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Amity Series: #1 - Storm

Kris Me








Amity Series:


#1 - Storm





By: Kris Me








Well fuck me, how does a twenty-first-century thirty-five-year-old Earth guy survive in the Dark Ages, as I saw them, and on an unknown planet?


It all started when I brought a box of books and found a strange metal box at the bottom of it. That box changed my life in ways I would never have believed possible.






Copyright © 2016 Kris Me - All rights are reserved


This story is the work of Kris Me. Before you copy more than one page or ten percent of the content, you must contact me as per the Copyright Act 1968, Australia.


First Published by Storiesonline World Literature Company: 13/05/2016 as Amity: 1. Storm.


Last updated: 30/04/2021


The book cover was designed in Microsoft Paint 3D using art that is my own, copyright-free or covered by creative commons license for commercial use from https://pixabay.com/






~~ Adult Themes ~~


This book is part of an erotica science fiction series. It is NOT recommended for people under the legal age to access such stories, depending on the reader's country of origin.


The books may contain what some people consider vulgar language, references to religious icons, violence, coercion, murder, and-or rape scenes.


Some scenes may describe intimate heterosexual, bisexual, gay and-or group sexual activities. If you are homophobic, you may find some scenes in this series of book distasteful. In most cases, these scenes are integral parts of the story.


Some of the books include imaginary races capable of changing their gender and/or form into other animals. Copulation, while the characters are in their alternate animal forms, may be described.


This book DOES NOT contain descriptions of bestiality or coitus between persons closely related by blood.






If you find any of my assumptions fabricated, I would like to remind you this is a fictional story, and I have probably taken liberties with reality, as you know it. The humanoids in this story are not based on anyone I know or have read about.


Australian based dictionaries were used for reference, and Grammarly was used as part of the editing suite. The story was written in Microsoft Word.


If you find grammatical or spelling errors, they are not the fault of my editor or proofreaders who did try to fix my work. However, I do tend to fiddle around after the fact, so all errors are my own.


If my Australian colloquialisms or terms need clarification, or you just wish to correspond, I'm more than happy to answer your emails. You can send them to:






The Wiki:




The Wiki contains information about the Keltrian people, wizards, the Keltrian magical items, colloquialisms and adapted words that have been created for this universe. Maps, character lists and other information that may relate to this book could be found.




This is the first book:


Chronologically, this story starts before the Delta series but finishes after that time. This book can be read as a separate entity to that series since it centres around a different planet.


In later books, there are links to events and characters in the Delta series. To follow the evolution of some of the characters, it is best to read the first eight Delta books, this story, and then the ninth Delta book - Trixy.


I created a fictional universe called the Keltrian Universe, where a lot of my stories are bases. Earth and Amity are but two of the many planets settled by the Keltrians.


Tens of thousands of years ago, the Keltrians learnt that one of its three suns was dying. They had been warned of the events to come and that they had to flee the home system.


However, they did have a few centuries to prepare. So, they sent wheelships controlled by wizards out into the galaxy to find and seed worlds suitable for their people to move to.


The Amity series shares a few of the stories of how some their descendants survived on their new worlds.






Special thanks to Anna Dapter for deciphering my dyslexic scribbles. I also wish to thank PapaKilo14, Town Car and Johnny Sinclair, who edited the original posting.


Thanks to all of the readers who have pointed out I do make mistakes. Lazeez also gets a special mention.


I hope you enjoy the story.


Kris Me




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Chapter 1


Well, fuck me!


How does a twenty-first-century thirty-five-year-old Earth guy survive in the Dark Ages as I saw them and on an unknown planet?


Not bloody easily is what I'm telling you.


It all started out innocently enough.


I'd gone out early one morning to do some last-minute shopping for my next trip away. On the way home, when I was riding past on my pushy, I noticed a Flea Market was going on at the local school.


On a whim, I stopped and went in. I didn't really need anything, as I was just cruising and amusing myself. No one was waiting for me to get home. I didn't live near family and had been single by choice for several years.


I justified this detour by deciding that I could pick up some cheap books to read on my flight to Mt Isa the next day. That, of course, depended on if there were any books worth selecting.


My name is Grey Green, yeah, I know, my mother's sad sense of humour. I worked as a Travelling Trade Trainer and let my company send me all over the State of Queensland to fill in when other trainers were sick, left suddenly or were on long-service leave.


I lived in a single bedroom apartment in a high-rise building on the outer edge of Brisbane's city centre in a suburb called Southbank. I didn't own any pets, as they are way too much trouble when I could be away for a month or more at a time.


I'm about 190cm (6' 3") tall and 84kgs (185lbs) when ringing wet. I run several days a week and ride a pushy (bicycle) in the city as I don't own a car. I do like to live dangerously, grin.


I keep my reddish-nutmeg hair short on the sides and back, but it is longer on top with a side part. My complexion is what I'd call a light olive. I tan rather than burn, and I don't have very many freckles.


My eyes are green-grey and change with my moods. Storm eyes, my dad used to call them. Hence, Storm was his nickname for me, and I use it as my name. He's been gone for a long time now, and I still miss his wacky sense of humour and bear hugs.


My nose doesn't own my face, but it has a bump on the top and a slight twist on the tip from being broken by a cricket ball in my high school years. I consider that my shoulders are broad enough, and my pecs are passable to give me a nice body shape.


I think my legs are my best feature. The running and bike riding keep them in fairly good shape. I often run with weights to work my arms and shoulders. I guess that I'm good looking enough that I can find company if I feel like it.


Apparently, I have a cute butt, but I don't look at it often enough to say otherwise. I do know it's a pain to buy pants that are long enough to reach my ankles and that fit my small waist. I've been told I don't look as old as I am. Possibly the short hair with no grey and a healthy body gives that impression.


I take care of myself and have never had a wife or kids.




Anyway, I was walking around the flea market when I spied this young guy.


He had a big sign beside his table that said, 'Estate Sale'. Not many people were at his tables, and he was bored, so he was happy to explain to me, why he was there. It turned out that his grandmother had recently died. She'd packed a heap of her stuff up into about twenty transport-sized book boxes.


Her last will had stipulated that he had to sell the stuff in the boxes, as is. If he just threw them out, she would haunt him, and he wouldn't get the rest of her estate. Each box had a number and a price tag. They were ridiculously cheap, like a tenna for the box and its contents.


He had to record the boxes number and the price for his solicitor. He even took a picture of the buyer if they didn't mind. He told me that the old bat had a few million put aside and some valuable property worth even more.


I guessed that was what he really wanted, and he was going through the motions to get his hands on the estate. Unless he could prove he sold the stuff, the money would go to an Animal Aid Society, as well as her haunting him. He chuckled and told me that if I'd had met her, then that threat would be enough to scare anyone.


He had the boxes open so we could see what was in them. Some of the stuff in the boxes honestly looked like junk to me. Then I came across one box that had rows of very old fantasy fiction novels on top.


Most of them were written before 2000. I was sure that I hadn't read many of these books. There was even a couple of fascinating series' that were written by authors I knew and liked, but I couldn't remember reading these particular books.


I love to read real books despite modern technologies with mobile phones, portable e-pads, computers and the new Peepers being the norm.


With all the travel that I did, books were an excellent way to kill time. You didn't have to turn them off on the plane, and the batteries didn't go flat on you. Plus, I liked to turn real pages rather than scrolling.


I decided for ten bucks, the box of books was a bargain, just for the top rows of books alone. I paid the man and then wondered how I was to get the box home. Luckily, I lived close by. I got him to put a sold sign on the box, and we taped it back up.


I took my bike and my shopping home and then walked back to the school. He'd sold a couple more boxes, and we chatted a bit longer about the crap people would buy. Like whom would want to buy a box of old stuffed toys or crocheted doilies?


I wished him luck in selling the rest, happily collected my treasures and headed home again.




When I got home again, I put my shopping away.


I checked my large camping backpack over once more and my smaller daypack, so they were ready for my trip. I added my new razor, roll-on deodorant and the new tube of toothpaste to my toiletry bag before packing it too.


The next job was to clean up the apartment. I realised how little I owned while I cleaned. I would be away for seven weeks this time. My eighteen-year-old niece, Mary, was going to house sit for me. She had a set of keys, and she would take possession the next day.


On a whim, I scribbled on a piece of paper.


'Dear Mary Voltinay, if I don't come back from my trip, I hereby leave my apartment and all it contains to you. My mum, Haley Green, can have what's in my bank account. She knows the bank account number. Love, Uncle Storm (Grey) Green.'


I didn't have a real will, and I didn't know if this was legal or not. They were the only two people in my family I had any time for anyway. I couldn't stand the rest and avoided family parties like they had a plague.


An hour later, my mate, Tom Gillian, from next door, dropped by for a beer. I reminded him Mary would be here tomorrow, and I asked him to look out for her.


He saw the note on the table and read it. "You have to have a witness for that to be legal," he informed me.


Jokingly, I told him to sign and date it, so he did. He said I had to sign it too, so I added my signature and a date and pinned it to the fridge for Mary. We finished the beer, and he left me to my packing.


I made a quick dinner of sandwiches and decided to rummage through the books in the box as I ate. I knew that Mary would read any of the books I left behind.


Then I found the metallic box.


Its length was equal to the book box's width, and its width was about half of the longer side. It was also about 15cm high when I got it out of its snug fit. It intrigued me, as I couldn't for the life of me; see how to open the box.


I wiggled it, shook it and looked at the sides, but I couldn't even see a seam or determine which side was the top. It was too lightweight to be a solid block but heavy enough to indicate that it wasn't empty. It didn't make any noises, so what was inside wasn't loose.


After several frustrating minutes, I gave up and went back to looking at the books. I put the two series on the bookshelf and dropped a couple of the loose books on top to collect in the morning.


I had to be up early, so I grabbed one of the books and headed to bed. I was not ready for sleep and hoped it would help me drop off.


For some odd reason, I had taken the metallic box with me.




I remember that I had one hand lying on the box when I read a strange passage in the thin book I had selected.


The hero had been orphaned and sent to a Priests' Sect. To enter, he had to swear the following pledge: 'I promise that I will learn to serve and act in the best interests of the One People, to the best of my abilities.'


The pledge struck me as odd, and I said it out loud. I heard a clicking sound and then watched as my hand rose several centimetres off the bed with the top of the box pushing it up. The hair on the back of my neck rose with it. I felt a shiver run through me as I wondered what the hell had just happened.


We have all read the story of Pandora's Box. I was wondering if I had just opened mine. I also learnt that like Pandora, I could no more shut the lid without looking than she could.


I picked up the box, worked out which side was the front, and then opened the lid.


I gasped. Inside lay several pieces of jewellery in a padded tray.


One of the pieces was a thin woven band made with different precious metals for the bands. I suppose one would call it a diadem. It wasn't that fancy or girly. However, it did have several precious gems studding the front.


I picked it out of the padding and placed it on my forehead. I shivered again as I received this bizarre sensation that it was happy and content to belong to me. I was just about to pull it off when the lid of the box creaked.


I looked down and got distracted by the medallion on a chain. The chain seemed to be made of alternating links of the different metals that formed the diadem's thin bands. Hanging from it was an oval medallion about 3cm at the widest by 4cm at the longest.


I picked the medallion up and looked at it. A pale green square-cut gem about 10mm square and about 4mm thick was in the centre. Four symbols were etched into the medallion, so they surrounded the crystal. There was a hill, a flaming torch, a leaf, and what looked like a cloud or wind; I wasn't sure which.


I turned it over to see the writing on the back. I know bloody well that I had never seen the language before, but I could read it. This in itself was amazing, as I'm usually terrible at learning other languages.


The words on the top said, 'I learn to serve'. The word underneath said what I interpreted as 'Builder'.


I smiled and thought, 'Well, that is appropriate'.




Chapter 2


I'm an electrician by my first official trade.


When I was growing up, I worked for my dad, who was a builder and brickmaker. Over the years, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and even completed the study units to get accreditation as a builder. I can build a modern house from the foundation to the roof in brick, steel or wood, then legally wire and plumb it to complete the job.


My dad and I built the house that my mother still lives in when I was fifteen, and he taught me a lot. I love my mum, but I just can't live with her. I hate being nagged at, and she and my older sister were champion naggers.


I've had a lot of jobs since I turned seventeen and scored my apprenticeship with a mate of my dad's and moved out of home. I then spent several years backpacking Australia in my mid-twenties.


Every so often, I'd stop for a few months to work and then moved on. Somewhere along the way, I had picked up some welding skills and their College credits to add the skills to my resume.


I even worked for a Smithy for a while in Tasmania. He made his own horseshoes and nails and smelted other metals to make things to amuse himself with, and then he sold them as art objects.

I learnt a lot from that man about how different metals were made, heated and shaped in the three months I spent with him. His daughter had been very accommodating, and she had been a hot piece in the sack, but I did eventually move on.


I liked Tasmania, but I still had a bit of wanderlust left to get out of my system.




Amusingly, I'm still wandering.


I can't seem to stay in one place for long. I love meeting new people and seeing how other people lived. Hence, I made a great fill-in Trade Training Teacher, as I could cover many different trades.


I took up being a trade-trainer about six years before my life took its drastic turn, and I don't regret it. I'd even completed a heap of trade tests not long after I started teaching to gain accreditation so I could cross-train over several disciplines.


I found that I had a gift for passing on what I had learned. I got to meet a lot of interesting characters along the way. I fell into the travelling teacher gig about three years before, when I split from my last no-hoping girlfriend.


The bitch tossed in her job about two weeks after moving in with me and then expected me to support her. That lasted about ten weeks before I tossed her out on her useless arse. She was a shitty house-bitch, and if she couldn't at least pull her weight that way, she wasn't much use to me.


I'm a big believer in equality. If it's good enough for me to work, then it was good enough for her. I was capable of cleaning up after myself. She wasn't that great of a fuck either, come to think of it. I'm still not sure why I let her move in. I can only blame it on a brain-fart moment.


I'd actually volunteered to do a fill-in job up north and came home after three weeks to find the place was a disaster zone. She then made the error of telling me to go buy some food and then cook for her and her two useless mates.


From what I could tell, they had practically lived in my home rent-free while I was gone - Mistake One.


She hadn't even gotten up to kiss me in welcome. By the state of her, the stink in our room and the piles of dirty clothes, I guessed that she been fucking her mates in my bed - Mistake Two.


The stench also told me they had been smoking dope in my house - Mistake Three.


I was really pissed off when I realised this. I'm not anal about 'My body is my temple' crap, but I'd never been into drugs, legal or otherwise. Also, due to my current profession, it wasn't a clever idea to be done for drugs if I wanted to keep my job.


At the time, I was tired and really pissed off finding my apartment a pigsty and stinking of cum, spilt beer and hash. I had warned her that I wouldn't tolerate illegal drugs in my home.


So, I told her to, "Get the fuck out and don't come back."


She laughed at me - Mistake Four.


I opened the balcony door to my bedroom; I lived on the tenth floor, by the way. I then proceeded to pick up her shit and her friends. I tossed it out the door and over the railing. I collected her crap from the bathroom, and it went over the railing too.


I then walked into the living room and proceeded to do the same here. She got a bit upset when she realised what I was doing and started ranting at me. I suppose one would be distressed, but I, too, was pissed off.


She then made her last and fatal mistake. She tried to hit me with a bottle.


By the way, did I tell you that my dad taught me to kickbox?


He had this thing for the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme; they were his favourite old movies. So, he had taken up the sport. He had told me it was to keep his muscles supple and back strong. Builders are notorious for developing bad backs. Which, surprisingly, wasn't one of the things he suffered from.


Apparently, I had also forgotten to tell the girlfriend and her two deadbeat mates. They didn't appreciate me kicking the bottle from her hands. I gripped her arm, whipped it behind her back and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck. I then frog-marched her to the front door and tossed her through the opening.


Her mates probably didn't appreciate me toeing them up the arse to join her. I guessed that a big, angry man ready to beat the living crap out of them finally got through to what was left of their fucked-up heads.


They encouraged her to leave with them, as well. It was the one smart thing they did. I tossed her handbag out the door and slammed it behind them. I think the whole fucking building shook at my wrath.


Anyway, to cut a long, sad story short, my girlfriend moved out. A week later, my boss offered me the travelling trainer position, so I took it. I wasn't sorry to see the back of her, and I did love being a Travelling Trade Trainer.


My new job suited my personality.




I dropped the chain of the medallion over my head.


I looked down at the medallion on my chest and decided I liked it there. It gave me this strange sensation that I was now safe. As a tall, fit bloke, I'd never had a lot of trouble looking after myself, so I guess that was why it felt strange to feel safe and protected.


I then removed the ring from the box. It had the same strange gem as the one in the middle of the medallion, but I didn't know what it was. It didn't look like glass or quartz, and it had light green and yellow colours in the middle that seemed to swirl when I looked deep into it.


The ring also had the same four smaller gemstones that were in the diadem. However, they were a long, rectangular-cut gem. The emerald and the opal were on one side of the odd gem, with the ruby and an amethyst mounted on the other side. I thought the combination of stones unusual, but I liked it.


For a guy's ring, it wasn't a bad setting. It looked a bit big, so I slipped it over the middle finger of my right hand. By the time the ring sat behind the knuckle, it fit nicely. I twisted it, but the fit was good.


There was one more item in the box, and it had me intrigued. It was a tube about 25cm long and had a larger, round cut version of the strange gem in the tube's widest end. The pipe had a dark wood-grained pattern, and it was about as thick as a piece of 25mm conduit at its thickest end and narrowed down to about 16mm at the other end that was rounded over.


I crawled off the bed and went and turned the lights for the bedroom back on to better examine what I held. As I rotated it in my hands, I muttered, "How do you open this thing?"


It damn near took my eye out when it sprung to its full 180cm length. I swung it around at its centre and determined that it was beautifully balanced. It still looked as if it was a solid item and looked like a dark wooden stave, but it had a heavier, metallic feel in my hands.


"Close," I said hopefully, and it did.


I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty cool. I opened and closed it several times as I examined the stave. I then looked at the alarm clock and realised I had better get some sleep, as I had to be at the airport by four in the morning.


I put my hand up to remove the diadem, but it was gone. I looked down, and the medallion was missing too. I couldn't feel it on my chest. The ring had changed to a plain silver looking band on my finger.


I frowned and thought, 'How had they disappeared?' I stood in front of my full-length mirror and saw that the items were gone.


"Appear," I said aloud. I sighed with relief when they did, and I could feel them again. I then grinned and said aloud, "Disappear."


To my delight, they did. I grinned like a maniac and have this odd memory of going a little happy dance.


The diadem had made me look like a prince from my fantasy stories, but as long as it was invisible, I didn't mind wearing it. This bling was so cool, and I felt excellent wearing it.


It was as if the bling was projecting happiness at me. This was a bit creepy, but I didn't get the feeling that it intended to harm me. It was more as if it would help me, so I stopped worrying about it.


I hit the room lights, put the box on the floor and the wand, as I decided to call it, on the bedside table and crawled back into bed. I did a quick calculation of when I needed to be up.


I checked the alarm and then snuggled under the covers. I dropped into a deep sleep the minute my head hit the pillow.


I had some weird dreams that night.




Chapter 3


Now, for the seriously weird part.


I got up when the alarm went off, and after a quick shower, I double-checked that my gear was in my pack, including the strange box. I made sure everything in the apartment was turned off. I dropped six of the books I had picked at random into my small backpack, so I was set.


I walked the klick to the train station, enjoying the beautiful summers day. My train was on time, and it delivered me to the airport with time to spare. I booked in my large backpack and then sighed my way through airport security.


While waiting to board the plane, I looked through the books I had selected to decide what I'd read first. On closer inspection, one of the books had a strange cover. It actually looked like tooled leather, and the book was very thin.


In my hurry to get to the train, I hadn't read the spines very carefully. I now realised this one didn't have anything written on the spine or the cover. I could only guess that the cover-jacket must have been lost at some time.


I wondered why I'd picked up this book and started flicking through the pages. I frowned as I digested what I saw. At first, I thought it was a cookbook as the pages on the left had a list of ingredients and then some instructions under it.


Some of these pages even had pictures of things like herbs and plants draw on them. The right-side page mentioned extra information, and some had other pictures like hand movements.


The information was more like where to find the ingredients, substitutes and any special preparations required. Some pages even had sections called 'Side-effects' and 'Dos and don'ts'. It was weird that the two sides were written in different languages.


An older lady sitting beside me said, "That's a strange language you're reading, young man. Why have they written only on the right side of the page?"


I looked at her and then back at the book. I could see the writing on both sides. I flipped to the front and read the title inside on the left, 'Builder Mage Spell Book'.


I paled. I felt cold and clammy and took several short, sharp breaths in my shock.


'Bloody hell! What have I done?'


The lady huffed at me for ignoring her question, so she got up and left. I looked around me in a daze. I checked that I was sitting in a modern airport. My watch said it was 04:55am. It was Monday the 15th of December in the year 2036.


'What in hell was going on!'




I was supposed to be in Mount Isa for five days.


I was then flying to Darwin and then onto Borneo Island, Malaysia, to go hiking over the Christmas holidays. I'd packed light, as I didn't take much when I went on hiking trips. I knew that I could buy or hire any extra gear I needed when I got to Mount Mulu.


The clothes I needed for work could double as my hiking clothes. I wore jeans and long-sleeved cotton work shirts for both. Even the boots I was wearing would do both jobs. Everything I needed for my job was on my laptop or on the smartphone clipped on my arm.


I swallowed hard; I was just an average person who lived an ordinary life. I wasn't a mage or a wizard or a magician or a warlock. I didn't do spells! I didn't have magical items or a wand or anything…


'Oh, crap! Oh, crap!'


I think I was still in a daze when I boarded the plane.




As the plane flew northwest of Mt Isa, I looked through the strange book again.


I ordered a coffee to steady my nerves. I really wanted a large rum and no bloody Coke. However, I didn't think the hostie would serve it to me at five o'clock in the morning.


On her way back, she bent over me and offered to refill my coffee and give me my breakfast. I had to blink twice when I finally realised that her tits were in my face, and a nice rack she had too.


I looked up into her face as she fussed with my breakfast, and she asked, "Business or pleasure?"


"Business, first. I have a job to do in the Isa for a week before I head to Malaysia," I told her.


I had no objections to her rubbing against me, as she made sure the tray was placed correctly.


"That sounds nice, any particular place in Malaysia?" she asked me.


"Yes, I'm hiking around Mt Mulu and am I going to do a bit of cave exploration," I told her tits, eh, sorry, I mean her.


Well, she did have nice tits, and the cleavage was still at eye level for me.


"Married?" she asked conversationally.


"No, and by choice," I informed her with a smile, not sure why it mattered.


I guessed she was just being nice. She looked me up and down, then flicked her eyes at a passenger who was calling to her. She sighed and smiled at me and then wheeled the cart down to them.


I picked up the fresh coffee, black, no sugar, just how I liked it and took a sip. I went back to studying the book as I ate absently. The hostie dropped by a little later to collect my breakfast tray and dropped a business type card in my lap. She winked at me and then kept going.


The card had a picture of a Motel on the front and its name and address. Scrawled on the back of the card were a mobile phone number, a room number and a message that said, 'Sue, 2-day layover if interested.'


Well, I hadn't had sex for a couple of months, and she did have nice tits; the arse wasn't bad either. We could use our phones while in the air until told to turn them off.


Many aeroplane companies still didn't like them turned on when their planes were landing and taking off. So, I put in her number under 'Sue Hostie' and texted her the words, 'Yes, Storm.'


A few moments later, I get a message back. 'Storm?'


I grinned and texted back, 'Yes, Seat 12A.'


I heard a giggle up the front, and she peered around the curtain that was hiding their area. I winked at her, and she ducked back.


About ten minutes later, I really had to go pee. We still had about another hour of the flight to go. As much as I hated using the loo on planes, I decided an hour was going to be too long. I had forgotten to go before I got on the aircraft and had now consumed several coffees.


The plane was only half full, and most of us were up the front end, so I decided to use the loo down the back. I checked the sign, and it was safe to move around, so I headed for the loo.


For tallish blokes like me, there is not a lot of room in those loos. I got Junior out and happily relieved my bladder. I'd just shaken him off when the bloody door opened. I'm standing there, cock in hand and then found myself, awkwardly shuffling sideways, to let Sue in.


She turned back to me, and stupid was still holding his cock. Stupid then had his cock trying to get a better look at Sue. Sue happily watched Junior as he stretched up to look at her. She flipped her skirt up. Junior and stupid were then eyeing off her very nicely trimmed blonde rug that matched her drapes.


Junior nodded that he liked what he saw. Sue turned and dropped the stainless-steel lid on the loo and kindly flushed it for me too. She put her hands on the wall and knelt on it. She placed her feet between my knees, so Junior now had a lovely view of her cute arse.


She then spoke her first words since entering the cubicle with me, "You have to be quick."


Stupid finally realised he was supposed to fuck her. He quickly dropped his strides because zips bloody hurt if you leave them half-done up. He happily guided Junior into the wet and waiting repository. I groaned as she was nice and tight.


I didn't have a lot of room to move, but I guessed she wasn't after long and slow. The seat was a touch low, but Sue had her knees close together so I could get some real upward thrust if I bent my knees, and up I thrust.


I grabbed her hips and pulled her back as I happily thrust in again. I had to do it a couple more times until I was finally buried up to her arse cheeks. She moaned softly as I gently bumped the end of her love tunnel with the next thrust.


I guessed that she liked what I had in her, and I happily repeated my last action many more times in quick succession. She was wet and willing, and Junior wasn't complaining about the accommodations. So, I happily jammed all of him in there, as far as he could go a few more times.


She was rolling her hips to accept him all. Junior hadn't been wet in a while, and I felt my balls trying to climb in her as she clamped on him and soaked them.


I finally spoke for the first time since she entered the loo with me, "Sorry, but quick is what you're going to get."


I flexed my hips and rammed into her again. She was moaning nicely, and then she tightened up hard on me on the next thrust. I humped Junior into her a few more times as she shook her arse and then gripped me hard as she moaned some more.


My guts clenched, and the boys joined it. I happily pressure cleaned that tunnel for her. I grunted in satisfaction and gladly did it a couple more times. She was shaking on Junior nicely and moaning softly, so I'm fairly sure that I got her off too.


I rocked Junior in and out a couple more times, just enjoying her reaction to our short encounter. Finally, I pulled out of her and leant back against the wall. Her arse was still quivering, and I could see our efforts were starting to dribble back out.


I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her before she leaked. She giggled softly and shivered as I wiped up my mess. She backed off the loo, and once she was standing, she wiggled around me. I opened the lid and dropped the paper into the loo.


She collected a little more paper and had a wipe herself before she washed her hands and then pulled the skirt down. She then reached up and kissed me, so I kissed her back. She gave me a bit of tongue and then released me. She undid the door, peeped out and exited.


I watched her go and then flipped the latch closed on the door. I was still a little amazed at getting a most satisfying fuck as I got myself cleaned up. I happily put the boys away, washed my hands again, and finally headed back to my seat.


Junior was happily snuggled back in my jeans, and the boys felt nice and loose. I must have been on about forty flights in the last three years, but I had never been fucked in an aeroplane loo before.


The boys hadn't minded a bit of action at all. Sue wasn't the prettiest girl I'd mounted, but she was more than passable. Then again, I hadn't actually spent a lot of time looking at her face.


I'd been too busy looking at her other assets.




A little later, Sue came back down the aisle, offering last cups of coffee before we landed.


This time, I actually spent a couple of minutes watching her. She did have nice tits, and with any luck, I'd get to spend some time with them later. The arse was trim, and she was a little skinnier, and shorter than what I generally went for, but she had been a damn nice fuck.


She had a cute giggle, and I guessed that she was close to my age. I wasn't a big lover of war paint, but I guessed that it was expected in her job. I'd certainly do her again.


I knew the blonde hair was real and had to smile about how I knew. Sue glanced at me, and I turned my smile on her. She dropped her eyes, and I noted the satisfied little smile she had on her face.


I had a feeling we would definitely be having round two.




Chapter 4


I suddenly had a nasty little thought.


I hoped she wasn't expecting me to knock her up. We'd had this nasty epidemic about four years before. The officials still didn't know where it started. Somewhere in Europe was the guess. It spread so fast no one was truly sure.


The air-born virus was insidious in that the initial symptoms were very mild and overlooked. A person could be infectious for as long as three weeks before they developed any life-threatening symptoms. It was also resistant to the vaccinations available.


The epidemic fucked things up in many places, and the world was still getting back on its feet. It was a lot worse than the epidemic that started in 2019, and you would have thought the world was better prepared, but it wasn't.


About a third of the world's population, over sixty, who caught the super-flu virus died from it. That was over 340 million people. Over one percent of the rest of the population also died. That accounted for another 80 million people. Third world countries were sorely hit.


Men seemed to cop it much harder than women, and they accounted for three-quarters of the deaths in the over sixties group. It was a disaster of epic proportions and made the previous epidemic look like a bad hair day.


These deaths screwed over a lot of board of directors and rich pricks as well. Many companies suddenly found a lot of the next generation being promoted. A lot of rich wives suddenly had control of the money and the businesses.


A lot of sons expecting to follow in daddies' footsteps also found mummy did things differently. I think many men were surprised by just how many women stepped up to take control. The status quo of many boardrooms changed, and they started taking different directions.


Due to snap elections worldwide, many more political positions were filled by women. A side-effect was that a lot of women believed we shouldn't be a throw-away society, and making ridiculous amounts of money wasn't the only thing a company should be doing. Things were slowly changing.


It was crap for a lot of economies. It caused massive issues on world markets, financial systems, and for many governments. A lot more women found themselves in other high-profile jobs. We have had to adjust to new ways of doing things.


The epidemic affected my line of business, as we lost our share of the old trainers. People like me who had barely started in this field found we were in high demand. New people needed to be trained to take up the vacancies.


The training companies suddenly found they had better company and government support to encourage people, especially women, to take up training in a trade. Businesses suddenly found that they were in trouble if they didn't spend the money on training apprentices and trainees.


But there was worse to come.


A lot of younger people who didn't get the flu bug bad were still affected by the second bug it released. At first, a lot of women thought they were pregnant, but it wasn't so. Their menstrual cycles changed, and they found they were going two to three months before they would cycle again.


A bloody good side effect was that many women tended to not be as moody, as their hormones didn't swing around so often. This was a plus for them and us blokes too.


Mum told me that, 'The change of life', for the older ladies, was a lot less grief these days. I can't contest to this, but I do know that she has been a lot less grumpy the last couple of years.


Girls, who usually started menstruating around eleven to thirteen, weren't starting until fourteen or fifteen, and just as many started even later. At first, they thought it was only the younger girls being affected. But pregnancy rates dropped lower than expected over the next couple of years.


Us blokes suddenly realised we had been affected too. From what I've read, men didn't have any noticeable performance issues other than the usual. However, many of us found that we were shooting more blanks than actual live seed.


Fertility rates for the majority of males have dropped to as low as twenty-five to thirty percent of what they had been before the plague. Now you didn't just need a blood test to get married; you need a sperm test if the woman wants to have kids.


Men testing under twenty-five percent were finding that their fiancée suddenly didn't love them quite as much anymore. Nowadays, women even ask what your count was when you go on a date.


I've even heard of blokes who tested higher than seventy percent were actually selling their sperm for big bucks.




I was one of the unlucky ones.


I didn't get the flu bad. I'd barely realised I'd even had it, as I was only drippy-nosed and feverish for a couple of days. However, I did catch the other bug big time.


I had finally found a chick I wanted to settle down with, and then she jilted me three years and a half years ago. We'd been together for three years. She'd kept putting off having kids and getting married because of her career.


After the virus, she suddenly wanted kids, so I went and got myself tested. To my horror, my count came back as low as twenty percent. While I still had a good set of balls and Junior was a bit larger than average-sized, the boys just weren't making-the-money like they used to.


I was pretty pissed when the girlfriend just packed up and walked out. All that wasted sperm made a bloke want to cry.



There was one other interesting side-effect from our change. It was that some of us guys could smell when a chick was in heat, or to be more precise, when she was ovulating.


I could, but so far, I hadn't managed to get one pregnant yet.




I decided to check.


When Sue came past, I deliberately bent down as if to get something from my backpack that was between my feet. When she was close enough, I took a long sniff. Yep, she was fertile all right. I reckoned she was just starting. I think in my excitement of getting my rocks off, I hadn't realised she was.


If I took her up on the two days, she'd have a good chance of falling if one of my wigglers actually did his job. I was now in two minds of perusing the exercise. While I had enjoyed fucking her, I didn't know her from a bar of soap.


I wasn't sure if I wanted to just hope she was trying and that she wanted a kid, my child. I knew I was an okay looking bloke, and I have a good body for my age. I didn't seem to have a lot of trouble picking up willing fuck buddies, just a permanent one.


I frowned and then shrugged. Fuck it, if it happened, it happened. Sue had my number if I did get lucky, and she bothered to tell me. However, I didn't like her chances with my track record. It didn't mean I was going to say no to some hot sex.


I smiled and accepted another coffee and a smile from Sue.




I caught a cab from the airport.


I headed to the Training College and met with the department head that I was to deal with. He ran me through a quick induction and showed me where everything was kept. It would be a cruisey week as the Unit of Competency I had to teach, I knew backwards.


It was mostly practical exercises, and I didn't even need notes. The theory side was covered on the new Peepers. They got their names from the slang of 'eyes' or 'IES', the acronym for the Interactive Educational Shades.


The fact many adults used them for viewing pornography also contributed to the name of Peepers. Primarily playing of vid's, scrolling or reading and simple button pressing was controlled by eye movement and blinking.


Sub-vocal commands that were picked up by their audio chips could also be used. You had to turn them off on planes like your other devices. They also had special gloves that could be utilised with the Peepers for sensory activities, playing games, or working in different document types.


Viewers of pornographic material also found other uses for the gloves, but we won't go there. While I had experimented, it wasn't my thing. If I needed relief, my imagination and Mrs Palmer and her daughters did just fine without other input.


The students spent about half an hour to an hour with the Peepers. Then we discussed what they had learned, and in follow up sessions, we did some practical exercises to reinforce the lesson. For the peepers we used in the college, I could control what lessons and other material the students could access.


I could block the use of its other features while they were in use. I even got a readback of where in the lesson they were in case they needed more time or less. I could also give the students quizzes or other vids to watch.


Interestingly, we still did paper-based exams for the theory if it was required. Otherwise, the assessments of the theory were met in the practical component. This was the preferred method of assessment for trade-based units at the time.


One of the good things about the Peepers was that it had been proven that the students retained the knowledge better and longer-term. They also didn't have to spend as much time on the theory, so they could complete more of the practical exercises, which is what they really needed.


After a quick tour, I was ready to go.




After morning smoko, I was taking over the class.


I introduced myself to the class, and then we had a quick chat about me and my credentials and then the unit. Then I got them into the lesson. They weren't a bad group of students, and they were attentive as I'd expect third years to be.


I had noticed in the last couple of years the greater number of female students. We got some real hotties too. I probably had to be a bit more careful than most of the blokes, being single. Tangoing with the girls was strictly a no-no.


I had six girls in this class of twelve, and two were mature age, meaning in their early twenties or older. Both were nicely stacked and definitely fuckable. Neither indicated that she was already married.


The blokes also found having more girls in the classes a plus. They did moderate their language a little and tended to put a bit more effort into proving how good they were at their trade to impress the girls. They didn't like being shown up by them either. Some things hadn't changed.


I managed to not be alone with any of the girls that first day.




Chapter 5


After work, when I got back to my motel, I rang Sue.


She asked where I was staying, and I told her. She mentioned my hotel had a better restaurant than hers did. So, taking the hint, I agreed to meet her downstairs in an hour and a half, then we broke the connection. I called down and told them I'd be having a guest and booked a table.


I decided I had time for a quick run, so I changed to shorts, singlet, and runners. It had cooled off just enough, being almost sixish, and I hit the pavement. I set my stopwatch function for twenty minutes and headed out.


Mt Isa has always been a mining town and had a fair bit of history. Most people said you either loved the place or hated it. I quite liked the town, as it had character. Personally, I hate big cities even though I lived in one.


They have their advantages, like better public transport systems and a larger variety of entertainments, but they were impersonal places. You were just one of the millions.


My wrist phone beeped, and I stopped and jogged on the spot and looked at the pedometer feature. 'Shit, the damn thing must be playing up,' I thought. It said that I had run 6km (3.7mi). I turned around and headed back. I didn't feel tired, so I upped the pace a bit.


I got back and jogged slowly to cool down. I thought I must have forgotten to reset the timer as it hadn't gone off, so I'd added an extra block waiting for it. When I looked, it still said I had a minute to go, and I'd added an extra klick.


That was weird, and I wasn't even winded. I had sweated due to the heat and exertion, but I still felt good. I headed back to my room, had a shower and checked to see if I needed a shave.


I hated shaving; however, I didn't intend to ever grow a beard. I was surprised that I didn't need a shave. My face was still as smooth as it was this morning. Typically, by now, my bright red stubble had made itself known to the world.


Shrugging, I got changed into clean clothes. I had tossed in one decent shirt but only had jeans and shorts in my pack. I even put my runners back on before I headed for the bar.


I grabbed a stool and ordered a Bundy Rum. Two ladies took the seats on either side of me. I glanced at them and then had to take a second look.


"Hi girls, fancy meeting you here," I said in a friendly voice.


I had Carry on the left and Tracy on the right, my two mature age students. Both girls had brown hair and were about 168cm tall. I think Carry topped Tracy by a centimetre, but Tracy had the bigger tits and rounder hips.


Neither girl needed a paper bag, but they could have been a bit more conservative with the face paint. I don't really like makeup. Messy darn stuff, it tasted awful, and it got on everything that it shouldn't. Scrubbing smeared lipstick off Junior can be a bitch.


"Hi Storm, looking for some company?" Tracy asked coyly.


I smiled, "Sorry, ladies, but I'm already booked."


"Already?" questioned Tracy with raised eyebrows.


"Afraid so," I told her.


She looked a bit dubious at this statement. I think she thought I was just being polite in saying no.


"Who are your friends, sweetie?" a voice said behind me.


I grinned and turned around, "Hey, Sue, you look lovely."


I got off the stool and kissed her as if she was a long-lost lover. She hugged me and kissed me back.


I turned, keeping my arm around her, "Ladies, my friend Sue. Sue, Tracy and Carry are two of my students that I'm here to teach this week."


Sue nodded at the girls, but she didn't let me go and actually hugged me closer, claiming her territory.


"Is our table ready, sweetie?" she asked.


"Yes, I was just grabbing a drink while I waited, but as usual, your timing was impeccable. What will you have to drink tonight?"


She grinned at me and played along, "Oh, I think some red wine would be nice. They do an excellent steak here."


I'm no wine expert, so I just asked for a bottle of quality wine to go with their steaks. The bartender nodded and said he would put it on my tab and bring it to the table.


"See you tomorrow, girls," I said and walked Sue into the dining area. Once out of earshot, I grinned at her, "I hope that bartender brings you a good bottle since you just saved my bacon."


"Oh, why is that?" she asked as I seated her.


I explained to her about one of the hassles of being single and a lot more women now taking up trades. She gave me her sympathy and asked more about what I did. I found her interesting to talk to, but I didn't really feel a close connection.


We still managed to enjoy the meal before we went back to my room.




Sue wasn't shy and soon had me out of my clothes.


I then found a sweet, warm mouth warming Junior up for me. Thankfully, she hadn't renewed the lipstick. After a couple of sucks to see if I was interested, she had pushed me back onto the bed while she stripped, and I watched.


Sue then came back and happily licked Junior and sucked him down. I don't think I'm that much different from most blokes, and I have no problems getting a head-job, particularly if the lady shows some skill. I got the distinct impression that this wasn't Sue's first Rodeo in the Isa. The lady knew how to prime the bull.


I was starting to get into the action when she popped off and climbed up on top of me. I had no problems switching the action to a bit of hard riding. She had to wiggle a bit to get on because Junior was jumping the rails to get this ride started. He was so hard it all most hurt.


Her smell was doing a number on me. Once seated, she leant forward, so I finally got one of those pretty titties into my mouth. They weren't huge tits, but there was more than enough to suck on and fondle. I soon got the impression from her moans and gasps that she liked a bit of a titty sucking.


Sue was also clamping on Junior and then increasing the length of her slide. She then jammed down on my hips to get the full extent of him, and she ground herself into me. Her moaning suggested she liked Junior right where he was.


I don't mind a girl verbalising her appreciation of Junior and me. I was humping my hips up as she came down and enjoying the wonderful action and the sounds of our flesh slapping together. She got a bit faster and started to ride Junior hard.


Her hips were jumping all over the place, and I had to grab them in case I bucked her off. I happily thrust up into her as she pushed on my chest, and then I held her up before slamming her back down. She stiffened and groaned really loud. I kept guiding her hips as I worked her actions in with mine.


She was soon clamping and releasing Junior and quivering on him. I slowed down a bit so she could get her second wind and rolled her over. I set the pace a bit slower and happily did some nice long strokes, and she shivered on me some more.


I got to nibble on her tits some more, and she moaned and arched up so I could suck in more flesh. Once she started rolling her hips and joining back into the game, I upped the pace again. I was enjoying clunking my pubic bone on hers and deliberately thrusting a bit harder as I got closer to home.


She had her legs spread wide and her ankles riding my calves. She liked reaching up to lick my nipples. Sue started encouraging me to come for her, so I upped the pace and shortened the stride again. I was really pounding into her, and the heat sure was building.


The boys were nice and tight, and I felt the pleasurable burn that said it was time to release. She was shaking and moaning, and she was sending shock waves down Junior. Her arse and legs were quivering, and her heavy breathing and gasps said she was in a good place. I finally had to let go.


Damn, it felt good. I felt like I was being revitalised even as I released my seed. I spat several loads of cum into her and finally slowed my humping to a soft, rocking motion. I was just enjoying her coming for me. Getting my rocks off twice in one day had me feeling good, I can tell you.


When Sue's breathing had calmed a little, I gave her a couple of enjoyable sucking kisses and played tongue swapping for a bit. Junior was flagging, so I pulled out and climbed off her to get her a washer and a towel.


Once I'd wiped myself clean, I pulled the top sheet from under Sue and then encouraged her to get in the bed properly. I crawled in on my side and then killed the lights. Once I was on my back, Sue curled up into my arms, and I hugged her as I dropped off to sleep.


I was buggared; it had been a long day.




I woke up desperately needing to pee.


A little disoriented at first, finding myself in a strange room with a strange woman, I got my bearings and found the loo. Bloody hell, my bladder was full, and Junior wasn't helping, as he was up and raring to go.


I flushed, washed my hands and rinsed out my mouth to kill my stale, morning breath. I headed back into the room to find my hostie just waking up. As I walked up to the bed, Sue looked at me. She stretched and pointed her lovely, bare titties at me.


"Is that for me?" she asked.


I looked down, and Junior was busily waving 'hi' to her, so I decided that breakfast in bed was an excellent way to start the day. Sue kicked off the sheet and rolled onto all four. I know an invitation when I get one.


I crawled behind her with a big smile. She soon had her arse high in the air, so I had no problems guiding Junior into her. I was a bit surprised by how horny I was. I didn't muck about either and was soon fucking Sue for all I was worth.


She started squirming and pushing back. Once I was happy that she was satisfied with my efforts, I filled her. I was surprised by how full my balls were, and I had to spit a few loads into her to empty them. She didn't seem to mind.


I pulled back out and sat on my haunches, watching her still shaking arse. I was pleased I had gotten her off for the third time, I kissed her tush and gave it a gentle slap. I also noticed her smell had changed.


I even had a suspicion as to why.




Chapter 6


Reluctantly, I had to end the morning's entertainment.


"As much as I'd enjoy spending the day in bed with you, Sue, I have to go to work," I told her.


"When do you finish?" she asked as she rolled over, so I got a full-frontal.


"Around five; I have the class for the whole day," I told her as I crawled off the bed to find my clothes for the day.


"Damn," she said. "They changed my days off, and I have to fly out at three. They've stuck me on the run to Longreach and then back to Brisbane."


"I agree," I said. "Well, you have my number, I won't be back in Brissy until February, but you can always give me a bell after that," I told her.


She looked at me in surprise, "You're sure?"


"No wife, no girlfriend, I work away a lot like you, but if we happen to both be in town, I have no qualms scratching your itch."


She giggled and stretched, "Yeah, you're not bad at that, sweetie. You're the best fuck I've had in ages."


Being a bloke, I had to grin at the compliment. "I didn't find you a hardship either," I told her.


I bent down and kissed her gently. I headed for the shower. She didn't come and get in with me, but I didn't mind, as I really did have to get going. I left the bathroom, drying myself.


As I got dressed, Sue used the bathroom. Once she was dressed, and my emails were checked, I took her to breakfast. I kissed her goodbye when the cabs turned up.


She was a cute chick, and I'd enjoyed her company and fucking her.




I had a cruisey day, and the girls quizzed me on my friend.


I didn't say much or tell them much about her. If they thought she was still around, they would leave me alone, I hoped. The odd thing was all the girls seemed to like hanging around with me, and they had no qualms about touching me either.


It was as if I was giving off some sort of vibe or pheromone, which the girls found irresistible. It was a bit disconcerting, and I was glad when the day was over. I'd never had any trouble in the past, making Junior behave, but he seemed to have a mind of his own that day.


I was glad I had the next day off.




After work, I was at a loose end, so I went and did a bit of shopping and sightseeing.


I was happy to walk around and see how things had changed since my last visit to Mount Isa, about ten years before. I got a lot of appreciative looks and smiles in the Plaza. It surprised me just how many women now lived out here.


It had always been a male-dominated town being a mining city and out in the middle of nowhere. I guessed that the mine was employing, and women were taking up the challenge.


I avoided the bar at the hotel and had an early night, happy to read my spellbook for a while as I planned to be up early.




The next day, I went for a hike.


I'd not been out to the Isa for ages, and you still didn't have to go far out of town to be in the bush. Most of the area was cattle stations and mine sites. I bummed a lift to the airport with a bloke heading that way from my hotel and then hiked out to the man-made dam they called Lake Moondarra.


You can't camp overnight at the lake, but it has plenty of barbeque areas. It was about 14km east of the highway, and I had packed my small backpack for the day.


I'd made sure that I had plenty of water in my two, belt canteens and my steriliser tablets. I had a box of my favourite energy and protein bars that I'd picked up the night before.


I had a small army style pannikin that doubled as my billy on the belt. A bag of ground coffee beans, some bricks, a small LED torch, a Leatherman utility knife and my one lolly weakness, a bag of jellied snakes, had also gone into my pack.


(A brick is a Hexamine square made of a paraffin wax mix that you lit. It burned long enough to boil two cups of liquid.)


My lift said that since it was the school holidays and close to Christmas, the canteen would be open if I made it that far. He thought I was mad walking in the heat of summer in Mt Isa.


I just thanked him for the lift and slapped the new cream-coloured Akubra hat on my head that I'd purchased the day before. I was soon headed down the road at a reasonable pace. The sky had clouded over for me, as it did tend to rain around this time of year.


I was enjoying stretching my muscles. For fun, I extended my wand and found it did make an excellent walking stick. I had worked out that if I pushed it to my side when in wand length, it disappeared. It was still there when I told it to reappear. It also reappeared when I stripped off my clothes.


I didn't really push the pace, as I was enjoying my day off. Well, I didn't think I had. I expected it to take me a bit more than two hours, give or take, to cover the almost 14km (8.7mi) trip, as there were several big hills to navigate.


I was surprised it was still only mid-morning, and it had taken an hour and a half. I was starting to realise that the bling was affecting me. I could not come to any other explanation as to why I had covered the distance so fast at what I thought was a walking pace and not feel fatigued.


I found the canteen open and bought a steak pie and a cup of coffee. I put my wand away in my pack out of the way. I found a picnic table to sit at and eat and somehow attracted a heap of kids. They asked me a pile of questions, and I ended up in their cricket game as the wicketkeeper.


I hadn't played in years.




One of the kids bounced down a real wobbly that went wide, but it somehow ended up in my hands.


"Geez, mister, you sure move fast," one kid said.


I grinned at him and returned the ball for his next go. The batter managed to collect this one, but it went up and back. I back peddled to get under it and then jumped to catch it.


These kids were giving me more of a workout than the hike in. I went to return the ball to the bowler and looked around to find a dozen kids just staring at me, mouths agape.


"What's up?" I asked.


"Mister, I ain't never seen anyone jump that high," the bowler said.


"How high did I go?" I asked, tossing him the ball.


"I could see sky between your feet and Jimmy's head," he said.


I looked back at the kid with the bat. He was probably about ten years old and 1.5m tall. I shrugged.


"I useta do high-jump at school," I explained.


The kids all looked at me sceptically. We played for about another fifteen minutes, and then the kids decided it was time for a swim. I agreed. I'd worn my budgie smugglers under my jeans, just in case. I stripped off with the kids.


One of the kids had his arm in a sling, and I asked him to mind my gear for a tenna. I then headed for the water with the others. I soon became the springboard, and I was happily tossing the kids into the water.


I had noticed that several of the mothers had moved their towels closer to the lake as I was happily playing with the kids. I'd get the kids to place their feet in my hands and then toss them up and out so they could dive into the water.


I was amused when one of the women said loud enough to her friend and for me to hear, "Who's the hunk?"


The friend replied, "I don't know, but he could toss me anytime."


She received several agreements, and there were lots of giggles as they discussed my assets, loud enough so I could hear them. I think my ears started to glow in embarrassment.


One of the older girls, whom I guessed was in her mid-teens and nicely built on top, fronted up for a toss. I dutifully cupped my hands for her to step into them. She turned and held onto my arms and placed her feet in my hands.


She seemed to be having a hard time getting her balance and kept rubbing her arse on my chest as I tried to steady her. Since she was taller, I'd stepped into deeper water, and I was thankful my crotch was under it.


"Maybe I should go backwards?" she said and turned in my arms to step back into my hands.


I now had a face full of lovely, firm young breasts in my face and two knees in my chest. As soon as she leant back into my hands, I hoyed her up and tossed her back into the water, so she landed arse first.


I then dived under and headed for deeper water to give my poor cock a chance to go down. The little minx had been deliberately stirring me up. I surfaced a good 50m from the kids. I rearranged Junior, as budgie smugglers aren't the best item of clothing for containing a hard-on of any size.


The girl was standing in the water, pouting at me. I didn't care; there was no way I was getting tangled with that can of worms as I was twice her age.




I swam parallel to the shore for a while, just enjoying the water when a speedboat cruised up beside me.


"Want a tow, mate?" the young bloke said to me while grinning.


"Sure," I answered, taking up the challenge.


He tossed me a life jacket and a ski rope and idled away from me. I slipped the jacket on and grabbed the rope. Placing my feet in front, I hoped I remembered how to get up. I'd only ever barefooted it once and remembered it could be bloody hell on the feet.


I was now starting to think I should have asked for a ski as well. I felt the rope tighten, and the boat began to pull me along. I got my feet about right and signalled I was ready.


He gunned the engine, and I felt the familiar pull on my arms and tightened in my elbows. I repositioned my feet, so they helped pull my arse out of the water and not my head over my arse. I popped up and wiggled the feet into a better position as the boat increased its speed.


Hot damn!


I'd not had this much fun in ages. Once I was steady, I hot-dogged out of the wake and was soon cutting clean water. My feet felt fine, and the bloke swung to go around the island.


I slalomed out, bending my knees to pick up the whip. I came up almost beside the boat as the boat started to straighten out, and I felt the pull again. We crossed another boat's wake, and I jumped, so it didn't pull my feet out from under me.


I landed well and happily settled back on the left side of the boat. We rounded the island, and he headed back to cut close to the beach. I whipped around, and when close enough, I signalled I was dropping and let go of the handle on the rope.


I happily sank into the water and waited for the boat to come back around so I could give the life jacket back to the people in it.


"Crikey mate, how long have you been skiing for?" he asked as they idled up beside me.


"I haven't water-skied since I was a kid. I wasn't even sure I'd get up; it's been so long," I told him happily.


I was trying to remove the jacket, and he and his mate put out their hands to pull me in instead.


"She's right, my gears on the picnic table," I told them. I was still a good 50m off the beach.


"Who ya with?" the young man asked.


"No one. I hiked out to the lake for the day. I'm just visiting," I told him as I rested on the side of the boat.


"Well, yah got people now," he said, and they hoyed me in.




Chapter 7


I grabbed a seat, and one of the girls tossed me a towel.


The boys idled over to the beach, and I jumped out to grab my gear. I thanked the young lad who had agreed to guard it for me and patted him on the shoulder. I handed him the tenna, and he happily scooted off to the canteen to spend it.


"You sure I'm not imposing?" I asked the two young couples in the boat.


"Nah, theirs a heap of us on the other side of the ramp. The more, the merrier," my host informed me.


So, I climbed back in the boat. I soon found myself included in a group of about thirty people ranging from about seventy down to seven months and every colour of the human rainbow.


The main family group that my host was part of were the Watson family. The rest of them were mates, girlfriends and in-laws. I was soon handed a beer and bombarded with polite questions.


I then found a burger being pushed into the other hand and a fresh beer in the first. I put the beer safely between my feet and scoffed that burger down really quick. I was surprised by how hungry I was. The beer chaser went down well too.


I spent the rest of the afternoon with the family. They were an awesome bloody group of people and made me feel welcome. They wouldn't hear of me hiking back to town, and Doug's older sister said she was going my way, so she'd drop me home.


There were a few sniggers, and I did feel a bit uncomfortable when she offered. She'd been giving me some interesting looks all afternoon.


Andy, as she was called by her family, was twenty-eight. She was a divorcee and had no kids, from what her family had told me. She was a florist and had her own business. She asked me if I didn't mind leaving a bit early. She was happy to drop me at my hotel.


I thanked her and said, "No worries."


I then told her that I'd had enough sun for one day and I had work in the morning, which I did. During the drive to town, we happily talked about our jobs and my planned holiday. She was a lovely lady, and I got to appreciate the sundress riding up her firm brown thighs as she drove.


I'd gotten dressed after my second skiing attempt. They had lent me a single's ski, and I'd had a tonne of fun and even went backwards, showing off my skill. Andy's family had also fed me again, for which I was grateful.


I'd offered the younger kids my energy bars, as I couldn't take them with me. To my amusement, they happily wandered off to eat them, so I didn't feel so bad eating the family's food.


The bag of snakes had disappeared quickly when I had produced them.




Andy said that she had to drop into her place first if I didn't mind.


I shrugged, it was her car, and I was the one bumming a lift. She showed me around a charming little open-plan, three-bedroom home. It must have been about a hundred years old, I thought. She told me it was an old commission house that had been built back in the 1950s.


It had been a sort of overflow house her family had used for generations. Currently, she was living in it by herself. She took me out the back. These old places had huge backyards, and she had put in bush-houses for her flowers. She reset the timers for the sprays, and we talked about plants.


I think I surprised her when I mentioned the botanical names of a few that she grew. My mum was into plants, and I had to help her fix the sprays and make potting mixes for her after dad died.


One of Andy's hanging pots had dropped a leg, and I reached up and clipped it back onto the pot for her. As I stepped back, I tripped on her, and we nearly went sprawling, but I caught her and steadied us. Andy looked up into my face, and I was soon kissing her.


She had a pleasantly shaped body, and my hands found the tits I'd been eyeing off all afternoon. Andy pushed her tits into my hands, and I kept kissing her. She had enjoyable soft lips, and I was delighted in the tongue action.


I groaned into her mouth when her hand found Junior. He didn't like being confined in budgie smugglers and jeans and was pulsing to get out. I didn't stop her from setting him free and sighed in relief when he sprung his confinement.


She giggled and massaged the kinks out of him. He was happily purring in her hand. "Damn, Storm, I guessed he was a handful. How did you keep him contained?" Andy asked.


I had to let go of the tit my mouth had found and rubbed it with my fingertips, as I answered, "Not easily."


She squeezed him firmly and scooped the boys out as well. She soon had them tightening up with anticipation in her hand. She turned, and not letting go of Junior, walked me to her bedroom. Fortunately, it was inside the back door, and the neighbours were none the wiser, thanks to her closed-in patio.


Andy didn't take long getting me out of my clothes. Since she was only wearing a soft frock over her bikini, it only took seconds to get her in the same state of dress as me. She tossed the covers back and lay on the bed with her legs spread for me.


I crawled on the bed and stopped for a lick and a suck on the way. I found her lovely valley was wet, and she was more than willing to let me suck her out. She had trimmed the hedges, so I didn't have to worry about spitting out a lot of short and curlies.


I also recognised that tell-tale smell. Andy had me shift my arse around so she could play with Junior while I ate. When I probed with my fingers, I found she could get her muscles nice and tight, and I decided Junior would enjoy playing in this backyard.


Andy was humping hard into my mouth, and it seemed that she liked a good fingering. I happily sucked and licked as she worked enthusiastically on Junior, getting him nicely warmed up.


Andy's hand action got erratic as I worked on her enjoyment. She was moaning up a storm, wiggling happily for me and jamming her hips up into the face. She was causing a storm down below, and I let Junior have his way. I turned and crawled over her body.


I stopped to suck on those pointy titties again as I wiggled him into Andy. The boy was good at finding his own way, and my hands were happily moulding them titties as I sucked and thrust.


Andy hooked her heels into my arse and helped me jam Junior in as far as he could get him. I met resistance sooner than expected and found that Junior had run out of space by the time I had her hipbone-to-hipbone.


She was a tight fit, and going by her 'Oh my's,' I didn't think she could take much more if I had any. I eased him out and gently pushed in again. Andy was still very tight, and I think I spent a while just slow fucking her, so she got used to him moving in her.


"Bloody hell, Storm, I've had some big boys, but he is about my limit," she informed me as I eased back in her again.


"Can you handle me going faster?" I asked with a tinge of worry.


"Yeah, speed er' up stud," she grinned at me.


So, I increased the pace, and Andy was soon moaning and humping back harder, so I started fucking her harder. She must have had a short fuse, as she was quickly thrashing around under me as she came for me.


I slowed back down to let her even out her breathing under control and went back to slow fucking her. Once she had settled down a bit, I increased the pace again. Man, she came even quicker by my way of thinking, but this time, I had also got the urge to come and was more than relieved to empty the boys.


I rolled off her and glanced at the clock. "Shit," I said in surprise.


She was still huffing and shaking, so I gathered her up onto my chest and gently brushed back her hair until she settled down.


"Oh, my goodness, I've never felt so fucked in my life before. What time is it?" she asked.


Sheepishly I glanced at the clock again, "Sixish."


Andy raised her eyebrows, "No way! Bloody hell, it was barely half-past four when I towed you in here."


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