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Inviting Trouble: Is This Bride Taken?

Korben Hunter


Inviting Trouble

Is this bride taken?

Korben Hunter



All characters, situations, events, places, activities and artefacts in this story are fictional. Vikas is a fictional character, his world is fictional, the people he interacts with are fictional. This is a story written purely for entertainment and all the elements in this are fictional, created for the purpose of making the story interesting and enjoyable. Any similarity to any person, practice, organisation or event shall be considered a coincidence for which the author and the publisher shall not be responsible.


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This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each reader. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please visit your favourite ebook retailer to purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Adult Content Warning

Please be advised that this is a very adult story, what would be called X-rated in the US content rating system and XXX by the internet rating. There are a lot of sexual situations and graphic descriptions of sexual acts between men and women contained in this story.


This story includes a lot of sexual language including many hard core terms. This is a story written for entertainment and the situations as well as the actions performed by the characters are not real nor is it advised to follow their example in real life. The story includes many examples of polygamy, polyandry, cheating, cuckolding, and some elements of BDSM. This is a story from fantasy and is not meant to be followed in real life.


Readers are advised to exercise discretion while reading the story and not get immersed in it to the point that it blurs the boundaries between real and fantasy. This is meant to be fun, read it purely for enjoyment. The description of any acts in this story is not an indication that they are endorsed by the author or the publisher.


There are many sexual situations and activities described in this book where creative licence has been taken to exaggerate reality for erotic effect. Readers are cautioned to not follow anything in this book and always practice safe sex in their lives. This book is fantasy, these characters do not come to harm other than as imagined by the author but the same things can be harmful and dangerous if followed in real life. Please do not take your guidance for sexual activities from this fantasy book.


It is not the intent of the author and publisher to insult, defame, damage, degrade or demoralise any group, sect, religion, gender or industry. This a story based on fantasy written for enjoyment.

Table of Contents

Series Info

Chapter 1 – Eesha is Inviting Trouble

Chapter 2 – When Eesha Met Vikas

Chapter 3 – Eesha Picks Up Vikas

Chapter 4 – Eesha Admits Her Mistake

Chapter 5 – Vikas Hurts Himself

Chapter 6 – Who is Kriti Kharbanda

Chapter 7 – Kriti is Curious

Chapter 8  – Abhishek Finds Out

Chapter 9 – Vikas Assumes Control

Chapter 10 – The Reunion

Chapter 11 – Dance Like Old Times

Chapter 12 - Eesha Finds Her Place

Chapter 13  – Adarsh Is Curious

Chapter 14 – Vikas Takes Charge

Chapter 15 – Kriti is Interested

Chapter 16 – Vikas and Eesha Talk

Chapter 17 – Eesha Can’t Sleep

Chapter 18 – Vikas’ Morning Workout

Chapter 19 – Eesha And Vikas Go Swimming

Chapter 20 – Surbhi and Eesha Have Breakfast

Chapter  21 – Vikas talks to Kajal

Chapter  22 – Vikas Joins the Breakfast

Chapter  23 – Vikas and Surbhi Go Shopping

Chapter 24 - Kriti and Eesha Make a Plan

Chapter 25 – Surbhi and Vikas Shop

Chapter  26 – Vikas and Surbhi Get to Know Each Other

Chapter 27 – Vikas Talks to Adarsh

Chapter 28 – Are You Ready to Play?

Chapter 29 – Let the Games Begin

Chapter 30 – Groom’s Sister Joins

Chapter 31 – What Sophie Wants

Chapter  32 - Nabha’s Dilemma

Chapter 33 – Surbhi Has Questions

Chapter 34 – Kriti Gets Her Chance

Chapter 35 – Surbhi Gets Ready For Vikas

Chapter 36 – Kriti Gets What She Craved

Chapter 37 – Surbhi is Summoned

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Series Info

This series info is a little complicated so stay with me while I tell you the story of this story.  I had this idea of a stunningly beautiful girl who is having a destination wedding, and she invites her ex-boyfriend to the wedding. This boyfriend was the hottest relationship of her life. Well, it’s not hard to guess what would happen, this is a porn story after all.  The second thing was who would that girl be. The character Eesha Rebba was in my head even before  I finished the question. They seemed to be made for each other. She would be a stunningly gorgeous girl with an angelic face and a slutty past. She would be so good that it would be amazing to see her bad side.


Next question was who could be that ex-boyfriend who would conquer and claim this beautiful bride. I didn’t want to create a new hero for just one story. Once I decided that it was easy to pick the hero. It has to be Vikas, the good guy who  is amazing at being bad when he needs to be.  We had done this before, using the Vikas world for a spin-off story (Tammy Starts a Business) which seemed to work well. I enjoyed writing it and my readers enjoyed reading it (let me know if that’s not the case). 


While that was a story from the future of the main flow, this one is completely different but does fit in the timeline. In fact, this gave me an idea. I could write more stories like this which would-be a spin-off from the main story. It would give me a chance to write about those girls that I want to cover but whose role will come much later in the flow of the main story. Or I could write about the girls, like the Eesha Rebba character, who don’t have a role in the main flow of the story “Man of Power”. Another use of this could be to write a more detailed account of some journeys that get covered only in basic detail in the main flow, like the Pooja Hegde character. She could use a more detailed and longer account of her journey with Vikas.


Two things would be important in this. One, not all stories would be long enough to fill a book. That’s fine, I could write more than story one and compile them into a book. Two, in the spin-off I need to keep the details of the main story to a minimum so as not to create a “Back to the Future 2” kind of entangled narrative. Done and done. So, I started on this story intending to write a story about 100 pages long, then combine that with another story like this and release them together as a book. I could call it “Man of Power Chronicles” and it could be its own series.


Nope. Not happening.

As I progressed I found out two problems with my writing, well, not problems, just observations.


One, I cannot write in brief if my life depended on it (look at this introduction!) To me, it doesn’t make sense to just write sex scene after sex scene without any details in-between. No, I will never bore you with descriptions of building and the weather in the city but I do want to go into the details of what the characters are feeling. I believe that it gives you more insight into a person and a situation if you know what the people are thinking and feeling. If you know what that girl is thinking about and what she is feeling then it would make more logical sense to you why she goes out with that guy, why she submits to him or why she doesn’t fuck a certain person. But going into detail does make the story longer.


Two, I just can’t write about only one girl. I have tried but it just doesn’t work out. There are way too many opportunities and too many beautiful girls to conquer to focus on only one. That way, I am polyamorous like my heroes. Or they are like me. Whatever. You get the point. So even though this story was about Eesha Rebba, when good characters presented themselves, I took them. But again, that makes the story longer and wider.


Rather than fight those flaws, I simply gave in to them and accepted that this story not only won’t be just half a book, it won’t even finish in one book. So, what you have is first part of the  story in this book and hopefully, I will be able to finish it in the second book. If my readers like this story, I will write more such spin-off stories because I do enjoy writing them.


Now, with that out of the way, I do want to set the stage for new readers who might not be familiar with Vikas and his world.


This story is set in the world of my series “Man of Power.” This is a series about Vikas, who is a good-looking, dominant guy who lives in Bombay and runs an ad agency. He falls in love with Kajal Agarwal and marries her. He is quite polyamorous and without spoiling that story for you, let’s just say he conquers and owns many other beautiful girls than just his stunning wife. Kajal knows it, encourages it and even finds new fucktoys for him.


It was actually Kajal who persuaded Vikas to take possession of his personal secretary Parineeti Chopra who had been in love with him for ages.


When this story starts, he is already married and running his business. He has been expanding his business quite a bit and acquiring other companies as needed. For this story, he travels to Jaipur, alone, to attend his ex-girlfriend Eesha’s wedding. What happens there, you will see in the pages of this story.


You can enjoy this story in isolation without needing to read the Man of Power series, but if you are one of those people who like to read everything in sequence (I know they exist) then I would suggest reading “Man of Power” 1, 2, 3 (they are available as a box pack also) and then read “Tammy Starts a Business.”


This story doesn’t have any characters other than Kajal Agarwal from the main story so there will be minimal overlap.


I hope you enjoy it.




Chapter 1 – Eesha is Inviting Trouble

“But why, Eesha? Why?” Surbhi said.


“I…I don’t know. It seemed wrong not to.”


They waited while a waiter placed coffees in front of them.


“No, it’s not wrong, Eesha. You are not supposed to invite your ex-boyfriend to your wedding.” Surbhi said.


“He’s not just my ex, Sur, he’s…he’s...” Eesha tried to explain “he has a very important place in my life.”


“Really? When was the last time you met him?” Surbhi challenged.


“Well…umm…eight years ago.” Eesha admitted.


“And he’s important in your life?” Surbhi asked.


“That was not his fault. I went to US to study.”


“You have been back for more than a year now. Have you talked to him since?” Surbhi said.


“No,” Eesha shook her head “only emailed him the invitation.”


“And he said he’s coming?”


Eesha nodded.


Surbhi looked around as if she wanted to draw strength from the palace walls “Eesha Rebba, you are a crazy woman, what if…what if you feel something for him? You told me he was the hottest relationship you had. If he comes, you see him and you…I don’t know, run away with him or something?”


“You are being silly now, Sur.” Eesha said “For one thing, he was almost 10 years older than me then. That’s why my parents didn’t approve of him and shipped me off to US for business training. Now he would be even older, I mean, I just crossed 30 myself.”


“But that doesn’t….”


Eesha held up her hand “And, he got married while I was still in US. So he would have mellowed out a lot. He runs a company now. Can’t you see him, being a CEO, married, much older, I bet he would be like an uncle ji by now.”


“That’s easy to find out.” Surbhi said and picked up her phone “What was his full name? I will Google him.”


“Vikas Malhotra.” Eesha said. She avoided looking at Surbhi. Instead she looked around at the palace grounds. They were sitting on the terrace. The Jaipur palace where Eesha was going to have her wedding was had huge rambling grounds with many beautiful terraces and gardens.


“Here it is.” Surbhi said, a second later “Vikas Malhotra, CEO, Visual Communications ad agency in Bombay, married, no children. Let me check the images tab. Shit!”


Surbhi turned the phone to face Eesha “Here’s your uncle ji!”


Eesha’s heart skipped a beat “God!”


“Yeah, you are inviting trouble, Eesha. This man is no uncle ji. He is like a filmstar. He looks like someone designed him to break up weddings. Even I would run away with him, Eesha.”


“Ummm…no, but…” Eesha was trying to find a suitable response as she stared at the photo.


“Actually, that’s a better idea. When he comes introduce him to me say ‘This is Surbhi Puranik, she’s my friend and she’s a great model. You have an ad agency, maybe you should consider her.’ Then he will take over from there, and you know I don’t mind casting couch.”


“I have done many myself before marriage, you know that.” Eesha said “But I can introduce you to Vikas. You would love doing casting couch with him.”


“Oh yeah?”


“Yeah.” Eesha nodded “He has a big dick, like a nightstick, and he knows how to use it. He rocked my world since the first time we met.”


“How stupid are you, Eesha? You are telling me he was the hottest boyfriend you had, he has a big dick, and he looks like this? Are you trying to sabotage your own wedding?”


“Sur, we were inseparable for 3 years. I was head over heels in love with him.” Eesha said “I am going to live in Bombay after marriage because that’s where Adarsh’s job is. You really think I should have given Vikas the cold shoulder? And if I met him in Bombay just pretend that I forgot about him?”


“I don’t know, Eesha. You are inviting trouble.” Surbhi shook her head “You are literally inviting trouble.”


“Come on, Sur, he’s married. He would have cooled down by now. I know he looks good, I mean he looks amazing, but he won’t be the same person any more.”


“Oh really? You are forgetting that you have told me the story of your first meeting with him.”


Eesha’s cheeks coloured “Sur, I was young then, and looking to be a model….”


Chapter 2 -  When Eesha Met Vikas

11 years ago…


“Hi, are you Vikas?” Eesha said, stepping in his way as he got out of a classroom.


Vikas looked her up and down “For a hottie like you, I would have to be.”


She smiled “Thanks. Can we talk? Your friend Rashmi gave me your reference. Can we talk?”


“Will you buy me coffee?” He said.


Eesha smiled “Sure.”


“Ok, then we can talk.”


They went to the college cafeteria. Eesha bought coffees for both of them and they found a table.


“So, what’s bothering you?”


“Well, I am Eesha Rebba. I am in the MBA programme.”


“I have done MBA. Do you need notes?” Vikas said.


“No, no. Rashmi told me you finished your MBA and then you took admission again in Media.”


“Yes, I like photography more than business. Are you planning to ditch MBA as well?”


“Umm, not really, but I am looking to be a model.”


“Ah, makes sense.” Vikas said “Pretty face, nice figure, somebody told you why don’t you go into show business and you decided why not. It’s not that easy.”


“I know it’s not.” Eesha said “But nothing that has any value is ever easy. Like doing two PG Degrees?” she looked at him.


“Touché. Go on.” Vikas conceded.


“Well, there’s a modelling contest, here in Delhi. Anybody can take part.” Eesha said “I want to try. If it worked, I would be able to get some extra income and that’s all I am after.”


“Other than the fame.” Vikas said.


“I wouldn’t mind the fame.” Eesha admitted “As you said I am pretty, and every girl likes to be told she is pretty.”


Vikas nodded “So, you are looking for some nice photos but don’t have the money for a professional photographer, correct?”


“Rashmi told me you were smart.” Eesha smiled.


“I am one more thing.”


“What’s that?”


“A sucker for pretty girls. Just can’t keep myself from helping them.” Vikas said “Alright. Let’s do it.”


“Sure, when can you get time? I can come this weekend, or…”




“Now?” Eesha repeated.


Vikas nodded “I have a friend, professional photographer, I can use his photo studio in the evening when he’s not using it. We can go now and do it.”


“But…I don’t have any dresses with me.” Eesha objected.


“Do you want to win the contest or just make a token effort?”


“It would be nice to win.”


“Then you don’t need dresses, you just need your body, and that lovely face.”


“You mean nudes?” Eesha said.


Vikas said “Eesha, there are two types of people in this world, one, who only want to do as much as they are comfortable with and second, who are willing to do whatever is needed to get the result they want. I am the second type that’s why I am spending 4 more years in this place. If you want to be a model you need to be the second kind as well because, darling, every opportunity lives in that space just outside your comfort zone.”


Eesha nodded “Ok, I am ready. Let’s go.”




They walked to the Model Town area just outside the university campus. Vikas led her to a photo studio and unlocked it with a key from his pocket. Once they were inside, he closed the door and locked it. Eesha was very nervous and wondering if she had landed herself in trouble by being too ambitious.


Vikas took out the camera and tripod and started setting everything up. He ignored Eesha completely.


She stood around then asked “Should I…should I get naked now?”


“No,” he shook his head “I’ll set up the lights and we’ll do a few test shots. Then we’ll get to the real photos.”


Eesha felt reassured. He obviously knew what he was doing. She watched him work and found that she was impressed even before he had taken a single picture. He was focused, confident and skilled. He told her to get on the sofa and pose for him. He took test shots and showed him. They were already impressive enough that Eesha felt confident she had made the right decision.


Vikas said “Let’s start the actual shoot now but before we start I want you to understand something. In this shoot, you are bringing your body, your face, your energy and your charm. I am bringing my skill, my creativity, my vision and my taste. You cannot say no to any pose I tell you to do. After the shoot, you can take all the raw photos and send or not send whatever you want. But during the shoot, I am the boss, I command, you obey. Deal or no deal?”


From his style Eesha knew that he was serious and there was no place for negotiation. He had already given her the option to take the photos after the shoot. She nodded.


“Deal!” She said.


“Good. Now, let’s start on that sofa again.”


She asked “Nude?”


“No,” he said “just take off your dress and pose in your bra and panties.”


“Oh okay, I thought you said…”


“I know, Eesha, these are just more test shots to get you comfortable. When you are naked you’ll be shy with the camera. By the time we get to fully nude I want you to be comfortable and give your best energy to the camera.”


Eesha stood before him and looked him in the eye “I am comfortable now, Vikas. Fully comfortable with you and the camera.” She dropped her dress to the carpet, then her bra and panties on top of it. She stood fully naked in front of him and said “Do me as you want.”


He nodded “Excellent. I like your style. Okay, on the sofa, on your belly, bend your legs at the knee, rest your chin on your knuckles and look at me.” She followed his instructions. He clicked a few photos and asked her to change after each click.


“Now,” he walked out from behind the camera and took his shirt off, Eesha didn’t even flinch “wear this and pose by this wall.”


“Your shirt?” Eesha was puzzled.


He nodded “Yes. Stand here by this wall, with your back to the wall.”


Eesha followed his instructions. He stayed close to her and tweaked her pose. He touched her legs, her arms, and her face, working quickly and without caring how he touched her as long as she was posed the way he wanted. He told her to leave the shirt unbuttoned. He adjusted it painstakingly in a way that it showed part of her tits and even a little sliver of her pussy mound. The shot was very bold but not vulgar. He took more shots in the shirt and with each shot, Eesha could feel her body get excited.


Then he came to her and took his shirt away.


“Do you trust me?” He said looking into her eyes.


There was no hesitation in Eesha’s nod “Completely.”


“Good. I want you fully naked, on your back on this rug. Legs open, arms by your side.”


She obeyed without question. She laid down on the rug in the middle of the room. The feeling of vulnerability was making her pussy pulse between her legs. Vikas adjusted her pose, only touching her lightly to show which direction he wanted her leg or arm to go. Then he came and knelt by her head.


“You are stunning!” he told her “I want the camera to show that. The beauty of your body is not in your body, it’s in your energy. You look amazingly hot, but it’s worthless if you are just lying there. I will bring the camera above you, I want you to look at the camera like it’s your lover, he is about to fuck you and you can’t wait. You have been craving it so badly you can feel the excitement rush through your body like high-voltage currents. Can you do that?”


Eesha almost moaned “Yes, Vikas. I will do anything you want.”


“Good girl.”


“Vikas,” She said softly “I am wet, will it show on camera?”


“That’s quite natural, don’t worry about it.” Vikas said “And I won’t take a full-frontal nude.”


He went and came back with a cardboard box. He held it just above her naked body and said “Don’t move at all, ok?”


As he tilted the box, paper receipts fell on Eesha’s naked body. He shook the box as he moved down her body. Then he carefully picked out most of the receipts and put them back in the box. He let some of them cover her body. He adjusted a few over her tits so they covered her nipples. Between her legs, one receipt was stuck to her wet pussy. He pulled that away and arranged a few more there in a way that most of her pussy was covered and just a sliver of her pussy mound was visible. On either side of her, there were a lot of receipts on the rug.


Vikas clicked several shots this time. He moved the receipts a few times and took more shots. Then came to her and said “Hold this receipt between your teeth. You are doing amazing, by the way.”


With that shot done, he moved all the receipts away and back into the box. He found a long, thin, cotton scarf and gave it to  Eesha. He had her pose with it in different positions, the scarf always covering her tits and pussy in creative ways. Then he took the scarf from her.


“I want to try one more shot.” He said as he stood in front of her “How much do you trust me?”


“One hundred percent,” She said without hesitation “you can make me do anything you want.”


He nodded “It’s not what I want you to do, it’s…so far you have posed naked but I have not touched you. This time I will have to touch you.”


Eesha said “I am in your hands, do anything you need to do.”


“Good. I do like your style.” He gave her the scarf back “Just wipe yourself, we need it this time.”


She blushed a little, her pussy was so wet it had been wetting her thighs. She wiped her thighs and pussy with the scarf while Vikas went to a closet and pulled out the gaming console that obviously belonged to the photographer. Vikas unplugged the controller from the back of the console. He brought the controller with the trailing cable to where Eesha was.


He looked at her “Ready?” She nodded.


Vikas stood behind her and taped the plug on the end of the cable to Eesha’s back in the middle of her shoulder blades. Then he went around her four times, wrapping the cable around her tits. He stood in front of her and adjusted the cable so that the four strands together were covering her nipples and areolas. He had to hold and move her tits to get the look as he wanted. He did it gently but with complete confidence. When he finished, the tops and bottoms of her tits were visible but the nipples were covered. Eesha was breathing heavily now. Vikas carefully threaded the game controller pad, which a player holds in his hands to play games, around the cable between her tits. He did it twice and let the controller hang down in front of her body.


“Is it too tight on your tits?” he asked.


Eesha shook her head “No, just right.”


He nodded and adjusted the whole setup several times  until he was sure that the controller was hanging between her legs right over her pussy. He went back to the camera and checked the framing a few times.


“No, you need higher heels.” He said. Again he went to rummage in the photographer’s closet and came back with 8” high red stilettos that had thin PVC straps.


“You can’t move.” He told her and knelt near her. “Put your hand on my head for support and lift this foot.” Working carefully, he put the heels on her feet and wrapped the PVC straps around her ankles. They tied below her knees.


“Vikas, I think I need another wipe.” Eesha said softly.


“Oh. Ok.” Vikas said. He brought over the box of tissues.


“I can’t move, Vikas. You just told me.” Eesha said.


“Right. You want me to…?”


“You will have to, Vikas.” Eesha said “I am really sorry about this.”


“No, no, you are fine.” Vikas said as he took the tissues out of the box and knelt between her legs “It happens to everybody. It’s an exciting thing, modelling.”


As Vikas was wiping her thighs, Eesha said “Does it happen to you, too?”


“I am not a model, darling.” Vikas moved his hand gently along her pussy touching it only with the tissue paper.


“No, I mean, when you are doing a shoot, like this….?”


Vikas looked up at her “Eesha, you are a stunningly beautiful girl with an amazing body. You are standing here fully naked,  in front of me and my camera. I think it would be insulting to you if it did not have any effect on me.”


Eesha smiled “Yes it would be, that’s why I asked. I am glad you think I am pretty.”


“I didn’t say you are pretty, Eesha,” Vikas paused and looked at her again “I said you are stunningly beautiful.”


“Thank you, Vikas.” Eesha bit her lip “You have to wipe harder, Vikas and between the lips too, otherwise I will be wet again while you are shooting and it will ruin the photos.”


Vikas nodded “I was thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to take any liberties. Right now you are my model and as such in my care and protection.”


Eesha smiled “Aww, that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.  It’s a good feeling to be in your care and protection, Vikas. But now, open my pussy lips and wipe inside my slit. This model is in your care, protection and under your control. Go ahead, baby.”


She bit her lip to contain her moans as Vikas opened her pussy lips with his fingers and slowly soaked up her cunt juices with the tissue. It was a losing battle as she was getting wetter from his touch but finally he got it to a point where she was not leaking even though her pussy was still wet.


“Thank you, Vikas.” Eesha said when he got up.


“You are welcome.” Vikas said. He put the tissues away and checked the game controller’s placement once again.


With everything in place, Vikas took several photos, telling her to lift her hair up, change expressions and even moving her to stand with her back to the wall for a few shots. Finally he was satisfied and told her it was done.


As he was untying the cable around her tits, Eesha said softly “Vikas, I don’t have any circulation in my tits.”


“Oh, sorry, it’s from being tied. Just massage them, they will be fine.” He said.


“No,” Eesha said “they need warmth. You will need to use your mouth. Please?”


Vikas stopped coiling the cable and looked at her. Eesha looked back into his eyes and nodded. He stepped closer, wrapped his arm around her slender waist and closed his mouth around her nipple.


Eesha moaned and said “Mmmmmm, that feels better, Vikas, but suck harder, please.”


He obliged. Eesha stroked his head, pushing her fingers into his hair. “Mmmmm, now the other one, please. Mmmm, yes, just like that.”


Vikas picked her up in his arms and took her to the sofa. He laid her gorgeous, naked body on the sofa and got on top of her. When he pressed his lips on hers, Eesha was more than ready for him. She sucked his lips, teasing them with her tongue. His shirt was still off, but he was wearing a vest that was tucked into his pants. She pulled it out of his pants and took it off. Then she opened his pants. She was sucking his tongue into her mouth as she reached down and pushed his pants and boxers down. She moaned as she took his hot, bare cock in her hands and felt how big and heavy it was.


When they broke the breathless kiss, Eesha whispered in his ear “I am wet and ready, baby, and I think,” she felt his thick, long shaft hard in her hand “you are ready to take me.”


She placed her right foot on the floor to give her more space to spread her legs. She knew she would need it. Then she guided his cockhead to her pussy hole and whispered in his ear “Vikas, take me, baby! I need you.”


He pushed once sharply with his hips and Eesha screamed “Ah, mumma!”


The massive, bulbous cockhead had stretched her too wide before popping into her tight cunt.


She rubbed his bare back with both hands and said “You are such a brute, baby!”


“Want me to go slow?” He said in her ear.


Eesha shook her head “Fuck me the way you want to fuck me, baby. It’s your right.”


Vikas started rolling his hips and Eesha moaned with the fresh pain from her pussy. But the pain had a sweet, erotic quality to it and Eesha wanted more of it. She pushed her hips up to help him penetrate deeper. Instead of jamming his massive beast fully deep into her cunt, Vikas only penetrated a few inches deep and started doing in and out strokes.


“You know what a stunning babe you are, don’t you?” He whispered in her ear.


“I love to hear it every time you say it.” Eesha said, pushing her ass up with his strokes.


He kissed her and sucked her lips, then continued kissing her cheek and her neck. His breath was hot on her skin and she was squirming uncontrollably under him.


As her body started to get hotter, she started to moan and whisper in his ear “Mmm, harder baby, I won’t break, fuck me like you want to.”


Vikas increased the force of his strokes and Eesha loved how his cock conquered her pussy, going deeper with each stroke. She started pushing her ass up, lining her pussy up for his thrusts and moaned when he drove his thick hard cock deep into her body.


“That’s it, baby. God, feels so good.” She moaned in his ear “Fuck me, honey. Take what’s yours. Make this pussy yours, baby. Ah!”


She arched her back, her ass leaving the sofa as she came hard. Vikas continued drilling her cunt and slammed her ass into the sofa again and again. She clung to him with both arms and sucked his neck. Her breath was hot on his skin as Eesha kept her face close to his and panted as she came on his cock.


“Oh Vikas! Ah, Vikas, fuck me, take me, baby. Claim what’s yours.” She kept speaking in his ear “You know you want to break me, baby. Just break me and claim me. Ah, mumma!”


Under his expert, hard fucking, she came again almost as soon as her first orgasm was finished. Her body thrashed on the sofa like a fish out of water. She closed her arms around his naked upper body and squeezed tight until her soft, firm tits were being crushed by his chest. Her pussy was gushing with juices, soaking his throbbing, hard cock with her cum.


He pressed his lips on hers and kissed her slowly but thoroughly. Eesha loved the intimate feeling of having his tongue in her mouth while his cock was drilling her so hard and deep. Her pussy was cooling down a little after the orgasm but her body was still quite hot. She knew he would bring her to the boiling point again very soon. She parted her lips and drank his saliva like she needed to quench an old thirst. He kept fucking her harder and faster. Eesha started to moan louder as Vikas’ cock slammed harder into her cunt, nailing her ass into the cushions.


“Oh, baby!” She screamed as he exploded inside her and she felt like he was pumping burning hot lava into her womb. His cock was way deeper in her than any man had ever been before and Eesha could feel him flooding her womb with his hot seed. It was like he was marking her deep inside and Eesha was overwhelmed with heat and desire. She sucked his lips as she came again, her heat merging with his heat and raising the temperature of the room.


“God, baby, you are such a monster!” She kissed his lips.


“You bring out the wild beast in me, gorgeous.” He said.


“Since you like deals so much, I have one for you.” She said while he was still fucking her but with slower, smoother strokes.


“Oh really? Tell me.”


“From now until the contest results come I will come to you every day,” Eesha said “and you can fuck me every day, in any position you want, anywhere you want.”


“And in return?” He smiled.


“In return you tell me how pretty I am and how I bring out the beast in you.” Eesha also smiled.


Vikas grinned “Deal!”




“I am sure you kept the deal?” Surbhi said.


“Of course.” Eesha said “The next day I went to his room to pick up the pictures and he fucked me all night. I came back the next morning and dumped my boyfriend.”


“You had a boyfriend? You didn’t tell me that before.”


Eesha nodded “He was a sweet guy but he was no match for Vikas.”


“Hmm, you won the contest, I think you told me that.”


“Yes.” Eesha nodded “First place. That photo with the game controller did it. They loved the photos so much they called Vikas for a meeting. He got regular work from them after that.”


“That good, huh? How long did you need to wait for the contest result?”


“Six weeks.”


“And Vikas fucked you every day of those 6 weeks?”


“Sur, by that weekend I was his property.” Eesha said.


“Property? Oh my god! You never told me that. I thought you said girlfriend.”


“Maybe I left out some details.” Eesha bit her lip.


“What details?” Surbhi demanded.


“I will tell you later, right now I have to get ready to go to the airport and pick him up.”


“You are picking him up?”


Eesha nodded.


“Want me to come with you?” Surbhi offered.


“No, you are fine. I can go alone.”


“But won’t it be safer for you if I….”


“Oh, it’s so late. I must go and get ready. Bye, bye, bye.” Eesha got up and walked away towards her room before Surbhi could insist on coming with her.


Chapter 3 – Eesha Picks Up Vikas

Eesha looked at the shoes in her closet. They were all high heels but some were higher than the others. She had picked her dress for this two days ago. It was  a halter dress in gold glittery fabric. It had a deep neck and no back. Vikas always liked backless dresses. It wasn’t skin tight but it wasn’t very loose and clung to her curves in sexy ways. She was not wearing a bra and the silk fabric clung to her full, firm breasts when she walked. Her nipples would poke through the thin fabric when they got hard.


On her hips the dress stuck to her butt and outlined her buttocks the same way it was outlining her tits. It covered down to her mid-thighs. Vikas had trained her pretty early to stop wearing panties. She had gone back and forth on this decision when putting on the dress, but finally decided not to wear panties. The dress being so clingy she had wanted to wear panties but then she thought it would be rude to wear panties when welcoming Vikas. They would outline in the thin dress and he was sure to notice. No, she could not be rude to him.


With that wide, loose neck of the dress, Vikas could easily reach in and grab her bare tits. Not that he would or that she wanted him to, she was getting married in a week, for god’s sake. Still, she had dressed for three long years with exactly those questions in mind – could he grab her tits, could he finger her, could he bend her over? – every dress or outfit she wore for those three years had to be measured on those criteria. He had trained by the simple process of reward and punishment. If she dressed well, he would fuck her, sometimes several times a day, and if she didn’t do well, he would either make her beg for his cock or even worse, fuck her but wouldn’t let her cum.


She had learnt fast. Within a short time all her dresses and outfits had becomes bold and accessible, the way Vikas liked. Even when she went to classes and wore mini skirts, she made sure she was easily fuckable in them. Short skirt and no panties. Any time she came across him on the campus, he took time to grope her or fuck her if he had more time. There was no closet or classroom in that huge building where she had not taken Vikas’ cock in her at least once. A few times he had fucked her in her hostel room as well but mostly she spent time at his room just outside the campus. The matron had had a problem with Eesha staying out of the hostel pretty much every night. Vikas had had a meeting with the matron and she had no problems with her after that.


Her hair was freshly shampooed today. She ran the brush through it again. She used to have her hair long down to her waist, but Vikas liked her hair shorter, just to the middle of her back so that her bare back would show in the backless dresses he liked on her. She had got it cut as he liked and never gone back to any other style even with eight years of no contact with Vikas. She looked at her heels again and picked up a 5” high heel shoe. It had no platform. She picked up the 7” stilettos that had 3” platforms.


“A whore in whore heels is nothing special, but a good girl in whore heels, mmmmm, that’s mind-blowing.” Vikas used to always say.


Maybe 5” heels were enough for today? If she wore the whore heels, maybe that would send the wrong message? But then, how would he feel if she came to pick him up in shorter heels than he liked? He was sure to notice. He always noticed everything about her. There was not an inch of her body that he didn’t know. There was not an inch of her body that he had not possessed and used. Eesha put  on the 7” stilettos.


She put a long jacket over her dress in case she ran into any relatives on the way then walked out to her car. The palace was huge and had many places to park cars. Eesha always parked hers behind her room where she could reach it quickly through a series of narrow shortcuts.


From Rambagh Palace to Jaipur airport was only a 20 minutes drive and this being Saturday, there was not much traffic. As she drove, Eesha thought back to her last meeting with Vikas. She had gone to say goodbye to him at his room before going to US. They had fucked for four hours straight. Then he had driven her to Delhi airport. He could not see her off all the way because her father was going with her and both her parents hated Vikas. She had not gone directly to her family. Instead they had found an empty toilet stall in the ladies’ room and Vikas had fucked her again. On her 15 hour flight to New York, she had had his cum in her cunt and the taste of his cock on her tongue while she sat next to her father.


Eesha licked her lips as she relived that memory. Was Surbhi right? Was she inviting trouble by inviting Vikas to attend her wedding? Eesha had had many boyfriends before Vikas and even after him, but nobody had had that kind of impact on her life. He had literally moulded her to be his perfect girlfriend and she still thought of those three years as the happiest time in her life.


She parked the car at the airport and went inside.  If she was aware of how many men turned to stare at her, she didn’t give any indication of it. Eesha even on a normal day was a heartbreakingly beautiful girl. She was the girl who crosses the road in front of your car and  you die inside a little bit because she is not with you and never will be.


When designing her face, Nature had made a heart-shaped mould and then pulled it down a little bit more to make it more charming and soulful. She had lovely eyes not just big but deep and dark which gave you the impression that she could look into your soul and see all the beauty that you had. Beauty that even you didn’t know you had. Her nose had that perfect-shape quality, not too big, not too small, not too upturned, not drooping, for which people take appointments with expensive plastic surgeons. Nature had given her that nose as a gift along with the lips. Her skin was the colour of smooth caramel which made perverts lick their lips at the first sight. Even if she wore a sleeveless top, her skin attracted interested stares like the bat signal calls for batman.  Her lips were just a shade lighter than her skin and had that plump, luscious look that’s called kissable without looking like a pornstar. When she wore dark red lipstick like she was wearing today for Vikas, her lips inspired more dirty thoughts than a book by an erotica author.


Her shapely, well-rounded tits outlined and displayed in this deep-neck, thin dress were heavy enough to need a bra but looked dynamite with their natural sag when she didn’t wear a bra. Today, she was not wearing a bra. Her hard, poking nipples were slightly hidden by the busy pattern of the dress, not that she cared. She was justifiably proud of her legs which were long and shapely. Even in jeans, people ogled her legs shamelessly, but she wore short dresses often, including today. They were legs tailor-made for high heels. Not too skinny, perfectly tapered, well-toned legs that caused as many erections as her tits did.


There was a pattern which followed like clockwork where she loved her ass then thought it was too big then loved it again. But that was just her. No boyfriend of hers had ever complained about her ass. How could they? It was a thing of beauty. It was nicely rounded, tight and very firm. She focused a big part of her workout on keeping her ass in perfect shape. The habit had started in college when she had found, to her surprise, how much Vikas liked her ass. He had claimed it soon after they started fucking and nailed it regularly. Quite often he found excuses to give her punishment so he could spank her. He didn’t need an excuse as she loved him spanking her ass but she found that he liked having an excuse more. After that, she had started giving him excuses regularly. Many times, they had had fake fights or she had talked back to him so that he could spank her. Her pussy clenched at the thought of how his calloused hand used to feel on her bare ass. She moaned to acknowledge the thought and brought her attention back to the present.


Ignoring the drooling mouths and staring eyes, she found an information board and checked for Vikas’ flight. It was about to land in a few minutes. She waited and wondered how she would greet Vikas. In the past, there had been many times when one of them had gone away for a while and the other had to do the pick up. But then, she was his property. When she went to pick her up, she followed his strict dress code. Usually, she wore a skimpy top and a very short skirt. Vikas would come out and in the first hug itself, he would grab her ass and knead her ass cheeks without caring about the crowds around them. Most times, he grabbed her tits if she were wearing a wide-neck dress. She had started buying scoop neck dresses then. Of course, she could not let him do any of that today. Those times were different.


Almost every time she had picked him up, they had ended up fucking in the car even before going home. More than once she had sucked his cock in the car. But then she was his property, his personal possession. She was always hungry for his cock. Even in a group setting, she never said no to his cock, in fact she loved it when he fucked her with other people around. But no, today, she would simply give him a hug like old friends. A handshake between them would be ridiculous. Yes, a hug was ok. Friends hug, don’t they? But she will need to remind him to keep his hands above the waist. She was wearing a scoop neck dress, but that didn’t mean he was allowed to grab her tits. She was someone else’s fiancée now. Not property, but fiancée, to be married. That’s how mature people had relationships in the real life. What she had had with Vikas was a fantasy life, just a sex-crazed fantasy life.


The board showed the flight had landed and showed a gate number. Eesha started walking towards the gate. Her whore heels were making a click-clack sound on the hard marble floor of the airport and Eesha was glad she had chosen the high heels. Vikas would approve of them. Not that it would matter. She was dressed for herself, not for him. But still, it would be good that he won’t have something to find faults with.


She remembered those times when he found “Things to improve” about her. The spankings, and harder punishments. How she used to beg for her orgasms, how she used to be wet in class thinking about him. Oh no, she was getting wet now, she realised. No, think of something else. But how, she was walking to meet him. Eesha got to the gate and waited. Her heart was beating faster. She saw people coming out and greeting their loved ones – tight hugs, passionate kisses, intimate greetings. She kept looking into the customs corridor to see if Vikas was coming out yet.


And then suddenly, he was there. Dressed in a simple white tshirt and sports jacket with faded blue jeans, he was pushing a luggage cart and looking around for her. Eesha found her heart beating so hard like it would burst out of her chest. He looked even more handsome if that were possible. She felt like the years had not gone by, she was here to pick up her boyfriend and Master. He would nail her outside in the car and then take her home and fuck her the rest of the day. They will order pizza, and do nothing but fuck and eat all day.


“Looking sharp, pet.” Vikas smiled as he walked up to her “Oh, sorry. Shit, I haven’t used your name in years.”


“It’s ok, Master.” Eesha said then realised “I mean, Sir, I mean…argh…this is not easy!”


For years, she was only his “Pet”, “Bitch” or “Whore” and in private she always called him “Sir” or “Master”. In public she said “Dear” or “Honey” or just avoided using any mode of address at all. Now she was finding how ingrained those habits had become.


Eesha’s skin was the colour of smooth caramel, heartbreakingly beautiful to look at and an invitation to caress.  Vikas took her hand and caressed the back of her hand with his thumb. Eesha went into his arms like a boat docking at its familiar pier. She closed her arms around his tall, manly body and felt like she was home. His hands caressing her soft, bare back were sending sweet, delicious currents into her body. She squeezed tight until her soft tits were crushed on his chest in her thin dress. She could feel his heartbeat. His breath on her neck was warming her skin.


She said softly in his ear “Have you forgotten how to hug me, Sir?”


Vikas laughed and let his hands slide down lower to cup her ass cheeks. He kneaded her buttocks slowly as they hugged. Eesha pulled her head up and looked into his eyes. She slid her hand around his neck, pushed her fingers into his hair and pulled his face to hers. She pressed her lips on his and parted them slightly as she always did. Vikas touched her bottom lip with his tongue and Eesha parted her lips more, welcoming his tongue to enter her mouth. He took her invitation and pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth, exploring her hot, sweet mouth. Eesha could not count how many times she had had this kiss. There were many times when she had to be apart from him for a few days and during that time she would anticipate that kiss, the first kiss when they would meet again. She found that she had been anticipating this today as well.


“You taste more delicious, if anything.” Vikas smiled as they parted after a passionate, intimate kiss.


“I was going to say the same thing, Sir.” Eesha flashed her beautiful smile.


He shook his head “Vikas. You should call me Vikas now. You are going to be married in a week.”


Eesha shook her head “I will be damned if I will let that come between us. I haven’t used your name since the first time I came to meet you and I am not going to start now.”


Vikas laughed “Shall we go? This way?”


“You know…” Eesha said getting into the driver’s seat after putting Vikas’ suitcases in the back “I would not mind if you called me ‘pet’ or ‘whore’ while you are here.”


He laughed as he put his seatbelt on “Not a good idea, baby.”


“Oh, like calling me ‘baby’ is such a great idea?” She countered and put her own seatbelt on “You know how my pussy throbs when you call me ‘baby’.”


“Ummm, Eeshu, anything I say will make your pussy throb. I can’t help that.”


“Mmmmm, Eeshu is the worst.” She said.


Vikas grinned “Maybe I should just go back by the next flight? Might be safer?”


She reached out and grabbed his arm “Don’t even joke about that. I am so happy to see you.”


He cupped her cheek in his hand “Likewise, darling.” He leaned in and kissed her lips softly.


Chapter 4 – Eesha Admits Her Mistake

“I think you were right, Surbhi.” Eesha said.


They were walking along one of the beautiful tree-lined paths of which the palace had many.


“I usually am. But about what this time?” Surbhi asked.


“Surbhi, I saw him and I immediately had the same feelings like I used to have when I used to be his whore.”


“Tell me this thing first, you never talk like this and now suddenly you are talking like a pornstar telling me you were his property or his whore. What’s that all about?”


Eesha took a short pause then continued “Surbhi, Vikas was very dominant, he is, I mean. After the shoot, he fucked me again the next day when I went to pick up the photos from him. Then as per our deal I went to him every day that week and he fucked me every time. Now, here’s what you need to understand. I mean, try if you can…it’s hard to explain if you have not experience it yourself. When Vikas fucks, he doesn’t fuck.”




“He claims a girl. He has a big dick, but that’s not his biggest charm. His charm is in the way he makes you feel. When you are with him, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You are the only girl for him. But, you are also his. Now, I can’t tell you how he does it, I have no clue, but when you are under him, and he’s taking you, you are his. The whole world doesn’t matter, only he matters. You belong to him and it’s the best thing in the world. You getting it?”


“Not really. I never had a boyfriend like that.”


“Me neither. Except Vikas. There’s nobody like him.”


“Ok, let’s say, he dominates a girl and knows how to claim her as his. Then?”


“By then we were only fucking, as per my deal that I had offered him. But, every time I was with him, I felt amazing. All the time I was not with him, I missed him. In class, in social, in my room at night, if I was not with him, I thought about him and I wished to be with him. Like desperately wanted to be with him.”


“You were in love with him.”


“Exactly! So, that weekend, I told him I would really want to be his girlfriend. He said he didn’t want a girlfriend but if I were open to it, he would like to own me. I said yes without asking what it entailed.”


“What the fuck!” Surbhi stopped in her track.


“Yes,” Eesha stopped for a second then both carried on walking “he accepted me as his property. The sex was even hotter that night. Next day we went to the market, Vikas bought a leather collar.”


“Like a dog collar?” Surbhi’s eyes opened wide.


Eesha nodded “Yes, a dog collar and a leash.”


“Fuck!” Surbhi said “Did he really put it on you?”


“Not there, but later at his place, yes. From then on when I was at his place, I wore the collar, even when not having sex. And many times he put me on the leash.”


“You are fucking blowing my mind right now, Eesha!” Surbhi said “I have only heard of those things in like bondage porn and some such shit.”


“Look, Surbhi, I am not gonna tell you you are wrong or anything but…baby, when I had that collar around my neck, my pussy started pulsing right away. When he attached the leash, I was soaking wet in seconds. I started to wear high-neck tops to my classes so that I could wear my collar. I loved to feel it around my neck.”


Surbhi opened her mouth and looked at her wordlessly.


“Then on my next birthday,” Eesha continued “he gifted me a silver choker with jewels on it. It had a lock in the back.”


“With a key?”


Eesha nodded.


“Then it was a collar?” Surbhi said.


“Yes. And once he locked it around my neck, only he could unlock it. Because it looked like jewellery I could openly wear it all the time. I can’t tell you how happy that made me.”


“How long did you wear it?”


“The whole time I was with him. Then I took it to US with me. I took it out every time I missed him. That collar has been soaked in my tears many times.”


“Wow, so it’s not a figure of speech.” Surbhi said “He did really own you.”


“Yes, very much so. And when I saw him at the airport, Surbhi, it was like…I can’t tell you how it felt.”


Surbhi said “Where is he now?”


“In his room. I left him to freshen up and rest. We have that thing in the evening.”


“And now you are wondering if it would be…”


Suddenly a loud noise disturbed their conversation. Both girls turned.

Chapter 5 – Vikas hurts himself

They turned to see what the commotion was and saw a bunch of people gathered around and looking up. The girls followed their gaze and saw a child on top of the building. He looked like he was about 8 or 10 years old. He was on top of the circular dome on one of the small rooms. There were several domes like that around the palace roof.


Eesha and Surbhi walked up and someone told them the story. The boy was the son of one of the hotel doormen. He and his sister were playing on the roof chasing each other around. The boy had ran up the dome as his sister chased him. As soon as he climbed on it, he realised his problem and grabbed the ornate pole that was sticking out of the middle of the dome. The sister who was older and smarter had immediately gone to get her parents. Now the boy was stuck there hanging by that pole and afraid to let go. The fall from the dome was about twenty feet.


His parents were among the people gathered below in the crowd. Everybody was shouting instructions but nobody knew if they were reaching the boy or if he was paying attention to anything in his terrified state. If he could have pushed himself around to the other side of the dome, the fall was much smaller but the boy was afraid and wasn’t letting go of the pole. Some people went inside to try and climb on to the dome to help him. Surbhi told somebody to go and get some bedsheets to catch the boy in case he fell.


While all this was being done, the boy’s arm got tired and he lost his grip on the pole. He slipped off the dome and fell towards a low concrete railing. The palace had been standing since 1835. That railing had survived about 185 rains and 185 summers. It did not survive the weight of the boy. Several pillars and a few concrete and stone pieces fell. Even if he could somehow survive the fall the barrage of concrete would crush his young body. People fell back as the pieces of railing started raining down. Surbhi and Eesha held their breaths.


Somebody smashed through the crowd, grabbed the boy out of mid-air, spun around out of the way of the falling concrete and hugged him tight while the rest of the concrete rain fell around them. Then he put the boy on the ground and held him by the shoulders.


“Are you ok?”


The boy was shook up by physically ok. He slowly nodded. His parents rushed through and claimed him, the mother weeping loudly. The man got up and turned away from the scene.


“Vikas!” Eesha cried as she lunged forward.


She reached him in a few quick steps “Oh my god! You were a godsend. Oh god, you saved that boy’s life!”


Surbhi was right on Eesha’s heels.


“Vikas, you are hurt!” Eesha cried out.


He turned his hand up and there was a piece of concrete sticking out of the back of his left hand.


“It’s nothing.” He pulled it out. Blood started pouring out of it.


“Oh, shit!” Eesha looked for something to stop the blood. She was wearing a tank top and ripped jeans. She started to take her top off.


Vikas put his hand on her hand “Eeshu!”


“Wait.” Surbhi said. She was wearing a cotton shirt and tank top. She took off her shirt and wrapped it around Vikas’ hand.


Somebody was sent to bring the first-aid box. Eesha led Vikas away towards a sitting area not far from where they were.


“That was dumb, you could have been seriously hurt!” Eesha said as she pulled a chair for Vikas and made him sit down.


Vikas laughed “Stop that, pet. This is nothing.”


“How is this nothing?” Eesha flared up “So much blood. You should not have put yourself in harm’s way like that.”


“And let the kid die, I suppose?” Vikas said.


“Somebody else would have saved him.” Eesha said.


“Nobody would have, Eesha.” Surbhi said “People just moved away. Nobody stepped up. Only he did. Hi, I am Surbhi, by the way.”


“Oh yes, sorry, this is my friend Surbhi Puranik, she is also a model.” Eesha said “And this is Vikas…well, you know.”


“I am super impressed, Vikas.” Surbhi said “You stepped and acted with courage and quick thinking. It was amazing.”


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