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A Bettered Life cover Thumb

A Bettered Life

by Michael Lindgren

Published: 2022-01-02. 99,000 Words.

rating 5.0 stars (3)

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary

Will Liebkind won the Nobel Prize for Literature ten years ago, and he's had a case of writer's block since then. His brother Bob is a prolific writer of pulp and sex. They've been like cat and mouse since adolescence, but when events force Will to move in his brother's orbit for a while, life changes in unexpected ways. A tale of family, redemption, and finding love.


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Power of Romance cover Thumb

Power of Romance

by Korben Hunter

Published: 2023-10-05. 9,200 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary

[Only romance, no sexual or erotic material in this story.]

When Vikas meets Kajal the romance just grows quickly. It doesn't matter that Vikas is a rich businessman and Kajal belongs to middle-class. He is a kind, considerate man, not to mention good-looking. Not just Kajal but her family loves him right from the start.


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Revenge- LaFountaine Syndicate cover Thumb

Revenge- LaFountaine Syndicate

by Kara Kartt

Published: 2023-08-19. 67,000 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary

What happens when two damaged souls collide? Diagnosed psychopath Wesley LaFountaine has been a contract killer for his entire adult life, and he's never had to worry about another human being. His own family are expendable to Wesley should they become inconvenient.

Even psychopaths can find love in the most unlikely place, with the most unlikely person.


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