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The Windy Pines, My Third Summer




The Windy Pines

My Third Summer


By Fanlon






The Windy Pines

My Third Summer

Copyright © 2022, Fanlon. All rights reserved



This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.

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The Windy Pines

My Third Summer


Chapter 1


Mary and I talked every day for the first few weeks after we got home. Sometime in September, her parents got their phone bill, and my parents got ours as well. Needless to say, Mom and Dad were not pleased with a phone bill that was almost five hundred dollars. They knew I was talking to her, but they didn’t know that every time Mary called me, I called her right back. We were limited to thirty minutes a call. We thought that if we each called, that was an hour. Thirty minutes was never enough, not even close.

“Samuel!” Dad roared up the stairs. “Get down here right now!”

Oh shit!

“What did you do?” Sara looked at me with wide, panicked eyes.

“I don’t know, but Dad sounds pissed,” I answered her, my voice suddenly shaky.

“Not in five minutes, not in a second, right now or you’re going to get it, Sam! Do you hear me?” Dad yelled when I didn’t run downstairs right away.

I set down my controller and hurried downstairs to see Dad pacing and Mom sitting at the table.

“Explain this!” Dad said, shoving this month's phone bill into my hands.

I didn’t know what it was at first, it was just a folded-up letter. I turned it over, scanned the page and my eyes went wide with surprise. Four hundred eighty-seven dollars and fourteen cents. I looked to Mom who was watching me with pleading eyes. I then shifted to look at my dad, whose hands were folded across his chest.

“We told you that you could talk to Mary for only thirty minutes at a time,” Mom said, drawing my attention back to her. “Even if you talked to her for forty minutes every other day, the bill wouldn’t have been that high, Sam. The bill is almost five hundred dollars, five hundred! This is not what we all agreed on. Mary’s Mom and Dad agreed to the plan for the two of you to keep in touch. I have half a mind to tell you that you can no longer call her, if you are going to be doing this every month, abusing our trust. Your father and I need an explanation. Now.”

“I was only talking to her for thirty minutes,” I pleaded, but the look Mom gave me and the sudden step forward Dad took spurred me on to talk a bit more. “It’s true, I swear! We only talked for thirty minutes when I called her.”

“According to this, you talked to her for an hour, every single night!” Mom told me, shaking what looked like three or four pages of phone records that came with the bill every month.

“She called me first, and then when her thirty minutes were up, I would call her right back,” I raced to tell them before they assumed anything else.

“You did what?” Dad asked, which was more of a statement than a question.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was going to be so expensive. If I—"

“Yes, you did, Sam. Don’t give me that,” Mom cut me off. “We told you and Sara for that matter. We know she is talking to Amy too when you call Mary. We did tell you about long-distance calls before we agreed to all this.”

“You are going to pay this, all of it!” Dad told me.

“I don’t have that much money! How can I pay that? I only have forty-two dollars. That’s it,” I whined.

“Sara, get your little butt down here, pronto!” Dad called up the stairs to where Sara was probably hiding in my room.

“Coming Dad!” I heard Sara’s muffled reply from upstairs instantly.

The thumping of Sara’s feet and she hurried down the stairs warned us of her coming arrival before we could see her. Sara came running to the room where I was standing. Mom was leaning back in her chair and Dad was still standing like a sentinel.

“What’s going on, Dad?” Sara asked quickly.

“This!” Dad took the phone bill from me and thrust it into Sara's hands.

“Holy—” Sara gasped.

“Exactly!” Dad cut her off. “Care to explain this?”

“Sam and Mary—”

“Don’t give your mom and me that crap. We know you have been talking to Amy too.”

“Not that much, I swear!” Sara answered, her eyes defiant but worried.

“That right there,” Mom indicated the bill Sara was holding, “Is unacceptable.”

“You and Sam are going to have to pay for that,” Dad said matter-of-factly.

“What, how? I don’t have five hundred dollars!” Sara exclaimed.

“Then you two are going to work it off, plain and simple.”

“But—” Sara tried to answer but was cut off by Dad.

“Not buts, young lady. You will do it, or you won’t be able to use the phone.”

“Mom!” Sara pleaded to Mom, thinking she would help.

“Don’t give me that look, young lady,” Mom said, brokering no argument. “You made your bed, you, and Sam both. Now you have to lie in it.”

Sara turned to me and gave me a look that I can only describe as pure, unrestrained, evil. I shied away and didn’t meet her eyes. This was my fault, I knew it, but at the very moment, I didn’t have the backbone to admit it.

“It’s getting late,” Dad announced, his posture loosening slightly, but it was obvious to anyone with eyes that he was still upset. “Tomorrow, I expect a plan on how you two are going to pay that bill.”

“Go on up to bed, hurry up,” Mom said and stood up, yawned, and shooed us up the stairs towards our rooms.

I wasn’t surprised at all when Sara went into her room and shut her door hard. Not quite slamming it, that would have drawn Mom and Dad’s ire even more, but the message she was putting out was clear. I closed my door and sat down on the floor between the two discarded Nintendo controllers that were still on the floor.

How in the hell am I going to earn five hundred dollars! I didn’t have a single idea that made sense. Working for Grandpa at camp made sense, but Mom and Dad knew that would be more fun on the weekends than work. Maybe I can go sack groceries at Hinky Dinky. There are kids my age doing that. Thinking about that prospect, it would take forever to make enough money there. I needed to think of something else, something to make money, faster.

I was sitting there long enough to jump and feel stiff when Sara opened my door and poked her head in.

“Can I come in?” Sara asked quietly, and I nodded. “Have you thought of anything we can do to pay Mom and Dad back?”

“Not really, besides getting a job at the Hinky Dinky sacking groceries.”

“No!” Sara replied, shaking her head quickly. “We need something better than that. You know how much money we need right?”

“Of course, I do, I just don’t know how to get it.”

“You know Mom and Dad are not going to let us talk to Mary and Amy until we get the money, right?”

“I know, hopefully Mary’s parents will still let her call us. Even if we can’t call her and Amy like we promised. She is going to be really sad when I tell her I can’t call anymore.”

“She didn’t call tonight, so I wouldn’t bet on it,” Sara said with reluctance in her voice.

“I think I have an idea,” I told her, not quite sure if it would work, or if Dad would allow it.

“What are you thinking?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I will tell you tomorrow morning at breakfast. I think it will work.”

“Are you sure?” Sara asked, her hesitancy obvious. “I don’t want Dad even more mad at us.”

“If he says yes, it will work.” I tried to give her a reassuring smile. “We will have to work hard, but I think it’s our best option, honestly.”

“Okay, let's get some sleep. I’m tired.”

“Are you going to sleep in here… or go back to your bed?”

“What do you think?” she replied quickly, and I smiled and scrambled up into my bed and held the covers up inviting her to join me.

Sara climbed in and joined me under the covers. Her warm body snuggled up against mine. She was positioned with her back towards me, and she laid on her side. Her firm, round ass was pressed against my groin, but there was nothing sexual about it. I wormed an arm under her head and wrapped the other around her waist and held her close to me. Her long hair was always in my face when I held her like this, but she loved it and I did too, even if her hair drove me crazy and tickled my nose in the middle of the night, causing me to wake up.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, Sara hadn’t moved at all in her sleep. My right arm was still under her head and my left arm was wrapped around her. The only change was that her arms were wrapped around mine, holding it between her breasts as she slept soundly. Usually, I would wake up and go have coffee with Mom, but today I felt like lying in bed a bit longer, enjoying the embrace Sara and I were sharing. The best part was the soft, cute little snore Sara had when she was deep in sleep. Normally snoring was annoying, but when it was Sara, it was endearing. Something that was almost comforting instead of annoying.

The soft, almost murmur-like sound of her snoring made me smile as I laid there. I started to get a bit restless and tried to pull my arms away from Sara, but she seemed to hold onto my arm wrapped around her, not wanting me to get up. That made me smile. She did that every time I woke up in a similar position. It took me a few moments, but I did in fact manage to extricate myself from her and climb out of bed. I looked down to see Sara sleeping soundly, her chest rising and falling in the slow rhythmic tell-tale pattern of deep sleep. I smiled at the sight, bent down, leaning over her prone form, and lightly brushed my lips across her forehead and then headed to the bathroom across the hall to relieve the pressure in my bladder.

When I made it down the stairs and I was surprised to see Mom sitting on the couch, a cup of coffee cradled in her hands. She was sitting in her usual spot, her legs tucked under her as she leaned against the cushions.

“Good morning, Sam,” Mom said. “Your coffee is right there on the coffee table.”

“Morning, Mom,” I replied and picked up the steaming mug, sat down in the middle of the couch and took a sip. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” She smiled at me. “Did you come up with a plan for the phone bill? You do need to take that seriously. You know that, right?”

“I have an idea, but I don’t know if it will work.”

“What’s your idea?”

“I was thinking I, and Sara, could mow yards and rake them.” I took another sip, in an attempt to see her reaction and stall a little bit. “If I can get some of the neighbors to let us do it for them, I think it might work.”

“Hmm,” Mom thought about it for a minute. “How much are you going to ask our neighbors to take care of their yards for them?”

“I wasn’t sure, I was kind of hoping you and Dad could give me some advice on that, if you both agreed to it,” I told her honestly. “I still haven’t told Sara what I was thinking either. I think she will be okay with it. She won’t like how much of our free time it will take though.”

“You’re right on that, but if you two want to keep talking to Mary and Amy, you two have to do something. That bill was ridiculous, Sam. Your Dad and I were really disappointed.”

“I know, I really am sorry, Mom,” I replied quietly, keeping my eyes on my mug.

We both sat there in silence for a while. By the time we finished our coffees the sun was up, and the room was lit by the natural morning light.

“Are you done with that?” Mom asked, getting up off the couch.

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Go make sure Sara is awake. I will have breakfast ready in a few minutes.”

“Okay.” I stood and then hurried up the stairs.

When I walked into my room, Sara was sitting up and in the middle of a stretch. Her hands were straight up over her head as she arched her back. The result was her still growing breasts being thrust forward. Her nipples were hard and perfectly capping her firm, but silky soft mounds. I was surprisingly horny at that moment, but we didn’t have time for us to do anything about it, assuming she was in the mood, too.

“Good morning, Mom is making breakfast. She told me to make sure you were awake.”

“I’m up, don’t worry.” She rolled her eyes at me and then slumped her shoulders.

Sara was not a morning person at all, not even a little bit. It was usually a struggle for her to get going in the mornings. She normally woke up on her own though, just like she did today, so I didn’t have to worry about her being a grumpy monster, yelling at me that she wanted to go back to sleep.

“Okay, I’m going to go jump in the shower.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

I had just gotten the water temperature set and stood under the showerhead when Sara pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped in to join me. She waited for me to get back from under the falling water and then, as I moved to the side, she took her place in the cascading water.

“Are you going to tell me your plan now?” Sara asked, stepping forward just enough that the hot water was running down her back instead of down her face.

“Sure, I’m not sure you will like it though.”

“Just tell me,” Sara deadpanned. “Hand me the shampoo.”

“I was thinking we could mow lawns, and rake you know. Just do yard work,” I told her while I scrubbed my arms and then legs.

“You think that will make enough money? We need a lot.”

“I think we can, yeah. It’s going to come down to how many yards we can get.”

“Did you tell Mom your idea this morning?”

“Yeah, she didn’t say no or that it was a bad idea.”

“When are you going to tell Dad?”

“I was thinking we could at breakfast, if you agreed to it.”

“Yeah, let’s see what he says.”

The two of us finished up in the shower, dried off, got dressed for school, and headed down for breakfast. Dad was already sitting at the table eating scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

“Sit down and eat before the food gets cold,” Mom said and put together plates for each of us and sat them down in front of each of us.

“Um, Dad?” I said, getting his attention. “I think I have an idea to pay you back.”

“Oh? What did you come up with?” he asked, curious.

“Sara and I are thinking about doing yard work for the neighbors. You know, mowing, raking, and stuff.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Thanks,” I beamed. “Do you think you can help us talk to the neighbors and get it all set up?”

“Sure,” Dad nodded and took another bite of his eggs. “When I get home from work, we will go talk to a few of them and see if they’re interested in you helping them out. If you are both doing the work and not just mowing the yards but raking and even weeding and then edging the driveways, I think we could get ten to twenty dollars per house, depending on the size of the yard.”

“That would be amazing!” Sara exclaimed. “Thanks!”

I was surprised by the smile on Dad’s face, I shouldn’t have been, but I was. Considering how angry he was last night, to see him smiling right now was a bit of a shock.

“Okay, I gotta get to work,” Dad said, standing up from the table and moving over to kiss Mom quickly on the lips. “Be here when I get home and ready to go.”

“Okay Dad,” Sara and I replied to him.

“Good job, you two,” Mom said when Dad closed the door behind him. “I am impressed.”

“We are really sorry about the phone; we won’t do it again. We promise,” Sara said, her voice honest and heartfelt.

“Never say never,” Mom said, shaking her head knowing full well the phone bill was not going to drop all that much, regardless of what we said or intended. “You two just need to pay more attention to how long you’re on the phone, especially long distance. I am going to call Mary’s mom today and apologize to her about running up her phone bill. Hurry up and finish your plates, the bus should be here any minute.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Sara groaned. “I can’t wait to get my license.”

“Until then, you are going to take the bus,” Mom chuckled. “Get going, have a good day at school you two!”


Chapter 2

The bus ride was fast, like it always was. There were only two more stops after ours, before the bus would finally head towards the school. In the mornings, the school parking lot and unloading zones were always busy, crowded with buses and parents dropping off all the kids who didn’t have cars, yet. Being one of the last stops on the way to school was great, but that also meant we were one of the very last when it came time to get dropped off as well because the bus route was for all intents and purposes a big loop.

I followed Sara off the bus. She always got off before me. When she stepped foot on the ground, she turned to me. “Are you finally going to come with me today?” Sara asked, she was obviously unsure of how I would answer. “Come on, the girls are going to love you.”

“Sara…” I groaned.

“Come on Sam!” Sara grabbed my hand. “I promise it will be fine.”


“No buts, just trust me.” Sara cut me off before I could tell her no.

I nodded my acceptance and Sara smiled like it was Christmas morning. She pulled me along by the hand as she moved to catch up with her little posse of high school girls. I knew this was a bad idea, I just knew it. My heart was racing, pounding in my chest. I was more comfortable with girls now than I was two summers ago, but I was still awkward and shy. The crazy thing was, if I was naked, I seemed more comfortable than when I was wearing clothes. If you can figure that out, you would be doing better than I was managing.

We didn’t have to walk far to meet up with Sara’s friends. She had the same group of four friends for years. They almost never came to our house, except on Sara’s birthday, even then that was rare. Stephanie was the easiest to spot, seeing how she was over six feet tall. With her height and lean build, she was sought out to play sports for school. Both the volleyball coaches and basketball coaches wanted her to try out as a freshman. She towered over the girls two and three years older than her. Stephanie was skinny, but not rail thin. She had a very subtle swell to her chest, but it was her butt that everyone stared at, along with her legs. With her wearing a sundress that would normally look long on most girls, was just past mid-thigh on her. It did an incredible job of showing off her long, lean, muscular legs.

Then there was Laura, she was short, just over five feet tall, and shorter than me now. She was full figured, to say the least. Her boobs were big but fit her shape perfectly. No one would mistake her for skinny, but she wasn’t fat at all. Her long naturally curly blonde hair and blue eyes framed her slightly rounder face. She had the sweetest smile of anyone I had ever seen. The only thing better than her looks and shape, was her laugh. She giggled at everything, and her cheeks would flush and make the blue of her eyes stand out even more. She was the only one I might be comfortable talking to on my own. I just never would.

Next was Milly. She was of average build, average looks. She wore glasses that she was constantly pushing up her nose and holding books to her chest. She never wore anything revealing and her hair was never curled or pinned up in an attempt to show off or just look pretty. She just threw it in a ponytail down the middle of her back. Milly was smart, really smart. If she didn’t get an A on a quiz or test, she would panic and work like crazy for extra credit so she could maintain her perfect four-point-oh grade point average. She had always been the number one student in her class, and she worked hard to maintain that status, much to the pleasure and delight of her parents, who were both doctors in town.

Last, but not least, was Liz. Liz was a big girl. She always had a piece of cake, a bar of chocolate, or a bag of homemade cookies. She has been friends with Sara since first grade and only lived two blocks from us. Liz wasn’t cute, but she wasn’t horribly ugly either. She always used to pick on me when I was younger, telling me to go away, and that she and Sara didn’t like to be around little boys. That hadn’t stopped and I was pretty sure she was not happy that Sara was dragging me behind her. The glare she was giving me just confirmed it.

“I still don’t get why we have to hang out with your little brother,” Liz groaned.

“Oh stop,” Sara replied sharply. “What’s wrong with Sam hanging out with us a bit, Elizabeth?”

“Don’t call me that!” Liz snapped. “Only my parents call me by that name.”

“Fine, fine. Sorry,” Sara apologized.

“Hi Sam,” Laura said, her voice sweet and innocent.

“Um, hi.”

“Don’t be shy, we won’t bite.” Laura giggled and her eyes twinkled. “Unless you have cookies then watch out for Liz.”

“Hey!” Liz complained and took a quick step in Laura’s direction, trying to grab her.

“I’m just teasing, Liz,” Laura yelped and hurried to stand behind Stephanie.

I smiled at Laura dodging Liz’s attempts to grab her and keeping Stephanie between them for safety.

“You two need to knock it off, before I beat both of your butts,” Stephanie declared.

Both Laura and Liz froze and looked at Stephanie. They each took a step away from the taller girl warily.

“Truce?” Laura asked, keeping Stephanie between her and Liz.

“Fine,” Liz conceded.

“So, Sam, Sara convinced you to hang out with us?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, I don’t have to if it’s not okay,” I answered.

“No—” Liz started to complain but was cut off by Sara.

“Of course, it’s fine. We want you to, don’t we girls,” Sara sweetly. Stephanie nodded, and I think Milly did too, but she had to hurry up and push her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. “See, I told you!”

“We can’t sit here all day,” Liz grumbled. “We will be late for first period if we don’t get going.”

“She’s right, let’s go,” Stephanie agreed.

The six of us went into the school. Thankfully, my locker wasn’t anywhere near theirs, so I didn’t have to stay with them once we got inside.

“Do you want to meet us for lunch?” Sara asked.

“Maybe, we’ll see,” I replied.

“Okay, you know where my locker is, so if you do, come find me.”


My morning classes were boring. English, Government, and Math. It’s not that I didn’t like school. I was just bored. Learning those three subjects was like pulling teeth for me. I just didn’t care about them and when I don’t have any interest, I don’t want to be there. Today though, I was hoping for my last class before lunch, Math, to drag on and on, eventually running late. It never did, because a bell would ring to signal the end of each class period and the second that it rang, and sometimes before, people would be antsy, and a stampede would ensue in an attempt to leave the classroom as fast as possible. It was even worse for this class because it was right before lunch time, a short, forty-five-minute break in our day that we could go hang out with our friends… that is if you had any.

Any other day, I would be just like the other kids in my class, in a rush to get to the cafeteria. Even though I didn’t really have any real friends, there was a group of kids I would eat lunch with most days. Today, I knew Sara was going to be waiting for me to come to her locker to have lunch with her. She and her friends were allowed to leave the school grounds and get fast food. Kids in my grade had to stay. No one really policed the rule though. Sure, there were teachers that would watch the parking lots, but as long as you walked like you belonged out there, no one stopped you.

I was watching the clock, and to my horror, it seemed to be moving faster than what was normally possible. Before I knew it, the bell rang. Everyone but me jumped up as if the bell were the starting gun for a one-hundred-meter dash. I groaned, but got up, put my textbook and spiral notebook in my backpack, and walked out into the now bustling hallway. I wove my way through the crowds and eventually got to my locker and found Sara standing there. Laura was leaning against my locker. When they saw me, they both smiled, and Laura moved so I could turn the combination Master lock and put my backpack inside.

“Ready to go?” Laura asked me in her all too happy, bubbly voice.

“Go?” I looked at her, closed my locker, and spun the lock. “Where are—”

“You don’t think we are eating the food here, do you?” She cut me off.

“I can’t go anywhere, it’s against the rules.”

Sara started laughing and Laura just giggled her little giggle that I loved and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”

My eyes shot open in shock at Laura’s words. I just stood there with my feet frozen to the floor.

“It’s not like that, jeez,” Laura now really laughed. “I like guys a little older than you, but you are kind of cute.”

“Come on you two, let’s go,” Sara cut in, getting her laughing under control. “You don’t want to face Liz if she is late for lunch.”

“Sara!” I gasped.

“What, she’s right,” Laura answered for Sara who nodded in agreement, smiles on both of their faces.

We caught up to Stephanie, Milly, and an unimpressed Liz when we got out to the student parking lot. We piled into Stephanie’s car, which was barely big enough to fit the five girls from the looks of it and adding me to the mix only made it that much of a tighter squeeze. Liz sat shotgun, which forced the four of us into the back seat. It was a tight fit, and to be honest we didn’t really fit four across. 

Stephine pulled into the burger joint a dozen or so blocks away and when we all got out, I complained, “We need a different seating arrangement.”

Everyone just went inside and ignored my complaint. The ride back to school was a little better. Milly ended up on Liz’s lap up front giving Laura, Sara, and me enough room to breathe which was a far cry better. Sure enough, when Stephanie parked back in her assigned spot, Liz complained about Milly in her lap, but the three of us in the back were much happier.

“I gotta go or I am going to be late for class,” I announced and looked at Stephanie. “Thanks for the ride, Stephanie.”

“Sure, no problem,” she replied, and the five girls lingered around the car as I walked back into the school.

The rest of my day at school was the same as it always was. When Sara and I got home, Mom was sitting in the living room watching television. I went up to my room, dropped my backpack at the foot of the bed, and sat down on the floor and picked up the first player controller. Sara came in a few moments later after putting her stuff in her room and then sat down next to me grabbing the second player controller.

“What are we playing?” she asked, her voice high and happy.

“I hadn’t decided, I was thinking Contra, cool?”

“Sure.” She smiled. “Do you want to use the thirty lives code?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t we?” That set her off laughing as I hit the power button on the console and turned on the TV.

I tried to put in the cheat code three times and screwed up each time. Sara grabbed the controller from my hands and did it on her first attempt. Now that we had thirty lives, all that was left to do was beat the game and try not to fight over the spreader rewards. We were both down to fifteen or so lives left when Dad knocked on my open bedroom door, causing me to jump and look to see who it was.

“Hey, Dad.” I waved hello.

“Come on your two, let’s go see about this lawn work thing.”

Just before the three of us stepped on the front door, Mom called out, “Good luck!’

“Thanks Mom.” I smiled back at her, stepped out onto the front porch, and closed the door.

The first house we stopped at was our neighbors to the right of us. They were an old couple, about the same age as Grandpa and Grandma. At first, Mrs. Johnson didn’t know what we were asking, but when her husband came to the door to check on her, he understood what we were asking right away and agreed to give us a try. We had our first customer; this was going to be easy!

We went to the next house down their street and were swiftly told, no, they didn’t need our help or services. Same with the one after that. We crossed the street at the end of the block and worked our way back door to door. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. Finally, the neighbor directly across the street from us agreed and now we had two lawns to take care of. We kept walking from house to house, knocking on every door before Dad finally called a stop to it and said, “Let’s go home. Mom’s probably wondering where we are, and dinner is probably done already.”

“Do you think we should try again tomorrow?” I asked Dad as we walked home. “Maybe we can try a couple streets down too.”

“Oh no,” Dad chuckled. “Let’s see if you can manage what you have before you start adding more to the pile.”

We walked in the door and, sure enough, Mom was setting out dinner on the table.

“How’d it go?” Mom asked.

“Not as well as I thought it would, Mom,” I answered.

“I’m not sure what they were expecting, but they have five lawns to take care of every two weeks,” Dad explained. “Plus, ours, so six in total.”

“That’s quite a few, Sam.” Mom nodded her head. “It may not sound like a lot but wait until you get to work on them and tell me if you still think it’s not very many.”

“It’s going to take forever to make five-hundred-dollars though,” I whined. 

“Forget about that for now. Go wash up and come sit down and eat your dinner.” 

Sara and I walked up the stairs and headed straight for the bathroom. Sara started the shower and we both stripped off our clothes and stepped in to wash the sweat off from the day. I washed her back and then we traded places and she washed mine. She also took extra care to make sure I was thoroughly clean between my legs, which had the obvious reaction it always did. My dick was standing proudly straight out in front of me.

“Mmm, I wish we had more time,” Sara said and then bit her lower lip, her hand still holding me by the root.

“This is mine tonight,” I growled, my hand between her legs and my fingers slowly teasing her bare, silky-smooth slit.

“Oh, you think so, do you?”

I dipped a finger into her and replied, “I know so.”

“Oh!” Sara moaned, feeling me moving in and slowly out of her sex.

I moved in close, added a second finger and plunged the two as deep into her as I could. I gave her a gentle, soft kiss, my tongue probing her mouth only a little. Sara tried to deepen the kiss, but I pulled back. 

“Come on, let’s go get some food.”

“What?” Sara looked at me with sudden wild eyes. “You can’t—”

I smiled at her, pulled my hand from between her legs and stepped out of the shower. 


“Come on, get out already.”

“That wasn’t nice at all,” Sara complained.

I silently laughed to myself, you do it all the time to me. We made it down for dinner, and Sara was still a bit flushed, but no one mentioned anything about it. My hardness had flagged, but it was still obviously not completely soft. That was one of the nice things about our family being so open. Bodies react to things. Everyone has needs, interests, and desires. When you don’t wear clothes, you can’t hide those things, at least not very well.

After dinner, Sara and I were doing the dishes, she was washing them, and I was drying and putting them all away. We were almost done when Mom came into the kitchen.

“Don’t talk too long on the phone tonight you two,” Mom said, her voice even.

“What?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Mary is going to be calling. Thirty minutes, that’s it.”

“Really?” Sara asked excitedly.

“Yes, really,” Mom giggled.

“Cool, thanks, Mom,” Sara replied.

“Don’t stay up too late, though. Your Dad and I are going to go to bed here shortly. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Mom,” Sara and I said at the same time.

When we finished the dishes and got everything put away where it belonged, Mom and Dad were up in their room. Sara and I were just about to turn on the television for a bit when the phone rang. Both Sara and I jumped up and raced to the wall where the phone was. A brief hand fight later and Sara picked up the phone and put it to her ear, “Hello?”

“Hi Sara! It’s Mary.”


Chapter 3

The rest of the school week was okay. Sara made sure that I was around her and the girls every morning. When I got to my locker before lunch, she and a different one of the girls were there waiting. I tried to drag my feet, going as slowly as I could, but they were always there. I just accepted defeat and joined them. Liz was always grumpy and her dislike for me was obvious, but the rest of the girls seemed to actually enjoy having me around by the time Friday had come and gone. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I enjoyed being a part of the group—a fact that didn’t escape Sara’s notice. She told Mom and Dad all about it at dinner each evening.

“How was your first week as one of the girls?” Dad teased me at dinner.

“I’m not…” I tried to answer, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. “I don’t want—"

“You don’t want to be one of the girls?” Sara mock whined, putting her hand over her bared breasts and a sinister grin on her face.

“Quit picking on Sam, you two,” Mom cut in, coming to my defense. “Hurry up and finish your dinners. I have plans for you tonight,” Mom winked at Dad, “and you are going to need your stamina.”

“I don’t recall any complaints from you.” Dad smiled at Mom across the table.

“Oh lord, just eat your food.” Mom groaned and rolled her eyes, but Sara and I chuckled.

After dinner, Sara and I did the dishes, wiped off the table, and then joined Mom and Dad in the living room. Mom and Dad sat on the couch, like normal and left the love seat to Sara and me. Mom was sitting between Dad’s legs, looking towards the television the whole time. Dad had his arms wrapped around her and every now and again Sara and I would hear a shriek from Mom who would turn and playfully smack Dad on the arm or shoulder. From what I could see from the loveseat, Dad was holding Mom, moving his hands up and down her body until she was comfortable and then he would tickle her.

Every time he did, Mom would startle, scream, and then turn and smack Dad for his wandering hands, as she put it. Mom was never shy about Dad touching her, but when she mentioned his wandering hands, it was her code for him tickling her. That was the one thing that was guaranteed to get an instant reaction and not always a good one from her. She was not a fan at all of being tickled. When Mom had finally had enough, Dad put his hands up, palms forward to show he wasn’t doing anything and she told him, in no uncertain terms, that if he did it one more time, he was going to be sleeping on the couch. Dad didn’t tickle her again.

Mom and Dad went upstairs to bed after the movie was over, leaving Sara and me alone on the loveseat. Sara got up and grabbed the remote to see what else was on, but by that time I was already yawning, and sleep wasn’t far off.

“I’m too tired to watch something else,” I told Sara.

“Oh, okay. You want to go to bed then?” Sara asked.

“If you are coming with me, yup, I am.”

“You’re a dork,” Sara giggled.

“So what? Are you coming?” I stood up and asked through another yawn.

“Fine, let’s go,” Sara replied and threw the remote onto the couch.

Sara followed me up the stairs, passed her bedroom, and into mine. I went straight for my bed that still had the sheets strewn all over haphazardly. I hadn’t bothered to make it in the morning when Sara finally got out and went into the bathroom to get ready for school. Usually I would have made it, but this morning I decided not to.

“You didn’t make your bed,” Sara stated.

“Nope, you got out after I did,” I replied into the pillow under my face.

“Are you trying to tell me that I should have made your bed?”

I turned and smiled at Sara. “You were the last one to use it. That only seems fair.”

“Scoot over,” Sara told me and flopped down onto the bed on top of me, not giving me enough time to move out of the way.

“Hey!” I gasped at the sudden weight on my back.

“Move over, jeez.”

“I’m trying, but I can’t because you are on top of me,” I wheezed.

“I’m not that heavy, knock it off,” Sara replied, smacking me but rolling off me at the same time. “What time are we going to work tomorrow?”

“What do you mean, work?” I asked, moving over a bit so I could lie down again with my head rested on one of the pillows, facing Sara.

“You know, mowing lawns and stuff…” Sara trailed off.

“Oh, that. Probably when we wake up,” I answered. “Before it gets too hot out.”

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”


“No talking about work,” Sara said and wiggled her ass into me. “I want to snuggle and feel you against me right now.”

As tired as I was, I couldn’t help the smile that crossed my face and turned to wrap my arms around Sara, pulling her close to me. I could feel her breathing, the rising and falling of her chest in my arms. We laid like that for a while, my eyes closed, almost asleep.

“Sam,” Sara asked quietly. “You really don’t like hanging out with me and my friends at school?”

“Huh, what?” I replied sleepily.

“I asked if you didn’t like hanging out with me at school,” Sara answered.

“It’s okay I guess,” I mumbled. “I mean, I do like hanging out with you, but it’s weird being a guy with all you girls. You know?”

“I guess that could be hard for you. I just thought…” Sara trailed off, not finishing what she was going to say.

“I know,” I told her, which seemed to make her happy as she relaxed after tensing up a bit only a moment before.

I gently pressed my lips against her warm, soft skin. Not a quick peck, but a full and lingering kiss. One that was full of meaning placed on the back of her neck, just below the soft, wispy hairs that turned into her long thick locks on her head only half an inch higher.

“Goodnight,” I whispered gently in her upturned ear.

“Mmm, nmm nhh,” Sara mumbled, and the two of us fell asleep, our bodies tightly held together.

I opened my eyes at the usual time in the morning. I had changed position in my sleep, and so did Sara. Now I was facing the wall and Sara was against my back with her arm draped over my side. I could hear a faint snore behind my ear where she had nestled her face into the pillow against the back of my head. I tried to wiggle myself away, but Sara’s arms held me tightly, not letting me escape. I made two more attempts, but both failed and I couldn’t help but laugh silently to myself and fell back asleep in Sara’s warm embrace.

I woke up to the feeling of lips on my cheek and a soft voice telling me to wake up.

“Come on, Sam. It’s time to get up and get to work,” Sara said quietly next to my ear.

I opened my eyes and saw the smiling face of Sara inches away from me and returned her smile.

“Okay, okay. I’m getting up.”

“Come on, let’s go take a quick shower. After that we need to get the mower out of the garage and get some big trash bags and the rakes.”

I sighed, and then got up out of bed. I didn’t bother making it and just shuffled my feet as I followed Sara into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and got the water temperature set before I climbed in.

“I have to pee, one second,” Sara announced as she sat down on the toilet.

I was already under the water, my hands against the wall below the showerhead, feeling the warmth as it poured onto the top of my head and then cascaded down the rest of my body. I had no idea that Sara had even said anything, let alone hear her taking care of her morning necessities. That was until she flushed the toilet, and the water suddenly went scalding hot and I screamed in surprise.

“Holy shit, Sara!”

“Sorry! I’m sorry, I forgot.”

“Yeah, right!” I gasped, trying to get away from the suddenly scalding water. “I don’t believe you at all.”

“I did, Sam.”

After the shock of the hot water, I was now wide awake. It only took a couple seconds for the cold water to return, thankfully, and I slid back under it as soon as it did. Sara stepped into the tub and stood there waiting for me to move so she could get under the water and rinse off.

“One second,” I told her, seeing her standing there waiting patiently.

I quickly poured some shampoo in my hand and started to scrub my head. Once I had a good lather going, I stepped to the side and turned so she could slip past me into the water. The rest of the shower was methodic and not once did either of us touch the other. That wasn’t all that rare, but the fact that we didn’t say more than a word or two to each other was not normal at all. Sara knew her flushing the toilet had upset me, and I was frankly upset that she had done it. When we were done, we both grabbed towels and headed into our prospective rooms to finish getting ready for a long day of yard work.

I made it downstairs in a pair of shorts and an old navy-blue t-shirt and sandals to find Mom sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper.

“Good morning honey.” Mom gave me a warm, cheery smile. “I see you slept in today.”

“Actually, I woke up at my normal time, but Sara wouldn’t let me up, so I went back to sleep.”

“Aww, I’m sure she loved that.”

“Yeah, enough to flush the toilet while I was in the shower.”

“No. Did she really?” Mom looked at me, her eyes wide in surprise. “That would explain the scream I heard.”

“Yeah, that was me,” I grumbled and flopped down in my usual chair at the table.

Mom reached out across the table and grabbed my hand in a comforting squeeze. “I’m sure she didn’t do it on purpose, Sam.”

“I know,” I replied and pouted like a five-year-old. Mom laughed.

“You know you need to wear jeans today; shorts aren’t going to be a good idea,” Mom said, changing the subject. “Those sandals aren’t going to cut it either, go get some tennis shoes on or even better, those work boots Grandpa got you.”

“Okay, fine.” I got up and hurried up the stairs, passing Sara on her way down.

I didn’t even acknowledge Sara as I passed her as I raced up the stairs. She tried to stop me to say something, but I didn’t even pause or look at her. I knew I was being childish, and more than likely Mom was right, Sara didn’t do it on purpose, but I was still mad. Maybe it had more to do with the fact I missed my time with Mom this morning, but either way, I was being an idiot and needed to just let it go. If it happened again tomorrow, or even later when we got back home, that would be something else entirely.

I kicked my sandals off, dropped my shorts, then gathered a pair of jeans, tube socks, and my boots from my closet before sitting down on the bed. I pulled on my socks first, then stepped into my jeans and finally capped it all off with the boots that I laced tightly all the way up to the top with the bottoms of my jeans tucked into the boots. Mom was right, and having my boots exposed wasn’t as bad potentially as my jeans. I had mowed our lawn for years, and every time my jeans were covered in a green film that Mom always complained was almost impossible to get out. Tucking the jeans into the boots would hopefully remedy that particular problem.

I bounded down the stairs, ready to get to work when I heard Mom call out, “Sara’s in the garage, go and help her get the mower and stuff out please.”

“Okay, Mom!”

“Thanks honey!” I heard her reply just as I was closing the front door. I then made my way to the garage where the big door was already open, and I could see Sara struggling with getting the lawn mower pulled out.

“I’ll get that. Go get the rakes and trash bags.” I grabbed the handle of the mower and pulled it out as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

It genuinely wasn’t hard to manage, but Sara had somehow got the mower on its side, exposing the large blade so it could potentially hit her legs. Not that I thought she would hurt herself, after all the motor wasn’t running so the blades were harmless, even if they were fully exposed. With the Toro mower situated out on the driveway, I headed back into the garage to grab the red plastic gas can and make sure the mower’s gas tank was full.

 After a brief time, Sara emerged from the garage with a pair of rakes in her hands and a box of trash bags under her arm.

“Ready?” Sara asked as she watched me screw the gas cap back onto the top of the mower's five horsepower motor.

“Yeah, gas is full, and it should be good to go.”

“Okay, let’s go to the Johnsons' first.”

“Sounds good, let’s go.”

I adjusted the levels for the gas to the choke position, then pulled the pull-start rope and the motor roared to life easily. I smiled, impressed with the results, as I remembered the first couple times, I had tried to start the mower under Dad’s supervision and wasn’t able to pull it hard enough to get it started. Now though, it seemed easy. I quickly pulled the throttle back to a nice idle; I then squeezed the self-propel handle and the mower lurched forward.

I mowed the Johnson’s front yard first, while Sara went along picking weeds by the sidewalk and raked up a small pile of weeds. By the time I had finished the front, the bag on the mower was full and heavy. After the first five or six rows I would kick the back of the bag as we walked, which was the best way to tell how full the bag was getting. If you didn’t check, you would never know it was full until it was over full and huge clumps of cut grass would fall out that you would have to go back over to pick up a second time. The thing about dumping the grass clippings was either it was really wet, or bone dry, both of which were awful. Today, it was bone dry so when I tried to dump the clippings in the big trash can, I ended up with as many blades of grass stuck on my arms as there were in the bottom of the trash can. That’s when the itching started.

By the time I was a quarter of the way done with the back yard, I needed to dump the bag again. Sara was still working on the front yard, but she should’ve been heading into the back soon. I dumped bag load number two and then carried the empty bag back to where I left the mower running and hooked it back up.

I wish I could just mulch the grass. That would be so much easier than dumping this stupid bag and getting grass all over me. The itching is horrible. Now would be a great time to use the hose to rinse off my arms and neck. Maybe then this incessant itching would finally stop. I growled to myself. The idea of not having to dump the bag of grass, or even having it attached to the mower, making it heavier and heavier the more I mowed, sounded like a great idea. Sure, it left the clippings on the lawn, which would in time turn a pale brown, but it would be so much easier.

That’s when I remembered why I was even doing this in the first place: phone calls with Mary. That was all the reason I needed to put the pep back in my step and hurry up to finish the back yard so Sara and I could move on to our second lawn of the day. If we worked quickly enough, we could get half the yards done today, and do the remaining lawns tomorrow. Sara wouldn’t have any time to hang out with the girls on the weekends, not that she had done that since last summer, but still. I hated to even think that I wouldn’t mind the girls being around on the weekends as well. I would rather be with Mary and Amy, but Sara’s friends weren’t all that bad.

When I finally finished the Johnson’s backyard, Mr. Johnson was out back checking out our work with a pleased smile on his face.

“Thanks for the hard work, you two. The yard looks great,” he said, smiling at me and Sara.

“No problem Mr. Johnson, see you in a couple weeks,” Sara replied.

“Come on Sara, after I dump this bag, I will meet you at the next house,” I told her, as we passed through the gate, closing it behind us. I led her out to the curb where the trash can would now be full of the clippings, I had dumped into it. “Go on ahead, be there in a minute.”

I dumped the last bag, checked the gas to make sure I had enough for another yard, which I did, and then walked the mower up the street to the next house. It was going to be a long, hot, sweaty day, but it was going to be worth it. Mary was worth it, and she would be here soon!


Chapter 4

When Sara and I finally got home Saturday evening, we were both covered in grass stains and an uncountable number of blades of grass. No sooner had we put the mower, rakes, and garbage bags away and stepped inside the back door when Mom exclaimed, “You two get in the shower now. I don’t need a pair of Swamp Things traipsing through my house.”

Both Sara and I rolled our eyes at Mom’s movie character reference and went upstairs, into the bathroom. When I saw our reflections in the mirror, though, I stopped dead. We really did look like the terrible movie character. The only thing not green on the both of us were our faces. Everything else was green. I turned on the water and stripped off my clothes as quickly as I could, but at the same time trying to keep all the grass clippings and grime trapped in the clothes so we wouldn’t have to clean up the bathroom as soon as we were done in the shower.

Sara was first into the shower and under the steaming, hot water.

“Mmm, this feels so good,” Sara moaned, feeling the hot water soothing her tired muscles.

“Scoot over a bit,” I said and wiggled my way in next to her, so we could both be under the water. “Oh God, this feels amazing. I feel like I got run over by a car, or maybe a truck.”

“I know what you mean.” Sara laughed.

Sara wrapped her arms around me, using me as support and rested her head on my shoulder. I leaned into her so that both of us were holding each other up my arms over hers, holding her too.

“I have an idea,” Sara murmured.


“From now on, let's only do two lawns a day.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” I turned and kissed the top of her head. “My arms feel like rubber from pushing and turning that stupid mower all day.”

“My blisters have blisters.” Sara giggled. “I should have worn gloves.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at that. I knew she was exaggerating, but she more than likely had some blisters on her hands from raking all day long. I wasn’t so sure I wouldn’t have some from pushing the mower. It was self-propelled, but it was still cumbersome, and the drive wheels were on the front and didn’t always get quite enough grip to pull the mower forward without my assistance. Just thinking about mowing made my arms itch, even though they were now under the water with almost all of the grass clippings now collecting in the drain.

“Would you like me to wash your back?” Sara asked, snapping me out of my line of thought.

“That would be amazing,” I answered with a cheeky smile. “Especially since I can’t reach it all by myself.”

“Just turn around, you big dork,” Sara demanded mockingly as she playfully slapped my shoulder.

I did as Sara asked and stepped out from under the water, turning my back towards her. I felt Sara’s soft, soapy hands as they pressed and glided along my shoulders, down my arms, then finally washing my hands and fingers.

“Good grief, Sam. Your fingernails are caked with dirt. Gross!” Sara told me. “You might have to use the mower again to cut them, too.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” I tried to turn and give her a dirty look, but her hands gripped my upper arms and held me in place, so I just talked to the wall.

“I’m just picking on you.”

“Gee, thanks,” I replied with as much sarcasm as I could muster.

Sara laughed, but her hands went back to work washing the grime from our day off my back. She started to rub my shoulders, squeezing just enough to elicit a moan of pleasure from me.

“You like that huh?” Sara asked, her voice suddenly saucy.

“That feels so good,” I answered, and tried not to groan again at the sudden pressure of her thumbs digging into my muscles above my shoulder blades. “Oh, right there. No, no, no, don’t stop!” I complained when she let go.

“My turn,” Sara announced as if it were obvious. She turned her back to me and held the bar of soap over her shoulder for me. “Come on, I know you are staring at my ass, Sam.”

I actually was staring at her ass. It’s an amazing ass and definitely worth staring at. It was addictive, watching the water flow down her back, merging between her ass cheeks and down her legs. I finally reached out and took the offered bar of soap and built up a good lather in my hands before I began scrubbing Sara’s back. I started up on her shoulders, slowly working my way down to the small of her back. Sara moaned and shifted the whole time, trying to keep my thumbs pressed against her, massaging the muscles more so than washing her skin. I worked my hands back up the outside of her back, then quickly down her arms, ending with her hands.

“Thanks, Sam,” Sara said, smiling as she turned around to look at me. “That felt really good.”

Sara put her hands on my chest, then wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her. Feeling her breasts pressed against me as she looked me in the eye started the blood flowing to my groin. With her whole body pressed against me, she noticed the change immediately and pulled back slightly to see my dick slowly filling, getting harder and harder.

“Oh, is that for me?” Sara gave me a look that was both innocent and laced full of lust. I just smiled devilishly. “It’s pointing right between my legs, naughty boy.”

I slowly pushed my hips forward so that the head of my now rock-hard cock pressed between the outer lips of her pussy. She was so wet that my cock easily slid further between her legs.

“Wow, Sara. You’re really turned on, aren’t you?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Mmm, I need you. Right now.”

“Right here in the shower, or should we go to my room?” I asked, slowly sawing my cock back and forth along her slit.

“Mmm, fuck. Bed… yes, we need a bed,” Sara moaned.

“Then we need to hurry up and finish our shower.”

Sara grabbed the bar of soap and started washing herself in a frantically fast manner. I laughed and Sara glared at me. I just shook my head and finished washing myself. Even with Sara going as quickly as she could, I was still done before she was and out of the shower drying off before she turned off the water, threw the curtain to the side, and stepped out herself.

“Don’t worry about drying off all the way,” Sara said, taking the towel hanging on the towel rack and quickly trying to dry off her hair. When she was satisfied her locks were no longer dripping wet, she dropped the towel on the floor and walked towards my room, watching me over her shoulder with a grin on her face. The way she walked, swaying her hips so much so that I couldn’t help but watch, made her laugh. I dropped my own towel on the floor along with hers and chased after her.

“Eeek!” Sara squealed in surprise.

Staying one step ahead of me, she ran towards my room, grabbed the frame of my door, and swung inside, giggling with each step. I was right behind her and watched her as she entered my room and immediately dove onto the bed, turning her body midway through the air to land on her back. She didn’t have time to react, I was already diving through the air to land on top of her. Luckily for both of us, her arms were out wide, and her legs spread enough to make room for me. As I came down, Sara wheezed as the air was pushed from her chest, but her arms and legs wrapped and locked around me in an instant.

Sara gasped for breath, and I propped myself up on my hands, arching my back so that my groin was pressed firmly against hers. Her skin was still cold and wet, her hair was a fraction short of soaking. What toweling off she had managed didn’t seem to have done all that much because the sheet on my bed was cold and turning translucent.

“What?” Sara looked at me, a joyous smile on her face. “I see that look in your eyes, what are you thinking about right now?”

“Nothing really,” I replied and kissed her gently on the lips. I lifted back up slightly so I could look Sara in the eye. Her eyes seemed to sparkle in that moment, and it nearly left me breathless. “You’re so beautiful, you know that right?”

Sara didn’t answer me. She just squeezed me tighter, and I collapsed on top of her from the extra weight. She kissed me deep and hard the second my lips were within reach. The kiss started out with passion, but it quickly moved to desire and then full-on need in a matter of seconds. Our tongues were battling for room in each other’s mouths, our lips never leaving the other’s. Sara’s arms relaxed but she didn’t let go. Her hands wandered and held my shoulders, my neck, my sides, and then my ass. My own hands moved from the mattress on either side of Sara to holding her face in my hands and then sliding back so my fingers could slide through her hair to cradle the back of her head.

Sara needed to take a breath and I used that as my chance to move. I kissed the side of her mouth, and onto her cheek. I kissed along the edge of her jaw and as I did, she tilted her head back slightly to give me better access. I kissed around on her chin, where she thought, I was going to come back up and kiss her lips again, but I didn’t. Instead, I kissed down under her jaw to her neck.

“Sam!” Sara gasped and took in a deep breath, her fingers searching for purchase anywhere she could with her hands on my back.

I didn’t stop at her reaction, if anything, it drove me further faster. I kept going down to the small indent in the bottom of her neck, where it met her collar bone. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, her fingers had now moved up to the back of my head, and they were grasping handfuls of my hair. I kissed along her collar bone, and out to the edge of her shoulder. I could feel Sara gripping and releasing my hair as she got worked up. I moved down some more and kissed from the joint of her arm and torso, then down her ribs and across the edge of her breast. I didn’t go right for her boob. I was tempted, but I was enjoying the teasing nature of my movements and the reactions I was getting as I did them.

I followed the outer curve of her chest, the softness of her flesh. I dragged my lips completely around the underside of her breast, never once moving up to where I knew without a shadow of a doubt, she wanted me to go. I made it to her sternum and worked my way up slowly, still avoiding my target at this point of my journey of her skin. I followed the puffy slopes, the swells of her womanly curves. I could plainly see her dusty pink nipple wrinkling and tightening as I moved around her chest.

“Mmm, fuck!” Sara groaned.

She tried to twist her body enough to put her nipple to my lips, but I ignored it. I felt the hard, erect nipple as it moved across my cheek, but I quickly moved up, and instead of it moving to my lips like she wanted, it slid across my chin as I kissed the top of her breast. I made the full circle around her chest, her hands in my hair doing everything but pulling me to where she hoped I was going. I hated to disappoint her, but I did as I kissed and licked my way to the other side of her chest.

After I gave her other side the same treatment, her chest was now heaving and shaking as she tried to breathe. Her excitement was taking over, and she was now along for the ride, which is exactly where I wanted her. I gave her what she wanted, or what she thought she wanted because her nipples weren’t the final goal, oh no. I moved and took her right nipple into my mouth without any hesitation.

“Yes!” Sara gasped.

I sucked and pulled on her nipple. She really started to squirm when she felt my teeth encase it as the tip of my tongue flicked back and forth. I switched nipples and pulled as hard as I could with the suction in my mouth. That made her moan and grab two handfuls of my hair and pull me tightly to her chest.

When I released her nipple and started to move, Sara panicked, “No, no, no. Please!”

“Trust me.”

“Please! Please come back up here!”

I couldn’t help the smile that bloomed on my face, not that she could see it. She was really wound up and she hadn’t even gotten to the good part yet. If she was like this now, she was going to be climbing the walls when I made it to my goal. I kissed and cherished her skin as I moved down the middle of her body until I reached her belly button, which I gave a gentle little teasing kiss before moving lower. Now though, I moved at a slower, more deliberate pace. Her stomach seemed to bounce, flex, almost vibrate with the feeling of my lips on her skin. I kept going down, her legs falling fully to the sides to accommodate me.

I moved my arms under her thighs, positioning my face just above her silky, smoothly shaved sex. I made a small trail of kisses from her belly button to the top of pubic bone and to the perfectly smooth slit that formed her sex. She was wet, wetter now actually, and it wasn’t from the shower we had shared minutes before. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating. I wanted it. I kissed lower and lower until I could slide my tongue between her lips from the base to the top.

“Fucking holy shit!”

I gripped her thighs, grabbing handfuls of her skin and dove in, pressing my tongue as deep as I could get it between her folds. All pretense of doing anything else but giving her pleasure was gone. I dipped my tongue into her opening, moving, and circling her entrance which caused her hips to start to thrust upwards in a rhythm and jerkiness that was hard to follow, but I did what I could. I moved up and down with the movement of her hips. Her grip on my head helped, but if anything, she was trying to hold me in place and she moved her pussy up and down my face to get me where she wanted me. That was not what I had in mind or wanted, though.

I moved my head back, creating a little space between her hot, wet sex and my face. She kept rocking her hips even though I wasn’t there anymore, as if she was feeling phantom sensations. When she stopped moving after a couple of breaths, I lowered my face and took her hardened clit into my mouth. I sucked and pulled to expose it as best I could.

“Oh shit, yes!” Sara tensed up, arching her back so that only her ass and shoulders were touching my bed. “Right there!”

I focused on her clit, circling it, teasing it with my tongue as I held it in my mouth, my teeth pinching it to keep it exposed. I focused on her clit for a minute, until the rhythm of Sara’s hips was getting too hard to keep up with and decided to add a hand to the mix. I released her right leg and moved that hand to her opening, dragging my fingers through her hot, wet folds while my tongue tried to keep up with her thrusting. As my fingertips grazed her opening, she froze. Her hips stopped, hanging off the ground as my tongue circled her clit over and over while my fingers teased her hot channel.

“Put them in me, Sam. Now, please God, right now!” Sara demanded.

I drove first one, then two fingers into her hot center, all the while keeping my tongue moving on her clit. I knew that was her most sensitive spot, the place that would make her reach her peak the quickest way possible. I pushed and pulled my first two fingers in and out of her pussy. Each time with a little more force, a little more aggression. I bit down harder on her clit, flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. The reaction of my attention was instant. Sara moaned and started panting as she neared her crescendo.

I added a third finger and probed her depths as I sucked, circled, and flicked her clit as hard and fast as I could. Sara was overwhelmed. The feeling of my tongue on her clit, my fingers driving over and over into her pussy, were more than she could take. Her legs snapped shut against my head, and her back arched, almost lifting me off the bed. The only thing keeping me in position was my left arm that was holding on for dear life as Sara started to orgasm, and hard. I did my best to keep up with her movements, but it was ultimately a lost cause. She bucked, kicked, twisted, and turned, making it impossible for me, even if I wanted to. When she finally came down from her orgasmic high, she collapsed onto my bed in a heap. Her chest was heaving, her mouth and lips were somehow dry, and she was gasping for breath.

When her legs relaxed, I quickly moved up to kiss her, laying the whole of my body against hers. My face was still covered in her juices, but she didn’t hesitate in the slightest when our lips met. Her eyes were ablaze as she looked at me, a small, satisfied, if surprised, smile on her face as she looked at me. I’m sure I was a sight to see, glistening, covered in her come.

“That was—”

“I know.”

“I can’t—”


“Can we—”

“Not yet, we still need to go eat dinner. Besides, Amy and Mary are calling tonight.”


“Yep, take a second and get your shit together and then meet me downstairs.”

“Okay.” I got up and started walking to my door. “Hey Sam?”


“Umm, Thanks.”

I laughed, a satisfied, proud laugh. “You’re welcome. Hurry up,” I told the sprawled out naked girl on my bed as I left the room.


Chapter 5

I went downstairs and straight to the kitchen where I could smell Mom making dinner. I didn’t bother cleaning up from going down on Sara, and there was no chance that Mom wouldn’t be able to smell me. Well, smell Sara on me. Mom was standing in front of the stove, working on something and didn’t turn or acknowledge me walking into the room.

“Hi Mom, what’s for dinner? It smells delicious,” I asked as I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her middle, and gave her a quick hug.

“Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes,” Mom turned her head and answered with a smile, but it changed when I watched her sniff me and quirk an eyebrow at me. “I think you should wash your face, Sam. You can use the sink in here, hurry up.”

“Okay, you’re probably right.” I gave her a quick peck on the cheek which she wiped off with her forearm and gave me a dirty look.

I was just finished drying off my face with a kitchen towel when Sara walked into the kitchen. She realized what I was doing and the shocked look on her face was hilarious, and I started to chuckle. Mom gave me another dirty look and I tried to stifle my laugh.

“Sam, why didn’t you—” Sara started to ask accusingly.

“Because he was being an idiot,” Mom answered, cutting Sara off, and keeping me from saying anything. “You two set the table please. Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes. I am just waiting for the potatoes to brown and crisp up a bit on the top.”

“Sure thing, Mom,” I replied and quickly started pulling plates out of the cupboard.

“I’m home!” I heard Dad call out right before the telltale sound of the door closing.

“We’re in the kitchen,” Mom replied as she cracked open the oven to take a peek at the potatoes' progress.

Dad walked into the kitchen and went straight for Mom, wrapping her up in a big hug and picking her up off her feet.

“Put me down you big oaf,” Mom giggled and tried to squirm out of Dad’s arms.

“Not until you kiss me, my dear.”

“If you don’t put me down right the second, you are going to be sleeping on the couch… alone.” The way Mom said it made it clear it was an empty threat, but Dad gasped and put her down.

“You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?” Dad asked the question full of sarcasm and theater.

Mom playfully swatted his shoulder and said, “Go change, dinner should be on the table by the time you get back.”

Dad turned to walk to their bedroom, but Mom stopped him saying, “What, I don’t get a kiss now?” The pouty look on her face was a bit over the top, but Dad ate it all up.

Dad turned, smiled, and swooped in to pick up Mom again, planting a tender, but passionate kiss right on her lips. He spun her around one time, then gently put her down and hurried out of the room. 


After the table was set, and Sara and I sat down in our seats. Just as Mom placed the bubbling pan of cheesy scalloped potatoes on a hot pad, Dad returned to take his seat at the head of the table.

“Mmm, this looks amazing,” he said, rubbing his hands together in excitement.

“It’s your favorite, of course you’re going to say that,” Mom scoffed and rolled her eyes. “I’m not so sure about the potatoes, I didn’t cut the slices as thin this time.”

“I’m sure it’s going to be great, Mom,” Sara smiled and told her.

“We’ll see,” Mom replied.

When dinner was finally done, Dad was sitting back in his chair, holding his stomach saying, “That was the best meatloaf and scalloped potatoes I’ve ever had.”

“It was so good!” I agreed.

“I had no idea cutting the potatoes thicker was going to do that, I surprised myself.” Mom beamed her smile at me and Dad.

“I can’t believe the whole pan is gone,” Sara said, holding up the empty pan before putting it back down.

“Like I said, best ever.” Dad just smiled proudly at Mom.

Sara and I were on dish duty, like usual. Mom and Dad went to the living room, sat down on the couch, and turned on the television. Tonight, it was Sara’s turn to do the actual washing, which left me to put everything away and clean off the counters and table.

“I can barely move, I’m so full,” Sara told me as she scrubbed a plate clean of cheesy sauce from the potatoes. She yawned, covering her mouth the back of her arm. “I’m so tired.”

“I know what you mean,” I said as I finished scrubbing and wiping off the stove. “I am ready for bed, but I don’t know if I can lay down with my stomach this full,” I responded with a chuckle.

When we were done in the kitchen, we both stood there for a second, looking towards the living room where Mom and Dad were most likely cuddled up on the couch, watching some old movie I didn’t recognize, but could hear all the way in the kitchen. I looked into the dark room, then looked at Sara. Not saying anything, we both headed straight for the stairs and up to my room instead of sitting with our parents. I flopped onto the bed face down into my pillow. Sara laid down, cuddling up to me with her leg draped across the back of mine, her arm over my back. We were both asleep in moments. I didn’t even think about the fact that Mary and Amy were going to be calling that night. It was their turn after all, but I was so tired that it wasn’t important at that moment. Sleep was, however.

I woke up in the morning to the feeling of my bladder trying to revolt. Sara thankfully wasn’t snuggled up to me this morning, so I quickly got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to relieve the pressure that was nearly a bursting point. Dinner last night was unbelievable, but the results from all those cheesy potatoes and the meatloaf had sat like a brick and I paid for it on the toilet for far longer than would be normal. When I was done, I wiped my ass, washed my hands, and then headed downstairs to the living room where Mom was waiting, my special steaming coffee sitting on the table waiting for me.

“Good morning,” Mom said quietly as I sat down next to her on the middle cushion of the couch.

“Morning, Mom.”

“How’d you sleep?”

“I slept like a log. I think it was the food,” I told her and took a sip from my coffee mug.

“I tried to tell you not to eat anymore.”

“I know, but it was so good. I just kept eating and eating.”

“I’m glad you liked it. It was pretty good, wasn’t it?”

“Mhmm.” I smiled and nodded. “Dad was right.”

“Mary called last night after you went upstairs.”


“Sam, language.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I completely forgot about Mary calling last night.”

“I told her you had a long day mowing and went to bed early.”

“Was she mad?”

“No, she understood and told me to tell you she would call again tonight.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome. So, are you going to help me scratch my itch?”

Mom shifted her position on the cushion next to me, leaning back and resting her mug on the arm rest of the couch. This put her on full display, and I took in all the sights before me. Her breasts were still amazing. Even with her age and having two kids, her tits still rode high on her chest. Gravity had taken hold, but not to the point where they were saggy by any stretch of the imagination. Her nipples were slightly darker than her skin, making them stick out slightly, but not so much to be completely obvious. I looked down between her legs, and her meticulously shaved pussy was perfect. It was always perfectly smooth, just like Sara’s. Her outer lips were doing their best to hide the folds within her channel. Her clit was already in view, which was a sign she was already turned on because usually it was well hidden in her hood.

I watched Mom move her hand between her legs, sliding her middle finger slowly through her lips, teasing me as to what was hidden there. By this time, my dick was rock hard. There was nothing strange or weird about that fact. It was actually normal, and given what Mom was hoping for, completely expected and desired.

“You’re not going to leave me to take care of this…” Mom indicated her now obviously wet pussy accommodating two fingers as deep as they could go, “All by myself, are you?”

How was I going to say no to that? I did the only thing that made sense. I gripped my hard shaft and started to slowly stroke myself as I watched Mom finger herself, her two fingers withdrawing and plunging back in with forceful, quick motions. I wasn’t going to take long to finish. I could already feel the tingly sensation starting to build.

“I’m almost there, Mom.”

“Good, mmm. Me unngh… too.”

Mom’s back arched and my balls let loose five heavy spurts of come onto my legs and the couch cushion beneath me. I sat there for a second, trying to settle back down from the high of my orgasm. Mom was doing the same thing next to me; her flushed chest and neck were still heaving as she tried to breathe normally.

“Better?” I asked Mom who just nodded and smiled at her response. “Good, me too. I need to go clean up so when Sara gets up, we can get to work early this morning.”

“Uh-huh,” Mom mumbled.

Apparently, her orgasm was one of the really good ones, one that left her without the ability to talk. Those happened on occasion but were pretty rare. The last time I could remember that happening was at camp, when I somehow thought I could tell her when she could come and when she couldn’t. That was such a strange morning, amazing, but strange. I don’t think I will ever forget that particular morning as long as I live.

I took a quick shower, then dried myself off. I was hanging up my towel when a sleepy Sara came shuffling into the bathroom, rubbing sleep from her eyes. I turned to give her room to get past me to the toilet so she could handle her business prior to showering. It looked like she didn’t sleep all that well and before I was even out the door, she was sitting on the toilet. That was my cue to hurry up, I was not at all interested in staying for that type of a show.

I got dressed in a pair of jeans, my boots, and an old faded gray t-shirt. I grabbed a baseball cap, threw it on, and headed down the stairs for breakfast. Dad was sitting at the table, reading the newspaper but folding it down to look at me as I sat down to join him.

“Did you forget something yesterday?” Dad asked me flatly.

“I don’t think so, why?” I answered.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Pretty sure.”

“I went out to the garage last night after you went up to bed,” Dad folded up the paper and set it down on the table. “I saw you put away the mower.” I nodded along with what he was saying, I had indeed put the mower away. He would have yelled at me if I hadn’t. I had learned that lesson early on when he taught me how to use the mower years ago. “You still forgot something, Sam.”

I tried to think of what he was referring to, but nothing was coming to mind. The bag was empty, the mower was put away, the gas can was put away… Oh shit!

“You figured it out, didn’t you?” He told me more than asked.

“Yeah, I forgot to wash out the deck and blades.”

“That’s right.” Dad nodded. “Guess what that means this morning?”

“I get to wash it.”

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.” Dad smiled but it wasn’t a happy smile. “If you would have done it last night when you got done, it would have been a whole lot easier to clean up. This morning though, it’s going to be a mess. All that grass and dirt is going to be all clumped up and stuck inside there. Last night the hose would have been all you needed, this morning you are going to have to use your hands to get it clean.”

I hung my head. He was right, and I knew it. Worse still, cleaning out the deck was a pain in the ass. Not to mention I would have to deal with the blades that were sharp and if I weren’t careful, they would spin a bit and could potentially take my hand off.

Dad, seeing my plight, softened, and offered me some help. “After breakfast, I will help you this one time. If you forget to take care of it again, you’re on your own and no amount of begging and pleading is going to help you. Understand?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Eat your breakfast and we’ll get you set for the day.” Dad reached out a hand and ruffled my hair with a smile on his face. “Are you two doing our lawn first or last today?”

“Last, I wanted to save it for last, if that’s okay with you.”

“That should be fine.”

“If you two boys are done talking about your toys, you can come make your own plates this morning,” Mom said with a smile.

“Yes, dear,” Dad said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and then gave me a wink when Mom’s back was turned.

Sara came down shortly after Dad and I had made our plates and sat down to eat.

“Make a plate and eat, Sara,” Mom told Sara just before Sara was about to sit in her chair.

“Okay,” Sara replied and went to make herself a plate.

Breakfast was a quick affair and before we knew it, Sara and I were just about done cleaning up the dishes.

“Sam,” Dad said, “I’ll get the hose ready and pull it out to the curb.”

“Okay, thanks Dad.” I turned to my sister as she was reaching up to put some plates in the cupboard. “Sara, let's do our lawn last today. Cool?”

“Sure, that’s fine,” Sara replied happily. “I’m done, I’ll meet you out front.”

I dried off my hands and then headed outside to grab the mower so I could clean out the deck. Dad had moved the car in the garage to make it easier for me. I pulled the mower out, pushed it to the curb, and tipped it up on its side to expose the blades below. I took a quick look to see how bad it was, and sure enough, it was bad, really bad. The whole deck was covered in a thick mat of ground up grass and dirt. It had hardened and formed a brick that stuck to the inside like concrete.

“Here, use these,” Dad told me, offering me his leather work gloves. “Also take the bag off the back. We don’t need it getting soaked.

“Good idea, thanks.”

I took the gloves and righted the mower so I could unhook the bag and move it off to the side. I tipped the mower back onto its side and then put on the leather gloves and started getting to work pulling the dried grass out a small chunk at a time.

“Scrape out what you can first, then we can hose it down and hopefully the water will knock the rest loose.”

“It's coming out, but in small pieces.” I held up a small handful to show him. “This is going to take forever.”

“I was afraid of that,” Dad grumbled. “That’s why we need to clean it before it gets put away.”

“I know. Sorry.”

“Here,” Dad offered me the hose. “Let’s see if this helps. Sara, can you please turn on the water all the way?”

“Sure, Dad. One second,” Sara yelled and hurried over the faucet on the side of the house where the hose was connected and turned on the water. “There you go.”

“Thanks, honey.”

I took off the leather gloves and started hosing down the underside of the mower as well as the blades.

“How long do you think before you are ready?” Sara asked, standing off to the side and a little behind me.

“Maybe ten minutes, hopefully.”

“Okay, I am going to go get started on the first house.”

“Sounds good, I’ll be there soon.”

I watched Sara walk down the street with two rakes and the box of trash bags. This better not take forever.

“Pay attention to what you’re doing, Sam!” Dad yelled and jumped back as the flow of water started to get dangerously close to his feet and not even close to the mower.

“Shit, sorry!” I cringed, embarrassed.

“Give me the hose,” Dad said, sticking his hand out to take it from me. “Let’s see if I can help you out and get you going.”

Dad did the thumb over the tip of the hose trick and created a powerful jet of water that seemed to melt the caked-on grass. Within a matter of a couple minutes, the mower was cleaned and fueled, the bag reattached, and I was ready to go. I pushed the mower down the sidewalk to our first house of the day, where Sara was already at work.

“Don’t forget to clean that thing when you are done today!” Dad yelled and I waved my hand over my head in acknowledgement and kept walking. As soon as we were done with the yard work, I was going to talk to Mary. That was all the motivation I needed to move as quickly as possible, but still do a good job and not leave little lines of uncut grass in our customers' yards. It felt weird to call them customers, but that’s exactly what they were, our customers. Time to get to work.


Chapter 6

I finished putting the mower away in the garage and headed inside for dinner. I had remembered this time to clean the mower deck, thankfully. Everything was ready to go for next weekend. I even topped off the gas tank on the old Toro. It would have been really cool to have one of those Craftsman riding lawn mowers, which would make this so much faster and a whole lot less work, but our yard wasn’t really big enough to justify Dad having one. Not that I would have complained if we did—even if it only took two passes back and forth to do the whole yard. Heck I would not only wash that thing, I would even wax it to a mirror shine every time, too.


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