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Balling the Babysitter



Balling the Babysitter

by Robert Lubrican

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Copyright 2005 Robert Lubrican

2nd edition edited 2023

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Chapter One – Surrogate Mommy

Chapter Two – Kathy Learns about Games

Chapter Three – A Game called Horseshoes

Chapter Four – Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Chapter Five – Practice Makes Perfect

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Chapter One: Surrogate Mommy

Kathy hummed as she put things in her book bag to take with her. She didn't know exactly what to take, since this was her first time. She was so excited she couldn't sit still because, after tonight, she could honestly say she was a babysitter.

She'd been looking forward to this night for years. Lots of girls took care of kids when they were twelve or thirteen, but her parents wouldn't let her go to strangers' homes that young, or be responsible for the lives of small children, for that matter. She did get some small experience with taking care of her cousins, and some neighbor kids, but she didn't feel like she was a real babysitter. And her parents wouldn't let her be until she was at least fifteen.

But tonight would be different. For the first time she'd be in a house she'd never seen before. True, she did know the father of the children, Mr. Tracey. That's because he was her World History teacher at school. But she didn't really know him. Several of the girls at school called him Mr. T, but she didn't know him well enough to use that nickname. He made her nervous in some ways. He was handsome, for one thing, tall and slim, with long slim fingers you'd expect to see on a piano player. His hair was brown, and wavy without being curly. He wore it long in a sort of retro-seventies look, and he had a thick moustache.

And his smile... her eyes went unfocused as she called up a memory of his smiling face in her mind. She shivered. His smile was so beautiful that she wanted to kiss him when he did it.

And that's what made her nervous. She thought about doing things with Mr. Tracey that she knew girls weren't supposed to do with adults. Especially not their teachers.

But when he asked her if she ever babysat and her parents agreed to let her, even though her birthday wasn't for another week, she jumped at the chance.

There! She had everything she thought she'd need.

An hour later her father dropped her off and she walked up the winding path to the front door. There were trees and flowers everywhere, and once she was twenty feet up the walk she couldn't see the street any more. It was getting dark, but there were little lights along the walk, low down to the ground that lit her path. She pushed the button by the front door and waited.

A woman opened the door. Kathy almost sighed. Of course Mr. Tracey would have a beautiful wife. But this woman was gorgeous! She had on a slinky black dress that showed her chest clear down to where it wasn't her chest any more. The dress sparkled somehow. Perfect makeup and diamond studs in her ears, along with a halo of black hair done up with something in IT that sparkled too all set off her pale, almost ghostly white skin. The woman smiled and her even whiter teeth almost glowed between bright red lips.

"You must be Kathy!" said the woman Kathy wanted to grow up to look just like. "I'm Valerie, Buck's wife." Her eyes slid down Kathy's body and then back up in a way that made Kathy want to squirm. Kathy, in her innermost female mind, realized she was being sized up, even though Kathy in her conscious mind didn't know it at all. She stood up a little straighter and stuck out her recently grown breasts a little further.

Buck. That was his first name. Kathy had never even thought about what her teacher's first name would be, or even that he had one.

"Yes" she said. She went into her planned speech. "I'm so glad you trusted me with your baby, Mrs. Tracey. I won't let you down. I'll take care of him like he was my own." As she said it the female deep inside her scanned Valerie Tracey's body too. It was slim, with narrow hips. She looked almost top heavy with large breasts, though they were obviously unsupported and still stood straight out. There was a lot of cleavage showing, but at the bottom of each breast there was no crease. Mrs. Tracey could pass the pencil test, no problem. Kathy thought that any woman who'd only had a baby four months ago would have saggy breasts, but this one didn't. Kathy felt like plain Jane next to this woman, and it made her feel jumpy.

Mrs. Tracey smiled again. "I'm sure you will. If Buck trusts you, I trust you. And I don't think Teddy will be much trouble. Once you get him fed and put him down he'll sleep at least until I get home. He likes a midnight snack."

Maybe it was the look on Kathy's face, or maybe Valerie just thought she should know, but as she led Kathy into the house she went on.

"I'm breast feeding, you know. I have several bottles in the fridge that I expressed over the last few days. All you have to do is warm one up in a pan of water. He's a greedy little bugger, and he should take it all."

By now they were in the kitchen. Mrs. Tracey reached for a round white cone-shaped thing on the counter. As she turned around she pulled her dress away from her right breast and slid the pad into her dress. "I just hope these things keep me from leaking all over my dress." She was talking now like she and Kathy were the best of friends. "Buck's such a baby. We haven't been out since Teddy was born. He insisted I wear this dress and I know he's going to try to get me drunk. He's the one who wanted me to build up a supply of milk so I could have a drink while we're out tonight. Men! Aren't they all just... predictable sometimes?"

While she chatted on she put another cone shaped pad between her dress and her left nipple, then smoothed the cloth over both breasts and stood with her arms at her sides. "How do they look?"

Kathy was surprised this beautiful woman would ask a mere girl how she looked. Kathy noticed that there must be something on the pads that simulated nipples, because it looked for all the world like Mrs. Tracey's nipples were poking through the cloth of her dress.

"It looks... sexy," said Kathy softly.

"Good!" said Valerie. "Believe it or not I got them at Christy's Toy Box, down on Thurston Street, you know?"

Christy's was a place where they sold all kinds of adult 'toys'. Kids weren't allowed in the place. Valerie remembered that and grinned.

"Of course you don't know. A girl as sweet and innocent as you would never know what's in that place. What was I thinking?" She smiled again. "Anyway, I hope they look good, because I'm planning on getting some lovin' tonight and I need all the help I can get."

Kathy was horrified. "But you're the most beautiful woman I think I've ever seen!" she blurted. She blushed bright red, embarrassed.

Valerie looked up from examining her breasts and this time her eyes smiled too. "Why thank you, Kathy. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time. When you have a baby you worry that people will think you're ugly and all used up." She looked down and twisted, trying to see her hips.

Kathy felt more relaxed now and, on impulse, she said, "I hope I look just half as used up as you do when I turn fifteen next week."

Valerie's eyes snapped back to Kathy's face. "I don't think you have anything to worry about, dear." she said, her voice dry. "I believe you are what most men would describe as 'a walking wet dream', at least if they're like my husband. I bet your boyfriend can't keep his hands off you."

Kathy was flabbergasted. No one had ever told her she was good looking, much less that men might be interested in her sexually. She felt a thrill shoot through her.

"I don't have a boyfriend" she said, suddenly ashamed that she didn't, for some inexplicable reason.

"Well, then, all the boys you know are blind as bats" said Mrs. Tracey in an almost laughing voice. "You're probably better off anyway. At least you don't have to fight them off all the time." She looked at her watch. "Listen to me, prattling on about things when I should be yelling at my husband for being late. Come on. I'll introduce you to our pride and joy."

Valerie led the way to a brightly decorated room with a crib in it. In that crib was a beautiful baby boy who smiled when he saw his mother and actually wiggled!

"There's my big boy" said Mrs. Tracey in that voice adults always use to talk to babies. She picked him up and he fussed. "Now Teddy, it's not time for that. You'd mess up my dress for sure."

Kathy looked at Valerie curiously and Valerie smiled. "Sometimes he gets a little cranky when he wants the breast and I won't give it to him. He's spoiled." She grinned and leaned toward Kathy, whispering. "He's a man, and they all want the breast all the time."

Kathy might have been shocked, but as Valerie leaned toward her, Teddy smiled and reached out for Kathy. He gurgled and cooed as the babysitter took him and hugged him to her. Valerie waved and snuck out of the room while the baby wasn't watching, leaving Kathy with the cute, wriggling little boy.

Things went fine for most of the night. Kathy played with Teddy and he took a bottle, though he didn't seem to like it very much. Out of curiosity, Kathy wanted to taste the milk. But she couldn't bring herself to do that. But she knew it was the same milk Teddy drank every single day, so she couldn't understand why Teddy kept spitting out the nipple and turning his head. Finally she put the bottle back in the fridge and held him while she watched some TV. He had fun standing up and sitting down on her lap while she held his hands and helped him.

By nine she was tired, and she thought Teddy should have gone to sleep already, but he hadn't. He got cranky and cried. Thinking he was hungry, she got out the bottle again and warmed it up. But he still wouldn't take it for more than a half a minute before he spat it out, wiggled and started crying again.

She tried burping him, rocking him, walking with him, playing with him, everything she could think of, and while some of these things distracted him for a while, he always went back to crying.

She was holding him in her arms when an interesting thing happened. His face was against her chest and suddenly he tried to get the tip of her T-shirt-covered breast in his mouth. When he couldn't he started crying again.

Kathy remembered when Valerie had left that Teddy had wanted to feed then, and that Valerie had said it wasn't time. Maybe he wanted SKIN in his mouth. That's what he was used to. Without thinking about it, Kathy looked around, to see if anybody was watching her. Of course they weren't.

Then she put Teddy down and pulled her shirt over her head. Now clad only in her functional white bra, she looked around again. Reaching behind her she unsnapped her bra and let it fall off.

"This is silly" she said to herself. But when she picked Teddy up and cradled him in her arms, his mouth immediately sought out her right nipple and, when he found it, he latched on hard! His powerful little mouth sucked her in and his gums nibbled. Kathy felt weak in the knees and sat down on the arm of the couch. She reached for the bottle and pushed it against the corner of his mouth, breaking the seal he had on her skin. He sucked lustily at the bottle for a few sucks, swallowed and then spit the rubber nipple out. She immediately replaced it with her own and he happily sucked on her warm breast.

Kathy couldn't believe the feelings this caused in her. Her nipple tingled in a most delicious way and that made her feel warm and itchy between her legs. Every so often she slipped the nipple from the bottle into his mouth, so he actually got some milk. Eventually he got full, but his little hands kept pushing at her breast, and his little mouth kept sucking. She changed him to her other nipple and sat, feeling warm and tingly as he slowly fell asleep in her arms.

Finally she was able to put him in his crib, where he slept happily on. Kathy went back to the living room and got her bra, which she shoved in her purse. She put her shirt back on and lay back watching TV until she too drifted off into sleep.

Kathy was startled awake by Teddy's crying and looked at her watch. It was almost one in the morning. She went to check on him and found he needed his diaper changed. Once that was done she cradled him in her arms again, rocking him back to sleep.

He pawed at her breast, so she pulled her shirt up and let him suck at her nipple some more. He wasn't really hungry, he just wanted the soothing sensation of warm skin in his mouth.

Her shirt kept pushing down onto his face, so she pulled it off again and stood, clad only in jeans while Teddy made her pussy feel nice again. She sat down in a rocking chair with Teddy and talked to him quietly as he sucked.

It was right then that Mr. Tracey walked through the nursery door.

"There you are," he said in a loud whisper, before his eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room and he realized his student was sitting topless in the chair, and that his son was sucking at her breast.

Kathy took in a horrified gasp of air and then, from the hallway, came loud female singing. It was sung by someone who had obviously had too much to drink and was feeling no pain of any sort. Kathy started to stand up but her teacher waved at her.

"I'll divert her. You get dressed and then come help me get her in bed."

He disappeared back through the door and Kathy put Teddy down in his crib, patting his bottom until he settled down and went still.

Shaking, she grabbed her T shirt and pulled it back on. She thought about just leaving. She was too ashamed to face Mr. Tracey. But he'd said he needed help with Mrs. Tracey, and she needed to plead with him not to tell his wife what he'd seen, so she went.

When she got to the bedroom Mr. Tracey was pulling Valerie's dress up over her head. Valerie was still singing. It was a song about a girl named Brandy, who was waiting for some sailor to come back to her from the sea and all the other men were telling her how fine she was.

Kathy gasped as Valerie's breasts came into view. The nipple-simulating pads she'd stuck in her dress fell out and her big milk-filled breasts wobbled. Kathy could see now that they did sag a little, and that the dress must have supported them some way. Valerie's hands flashed to her breasts and rubbed them.

"Ahhhhhh," sighed the drunken woman. "Tha feels show mush better." Her hands cupped her breasts and lifted them. "But honeeeeeey" she whined in a little girl voice, "They're sooooo full. Where's Teddeee? He'll help me."

She hadn't seen Kathy yet, but when she started looking all around the room for her baby she saw the young girl staring.

"Oops!" She giggled, trying to cover her nipples with her hands, but swaying so much she couldn't. "Well look who's here," she giggled. Then she frowned. "Ooooo owww, Buck, my titties hurt honey."

Mr. Tracey had been waving his hands around, not too sure what to do while his wife was reeling around. Now he said "Kathy, I know this is going to look strange to you, but she can't nurse Teddy now, what all she drank. He'd end up drunk too. But she's about to burst, so I'm going to have to lessen the pressure. I'm sorry, but I only know one way to do that."

Then, before Kathy's amazed gaze, he leaned down and sucked one of his wife's swollen nipples into his mouth. Valerie's eyes popped open wide for a second and she winced, almost like she was in pain, but then her head went back and she went "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." Her hands came up and ran through her husband's hair as she leaned into him.

Kathy stared as Mr. Tracey slurped and sucked and swallowed. Then he changed nipples. But the first one kept spewing little strings of white milk out as he squeezed the breast flesh. He raised his head and looked at her. "Kathy, do you think you could massage her breast? To keep the milk flowing? It would help a great deal. I know I shouldn't ask you to do this, but it would sure help."

Kathy nodded dumbly and stepped forward. Her two hands replaced his one hand and she squeezed gently, awestruck as the little jets of milk popped out of the nipple through five or six holes so small she couldn't really see them.
She could see the little jets of milk, though. One tiny stream came her way and splattered on her cheek. It was warm.

Now her teacher was sucking the other nipple and Valerie made mewling noises of pleasure as her full mams were being emptied. She opened her eyes and they focused on Kathy.

"Hi Kathy," she said, still three sheets to the wind. "Don't just play with it... suck it!"

Buck raised his head. "Now Val, she's doing enough already. Try to control yourself."

Valerie whined. "But it would feel soooo nice if she sucked on one and you sucked on the other one... pleeeeease?" She swayed and he had to catch her to keep her from falling.

"Let's get her on the bed," he whispered to Kathy, and together they moved her backwards until she was at the bed. Kathy was closer, so she grabbed the covers and stripped them back, exposing the satin sheets underneath.

Valerie yelled "Wheeeeeeeee" as she fell backwards, landing with her arms over her head, naked but for her pale purple panties. Then she raised her beautiful head and said, "Come on guys, I'm still all full." Her head flopped down, then sideways, and she snored.

Kathy stood there, not knowing what to do. Oddly she was curious about whether Mr. Tracey liked the taste of his wife's milk.

"Does it taste good?" she blurted out.

He turned his head and saw she was red faced. He smiled. Man! He had a beautiful smile, she thought to herself.

"Yes, it's delicious. It's sweet and warm and... it's just delicious." He stared down at his sleeping wife. "I have to take some more out though. She's still pretty full and if I don't empty her she'll be in real pain in the morning."

His eyes dropped to Kathy's shirt and lingered there.

"What was going on in there?" he asked, nodding his head toward the baby's room.

Kathy blushed even harder.

"He was so fussy, and he wouldn't take the bottle, and he wouldn't go to sleep. I remembered he was trying to get to Mrs. Tracey's... breast, so I thought I'd try letting him... you know. Anyway, it worked a little. I was sort of letting him do that, and then slipping him the bottle. But he liked sucking on... me... more than the bottle."

His dark eyes examined her.

"All men would rather suck on a real nipple than a rubber one." Again his eyes dropped to her chest and she felt the gooseflesh on her arms pop out. Her nipples popped out too. It was clear he saw that too. "What did it feel like?" he asked in a low voice.

Kathy never would have thought about discussing something like that with her teacher... except he'd caught her red handed... or red breasted, so to speak. Because of that she answered him on impulse.

"It felt really good. It sort of tingled," she said softly.

Valerie moaned in her sleep and he jumped. "Be right back," he said. Then he leaned over and began sucking on one of her nipples again. Valerie's moan turned into a sort of purring sound. Kathy didn't know what to do. Should she massage the other one, like before? But if she did it would all run out and get the bed wet. The situation was so bizarre she asked a question she would never have dreamed of only an hour ago.

"Can I... taste... the other one? Would that help?"

Buck looked up and gave her an appraising stare.

"Sure, Kathy. And I suppose it would be educational too."

Kathy dipped her head, unable to look him in the eye. Gently she fastened her lips around the fat nipple and gave a tentative suck. First there was just a hint of sweet and she sucked harder. Flavor burst into her mouth, tinted with something strange... almost tangy. Kathy wondered if that was the alcohol while some distant memory from when she had drunk at her mother's breast made her suckle in a smooth, regular rhythm.

It was quiet in the room except for the wet sound of two mouths slurping mother's milk, and two throats swallowing repeatedly.

And, of course, the soft susurrations of happiness from Valerie's sleeping lips as her breasts were emptied.

Ten minutes later Valerie was tucked in and sleeping peacefully. Mr. Tracey stood there looking at her with soft eyes.

"She's worked so hard, taking care of Teddy, giving up her career to have him, working at home on the internet. She deserved tonight. But I think she'll be sorry tomorrow morning." He glanced over at Kathy who was also looking with a slight frown at the woman whose breast she had just drunk from. "Thanks, Kathy. I know this must seem strange to you."

His acceptance of her, more or less as an equal, at least in terms of sucking his wife's breasts -how crazy was that? - made her feel more comfortable with him than she would have thought possible.

"This is all so strange. It's like I'm in a dream or something." she said, almost to herself.

"Did it feel like a dream when Teddy sucked... you?" he asked, putting his hand in the middle of her back and guiding her to the bedroom door.

"Oh no!" she said firmly. "I won't forget that feeling for... I don't know, probably forever."

"It was that good?" he asked. "Hasn't it happened before? On a date, maybe? Doesn't it feel like that when the boys do it to you?"

"Mr. Tracey!" she gasped. "Nobody's ever done that to me! I'm not even allowed to date yet!"

"Oh" he said. "My apologies, Kathy. Really, I just assumed that all kids did those sorts of things nowadays. I shouldn't have stereotyped you. I'm sorry."

He was leading her back to the living room, where her things were. His profuse apologies made her feel like she had somehow made him uncomfortable. The very thought that he might be embarrassed around her made her stomach hurt.

She stopped, turned and looked in his face.

"No, Mr. Tracey, I'm the one who should apologize. I should never have let Teddy do that to me... especially not without permission. I'll understand if you don't want me to sit for him again."

His deep liquid brown eyes stared back into hers, only a foot away. She could smell the lingering scent of alcohol on his breath, and her knees felt trembly all of a sudden. His hand came out and touched her elbow.

"Kathy," he said soothingly, "you did what you thought was best for Teddy, and I appreciate it. You didn't have permission to be that intimate, but that's because it never occurred to you that it might be needed. We wouldn't have thought of that, either, but we should have. Teddy hasn't been away from Valerie's breasts since he was born."

His hand slid up to her shoulder and she tingled where he touched her.

He went on. "And I do want you to sit for him again. Soon. And from now on you do have permission to be that intimate with him, if you need to. So I don't want to hear any more apologies. You did a great job. Teddy's a lucky boy if he's the first to touch your beautiful breasts. Any man would have given a lot to be in his place tonight."

Kathy's mind was awhirl. His acceptance of what she'd done, his invitation to share his wife's breast with her, his wife's statement that she was a walking wet dream and her husband's round about comment on the beauty of her breasts all came together to make her crush on him rush to the surface. She felt her face suffuse with heat and, against her will the words came out of her mouth.

"Even you Mr. Tracey?"

His serious eyes looked into hers. "Especially me, Kathy."

It was a moment where anything could happen. Had he tried to kiss her, or pulled her to him, she knew she would have let him do anything he wanted to her. But he stepped back. "I think I should get you home now. I'm pretty sure that would be a good idea."

It sounded... strange, the way he said it, but something in her relaxed too. She got her things and stared out the window of the car as he drove her home. Neither of them said anything until he stopped in front of her house. "Next Friday night?" he said. She smiled and nodded and got out.

Chapter Two: Kathy Learns About Games

The week flew. Kathy was a smart girl, who had always done well in school, and she knew that her short exposure to Mr. Tracey didn't mean she should act any different toward him at school. Nor did he treat her any differently. But there was an easy comfortable feeling between them that she had never experienced before. It was something she knew nobody else could feel, but it was as real as the shoes on her feet. She still tingled when she saw him, but now she felt like she was allowed to tingle, somehow, that her daydreams of him were okay. After all, he'd seen parts of her that no other man ever had.


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