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by Al Steiner

Published: 2024-01-20. 267,347 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Literature

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

The seventh book in the ongoing Intemperance series picks up immediately after the shocking event that ended Book VI. Discussions have been made about putting the infamous band back together. Is this even possible now? Celia Valdez has gone down her own path. Will it lead her to happiness and fulfillment? Can the music go on after all that has happened?

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Reader Reviews

Best one yet!

Reviewed it on February 3, 2024

Loved it.


Intemperance Rocks

Reviewed it on January 31, 2024

Al Steiner is the premier internet author. I literally couldn't put book 7 down.



Reviewed it on January 27, 2024

Well written, engaging, and captivating. Another Al Steiner masterpiece. Many thanks for continuing the tale.

Remarkable story. Music and love

Reviewed it on January 24, 2024

As always we'll developed characters are challenged and forced to find solutions. Great read.


Another classic chapter in the Intemperance saga

Reviewed it on January 23, 2024


The adventure continues

Reviewed it on January 22, 2024

Steiner! Wow, what a piece of writing. I won't reveal any spoilers. Your descriptions of concerts, medical stuff, and world events are riveting. You take characters along for quite the adventure. I enjoyed this thoroughly.


Very well written, continued the story well.

Reviewed it on January 22, 2024

Al Steiner immediately followed his book VI cliffhanger with well written and realistic scenes of the challenges from recovering from a gunshot to the chest. Al makes me care about Jake and the rest of Intemperance, as well as his family and friends. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed this book VII, I much look forward to book VIII, whenever Al is able to get it written. At least, there was no shocking cliffhanger at the end of this book VII.


Okay but no more

Reviewed it on February 8, 2024

Weakest of the books so far. If you’re into tons of song titles and random characters popping up it’s probably more your cup of tea than mine. Some strong character development in between but more of a slog than anything else. Still love the author so will undoubtedly buy the next one as well.

I did not like it.

Reviewed it on April 23, 2024

More sex than story.