my memory of you as an author. I went back to your page on SOL and it all came back. I have read everything you have posted there and enjoyed it so much, I felt it all deserved 10’s, save two. Thank you for the new story and especially thank you for allow me/us a more tangible/monetary way of saying thank you! Please continue to write. I especially enjoy the British Navy stories, even though I’m a U.S. Marine!! Stay safe and I hope you’re in good health - that way you can continue to write for much longer! Jim


Great story!

Reviewed it on February 23, 2024

I had to buy it to see how things unfolded. Excellent storytelling!


hope to see more from you on bookapy in the future

Reviewed it on February 22, 2024

I am delighted to find one of the high-quality stories from one of my favorite authors on Bookapy

Excellent story

Reviewed it on February 20, 2024

I have always enjoyed and appreciated “Argon’s”writing. This is a great read. Plenty of twists, turns and surprises for everyone. Worthy addition to the portfolio


Great story

Reviewed it on February 17, 2024

Found this book by accident. I've enjoyed your previous works and this one is added to my list of great reading. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Very good read!!!

Reviewed it on February 14, 2024

I read the first 2 chapters on SOL. I liked the story so I bought the book from BOOKAPY. I really enjoyed the Story!

Curmudgeon at Large

Another outstanding piece of the Di Rosa universe

Reviewed it on February 13, 2024

As much as I love the author’s forays into historical fiction (and they are fantastic!), his books set in the Philadelphia and Clearwater universes are truly outstanding. I have fallen in love with each and every protagonist and reread them over and over. Please,sir, may I have some more?


Argon is still putting out great stories!

Reviewed it on February 12, 2024

It has felt like ages since I got to read a tale from Argon, and he is still a master story teller. Many thanks.


Follow up wanted

Reviewed it on February 11, 2024

There's a lot of possibilities for a follow up. Good writing

Great read.. I couldn't put it down.

Reviewed it on February 11, 2024

I think it is WAY too short... You left loads of room to keep this story rolling for years to come.


Revenge best served when you can nail the basterd

Reviewed it on March 1, 2024

Nice story, easy to read and good plot! Worth buying the book so you can read the whole story without waiting for the next chapter!


Well written, with a believable plot and compelling characters.

Reviewed it on February 11, 2024

A very pleasant read. I was (briefly) concerned that it might turn into a BTB rant but was pleased when it didn't. Also, it seems that Hiram Gunderson is not the only bait-and-switch artist around; the blurb on SOL makes it seem that Tom would be the protagonist, whereas Iris is the real star! Well done, sir! That probably gained you more readers than a more accurate introduction might have. All in all, well worth the price.