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by Ron Lewis

Published: 2024-01-06. 8,100 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Western

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

Serenity Lancaster arrives in Carterville, Colorado Territory, in 1868, searching for a new life. In no time at all, Serenity purchases a hotel, meets a man, who might just be ‘the man,’ and witnesses a terrifying gunfight.
John Hatton falls hard for Serenity, yet he has a responsibility to his town. Hatton needs to deal with the Town Marshal, Dan Barton, before settling into a new life. After all, he and the rest of the city council hired the scoundrel.
Dan Barton is quick-tempered, fast on the draw, and someone not to be taken lightly. He’s also a murdering thief. Ruling over Carterville with fear and intimidation, he kills indiscriminately, goading fights with slow-thinking, slow-acting cowhands, murdering them with impunity.
Something must be done to rid the town of Barton, and someone must confront the callous lawman. Knowing he’s the only one, Hatton steps up to the task. There must be a reckoning. Some retribution is required.

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