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Delta: #8 - One People

Kris Me











Delta Series:


#8 - One People





By: Kris Me









Things are heating up in Harmony and Utopia. Lee and the wizards have discovered a race they didn't know existed.


They have the other Earthlings coming to claim their piece of the pie. Lee's patience will be tested dealing with the fallibilities of her own race.






Copyright © 2016 Kris Me - All rights are reserved.


This story is the work of Kris Me. Before you copy more than one page or ten percent of the content, you must contact me as per the Copyright Act 1968, Australia.


First Published by Storiesonline World Literature Company: 28/04/2016. Last Published: 24/04/2021.


The book cover was designed in Microsoft Paint 3D using art that is my own, copyright-free or covered by creative commons license for commercial use from https://pixabay.com/.


The image of the mermaid is by Mohamed Hassan. The original image of the faerie was by Gordon Johnson.






~~ Adult Themes ~~


This book is part of an erotica science fiction series. It is NOT recommended for people under the legal age to access such stories, depending on the reader's country of origin.


The books may contain what some people consider vulgar language, references to religious icons, violence, coercion, murder, and-or rape scenes.


Some scenes may describe intimate heterosexual, bi-sexual, gay and-or group sexual activities. If you are homophobic, you may find some scenes in this series of book distasteful. In most cases, these scenes are integral parts of the story.


Some of the books include imaginary races capable of changing their gender and/or form into other animals. Copulation, while the characters are in their alternate animal forms, may be described.


This book DOES NOT contain descriptions of bestiality or coitus between persons closely related by blood.






If you find any of my assumptions fabricated, I would like to remind you this is a fictional story, and I have probably taken liberties with reality, as you know it. The humanoids in this story are not based on anyone I know or have read about.


Australian based dictionaries were used for reference, and Grammarly was used as part of the editing suite. The story was written in Microsoft Word.


If you find grammatical or spelling errors, they are not the fault of my editor or proofreaders who did try to fix my work. However, I do tend to fiddle around after the fact, so all errors are my own.


If my Australian colloquialisms or terms need clarification, or you just wish to correspond, I'm more than happy to answer your emails. You can send them to:





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This is the eighth book:


The series 'Delta' was the first set of books I wrote for the Keltrian Universe that is posted on the Storiesonline website.


The books should be read in sequence, as some references to events or information about a character may not be explained in full if they were mentioned or introduced in a previous part.






Additional Data on this book:


The original crew of Fortune has disbanded. Some have died, and some have stayed. Some had gone home, and new people are coming, just as Lee had foretold.


Lee Watson is now a Wizard Queen, and she can prophesy things to come. Two decads of wizard's boxes means a Queen was required, and the box had claimed her.


She had been but a tradesperson looking for adventure when she had headed to the Delta Pavonis system on the starship Fortune a year before with her cousin Kyle and ninety-eight other crew members.


Allan Ubobo had captained the first small explorer ship that had crash-landed on Utopia five years before. He was delighted to have all of his kids now living on Utopia, thanks to Lee.


Finding out his oldest son was now a wizard, and one of his daughters would claim an apprentice's box in the new decad of wizards was a shock.


He already knew his oldest daughter from his marriage here would be a wizard when she came of age. He couldn't believe he had such a gifted family. Utopia was truly his home now.


The Giant, Alec Shaman, was probably the only person who was mourning the death of Mage Jahn. He didn't hold Haldor responsible for killing him, as he knew that Jahn had not been a good wizard.


Alec understood why the faeries had banished Jahn the first time and stripped him of the Lord Wizard's box that Lee had claimed when she came to his planet. The person that perplexed him the most from the new arrivals was the young woman, Kim Ubobo.


Normally women didn't attract him, but Kim was very different, and she had already told him that he would be hers. She had charged him with the job of finding the third member of their triad. The fact that he was now a fabled wizard and Kim was his apprentice had his head in a bit of spin.


Lee knew her life would change again with her new responsibilities. She considered herself the Queen Wizard for three planets as she felt some responsibility for her home planet Earth.


She only hoped the people of Earth didn't bring all of their bad habits with them when they came to settle on Harmony. They might not know what true wizards were capable of, but they were going to learn.







Special thanks to J. Konietzko and all of the readers who in the past have pointed out I do make mistakes and have helped me to fix them.


And thanks, Lazeez, for your patience and assistance in helping me with my weird requests and questions.


I hope you enjoy the story.


Kris Me




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Chapter 1


~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present The Jade Warrior Queen, Lee Watson. Long live the Queen," said DT.


They all bowed their heads and then raised their arms, "Long live the Queen, long live the Queen."


Lee gave them her best haughty look and said, "Right you lot, you've had your fun, now disappear."


She released her wand and waved it over the crowd as they went to laugh. They blinked and found themselves back in the glade on Rahia Island. They laughed even harder. Lee wasn't big on fussy ceremonies.


When the wizards appeared, two large men on the ground started struggling furiously and making unintelligent noises around their gags.


Carther went to dart them again when Lee said, "Stop."


She had arrived in the glade just after the others. She walked over to the two men. They both looked at her and suddenly sat still, staring so hard in fear, their eyes bulged.


"Do you know who I am?" she asked gently.


They nodded and tried to get on their knees to bow.


"Are you going to behave if you are freed?"


They both nodded, then sat back down on their haunches with their heads lowered. Lee touched the wand to one head and then the other.


She said, "Carther, you can release them now. The compulsion is gone."


Carther looked at her, then at the now quiet men who sat with their heads bowed at Lee. He did as she asked.


"I'm sorry you had to go through that torment. I shall make restitution for Jahn's actions since he was effectively my responsibility. Please, go free, your friends."


Lee turned to the other Giants with her, "Hador, Gemma and Alec, you may assist if you believe it will help reassure your people that we mean no harm."


All three bowed at Lee and happily went to help their friends and family. There was a lot of excited muttering amongst the group as they sent quick looks at Lee.


"You lot, get this place packed up. I think we need to escort these people home and visit with the new rellies."


Lee told her bling to disappear and felt less self-conscious once it was invisible. She wasn't aware that not one person there now thought of her as just plain Lee.


The fact she was extraordinary shone from her for all to see.




Lee went to find her daughter, as her boobs were killing her.


Lee happily found Sean and retrieving Helen before she sat on the nearest log and dropped a tit out. She got her daughter settled. She looked around at hearing the giggles and saw the cheeky grins.


"What?" she said to no one in particular.


Sean dropped down to his knees in front of her and gently kissed her. "That my love has to have been the most un-queenly but seriously sexy thing I have ever seen."


Lee dropped her eyes to see the raging hard–on her handsome husband was sporting. She looked back up into his eyes to see his love for her.


"My boobs were bursting. It's a wonder I'm not drowning her," she explained.


Lee then swapped Helen to the other side to release the tension still in that boob. She sighed in relief as the milk flowed. Helen had taken just enough from the other to stop it aching and dribbling down her chest. Sean scooped them both up and took them into the tent.


They entered the side that was supposedly theirs, and he set Lee on her feet. Sean then stripped Lee as she fed the baby. He stripped himself and lay down so that he was semi-propped up. He then encouraged Lee to sit. She had little trouble wiggling down on his cock.


She knew how it felt, its length and its thickness. Her cunnie happily gobbled it in. Sean was pleased to hold it in place to make her passage easier. Sitting on his hips, she rocked her hips as she fed her daughter.


Sean rubbed her clit with his thumb as Lee rocked, and he enjoyed her gripping and releasing his cock with her cunnie muscles. Sean had discovered that he loved helping Lee feed the baby in this manner. Lee said she found rocking on Sean very soothing. He always got up with Lee now.


They found a couple of hours of sleep on either side of Helen's 04:00 hour feed, and they were fine. It was no different to waking in the early hours for sex and then going back to sleep. Neither of them slept more than four to five hours anyway.


Tony had also taken to helping Debora in this manner after Sean had said that it cut back on the frustration and randiness. Tony soon had Kyle in agreement. Not that Kyle needed an excuse to have Debora sitting on his cock.


Tony and Sean were both happy the group sessions had dropped off, back to once or maybe twice a week. The girls were too, and Kyle reluctantly had to agree. If it kept Tony and Deb happy, he was happy.


Sean felt Kyle often initiated the group sessions just to make sure he and Lee still loved him. Either that or he just loved group sex, and the more, the merrier. Sean felt it was a bit of both. Debbie and Tony were just as happy to cuddle as to do anything sexual.


Kyle still had a bit of an insecurity issue with his need to know that he was loved. Sean had noticed that Debora was much calmer these days since Tony had joined them and she'd had the kids.


He believed that she was content with her lot. It amazed him how well Debby and Tony knew Kyle. The couple never failed to touch Kyle or kiss him if he had been away from them for any length of time.


Sean and Lee had also gotten into the habit. A simple touch, and you could feel the change in Kyle as he radiated happiness, knowing you loved him and wanted him around. His joy had a powerful effect on those in his vicinity.


Kyle and Tony now took turns helping Debora feed the twins. They had also adopted half-bottle feeds. While Deb breastfed one and rocked on their a cock, they bottle-fed the other baby, and then they swapped babies. Both groups were happy with this new arrangement.


They had left Helen in the nursery with the other two kids, as she liked their company. Kyle said Helen had the hots for Anton, and she would be his daughter-in-law in the future. Sean noticed that Lee didn't dispute this.


Lee had swapped Helen again, but she didn't suck for long, as she was full. Lee had no problem producing milk for her. So, Sean took her to pat her back. Lee leant forward and dropped the not yet empty boob into his mouth, and he happily sucked as he rubbed Helen's back.


Lee rode his hips harder and rolled her hips even more as she squeezed his cock. She loved Sean sucking on her tits as he did it very differently to Helen.


Helen released her wind.




Sean reluctantly released Lee and then lifted Helen up.


He wiped her mouth carefully and then leaned over to place her safely in the low cradle. Now that his daughter was taken care of, he could help his wife scratch her itch.


Sean rolled Lee over and pumped into her harder. She smelt different, and it turned him on something fierce. Even Lee was a little surprised by his intensity. However, she was too busy enjoying him ramming his cock into her to pay it much mind.


Sean bent back down and sucked firmly on the tit that he still hadn't emptied. He hated to leave the job half done.


Lee felt the milk flow as he humped into her again and groaned as feelings from both stimulations coursed through her body. Her hips tightened, and he sucked as he hit her cervix again with his hard cock. She felt her muscles start to quiver.


It only spurred Sean on, and he changed to short sharp thrusts as she came for him. He released her breast and lifted his torso higher so he could drive his cock into her hard. He slammed home again, then again.


Lee's shaking cunnie and her groans of pleasure got the better of him, and he had to release. He blew into her with several short, sharp grunts and let the magic flow. They were both shaken by the time he was empty and she full.


Sean rolled Lee back over and half-propping himself back up onto the pillows. He then went back to rolling his hips into her quivering hips as he finished his meal, sucking more softly.


Lee happily rolled her hips on him and let him continue sucking on her tits. She felt very content. She loved making love with Sean as he still turned her on something fierce.


Sean finished, and Lee flopped onto his chest to hug him. For a little while, they lay quietly filled with contentment as Sean rubbed her back softly.


Then Sean said, "Lee, honey, what happened to your old bling?"


"It would have returned to its box," she said, sitting back up, curious as to why he asked.


"In the cavern on Watson Island?" he asked, looking at her as his hands slipped back to her lovely hips.


"No, my box is with yours in our apartment in Futura," she replied, wondering what his problem was.


"Okay then, whose box is that one?" he asked, indicating the box sitting on the tent floor at the end of their bed by lifting his nose at it.


"Shit!" Lee exclaimed when she twisted around and saw what he was looking at. "That's my old box. I wonder why it is here."


"And why is it glowing? Does it want you to open it for some reason?" he asked. He had never seen it glow so bright.


Lee looked back at Sean and then grinned, "Well, that seems only fitting."


He looked at her, perplexed, "What?"


"Well, a Queen should have at least a Lord for a husband," she replied and grinned at him.


Sean looked at her and then back at the box. "Oh, buggar me with a big fucking cock," he said.


Lee had to giggle.


"Crap, does this mean I have to hold all the wizard meetings and look after that bunch of oversexed riffraff?"


Lee laughed and kissed him. Releasing his exquisite lips that she loved to kiss, she said, "Well, better you than me. At least you have been trained better than I have to keep control of the riffraff."


"Hey, I just thought of something. I'm now your and Helen's boss. So, I only have to worry about you two, and then you guys have to sort out the rest. I like that idea."


"Well, don't get too comfortable with it. As Helen's boss, until she is old enough to take responsibility, you get to look after her riffraff. Since you have done a lot of the training with my team, I can just sit back and give them a nudge along now and then," Sean reasoned, happy with this idea.


"Shit, I'm going to have to set up a training school. We've now got all those mage and rookie boxes to fill as well. I think that is a good job for you, my love. You run the school; I'll find the recruits."


"Uh, uh, remember the ship, Lee? I'm a better 2IC. You are far better at teaching than you realise. You had my troop eating out of your hand after one lesson. Look at DT, Qu, Terry and your old crew. They all idolise you, as do the rest."


"The whole damn lot of them would lay their lives on the line and have, even if you don't ask them to. As soon as I asked my guys to come on this mission, they just dropped everything because you wanted them."


"Aeron said Carther and his girls were no different. Even Karri and the dads didn't hesitate. No, I think if I'm to be the Lord Wizard of one of the decads, one of my jobs is recruiting. It's a shame Gary isn't a wizard. He was the best sergeant I ever had. I miss him not being around."


Sean thought for a bit, "Hey, I wonder if my apprentice wizard's box would like to go to him? He's a smart guy, and I bet he would take on the responsibilities of running the wizard's school seriously. Look at the great job he has been doing in Clarksville."


"Well, Hador said the box will look at multiple candidates. So maybe if you take the box to Gary, it can make a decision based on his character and abilities," Lee replied.


Sean liked that idea. If he had to have an apprentice, he couldn't think of anyone he would rather have as his right-hand man than Gary. He was looking at his box as he thought this, and it seemed to flash at him. He wondered if it just granted his wish.


His gut feeling was that it had, and he was delighted.




Chapter 2


 ~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


Lee was thinking about the training facility.


She really didn't want all and sundry traipsing around on Watson Island. It was their retreat. Actually, of late, it had become more their home than Futura.


"Hey, I wonder if Professor Bentley would like to become the wizards' Chief Archivist. If we give him access to the books, then he can finish Rah's cataloguing. I bet he would even qualify as a Lore Mage."


Lee crawled off Sean and looked back at the box thoughtfully, "If we set the training camp up, on his island, it is still in the neutral zone but private. It's just far enough away, yet it is still easy to access from Clarksville."


"Plus, I think at least half of our new group, if not all of them, will end up as my wizards for Harmony, solving that little problem."


Sean shook his head as Lee was at it again, finding solutions to problems he didn't even know existed. He crawled off the mattress, went over to the box and placed his hands on it.


Sure enough, it opened, and his bling disappeared off his person. He shivered at the loss. He happily put on his new bling. He noticed the armbands were in the box, and so was the pad that doubled as a minder that they had renamed Mads.


"Hey Lee, is this your Mad?"


Lee looked at him and refocused as she suddenly realised that he had accessed the box; she had been deep in thought. She looked at the Mad.


"Well, yes and no, it's tied to the box. My personal stuff will be on the server, and as soon as I get a new one, I'll update it. But the database of what I've learnt will be on it for you to access."


"Yours will now be in the apprentice's box. The old wizard is supposed to leave information for their replacement."


Happy with her answer, Sean placed it on his wrist, and it attached itself. It had felt a bit weird when the old bling disappeared. He also felt a little different with the new bling. He guessed it was because it was a more powerful box. A shiver ran down his spine.


"Well, they are probably waiting for us to get out of the tent, so it can be packed up," Sean said.


Lee grinned, "No, I mentally contacted Hador, and he gave me a location, so I just shifted the lot of us there while I was feeding Helen. The rest of our people are out meeting the locals. I suppose we had better put in an appearance. Anne is coming to get Helen, so we had better get dressed."


Her platinum dress and Sean's platinum jumpsuit appeared on the bed with a new Mad and two new armbands for Lee.


Lee sighed and explained the clothes, "We had better look good for the local gentry."


Sean laughed. She was the most reluctant ruler he had ever heard of or seen. He got up and kissed her and then started getting dressed after doing a 'refresh' spell to clean his body. He noticed that Lee had included a cape for him, and she hadn't disappeared to get the items.


He wondered just how powerful she was now as their Queen. He had felt the immediate difference when he put on her old bling. If she was supposed to be able to control Lord Wizards, it must be immense. He could see why such power could corrupt the wearer.


He felt he had a better understanding of why Jahn went to so much trouble to get his box back. He only hoped that he was up to the task of being a better Lord Wizard.


Sean looked at Lee. He was amazed that she didn't seem any different to him. She still worried more about doing the best for the people she considered she was responsible for.


He could only hope to emulate her and that she didn't change. Something told him that Lee would always be Lee. Her grandfather had installed a deep sense of family and community commitment in her.


While not religious, she had a strong belief in right and wrong and free will. She would let people know the consequences of their actions and only stop them if it involved them harming another.


Sean picked up the cape to find that it was like Lees, but the jade colour was on the inside; he liked it. They were both long but didn't touch the ground. His clasp was a platinum dragon that looked a lot like Drako.


Lee turned around as she was straightening the very firm bodice and got a look at Sean. She groaned, "Damn, hunky, you are so hot in that getup; I'm wet just looking at you."


She then giggled as he showed his appreciation of her dress. She ended up in his arms, being kissed into the middle of next week. Sean had taken one look at her and found his cock painfully hard.


His desire for her had not diminished in the slightest. She was his, and he knew she loved him. He was one lucky man, and he knew it. Coming on the voyages to Delta was the best decision he had ever made.


"Down boy, down. We can sort out his problem later, but we had better make an appearance," Lee said.


She had still kissed him back with just as much lust as he was feeling. Sean sighed reluctantly as he released her and stepped away to will his appendage down to a more presentable package.


"Sorry, honey, but you look amazing, and your smell is hard to resist. My nose tingles every time I get a whiff of you," he told her.


Sean picked up his daughter, and they stepped into the outer part of the tent to find DT and Qu on guard duty. They stood just inside the flap.


DT smiled and then explained, "To keep the riffraff out." He looked at Sean, and his grin broadened, "Love the new look, Boss."


Lee and Sean both had to laugh. Lee kissed his cheek and then Qu's. Both men shuddered and had a hard time keeping their cocks under control.


She was one sexy lady, and both had a place in their hearts that was Lee's, as much as they loved their wives. She seemed to have that effect on men and women.


Sean had to hide his grin at the men's reaction to Lee. He couldn't blame them for loving his wife. He knew if anything happened to him, she would find many willing to replace him. He was thrilled that it was hard to kill a Lord Wizard.


"I love you guys, thank you. Okay, you can present us if you wish, Commander and 2IC of the Royal Wizard's Guard."


The boys grinned, turned and left through the flaps of the tent, and then they held them back. They both tapped their wands on the ground, and a booming noise sounded with each tap. Lee was impressed that DT and Qu had learned how to amplify their wands' tapping on the ground.


DT's projected voice rang out loud enough for all to hear, "Her Majesty, Lee Watson, Queen of the Wizards and her consort Lord Wizard Sean Watson."


Sean put Lee's hand on his arm and escorted her out. They found about five thousand souls kneeling with bowed heads. Their people were amongst them. Both of them found it rather daunting. Despite coming from Queensland, they were just people from very unroyal backgrounds.


Lee looked over the crowd, "Thank you for receiving my family, friends and me. You will soon learn I'm not big on fussy ceremonies. I look forward to learning about your people and getting to know at least some of you. Please stand and go about your day. I hope to meet as many of you as I can at your convenience."


Sean was amused by their confusion. Queens don't turn up and expect to be treated like any other visitor coming to their village. They expected pomp, ceremony and being waited on hand and foot.


Lee waved her hands in an 'up' gesture, and the people all stood. She then made a shooing motion, so they reluctantly moved off a bit.


Sean noticed many were still standing agog. Lee was hard to resist, and in her getup, she looked magnificent. The glow that surrounded her also gave her a very ethereal aura.


Hador took the opportunity to present his wife and daughter to Lee. He then told Lee, "Word has been sent of your arrival. The other Royal families are busy sending delegates or bringing themselves to meet with you."


Lee groaned in response, and they all laughed. Hador had already worked out from talking to her people that she would be as reluctant to act in the manner expected of a Queen as she had been when the Lord Wizard.


She would only play the part to a point. Hador felt the other Royals would not get her to reform to their ideals. They were all in for a shock. He looked forward to watching the sparks fly. She was sure to ruffle a few self-important feathers.


"Alec," Lee called out, spying the man standing and talking to Justin, Kim and Gemma.


His head came up, and he smiled. All four walked over to Lee. Lee decided they made two very handsome couples and approved of the boxes' choices.


"Alec, link your mind to mine," she said.


He looked at her in confusion, so Lee linked to him. She dropped him a few quick lessons on how-to mind-link with other people and to shield his thoughts. She used the same separate rooms and door knock procedure that Ulani had taught her, Sean and Kyle.


Once happy that he understood, Lee said to Michella, "Your majesty, do you mind if Alec and I touch you?"


Michella agreed, even though she wondered why Lee wanted to do so. Lee got Alec to touch Michella, and then she touched him. Michella felt warmth in her tummy, then a feeling of well-being. She looked at Lee in amazement.


"Oh, sorry, Hador. I hope you wanted more kids?" Lee said apologetically.


"I would very much like more children, why?" he asked.


Alec and Lee grinned at him. "Lady Lee has just taught me how to fix what Rah's wife Jade did to our womenfolk. I think there will be a Giant population explosion. It is just as well we can now move to other more suitable places."


"Did you fix Janta too, Lee?" Alec found himself asking Lee.


Lee blushed, "Sorry, I hope the twins don't get into trouble."


Michella and Hador looked between Lee and Alec, not understanding.


"Janta had been a bit naughty, and Lee's little fix means she carries two daughters, one from each brother. She is very happy, and so are the twins," Alec explained.


"Does this mean we will again have more girls?" Michella asked excitedly.


"Yes and no. Your next generation may find it will increase to a split of about two females to three males. The next will hopefully be about forty-seven percent female to fifty-three percent male. I think that will become the norm."


"Humans were once about forty-eight to fifty-two. But an epidemic about sixty years ago made that change. Many men found they were not as potent as they once were, and more children were born female."


"Many women born since have also found they only became fertile half as often as they once did. As the human females' cycle is different from Genteli women's, not that many of them minded this change."


"Men also have a bad habit of dying younger. So, the female to male statistics on my old world was effectively the opposite to yours, especially in those under sixty. It's one of the reasons I've been encouraging females to apply for jobs here."


"You have many lovely women from your world. I have a feeling my male brethren will be happy to court your females," Hador said with a big grin.


Lee grinned back. "You have some sizzling guys here, so I have a feeling our girls just might let them."


The giants laughed.




Chapter 3


~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


The Giants found talking to the visitors interesting.


Some of the words the visitors used were different from theirs, but the visitors had a way of making themselves understood.

Hador and Michella both knew some people would be dragged out of the dark ages, kicking and screaming. However, since the spells started to break down and the women were having more children, they now had nearly half their population under sixty.


The couple felt that the younger set would embrace the changes and step into the future. They, too, were a very young Royal family, and they were more than happy to accept change.


"If you don't mind me asking, your people seem highly intelligent, but your infrastructure is not developed far beyond a hunter-farmer society," Lee said.


Alec said, "Rah's spells not only stopped us from leaving but made it hard for us to advance as well. Items brought back from Davinia over the years would stop working for no reason at all, not long after coming here."


"So yes, our people are well educated even in the sciences, mathematics, medicine and astronomy. We understood why it should work, but we could not get complex machines to work here."


"It is only recently, those living in the outer villages have been able to make some of our inventions work. About thirty years ago, Michella's mother moved a heap of scientist to a village to the southwest."


"They have learnt many things, but they would stop working in our village in particular. Gemma was going to move there soon. She is very good at making all manner of things," Hador explained.


"Gemma may very well benefit if she moves to Futura. We have an outstanding engineering school there," Sean said.


"Is that where Justin lives?" she asked.


Her grin broadened when Justin bent closer and said "Yes," in her ear, making her shiver.


He had a strange effect on her, and Gemma decided it was time she got to know the young Earth male who was to be her teacher and partner, according to Kim, a whole lot better.


She linked her arm in Justin's and said, "Come tell me about this engineering place."


Hador watched the young couple walk off to Gemma's home. "I hope he has some stamina," he grinned. "Grandteli females, take a bit to please."


Sean and Lee laughed. Sean said, "If he is anything like his old man, I hope she has the stamina. Especially as Justin is a full wizard and his father Prince Allan of Antalia is the Apprentice Copper Wizard."


"He is a prince's son?" Michella asked.


Sean looked around, "Allan is married to a princess. See that tallish guy over there. Allan is also human, and he comes from the same city on Earth as I do."


"Zak, the man, standing beside him, is the second son of Queen de Kay of Davinia. He is a special type of mage called a shield, like Snorre and Yves. Allan and Zak are both married to Princess Darla de Rain of Antalia."


"Darla is carrying Zak's daughter and Allan's second child to her, a son. Apparently, it is a wizard's thing; if the woman ends up with two husbands, they can both impregnate her at the same time."


"That gentleman," Sean said as he pointed. "He is King Zan de Nar of Ogilhinn in Queland and the Iron Wizard. He has an Earthman for a husband and a Pix wife. She is also carrying a child for each of her husbands."


Sean pointed at the next couple, "That couple is Princess Uren de Wahl, the Apprentice Tin Wizard, and her husband, Prince Xavier, is Zan's brother. He too is a shield, and they are next in line to rule Dinas in Queland."


"Prince Aeron de Kay, soon to be King of Davinia, is the Titanium Wizard. He is married to a human female called Yuko, who is also a shield. My sister Karri is the Nickel Wizard and his apprentice; she has only recently joined the couple."


"Of our friends, Tony is the Apprentice Rose Gold Wizard, and his husband Kyle is the Gold Wizard. Kyle is also Lee's cousin. Their wife, Debora, gave birth to Tony's daughter and Kyle's son minutes after Helen was born."


"The rest of the people with us - well, they are just our friends and families. They are either rookies, mages or shield mages."


"You have all the prominent royal families at your beck and call and here in my little village," exclaimed Michella shocked.


Lee looked around at her family and friends, happily getting to know the Giants.


"I suppose you could look at it like that. To me, they are my friends and fellow wizards and people whom I'm responsible for. We don't really have a lot of royalty on Earth anymore, and I'd never associated with them."


"I don't believe in treating anyone any different to any other person. We are all born, we live, and we die. We are just people when it comes down to the basics of life."


"I'm more interested in what people strive to achieve with their lives than the titles they hold. If they aim to make life better for their friends, families and community, I consider this a good thing."


"I actually like the faeries' Gods. Sparky says their Gods care more about the well-being of the people, rather than who the people think they are."


"While the faeries are big on status, it's not political or power status they care about, but more that their family is seen to be good and kind people and that they associate with like-minded people."


"It was why she was happy to be adopted into our family because she believes Kyle, Sean and I are good wizards, here to help the people. I must admit it's a lot to live up to, but I try to do what I believe is right for the people around me while still respecting their rights to free will," Lee concluded.


She looked around and realised she had a large audience. Sean had been amused as he watched the people gather to hear what she said. They all bowed to Lee. She felt a little embarrassed at running off at the mouth.


She looked back at Michella and Hador as they went down on one knee.


Michella said, "Jade Warrior Queen, we can see why the Queen Wizard's box picked you as the champion of the Keltria people. We hope you will consider us as the Seventh Race under your protection. That we are worthy of joining the One People of many races, as the prophecy foretold."


Lee looked around, and they were all bowed again, even her people. 'Shit Sean, not another bloody prophecy to live up to,' she thought at him.


She must have let it slip in her agitation as she heard a lot of snickers from the wizards.


She sighed, "I am humbled that the Giants wish to be under my protection. I would be proud to include them as the Seventh Race of the One People. I only ask that you be kind to your neighbours and do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."


"Please rise and go about your business. Hopefully, it will include food, as I'm starving," Lee hinted rather broadly.


There were many giggles and chuckles, and people started moving off to get a feast prepared for the Queen Wizard and her family and friends.


Food was the least they could do.




Justin liked Gemma's home.


Justin particularly liked her lovely big bed. She had shown him around her home first then taken him to her room. Justin had taken just one look at the lovely bed, dropped his boots off and flipped backwards to lie in the middle of it on his back.


He sighed and put his hands behind his head. "Damn, my feet are actually on the bed," he said.


Gemma also removed her boots and sat down on the side with one of her legs tucked under in front of her and the other still on the floor so she could see Justin.


She shook her head, "Why wouldn't your feet be on the bed?" she asked as she let her eyes trail over his body, liking what she saw very much.


"On Earth, I'm a bit taller than the average. So many beds are just a bit short for me. The bunk on the ship was a real pain. I had to wear socks to bed to keep my feet warm because they ended up hanging in mid-air if I stretched out."


They were happy to spend some time getting to know each other better. Gemma, he found, had only turned twenty-one recently. She was only a few months older than he was. This was fine by him. He learnt the giants had reduced the age of consent to twenty-one a hundred years ago.


This was so the girls could have children earlier. They seemed to have less trouble with subsequent children if they started earlier. When the barrier weakened further and the Giants started spreading out, many women had tried to have at least six kids to boost their numbers.


In the last hundred years or so, twins in earlier births had become more prevalent. It had helped that at least half the twins were girls. First-born children also tended to be female if the girls started early. While the number of female births had increased slightly, the boys still far outnumbered the girls.


Gemma would have been expected to pick a mate by the end of the year. Then pick another mate within the next five years or so. Many girls had already chosen their intended first husband by their birthday, but Gemma didn't truly fancy anyone enough to get that far.


She was glad she hadn't. She didn't think Justin would have been happy as a second husband. He was definitely first husband material. He also indicated that he planned to be her only husband.


They talked about Justin's responsibilities back home with his brothers and sisters. Then about how she felt, being included in his large family.


She smiled and informed him that she had three brothers other than Hador and a younger sister. She was the fourth child. She laughed and suggested they should introduce her twin older brothers to Justin's twin sisters.


Gemma explained that they had a different father to hers; they were twenty-six and both smart guys. They were actually out at the Science Village. They preferred technology to hunting, but they were skilled hunters.


Bard was into physics and chemistry. He likes to know why things moved and why different compounds joined or didn't. Goran loved plants. He wanted to know why they grew where they did and why certain plants grew near other plants, and some animals lived on or only ate particular plants.


Justin told her that they would have to see if her twins wanted to join his twins at Uni. It sounded as though that was where they should be. He was sure Tony and Kyle would like to meet them too.


He told her that his sisters both liked guys taller than they were, but since they weren't that much shorter than he was, this wasn't an easy option for them. Maybe that would now change. He was sure they would like the eye-candy in this village.


He then had to explain what eye-candy was, which got Gemma giggling.


"I must admit I don't mind the eye-candy I'm enjoying," Gemma said.




Chapter 4


~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


Gemma bent forward and kissed Justin.


He pulled her into his arms and was soon devouring her lips. She stretched out beside him, and he rolled her over so she was under him. She was a lot longer than Adison, and he found he was pressing his groin into her hot cunnie as they kissed.


He liked the way she fit into his body. He happily explored her mouth and laid gentle kisses on her face before going back for another taste of her lips. He liked the way she kissed and sucked on his tongue as he thrust it into her mouth.


He was rocking his hips, so he was rubbing his hard cock on her mound as he stuck his tongue down her throat. He moaned when she rocked her hips into his. His cock was pressing hard into the waistband of his jocks, and the jumpsuit wasn't giving him the room he needed. His cock desperately wanted out.


"Sorry," he said.


He had to lift himself, spreading her knees as he did. He released the flap so his cock could at least stretch the jocks' material. He sighed, and she giggled. He then found another hand joined his.


Her nails slid over the material of his jocks and sent shock ways into his groin as she traced along the length of him. He flexed into the hand. She traced him lightly, and he decided he liked what she was doing.


Leaving his hips raised, he kissed her again deeply. Her hand then slid under the band, flipping it back and letting his throbbing cockhead free. He stopped moving, poised above her.


He watched her face as her fingers explored the length of his freed cock. He groaned and flexed into her fingers as she gently let more of him free and squeezed him.


"I thought you said you weren't related to Giants?" she said.


"Girl, you keep doing that, and it will get giant," he told her as her fingers kept exploring.


"Can I see?" she asked.


Justin rocked back onto his knees. Gemma watched as he broke the seal on the suit and peeled the top section down. He wasn't as broad-shouldered as her brothers, but he was well muscled. His muscles were taut and well-defined, indicating he was strong, healthy and carried little body fat.


She watched as his defined abs and tiny waist were revealed. He then pushed the material down over his very tight cute butt until it was down his firm thighs. Her eyes flicked back to the appendage that she had partly released from the underclothing he called jocks.


He slid the jocks down and let the not so little guy free. He signed in relief. Gemma sat up and tucked her legs behind her, so she was on her knees and hands, looking at his cock. He felt it jump at her admiration.


"Goodness, the girls all tell me my brothers are big. But you wouldn't have any trouble standing beside them any day," she said.


Justin looked down at his cock. It was as long and hard as he had ever seen it. He knew his new bling and Gemma were not helping. He was hornier than he had ever felt before. The fact he hadn't had any relief for a couple of weeks had him raring to go.


He really wanted to get it wet. He sucked in his breath, then moaned it out slowly as Gemma flicked her tongue over his glans. Then her warm wet mouth engulfed his glans, and she rubbed her tongue over it and flicked it in between the slit causing his whole body to spasm.


"Gods, Gemma, you keep doing that, and you will get him spitting at you," he told her and groaned again as she slipped her mouth down further.


She sucked him hard as she moved back and popped off and looked up at him. Grinning, she said, "Does he really spit?"


Justin laughed, making his cock jump up and down. "Apparently," he said.


"I wouldn't know what they do. The girls don't add that much detail, and my brothers won't tell me," she said matter-of-factly.


She went back to licking his cock again as Justin digested this information. He gently reached down and pulled her up so they were facing each other on their knees.


"You have done this before, right?" he asked.


Gemma moved closer so that she was pressed against him, put her arms behind his head and kissed him. Justin held her waist to keep her steady as he returned the cock-twitching kiss. She released his mouth and smiled.


"No. I've done some kissing and cuddling, but we're not allowed sex until we are twenty-one, like I said before."


"And you have only recently turned twenty-one," he finished for her. "Gemma, I've only had one girlfriend before you. I'm not that experienced either and am not sure how it will be for you with this being your first time if you are anything like human girls."


Gemma shrugged, "There has to be a first time sometime, and I'm sure you will be gentle with me and are up to the task."


He kissed her. Then holding her face, he said, "If I hurt you, you tell me to stop, and I will somehow."


"I trust you, Justin," she told him.


He got off the bed, finished stripping and then got Gemma off, so she stood in front of him. He kissed her and worked his way down her body, removing her clothes as he went.


He finally got to suck one of her lovely titties into his mouth and licked, kissed and sucked on it until she was moaning and running her fingers through his hair. He swapped to the other, so it got equal attention.


He kept moving down her body and then got her draws as she called them off so he could breathe in her scent and bury his nose in her cunnie. He spent some time happily exploring her cunnie with his mouth and fingers.


He liked the taste of her very much and loved the noises she made as he sucked on her labia and thrust his tongue in and out of her. He gently wiggled his fingers into her tightness and worked them back and forth as he sucked on her clit.


Gemma seemed to like it as she had her hands in his hair and was pushing his face into herself as she flexed her hips. She was very wet, and Justin found he had his fingers in her as far as they could reach.


As he sucked on her, a conversation that he overheard one night between Jennie and Jamie came to mind.




Justin's sisters had been talking about losing their virginity the year before.


It was just the sort of conversation that a big brother and surrogate-dad really wanted to hear from his sisters, not. They were discussing the fact that Jennie was in the missionary position.


She had said that the guy just slammed his cock in, and he started going for it. She didn't even have a chance to get over the initial pain of having her hymen stretched to the point it tore. At least it wasn't that painful, but it did sting for a bit.


Jamie commented hers wasn't painful at all. Her boyfriend let her be on top, so she had control.


'Thanks, Sis,' he thought at Jamie and Jennie.


He actually stopped finger fucking Gemma, and his lick was halfway through its motion when he felt them say, 'No worries, Bro, what did I do?'


He thought back, 'Just being the wonderful sisters you are.'


They 'Ked' back, and he felt the link drop.


"You all right?" Gemma asked, wondering why he had suddenly gone still.


She had been enjoying his ministrations, never having let one of the boys get this far before.


Justin looked up at her. "I just realised how lucky I am that you are mine, sweet girl," he said.


"Good," she said and jammed his head back into her cunnie. "How about you keep getting lucky before I change my mind."


Justin sucked her hard in reply, and she moaned and flexed her hips into his face in response. Justin sucked and played a little longer. She was moaning louder and flexing harder.


He wanted to be in her the first time she came, so he stopped licking and pulled his fingers back to just rubbing between her lips. He kissed his way again to her titty for a quick suck before returning to her mouth.


She was tight, but as he had rotated his fingers, he had felt her stretch. Hopefully, he wasn't too big for her first time. Justin moved back to the bed and lay down across it.


"Your turn to explore," he said.


Gemma got the hint and happily crawled up over him. She straddled his hips and kissed him. As she went to move down him, she felt his cock rubbing between her arse cheeks. Instinctively, she lifted her hips higher, so his cock slid forwards and across her cunnie.


She rolled her hips, so it got stuck in her cunnie lips, and she gently pushed back, so he just entered her. She felt Justin stiffen beneath her as she slid over his glans. She wiggled on the head of his cock, so he slipped in a little more.


Lifting up, she slid back to the top and then wiggled down again. She kept doing it, so he got a little deeper each time. She was able to slide on the top portion of his cock. She felt him stretching her but didn't go lower, enjoying him being in as far as he was.


"Gods, Gemma, I hope you know what you're doing. I'll try not to thrust into you until you're ready. But I do suggest you make it sooner rather than later. You're killing me here," he ground out.


Gemma kissed him as she rocked on his cock, and she worked her way down lower, feeling herself stretch further than she had before. She kept working him in and felt her muscles loosen more to allow his entry. She pushed down a little harder.


She felt a slight sting as her hymen stretched around the thickness of the root of his cock. She stilled a moment, then kept moving as it became easier to take him in. She started moving faster.


Justin found his hips coming up to meet hers, as she dropped down and then rolled her hips back as she gripped him as she lifted up. She used longer strokes until she was slamming her hips into his groin and 'urging' out her pleasure of him being in her.


He happily thrust back into her when she hit. He managed to grasp one of those lovely tits and sucked enthusiastically as she started to really ride him hard. She was rolling her hips on the root of his cock, and it felt bloody marvellous from his side.


As her orgasm built, she got a little erratic. So, Justin grabbed her hips to guide her. Her cunnie muscles were doing sinful things to him. He could tell that he was hitting her button as his cock flexed on contact with the mouth of her womb.


Her cunnie lips were splaying across the root of his cock, and her muscles were gripping it hard. His balls had tightened up, and were trying to climb in. He wasn't going to last much longer at this rate.


He felt her stiffen and groan, and then her muscle spasm rolled up and down his cock. He lifted her off and slammed her back down again. The spasm caressed his cock again, and he had to come into her as she gripped and loosened his cock as she, too, felt the euphoria of release.


"Goodness, he really does spit," Gemma gasped out.


She clenched as Justin shot into her several more times with an accompanying satisfied grunt on each release. Justin barked out a laugh as he rocked his very happy cock in and out of her as they came down.


"Damn, girl, and this was only the first time. I have a sneaky suspicion he is going to want to be right where he is as often you let him be," Justin said and kissed her face several times in different places.


Gemma dropped on his chest, "Hmm, I have a suspicion he will get his way as well."


She hugged him tightly, and Justin hugged her back. He sure hoped she was right. While he had not gone looking, he had found it hard to keep his desires in check the last week or so. The damn bling and using magic had made him very horny, and the hand just wasn't enough relief.


He hoped Kim held up, as she was determined to wait until she was sixteen. Personally, he thought that if she didn't, she did have extenuating circumstances. He might have to have a word with Alec about supplying her some relief.


If the guy did end up fucking her, he couldn't blame him, as he had found it bloody hard not doing her himself. She might be his sister, but she was one hot chick all the same.


Justin hugged Gemma again, a very contented wizard.




Chapter 5


~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


The next day Lee called a Wizards' Meeting.


Lee also invited Michella, Hador and the leaders of the other main clans that were now in town.


"Okay, people, I had a bit of discussion with Kyle and Sean and other select wizards, now I wish to include all of you."


She had gotten Kyle to erect a big 3D screen in the community hall that she had commandeered. She flashed up a map of Utopia for everyone to see.


[Author's note: Maps are at the end of the book]


"As many of you now know, I could end up controlling four decads of wizards. The way things stand now is that the Metallica Decad of wizards each control a continent of Utopia."


"According to the original agreement, on Utopia, the Titanium Wizard controls Davinia and the Silver Wizard, Antalia. The Iron Wizard got Queland, the Lord Wizard has Jahnville, and the Gold Wizard has all of the islands."


"Our scientists have since decided that the northern content of Davinia is, in fact, four continents, and Antalia is, in fact, three continents. The extent of the icecaps gives the appearance that these areas are all joined as one at the poles."


"I have asked the wizards involved if they agree that the other five unclaimed continents should be kept separate in the event of there being a third decad formed, and they have agreed. If they are settled in the meantime, they will look after the people until a new wizard is appointed."


"Kyle is happy to keep the Islands as his domain. As the Lord Wizard, Sean will now get Jahnville, and I'll keep the northern islands of Harmony. Does anyone object to this split so far?"


The people present all looked at each other and shook their heads, so Lee continued. She popped up a map of Harmony.


"As some are aware, we have split the northern continents of Harmony up to be controlled by people from Earth. On further investigation, it too is effectively four continents. I would like to assign each of these continents to be looked after by the primary wizards of the Gem Decad."


"The problem is that if the owners of the other Wizards' boxes are, who I think they are, it will be at least eighteen to twenty-five years before they will be claimed."


"So, I have to come to another arrangement in the meantime. Antonio, Robert and Pete have been chosen by their Block of Nations to be their ambassadors, and Robert believes Kostya Burkov, the Russians choice, is also mage material."


"So, I aim to find a group of mages, hopefully from the people they send, to be their Spiritual Guides, so to speak, with a wizard to act as a mediator."


"Kyle was thinking of splitting up the southern continents and giving them to the apprentice wizards of Metallica. However, the apprentices of the Metallica's decad are happy where they are."


"We believe the best solution is to split the southern continents into the original blocks proposed by Kyle and assign them to the Gem decad's primary wizards instead."


Lee stopped and waited until the murmurs died down, then continued, "I have a feeling that the Gem apprentice wizards will be happier to stay with their wizard, just like the Metallica apprentices."


Lee indicated the southern continents. "We have split it up using the same parameters we used to split the other continents. We have, in two cases, also added a larger Island due to their proximity and wealth."


"Going to the west, starting in about Clarksville's middle is Emerald, and then this separate continent is Diamond. Garnet and Topaz share the eastern continent, and Quartz is the other half with Emerald."


"Justin and Alec, do you have any opposition to being given these areas to control?" Lee asked.


The two young men just looked at Lee, stupefied for several seconds before they looked at each other.


"So, they will be ours to do with what we wish?" Justin asked.


Lee grinned, "Sort of. I expect you to run them under the same charter as we have proposed for the other nations for one. Boys, I'm not opposed to you inviting people from any or all of the other races as that is up to you."


"However, I would like to settle a portion of the Giants on both yours and Alec's lands if you agree. I know some will wish to remain here, but I also know some wish to explore."


The two guys looked at each other, and then they shrugged and grinned.


"Do I have to move there immediately," Alec asked.


He was worried that Kim would still need to go to school in Futura. He planned to be with her as soon as he was allowed to be.


"Good grief, no. If you wish to take the next hundred years to set it up, then that is your prerogative. Although the people whom you let settle there might like you to turn up occasionally to see how they are doing," Lee smiled at them as several others also nodded in agreement.


"Hey Alec, see that big cleft between our two nations. Lee had used that big river to split our two nations in a fair way. What if we set up either side of it? Then we can keep an eye on each other's mob?"


"Yes, I like that idea. Michella, are you guys moving to Rubyvale in Quarztland?" Alec asked with a big grin.


"Damn," said Justin as he slapped his thigh. "I was going to invite her and her scientists to Opal City in Emeralda."


Everyone laughed.


Carther piped up, "I like the sound of living in Opal City. I think some of the produce we grow at home may just do well there."


He had been studying the information Lee had on a webpage and noticed the climatic similarities to Tuath. He had long since given up the idea of going to war with the Atlantians. He loved the idea of exploring a whole new region. Mary and Alice both squeezed his hands in agreement.


Encouraged, he said, "My brother and his wife would probably love to set up a new farm. I have a couple of cousins who might like to relocate as well. I even know of a clan of faeries that are looking for a new home, and that forest area just there may suit them," he pointed out.


Justin grinned, "You're on; I need a good Mayor." Carther gave him a big grin. Justin rubbed his hands together, "Hey! This means we get some more compound building practice."


The other wizards groaned.


"And Lee, I might have to put in an order for some more sizzling babes from Earth for my Giant buddies. I think I can talk one or two of the clans into coming to my side of the river with that sort of incentive," he wiggled his eyebrows at Lee.


Appreciative noises came from several of the local clan leaders. They all had young men wishing to find suitable wives.


"Hey, only if half that shipment is mine," Alec said indignantly.


Kim had told him of the ship that had recently arrived over Futura and of its cargo. He also believed that if they told the men that wives were possibly available, they would get them to move.


The murmurs coming from behind him strengthened that belief. They had a lot of unmarried, lonely guys they could make happy. He also believed that the fact things would take a little while to develop was also an advantage for his people as they adjusted.


Lee grinned, "Well, I was going to hire the Fortune out for paying passengers after this next trip."


Justin replied, "Excellent, what will it cost us for one shipment of one hundred and fifty lovely professional ladies to tame our Giants? I believe I have a few gems lying around I can use to pay for their passage."


Lee looked at him and Alec, realising that they were perfectly serious. "I think we will discuss that later in more detail. You guys need to put a business plan together," she told them.


"Tell me how you're going to go about finding what the natural resources are. I want to know how you can move many people into the area without overly affecting the ecology. I'll give you access to the current scans and data."


Alec and Justin nodded that this was a good plan. Alec said, "Actually, we have had a lot of practice of managing resources here, so I think the Giants can help sort that out."


"We are more than willing to make sure we make use of the natural resources and don't introduce uncontrollable species. Our scientists are from many clans, so I don't think they will care which side of the river they live on."


Lee asked the group, "So is everyone happy with the split of the southern continents and that the Giants are more than welcome to move there?"


They all agreed with a resounding, "Yes."


"Great, I'd like to spend another couple of days here getting the immunisations sorted out, and Alec and I need to do the rounds of the ladies."


"As for the rest of you, I wish to thank you very much for coming and helping me out. I'm just glad it turned out well for all concerned. Except for poor Wizard Jahn, may he rest in peace."


"If you wish to stay a little longer, I won't stop you, but if you have other duties you need to get back to, you are more than welcome to go home."


"For the non-teleporters, just grab Sean, me, or someone who can blink to take you home. You are officially dismissed. Thank you again for assisting me."


With that, Lee ended the meeting.




Chapter 6


~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


Allan, Aeron, Zan and their loved ones decided they really should check in at home.


However, they wanted in the loop if the Giants needed assistance. They were more than happy to provide land and support if a clan or group wished to move to their continents and not go to Harmony.


They would put together an offer for the Giants to consider. They had plenty of space if they initially wished to set up in their own area and then move around when ready.


Carther and the girls stayed to work out with Justin and Alec a plan of attack for starting their new settlements. Justin had contacted Jamie, and all was quiet on the home front if he wanted to stay for a few more days.


Kim said she was missing school, and if she stayed near Alec much longer, she would end up being naughty. So, she decided to go home too. They had already had two pash-sessions, and Kim was bloody close to jumping his bones.


It was going to be tough keeping her distance for the next seven weeks. She hoped for his sake, he found the third member of their triad sooner rather than later.


Alec, for his part, was amazed by how much he wanted Kim. He had a hard time keeping his hands off her if she was near. He had never expected a woman to affect him in such a way. He was damn close to letting Kim ride him and damn the consequences.


He was still conflicted with his feelings for Jahn. He knew that Kim knew this and that he needed a little time to get himself straight, as much as he desired her. She amazed him for one so young by being so understanding.


She still insisted he had to find their third but wouldn't tell him if he was looking for a male or a female, merely saying that he would know when he found them.


Pete and Antonio had certain pregnant ladies waiting for them and wanted to get to Clarksville to get their new settlement and homes sorted out. Robert and Anne were happy to stay a little longer. Gary also was for home, as was Abe. Abe was none the worse for wear after Lee healed his leg.


DT and Qu wanted to stay with Lee as long as she was here. They said it didn't look good for a Queen to have no guards. They would go home when she did. They also told Lee that they would also take care of collecting Jahn's body and his burial.


Kyle and Tony were going to pop back and check on Debora and be back in the morning. They would drop the people going to Clarksville and Futura on the way. Lee said to leave the equipment. She and Sean would worry about it later.


So, the groups split up to get on with whatever was next.




Later that evening.


Lee and Sean were lying in bed in their tent recuperating. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other since they changed again. Lee's ability to suck in the magic when they came together had gotten phenomenal.


"Oh, Gods!" said Lee to Sean. "The bloody scientists are due in two weeks."


Sean hugged her tight, "Yep won't that be fun. I hope they don't stress you out too much in your condition. You do get a bit bitchy as you increase."


Lee looked at him. She had been so busy worrying about so many other issues her own new problem hadn't fully registered.


"Shit, I've barely gotten over having Helen."


Sean kissed her and grinned, "Jackson will be a good baby. Mum said I was a dream to carry, so I doubt he will be much different. We Watson men are very well behaved."


Lee laughed and kissed him long and hard. "Bastard," she said. "I sure hope I get a rest after this one. How many damn kids do you want anyway?"


Sean grinned, "A neat dozen sounds good."


Lee groaned, "I want at least ten years between each pair."


Sean looked thoughtful, "I'll see what I can do. I think five to ten between each of the rest should be liveable. After all, we don't have to have them all in one hit. However, I do so love you being barefoot and pregnant and in my bed."


Lee just kissed him again as he was so damn adorable. 'Well, it was one of his wishes,' she thought.


The man had a way of fulfilling his wishes. She had a sneaky suspicion this time wasn't going to be much different. Five years was at least better than less than one.


Luckily, she liked kids.




Quite a few wizards were accruing some Frequent Flyer points.


While the giants had been isolated and unable to leave, they did know what was going on in the outside world. They had even adopted the same sales structure as Aeron had in Tuath.


When Lee asked how this was possible, they explained that several people had tried to get to Tuath when the spell had weakened. They had gotten to a small village called Edinvale.


They were able to stay for about two weeks, but the compulsion to come back had become too strong, so they had to leave. Two of the women had become pregnant, to their surprise, to two of the local men, and both had daughters.


They made the trip back the same time the following year to trade. It was the safest time to cross the sea. Again, they found that they couldn't stay very long before being compelled to go home.


A woman in the village told them they had to take her son with them. He kept crying unless she stood near the sea. If they took him out in the boat and headed towards the island, he was better.


They guessed that he also had inherited the condition they had. So, his father had to bring him back with them. Another woman had also gotten pregnant on this trip. She did it deliberately.


She had noticed the two children that had been fathered in the village had not been affected as badly as the rest of the people who need to go back. This went on for several years until they formed a new clan from the children.


These children could stay for much longer, and they effectively became the trading clan. They deliberately tried not to breed back into the other clans but with the people on Davinia and each other. This meant they could trade further along the coast of Davinia as well. They also traded for knowledge.


"It is through their sacrifices that we are advanced as we are," Hador said to Lee.


She just marvelled at the resilience of the people who had been trapped here.




Several clans had told Lee they were happy to stay.


They had a good life here. Now the spell was gone; they could come and go as they pleased, but this was their home, and it did have good resources. They could also go north into the areas that had barely been explored.


Lee and Kyle were happy to let them stay if they so desired; it was, after all, their home. Many of the travelling clan wanted to move to Edinvale, and Aeron was happy to help them.


It was an area rich in resources, and they already knew the people, and most had relatives there. Aeron was happy to set land aside for them, and the people of Edinvale were glad to have their relatives relocate. Aeron was happy to have the Giants as well, even though theoretically Kyle was their wizard.


Lee and Kyle donated some of Rah's treasures, particularly the coins and bullion, to help pay for the move. They called it restitution. They didn't need it and thought it only fair.


Kyle was amused that he had subjects. He took to popping in on the Giants who stayed on the Island often. Hador and Michella didn't move and were happy to have Kyle and his family come and visit. They soon learnt Kyle wasn't any bigger on fussy ceremonies than Lee was.


The clans who also stayed were happy to keep their Royal family and to know their wizards cared about them.




Lee, Tony, Kyle and Sean had spent some time investigating the new cave system.


Lee informed Kyle that whatever they found was his since it was his island. He disagreed, telling her that this cavern belonged to the Queen of the Wizards. Tony and Sean just grinned and knew they would sort it out depending on what it was they found.


Lee had already removed the other boxes of the mages who had become wizards. Hador and the twins had also retrieved theirs. She was surprised to find Jahn's box in the vault. She wondered where the box had come from, as Alec had said he didn't have it on him when they found him.


Lee located two other caches and had little trouble opening them. The first held Rah's treasures. The group was appalled by the amount of wealth Rah had accumulated here. They decided to send the objects to their cavern on Watson Island and sort through them later.


They would also use the rest to help pay for the Giants to relocate and give a certain amount to Michella to use, to help them upgrade their systems and buy airships and boats so her people could trade.


Tony and Sean had been building shelves and smaller rooms to sort out the different stuff they had already found. They both groaned at all the new things they had to sort out.


As far as the group was concerned, the second cache was the most interesting and the real treasure. It was Rah's workshop. All four of them found it fascinating. Going by the accumulation of junk in the rooms, Rah had obviously been using it for many centuries.


They found an interesting collection of texts and manuals that they agreed would be good to read. Otherwise, Lee decided to take the lot. She had the boys join with her, and she cut the room out of the current cavern and transported the lot to the inside of their cavern.


Tony and Sean were amused to find when they walked out of the cavern that Lee had simply added the new section to their cavern, and it took up very little room in the scheme of things.


The new workshop was now located next to hers. So, the main door faced it, and it became an extension. Sean knew they would make good use of Rah's workshop and its contents.


As he was now a Lord Wizard, he could help Lee. He had been busy reading through her accumulated notes on what she could do. He was amazed at how advanced she was, compared to the rest of them. He had also found he could do a lot of what she could, but not to her skill level yet.


Lee pointed out that there was more material to build new portal rings, and Rah had left them with better instructions. She considered this the real treasure. Sean agreed, as he too wanted to get more rings made.


Lee considered the rest of his treasures were just junk. She liked pretty things, but she didn't need or even want a hundredth of what Rah and Jahn had accumulated.


Lee intended to shift the small portal ring that was inside Rah's second cavern to its own dome like the one in Futura. She planned to put it outside the Giants' primary village called Sven.


Jumping via the portals took a lot less effort than doing it without one for most of the other wizards. Kyle loved this idea, as it made it easier to visit his people, as he now considered the Giants and Genteli of Rahia Island.


The Giants could also use it to get to their people on Harmony once Lee had put a portal in Rubyvale for them.




Chapter 7


~~ Delta - Sept/02 - (Earth - March/2095) ~~


Lee was introduced to Grayson Mac Peters.


He was the Grandtelis' chief historian, and they hit it off immediately. She organised a trip to Harmony so that he could get together with Professor Bentley Voltinay and Andy Mc Ray. Apparently, they had gone fishing.


Lee rocked up with Grayson, introduced the guys and then tested all three men to see what magical abilities they had and smiled at them.


"We need to make a side trip to Watson Island," she told them.


Mystified, the men agreed. She did let them put their fishing gear away first. She also dutifully admired Bentley's huge workshop and shed that housed his boat and fishing stuff, then his humble fishing shack, all twelve rooms of it.


She deposited them in the ceremony room then she went and collected their boxes. As she had guessed, there were mage boxes for both Bentley and Andy, and she had a rookie's box for Grayson.


Sean meanwhile collected Gary and his girls, then took them back to Watson Island and deposited him with the other three men. He then put his old apprentice's box on the table beside the boxes Lee had collected.


The four men stood in shock as Lee explained what the boxes meant to them. They all agreed to take on the responsibilities. Gary was shaking when he placed his hands on his box.


He loved the idea of being Sean's apprentice. He had missed him since he had become permanent on Harmony. He loved that he could now think at Sean when he wished to talk to him. Even better, he would be able to transport himself and the wives as required.


Lee and Sean grinned when they heard the clicks, and it opened for him. The other three men, Penny and Juanita, congratulated him on his windfall.


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