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Man of Power 2: Honeymoon Family Trip

Korben Hunter

Man of Power — Book 2
Korben Hunter
Bookapy (Oct 2021)

Man of Power 2

The Honeymoon Family Trip



Korben Hunter


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All characters, situations, events, places, activities and artefacts in this story are fictional. Romeo is a fictional character, his world is fictional, the film industry he works in is a figment of imagination, the people he interacts with are fictional. This is a story written purely for entertainment and all the elements in this are fictional, created for the purpose of making the story interesting and enjoyable. Any similarity to any person, living or dead, shall be considered a coincidence for which the author and the publisher shall not be responsible.



Adult Content Warning


Please be advised that this is a very adult story, what would be called X-rated in the US content rating system and XXX by the internet rating. There are a lot of sexual situations and graphic descriptions of sexual acts between men and women contained in this story.


This story includes a lot of sexual language including many hard core terms. This is a story written for entertainment and the situations as well as the actions performed by the characters are not real nor is it advised to follow their example in real life. The story includes many examples of polygamy, polyandry, cheating, cuckolding, and some elements of BDSM and incest. This is a story from fantasy and is not meant to be followed in real life.


Readers are advised to exercise discretion while reading the story and not get immersed in it to the point that it blurs the boundaries between real and fantasy. This is meant to be fun, read it purely for enjoyment. The description of any acts in this story is not an indication that they are endorsed by the author or the publisher.


It is not the intent of the author and publisher to insult, defame, damage, degrade or demoralise any group, sect, religion, gender or industry. This a story based on fantasy written for enjoyment.



This story continues from the first book: Man of Power 1 – Power Seduces All.


In short, the story revolves around Vikas Malhotra who lives in Bombay and runs an advertising agency. He falls in love with Kajal who works as a receptionist in a modelling agency with whom Vikas’ agency, VisCom, does business.


As events proceed, Vikas dates Kajal Agarwal, proposes to her and marries her. During this part an opportunity presents itself which gives Vikas the chance to bring his mother-in-law, Kajal’s mother Sonali Bendre (before marriage name), under his control. From then on, he owns Kajal as well as her mother.


For his honeymoon, Vikas takes not just his wife but all her family with them to a month-long trip of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. When this story opens, they are on a cruise in these parts.

Chapter 14


In the dining room, Sonali said "Kids, my hands are all sticky with the balm, I will go clean my hands and take a bath. You girls eat and have fun."


Ileana was in the dining room and as they took their seats at a table, Sony also came in. They both served Kajal breakfast. Shriya and Amisha just took tea.


When the waitresses were out of earshot, Shriya said "That girl is very sexy, and the way she dresses, it's very attractive to men." She nodded towards Sony Charishta.


Kajal said "Yes, all the guys have been drooling over her, haven't they?"


"Yes! Ever since we came on board." Shriya agreed "But I think she has been making a play for your husband. You should be careful and watch out."


"Oh, don't worry." Kajal said casually "Vikas has already fucked her!"


"What?" Shriya said.


Amisha spit up her tea.


"Yeah!" Kajal repeated "He has fucked her already. Both your husbands wanted to do her as well, but Vikas was the only one who had a real shot."


"Prakash would not shut up about her." Amisha admitted "He didn't realise that I could see how much he wanted to fuck her."


"Well, Hemant was quite taken with her as well." Shriya joined in "He kept trying to find excuses to call her over during dinner."


"Exactly!" Kajal's voice had triumph "Every man on the ship wants to have her. I told Vikas to go and claim her. And he did."


"Wow! And you are okay with it?" Shriya had forgotten her tea by now.


"As I said, I was the one who told him to make her his bitch."


Shriya shivered "Oh my god! I suspected that he had fucked her or was going to fuck her, but I didn't know you knew. I was trying to warn you but..."


"Listen, ladies, my husband is a very powerful man." Kajal explained patiently "And he's damn handsome. Girls will always fall at his feet. But I am his wife. I like the feeling of my husband conquering beautiful girls. It gives me a thrill."


"But what if you lose your place, sis." Amisha said, breathless with this fast talk.


"It's up to me to keep my place." Kajal said simply.


"Wow! I could never imagine you would think like that." Shriya said.


"I am not the middle-class, closed-off girl I was. Being with Vikas, and being away from him, has changed me. It has made things very clear to me. Trying to be a nagging wife with him, I would just lose him. Instead I choose to enjoy him and his power!"


"So, you are okay even if he fucks any other girl on this ship." Shriya pressed.


"Yes. He could call you to his room and bang you all over the cabin for all I care." Kajal told Shriya.


It was Amisha who replied "Well, he is the power in the family now. He is in charge of everything. I guess that means he can have what he wants."


Kajal smiled smugly "And you are two beautiful girls of our family. If he wants you, do you think your husbands have the power to stop him?"


"My husband loves him more than a brother. He would probably invite Vikas to our house and say 'Enjoy!' while he watched TV!" Amisha said.


Shriya agreed "Yes, I think Hemant is like his fan. He will do whatever Vikas says. I suspect if Vikas said 'Can I have Shriya for a night?" my husband would say 'No, a night is too short. Take her for a week!'"


Her smile even wider now, Kajal said "You will be in for a treat. He's not only good-looking, he's extremely well-blessed below the belt."


"I noticed while I was massaging his leg." Shriya said, biting her lower lip.


"And he really knows how to make a girl scream his name. Over and over." Kajal was getting a little breathless talking about this.


"Really?" Amisha was all ears now.


"Believe me! From the first time that he took me, which was on our second date, I knew I was under his power. There's no way I would give him up even if he fucked a thousand girls a week."


"Wow!" Shriya squirmed in her seat "You must have enjoyed that week alone with him."


"Oh yes! He had fucked me many times before marriage also," Kajal shared "but that week, it was amazing! Every muscle in my body was sore when I came back and joined with you guys after the week."


"Lucky bitch!" Amisha said to her sister "Last time I had decent sex was that night we came on board and my husband met Sony."


"Hey! Me too!" Shriya chimed in.


"Sorry to tell you poor bitches, but my husband has banged me at least twice every day, even on the ship. The last time was this morning when I woke up early about 6 AM and found his pole hard with the morning wood."


"Fuck!" Shriya cursed thinking of that image.


"He looks pretty big. Does it hurt?" Amisha asked.


"Every single time!" Kajal said proudly "And he knows how to make it hurt in a way that you ask for it over and over again!"


Before the two envious girls could say anything more Kajal's phone beeped. She looked at it and smiled.


"Time to go and be my husband's good little whore!" She said and got up.


They watched her walk away.


"Damn! She's so lucky!" Shriya said.


Amisha asked "Do you think she's telling the truth?"


"Yes. One time I went to her room to call her and Vikas for dinner. I was about to knock on the door when I heard her moans and screams from inside. And later when I saw her at dinner, she was walking stiff."


"Fuck! My husband has never fucked me like that. Ever!" Amisha said wistfully.


"Me neither. She's right to be proud."


"And did he really do that girl Sony Charishta or Kajal is pulling our leg?" Amisha asked.


"That's also true. I didn't tell Kajal, but I saw Vikas leaving Sony's room myself when I was lost looking for the gym. She kissed him at the door when saying goodbye, and she was fully naked at the time."


"No way!" Amisha said shocked.


"You are so simple." Shriya said "Have you not noticed how all the waitresses jump at Vikas' every gesture?"


"Well, they serve us all very well." Amisha argued but only weakly "Of course, Vikas is handsome and rich.."


"Silly girl. Honey, did you not even notice that Vikas got them to take their panties off the first night and open 2 buttons of their shirts?"


"Yes, I did see that." Amisha admitted.


"And since then, none of the waitresses wear panties, did you see that?"


"I did but I thought it was my imagination."


"No, honey." Shriya said "It's real. Their skirts have got shorter, their bra and panties have disappeared. Maybe Vikas even fucked Sony again in the club last night. It's not like our husbands would have noticed, with all those sexy, half-naked girls around!"


"If you know all this why were you massaging his legs today?" Amisha looked puzzled.


"Because I want to be on his good side. He can fuck whoever he wants, that's between him and Kajal, but he is always good to us. He has treated us nicely and helped everybody anytime we needed it. And he brought us here. Living the life we live, do you think our husbands would ever have brought us out of India?"


Amisha shook her head "No chance. I have to try all kinds of tricks and nagging if I even want a new dress. A foreign trip like this? No chance!"


"But Vikas got you a nice dress for Kajal's birthday, no?" Shriya asked.


"Yes, and one for their engagement, and three dresses for the wedding and reception parties. That's more than my husband has bought me in last 3 years." Amisha vented her true feelings.


"Same for me. He has bought me, directly or through Kajal, dresses and sarees and shoes for all those occasions. From my husband I never got a pair of shoes after our wedding. I have to save money secretly from house allowance if I want anything. Vikas bought all of that for me, without my asking, and he didn’t ever mention it. Most of the time he did it through Kajal so I would not feel obligated to him."


"Hmm, you are right, Bhabhi, Vikas is extremely good to us. And he has never made a move on me. Never any double meaning comment or putting his hand in the wrong place or anything. Always been a perfect gentleman!"


Shriya nodded "Exactly the same with me. But if he did make a move..."


"Yes?" Amisha asked with wide open eyes as Shriya stopped.


"Well, I will be stupid if I say 'No'!" Shriya blurted out.


"Fuck! Bhabhi! Will you really let him..."


"Are you saying you won't?" Shriya challenged.


"Ummm. I am not sure. I mean....you know, he is very powerful but I am married. and you know..." Amisha faltered.


"Don't give me bullshit, Amisha. If Vikas wanted to lay you, you will cooperate like a good girl."


"How can you say that?"


"First two years of marriage, I was working. And my boss wanted me to make him happy. He called me to his cabin and explained that I could either sleep with him or lose the job. I didn't tell this to your brother but I told him I was thinking about leaving the job. He panicked. He told me we really needed the money."


"Oh! So what did you do?" Amisha was holding her breath.


"I went to the office and slept with my boss. Then he used to take me home once a month when his wife wasn't home and nail me properly. About once a week he used to keep me late in office and fuck me in his cabin."


"Oh my god! For how long?"


"As long as I worked there. For 2 years." Shriya said simply.


"And brother never found out?"


"No, I saw no reason to tell him."


"Why did you leave?" Amisha asked.


"After I got pregnant, I had to leave the job. But I had that miscarriage and then I didn't have the courage to go back to that same office and face the people. I didn't want sympathy."


"I am sure your boss wanted you back."


"Yes, he emailed and called several times. He wanted me back. I went and met him at a hotel once but I didn't go back to the office."


"And when you met him at the hotel...."


"Yes!" Shriya said "He fucked me in his hotel room."




"He was good!" Shriya answered the question Amisha was about to ask "He was better than your brother!"


"Oh." Amisha said and went silent.


"What about you?" Shriya asked "You used to work didn't you?"


"Yes. Before marriage."


"And did you sleep with your boss?" Shriya felt she was entitled to her story now that she had bared her own soul.


"I was a middle class girl, getting 25000Rs. monthly salary. Of course, I was sleeping with my boss." Amisha said.


"I would have called you a liar if you had said otherwise." Shriya told her.


"No, it's just between you and me. After my 3 weeks of probation, he called me to his office and reminded me that in one more week company will make a decision to keep me as permanent or to let me go. He said permanent girls had certain extra responsibilities."


"Did he explain what responsibilities?"


"Yes, he pointed to the sofa in his office."


"Oh! What did you do?" Shriya was listening with close attention.


Amisha said slowly "I went to sofa, took off my panties, pulled up my skirt and said 'Yes, Sir. I am a responsible girl, Sir!'"


Shriya nodded "Right choice, I think! That was only the first time, wasn't it?"


"Oh yes!" Amisha nodded "He fucked me for a whole year, whenever he got the chance. He was also married, like your boss, so he could only do me when his wife would not find out."


"You stopped when you got married?"


"I left the job when I got married." Amisha said with a nod.


"How many days before?"


"Only a few days before. But I went to pick up my last salary after the marriage." Amisha shared.


"From accounts department or the boss?" Shriya was curious.


"Boss had the cheque in his cabin. He congratulated me for my marriage...on his sofa."


"Doesn't matter if you are married, boss is boss, right?" Shriya said, making clear that she totally understood.


"Of course. I had worn a skirt for that reason and not saree. I knew he would want to do me one last time. He fucked me well, then gave me the cheque. He had made it like company was letting me go, and given me 3 months salary instead of one."


"At least he took care of you."


"Yes, he was a good boss."


"If you were working now, you'd submit to your boss still, wouldn't you?" Shriya asked.


"Is there any other way of working? The job may be respectable but boss always owns your ass."


"So, now you know why I respect Vikas' power?" Shriya said softly.


Amisha nodded "Yes! I do. He is nice to us and he takes care of us but ultimately he is a man of power. He may be my brother-in-law but if he wants something from me, I will need to be a good girl and give him whatever he asks for."


Shriya smiled "Exactly! I am the same. When Kajal said if he wants to fuck us she'll let him, I was thinking it's not like we will object, sister."


"Well, right now, he is the man in our family, he is the head. Even mummy will have to bend to his will if he wants something done or changed in the family affairs."


"Sometimes I worry about mummy ji." Shriya said.


"Why?" Amisha frowned.


"Maybe she doesn't understand that Vikas is now in-charge. Like when he said we should all dress in shorts and stuff when abroad, she was arguing with him. Kajal and I had to talk to her later to make her understand."


With a thoughtful nod, Amisha said "I see. Well, right now she was wearing shorts and massaging his leg. That's a good thing."


"Yes, I hope she's getting sensible. It's not like before when she was running the family and we all obeyed her."


"I agree."




Out on the open deck, the object of their discussion was lying with his eyes closed, completely relaxed. He opened his eyes as he heard some sounds nearby. It was Sony Charishta carrying a tray with a glass on it.


"Hello, my stud Master." She said softly, almost under her breath so the sound wouldn't carry.


Vikas took a moment to admire her. She was wearing the tiniest of bikini bottoms with a small, see-through sarong over it. The top was just enough to cover her nipples and areolas with little triangles of cloth but not much more.


"Hello!" He said with a smile not adding the words "you hot little bitch!" but he thought them and she could see them in his eyes.


She put the glass on a little table next to his lounger.


"What is this?" He asked.


"This is the drink that would get you addicted and have you come back to these parts looking for it." She said with a smug smile.


"Oh, this is cocaine and orange juice cocktail? I have heard about it, never seen it before."


With a sexy giggle, Sony said "No, Sir. There's no such thing. This is orange juice made with the Thailand oranges, with just a tiny bit of fizz added to make it interesting. Once you taste it, you won't be able to have enough of it. Once you go back, you will miss it and come back here to find it."


"The only thing I might miss back there..." Vikas quietly slipped his hand between her legs as she sat on her haunches next to his chair and rubbed her pussy under the sarong.


Rubbing her pussy on his hand, Sony said "This thing will be available for you to devour, as you want, when you want, in just a couple of months. I am making arrangements already to move. But don't let that stop you from enjoying it while you are on the cruise."


"Of course." He squeezed her pussy in his large hand which made her moan.


"I do have a message for you this morning, Sir." Sony said.




"That girl you were dancing with last night, she sent a message."


"Evelyn? Yes, I nailed her last night."


"No, no. The actress. The two actresses from India..?" Sony reminded him.


Vikas thought back to last night and remembered that he had run into the young actress called Kiara Advani right after he had fucked Evelyn Sharma in the toilet.




"Your hand can go lower down there, you know?" Kiara whispered in his ear, talking about Vikas' hand which was staying on her waist or above as they danced "There are no barbed wires, no electric fence."


"Are you sure?" He spoke in her ear in the crowded ship's nightclub "It does seem like prime property."


"Feel free to explore!" Kiara said, slowly grinding her soft, young body against him.


They danced for a few minutes then Kiara said "How come you are not doing that thing?"


"What thing?" Vikas asked.


"That thing that all men do when they meet me."


"What's that?"


"They all try to give me their card, or take my number or something." Kiara explained.


"Well, what's the hurry? We just met."


"Damn, why are you so cool?"


"I am married, honey."


"Don't give me that bullshit. You just banged that waitress in the toilet."


Vikas watched over Kiara's shoulder as Evelyn led Prakash towards the toilets.


"She was asking for it." He said in Kiara's ear.


"I have to ask for it too, if I want you to do me?"


"You are not that desperate. You are young, beautiful, a successful actress. And this ship is full of dozens, if not hundreds of men who would love to take your...number."


"What if I want to give you my number and not them?"


"But I told you I am married."


"Married men can also have girlfriends."


"I don't have girlfriends, baby."


"What do you have then?" Kiara was kissing his neck as they chatted about sex.


"Bitches that I can nail when I want."


"Oh, fuck! You are so bad!" Kiara whispered in his ear and nibbled on his earlobe "And it makes me want to have you inside me even more."


Vikas laughed "Maybe you are a bad girl inside yourself."


"Maybe you should spank me so I learn my lesson." She said in a husky voice in his ear.


"There are lots of men who would like to spank you. Many of them single as well. Why do you want to join the queue for a bad man who is already married?" He said.


"Hmmm. It's like if you are in a room where there's one basket of good apples, but everybody is after them. And there are many fruits that are just lying free, but they are unripe, or rotten, or not tasty. Or maybe some are good but you don't know. Isn't it better to go for the ones you know are good?


"Even if you have to join a queue?" Vikas pointed out.


"Yes, even if you have to stand in queue with your legs open and wait for your turn to be used." Kiara had already forgotten her fruit analogy in her drunken state.


"Good point." Vikas said "Excuse me, I need to sit down for a while, I am too warm now."


Kiara stood and looked at him as he walked back to the table.


Closer to the table, Vikas saw Evelyn sitting there with others. He looked at her, she nodded almost imperceptibly.


After a few minutes of chat with the others Vikas got bored. The guys were quite drunk by now, including Guddu. They were trying to have fun but didn’t even know what they were saying. Vikas took out his mobile, held it under the table and sent a text.


"Are you awake?" He sent.


"I am awake and ready for use when you want." Sonali's response came within a minute.


Vikas slipped away without saying goodbye and knocked on Sonali's door. She opened the door in a long, sheer nightie with nothing under it. In less than a minute from closing the door behind him, Vikas was inside her.


Her nightie was open and spread on the bed around her as Sonali opened her legs and took Vikas' hard cock deep into her cunt. Their fucking, with regular practice had become smooth and comfortable. Even though his big cock hurt inside Sonali's cunt, her pussy squeezed his big pole like she was moulded around his thick, veiny shaft.


With his hands gripping her shoulders, Vikas nailed his mother-in-law hard, rocking her whole body with the powerful strokes. She moaned and yelped as she came around his cock, her nails digging into his back. Vikas was still dressed except for his jeans being open around his waist.


Using longer, harder strokes, he fucked his beautiful mother-in-law even as she came and moaned his name over and over. His teeth dug into her soft neck as his cock exploded inside her and pumped his hot cum into her body.


No command was necessary for Sonali to kneel by his side and lick his cock clean.




"Where were you?" Disha asked as Vikas slipped into the booth again a few minutes later.


"Dancing!" Vikas said simply.


"Oh!" She leaned in "I bet you are a good dancer."


Disha kissed his cheek. She was quite drunk as well.


The club was open all night but about 4 AM, Vikas said he was going to bed. That broke up the party as others liked the idea as well. Out of all of them, Vikas was the least drunk so he walked Disha and Kiara to their stateroom. Sony and the girls were not drunk, they were used to drinking on the job and keeping their wits, they escorted the guys to their staterooms.


At the door, Disha kissed Vikas on the lips "Thank you, handsome stranger, for keeping us safe."


"You are welcome." Vikas said with a smile.


Kiara had already gone inside, now she turned back, came to the door and kissed Vikas, on the lips.


"Thank you, handsome bad boy!" Kiara muttered "Call me!"


She had forgotten that they had not exchanged numbers.




That was the last he had seen of the young actress. And now Sony was holding a piece of paper in her hand telling him it was a message from her.


"She was asking me about you and your number. I said I did not have that but I could take a message to you. So, here is her message."


Vikas took the paper and opened it. It had a simple sketch of two feminine legs, open wide as if the girl is sitting facing the camera, between them a phone number written down in pen. And below that "Call me. Kiara."


"Not very imaginative but at least the message is not confusing." He said with a grin as he showed it to Sony.


"They are pretty hot girls. Plenty of boys after them." Sony shared "But they will both spread for you on your command."


"We will see." Vikas rubbed her pussy again "I will nail you this afternoon, after lunch."


"I will be ready, Sir." Sony agreed "My room?"


"No, Kajal is going for a dance class with the ladies. You come to my room."


"Okay, Sir. As you wish."




Chapter 15


Sony had just gone when Vikas' phone rang. It was Parineeti.


"Hello darling!" Vikas smiled as he answered the call from his beautiful secretary.


"Hello Sir!"


"How are you doing? How is Goa?"


"I am good. Goa is nice, but I am hating it."


"Arre! Why?"


"Because you are not here." Pari said in a pouty voice.




Half an hour ago.


Parineeti was settled on her lounger with her book and enjoying the Goa Sun. Jacqueline came and settled on the other lounger with a drink.


"Goa is for drinking, not for reading, you little bookworm!" She said to Parineeti.


"Well, it depends on what you enjoy. I enjoy reading." Parineeti said but she picked up the drink.


"You are such a geek. You work in an ad agency, you are personal to the hunkiest boss in the company, and all you do is read."


"What should I do instead, Miss fun and games?" Parineeti accepted a margarita from the waiter who appeared next to her chair, so did Jacqueline.


"You should be climbing that handsome boss of yours like a cat climbs a pole." Jacqueline illustrated the actions from her chair.


"Oh really? And by the way, I am not personal to him, I am his personal secretary."


"Same thing, no?"


"No!" Parineeti insisted "I am his secretary, not his personal slut."


"By this time you should be his personal slut." Jacqueline persisted.


Parineeti was feeling the effects of the alcohol and finding it easy to speak out what was in her heart "It's not like I don't want to be, but...he...I don't know...am I not pretty enough? I mean I know I am not like his wife, Kajal is gorgeous, but…I thought.."


Jacqueline shook her head "You are pretty. Very pretty. But you are a good girl. I think he needs a spicy hot girl like me."


"Shut up! He's my boss!"


"He is but you obviously can't handle him."


"I can, too. I kissed him in the party." Parineeti boasted.


"You are lying!"


"Nope. I did. Right on the mouth, too."


"How long have you worked under him?" Jacqueline asked.


"Two years."


"And you managed to kiss him in two years. Big deal!" Jacqueline was also a little tipsy and speaking freely now "Let him come back from his honeymoon, I will have him in me within the week."


"But he's married now!" Parineeti pointed out.


"So what? Married men fuck around more, not less, darling!"


"Oh wow! Really?"


"Yes. And as soon as that super hot boss of yours comes back, he will be drilling hot pussies all over the company. I will make sure mine is the first one he drills."


"No, you won't, you little bitch!" Parineeti suddenly felt very wronged by her best friend "He's my boss. I am the one he should have as his slut on the side."


"You had your chance, my love. Now it's my turn. As soon as he comes back to the office, I will make sure he knows how willing I am to bend over his desk."


"He knows what a cocktease you are!"


"I am a cocktease for those pathetic little boys in the company, baby. For a real man, I will be his dirty little whore. And believe me, I know how to let a man know that he has full access with me."


Parineeti suddenly took out her phone from her purse "You will seduce him when he comes back, I will tell him now."


"You have his number in Indonesia?"


"It's the same number, he has international roaming. He just doesn't pick up all calls."


"What makes you think he will pick up yours?" Jacqueline said "He is on his honeymoon, with his gorgeous wife. Why would he take your call?"


Parineeti pressed "Call" in her contact book "Because I am his personal!" She put the phone to her ear.




"Hello Sir" Parineeti said 2 seconds later "I am good. Goa is nice but I am hating it!"


Jacqueline smiled as Parineeti stuck her tongue out to her.


"Because you are not here!" Parineeti said into the phone.


"Aww. Are you missing me, sweetie?" Vikas said.


"Yes, sir."


"Well, Goa is such a romantic place. Find some young buck and have fun." He suggested.


"No, sir. I am missing you. I want to come here with you next time."


"I am sure we can arrange that. Why don't you arrange the company retreat in Goa next time?"


"No, Sir. I don't want the company. Just you and me. And Goa."


Vikas laughed "Okay. Okay. We could do that."


Rhea walked to Vikas' lounger while he was on the phone and handed him a plastic bottle of sunscreen. She then put down a towel on the deck and lay face down on it.

Without saying anything she looked at Vikas and signalled him to rub the sunscreen on her back.


Vikas got off the lounger, squeezed the phone between his head and shoulder and knelt over Rhea. She was wearing a tiny bikini which had very little material and tied with string straps. Vikas squeezed some cream on her back and started rubbing it in. Rhea pulled all her hair on the towel to the left of her head and turned her face to the right.


As Vikas’ hands moved down her back, Rhea reached back and untied the strings of her top. She bared her back fully as the little top fell open.


"Yes, the cruise is fun." Vikas said into the phone "Should we go for a cruise instead?" He reached down to undo the strings of Rhea's bikini bottoms.


She reached back and slapped his hand away "Naughty Jiju!" She said in a hushed voice, looking at him from the floor.


With a grin Vikas went back to rubbing the cream into Rhea's skin. His fingers worked the oily cream into her young, supple skin as he talked to his secretary on the phone.


Rhea didn't say anything when his hands went below her waist to rub cream on her buttocks that were almost fully exposed in the little bikini.


"Sir, am I your personal secretary or your personal?" Parineeti asked Vikas on the phone.


"I am sure you are both, but what's the difference? And have you been drinking?"


"Just margaritas. They make really nice margaritas here. We should have them when we come here next time, just you and me."


Vikas squeezed and kneaded Rhea's young, firm ass cheeks as he rubbed cream into them. She didn't stop him. When his hands moved down to her thighs, she opened her legs more so he could reach all around her legs as much as possible. Her pussy was covered by the little bikini bottoms but all around that Vikas rubbed cream, feeling how smooth her skin was. Rhea kept her legs open and gave him full access to anywhere his fingers went.


By the time Vikas finished rubbing cream on Rhea's feet, his phone call with Parineeti also finished. He hung up and was about to get up when Rhea called him closer.


"Yes, baby?" He bent near her.


"Closer, Jiju. Closer. Closer!" Rhea kept saying.


When his face was right next to hers she lifted head and kissed him on the cheek "Thank you, Jiju!"


"Welcome, darling!"


Bringing his phone up again, Vikas texted Kajal "I want you under me! Now! Meet me in our room. Naked!"


Kajal was already there and in bed when Vikas got back to their stateroom. She was fully naked but had the sheet up to her chest. Vikas simply took off his clothes as he closed the door. Then he jumped into bed.


For the next one hour, he made Kajal moan and scream like crazy as he devoured her like a beast.




Sonali knocked on the door and waited. Her heart was beating fast.


Vikas opened the door.


"Hello Sasu maa!" He let her in.


"Everybody has gone to the dance class and I need to join them as well." Sonali said breathless as Vikas closed the door.


"So what are you doing here then?" Vikas said, but even as he spoke, he was taking her hands and pushing her up against the wall.


"Just wanted to say hello to my favourite son-in-law and show you that I am wearing shorts." She was indeed wearing shorts and a crop top and looked amazingly hot for her age in that simple outfit.


"Yes, I have seen you have started wearing shorts now. They look good." Vikas leaned in and kissed her neck.


His left hand was holding her wrists to the wall above her head. With his right he mauled her soft tits in the small top. Sonali moaned and submitted to his hands and his lips.


"Can I go?" She asked in a moaning voice.


"Do you want to go?" Vikas asked as he pushed his hand under her top and kneaded her bare breasts. Her bra was a demi-cup, giving him easy access.


Sonali shook her head "Mmmmm, God! No!"


"What do you want to do, Sasu maa?" Vikas continued playing with her body, kissing and sucking down her neck and between her tits.


"To have your cock in me!" Sonali breathed in a sexually charged moan.


"But you have no time, do you?" Vikas pressed his thigh between her leg and started grinding slowly. He knew exactly what he was doing to his sexy mother-in-law.


"No! But I miss your cock. Oh, and I love that you are taking control of me and the family openly now."


He nibbled on her earlobe "You are my bitch, Sasu Maa."


"Yes!" Sonali breathed "Yes, I am, Sir!"


"I will nail you tonight." He let her go and slapped her ass.


"Yes, Sir. Thank you for last night!"


"You are welcome. Now go before I jam my cock in you and you miss the dance class."


"Mmmm!" Sonali visibly had to tear herself away to go.




Knock! Knock!


Vikas opened the door. It was Sony Charishta.


She opened her coat as she entered, underneath she had a very skimpy lace nightie on. Vikas greeted her with a kiss. His hand went under her nightie and she gasped as he pushed two fingers up into her cunt. She was already wet and only got wetter as they kissed while he fingered her pussy.


A second late her nightie was lying in a corner and she was on the bed with Vikas' big, hard dick inside her. He sat on the edge of the bed and she was impaled on his lap. She leaned forward, put her hands on his shoulders and started riding his cock. Each stroke made her moan loudly as it hurt so deep inside her but she took it in, rolled her hips and fucked herself on his massive shaft.


The door opened quickly and Kajal entered in a rush like she had been running. She closed the door behind her and turned to the bed.


"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" She spoke fast and breathlessly "I am sorry! I am sorry!"


"Mrs. Malhotra!" Sony exclaimed and started to get off Vikas "I am sorry.."


Vikas grabbed her hands and held her in place on his dick.


"What are you doing here, babe?" Vikas looked at Kajal while slapping Sony's butt to make her keep riding his cock “Don’t stop, cunt!” He told her.


"Sorry, patidev, I got trapped by that weird lady from the deck below. She always asks stupid question about how much first class costs and how much money you make...I just saw her and ducked in. I am sorry to disturb you."


"But do you know...?" Sony was now getting the idea.


"...that your are my husband's bitch? Yes, of course, baby!" She came over beside Sony, held her shoulders and kissed her cheek "Wow, you are even sexier without clothes."


"Urm...thanks..." Sony was riding Vikas' big cock again and the whole situation got to her. She came hard and had to abandon the rest of her words in favour of breathless moans and groans.


Watching her as she stood beside her, Kajal moaned as she witnessed Sony’s hard, body-shaking orgasm.


"Mmm Patidev, will you fuck me after her, please?" She pleaded.


"No!" Vikas turned Sony over, dumping her hot, naked body on his bed. He grabbed her by the hair, pushed her face into the pillow and continued drilling her hard from behind while standing on the floor beside the bed "This is Sony's time. You go to your dance class. I will nail you after the class."


"Aarngh!" Kajal whined "Yes, Sir."


She came close, leaned down beside Sony and whispered "You lucky bitch!" and kissed her cheek. Then she kissed Vikas on the lips quickly and went out the door.


On the way to the dance class she saw Evelyn Sharma going to the pantry.


"Evelyn!" Kajal stopped her "My husband wants two iced-teas in his room. Can you please take them to him?"


"Yes, Ma'am."


"Don't knock on the door. It's open, just go inside." Kajal turned away with a mischievous smile on her lips.



So, it happened that Evelyn entered Vikas' stateroom without knocking and found a naked Vikas sitting on the bed with a naked Sony Charishta kneeling between his legs and licking cum off his cock.


"Oh, shit! I am sorry, Sir.!" Evelyn halted in her tracks "Sorry, Sir. Ma'am said....."


"Come in, close the door." Vikas said. Evelyn followed.


"Get naked and come here." He told her.


Evelyn put the tray on a table and followed this command as well. As she walked close to him, Vikas reached up, grabbed her hair and guided her down to the floor beside her colleague. Then both girls sucked Vikas' cock, working together cooperatively. He got hard very quickly as two beautiful girls shared his cock. Then he bent Evelyn over the bed and pounded her hard.


She grabbed the foot of the bed and spread her legs wide. She had been thinking about Vikas’ cock since the morning and as she felt him enter her, she gave out a deep, satisfied moan like this is the moment she had been waiting for. Vikas held her by the hips and started drilling her tight, wet cunt with long, powerful strokes. Her body rocked forward with each thrust and she tried to hold on and push back on his cock.


In a few more strokes his cockhead was hitting her cervix and Evelyn’s body was very close to her first orgasm. She lowered herself down to her forearms and pushed back harder. Vikas’ thick cock was pounding her hard, his thighs were slamming into her ass with each thrust. Evelyn moaned and yelped with his forceful thrusts.


“Aah, may I cum, Sir? Please!” Evelyn asked in her sweet, accented voice.


Vikas slapped her tight, perfectly rounded ass. She moaned again.


 “You may cum, slut.” He said as he made his strokes harder, making a loud noise in the room from the way his thick cock pushed into her soaking wet cunt. The rhythm of his thighs slapping her tight, bare ass was creating its own sound.


Evelyn screamed and arched her back as she came hard. She placed her head on the bed so that she would not fall. Her yelps continued with Vikas’ powerful thrusts but her eyes were closed and she was completely immersed in the pleasure of her orgasm. It took her a minute to ride out the long, hard orgasm. Then Vikas’ cock erupted in her cunt and that made the aftershocks of her orgasms so intense that they felt like mini orgasms in themselves.


“Oh, god, you are the best, Sir!” Evelyn moaned as she felt him pump his hot load into her womb.


When he took his cock out of her soppy cunt, she again knelt between his legs on the floor so that Sony and she could lick him clean like good little bitches.






Rhea knocked on the door and entered. Vikas and Kajal were in their stateroom, on the bed, under a blanket. Watching TV.


"Are you both naked?"


"No!" Kajal said.


"You dirty girl!" Vikas grinned.


"What are you doing?" Rhea asked.


"Watching a movie." Kajal replied.


"Oh wow, Spiderman!" Rhea stepped out of her slippers and got into bed next to Vikas. "I want to watch, too."


"Hey, what are you doing?" Kajal objected "I am watching a movie with my husband."


"Didi, I know he's your husband. And you are his wife." Rhea with a sweet innocence "Can't you share him a little bit. I love him also, na?"


While Kajal was trying to think of a good response for that, Rhea got under the blanket and pulled Vikas' left arm around her shoulders. She held his hand with both of hers between her breasts.


"Jiju, I am your saali, aadhi gharwali, feel free to cuddle me also." Rhea said to Vikas.


Kajal said "Hey, listen, don't be too smart..."


"Kaju!" Vikas interrupted her "Why are you making a big deal out of it. She is my saali and it's okay if she watches the movie with us."


"Ji patidev!" Kajal said, submitting to his authority.


"Thank you, Jiju!" Rhea turned her face and kissed Vikas on the cheek.


As they watched the movie, Rhea under the blanket with Vikas, guided his hand to her chest and placed his fingers around her breast. Vikas gently moved his hand from her breast, but she brought it back again.


Vikas left his hand there and as Rhea squeezed her breast with his fingers, he slowly started to knead her soft, firm breast.


When the movie finished, Rhea kissed Vikas on the cheek again and went to her room. Vikas laid Kajal on the bed and fucked her.




It was a lovely afternoon and Vikas was looking over the ocean from the open deck. This was his most favourite place to be. There was a smaller open deck behind the First Class section as well but Vikas preferred the open space of the big deck facing the open ocean.


After the intense fuck session, Kajal was taking a nap. He didn’t feel sleepy so he had come out with a book and was actually enjoying the view from his lounger while the book lay face down on his chest .


He heard somebody get into the other lounger on his left. He turned his head and said “Hi!”


The other person was a man of about 50-55 years, of Indian origin, most of his hair was grey, dark skin, large round face, stocky body. He was wearing long shorts and a tropical shirt.


In response to Vikas’ greeting he gave an uninterested grunt and continued looking at his mobile phone. Vikas mentally shrugged and started to read his book.


“Get me a beer!” The dark guy said when Sony Charishta passed by.


“Sure, Sir.” Sony said and stopped by Vikas “Would you like anything, Sir?”


“No, darling. I am ok.” Vikas said. He slipped his arm around Sony’s leg and slowly caressed her bare thigh, his hand moving up to her butt. She was in a skimpy bikini, most of her gorgeous body on display.


“Did you like that Thailand orange juice drink the other day?” Sony asked, in no hurry to move from there and openly submitting to Vikas’ groping.


“Yes, that was very nice.” Vikas said, squeezing her tight ass cheek.


“Can I bring you one of those?” Sony pressed her ass into his hand.


“Okay, I can’t say no to those. Thank you, darling.” His fingers were able to squeeze and knead her ass cheek as if she were naked.


“My pleasure, Sir.” Sony said but didn’t move from there until Vikas took his hand off her butt.


During this whole exchange the dark gentleman was looking at Sony and Vikas with an open mouth.


Sony was only gone a few seconds when Amisha came out.


“Vikas do you need a pillow?” Amisha asked.


“Oh, I am ok. Thank you. I am not sleeping, just reading.”


“No problem. I am going to my room, if you need anything, just message me and I will bring it. “


“Thank you, Amisha.”


Again the dark guy was staring without even knowing he was staring.


She was hardly gone when Evelyn came by. She was also dressed in a tiny bikini.


“Hi Sir! How are you?” She came right up to him and stood near his right hand.


“I am good, darling. How are you?”


“Very good, Sir. Thank you. Jasmin said you have been jogging. Should I massage your legs?”


“So, sweet of you ask, honey, but they are ok, I am used to running.”


“Come on, Sir. You never let me do anything for you.” Evelyn pouted.


“Well, ok, if you insist, hon.”


Evelyn sat down next to his lounger and started massaging his leg. The dark guy was watching with wide eyes and open mouth. Evelyn Sharma was a stunning beauty any day. But in a bikini she was the kind of mind-boggling beauty that would make a pilot fly his plane into a tree. The dark man had no chance to not stare at her.


Sony came with Vikas’ drink.


“Why didn’t you say your legs were hurting, Sir?” Sony asked. Even as she was handing the beer to the dark guy she was ignoring him and looking at Vikas.


“They are not, sweetheart. Evelyn just insisted that massage is essential for a runner.”


“She is right, Sir.” Sony placed his juice drink near his hand and sat down on the other side of the lounger to massage his other leg.


The dark, fat guy had no eyes for his beer. He was looking at the two beauties serving Vikas.


“Hi!” He said to Vikas “I am Moolchandani, Paritosh Moolchandani.”


“Vikas Malhotra. Nice to meet you.” Vikas said, he didn’t try to shake hands.


“I am in the first class.” Moolchandani said.




“Sir is also in first class.” Evelyn told Moolchandani.


“Oh. I joined the cruise in Singapore. I was working on a business deal there.” Moolchandani said importantly, then added “A big deal.” Just to make it clear.


Vikas nodded.


“You might be wondering why you have not seen me in the first class dining lounge” Moolchandani carried on without any encouragement from Vikas “You see, I eat at the Captain’s table. All the VIPs have dinner at the Captain’s table.”


“I see. You must be very important.” Vikas agreed.


“Well, if you would like, I can talk to the purser to get you a seat at the captain’s table. Mind you, the seats are limited and I can’t promise anything but…”


“That’s very kind of you but I always eat with my family.” Vikas said as civilly as he could manage “But I appreciate your kind thought.”


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