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Her Director's Property: Romeo Acquires New Talent

Korben Hunter










Her Director’s Property


Korben Hunter




All characters, situations, events, places, activities and artefacts in this story are fictional. Romeo is a fictional character, his world is fictional, the film industry he works in is a figment of imagination, the people he interacts with are fictional. This is a story written purely for entertainment and all the elements in this are fictional, created for the purpose of making the story interesting and enjoyable. Any similarity to any person, living or dead, shall be considered a coincidence for which the author and the publisher shall not be responsible.


Adult Content Warning


Please be advised that this is a very adult story, what would be called X-rated in the US content rating system and XXX by the internet rating. There are a lot of sexual situations and graphic descriptions of sexual acts between men and women contained in this story.


This story includes a lot of sexual language including many hard core terms. This is a story written for entertainment and the situations as well as the actions performed by the characters are not real nor is it advised to follow their example in real life. The story includes many examples of polygamy, polyandry, cheating, cuckolding, and some elements of BDSM. This is a story from fantasy and is not meant to be followed in real life.


Readers are advised to exercise discretion while reading the story and not get immersed in it to the point that it blurs the boundaries between real and fantasy. This is meant to be fun, read it purely for enjoyment. The description of any acts in this story is not an indication that they are endorsed by the author or the publisher.


It is not the intent of the author and publisher to insult, defame, damage, degrade or demoralise any group, sect, religion, gender or industry. This a story based on fantasy written for enjoyment.

Series Info

First story in the Manushi series

Events in this story take place after the Priyanka Chopra Wedding series. Those stories are available on Literotica and Reddit.



Who is Romeo?


Romeo is the nickname for a hotshot film director and producer who lives in the mythical city of Bombay in an imaginary country called India. He is very successful in making films as he makes films for the masses. All his films do great business and launch many careers. Over the years he has made many films and worked with most of the film industry in Bombay. If a film is produced or directed by Romeo it automatically gets a guarantee to be a superhit at the box office. This makes him very attractive to the show business people where investment is huge and success is always doubtful.


He is well sought-after by many people in the industry to work with, especially actors and actresses who are either starting their career or want to have a Romeo movie on their resume to help them become more successful. This gives him immense power and some say he is the uncrowned king of the Indian film industry although he would never use such words about himself.


Unlike many other producer directors, Romeo is well-known for giving a break to new talent, even to people who are not the from the industry. He has no objection to working with star kids, he just doesn’t give them any special preference. He likes to work with talented people no matter what their origin.


One thing that is special about him is the way he selects girls for his films. Unlike the real world, in this story universe casting couch is a very real and well-accepted fact of the show business. But that is only within the industry. On the outside, all film professionals deny the existence of this practice where a new actress may be able to get a break by spreading her legs for an established producer or director. Given that many producers, directors and heroes are married, even if they sleep with pretty actresses they don’t want this fact to come out, especially in the media.


To Romeo, this doesn’t matter at all. He is reputed to fuck all his actresses whether they are brand new to the industry or already well-established. If a pretty girl is seen in a Romeo movie, it’s a safe bet that she has been under Romeo. Romeo not only fucks the beautiful actresses and models, he does it openly. He doesn’t actually care who knows it. The girls that he really likes, he adds them to his harem. He boldly maintains a collection of the hottest and best girls many of whom live with him. Some people call it his stable, some call it his harem, Romeo calls it his family, but the main idea is the same.


Although, he fucks and owns so many of the beauties, not all of them live with him. It is only a select sub-set of his stable of the world-class beauties who get to live with him in his mansion. There is a big allure for thousands of girls to be able to get a place in that stable which is not easy to achieve.


Romeo himself is single and always has been, so far as we know, but he has no objection to fucking and even owning beautiful married women. Most of the time, even the husbands have no problem with that because…well, it’s show business, but it can vary from couple to couple as you would see if you read the various stories about Romeo. He has no issue in claiming a girl, in front of her husband or behind his back, or anywhere in between.


While he is not a young man any more, he is still extremely fit and very attractive as a mature, active, powerful man. This combined with his fame and power as a film director makes him extremely attractive to women of all ages. There are some legends around his sexual endowment and prowess, some of them quite extreme, but most of them are quite true.


Naturally, being the kind of man that most men would envy, he does have his enemies and people who hate him, even if they don’t have the guts to say so openly. One of the things he is famous for is that he is always willing to go above and beyond to help any person in the industry. He is a sucker for a damsel in distress as evidenced in the stories “Deepika’s Adventures.” and “Kajal Agarwal has a problem” among others. It is to be expected that in helping somebody he sometimes treads on the toes of others and this earns him their enmity. It doesn’t keep him from sleeping soundly at night though, usually sandwiched between three or four of his beautiful possessions, the girls that people call Romeo’s “live-in whores”.


Although most of Romeo’s past is known to the public and definitely to the film industry, there are parts of his past, especially from the time before he started his film career in Bombay that are covered in fog. It is suspected by many that a very young Romeo worked in the mythical film industry nicknamed Hollywood and situated in a country we only know as US. Though sometimes events happen that hint at his strong connections with this Hollywood industry, nobody really knows the extent of his involvement and power there.


He has been on the jury of the Miss India pageant a few times and quite a few beauty queens grace his stable.


No matter if they love him, fear him or hate him, nobody can ignore Romeo. His presence is too big, his aura too powerful and his character too popular.


Welcome to Romeo’s world!



What is Oscar Bait?


A couple of years ago, Romeo came to the realisation that no Indian director has ever won the Oscar award. He decided it was time to change that and he was the man to do it. Usually Romeo makes films whose primary purpose is to entertain the masses but this time he decided to make something that would have the kind of twist that Oscar juries eat up with a spoon. Unlike our real world where awards are always given based on talent and performance, in Romeo’s world there is a lot of politics, machinations and underhanded games involved in the handing out of these awards.


Romeo knows this well and he is confident that he can manage to play all those games better than anyone else and his film will definitely get the Oscar. It seems that the Bollywood film industry is also of the same opinion and as soon as Romeo announces the project there is a strong buzz in the industry with many people wanting to be a part of this project in whatever capacity possible. The most coveted position in these is that of the main lead of the film. As this is a female-led film, the only actresses who don’t apply for this position are the ones who  are dead or have left the film industry. After some consideration, Romeo picks Aishwarya Rai to be the leading lady for this film.


Aishwarya is a former beauty queen who won the title of Miss World (in Romeo’s world) and later became an actress. She became Romeo’s property as part of her pageant process and lived with Romeo as a part of his stable for many years. She enjoyed a great career in Bollywood and later married an actor to try and have a family life. Obviously, Romeo never stopped fucking her even after her marriage.


Even though she is not that young girl any more, she is still a stunning, mature beauty and a regular fantasy of the red-blooded Indian male. It was quite natural that Romeo fucked Aishwarya again during the casting process and she became his live-in whore as she was before her marriage. The story of Aishwarya’s recruitment in Oscar Bait and her moving back to live with Romeo has been covered in the story “Oscar Bait” with a few follow up stories.  


At the time that our current story opens, Oscar Bait is in pre-production, Romeo is finishing a previous project so that he can devote all his energies to the Oscar Bait project. Although Oscar Bait has been talked about quite a lot in this story, this story is not primarily about that film.


Our story is about another beauty queen, a recent Miss India and Miss World title holder in Romeo’s world called Manushi Chhillar. It follows Manushi’s dream of becoming Romeo’s property and her efforts to become his “live-in whore”. Although the story follows her journey towards this goal, it essentially had to cover other events happening around Manushi and Romeo as well. Romeo being a strictly polyamorous  man, this meant including other characters, many of them being attractive film actresses, models and other pretty girls in his circle of influence.


I am sorry to report that this book in itself does not see Manushi realising her dream but it covers quite a bit of her journey. The story was quite long to tell and this book, even with all these pages, covers about half of it. Rest assured that I will publish the second book as soon as possible which will conclude this story. Hopefully.


[To get a better, more detailed understanding of Romeo’s character and his world as well as read about the events in his life, I would advise you to check out my stories on Literotica.com username: nextcenturyromeo or alternatively on reddit.com at BollywoodStories subreddit.

Both of these are free sources.]


Chapter 1


Manushi Chhillar kept her legs open wide and reached back above her head to grab the shelf build into the wall of the trailer. As Akshay fucked her on the sofa, she could feel herself sliding back towards the wall of the trailer. She gripped the shelf above and tried to hold herself in place as he thrust into her. It worked. She didn’t slide any more.


“Sir, do you know Mr. Romeo?” She asked.




“Do you know Mr. Romeo, Sir?”


“Arre ladki, I am banging you, my dick is in your pussy right as we speak and you are asking me about Romeo?” Akshay Kumar said with a strong hint of irritation in his voice.


“I am sorry, Sir. Please continue.”


While he wanted to scold her some more, Akshay was very close to his climax. He pumped his cock into her cunt a few more times and came inside her. Then he pulled out of her, went to the bathroom and flushed the used condom down the toilet. He washed his dick, washed his hands, then came out wiping his hands on a hand towel.


“Ek to ye teri zid, sala condom…” he said irritably as he threw the towel back towards the bathroom, it fell on the floor “…an extra mess.”

[This condition of yours, the bloody condom..]


Manushi stayed quiet. She had insisted that the star use a condom every time he fucked her. She had needed this film badly but then she was a Miss World and would have gotten other opportunities. Akshay would not have had another shot to nail her. He had agreed.


“Why were you asking me about Romeo when I was doing you?” Akshay asked.


“Nothing, sir, just a random thought.” Manushi said, trying to gloss over the fact that she was bored when he had been fucking her “You are a big filmstar so I thought you might know him.”


“Of course, I know him.” Akshay said “We are long time friends.”


Considering that that’s a standard line everybody in show business uses, when Manushi said “That’s great, sir.” Akshay went on the defensive “Arre, we are, for real! I am not giving you bullshit. What do you need?”


“I was just hoping to meet him, sir, and I just wondered if you could introduce me.”


“Yes, I can. But do you know he’s a real bastard? He is such a womaniser you would not believe.”


Manushi looked at him.


“I know. I know. I was just fucking you, and my wife is at home.” Akshay said “But Romeo is at totally another level. He keeps a harem of beautiful actresses at his home. And you know what he calls them? He calls them his whores! Not just during sex, but openly. Any time, anywhere.”


“Oh!” Manushi tried to look shocked when actually she already knew all this and a lot more about Romeo.


“Take my advice, stay away from Romeo. Your career is going to start well with this film, just take advantage of that and focus on your work.” Akshay said.


“Yes, sir.” Manushi agreed.




A few hours later…


Akshay waited patiently until the make-up artist removed his make-up then went into the bathroom. He took a quick shower and got dressed in casuals. He was very hungry and was looking forward to a good meal.


Thankfully, the food service was good. On outdoor shoots, the biggest problem was not the heat or the wind, it was dirt. More specifically it was the dirt that got into your plate when you were eating. But Chandra Prakash Dwivedi was an experienced director and he hired the best tent suppliers in the business. The canteen tent was the biggest and most tightly sealed one. It had multiple exhaust fans set up for ventilation. As a result, you didn’t get dirt in your food. Akshay liked that.


He was the star of the movie. He could eat in his trailer if he wanted, but he liked eating with the unit. It made him appear a down-to-earth person which he liked. But more specifically it allowed him to check out the female extras who always ate in the canteen. He regularly picked some nice, juicy piece to fuck from these visits to the canteen.


It was a little more crowded than usual today as they had been shooting a scene which required more extras and junior artists. Akshay looked around and found an empty table. He sat down and signalled the craft service waiter. The waiter nodded. He knew what Akki baba liked.


While he was waiting for his food, Akshay looked around to check out the talent. There were a lot of female extras. At this time they were dressed in their own clothes instead of the medieval costumes of the movie, which allowed him to check what they really looked like. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him as someone came and sat on the table behind him.


 “Why meat locker?” Akshay recognised his co-star Manushi Chhillar’s voice.


“Oh, that’s just a name.” That voice was also easy to recognise as Nikkita Chadha who was doing an item song in the movie and some more scenes.


Akshay tilted his head back slightly and listened.


“But there’s no meat in it?” Manushi was saying.


“There is. We are the meat, girl!” Nikkita told her.


“Oh!” Finally Manushi started to understand.


She waited until the craft services waiter served food in front of them then looked at Nikkita.


“Okay, so how do we get into the meat locker?”


“It’s quite easy from what I have found out. You just need to dress well and just go there.”


“And dress well means…?”


“Slutty. Definitely slutty.” Nikkita Chadha told Manushi Chhillar “He likes girls to dress accessible.”


“Makes sense. So he can fuck whichever girl he wants at any time.” Manushi said.


“I mean, are you going to complain? He is who he is.”


“Oh, I am not going to complain. I want this so badly.” Manushi agreed “Tell me more.”


“Well, the girl who told me said you dress in something very tight and skimpy, and do not wear panties.”


“Every girl in the industry knows he doesn’t like panties.” Manushi told her.


“I know, I am just telling you what she told me.”


“Ok. Ok. Sorry. Go on.”


“You dress up, short dress, high heels, no panties. And you go around to the back of his mansion.”


“And the door will be open and you just slip inside.” Manushi conjectured.


“Not at all. There will be a guard at the door.”


“Oh no! Then how will we get in?”


“I will tell you if you let me finish a sentence.” Nikkita said, annoyed.


“Sorry, sorry. I will stop.”


“Good. The guard will probably not stop you if you are a pretty girl and you are dressed right.”


“But if he does?” Manushi spoke again despite her promise.


“If he does, he will tell you to go in the front or some such nonsense. Then you just tell him that you are going to the Meat Locker.”


“That’s it?”


“Yes, it tells him that you know your place as fuckmeat. And sometimes he may check that you are not wearing panties.”


“What?” Manushi shouted then realised where she was and lowered her volume “How will he check that?”


Nikkita shrugged “You just lift your skirt, I guess.”


“For a guard? What the hell?”


“If it hurts ego your or dignity you can stay here. I am going.” Nikkita said with determination.


“And you will lift your skirt if the guard stops you?”


“Honey, I will strip naked and do a slow 360 for him if that’s what it takes to get into Romeo’s house. It can be the chance of a lifetime and I am not going to throw it away because I am shy.”


“Fuck, you are right. I will come too.” Manushi agreed.


“If it makes you feel better, it’s very rare that the guard asks to check panties. Just wear a thin dress that shows you have no panties on.”


Manushi nodded “It’s fine. I will do what it takes. I let my eyes off the prize for a moment. You reminded me.”


“Good. Last day of the shoot today. I am going to buy some new dresses tomorrow then go and sit there from Monday.” Nikkita shared her plan.


“From Monday? How long are you supposed to sit there?” Manushi asked.


“I don’t know. Usually someone comes in and picks girls from the meat locker.”


“Someone who?”


“Probably one of his girls.” Nikkita said.


“Then what?”


“Well, not sure on the whole process, but girls get picked up for whatever role he’s casting for at that moment. Or if a girl is really hot, I think Romeo’s assistant would just pick her up and present her to the boss. I have even heard a rumour that that’s how Kareena got picked up for her role in Oscar Bait.”


“Nonsense. Kareena was his whore for many years already.”


“That was before her marriage.”


“Really? She went back and waited in the Meat Locker?” Manushi asked.


“Yes, that’s the gossip, though I don’t think she had to wait for long. She was picked up on the first day, from what I have heard.”


“How long you think we will have to wait?”


“About me, I can’t really say. But you…you are a Miss World and damn hot. I think you will be picked on the first day itself.”


“You think?” Manushi smiled at her friend’s praise.


“I am betting my money on you. I am hoping that if you end up in his stable, you will recommend me.” Nikkita looked earnestly into Manushi’s eyes.


“Of course, hon.” Manushi put her hand on Nikkita’s hand “I will tell him we will both be his whores or neither of us.”


“No, you won’t.” Nikkita cautioned “Don’t even think about putting conditions like that.”


“I won’t. But I will say ‘Sir, I have this friend. She’s very sexy, and she totally deserves to be your bitch.’ How’s that?”


“That’s perfect. If you can do that for me, I will be thankful to you all my life.”


“But Nikki, what if I am not picked up on the first day. If neither of us is picked up?” Manushi looked worried again.


“Then we come home, and go again the next day in different, but equally slutty dresses.” Nikkita said confidently.


“For how long?”


“Well, the shooting is breaking for two weeks after tonight. I will spend those two weeks sitting there.” Nikkita said.


“And then?”


“Then I will come back, do the shoot and go again when the shooting is done.”


“For how long?” Manushi asked.


“As long as it takes.”


“Wow, you are determined.”


“You are not?” Nikkita challenged.


“Now I am, after talking to you.”


“Then we shop this weekend and Monday morning…Meat Locker.” Nikkita put her elbow on the table and pushed her hand forward with the smallest finger extended.


“Monday morning, Meat Locker.” Manushi put her elbow on the table as well and intertwined her pinkie finger with Nikkita for a “pinkie swear”.




Akshay had finished his food while he overheard the girls’ conversation. Now he got up and walked towards the food counter. There he gave a compliment to the craft services staff and turned around casually.


“Hey, Hi Manushi!” He made like he had just spotted them and walked towards their table “Hi Nikkita.”


Both girls said hello.


“Listen, Manushi, do you still want to meet Romeo?” Akshay asked.


Manushi perked up her ears “Yes, Sir. Very much so.”


“Well, I am going to an event tonight where he will come as well. If you want I can introduce you.”


“Oh yay! Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Thank you so much!”


“Sir, is this offer only for Manu?” Nikkita asked.


“You want to come?” Akshay asked.


Nikkita nodded “Yes, sir!”


“Really, really want to come?” Akshay teased Nikkita.


She put her hands together and interlaced her fingers “Please! Please, sir!”


“Ok, you can come too.”


“Eeeee!” Nikkita screamed “Thank you, Akki sir. Thank you so much.”


“Anything for my favourite ladies.” Akshay said and turned around.


He walked away from there like a hero.


Chapter 2


“Amazing! You girls look mind-blowing!” Akshay said as he looked at Manushi Chhillar and Nikkita Chadha.


The girls had taken 4 hours to get ready and debated a lot about what to wear for their first meeting with Romeo. The event they were going to was a private birthday party for a wealthy financier but there would be media camped outside to get pictures of the celebrities who arrived so while they could dress boldly they could not dress too slutty.


Manushi had chosen a silk dress in nude colour after a lot of discussion. There was a layer of glitter over the base dress which covered the thinness of the silk fabric. The nude colour and the glitter helped in covering the fact that Manushi was not wearing any bra or panties under the skin-tight minidress. While the dress was covering her nipples, it bared the tops of her soft breasts in a mouth-watering cleavage effect. Her 34B tits were heavy enough to need a bra but the dress was squeezing them tightly and holding them in place.


On her thighs the dress went a mere inch below her pussy mound which meant Manushi could not take long steps while walking or she would bare her smoothly shaved pussy to the world. She had spent considerable time today to make her pussy completely hairless and massage moisturising creams into the pussy mound.


From the top of her dress two double-strand straps went up over her chest to meet behind her neck. Her back was fully bare to the point that her ass crack was just barely covered. Manushi had experimented with it and found that by adjusting the skirt part a little she would be able to bare an inch of her ass crack. The skirt was skin tight and would stay in place. She planned to do that after she was past the cameras and in private with Romeo. If she got the chance. She was still not sure if Akshay was being truthful about knowing Romeo and if he would be able to pull it off.


As she thought about cameras, she checked herself in the mirror. She knew that she would have to be careful in giving photographs because even with the layer of glitter the dress was too thin. If any enterprising photographer managed to zoom in on her and catch the right angle of light, they would be able to get a clear picture of her breasts, her nipples and even her pussy. She picked up a white crochet cover that that was sleeveless and came down to her mid-thighs. It left her delectable cleavage visible but covered her breasts and nipples.


While the wrap wasn’t too opaque in itself, the weave was pretty wide, combined with the dress it would give her some protection from the peeka-boo kind of photos. As she sat down on the dresser stool to put on her heels, she could clearly see her pussy. It was glistening with juices. Even though she was not fully sure it would happen, she was very excited about the prospect of meeting Romeo and the anticipation was keeping her turned on.


She put on 8 inch high pink stilettos with 3 inch platforms. Her shoes were light yellow with glitter across the instep strap. Her yellow-painted toes could be seen below the strap. At 5’8” Manushi was quite tall for an Indian girl, but she knew that Romeo liked his girls in high heels and she wanted to make a good impression. She chose pink earrings that dangled just 2 inches from her earlobes and the stones in them created patterns of reflected light on her cheeks. She adjusted her hair to brush it behind her ears with her fingers.


By rules they were not allowed to use the production crew for their own private purpose but every actor and actress did it. The crew never complained either. Manushi had asked the film make-up artist and hairstylist to help her get ready and both had agreed quickly. Not only did they like Manushi, they knew she was going to meet Romeo which meant she could put in a good word for them if she managed to join his stable. Even a small probability of her succeeding would have been enough to make them eager to help, but they believed that Manushi could do it.


Her soft, wavy hair reached just below the nape tonight. It was coloured a shade of bright copper and offset amazingly well from her dress. Her make up was done professionally but not for the camera. Most men outside the industry don’t know the subtlety and nuances of make up. Day time, night time, indoors, outdoors, the type of light, camera or real life, all these factors influence the make up that a girl would wear. Manushi’s face was perfectly done for indoors and night time, but she would be fine for photographs as well, her make-up artist had made sure.


Then Manushi broke the all rules by choosing a dark red lipstick despite her light coloured dress. Like most aspiring girls she had done her own research into Romeo’s likes and dislikes. She knew that he liked dark red lipstick on his girls. To make allowances for her dress, Manushi chose a slightly darker red that was closer to brown and used the matte finish instead of glossy. She blotted out the extra lipstick with a tissue paper and tried her gorgeous beauty queen smile in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She was dressed to kill.


Finally, she used a few more tissue papers to wipe her pussy clean and stood up to admire the full effect in the mirror. She turned her back to the mirror and looked back at herself. Her naked back and her tightly squeezed ass looked super hot and Manushi felt confident that Romeo would want to claim that ass when he saw her. She pulled on a long black coat but did not close it as she wanted to get Nikkita’s reaction on her dress up.


Even as she was thinking about it, the door to her vanity van opened and Nikkita Chadha walked in.


Nikkita was wearing a red lace tube dress that just barely covered her ass and it was see through so her red thong could be seen. She had a red leather choker around her neck and red earrings that dangled two inches below her earlobes.


Her heels were very similar to Manushi’s being 8” high with 3” platforms. But they were red to match her dress and the single strap across her instep had a lace bow on it.


The girls talked about each other’s dress and after making sure that they looked perfect, decided to go out to meet Akshay Kumar.


Being a punctual person by nature, Akshya Kumar suffered by waiting for the girls at the car. As he waited he thought about the upcoming party. He was going to introduce the girls to Romeo and Akshay was sure that Romeo would take Manushi and probably both girls in his harem. Akshay wanted that to happen. Manushi was a stunning girl but she was becoming a liability.


In six months of shooting, Akshay had managed to fuck Manushi three times. Out of those three times, once his wife Twinkle had almost caught him. Then her insistence that he use a condom when doing her felt quite emasculating to Akshay. He had never done that with any actress he fucked before. But this girl was willing to leave the film for that condition.


She was a bit headstrong in some things like that. Any other girl would be happy to spread her legs for the producer, director, hero or even the DoP. New girls were thankful just to get a break in a proper movie. Like that girl Nikkita Chada who had fucked the director, the producer and the hero – Akshay. And she had a very small role in the film, mostly an item song and a couple of scenes.


Manushi was not so easy. She had told director Chandra Prakash Dwivedi clearly that she would happily spread her legs for the role but only for one man. She said she didn’t care if it was Akshay or CPD himself. Akshay and CPD had had a tussle over that and obviously being a superstar Akshay had won but he knew that CPD had not forgotten it.


On a film set, people usually know who’s banging whom. And by continuing to fuck Manushi, Akshay was feeling that he was constantly pouring salt on CPD’s wounds. Even when you are a superstar it’s never a smart idea to piss off your director. There was nothing that Akshay could do about it though.


But, if Romeo claimed Manushi as hers, then Akshay would not be able to fuck her any more and CPD would like that. And by giving Manushi to Romeo on a silver platter Akshay was currying favour with Romeo. A favour that he immediately wanted to cash in by asking Romeo for a role in his Oscar Bait film.


So, in one masterstroke, Akshay was going to kill three birds with one stone. He would be rid of the problematic Manushi Chhillar, he would make CPD happy, and he would possibly be able to find a role in Romeo’s next movie, something that he had been craving for a long time now.


All those logical thoughts went out the window when he saw Manushi coming along with Nikkita. Manushi’s jacket was open and Akshay could see her super sexy dress. His dick moved in his pants and he wondered why he was getting rid of that smoking hot angel. His eyes roved over her body, up and down, up and down as she walked towards him. If this were a cartoon, Akshay’s heart would have been beating outside his chest the whole time.


“Wow, you are killing me with that look, babe.” Akshay said as Manushi came close.


“Thank you, Sir.” Manushi said and didn’t hug him using the excuse that her make-up would be ruined. Nikkita followed her example.


In the car, Akshay sat between the two gorgeous knock-outs but neither of them allowed him to touch her because they wanted to stay in pristine condition for Romeo. But they used the excuse that there would be cameras outside the party taking photos of the guests and they could not afford to muss up their clothes or make up.


Not wanting to seem desperate Akshay had stopped trying. In his mind he was thinking that Romeo better give him a role because he was sacrificing more than he had first thought.



Chapter 3


Cameramen and scam artists have one thing in common – they are always looking for an angle. There was a semi-circle of eager photographers at the car door even before Manushi could get out of the car. She knew that they would be able to capture her bare pussy easily from a low angle as she stepped out the car. She took off her jacket and held it in front of her as she opened the car door and stepped down. She gave it to the driver to hold on when she was safely on the ground. The photographers were very interested in both Manushi and Nikkita. They asked them to pose with Akshay as well. This was the closest that Akki baba had been able to come to these beauties tonight.


Manushi didn’t linger too much at the entrance, after a few photos she said thank you and went to the entrance. The party was at Moolchandani’s private residence but the residence was a mansion. Manushi was impressed as she stepped in with Nikkita.


“Can I borrow your jacket?” Nikkita asked Manushi.


“Sure.” Manushi handed the long jacket to Nikkita.


“Akshay Sir, please hold this.” Nikkita gave the jacket to Akshay.


Then as Akshay held the jacket to provide cover, he watched Nikkita reach under her short dress and pull down her panties in a corner of the large reception room. She took support on Manushi’s arm and slipped the little thong over her 8” high heels.


“What are you doing?” Akshay asked shocked.


“Romeo Sir doesn’t like anything in the way.” Nikkita explained “I only wore this for the photos.”


Nikkita looked at Manushi as she pushed her little panties in her jacket’s outside pocket. Manushi nodded.


Manushi also took off her long crochet cover revealing her spectacular dress fully. She handed the jacket and the crochet cover to a lady who was in-charge of storing guests’ coats and overcoats safely. Manushi adjusted her skirt. Wiggling her hips a few times as she pulled her dress a little lower, she managed to expose about an inch of her ass crack without letting the dress cover any more of her thighs. Akshay’s heart skipped a beat. He had never seen Manushi dress so slutty.


The three entered the big hall where the main party was going on. The girls immediately started looking for Romeo.


“Nikki! There!” Manushi pointed “See that semi-circle of people? I saw a glimpse of Romeo Sir there.”


“Let’s go.” Nikkita said.


Akshay held them by the arms.


“Hold on! Not yet. Don’t join the crowd.” He told them “It looks like he has just arrived. Give it a little time. The crowd will disperse, then I will introduce you. That way you will get a chance to actually talk to him instead of being one face in a crowd of fans.”


The girls looked doubtful. They wanted to pounce on the opportunity.


“I am giving you good advice. Take it.” Akshay said “Or go and be a face in the crowd. Then don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.”


With reluctance the girls admitted that Akshay was right. There were about a 100 people in the big room and 90 of them seemed to be huddled around Romeo in a crowd. They could see him now shaking hands and saying pleasant things. There was no way he would remember any of those people.


Quickly following up on that realisation, when Akshay suggested that they should all have a drink and wait for the right moment, they let him sway them. There was a big bar set up along one wall in the middle of the long hall. They made their way there. After they ordered their drinks, the girls turned and looked towards Romeo. There were still people coming and saying hello to him. Quite a few of these were beautiful girls. Some of these he shook hands with. Some got to kiss him. Invariably the girls who got to kiss him were recognisable faces from Bollywood.


Next to him Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Urvashi Rautela were standing guard looking amazing in their super sexy party dresses. Many male actors came and said hello to them also, but made sure to have a chat with Romeo as well. Sipping their drinks slowly, Manushi and Nikkita surveyed the room but kept their focus on Romeo.


“Oh my God, Nikki, look!” Manushi nudged Nikkita.


They watched spellbound as another actor waited for his turn then approached Romeo when the crowd started to thin. Romeo bent down to touch the actor’s feet but he pulled him up by the shoulders.


“What are you doing, Sir?” Amitabh Bachchan said as he pulled Romeo back up “In the film industry the actor touches the feet of the director. You are a director, I should bow to you.”


“Absolutely not, sir!” Romeo said “Being director or actor is a small difference. You are a phenomenon, an institution. A legend like you is not tied into any one title and you are always deserving of our respect and our love.”


“I am always thankful for that love, Sir. It gives me great pleasure to watch your progress and the things you do for our country and the industry. I remember those days with fondness when I have worked for you in the past and I hope to have that opportunity again.”


“Actually Sir,” Romeo said slowly “there is something in Oscar Bait which I was considering you for, but it’s a small role so I was hesitating.”


“No, no, no, no, no, Sir!” Big B interjected quickly “Small or big, any role in a project helmed by you would be an honour and a pleasure. Just give me a call and I will be at your office at your convenience.”


“Amit ji, it’s an inspiration to all of us how humble and professional you are even when you are a mega star and the heartthrob of literally every Indian all over the world.”


“Romeo, you are like a younger brother to me. I have seen you in your struggle days and I have seen you make your mark in the industry. The same qualities you are attributing to me, you have them in spades yourself. That is what makes every person in the industry love you so much. Believe me, I would be really happy to work with you again, no matter how small the role.”


“That is fantastic news for me, Amit ji.” Romeo turned to Kareena “Bebo, make a note to call Sir this week for a role discussion.”


“Yes, Sir, I will call Sir and fix a convenient time for the meeting.” Kareena said.


Aishwarya turned from a conversation she was having and approached Big B. As she bent to touch his feet, he lifted her up. He pulled her to him and kissed her forehead.


“Mr. Romeo, I am so happy that you have chosen our bahurani for the lead in your film. I am very proud. I hope she’s taking good care of you?”


“Sir, I thought you would ask if I am taking good care of her.” Romeo said.


Big B smiled “No, no, it’s always the actress who is her director’s property. She has to take care of you.”


“Yes, she is a good girl, Sir.” Romeo said.


“I love her to bits, Mr. Romeo,” Big B said “but if she were to misbehave I would not complain if you disciplined her in any way you saw fit.”


“Not at all, Sir. She is an obedient bitch, which is a credit to you, you have trained her well.”


With a loud laugh Big B said “Come on, Romeo. I was about to say the same thing to you. You took her under your wing after the Miss World title. I am reaping the benefits of how well you trained her.”


“Does it matter, Sir, as long as she’s a good bitch?” Romeo said and Big B laughed. Both men did a high five, still laughing, and Aishwarya stood there smiling.


There was no other crowd around the two stalwarts of Indian cinema right now and Akshay thought this a good opportunity. He had worked with Big B many times and thought it would help his case.


“Hello Sir.” He touched Big B’s knee, then Romeo’s.


“What nonsense, Akki!” Romeo pulled him by the arm, he turned to Big B “Look, Sir. He has been my friend for two decades and he pretends to go all humble today.”


“Boss, director is god for the actor.” Akshay said with his familiar grin “Friend or no friend.”


“Arre, I was saying the same thing to him a minute ago!” Big B said and he high-fived with Akshay.


“Romeo, these are my co-stars, Miss World Manushi Chhillar, and this beauty is Nikkita Chadha.”


“Hello Sir.” Manushi said as she acknowledged the introduction and stepped forward.


Manushi’s heart was beating fast like a train going through a metal bridge but she stepped forward confidently and hugged Romeo. Instead of doing a social hug she wrapped her arms around his body and squeezed herself against his hard frame. She felt Romeo’s strong arms close around her body and his hand resting on her bare back.


She turned her face up and kissed him. As he pressed his lips on her soft, warm lips, she opened her mouth and sucked his bottom lip slowly. When she felt his tongue licking her lip, she moved her mouth and sucked his tongue in her mouth. She continued to grind her full, firm tits on his chest as they shared the hot, open-mouthed kiss. His hands moved down her smooth, bare back and Manushi wriggled until her whole body was pressing against him. She moved her hips like a dancer and started rubbing his rod with her pussy mound.


When they parted after a long kiss, Manushi was breathless and her body was charged. She stepped aside to control herself and let Nikkita greet Romeo.


Nikkita’s greeting was the same but she knew that she did not have anything like the Miss World title behind her to make her mark so she tried harder. Pressing her young, scantily-clad body against the older director she kissed him with an open mouth. Her arms were closed around him and she slowly rubbed the back of his neck with her warm hand. Her short lace dress was baring her legs completely. She used her bare legs to slowly rub Romeo’s thighs, and expertly massage his cock through the pants.


His cock, already hard from his kiss with Manushi, was outlined in his pants. Nikkita rubbed her soft, warm thigh slowly over it while she sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her breasts were just barely covered by the thin lace fabric. She pressed them into his chest. Romeo could feel her nipples digging into his chest as they hugged so tightly. His hands caressed her soft back, keeping her pressed tight against his hard frame.


“I am so happy to meet you, Sir.” Nikkita breathed as she stepped back after kissing him.


“Lovely to meet you as well, Nikkita.” Romeo smiled.


Before she could say anything more, Big B interrupted “Sir, if you don’t mind, may I borrow your heroine for a dance?” He indicated Aishwarya.


“What are you saying, Sir?” Romeo said “Already it’s your property that I am borrowing.”


“No, Sir, your property, but I do want to take her for a dance.”


“Please, Sir. Feel free.” Romeo smiled.


While Manushi and Nikkita had been greeting Romeo, Akshay had used the time to greet Kareena. She was his old co-star and the two had shared hot romantic scenes on screen and steamy sex in private. Kareena had become Romeo’s whore early in her career but he never stopped her from fucking her co-stars. He rather encouraged that his whores be nice to their heroes.


Now, as Aishwarya and Big B moved away, Akshay brought his focus back to Romeo. This time he used the friendly approach.


“Yaar, there’s a lot of buzz in the industry about your Oscar Bait film. You didn’t even think about your old friend?”


“No, man.” Romeo casually wrapped his arm around Manushi’s waist as he faced Akshay “This is a female-led film, so male roles are quite small. You are a superstar, how I can offer you something so small?”


Manushi quickly snuggled up to him, enjoying his hand resting on the small of her back.


“Boss, don’t give me that line. Some people have built their careers from a small role in your film. And this is Oscar Bait. I will do any role you give me – small, big, challenging, simple, whatever you want.” Akshay said.


“That’s great, bro. Having you in the film will give it more star value. Come to the house one day and let’s talk. I will tell you the role.”


“Deal, man!” Akshay shook his hand and the two did a bro-hug where you bump shoulders while holding the handshake between them.


“Save some of that for me, Sir.” A female voice said.


Romeo and Akshay parted and saw that Sophie Chaudhary was standing near them.


“I love your hugs, Sir.” Sophie said “I want some of that action.”


Sophie was wearing a sleeveless, silver, sequin minidress with no back. The front was see-through in most parts with sequins and extra fabric covering the important bits. It was short so did not cover anything beyond her upper thighs and had a deep cleavage. Sophie was wearing matching sequined heels that were 8” high and had 4” clear platforms.


As Sophie stepped forward, Romeo took his arm from around Manushi and hugged Sophie. Both Manushi and Nikkita watched as Sophie hugged Romeo. They learnt how a real slut greets her director. Sophie did not show any shyness or hesitation. She opened her legs shoulder-wide and pressed herself squarely against the hotshot director’s crotch.


Her movements were like an expert dancer using her hips for complicated moves and it was easy to see that she was massaging Romeo’s dick with her pussy. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his body and she was kissing him full on with her tongue wrapping around his tongue in a lustful dance. Standing to the side, Manushi could easily see how Sophie’s tits were crushed flat on Romeo’s chest. As Sophie had big breasts, it was evident how tight the hug was.


Both girls watched as Romeo’s hands moved down Sophie’s bare back and his fingers closed around her firm ass cheeks. He boldly kneaded her buttocks in that short dress. The dress was in fact so short that Romeo’s fingers were curling around the hem and digging into her fleshy buttocks directly.



When Sophie finally stepped back her breath was ragged and Nikkita spotted that her pussy was glistening. In the hot kiss with Romeo, her short dress had hiked up more and Sophie’s pantyless pussy was visible. Sophie made no attempt to adjust it. Nikkita wondered if she should tell her.


“Sir, I wondered if you had forgotten your old whore.” Sophie said “But at least your hug shows you have not completely forgotten me.”


Cupping her cheek, Romeo smiled “You are a good bitch, Sophie. How can I forget you?”


“Thank you, Sir.” Sophie smiled “Can I dance with you, Sir, please?”


“Why not?” Romeo said and took her hand.


“Sir, one second!” Kareena asked before Romeo could walk away “Sir, Akki wants to dance with me. May I?”


“Of course, darling. Have fun.”


Chapter 4


This being a private party the attendance here was very elite and selected people from the industry. There were no reporters inside, not even news channel heads who make their way into many parties and events. The only people here other than big time producers, directors and actors were beautiful girls who wanted to make their place in Bollywood. Even in the most elite parties they are allowed in because they are usually very beautiful girls who dress extremely bold for the party and are quite accessible. Powerful Bollywood men love this sort of girls and it makes the parties more fun.


In order for the party to be enjoyable for everybody, the lighting system in the hall was such that light tapered off towards the sides. The entrance was in middle of the long side of the hall and lights there were the brightest. Then as you moved to either side of the hall, lights dimmed gradually but quickly. The two areas near the opposite side walls were almost fully dark. One of these almost-dark areas was designated the dance floor by virtue of a portable dance floor mat placed on the floor and a disco ball hanging above.


Even the disco ball lasers were programmed in a way that they hit the walls above the dancers but not the dancers themselves. This provided almost perfect privacy for people to enjoy themselves in any way they wanted while they were on the dance floor. The thoughtful host had even provided comfortable sofas on either side of the dance floor for people to sit on if they were tired or wanted to do more than what they could do standing up. There was nobody in the room who was naïve enough to not understand how much a pretty actress would open for a powerful man who could build her career.



Aishwarya’s long gown was white silk that clung to her beautiful body very tightly. It was a halter design that displayed a nice, generous amount of cleavage and there was a drop-shaped cut below her cleavage that bared her navel. There were two noodle straps that went around her back but other than that her back was completely bare. It was so low cut in the back that more than an inch of her ass crack was exposed. There were two side slits, one on each leg, that bared her long legs up to the thigh joints.


With the skimpy top design and the high slits, Aishwarya could not wear any bra or panties. Being Romeo’s whore she was not allowed them anyway so the dress was perfect for her. Romeo liked his whores to dress in short dresses. When Aishwarya had presented herself to Romeo at home to get approval for her dress she had pointed out the bare ass crack and the bare legs. Romeo had asked her to put her leg on the dressing table stool. Then he had reached in through one of the slits and pushed two fingers into her cunt.


Her moan had been deep and lustful as she felt the sudden invasion of her owner’s fingers. She had held still while he tested that she was fully accessible. He had approved the gown. Aishwarya had left the mansion with a soaking wet pussy.


“Your gown is beautiful, darling.” Big B whispered in her ear as they danced close together. She was in his embrace and his hands were rubbing her tight ass cheeks. His fingers had rubbed over the exposed ass crack several times.


“Thank you, papa.” Aishwarya hugged him tight and let her body press on her father-in-law’s tall, manly body.


Big B had fucked Aishwarya the first time when they were shooting Mohabbatein together. The younger superstar SRK had had no chance with the Miss World as Big B ruled the sets with his presence. During the outdoor shoots, Aishwarya had lived with the Big B in his hotel room only and the entire unit knew that she was the megastar’s property.


Later, events had taken their natural course and she had become his daughter-in-law. Not many people knew how much of that chain of events had been influenced by Big B. After the wedding, Aishwarya had become his property again. He fucked her once a week when the house was empty. Her husband didn’t have any idea about it and she suspected that her mother-in-law knew but had accepted it.


Recently when Aishwarya had sought a role with Romeo for his film Oscar Bait, she had moved in with him and become his whore again. She had become his whore the first time right after she had won the Miss World title. He had fucked her as part of her Miss India final round private interviews then she had gone on to participate in the Miss World pageant. With Romeo’s backing behind her, she was sure to win the Miss World title which she had done. After she came back from there she had moved in with Romeo as his live-in whore.


Her Bollywood career had taken off from there. Now she was again living with Romeo and being used by him regularly. But that meant that Big B had not taken her in a while. It is true that countless young and even established actresses were willing to spread their legs for the megastar but it did not work for him. While he had had his share of affairs, he was always careful to not damage his image by sniffing around every hot piece of tail.


As a result, he had not had had any young pussy recently. Having his beauty queen daughter-in-law back in his arms again was very nice for him and Aishwarya could feel his pleasure between her legs. She gently moved her leg and rubbed his erection with her warm, bare thigh as they danced slowly.


“I have missed you, dear.” Big said softly.


“Missed you, too, papa.” Aishwarya said. She was not lying. She loved how Romeo fucked her like a whore. It always made her cum explosively. But her father-in-law had a masterful gentleness about him which she also enjoyed immensely. He might not make her cum every time but she felt incredibly fulfilled after their fuck sessions.


Big B’s hands moved over Aishwarya’s body in that soft, gentle but confident way. She pressed into him, and used her whole body to show him how much she loved him. Big B’s hard shaft got harder and he ground it slowly on her pussy through her thin, silk gown.


“Should I ask Romeo Sir, papa, if you would like to have me?” Aishwarya asked softly in Big B’s ear.




“You had to ask him?” Akshay said in Kareena’s ear as they came together on the dimly-lit dance floor.


Kareena came into his embrace for a close dance and pressed her lip to his ear as she said “Of course. He owns me, Akki. I am completely his property.”


“So, you can’t even dance with anyone without asking him?” Akshay pressed on while pulling her close in his embrace.


The dress Kareena had on was a two-tone black leather dress with a green diagonal slash of silk over her mid-riff. It was strapless and dangerously low-cut. There was no back to it and the skirt part was tight and short. It went down to 4 inches below her ass but there was a zipper over her ass crack that went almost up to her lower back. She could unzip it to show off as much of her thighs and ass as she wanted. Right now she had it half open so that her thighs were visible and if someone looked carefully they could see the bottom curve of her ass cheeks as she walked.


“I can do whatever I want, honey, but it’s more polite to ask. I do belong to him and it’s bad for a property to not ask permission from the owner before doing something. He’s never petty about such things and always says yes.”


Akshay let his hands rub her bare back. He was feeling the effect of having this shapely beauty in his arms after such a long time.


“Wow, how you refer to yourself as his property is amazing to me.” Akshay said in her ear as they danced intimately close.


“Because that’s what I am, Akki. I have been his whore for years, and don’t sound so shocked. You knew it even when you and I used to work together and you used to fuck me on those outdoor shoots.”


“That was some good time. You never used to ask permission then.” He let his hand down over her firm ass. Kareena had the fittest and tightest ass in all of Bollywood and Akshay felt his dick flex as he squeezed her buttocks.


“I always used to ask permission, just not in front of you.” Kareena corrected him but didn’t object to him kneading her ass “Before going to outdoor shoot I would ask permission and he would say yes.”


“Really? And suppose he said no?”


“Why would he say no? He never says no.”


“But suppose he did?”


“Then your dick would never have seen my pussy in those hotel rooms.” Kareena told him.




“Honestly though, Akki, if he didn’t like you then I would not have been allowed to do a movie with you in the first place.”


“So, it’s not just sex, he tells you what projects to do as well?”


“Of course, baby. He owns me. He controls my life. I am his whore, that means something.”


“But suppose Saif walked in right now and wanted to do you. You won’t do him?” Akshay challenged.


“Of course I would do him. He’s my husband. But I would ask Sir, first.”


“Even to fuck your own husband.”




“What would Saif say?”


“Saifu will understand. He knows I became Sir’s property again when I took this film. And he knows for many years Romeo Sir used to own me as his personal whore.”


“But you are not the only one.”


“I don’t need to be.”


“He has so many girls, he probably fucks you once a month or something.”


“That shows how much you know.” Kareena laughed.


“Oh yeah? When was the last time he fucked you.”


“Well, if you must know, he fucked my ass last night. And he fucked my cunt this evening when I showed him this dress.”


“In this dress?”


“Yes, he bent me over his bed, unzipped the skirt and fucked me from behind. It was amazing. I came twice.”


“And you didn’t change the dress?”


“No, why would I? I didn’t even wash my pussy. I like having his cum in my cunt when I go out in public. Makes me feel so slutty.”


“So, you are saying his cum is in you right now?”


Kareena kissed his neck “Yes. I am a dirty whore, aren’t I?”


“Fuck! I can see you are totally his whore!”




“I so want to be your whore, Sir.” Sophie whispered in Romeo’s ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against his body.


“You are already my whore, darling.” Romeo let his hands caress down her bare back, feeling her soft, sensuous body.


Sophie opened her legs wider and shamelessly rubbed her pussy on Romeo’s cock while grinding her full, firm tits on his chest.


“That’s not true, Sir.” She said, keeping her mouth close to his face so her hot breath was caressing his neck “You claimed me and used me while I was working in your movie as the item girl, but after that…”


Romeo continued to explore her dancer’s body with his confident hands. Her dress was so skimpy that he could touch her anyway he liked, she was fully accessible to him.


“After that you had other films to do, honey, and a career to build.” He kissed her neck.


Pressing her cheek to his cheek Sophie moaned “Mmmm, none of that other stuff matters if I am not happy, Sir. I have missed you so much.”


They continued dancing and Romeo’s hands boldly played on Sophie’s body. He caressed her smooth, bare back and Sophie pressed her body against him, grinding her full, firm tits on his chest. Neither paid any attention to the music much like everybody else on the dance floor.


When his hand slipped under her short dress, Sophie opened her legs to encourage him to play with her more intimately. Romeo’s fingers took that invitation and moved deeper between her legs. His fingertips rubbed along her slit which was wet and slick with her pussy juices. Sophie rolled her body like a dancer, rubbing her pussy on his crotch and then back on his fingers.


Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her breath was warming his cheek as they danced so indecently close. He parted her wet labia with his fingertips and slid one finger up into her soaking wet cunt.


“Mmmm God!” Sophie moaned and kissed his ear “I love how you can bring out my inner whore in two seconds, Sir.”


By now her whole body was sexually charged. Her tits were hard with the nipples so erect and firm that Romeo could feel them through the clothes.


“Please, Sir!” She whispered as she clung to him with both arms “I really want to be your personal, live-in whore. I will take any test you want. Please give me a chance.”


“We can talk about it, darling.” Romeo said as he fingered her wet cunt in and out casually on the dance floor.


Sophie continued to ride his finger and moaned happily when he inserted a second finger into her wet pussy.


“Oh fuck!” Suddenly Sophie exclaimed “Sir, I need to go to the bathroom. May I please come and find you later?”


“Yes, of course, pet.” Romeo said, pulling his fingers out of her cunt.




“Yes, of course, papa.” Aishwarya said “I would not do it without his permission. I know how strict you are about rules and discipline.”


“Not that I don’t believe you, darling, but we were dancing and suddenly you said…”


“Come on in, papa.” Aishwarya opened the door to the bedroom and ushered her father-in-law in “I will tell you.”


They were in one of the upstairs bedrooms, right above the party hall in Moolchandani’s princely mansion. True to a Bollywood mogul he knew what his esteemed guests needed and provided it in style. In addition to the privacy available in the party hall, the bedrooms upstairs were also provided for the guests to use when they wanted to do something more than they could do in the hall. Many actresses and models had earned their first break in a bedroom like this under a successful producer, director or ad agency owner.


Big B entered and Aishwarya followed him in. She closed the door behind her.


“Ok, papa, here’s what happened. Did you notice that Romeo Sir was dancing with Sophie near us?” She said.


“Yes, I recall seeing him with a girl in a backless dress.” Big B admitted.


“So, I just looked at him and asked him with my eyes, if it is ok if you fuck me. He replied in the affirmative.” Aishwarya explained.


“Wow, how do you even ask something like that in a signal?” Big B asked.


“Romeo Sir understands his whores very well.” Aishwarya said “And I thought you liked my eyes, papa. You have commented on them before.”


“Yes, when you are…when you are…on your knees…”


Aishwarya pulled down her dress “That’s where I want to be.”


“You are looking incandescent, dear.” Big B swallowed as the full, naked splendour of his beauty queen daughter-in-law came into his view.


Going down on her knees between his legs, Aishwarya looked up at her father-in-law with her beautiful green eyes as she opened his zip.


“How do my eyes look, papa?” She asked in a sultry voice.


“Indescribably enchanting!” Big B said.



Chapter 5


“That was weird!” Romeo said.


“What was, Sir?” Urvashi asked as Romeo came back from the dance floor.


Romeo wrapped his arm around her and led her towards the other side of the hall. As guests entered the hall, the dance floor was on the extreme right. On the extreme left was a seating area with multiple sofas and other pieces of furniture arranged in inviting lounging spaces. With dim lighting it gave the impression of the VIP lounge of some  nightclub. It is toward this section that Romeo took Urvashi with him.


Tonight Urvashi had chosen a grey cotton dress that wrapped tightly around her shapely body. It was tight on her torso and above that it parted into two parts, each part cupped one of her big breasts and held it up. Both parts tapered into thin straps as they moved up towards her right shoulder. On her shoulder they were tied together with a silver broach and they came out of that on her back as even thinner straps. The tapering straps on her chest were not wide enough to cover her full breasts. There was a wonderfully luscious display of her big breasts in her cleavage and there was a generous amount of side boob on both sides.


Of course with the front and back both being so revealing there was no possibility of wearing a bra with it. The thin dress easily showed it when her nipples got hard. The straps on the back left most of her back bare. The skirt part was quite figure-hugging and clingy. It went down about 4” below her ass and presented her shapely ass in a nice mouth-watering display. Romeo’s girls were never allowed panties and even a little string thong would have created a pantyline in that thin cotton dress.


Her shoes were 8” high clear stilettos with 3 inches platforms. There was a wide grey, instep strap with a silver star outline in the middle. Her earrings were dangling little pieces in an ethnic design. They moved and rubbed on her neck just below her jaw line when she walked. Her nails were painted dark grey to match the dress. Like all of Romeo’s whores she had completely ignored the matching when it came to lipstick. She was wearing dark red, matte lipstick, a shade that Romeo approved of.


Romeo’s hand was resting on her lower back and gently caressing soft, bare skin as they walked. As always Urvashi was quickly getting aroused from being close to Romeo. He let his hand move down to rub her firm, tight ass and squeezed her ass cheek as he led her to a corner where there were 4 sofas arranged in a square. One side had an entrance with the sofa there being less wide than others.


Urvashi walked in through there with Romeo and waited while he sat down on one of the sofas. Then she followed the guidance of his hand and sat down on his lap. His left arm wrapped around her slender waist, pulling her close, his right rested on her smooth, bare thigh. Urvashi opened her legs so she would be fully accessible to him.


“What was weird, Sir?” She picked up the topic again as she wrapped her right arm around Romeo’s shoulders. She pressed herself close in a way that her right breast was pressing into his chest.


Gently caressing her smooth leg, Romeo said “I was dancing with Sophie and she was saying she wants to be my live-in whore.”


As Romeo’s hand moved up to her chest, Urvashi pressed her breast into his hand.


“Mmmm, but that’s not weird, Sir.”


“No, the weird part was that suddenly she excused herself and went away.” Romeo said.


He was casually kneading Urvashi’s soft, fleshy tits as they talked. The dress top was quite skimpy and his thumb was rubbing the bare part of her breast, in the middle his palm was grinding on her nipple through the thin fabric, but on the other side, his fingertips were again digging into the bare flash of her breast. Urvashi was getting very wet very quickly.


“I think, Sir, mmmm….” Urvashi nuzzled Romeo’s neck “she saw someone she didn’t like. There was a guy who came in and Sophie looked alarmed when she saw him.”


Manushi and Nikkita were standing near the bar, each nursing a drink and chatting but they were watching Romeo. They had noticed him go from the dance floor to the sofa collecting Urvashi on the way. They had not had the courage to intercept him but they had moved to a spot from where they could see him. Manushi was trying not to stare but her eyes kept coming back to him. The sofa area was very dimly lit but Manushi and Nikkita could easily see Urvashi on Romeo’s lap and his hands playing with her body because they were totally focused on him.




Aishwarya’s naked body on the bed was enough to make any man forget the rest of the world. Big B’s hands were trembling as he took off his clothes. He had fucked this world-class beauty many times before but tonight was special.


Even though she was his daughter-in-law and always available for him to fuck, tonight he felt like he was borrowing her from Romeo and that made it more exciting because of the temporary access that he had. Then he was going to fuck her in somebody else’s house with a party going on right below them which was so naughty and unlike the dignified gentleman he was in public.


But what made it most exciting was the fact that he had not had her for a while and he had missed fucking her regularly. When he dropped his shorts his dick was already hard and erect. He did not waste any time and got on top of Aishwarya’s naked body. She was already waiting for him and was fully willing to take him in.


“Mmmm, come, take me, papa. I am so wet for you.” She urged him as she opened her legs.


He moved his hips until his cock was pressing against her bare, hot pussy and she guided it in with her hand. A soft moan escaped the megastar’s mouth as he felt the beauty queen’s hot, wet pussy engulf his hard cock.


It was late but he remembered “You are still on the pill, honey, aren’t you?” He asked in her ear.


“Yes, papa.” Aishwarya assured him “Romeo Sir always fucks us whores without a condom, so we all need to be on the pill and have regular checkups.”


“Good man.” Big B then put it out of his mind and focused on enjoying the stunning beauty that only a few lucky men in the world had enjoyed.


As she had become Romeo’s whore right after her title win, she had not had to spread her legs for every Tom, Dick and Harry in the industry. She had still been fucked a lot, but mostly by Romeo and the select few that he allowed her to spread for. Big B had been one of the chosen few. She was still Romeo’s property when she did that film with the megastar but before leaving for the outdoor shoot in England she had received Romeo’s permission. He had told her that she should cooperate fully if the legendary Bachchan Sr. wanted her under him.


On the outdoor shoot of Mohabbatein, she had not even got settled in her hotel room when Big B had called her to his room and told her that she would be living with him. And then he had fucked her right there on his hotel bed. After that she had kept her hotel room but she had lived with him. He had fucked her almost every day.


With that long association they had become very familiar with each other. Now when Big B pushed his cock deep into her cunt, he knew which strokes will make her moan in pleasure. On the other hand, Aishwarya was expert in squeezing his dick with her pussy in a way that she knew would make her father-in-law cum in her very quickly. But tonight she didn’t use that squeezing pattern right away.


She had indeed missed being fucked by the charismatic megastar and wanted to enjoy his strokes in her hungry cunt. She wrapped her arms around his body and pressed him close into her. His hairy chest grinding on her bare, full tits immediately raised her body temperature and she squirmed under him.


“Oh, papa, you feel so good inside me.” She breathed in his ear and moved her ass to fuck his hard, throbbing cock with her wet, hot cunt.


“I have missed you, bahurani.” Big B panted as he pumped her tight, hot cunt with his throbbing cock.


“Papa zor se chodo apni bahu ko.” She urged, moving her hips eagerly.


Aishwarya could feel the rising arousal of her father-in-law and she started squeezing his dick every time he pushed it deep into her. She started the rhythm, and then slowly made it faster. The way Big B started to fuck her faster and harder, she knew it was having an effect on him. She tightened her arms around his naked body and sucked on his neck. Big B exploded inside her.


“Oh God, papa! That feels so good!” She moaned in his ear.


“Mmmm, baby!” Big B kissed her neck and kept fucking her as he pumped his cum into his daughter-in-law’s hot, willing pussy.


Chapter 6


“Should I go and talk to him?” Manushi wondered aloud.


“And say what?” Nikkita challenged.


“I don’t know.” Manushi said “But we have been introduced. If we don’t talk to him he will go and we won’t be any better.”


“Manu, my knees would turn to jelly just thinking about approaching him. He looks like he’s about to fuck Urvashi Rautela right there on the sofa.”


“She is his whore so he can if he wants to.”


“Yes, but do you want to interrupt him while he’s fucking his whore?” Nikkita asked.


“Well, no, but he has so many girls at his disposal, he is not going to be alone…” Manushi looked up towards Romeo again as she talked and forgot what she was going to say as she saw Romeo lift his hand and beckon her.


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