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The Texan Devil

by Ron Lewis

Published: 2023-12-31. 10,870 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Western

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 13

A tranquil Sunday midday was shattered by a gunshot. A priest lay dead on the church floor, and bandits fled the scene on horseback. The priest died for the fifteen dollars that his poor box held. This evil deed set the Texas Devils, the Texas Rangers, to pursue the outlaw, Elam MacDermish. In the weeks that followed, the brigand and his men raced to the border, to freedom. The outlaws were unaware the Ranger, Gomez Gonzalez, the Angel of Death, pursued them. Gonzalez vowed to bring the men to justice. If they sat their saddle, fine. If they were draped over them, this, too, was okay by him; the choice was in the hands of the bad men. Other eyes watched them, unforgiving eyes, jealous of their lands, unwilling to forgive trespassers. The Apache might have the last word.

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