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Johnny Goes to War

by Joe J

Published: 2024-01-03. 96,969 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Action

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

'Johnny Goes to War' covers the almost four years after Johnny graduated from high school. One early reader of the book raved: "'Johnny Goes to War' is that perfect melding of heart pounding military action and scalding hot, yet tastefully presented, sex. It is 'Saving Private Ryan' meets 'Debbie Does Dallas,' yet it is as sensitively written as 'Doctor Zhivago' with characters as complex as those in 'From Here to Eternity.' (Thanks, Mom)

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when Johnny comes marching home

Reviewed it on March 20, 2024

fantastic book loved it but it begs for a sequel about his return and link up with the archaeologists can't wait for that one


I loved it

Reviewed it on February 25, 2024

I love the story line and can't wait to see if there is more.


Johnny's next adventure

Reviewed it on February 24, 2024

Great book, although the ending could have been better, I think. Is there a continuation of the adventures of Johnny?


Sequel needed.

Reviewed it on February 21, 2024

Well written, just better be a sequel!


A New Direction

Reviewed it on February 19, 2024

Having read everything JoeJ posted on SOL in years past, I was eagerly waiting for more of his oeuvre - and this story line is among his best. Actually when I first saw the new version of Johnny Pulaski and then Johnny Goes to War, I went all fanboy on these stories. Having read this novel, I have to say that JoeJ is doing quite well with this line - and I really wish I could live in this universe. While a new reader could pick up this book and enjoy it, there are some aspects that do require the reader to finish the previous story first - characters and Johnny's projective empath abilities. That latter ability, I felt, would have impaired Johnny's ability to cope with necessary activities of being a 68W, Combat Medic - but it doesn't in the immediate case, but I do see lots of therapy and adjustments in his future. Like so many others, I am eagerly awaiting JoeJ's future works, both in this story line and any others he creates. Thanks Joe!


Great story!

Reviewed it on February 12, 2024

Great story!


Great Read

Reviewed it on February 11, 2024

great character development, great story, look forward to it's continuation.

Great read

Reviewed it on February 10, 2024

Well written and absorbing story.


Good Read

Reviewed it on February 6, 2024

Joe J is one of my favored authors at the "Stories-on-line" site. He writes clean, smooth stories that can be read again and again. His MC is both simple and sophisticated. Relatable to many different people. Excellent read and worth the purchase price.

Great story of a young man's life!!!

Reviewed it on February 4, 2024

I really enjoy how the author creates a wonderful story that is bigger then life but is still enjoyably down to earth in how his main character acts. Johnny is a good guy. That makes his interactions more enjoyable.


Johnny’s view on life!

Reviewed it on January 19, 2024

Love the easy way the book is written and the casualness that Johnny’s character develops- specially, his approach to his job as a combat medic! Good book to read. Now looking to his next chapter!


A really fun, fast read!

Reviewed it on January 15, 2024

I love Joe J's writing! Always have. This story in the Johnny Pulaski series is a good one, Just too short!



Reviewed it on January 15, 2024

The author writes clearly about the warrior class with "Johnny Goes To War." Thank goodness for the actual men and women, the writer portrays in this well written fiction.

always a good read

Reviewed it on January 13, 2024

waiting for the next installment.

A Great Read

Reviewed it on January 13, 2024

The plot is detailed, non stop and well delivered. The main character is well developed, and most of us that have served can think of an actual serviceman or two that is just like the protagonist.


Great military story add to Johnny's love life story

Reviewed it on January 12, 2024

Best Iraq military scenes I have read add a lot to Johnny J story. Will I wait of the next installment in Johnny's life, I have Joe J. other stories to read.


Nice follow-on to Johnny Pulaski

Reviewed it on January 11, 2024

An interesting continuation of Johnny's story post-high school, filling out the prologue from 'Johnny Pulaski and the Cult of Amun-Ra'. Also updates character arcs and sub-plots from the still incomplete 'Twice Lucky III'. Glad Joe J is writing again. Keep up the great work!



Reviewed it on January 10, 2024

I love the way you write your stories. Hope you have more of this one.


How it was

Reviewed it on February 8, 2024

Very good


Predictable story, not edited.

Reviewed it on January 31, 2024

If you've read the earlier stories in the universe, you'll recognize the players as well as a lot of the plays. Like me, that's probably part of why you're looking at this story! (If you haven't, don't fret - it's good stuff.) My only problem (-1 star) is the lack of editing. It seems like there's a dropped consonant in every paragraph. The misspellings are frequent and irritating. There's nothing so bad you can't figure out what is meant, but they're like expansion joints in a concrete bridge. Thump, thump, thump, thump, ... The fact that they *aren't* regular, but are frequent, makes it worse. Anyway, good story, predictable material, bad or no editing.


Good reading

Reviewed it on January 16, 2024

Liked It

Entertaining read

Reviewed it on January 15, 2024

Good story, entertaining and moves along well.Well worth the fee.


Half a book

Reviewed it on January 13, 2024

As usual Joe J always writes compellingly. The story is good with a number of surprising relationships Johnny starts and ends. The war action keeps one alert and eager to get to the next page. I was disappointed by the ending because there wasn't one. I expected the book to bridge the gap between the previous two but spoiler alert, it does not. Hopefully the author will have a fourth book in this universe out sometime soon.


OK but needs something

Reviewed it on February 15, 2024

OK but too short. I can see this turn into 11 or twelve book series like the Wheel of Time, and giving up on it.