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An Unleashed wife tale







This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



Copyright © 2023 INtrinSicliValud

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law. For permissions contact: intrinsiclivalud100@yahoo.com

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Chapter 1  

“Oh, come on, I dare you,” my husband Bobby whispered into my ear as his finger traced along the dent in the front of my bikini.

Since he’d spent most of the afternoon revving me up as we sat, drinking whiskey, in the swirling waters of our white four-seater hot tub, I was pushing into him. But when he spoke, I tensed and shook my head. Loose and matted, my auburn tresses dragged over his shoulder.

“You know you said you wanted to,” he added before nibbling on my earlobe.

“Honey, that…. That…” I huffed as his gliding digit pressed into my bottoms. “Oh fuck! Stop that, babe. It was just a joke.” It hadn’t been, but the alcohol wasn’t going to have me confess everything. As I sipped, I drove my clawed fingers through Bobby’s damp, sandy blonde hair. My gaze swept over our neighbor. With my husband’s fingernail dragging along my slit, the world faded but for the lone figure in the next yard. Over the rim of the glass, I murmured. “Mmm, I was…. Fuck, babe. Only kidding.”

Widowed a year ago, Pete may have been in his late-50s, but, shirtless as he mowed his lawn under the sun, the well-built man was in great shape. As I rolled my lips, his broad shoulders and rippling muscles, glistening with sweat, were mesmerizing. Leaned forward, one large stride at a time, he drove a push-mower through the grass. Back and forth, shoving and spinning it in a tight circle before his tanned, almost black frame propelled it along the next lane. He exuded pure power.


But then reason returned.

“I’m drunk.” After gripping Bobby’s wrist, I tugged his hand away before sliding from him, leaving him in the house’s shade. Through a wooden pergola, filtered late-afternoon sunlight glittered across the jetting water. “But not that drunk, Bobby.”

“Huh?” My husband leaned back and took a long sip, glancing at Pete before returning to me. “Oh, come on, it’s just like teasing Jake.”

Jake was my young puppy-dog follower at work that Bobby used to satisfy his fantasy of sharing me. As my insides tightened, I shifted to watch the gentle swaying of the tall trees framing both backyards.

At the end of a narrow cul-de-sac, Pete’s and our house, both two-stories, were the only developed plots. The housing bubble, COVID, and the recession left us surrounded by woods.

“No. No, it’s not. Pete is our neighbor, for God’s sake. Not some poor kid at work you’re fantasizing about.”

For a brief second, Bobby held me in his green-eyed gaze before guffawing and rolling his head back. “We both fantasize about, you mean.”

With my lips pursed, I couldn’t deny I got into his little games. And Bobby had convinced me to taunt Jake since he’d met my newest co-worker at a holiday party. Except Jake was safe. For a long time, he’d been no more than a sweet guy. Nothing would ever happen, but once Bobby convinced me to dress sexier for the office, Jake noticed. Which fueled more of Bobby’s fantasies. And, okay, a few of mine. But only flights of fantasy.

“Still not happening, babe.” I ran my foot between his legs to press into the hardness straining his trunks. “Fantasy is one thing, but….” My words faded when Pete turned, and the sunlight glimmered off his sweat-slick broad, rippling back.

Though my husband was silent while looking from me to Pete, his hand glided along my leg as I watched our neighbor mow. At last, he murmured. “You’re the one who suggested it.”

“Yeah.” My eyes pulled from Pete to catch Bobby scanning him as well. “Yeah, I did. Except I was stoned, and I said it once. What, a month ago?”

Bobby chuckled. “As I recall, you were also quite horny.”

“Duh, because that’s how you like me.” When I pushed my toes into his pulsing shaft, a moan slid from my annoying husband. “You’re such a naughty little boy.”

“I know what you’re doing, you”—he groaned again when I glided my other foot to push into him—“naughty girl.”

“Hmm, really? What? What am I trying to do to you, poor Bobby?” I asked before taking a long sip while looking at him over the shiny glass rim.

“You’re trying to distract me.” His hand gripped both my feet and shoved them from him.

“Bobby.” With a sigh, I curled my legs and sat upright to refill our glasses. After leaning against the jets once more, I smacked my lips and continued. “Playing with you while faking what I’ve done with Jake is one thing. But this is reality, dear. He’s our fucking neighbor.”

Bobby laughed. “I never said anything about fucking him.”

With a snort, I pushed through the bubbling water to punch his shoulder. “You know what I mean, perv.”

“Aww, come on, Lisa.” With Bobby’s disarming smile tugging at me, I looked at Pete’s gleaming frame. “One flash, baby. Just a glimpse for the old guy. I bet you’ll make his day.”

“Make your day, you mean.” I said while sliding my outstretched fingers into the trunks taut over his rock-hard pole.

“Yes,” hissed from him as I stroked upwards. “Oh fuck! Mmm, baby. Oh, mmm. You’re…. You’re so sexy.”

“How sexy is your wife?” When I rubbed faster, his head tilted back to roll along his shoulders. “The wife you love to show off.”

“So…. Oh, fuck, baby. Mmm, oh. Oh.” His voice was breathless between low moans. “You’re so…. So, mmm, incredibly fucking sexy.”

“You’re gonna owe me,” I said with a grin before leaning to run my tongue around his trembling lips. He groaned when I gripped his pulsating tube just beneath its fat crown.

“Yes.” With a louder groan, he tilted his head so far back his neck stretched tight. After lunging at him, I sucked hard on his throat. His voice was airy. “Y-yes. Um-hmm. Oh, anything…. Anything, mmm, you want.”

“Just my titties?” I whispered before dragging my tongue under his shaking jaw. With a louder, winding groan, he thrust into my again-stroking fist and nodded. I raised to stare into his wide pools. “Say it, Bobby. Tell your beautiful, sexy wife what you wish for her to do.”

“Oh, mmm. Oh, God. Only your tits. Yes. Yes. Mmm, one quick flash.” Both breathless and slurring from an afternoon of drinking, Bobby forced out as I ran my tongue along his chin. “From here to the pool. Oh, mmm. T-that’s it. Mmm, baby. Five seconds tops. I dare you.”

“Oh, you did not just do that.” I snorted. “You’re daring me now?” As I squeezed his shaft tighter, air pulsed from his trembling lips. “You naughty, naughty man.”

At the sudden sharp spin of Pete and his mower, my eyes shot from Bobby. Under the sun and gleaming with sweat, his massive frame flung the machine around like a toy to begin a new row. The world beyond him blurred, wavering as heat and the afternoon’s whiskey pounded through my blood. At Bobby’s soft cry, I released my grip. With a whimper, he slipped beneath me as I continued gliding my shaking fingers along his pulsating shaft.

“And that’s it?” I asked, my voice breathless. When Pete again whirled the mower around as if it weighed nothing, shivers zipped along my spine. It took another thrust of my husband’s rod and pitiful moan to pull my gaze from our neighbor. “Just my titties, Bobby? And only into the pool?”

“Yep. Topless. Like you said. Only to the pool.” Bobby smacked his lips. “And that’s all, I promise.”

“You’ve got such pretty green eyes.” After I spoke, they twinkled up at me as my lips found his. While I stroked him faster, our tongues met and played. How his eyes gleamed even as he began to buck under my forceful strokes. With a wet slurp, I pulled my mouth away and froze my tight fist at his root.

“Big time, Bobby. You’re gonna owe me huge,” I said before once more glancing at Pete, now headed back towards us. His broad, glimmering chest was—magical.

“Dinner. Anywhere you want, dear. Oh, mmm. Umm, hmm.” My husband’s words faded into a moan as my fingers again flowed up and down his stiffness.

“And dancing.” After stopping my hand, I clenched.

“Okay, okay!” As his chin bobbed rapidly, his white-knuckled hands squealed on the tub’s rim.

“And special time.” After I spoke, his entire cock pulsated. “Not yours this time. Not about Jake. Or”—I glanced over at our neighbor, now marching forcefully away—“Pete, for that matter. Or anybody else. Only us. And you know what I want.”

Our special time had saved our marriage. It was the most reliable way I ever orgasmed with Bobby anymore. Of course, he never knew that. No matter our problems, I’d never wished to hurt his feelings. As such, I could fake it like any dutiful wife while he did the old rapid fire missionary jab-jab. But, oh, special time was so much fun. He had his fantasies, and I had mine.

Even as he thrust up into my hand, my eyes stayed locked on the distance. As the sun broke through a high, fast-moving cotton-ball cloud in the otherwise bright blue sky, Pete drove that mower ever nearer.

When I squeezed harder, Bobby groaned while twisting in the bubbly jets.

“Yes! Of course, um-hmm. Special time. Your special time.” He moaned as I shifted my digits, keeping them tight. “I’ll try…. I’ll, um, try again. Promise to, uh, be rougher.”

Any closer and Pete would turn his mower, so I yanked my hand from my husband, leaving him groaning. Bobby’s eyes widened as my shaky fingers sought the tie behind my neck. He’d nicknamed this suit “Tiny” for a reason. It was nothing but three miniscule triangles of thin, shiny black material. A pair barely contained my ample chest while the bottoms, such as they were, required me to trim to only a petite heart. Which Bobby thought was so cute.

As soon as the cool air struck the bare skin of my tits, Bobby gasped. As much as he’d prodded, his entire frame shook as I slapped the sodden cloth on his shoulder. When he snapped back into his alcohol-fueled fantasy, Bobby’s hand surged from the water to snatch it.

“Not having you chicken out, sexy wife.” He smiled while shoving my top into his pocket. “Go on. Hop out.”

Shiny, tanned, and focused, Pete was still closer and almost about to turn. It was now or never. While I’d always been a bit of a tease, this was—different. A glance at Bobby’s face had my insides flaring with heat. A mixture of desire, apprehension, and doubt flowed in his eyes. My heart thumped ever louder, and muscles tensed while I placed my hands on the edge of the tub.

Not since college had I done anything like this. In winter, also on a dare, I’d streaked topless across the commons. At least it was warm by the pool. And a much shorter distance. With a gulp, I remembered I hadn’t told him about that, or what had happened afterwards. They’d warmed me, that’s for sure.

My little secrets.

Even as my insides fluttered at the memories, I surged upwards. Sudsy water cascaded from my bare, wobbling chest to ripple down my rising torso. Right as I straightened, I slipped with a yelp, but Bobby steadied me.

Still wobbly, I lifted one long leg over the side to stagger upright on the white concrete deck. Just as I stabilized myself on the wall of the tub, I glanced up. At my cry, Pete had slowed. His eyes met mine, but then swept lower, before returning to my heating face as my foot slid shakily towards the pool.

Everything blurred again, except our neighbor powering that mower forward through tall grass. As each forceful, ground-shaking footfall brought him ever nearer, blood pumped louder in my ears. His eyes…. Although they tracked me, they held not a single hint of surprise. Once I’d reached the edge, I couldn’t take my gaze from him, forcing me to search with my toes for the first step. At last, I stepped into the chilly water.

When he reached the end of the row, instead of turning, Pete stopped. With the same neutral expression, he continued to stare at me until I sank from view. It was only as I bounced off the bottom, out of sight behind the low shrubs and the edge of the pool, that I remembered to breathe. While I gasped for air, the cool blue waters tried to chill my super-heated frame. At a grunt, I looked up as Bobby, with a huge smile, left the tub.

As my husband turned to face Pete’s yard with his arm lifting, the entire universe ground to a halt. While Bobby’s lips moved, my brain slowed further, struggling to decipher his words.

When it did, my jaw dropped.

Chapter 2  

“Hey Pete!” With soapy rivulets streaming down his legs, Bobby stepped onto the patio while waving the man closer. Gleaming waters pooled around my husband’s feet. Everything about him was in hyper-focus as my mind struggled to process his voice. “Since you’re almost done, come on over and hop in. And have a cold one.”

“Thanks, Bobby. Are you sure?” From beyond the line of shrubs screening me, Pete’s tone was neutral. Utter calm, as if they were discussing the weather.

With my brows knitted, I glared up at Bobby while mouthing. “You said tits. One time. A quick flash.”

Instead of replying, he only grinned down at me as I drew my arms over my chest. After reaching into the cooler, he popped the top off a beer and held it out. Although the world was spinning ever faster, I locked onto a glittering droplet falling free of the bottle.

When the mower fell quiet, the silence was profound.

Every synapse focused on the rhythmic crunch of approaching footsteps. As my jaw shivered, not from the water, I tightened the grip over my boobs. When Pete appeared, his tall, toned frame clad only in shorts, he took the beer from Bobby with a smile. Every solid inch of him gleamed with sweat. And as Pete stood, my husband beneath his looming shadow, my chest froze. I’d not realized how impressive he was.

“Thanks, Bobby.” Pete then held the bottle towards me and saluted. “Hey there, uh, Lisa. Um, nice…. Nice, um, seeing you.”

It could’ve been a joke, except his glinting gray lasers narrowed, staring not at my covered chest, but deep into my eyes. Under that searing gaze, heat flooded my cheeks and my insides wobbled. When Bobby splashed into the water, I jolted, turning as he slid closer. While gulping his beer, the forceful motion of Pete’s neck muscles mesmerized me. After setting the bottle on the edge of the pool, Pete surged down the stairs, cutting through the water with powerful strides.

“Dang, I sure wish I’d gotten a pool,” Pete said with a grin between huffing sighs, before his rippling tanned pecs dipped beneath the blue surface.

When my husband glided into my back, I leaned into him, letting his hands roam my ribs. As Pete paddled closer, Bobby tugged on my elbows. Despite my head twisting to glare at him, he only grinned, pulling my arms to my sides. In a blur, the world whirled as time slowed. In slow motion, I returned to Pete, whose gaze descended to inspect my bare chest. The chest my naughty husband presented to him, as if I were a gift.

At any second, I expected a comment from Pete. Some kind of reaction. Anything at all. Instead, he said nothing. Only one eyebrow lifted a millimeter as I stood in my husband’s arms, topless in the suddenly far warmer waters. Under his stony gaze, despite the heat flashing across my frame, my teeth chattered as I shook.

When Bobby’s palms swept onto my hips, my entire body tensed. As much as I tried to turn to him, Pete’s eyes—gorgeous, gray, glimmering—held me spellbound. And the world swam around me, blurring. I couldn’t move. Even though I knew what Bobby was about to do, I didn’t want to move. At my sides, my hands stayed frozen.

It wasn’t fight or flight. There was no fear. Instead, a strange calm descended over me when cool water rushed over the heated flesh between my legs. With a laugh, my husband swam backwards. From his fist, my bottoms dangled.

Even then, Pete remained motionless. With his feet planted on the bottom, he only shifted his gaze lower. Inch by meandering inch, those lasers swept downward, all the way down, before wandering upwards to meet my gaze. It could’ve been seconds, or a thousand years. Time was irrelevant.

At any point, I could have covered myself. And I should’ve. Instead, with Bobby’s slurred laughter in the distance, my arms remained motionless. Shudder after shudder slithered through me, sending little waves rippling across the surface.

For every long second of another thousand years, Pete simply stared into my eyes. There was no expression on his face. Even the eyebrow had returned to position. When he moved, I jolted at the sudden motion, but he glided backwards, heading for the steps.

“I, uh, better be leaving now, Bobby. Before something stupid happens we all regret.” He climbed the steps from the pool, his muscled, sun-kissed back to us. “But, um, thanks for the beer and the dip.” After a brief hesitation, he turned for his home. “And appreciate the, um, show, Lisa.”

The entire world locked up. Oh, it wasn’t his words that had my heartbeat pounding so loud his voice was muffled. Nope. Instead, highlighted by his skintight soaking shorts, was an immense mast. As he swaggered from sight, it jutted, straining against the material.

When Bobby came up behind me, I was trembling. It was a full five seconds before I turned to face him. Wide, his eyes met mine; he’d glimpsed it, too. Wow! No words passed between us, but at last we understood the source of his late wife’s ear-piercing passionate cries.

And then the bubble popped. With a growl, I punched him—hard—on the chest.

“You fucking bastard!” Heat raced up my face to sear the tips of my ears. “You said tits only. Quick flash. What the hell, Bobby?”

“Oh, come on.” With a shit-eating grin, he surged backwards, dodging my next punch. “You didn’t even move. You loved it, baby.”

“Don’t you baby me!” After lurching forward, I struck him with a glancing blow and paddled after him. “You’re sick, Bobby. You know that? Teasing is one thing, but that….”

“What?” Bobby avoided my onrush and swept around behind me. “So, he saw all of you. Once. You’re my wife. He’s gone. You’ll probably be nothing but a pleasant dream for him tonight. What’s the harm?”

“Harm?” When I lurched for him, plowing my jiggling chest through the waves, Bobby leaped aside with a quick splash to my face. After sputtering, I spat out, “he’s our neighbor, Bobby. Not some fantasy in your sick head.”

“You’re gorgeous and mine, Lisa.” When he splashed me again, I ducked beneath the surface and shoved off like a rocket for him. Just as I was about to grab him, he spun from my clenching fingers. I surged upwards into the sunlight. With a chuckle, he added. “I enjoy showing you off. You know that.”

“He’s our neighbor, Bobby,” I repeated while shielding my face from his next wet barrage and back-pedaling. “Now every time he sees me, he’s always…. Always going to be seeing me like that.”

“Hmm, like I get to see you every day.” With a leering grin, he beckoned me with both hands. “Come here, baby.”

“Goddamit, Bobby.” As I sighed, I swept towards his open arms. “T-that was too much.”

At the gliding of my husband’s soft palms along my flanks, I sighed while shaking out my wet hair. As a gentle breeze rustled the trees in our yard, Bobby’s green eyes glittered like emeralds in the fading sunlight.

“You…. You, uh, didn’t even move, Lisa.” With his voice lowered, Bobby gripped me tighter as I hopped onto him, wrapping my legs around his waist. “You let him scan your entire body. And it was so fucking hot.”

“Hot? I was….” Rather than finish, I rubbed up and down against him, pressing into the hard flesh trapped by his trunks.

“What?” Bobby had caught my hesitation. “Scared? Didn’t seem like it.”

After grabbing my hand, he drove it into his swimsuit. As my fingers wrapped around his shaft, I wandered his widening eyes. When I gave him one slow stroke upwards, his lower jaw shook.

“Jesus.” I swallowed as he thrust into my fist. “You’re so fucking hard.”

“For you,” he spat out before unleashing a feral moan.

“Bullshit! You’re thinking of something else, aren’t you?” My lips fluttered as his hands skimmed my gliding ribs. “You…. You’re s-sick.”

“But you love me, anyway, don’t you, my sexy wife?” he said as his mouth drifted past me, teasing his tongue along my lips.

“Yes,” hissed from me as I wrapped my fingertips into his waistband to shove his shorts downward. “But….”

“But?” How his eyes twinkled as he leaned away to look at me.

“Don’t do that again.” My hand found his engorged root and squeezed.

“What?” he yelped.

“Let me…. Not with anyone else.” His pulse thumped in my fingers as I drew my fist upwards. “Just don’t, baby.”

“Not even….” He gasped for air when I pressed my palm over the taut, velvet-smooth skin of his hard knob. “J-Jake?”

At the vision, a chuckle escaped me. “Jake would’ve exploded.”

“There’s my Lisa. My sexy Lisa.” Bobby’s hands glided along my thighs, again clamped tight to his waist. “So how wet are you?”

“I’m in the pool, you idiot.” After a curt laugh, I bit my lower lip as his digits worked their way inwards. When they pushed into me, I lunged for his open, smiling lips and slapped my body into him.

“That’s not pool water,” he whispered before brushing his mouth over mine. Once more, I lurched for his fleeting lips. But he chuckled as his fingers played inside my folds. All of a sudden, the world blurred. And even as I scanned Bobby’s grinning face, Pete’s towering, dark frame and his massive bulging shorts appeared in my mind. With a growling moan, I threw myself at my husband, driving my tongue for his open lips.

“What’re you thinking, my beautiful wife?” he asked, a teasing lilt to his voice, while again shifting to avoid my mouth.

While rising and gripping his shaft to place it below me, I stared into his eyes. “What if I’ve already shown my tits to Jake?” As the lie escaped me, I thrust myself downward, taking him inside me in one swift motion.

Wide with shock, Bobby’s eyes stared at me for a full second. Only after a swift shake of his head did he thrust upwards with a grunt. At last, my lips found his. With his hands tight to my ribs and my thighs gripping him, he rammed me ever harder, splashing waves against the side of the pool.

And I bounced, matching his rhythm and gazing into my husband’s pretty green pools as a wave—an enormous one—built. With my hungering, primal-fueled frame grinding against him, his thrusting became more chaotic. An image of Pete’s glimmering gray eyes appeared. That was all it took. As I surrendered to that surge of pleasure, the mighty wave crashed. With every muscle in my body electrified, I screamed into Bobby’s mouth while shuddering atop his swaying frame.

Even though his warm jets splashed inside me, they registered only as tiny pulses because another swell pounded through me. Despite my fingernails digging deep into his back, and our tongues dancing in our moaning mouths, I wasn’t present. For the first time, I’d entered Bobby’s little fantasy world outside our “special time.”

Once his shaft began its usual rapid withdrawal, I pulled from his lips to stare at him. With his eyebrows lifting, he flashed an exhausted smile. As we trembled, me more than him, and gasped for air, neither of us could speak.

But at last, I slid from his grip to paddle before him. “You’re still sick, Bobby,” I said while playing my fingers through the swirling pearlescent trails twinkling in the water.

How much cum would Pete’s massive log produce? The pool sorta wobbled. And I gulped.

“And you’re still hot as fuck, baby.” My husband’s words brought me back just as his shaky fingers slid over my shoulders.

“You love me?” I batted my eyelashes at him while sinking teeth into my lower lip.

After my coquettish expression got a hearty laugh from him, he nodded. “Always.”

While keeping my gaze on him over my shoulder, I glided towards the steps. After flashing him an impish grin, I threw some swing into my hips as I climbed from the pool and crossed the deck. Neither the chilly rivulets of water nor a gentle breeze could cool my naked frame.

With my pulse pounding, I glanced across Pete’s silent yard. As always, the grass was utter perfection. But the quiet and his absence had my heart—slowing. As I toweled off, I gulped. Was he peeking from the curtains? He’d already seen me nude, so what was the harm in one last view? Last?

After a quiet sigh, hidden from Bobby by my towel as I dried my hair, I turned and gestured for him. “Come on, lazy ass. You promised me dinner and dancing and it’s getting late.”

When he dunked and shoved for the side, I risked another glimpse of Pete’s yard. So well-mowed, each blade beaten and whipped. Each perfect row plowed across the grass. The way he’d moved. Utterly relentless. Back and forth, each lengthy fertile line driven one after the other into the verdant turf.

Unbidden, a thought slapped into my mind. Jesus, what would Pete’s cock have felt like? If I’d been riding him in the pool? With him plowing me? For hours under the scorching sun. When a sudden spasm deep within me had me doubling over, my husband chuckled, thinking it was him that had caused it. As well as the low moan that also escaped my lips.

As Bobby’s slim form rose from the water, I sighed and headed into the cooler house.

It still did nothing to ease the heat within me. So deep.

Chapter 3  

Once he’d pulled the car into a spot before my favorite Italian restaurant, Bobby flashed me a huge grin and ran his fingers along my bare thigh. The faux-rustic structure was faced with large rough-hewn brown and tan stones, shaded by a broad dark-wooden pergola. Flanked by towering cypress trees, the ebon-framed wood doors beckoned with tempting aromas each time they opened.

“God, you look so gorgeous,” he said while pushing his fingertips beneath the hem of my short red halter dress.

“Stop it, Bobby!” With a smile, I smacked at his hand. “You’ll get me too hot and bothered. And I won’t be able to enjoy my meal.”

“Hot and bothered about who?” Like Groucho Marx, his eyebrows flicked up and down.

“Jesus, Bobby. You’re incorrigible,” I said before pushing open the door and launching into the chilly night air. In a flash, beneath the thin, clingy silk, my nipples tightened.

When Bobby stepped onto the asphalt, his gaze swept the lot as he stretched before finding me. A quick glimpse of my chest had him returning to my face with a grin and his eyebrows raised. At that point, I gulped. I shouldn’t have worn so revealing a dress, but I remained a bit tipsy. Nonetheless….

“It’s cold out here, sheesh,” I said while rolling my eyes. “That’s it. God, you’re such a child sometimes.”

While still chuckling, he swept me onto his arm to guide us towards the entrance. Right outside the door, waiting patrons occupied two wooden benches or stood around talking. With my blood-red heels click-clacking across the quiet lot, several glances tracked our approach. Well, my approach. At one lingering gaze from an older, distinguished man behind his wife’s back, Bobby flashed me a grin.

“You’re so beautiful, my sexy wife,” he whispered into my ear.

“And you look very handsome tonight, my kinky husband.” I giggled when his fingers tickled me through the curve-hugging dress.

Once a hostess had seated us in one of the smaller, dimmer-lit booths along a stone wall in the expansive, red-carpeted dining room, Bobby and I exchanged gazes. Time slowed when he shifted, and his grin widened. As I followed his glittering, mischievous eyes, my heartbeat raced. It was the older man from outside. After giving us a quick scan, he purposely sat such that his wife’s back was to us. And he had a good view of me.

“No,” is all I muttered.

Just then, the waiter arrived to take our drink orders. Tall, young, and fit, he also let his dark pools spend a few extra seconds on me as I grinned up at him. Once he’d left, I unrolled my napkin and took a deep breath.

“No, Bobby.” While shaking my head, I still avoided looking across the table. “Just stop it. Now you’re making me uncomfortable.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” he said in a lowered voice while raising his palms.

Right as he was about to say more, the server returned with a bottle of red wine and glasses. Again, he lingered on me before taking our orders and departing. As Bobby poured, once more, he flashed that grin. So much for contriteness.

“I mean it. Really, Bobby. What do you think I’d do?” I made a subtle gesture at the older man, whose eyes thankfully were elsewhere. “Flash my tits at him?” After pursing my lips, I sighed. “Or the waiter? What? Right here. In a crowded restaurant. You’re nuts.”

Instead of answering, my husband slid a wineglass towards me and smacked his lips before lifting his in salute. After raising my own, he flashed me a softer grin. “To the sexiest wife a man could possibly have.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that.” After a chuckle, I sipped while gazing at his twinkling eyes.

As we ate, Bobby caught every sidelong glance from the older man, but remained quiet. Instead, we discussed his upcoming work projects and the storm swirling in my office because of our new management team; the usual stuff. It wasn’t until we were halfway through our shared tiramisu that he gazed at me. His eyebrow lifted.

“Would you?” he said while leaning closer.

“What? Give me a clue, Bobby,” I replied before sliding a forkful of the dulcet dessert between my lips.

“Show your tits to Jake?” His cheeks reddened. “I mean for real. I know you were playing in the pool when you said that.”

“Really?” Though the fork in my hand trembled, I shot him a glare. “You’re still hooked on that. I was drunk. It was hot—”

“And Pete had just inspected every damned inch of my fine wife,” he added with a leering grin.

“Yeh, Bobby. That too. Okay. Fuck. It was—”

“Admit it, baby. You were horny, weren’t you? With him staring at you.”

The image of him standing surrounded by glittering blue water gazing at me appeared. God, I’d never noticed how soul-piercing Pete’s eyes were before. And his reaction. Although he’d appeared so calm, once he’d left the pool, there was no mistaking his arousal.

“Yes, okay, you jerk. Yes, it was hot. And maybe I got a bit too imaginative. But that’s all.”

With a slow nod, he ate another chunk of dessert before pointing the empty fork at me. “So, would you?”

“No, Bobby, I wouldn’t. Jake’s only your fantasy, remember? We agreed. Nothing more.”

“But that was before.” As his brows knitted, Bobby’s eyes glistened. “I mean, like you said, Pete’s our neighbor. But, um, Jake’s—”

“—my subordinate, Bobby. I could get fired. So, no.” Though I fell silent, his expression didn’t shift. “No, Bobby. Fantasy only.” Still, he stared. As his green eyes bored into me, I lifted my glass and took a long sip. The excellent, bold wine didn’t calm me. My voice was low. “And maybe a little teasing, but only…. Well, what we’ve been doing. The sexier clothes.”

After a quiet chuckle, he lowered his fork to scoop another chunk of tiramisu. “We? You haven’t needed much encouragement.”

“You know what I mean, honey.” The wine glass quivered in my hand. “I’m not doing anything more. Got that?”

“Okay, baby.” After a long sigh, he nodded. “I’m sorry—”

“No. No, you’re not, Bobby. That’s the problem. You’re simply disappointed.” After placing my fork on the empty plate, I glided my hand close enough to run my fingertips along his hand. “But really. A single drunken mistake is one thing. Ruining my career is another. Let’s stick to fantasies, okay, hon?”

“And a little teasing?”

At the flash of his puppy dog eyes, I sighed and nodded. “Yeah, alright. Fine. It’s not like Jake’s complaining.”

“Well, duh.” Bobby chuckled. “What guy would? Look at you. Drop-dead gorgeous. And all mine.”

The thing is, right then, I didn’t picture Jake. Instead, it was Pete’s probing gaze in my mind. And those rippling muscles and his…. When a tremor rippled through me, Bobby’s eyes twinkled.

“Babe. Let’s skip dancing.” My nails clawed the back of his hand. “I need you to fuck me. Special time, right? I’ve been so naughty.”

And I had been. That last image had been of Pete’s straining swim trunks.

After setting a speed record getting us home, Bobby chased me up the stairs, dodging my flying heels. Already my panties were soaked and thighs slick. While dashing into the bedroom, I tore the dress over my head. With a groan, Bobby raced to the closet to pull out our gear. After ripping the soaked lace away, I tossed them. Even as the panties splatted against the far wall, I crab-walked backward into the middle of the mattress and spread my limbs wide.

When Bobby reappeared, holding a box, his eyes were a mix of pure lust and apprehension. The former as he inspected my writhing frame stretched over the slick, purple-flowered comforter. But the latter anxiety heightened when he glanced into the open box.

But bless him. After tugging out the worn t-shirts and nylon rope we used as bindings, he moved from limb to limb. Although he gulped each time, he slipped them around my ankles and wrists.

“Hurry, babe. Mmm, I need this so bad.” As I twisted my pelvis towards him, my pussy squelched. “Mmm, your…. Your sexy wife’s been, hmm, so very naughty.”

As much as he didn’t enjoy it, his eyes told me he’d try his best. He always did. And each long, swirling drag of his shaking fingertips along my arms and legs sent shivers up my spine. Every time he cinched the rope tight to a bedpost, he flashed me a narrow grin.

Right as his mouth opened to speak, another moan tore from me. As he gulped, his fingers scrabbled deep within the box. When at last he placed the last rolled t-shirt over my eyes, a lengthier groan slid from my parted lips.

“God, you’re fucking hot,” slipped from him just as the sound of his shirt sliding from his body had me twisting in the ropes. His trousers thumped to the floor. “So fucking hot. I want you, baby.”

“Remember, hon?” I hissed while contorting my frame towards his carpet-muffled footsteps.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. Hold on.” Although his voice wavered, at the first swish, every nerve in my body ignited.

The second, closer swoosh sent air snapping over my torso. A desperate whimper fled my shaking lips. So close I could almost feel it, the next near-miss whistled past my up-thrusting tits.

“P-please,” I whispered through my shaking lips. “I’ve been so bad, babe.”

As I’d mentioned, special time had saved us. Bound and blindfolded, my submission enticed Bobby to slow down and pay more attention to—everything. Instead of striking me with “it,” a flimsy plastic flogger, he skimmed his fingertips up one leg. They stopped so close to where I needed them.

“Um, how n-naughty have you been, Lisa?”

As I arched and twisted in the soft makeshift restraints, my husband drove his outstretched fingers along my ribs. A moan tore from me. Then he did it again. A louder moan erupted. And after skimming my torso, his hands didn’t fondle. No, they mauled my thrusting chest. When his fingertips found my aching, tight nipples, he didn’t just toy with them as usual. No, he squeezed. Although not quite hard enough, at least he tried.

“So naughty, babe! I’ve been….” My voice dissolved into a genuine, long, loud groan as his fingernails raked downwards.

And then disappeared.


Even as I turned my head towards the abrupt sound, he chuckled before dragging flimsy plastic trails over my chest. With a growling moan, I bowed up into the toy as they slithered past my erect stems.

And it really was only a plaything. The woman at the adult store had held in a laugh when Bobby bought it on a whim. It was more like one of those skinny cheerleader pom-poms than an actual whip. It sorta worked well enough. But it also reminded me of the real ones, the ones Bobby didn’t know about. From before him, so long ago.

“Oh, really? What did you do, my naughty wife?” Between heavy panting breaths, my husband “lashed” me with the cheap toy, paying attention to the aching tight tips on my jiggling boobs.

“I did it, babe. Mm-hmm.” As I twisted, he swatted me again, sending slivers of need racing around my body. “Oh, yes! I know you said not to, but I did.”

“W-what did you do?” Bobby’s breathless voice asked.

And right then, even as I was supposed to think of poor Jake, Pete’s gray pools zipped into my mind. With my breath hitching, Bobby flailed me once more. My focus returned, and I huffed before continuing my husband’s little fantasy. And I guess mine since I was getting punished for it.

“Mmm, oh. I, um, let Jake…. Oh, babe. Hmm, his hands were so soft.”

“Let him do what, you slutty woman?” He flubbed the next hit. The “whip” tumbled from his hand to land against my contorting ribs. With a grunt, he snatched it back and flung its tails against me.

“Oh, yes! Mmm, nice. U-under my dress,” I whispered as the little stings sent my pulse skyrocketing. “Everywhere, babe.”

“Here?” He swatted my tits.

“Yes!” I arched skyward under the rapid but annoyingly soft strikes. “Oh, yes. Jake loves my titties, babe.”

“And here?”

Even at the snap of such pathetic soft strips across my clit and swollen folds, a cry tore from me. And I shoved my torquing pelvis upwards, seeking the next hit.

“Yes! J-Jake’s long fingers. So deep, babe. I’m such a filthy slut, aren’t I?”

For a long while, nothing but Bobby’s heavy breathing and my whimpers filled the room. At last, he dragged the plastic strips up my leg.

“Yes. Y-yes, you are,” he whispered in a shaky voice. “My sexy, slutty wife.”

When he moved with a grunt, the bed shifted. His hot panting breaths followed the whip, skimming my legs. Then his tongue. And finally, his mouth landed soft, then firmer kisses along my inner thigh. Up one leg. Then the other.

“Please!” slithered from my shaking lips as my hips thrust upwards.

“So naughty.” His hoarse voice was low.

The puffs of those two words alone shot wriggling tingles across the waves building deep inside me. As he hovered just above me, each of his heavy breaths pulled moans from me. Oh, he knew what I wanted. And where I needed him.

Rather than meeting my thrusting pelvis, he chuckled and pressed his fingers inwards on my thighs. As they squeezed, wet “splop” noises erupted from my swollen folds. One lick. A nibble. Anything.

“Mmm, hmm. P-please, babe,” I whispered.

While ignoring my pleas, he continued to spread me with his fingers. His ever quicker heavy pants joined my moans and louder liquid sounds. When the heated puffs of air disappeared along with his hands, I held in a sob.

Bobby never ate me out. Said it was gross. While I didn’t push, I missed that. Instead, when the bed shifted again, his thighs rubbed against mine. With a growling moan, he shoved himself into me. After piercing the puffy outer petals, his hardened flesh plunged through my slippery inner gates. Inside, the waves were still building.

Still. Building.

“Right there! Stop!” Although forceful, my instructions erupted as quiet whispers. And his loud groaning overwhelmed my weakened attempt to guide him. If only he’d remember. God knows I’d told him enough times.

But instead, he sank further. With his weight crushing me, I couldn’t breathe. His lips brushed mine. Before I knew it, he’d dropped his mouth over mine, thrust his tongue deep inside and begun his usual frenetic jib-jab.

And then it happened. Pete’s eyes again. Alluring yet calm. His image said nothing, but every muscle in my body—tightened. With a muffled moan, just as Bobby was racing outwards, I flung my hips up and twisted, driving his fat little knob against my sensitive spot. As Pete’s gray lasers twinkled, my entire body—exploded. With my head flying backwards, sinking into the pillows, I tore from my husband’s lips and screamed as a wave of pleasure surged through my twisting, bucking frame.

“Oh, fuck!” As I cried out, shuddering waves rolled through me. “Fuck. Fuck. Yes. Umm, hmm. Oh, my fucking God.”

“That’s it, baby. Come for me.” With his wine-laden breath sluicing over me, Bobby chuckled. And as his shaft wobbled deeper, he lost control, sending its pulsing load into me.

Even as he spoke and I sucked in air, slamming my hips from side to side, hoping to keep my husband trapped, an image appeared. That enormous, majestic, curved bulge jutting beneath Pete’s shorts. His serene yet haunting gray pools. They glimmered. At the sudden surge of need pouring over my already battered nerves, I froze. While clamping my husband’s shrinking rod, I moaned and pressed into his heaving chest.

After flashing me a knowing grin, Pete winked.

A scream tore from me. One unlike any I’d unleashed in years. Every muscle in my body released in a chaotic, frenzied dance of pure pleasure. The universe inverted, spun, and disintegrated. That surprise second blast sent my sweat-spraying frame slapping between my husband and the bounding mattress.

With the bed creaking and thumping into the wall, Bobby held me tight. His sloppy tongue slathered along my neck as his panting ignited a series of lingering aftershocks.

I’d never had a double like that before. Well, not with him.

Special time had just become a little more special.

Chapter 4  

It was almost a week before I caught another glimpse of Pete. Not that I’d been checking. Not that often. I mean, it was only neighborly to check for him. But I hadn’t spotted him since the pool.

He was an early riser. I knew that from, uh, not stalking him. And, um, one morning, while I was passing our upstairs bathroom window, I spotted him. Again shirtless, his tanned shoulders rippled in the slanting sunbeams as he worked in the yard below. Snip by snip, he was edging, shaping, driving the rosebushes into the shape he desired. He was so focused. His motions measured. Forceful. Incisive.

Even through the closed window, each snip of Pete’s powerful shearing was sending tingles through me. Right after applying my makeup, I was still readying for work; and only wore a black lace bra and panties. After a quick glance into the darkened bedroom where Bobby lay sleeping, I sank my teeth into my lower lip and returned to inspect Pete’s glistening form.

My hand lifted. No, I shouldn’t. That had been one tease. With lots of good whiskey. And the scorching sun. Oh, and a persuasive, but drunken husband goading me. This was different. I couldn’t do this. My fingers pulled away. As time wobbled, my mind rubber-banded.

At the soft thunk when my shaking digits unlatched and eased the window open, I jolted. At the motion’s muffled screech, my breathing staggered. Though it wasn’t loud, it was noisy enough. In a daze, even as Pete’s head tilted upwards, I pushed it wider. So that he could see me. Well, from his angle, at least my lace-covered chest. With heat racing up my skin to sear my cheeks and ears, I trembled.

But I held myself still, letting his glimmering gray eyes drift over me. Again.

And once more, Pete remained stoic, releasing only the slightest of tight grins before returning to his yard work. Snip. Snip. Although I couldn’t see his shorts from here, he had to be hard. He must be. With my heart pounding, that thought lingered within me until he turned, broad glossy tanned shoulders back and head high, to trudge away. The snips had stopped. He was done. The rose bushes looked gorgeous. Well-shaped. No, perfectly formed. A craftsman. A talent.

“Hey, hon. Good morning,” Bobby’s sleepy words broke my reverie as he stumbled past, heading for the commode. “Watcha lookin’ at?”

“Huh? Oh, um, uh, nothing.” My pulse racing, I pulled the window shut and risked one last glance at Pete’s disappearing silhouette before turning to flash a smile at Bobby. “It’s such a nice day. I just wanted some fresh air.”

After Bobby’s nod and grunt, I slipped away to dress and head for work.

Once I’d arrived at the building, time slithered to a halt as I sat in the car, staring at the parking garage wall. With my heart hammering, my fingers squeaked on the leather steering wheel. What the hell kind of game was I playing? And why? Well, I knew why. There was a raw attraction to Pete. But I loved Bobby. A lot. Kinks and all, he was sweet and kind. And he tried his best.

While entering the office, I kept repeating, “sweet and kind” under my breath. And I was still murmuring the words when I swept in behind my desk. A sigh slipped from me. At least, no one had noticed the squelching that had become louder with each shaky step.

As my pulse rate lowered, I turned to the computer. My fingers hovered over the keyboard. It would be okay. Everything was normal. Only a quaint morning fantasy. Nothing more. And my boobs had been covered. After what Pete had seen at the pool, where was the harm? I’d simply been a bit horny from Bobby’s late-night attempts. As usual.


Pete’s gray eyes gleamed up at me from my darkened monitor. The mantra blipped away. The calm vaporized as my heart thumped. And the thing was. The eyes? They weren’t from when he’d inspected me in the pool. No, it was from earlier. When I’d presented myself to him—again. They looked up at me, glittering in the sunlight. With my mind whirling, I struggled to focus.

The morning dragged.

“Hey there, Mrs. Lawson.” At the melodious yet wavering voice, I sighed while looking up at the young intern, Jake. “Do you wanna get a coffee?”

He was cute. With those pretty sapphire eyes, in a fitted, powder-blue shirt, and custom-tailored navy trousers, his athletic body leaned on the doorframe. A brilliant smile graced his face.

“No, uh, no thanks, Jake. Not today.”

Oof. The speed with which the smile disappeared? You’d think I’d kicked his puppy. With a drawn-out heavy breath and slumping shoulders, he turned away. Cute, yes. But not subtle. He’d miss his peeks into my blouse on our usual daily walk to the café. It was fun to tease him, but those eyes. Not Jake’s, but Pete’s gray lasers. They wouldn’t let me wander. Not just yet. Yet?

All day long, as I struggled to work, Pete’s visage continued to appear. Challenging me? How could I get those silent, unblinking eyes to react? Then again, did I really want Pete to…. What? And what would I do to get a reaction?

For the rest of the day, I pondered that last question. That night, when I flung my leg over Bobby to straddle him, he was wide-eyed. Over the years, I’d let him start our “lovemaking” sessions, since it usually made no difference, but….

Now I had the gray pools and….

When Bobby opened his mouth to speak, I placed the fingers of one hand across his lips as I grasped his root in the other. “Shh.” I forced a smile. “I need this, babe.”

With a winding groan matching his moan, I dropped, taking him into my slippery, desperate pussy in a single swift motion. Impaled on his rod, I gazed into Bobby’s white-rimmed green eyes. Amazement. Shock. Hunger. After shifting my hips, I clawed at his chest when his hands found my waist.

So far, unexpected but normal. Me riding Bobby. Everything was fine.

Except not so much. It wasn’t only Pete’s ghostly eyes watching as I rose, the liquid slurp of my dribbling need echoing amidst Bobby’s rapid breaths and my whimpers. No, it was the impressive, silhouetted tube in the shorts as he lifted from the pool. With a groaning cry, I sank to splat on Bobby’s pelvis before leaping upwards once more.

Pete’s sodden shorts disappeared. My way overstimulated imagination took over. Taut crimson skin. Wrapped in thick veins. Deep purple helm. Pulsing. Enormous balls. So full.

“Oh, fuck!” tore from my lips at the image of Pete’s massive, thick rod, glimmering in the sunlight. “Oh. Mm-hmm, fuck. Oh, yes, baby”

Deep into his skin, my nails sank as I raced up and down like a machine, pumping my husband’s pole, staring into his eyes, but seeing….

“Oh, God. Oh, fuck.” I rocked faster, feeling Bobby push upwards with his hips as hands slipped along my waist. Again and again. Taut and full. Pete’s enormous hard-on. Looming over me. Above my open lips. Pete’s smile. My tongue reaching. His wink. The taste of salty sweat. And more. “Uh, uh, oh. Oh, fuck, I’m coming!”

When I screamed while shuddering atop him, Bobby also shook and cried out. Even as he spurted into me, I collapsed into his arms. As I trembled, he wrapped me tight. But the machine kept running; my hips were still grinding into his pelvis. Hungering for more. Much, much more.

Those shimmering gray eyes. And that swollen, full mast.

Despite Bobby’s hands skimming my body and his lips trying to find mine, I slipped to one side and gnawed at a pillow. Blackness took me as both images wobbled in and out of my swirling mind.

The next morning, with fat raindrops pelting the bathroom window, I kept glancing at the shaped rosebushes. Perhaps Pete would arrive, dripping with glistening water. His eyes would gleam as he stared up at me. While leaning against the frame, a sigh escaped me as I pressed on my panties. Only a single fingertip. And only once—well, maybe twice—before turning away to shimmy into a brown leather skirt.

All the way to work, the weather remained horrendous. Ever-louder thunder shook the office as I arrived. After riding Bobby, I was in a little better condition that morning. Pete’s eyes had dimmed. No wink. No smile. Weird?

When Jake popped his smiling head in at his usual time, I turned him down. No way was I going into the rain in a thin ivory V-necked blouse. It would disappear. Which I’m sure by his lingering gaze before he’d tromped away, he’d looked forward to seeing. Teasing was one thing, pneumonia another.

In the daily afternoon meeting, I took pity on the poor guy. After lowering myself into a swivel seat beside him, I flashed him a grin. Jake actually trembled. As much as Bobby and I played my husband’s fantasy game in bed, I’d done nothing but give Jake the occasional peek of my bra.

Once the lights dimmed and the first speaker began, I stared into space for a long time while holding myself taut. This would be something new. With my heartbeat thundering, I sank teeth into the corner of my lower lip. Could I? Before I knew it, the chair rotated until my thigh nudged Jake’s. It was subtle. Not forceful at all. But it was enough; Jake sucked in air.

When his leg pressed back, I had to hold in a chuckle as he shifted in his seat. With all the nonchalance the trembling man could muster, he snuck an arm across his lap to adjust his trousers. That was fun. As the presentations droned on, I eased my leg up and down. Which got the cutest soft whimpers from Jake.

And that was even more entertaining. The whole time, I held in giggles. God, I hadn’t giggled in ages.

By the last speaker’s concluding remarks, Jake’s cheeks were bright red, and his tongue kept flicking over his lips. Poor boy. As the lights came up, I stood. At my sudden absence, his thigh lurched outwards, and he groaned in surprise. Yes, he’d been pressing back a little. I paused, grinning down at him. His gaze flicked to my tight leather skirt just before him.

Yep, a heck of a lot of fun. While he couldn’t see the trickle slipping free of my soaked panties, I took a long, heavy breath. That was new. So maybe a bit more than simple fun? In any event, I held my thighs together for the rest of the afternoon.

After getting home and changing, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. At the sound of Pete’s voice resounding across the backyard, I jolted.

“Hey Bobby!”

Out on the deck after cleaning the pool, my husband walked past in his long Hawaiian, flower-print swim trunks. Although I’d tried several times before he’d gone out, I hadn’t told him about teasing Jake. Then again, it’d only been what? A simple leg-brush. Crowded room. No big deal.

With my shorts pressing tight to the countertop, no matter how far I stretched, I couldn’t spot them talking. However, when I leaned over the sink, I caught their words.

“Hey, uh, Bobby. I’ve been, um, thinking. I mean…. You know, after the other day. At your pool. Well….” Pete fell silent for a while and, as I strained once more to see him, my sweaty fingers slipped on the slick counter. After straightening, I recovered just in time to hear him continue. “…ask a favor of you and your lovely wife?”

Favor? The way he’d said the word had my chest tightening. Already achy, my nipples swelled under a thin sleeveless top. I should have kept my bra. Every pounding heartbeat sent them sliding along the silken material. As the angry spikes sent the most pleasurable jangles across my nerves, I gritted my teeth.

“Uh, sure. Maybe. What’s up?” Bobby replied, swaying back into view.

No matter how much I again strained, I couldn’t glimpse Pete. Only my husband. I stretched harder, driving my face against the glass. To no avail. Only Bobby. My fingers again slipped. When the blouse pulled taut, air shot from my lips as my knees wobbled. The room spun. As I gasped, I relented and rested on my toes, still hopeful of spotting Pete.

“Well, I’m a bit of an amateur painter. And after the show Lisa put on the other day….” When he fell silent, I could sense their gazes lock. But I saw Bobby’s eyes widen and a sudden nervous grin appear on his face. “Well, she didn’t seem so shy. And, um, I was wondering if she could model for me?”

“What?” Bobby’s voice was several octaves higher than normal, and his slender form quivered.

Pete’s shadow loomed over him. With a soft grunt, I thrust forward again, trying to snatch the tiniest sight of our neighbor, but my nipples slid, and a whimper escaped. Frustration burning inside me, I slipped back onto the flats of my feet and tried to catch my breath.

“Oh, no. Nothing like that, Bobby. No, No. Nothing too risqué.”

Too risqué? What did that mean? So just plain risqué? With insides fluttering and legs shaking, I straightened, resigned to not glimpsing Pete. But I leaned closer to hear his words over the rushing of blood in my ears.

“It’s just that I normally use a lot of stock photos. Off the internet. Of celebrities. People like that for references. But they aren’t always posed the best way for what I want to paint.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Bobby replied.

As my fingernails scratched on the countertop, I was actually panting. With my pulse pounding in my head, I trembled. A few not-too-risqué pictures. For Pete. Please say “yes.” Please….

“Oh, come on, Bobby. It’ll be just over there. Outside. Right on my back porch. Only a still camera.”

Once Pete quieted, I stared at my husband’s blank expression. His unfocused eyes. Bobby was replaying his—our—fantasy in the pool. But we’d agreed to a single tease. Nothing more. So why the delay? Just a photo-shoot, this wouldn’t be taunting him. Would it? As my heart hammered, my brain continued to tumble.

“Look, I’m not even talking about a swimsuit.” At Pete’s chuckle, Bobby jerked. No, I’d not been wearing a suit that day in the pool, anyway. “Ask Lisa to wear a sundress. Something flowy. Something that swirls around as she moves.”

Oh, I have just the dress. Oh God, please say “yes,” dear. Please…. Wait. No. I mean say “no.” I shouldn’t do that. What if…? I can’t do that. Not after the pool. That had only been Bobby’s fantasy.

“Yeah, sure. Alright.” I could see Bobby’s mind whirling as his low voice added. “Lemme talk to Lisa, though. She’s got to agree.”

“Of course. That’s why I wanted to come to you first. Keep everything above board, ya know.” He sounded genuine, and I could imagine Pete’s disarming smile.

When Bobby walked inside, I was on the far side of the kitchen. Having slapped on the radio, I was singing under my breath, playacting I hadn’t heard a word. Though I tensed when he swept past to get a drink from the fridge, my husband remained silent. With his eyes distant, he had his “lost in thought” blank expression. My heart was hammering so loud. When he flashed me a sidelong glance, I forced a grin. Expecting him to speak, I was so taut my nails vibrated on the pans. Instead, he only wandered upstairs to shower and change for dinner.

It wasn’t until after we’d eaten that Bobby leaned back in his chair. As he glanced at me and sighed, his glittering green eyes caught the setting sun’s slanting orange beams. When his mouth opened to speak, I lowered a glass from my lips.

“Hey, uh, Lisa.” His gaze flicked towards the rear of the house. “I, um, was talking with Pete earlier.”

Despite my pulse soaring, I gripped the wineglass stem and forced a neutral expression. “Oh? About?”

With his eyes unfocused but facing away, Bobby didn’t catch the sudden shimmy in my wine as the glass shook. After lowering it to the table, I clasped my hands in my lap.

“He, uh…. He’d like to take some pictures.” His shaky lips smacked. “Of, um, you.”

When I remained silent, he looked at me. It was his glass’s turn to shudder when he lifted it to his lips and took a lengthy draught. Half of me wanted to leap up and scream “yes” at the top of my lungs. The rest caught Bobby’s reticence. The sliver of anxiety behind his eyes. Fantasy was one thing, reality another. Still, what harm?

“But only pictures, right?” I asked as my fingers clamped so hard their nails dug into my skin.

When he nodded, I swallowed and eased a hand free to grip my glass. After trying to lift it through my trembles, I caught Bobby’s glance. As I finally took a sip, his head tilted. The shadow in his eyes—concern? He thought I was afraid. In truth, a slice of fear had wandered through me, as well as—curiosity.

“Look. You don’t have to. He just…. Well after, um, seeing you in….” His words tapered off as he reached across the table to stroke the back of my hand with his fingertips. With his gaze brightening, hopeful once more, Bobby straightened. The lech; his fantasy had returned. “He, um, only thought you’d make a good reference. He’s a painter.”

As he sipped his wine, I lifted my glass and took a gulp, then skimmed my tongue around my lips, buying time to reduce my thumping heart. Photos. Reference. Painter. Yet it wasn’t images of Pete’s eyes or his smile that filled his mind. No, my naughty—slutty—mind had drifted lower. Heat rose along my neck and cheeks.

“It’s okay, hon,” he said with his cheeks pinking. “I’ll just tell him you don’t—”

“No.” More strident than I’d planned, my voice shocked me. After emptying my glass with one swift chug, I thumped it on the table. I flashed him a taut grin. “I mean. It’s outside. And you’ll be there, right?”

“Yeah. I guess so.” Bobby lowered his now empty wineglass before reaching for the bottle. “Uh, Pete didn’t say not to be there.”

“Oh, good. I couldn’t do this without you there, babe.”

If Bobby noticed whenever I called him “babe,” it meant I was really horny, he never let on. And despite the confusion within me, I desired that photo-shoot.

“Well, I might have a dress.” Oh, I had the perfect one. It hugged every curve as I moved, then settled to hug them closer when I halted. Large-flowered print that would cover my hard nipples since, with it being backless, I’d be braless. With a sigh, appearing resigned, I finished. “Okay, I’ll do it. Sounds…. Well, it might be kinda fun.”

When I glanced at Bobby, my chest froze. With his eyes once more unfocused, he was off in fantasyland. As I drank, I hid behind my refilled wineglass. He’d never mentioned to me I should wear a dress. But he said nothing.

Later, as I cleaned dishes, Bobby was on the phone in the living room.

“Hey, Pete. Good news. Lisa agreed.”

When I glanced over, Bobby had rolled his head back. With the phone to his ear, he was looking at the ceiling while shifting on the chair. After lowering my gaze, my entire body tensed. Under his shorts, he was hard as a rock.

“Nope. Not a problem.” Bobby’s eyes twinkled as he looked in my direction. Suddenly, a massive series of tremors raced through me. But I still managed a smile. “After work, tomorrow. Can do. See you then.”

After he stood, I bent to focus on the pans as Bobby stepped into the kitchen. Though his brows were knitted, he wore a grin. When he stretched and yawned with his eyes closed, I scanned his bulging shorts. Yeah, he wanted it almost as much as me. Perhaps more. And it would be only a photo-shoot.

“Hey, dear.” After Bobby’s hand slid across my butt, he gave me a gentle squeeze. “Pete said tomorrow after work. Weather permitting.”

“Sure. Sounds fun.”

Once he’d planted a kiss against my cheek, he sauntered for the couch to watch television. As I finished drying, sigh after lengthy sigh slipped from me.

My pulse roared when I looked towards Pete’s yard.

What had Bobby and I actually agreed to?

Chapter 5  

If agreeing to the photo shoot sent my mind spinning, the next day was absolute hell. In the morning, although I hovered in the bathroom, there was no sign of Pete. Only a fleeting glimpse of his shadow behind the sheer curtains of a basement window when the lights flicked on. But it wasn’t enough and after a rapid press, or two, into my damp lace almost sent me into the counter, I stumbled away.

Once I’d climbed into a pin-striped charcoal pencil dress, I raised its front gold zipper. But only until it was just above scandalous, revealing hints of lilac lace over both heavy swells. After creeping past Bobby, I headed to work. I needn’t have bothered. Jake was out sick. Perhaps hung over, if his questionable tales of late-night partying and girlfriend-hunting were to be believed.

So, with nobody to keep me distracted, I tried my best to ignore Pete’s gleaming unblinking gray lasers and finish my latest project report. But, of course, that failed. By the time I stumbled into the house, my panties were sodden and I needed an icy bath. A long one that I wouldn’t get.

In other words, I was in no condition to pose on the back porch of the hunky, older man with soul-piercing eyes next door. The shiny graphite flints that had bored into me all day long. From every reflective surface.

“Hey, dear. Glad you made it.”

After jumping at his voice, I turned as Bobby popped in off the patio with a smile. He wore a bright orange surf shirt and blue-striped knee-length shorts.

“Pete’s all set up. He said to tell you, ‘Just waiting on the talent.’”

My heart hammered so hard Bobby’s eyebrow lifted at the motion of my chest. But after only a curt nod, I left him to clamber upstairs. After yanking the dress from my shaking frame, I stripped away and tossed the sopping panties into the hamper. Right as I was about to fling the sundress over me, I stopped. With cool air flowing from the vents, swirling around my body, I gazed at my reflection in the mirror.

While twisting, I held my arms at my sides. As if I were once again before Pete at the pool. After a gulp, I shook my head. Not the same, I’d be dressed. It’d be just fine. As long as Bobby didn’t strip me. At that, I swallowed a nervous chuckle. He wouldn’t dare. Would he?

“Only photos,” I murmured while searching for my sexiest white lace panties. “It’ll be fine.”

After very carefully placing them over my flushed petals, I dropped the sundress over me. Dropping was a mistake. Whimpers fled my trembling lips as my tight nipples sent electric shocks through—everything as the material skidded over them.

“Fuck! Fuck. Fuck. Maybe not so fine,” I mumbled while clasping the bed rail to stop from swaying.

With shivers still racing along my spine, I stepped from the house in casual high-heeled sandals. As they crunched across the turf, the dress slithering over my chest sent electric fire flashing through my shattering nerves.

“Oh, please,” I whispered at the sight of Pete. He was shirtless again. “Jesus, fuck.”

As my whirling brain cataloged every single rippling muscle, I wasn’t sure why I was begging. To stay calm? To have him ravish me? To have Bobby serve me up on a platter once more? Despite the confused mélange tumbling inside me, each twist and bend as he adjusted a camera tripod and a pair of white reflectors fanned the fires building within me. Fantasy or not.

Pete’s head lifted. Those glinting lasers found me.

Those eyes. All damned week.

Ever deeper, they pierced, plunging deep. So very deep.

“Fuck me,” I mumbled.

Not as in please do that, although…. I flicked my gaze to Bobby next to him and flashed a taut grin. No, I was stunned I’d agreed to be there. When my husband’s face split into a beaming smile, my knees wobbled. After scrabbling for its wooden railing, I managed to step onto the deck.

Pete’s deck.

With one excuse or another, we’d never accepted his invitations to visit when his wife was alive. And I’d never been that near his house.

His domain.

“Wow!” Pete said. So close, I swore I could feel his eyelashes move the air, Pete’s eyes swept over me—far too quickly—before shifting to my husband. “Damn Bobby. You are the luckiest man alive.”

With the remnants of office make-up on my face, I didn’t feel that attractive. But damned if his shimmering lasers and white-toothed smile didn’t put paid to my anxiety. Under that gaze, I was dripping like a melting—I don’t know, what melts into warm dribbling liquid?

Dribbling? Despite the new panties, they were already soaked. How’d that even happened? Pad next time. Next time? As my teeth sank into my lower lip, I swallowed. When his nostrils flared and grin widened, I struggled to breathe. He couldn’t know. Could he?

Shimmering. Those gray eyes. Just wow.

Time slowed. Everything but Pete wavered out of focus.

He knew.

As I chewed my lip, I ran my fingers through my swirling tresses. At least I’d dragged a brush through my hair before dashing from the kitchen.

“Thanks,” left my lips at last.

I’m pretty sure I spoke aloud, since Pete flashed me the faintest wink. He’d winked. As in the vision. Fuck! I know I didn’t say that aloud since neither man reacted. Well, not to my voice. With a gulp, I held myself taut. I was doing okay. Under control. Sure, a little shaken, but everything would be….

When Pete turned to adjust a reflector, my gaze locked on his shorts. Not normally skintight, the black cotton was taut. Jutting outwards and so tight, I swore I’d spotted his heartbeat in the bulge.

Wow! Even closer, its curved, tubular shape was—I gulped—impressive.

When Bobby caught me staring, heat flared up my cheeks. Although his lower lip trembled, he forced a nervous grin. His crotch also pressed outwards. No sooner had I returned my husband’s smile than Pete turned.

“You ready, pretty lady?”

That soul-stealing grin. Those shimmering, bottomless eyes.

As much as I tried to speak, I only nodded as he gestured me into position. When he bent, his face disappeared behind the camera. With the world fading into a hazy blur, my gaze flicked between his hulking, tanned shoulders, gleaming in the sunlight, and the solid-fronted shorts beyond the black metallic tripod legs.

Despite the sun’s heat on my skin, it was the ever-higher flares building in my core that sent another trickle, not of sweat, down my inner thigh. Along the loose skirt, my nails trembled. When I shifted from one sandal to the other, the click clacks of their sharp heels reverberated.

“You okay, Lisa?” Pete glanced over the camera, not at my face, but at my legs. “I’m just adjusting the aperture.”

Once again, I only nodded while Bobby watched. When Pete’s gaze found my eyes after a long meandering roam upwards, one of those gray orbs again winked. In sync with it, the world wobbled. Of course, he’d spotted the racing trickle.

And his camera’s wasn’t the only aperture adjusting.

At that point, I should’ve grabbed my husband and fled home, sending clods of turf from my flying heels. I should have. Would’ve been the correct thing to do. Any decent woman would have done that. But not the woman who’d streaked across her college campus after those hunks had won the championship. Not the woman who’d glided for a full day over and under who knows how many of them. Back then, that woman had discovered a lot about herself.


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