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#6 - Twin Problems

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Delta Series:


#6 - Twin Problems







By: Kris Me






Lee was negotiating with the different continents to help them with new technology and unite the Utopian people to be One People under the wizards' direction.


She also had to work out how to train her new wizards and find owners for the rest of the boxes she now had.


Her other problem was the people of Earth. She had told them that the deal was the deal. She knew that the people of Earth would come, and they would be a headache to her.






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~~ Adult Themes ~~


This book is part of an erotica science fiction series. It is NOT recommended for people under the legal age to access such stories, depending on the reader's country of origin.


The books may contain what some people consider vulgar language, references to religious icons, violence, coercion, murder, and-or rape scenes.


Some scenes may describe intimate heterosexual, bi-sexual, gay and-or group sexual activities. If you are homophobic, you may find some scenes in this series of book distasteful. In most cases, these scenes are integral parts of the story.


Some of the books include imaginary races capable of changing their gender and-or form into other animals. Copulation, while the characters are in their alternate animal forms, may be described.


This book DOES NOT contain descriptions of bestiality or coitus between persons closely related by blood.






If you find any of my assumptions fabricated, I would like to remind you this is a fictional story, and I have probably taken liberties with reality, as you know it. The humanoids in this story are not based on anyone I know or have read about.


Australian based dictionaries were used for reference, and Grammarly was used as part of the editing suite. The story was written in Microsoft Word.


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This is the sixth book:


The series 'Delta' was the first set of books I wrote for the Keltrian Universe that is posted on the Storiesonline website.


The books should be read in sequence, as some references to events or information about a character may not be explained in full if they were mentioned or introduced in a previous part.







Additional Data on this book:


Kyle and Lee were signed aboard the starship Fortune as crew, with ninety-eight other souls to explore the Delta Pavonis Star System.


In the 42 weeks, since they had left Earth, a lot had happened to them. The trip to Delta Pavonis had not been smooth sailing, and they lost three crew members along the way. They were surprised to learn that Delta had two planets in the magical zone where a planet could support humans.


They had planned to go to the planet they called Tychy but had ended up in orbit around the planet they had called Futura due to a catastrophe. They were shocked to find that sentient beings from Earth's mythical past already occupied the planet called Utopia by the locals.


They lost the fourth member of the crew when she was snatched by a dragon. Finding out dragons lived on the twin planet was a surprise to the crew that had gone to Tychy, called Harmony by the old wizards, to set up a second lot of domes for Earth.


Lee had decided that Utopia was invite-only to Earth. The technologies they were introducing to the local populations were going to make large changes to their lives. Interference from Earth wouldn't help them.


Lee had created a Charter they had to abide by if they wanted the land on Harmony that Lee had allocated to the different groups of nations from Earth. Not everyone was happy with this arrangement.


She told the people of Earth that the deal was the deal, accept it or don't come.






Special thanks to J. Konietzko and all of the readers who in the past have pointed out I do make mistakes and have helped me to fix them.


And thanks, Lazeez, for your patience and assistance in helping me with my weird requests and questions.


I hope you enjoy the story.


Kris Me






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Chapter 1


~~ October - Week 43 ~~


Sparky kicked up a stink about being left at home.


Lee told Sparky straight out that she had too many responsibilities to go haring off to different continents to socialise. Once the babies were weaned, she would be happy to take Sparky with her.


Sean and Lee had taken the faeries home from Clarksville to find a village full of babies. Muirín had twin sons, and Íde had twin daughters. The other wives, Searc, Feme and Taillte, had all birthed sons.


Faeries were a communal clan. If a baby cried and a woman had milk, it was fed. Sparky's three daughters soon had lots of milk donors. Even so, they decided to keep a fresh jar of milk made, and all the babies were fed at least one bottle a day.


This was dad's job, and the male faeries loved having their special time with the babies. If you turned up to the village in the late afternoon, you would find the dads sitting around on the communal platform, feeding their kids. Lee thought it was very cute and a great way for the men to bond with their children.


Doc Von even taught the faeries how to express their milk and freeze it, now that they had freezers to put the milk in. Searc, Feme, and Taillte, who were only feeding one child, could then put the extra aside for the triplets and the twins. This was acceptable to all the faeries.


Lee got Kyle to whip up a couple of washing machines for the faeries so they could cope with all the nappy changes. The poor machines ran constantly. The faeries didn't like the idea of disposable nappies.


The village had also grown, and there were now five new families and several single faeries. They had all come from Ross's and Toucan's old villages. It was just as well that the humans had built the extra six housing units.


Sparky had suggested building half of the new homes as having just the kitchen side that had the one bedroom, the bathroom and a living room to be used as small apartments. They could even stack them.


Then they could place an apartment on either side of the tree or on a set of branches for their single residences and small families. The apartments became very popular for older couples and new ones.


June had also redesigned some of the new homes as two-bedroom units. They stacked three of them on top of 4m high poles that were then spaced around a huge tree. The second communal platform surrounding the tree was linked back to the other platform via a bridge.


The extra help was a boon to the new town. Sparky's forest had been a bit neglected as far as the fairies were concerned, so there was heaps of work. It didn't hurt that they had the humans to trade with and to help them, either.


Ross had received the news that his mother had married again. His brother Caiseal wasn't happy, especially as the Queen was pregnant and expecting a girl. Faeries were matriarchal like the Genteli.


His mother had also shifted Caiseal to the edge of their forest to oversee the planting of the new forest, so he was out of her hair. Her new husband didn't tolerate his tantrums either and had told him to grow up. Caiseal wasn't welcome at the palace unless he behaved. Ross liked his new stepfather already.


Three young couples among the new faeries agreed to move again and go to Clarksville to live with Cia and Torcán, thus easing things a little in Sparky's village. Lee got Jim to build twelve new homes to put up for the faeries in Futura.


Since June had recorded the designs of the faeries' homes, Jim and Bones had little trouble slapping new models together. They had also decided to put them on poles beside the broad branches of the trees. They made three stacked units of the two-bedroom design and three using the pair of single-room apartments.


Lee had a feeling that Sparky's clan was going to grow a lot bigger. Lee had reserved two, 200ha areas of forest for Sparky, should they need room to expand in years to come. One area was to the east of Sparky's current area and near Sean's mine.


The other area of forest was to the north-west, near the big lake. For now, they were simply documented as National Parks under the faeries' control. She was going to have to organise housing and allocate land for the faeries on Clarksville as well.


For now, the faerie community was happy.




Lee decided to make a quick trip to her treasure cave.


She needed to select some presents for the dignitaries she was going to visit. She found a few more chests of clothes and found more than enough to fit her for the visits. As much as it pained Lee, she knew she needed to look presentable for royalty.


Now the baby was getting bigger, she needed looser clothes and found the Genteli dresses made excellent maternity wear. It didn't hurt that all the clothes were obviously expensive-looking, even if more translucent than she preferred.


Lee also visited the faeries for some lingerie for gifts and herself. They had designed a range of items for each of the other races, and they were proving very popular.


Íde had told Lee the Prols were some of their best customers. Prol males, while conservative on the outside, apparently weren't so constrained in the bedroom. They liked their wives in the new underwear.


Lee and Sean decided to pack a linger and use it as their transport while visiting, as they could pack a lot more to take with them. André made them a heap of his special energy bars in different flavours. Sean made sure several boxes of them were packed, as well.


Apparently, Lee had a fetish for white, dark, or any chocolate and André had made a heap of energy bars with chocolate chips. Juanita made her a big box of white and dark chocolate chip Anzac bickies, and Lee loved them too. She had even smacked Sean's hand when he tried to steal one.


They had to hide the energy bars and bickies from Drako, as he loved them too. It was amazing what the little guy got into. While he mostly ate meat, he would eat grains and fruits, and he had a sweet tooth.


Both Lee and André hoped the cocoa trees would grow; otherwise, it was going to be their biggest import. Lee had asked Captain Clark to bring a pallet of chocolates, one of cocoa powder and one of her favourite coffee beans with him. He was going back to Earth on the Fortune but intending to come back.


What she didn't know was that Sean had included a vid to his father to send him one pallet of each and a couple of other favourites from home. Nick was amused that he was generating quite a shopping list from the people not going home.


It was just as well he had the cargo space.




It was time to take Allan home.


Sean and Lee packed Allan and his wizard's boxes into the linger and headed to his home. He gave them a picture of where to go, and they arrived in his front drive. He directed them where to park and took them in to meet his wife and daughter.


When she had collected Allan for the meeting, Lee had met his daughter Eve but hadn't met his wife, Darla. Drako and Eve fell in love at first sight. Eve's nanny agreed to look after Drako as well during their stay. Drako was a real smoocher and sucked people in.


Lee and Darla got on like a house on fire. Lee wasn't as impressed with the whiny sister, but she tolerated her. Since Lee wasn't having any problems with her pregnancy, she didn't really understand Nina's problem.


Lee was concerned with Darla's health and asked her, "Darla, if you don't mind me asking, you don't seem to have recovered from the birth of your daughter?"


"No, it is our curse. I believe it is one of the reasons we can't have children often. It seems to take us forever to get over childbirth. Many Genteli women have a lot of trouble even having a child. I would love to give Allan another child, but it may be many years before I can."


"Our ill-health also affects our desire to have sex. I know Allan gets frustrated with me not being interested, especially with his sex drive. I'm surprised that he stays with me," she sighed in resignation.


"Would you consent to me touching you? I think I have helped others of your kind," Lee asked.


"If you can help get my sex drive back, I would be more than grateful," Darla informed Lee.


Lee had her stand and touched her stomach and her forehead. Darla felt heat travel through her body and shivered. Lee took her hands away.


"It seems to be the same thing I have found in the other women I have treated. It's as if your genetic code was played with at some time. Let's see how you feel in a couple of days," Lee said.


"Actually, I feel better already. It's as if you have undone a knot that I didn't know I had in my belly," Darla said happily.


"I should probably look at your sister as well," Lee said as she now realised why Nina was so tetchy.


They went and found Nina lying on her bed. She was not having a fun time with her pregnancy and was puking many times in a day. Lee placed her hands on her, and after a minute, Nina sighed.


"Thank you, Lord Lee, that feels so much better. This being pregnant is intolerable," Nina said.


She was halfway through her pregnancy, but Lee had a feeling that now she was fixed, she would deliver sooner.


Nina was not impressed when she realised Allan had knocked her up after just one fuck. She had plans for a certain Genteli male. She had decided Allan was too big, and she had met Markus not long after her time with Allan. The pregnancy had interfered with her plans.


Markus was also not impressed that Nina had let Allan get her with a child. He wanted to marry her, and now he couldn't until she delivered the child and presented it to Allan. Allan and Darla had already agreed to raise the child as theirs.


Nina found not long after Lee's visit, she could at least keep Markus entertained to their mutual delight. Markus was now more content to wait as he could spend more time with Nina since she wasn't so sick.


It didn't hurt that he had to help with her horniness problem instead.




Chapter 2


~~ October - Week 43 ~~


Lee and Sean were presented to the Queen with much pomp and ceremony.


Neither of them particularly enjoyed this part of the evening and simply endured. Both felt rather odd at being treated a specimen under a microscope. They were grateful for Darla's and Allan's tutoring on how to act at court.


When Lee got to talk less formally to Queen deRain later, Darla convinced her mother to let Lee touch her. Lee touched the woman, and then she took her hands away sadly.


"There are some things I can't fix, your Majesty. Hopefully, your last days will be more comfortable," Lee informed her.


"Thank you, Lord Wizard Lee. I do feel better. I have known for a while my time is drawing near. The fact my daughter has a successor eases my mind," the Queen replied.


"A very impressive successor she is. Did Allan tell you she will become the wizard for this continent?" Lee asked.


The Queen smiled. "Yes, this gladdens my heart that we haven't been forgotten by the great ones. Mind you, she is a little imp and is into everything. It is amazing how well she talks for a two-year-old. Her father spoils her terribly, but it is good for a father to love his children."


Queen deRain believed Allan had special plans for his daughter. While she knew many Genteli men liked to break in their daughters and even get them pregnant, she wasn't a great lover of this practice.


Lee patted her hand and winked at her. The Queen laughed. 'Poor Allan,' she thought. 'I think his plans have been derailed.'


She decided that she liked this Lord Wizard. She was going to shake thing up, and it was probably a good thing. The economy and the population had been stagnant for some time. Her people had been frightened of progress.


"The fact that Nina is also carrying a wizard's daughter should ease your mind about the succession as well," Lee said to the Queen.


The Queen nodded that it was. She wasn't happy Allan got to her youngest daughter first, but it was what it was. The fact he was an Apprentice Wizard did please her.


She should have made him marry the little brat, but she knew Nina had since set her heart on Markus; he was a better match for her. She knew that Allan didn't love Nina, so she didn't force the issue.


The Queen looked over to where Sean was talking to some of the Genteli males. Many women were standing near him. They gravitated to him like flies. If she were younger, she would hit on him as well as he was a handsome man.


Lee giggled and lightly smacked the Queen's hand.


The Queen looked at her and grinned, "What! I'm not dead yet, and there is nothing wrong with my eyes. You had a fine specimen of a man there, girl."


Lee could only agree.




Later, when Lee and Sean went to retire, Lee rubbed herself against Sean.


"Did you know the Queen thinks you're a real hotty?"


Sean groaned, "Not another one. I wanted to pull my wand to defend myself."


He dropped his pants and turned his arse to Lee, "How many bruises are there? I think I got pinched about a hundred and fifty times, and it wasn't just the females."


Lee cracked up and then kissed his lovely butt all over. Sean turned, and she soon found something else to kiss. Sean was soon humping into her mouth. He loved it when Lee sucked him to the root. He groaned as she sucked him harder and sped up her ministrations.


Lee worked him in and out of her mouth while she licked and flicked his cock with her tongue. Sean was pretty worked up after all the manhandling. It didn't take much effort on Lee's part to get him to blow into her mouth.


Sean groaned as he spat into her luscious mouth, and she sucked him hard again, causing him to release the next couple of loads, much to Sean's relief.


Lee released his cock and said while she pumped him a few times with her hand, "Oh my poor baby did all those tit-rubs get you worked up?" She stood and rubbed her own tits against him.


"Damn impudent woman," Sean said and picked her up and carried her to the bed to ravish her.


Sean kissed her from top to tail and started licking her out as he finger-fucked her. Lee was soon squirming on his hand and mouth. Sean rammed his tongue in and out of her and then chewed and sucked on her cunnie's lips and her clit until she was humping into his mouth hard.


She started to get erratic as she started to come for him. He moved over her and then thrust his cock into her quaking cunnie while she was still coming and started fucking her hard. Lee didn't even have time to recover from the first orgasm as Sean had her coming again, with his cock smacking into her again and again.


He slowed down and then slowly slid in and out of her as she came down a little. Happily, he sucked on Lee's now larger tits as his hips rocked. He was careful not to press on her bulging tummy.


When Lee started matching his thrusts again, Sean sat back, pulled her hips into his and sped up his thrusts until she was humping him back just as hard, and she started coming again.


This time he had to discharge his load into her. He could only handle Lee vibrating on his cock for so long before she triggered his release as well. He bent over and gave her a deep kiss to express his desire for her.


Replete, they curled up together to sleep, with Sean's hand cradling his unborn daughter.




Allan had an interesting evening as well.


Aeron de Kay's brother, Zak, was visiting. He had been sent to find out what the Antalians knew about the goings-on in Jahnville. He had been in Arden for several days but hadn't seen Allan around.


All he could find out was that the Lord Wizard had come, and they had disappeared. The gossip had been running riot. He was delighted to learn that Allan was back and that the Earth visitors had accompanied him.


Zak had found the Earth couple had powerful auras. He wasn't surprised to find that they were both very popular with the gentry. He noted that the men were attracted to both of them but had kept approaches to the Lord Wizard polite as she was obviously pregnant. One didn't touch another man's wife when she was carrying.


Zak had a feeling she intimidated them a little as well. She had a way of looking at you that made you feel she was assessing your worth. Sean, however, had been considered fair game. The fact he was the Lord's apprentice only made him more popular. Most of the women and as many men were hot for him.


Zak had to smile at them. He didn't think they had much of a chance as the man was obviously in love with his wife. Apparently, he felt no need to stray, going by the occasional pained expression he had sent her way.


Zak decided that if Lee were gracing his bed, he wouldn't be straying very far either. Then again, if it were both of them, that would be even better. He was definitely bi-sexual in nature.


Zak took note of Allan as the tall man also circulated the room. Zak decided that Allan was as hot as Sean. He liked what he saw. He decided he liked both of the tall Earthmen. He particularly liked the way Allan carried himself, and he was a little slimmer in build than Sean.


Allan felt he was being watched and turned to find it was Prince Zak de Kay. He knew who he was, and he decided he had better make friends with the neighbours and approached him. As he approached, he checked the man out.


While he didn't consider himself a connoisseur of men, Allan decided Zak would be considered handsome. He had soft, wavy, dark-red hair and big purplish eyes. He was towards the taller end of the Genteli people at about 168cm (5'6").


He was fit and had broader shoulders than many Genteli men, a trim waist and tight arse. His legs were also muscled like a runner's. Allan liked the man's look, and he even felt mildly attracted to him, to his surprise. He approached and introduced himself.


"Prince de Kay, it's so nice of you to come and visit with us. I'm sorry I wasn't here when you arrived, but I was with the Lord Wizard, helping with a small problem," Allan informed Zak.


Zak smiled at Allan and replied, "Think nothing of it. One must do one's duties, after all. Please excuse me for being forward. However, I noticed the ring. Has the Lord Wizard found the apprentice's boxes?"


Allan knew that Zak, of all people, already knew the boxes existed. He would have also heard Sean being announced as Lee's apprentice. "Yes, I was privileged enough to receive my box while I was helping Lee."


"So, how many boxes has she given out?" Zak asked with interest.


Allan couldn't see any harm in telling him as he would find out anyway. "Three more have been chosen that I know of. Her Cousin Kyle's husband, Tony, has also received an apprentice's box. Prince Zan de Nar was chosen as the Iron Wizard, and he has returned home with his new wife and husband."


Zan looked at Allan with surprise. "This Cousin Kyle and Prince Zan, both have a husband and a wife?"


"Yes, Lee told me the boxes do something to us. Apparently, we tend to need a bit more than the average, I think was the polite way she put it," Allan said with a chuckle.


"So, who have you chosen as a husband?" Zak asked, looking at Allan frankly and with interest. He let his eyes travel up Allan's body, lingering on his crotch before meeting his eyes and smiling at him.


Allan looked at the shorter man, and his cock twitched to his surprise. 'Well, this is an interesting development,' he thought.


He had never been the least bit interested in another man before. He wasn't even sure what attracted him to Zak or why he was, other than damn Lee putting the idea in his head.


He looked Zak over. He liked the whole package, he decided, as far as the attraction went. He hated fat, flabby men, and Zak certainly wasn't one of those. He had always had a thing for redheads, so he qualified there as well. He spoke and carried himself well, which he also liked.


"I haven't really thought about claiming one," Allan said truthfully.


Zak's eyes swept up and down his body again, making Allan's cock twitch again. Zak's eyes lingered on his crotch, making him harden more and then came back to his eyes. He smiled a very wicked smile and said, "Well, if you'd like an auditionee, I am happy to put myself at your disposal."


Allan laughed as you have got to love Genteli directness. For amusement, he asked, "As the bitch or the dog?"


Zak shrugged and grinned at him, "I like both ways, so whatever turns you on."


"What about women?" Allan found himself asking, intrigued despite himself by the conversation and the man.


"What about them? I assure you I wouldn't have any problems with your lovely wife joining us or any other woman you selected. I enjoy many facets of sexual intercourse," Zak informed Allan. He was, after all, a very typical male as far as Genteli went.


It was getting late, and Allan noticed the party was breaking up. He wasn't quite sure of how he felt about the whole conversation. He needed to think about it a bit more, he decided.


"I'm showing Sean and Lee around tomorrow. Would you like to come with us?" he asked Zak on impulse.


Zak looked at Allan. The man intrigued him, and he decided he would like to get to know him better, as well.


So, he agreed and then they went their separate ways.




Chapter 3


~~ October - Week 43 ~~


Early the next morning, Zak met with Lee, Sean, Darla and Allan, and went on a tour.


A lot of the discussions centred on the new business ventures Allan and Sean were sorting out. Part of the meet and greet was to talk with the manufacturers of goods, which used the Energy Cells that Allan currently made.


Allan's people made a lot of the autos and trains used by the other nations. They needed to explain that they were going to swap to the new solar cells and the SC-cells once things were up and running.


Arden had a large faerie community, and they did a lot of the weaving for his community. Allan's people also exported a lot of grain from their dryer region, mostly to Dinas and Ogilhinn in Queland.


Zak found the whole morning fascinating. He decided that these humans didn't muck around once they agreed on doing something. Zak also determined that while Allan didn't like people bucking his orders, he would listen if the person had a genuine concern.


Allan would accept someone else's idea if it were better than his own, as long as they could back it up with solid evidence. Zak also found Darla charming. He loved to watch her manipulate Allan if she felt he was being pigheaded. He, Sean and Lee had swapped several grins watching her in action.


He also had to grin on one occasion when Allan had winked at him, indicating he had deliberately wound Darla up just to let her get her own way. He decided they were a well-matched couple, and he could tell Allan had a lot of respect and even love for his petite wife.


They went back to the palace for lunch, and Lee asked Allan if she could look at that bracelet. Allan took her to the archive room and showed Lee the band. It was 2cm wide and made of five thin flat strips of metal that had been loosely braided together and then melded together at the ends to form an open-ended band.


The de Ray crystals were embedded between the weaves, so they touched the skin. The band was designed, so the wearer could squeeze or stretch it a little to adjust it to fit behind the wrist firmly.


Lee got Allan to put it on and asked him if he felt any different? He said he did. He felt his energy was more balanced somehow. Lee nodded and asked if she could borrow it for a little while. Allan agreed and gave it to her.


She told him she would be back soon and disappeared.




Lee popped back to Futura and found Berny, their resident jeweller.


She asked him if he could make the bands for her. She explained about the crystals, and he said he could make the bands in a couple of different sizes and then get them replicated, then add the gems.


Ian could scan this one to get the correct metal compositions, but he was wary of removing the crystals, so he would have to make the new bands first. Lee collected some de Ray crystals, conductive glue and some thin, insulating gloves, so he could work with them.


She showed how to break them if they needed to be smaller and then attach them to the bands. She also asked Ian to add a couple of extra crystals since she had plenty.


Ian told her he would have them ready for her the next day. He was training a Burgis lad to work fine metals. The lad had a knack for it. Happy, Lee returned to the Palace.


The couples then went to more social visits, and Lee had an exhaustive afternoon tea with the Genteli women. She hoped the Genteli males would appreciate the changes that were going to come from her efforts.


They had to attend another banquet and ball that evening, and Lee spent most of the time protecting poor Sean's virtue. She also checked the health of the male Genteli as she was introduced to them. She twitched the odd genetic anomaly if she found it.


Lee and Sean were more than happy when they could politely retire.




Allan's night ended a little differently.


He watched Darla doing the rounds of the ballroom. She seemed a lot chirpier since Lee had come to visit. She had certainly been attentive during the tours during the day, and she sent him several loving looks as the evening wore on.


Allan finished up talking to Zak again towards the end of the evening. Somehow, their conversation ended up back on the discussion they had left the night before.


"So, how are the auditions going?" Zak asked, looking at Allan candidly and with interest.


Allan laughed, "I'm still looking for suitable candidates."


"Give me a time and place, and I'll be there," Zak said cheekily.


Allan looked speculatively at Zak. He hadn't had time to line anyone else up for the evening. He was bloody horny, as he had finished up in bed alone last night. Darla had said she was too tired.


He wondered if he could do as Lee suggested and take a man as a fuck buddy. Apparently, it was all the rage. He certainly didn't find Zak repulsive, not after the day they had. As they had trooped around all day in Sean's linger, he kept finding himself in the middle in the back.


Zak and Darla had tended to rest their hands on his legs, and he wasn't sure who kept riling him up. Zak seemed to find everything on Darla's side of the vehicle interesting and rubbed against him as he leaned across. He had even let his hand slip into his lap and rubbed his cock on several occasions.


Then bloody Darla would do it from her side. It was almost as if they were playing tag team, and he was it. His cock had been up and down all day. His sexual frustration level was definitely high enough to say yes to any offer.


"When I was visiting the Earth people, I managed to score a bottle of Vodka. How would you like to try a drink from Earth?" Allan found himself asking the man.


Allan didn't like to get 'pissed off his face', but an occasional drink was pleasant. Allan smiled at Zak, thinking that he just might have to have a talk with Mark von Holton about bringing him back some Spiced Bundy Rum when the Fortune came back. He didn't mind the odd rum, and Bundaberg Rum did come in several palatable flavours that he did like.


Zak wasn't sure if this was a yes or still a maybe, but he was game to find out, so he agreed to a drink. He had enjoyed stirring Allan up all day. He felt the guy wanted him, even if he wasn't totally aware of the fact, so Zak followed Allan to his side of the palace.


Allan made him a Vodka and lemonade. Zak hadn't sat down as he was looking at some of Allan's pictures. As they savoured their drinks, Allan told him a little about the art.


"I like this one; the style is very different," Zak said. He looked at the picture closer. "Has the paint been spat on to the canvas?" he asked, trying to work out how it was applied.


Allan grinned, "Yes, it is one method my people back on Earth used to apply the paint. They also have a thing about using dots as, apparently, my ancestors didn't have paintbrushes and used the ends of green branches."


Allan looked at the picture with some sadness, "They are a very ancient people, but many of their customs are gone now. The joy of global societies, I suppose."


Zak rubbed his back as if to sympathise with him. Allan shivered at the touch. He found his damn cock certainly liked Zak touching him. It had been up and bloody down all day. He was tenting his loose pants again.


Allan turned to the man and looked down into the deep purple eyes. Zak returned Allan's gaze. He loved the dark chocolate colour of Allan's eyes. He found himself becoming erect as well. Allan found himself leaning down, and he gently kissed Zak.


Allan decided Zak had soft lips. Allan licked them, and Zak returned the lick. Allan slid his tongue into his mouth, and Zak sucked him in and flicked his tongue around Allan's. Allan responded by pushing his tongue in harder. He placed his hand on the back of Zak's head so he could deepen the kiss.


Eventually, they came up for air and looked at each other. Allan was confused by the attraction he felt and stepped away. He sculled the rest of the drink and placed his glass on the table. Allan rarely drank alcohol, but this man-made him nervous.


Zak did the same and felt the alcohol burn down his throat. Zak could read Allan's confusion and wondered just how many men this guy had been with before. He was very unsure of what he wanted.


Taking a punt, Zak slid his arms around Allan's waist, stepped into his body and rubbed himself on him as this time he initiated the kiss. Allan found himself leaning back down to accept Zak's lips. He groaned into his mouth as Zak's tongue duelled with his and returned the rub.


He put a hand back behind Zak's head, slid his other onto his arse and squeezed it. He found himself rubbing against the man again. Their tongues swapped, so Zak was sucking on Allan's.


Allan found to his amazement that he was enjoying kissing the guy. He was a damn good kisser. Feeling Zak's hard-on rubbing against his also had him going. He lifted his mouth off Zak's and looked him in the eyes again.


"Um, Zak, I've never done this before," he admitted surprising himself that he was even contemplating taking this encounter further.


Zak smiled gently at him, "What would you do if I was a woman?"


Allan grinned, "Get your bloody clothes off."


Zak released him and stepped back with his hands out, "Well, what are you waiting for?"





Chapter 4


~~ October - Week 43 ~~


Allan shrugged and checked out Zak's clothes.


The shirt was a slip-on, so Allan grabbed the bottom and pulled it up over Zak's head. He checked out Zak's chest. He was nicely muscled and had well-formed pecs. He had no hair on his chest, as Genteli had little if any body hair.


Allan ran his fingers over the man's chest, feeling the muscles twitch beneath his fingers. The guy definitely kept himself in good nick. He tweaked a nipple causing the man to gasp. He leant forward and sucked on the nipple flicking his tongue over the nipple, and felt it harden.


Zak groaned and slid his hands through Allan's hair. So, Allan moved to the other nipple and licked it. Zak expressed his enjoyment of that too. Zak started undoing the buttons on Allan's shirt.


Allan stood up and pulled it over his head, then let Zak suck on his nipples as well. He found he liked the way Zak nibbled and sucked on him. Zak undid the drawstring and dropped Allan's pants to the floor. He slid his hand over Allan's erection.


He stepped back to look at Allan's cock. "Wow, that's a weapon and a half," he replied.


He ran his hand up and down the pulsing shaft and gently cupped Allan's balls with his other hand. As a rule, Allan hated his balls being touched. But Zak was very gentle with them, and his light touch was actually very erotic.


Allan felt his desire deepen. His cock stiffened and flexed in Zak's other hand. Zak grinned at him and dropped to his knees. He licked Allan from the root to the tip the swirled his tongue around the tip. Allan groaned as he loved a good head job.


Zak slid his mouth over Allan's cock head and started sucking and licking him as he squeezed and pumped his hand up and down in time with his mouth. Allan expressed his enjoyment of Zak's ministrations. He flexed his hips into the amorous mouth.


Allan put his hand on the back of Zak's head and played with his soft curls as he rocked into the mouth, which was making love to his cock. He usually took a long time to come when being given a head-job, but Zak was a pro and soon had his balls tightening up.


"Fuck me! Mate, I'm gunna come; you're bloody good at sucking a cock," Allan said with a long groan.


He groaned as Zak rammed down on his cock and sucked hard on the head several more times as he pumped his shaft. Allan started grunting out his release. It felt like his balls were going to explode when he did. He was so bloody horny. Several days without sex always had him raring to go.


Zak licked and pumped Allan's cock until he was spent. He licked the twitching cock a few more times and then stood up. He grabbed Allan's head and jammed his tongue into his mouth. He swirled it around, so Allan got to taste his own cum on the man's tongue.


Allan actually found it quite sensual. Zak dropped his pants. He pushed his cock down and rubbed it between the taller man's legs as he continued kissing him. Allan decided he liked Zak's cock rubbing his balls and between his arse cheeks. He was very turned on by the whole experience.


Zak wasn't as big as Allan was, but he still had a nice handful. Allan felt his arse open in response to the rubbing and wondered how different it felt to a finger. He'd had several women finger his butt but had always found it made him feel funny.


Yet, Zak doing it to him had him wondering if he had been simply denying that he actually liked it. He had always rejected being with a man before, but now he was contemplating letting one fuck him.


"Do you want to fuck me?" he asked Zak, surprising himself as well.


"In a heartbeat, but only if you're comfortable with it," Zak told him as he rubbed his cock back and forth. He felt Allan flexing his arse cheeks open as he pushed forward.


Allan looked at Zak and ran his hands up his sides as the man flexed his hips and rubbed him. He was still seriously horny even though he had just come. Lee did warn him that this might happen.


He decided, 'what the fuck?'. He had started this, so he might as well 'go all the way'.


He would either love it or hate it. At least he would know if a male fuck buddy was an option he could live with. He nodded at Zak.


"Lie on the bed, Allan," Zak said.


Both guys removed the last of their clothing. Then Allan complied. Zak crawled between his legs. Allan hadn't fully gone back down, so Zak licked him again from the root to the tip. He then licked down and tongued Allan's arse getting it wet.


Allan found he was lifting his arse in response. Zak worked a finger in as he licked, and Allan opened for him and groaned at the sensations of Zak penetrating him. Once he felt Allan was ready for more, Zak removed his fingers.


He lifted Allan's arse and gently pushed his cock in. Allan found himself being stretched. Initially, he resisted the strangeness, but Zak waited until he opened again and pushed in further.


Zak took his time getting in so that Allan could get used to having a cock stuffed in his arse. He moved in and out at a slow, even pace as Allan became more comfortable being fucked by him.


Allan started pushing back, so Zak increased his speed. Allan was starting to get into the rhythm and found he liked being fucked in the arse by Zak. It was very stimulating. It didn't hurt that Zak was also pumping his cock as it was again hard.


Allan was startled when he heard Darla's voice, and then her face came into view.


"I must say, Allan, I do like your taste in men," she said as she ran her fingers over Zak's chest and around a nipple.


She had noticed Zak's interest in Allan during the day and had a lot of fun torturing him with Zak.




Zak was surprised by the sound of Darla's voice and stopped.

He watched as Darla's hand slid over his chest. He shivered at the nipple tweak and flexed into Allan hard. Allan couldn't help himself, and he groaned in pleasure. Darla dropped her dress and climbed over Allan's chest.


She looked back at Zak. "Put him in for me, sweetie," she said and backed up, sliding her legs under Allan's splayed legs.


Zak grinned at her, grabbed Allan's hard cock and held it, so Darla could wiggle down on to it. He rubbed his hand up her arse and stuck his thumb in and started fucking Allan again.


Zak timed himself to Darla so that as she slid forward, he jacked into Allan. As he pulled back when she came down, he jammed his thumb into her. Zak and Darla soon had a good rhythm going.


Poor Allan wasn't sure which stimulation had him going the hardest. Darla started speeding up, so Zak did as well. Allan just lay there and got himself well and truly fucked.


He usually liked to be in control, but in this situation, he had little control. And these two were working him hard. If he didn't know better, he would have thought they had planned it. Never having been tandem fucked like this before, he was really turned on.


After a little while, Darla started coming on his cock, and Allan had to come too. She'd never had any difficulties getting him to come with her. He grabbed her hips and jammed her down as he blew. He grunted hard.


As he went for the next shot, his arse relaxed enough for Zak to slam home again. Allan blew again as Zak filled him as well. His arse was shaking so hard, and he was racked with the sensations of Zak blowing into him while Darla came on him as he came into her.


After a few more slow pumps to enjoy Allan coming, Zak pulled out and flopped on the bed beside Allan; he said, "Fuck! That was pretty intense."


Allan grinned and said, "You're telling me. I'm not sure who got me off, but it was all bloody marvellous."


Darla smacked his arm, "You never told me you liked men?"


"I didn't like men until I met Zak," Allan replied.


Zak laughed, "I'm pretty sure our sweet Allan had a virgin arse. And a sweet arse it is."


Darla giggled, "So are you going to fuck Zak again?" Darla asked with a big grin as she was wiggling on and gripping Allan's cock, stopping him from going down.


"I haven't fucked him yet. I was the one being fucked in more ways than one, thanks to you, my dear, sweet wife."


"Can he do me while you do him?" Darla asked with delight. She had enjoyed playing 'turn Allan on' with Zak today. She had found she was very attracted to him as well.


Allan suddenly looked at his beautiful wife. "Hey, how come the sudden interest in sex? You have barely been interested in months. Not that I'm saying no."


"Lee fixed me. Oh, my sweetheart, you don't know how good it feels to feel healthy and to want sex again," she told him as she kept wiggling.


Zak had been watching her lovely tits bounce up and down as she wiggled on Allan. He sat upon his knees and sucked one into his mouth. Darla clenched on Allan, causing his cock to harden more, and he jammed his hips up into her.


Darla reached over and started rubbing Zak's cock. He didn't need a lot of encouragement either. He found Darla was one sexy woman and was happy to share if Allan was.


Darla enjoyed their attention for a while and then climbed off Allan. "You have to do him," she said to Zak.


Zak rolled back over onto his back and spread his legs; he was definitely not saying no. Allan was game, and he climbed between Zak's legs and lifted his arse. He slowly worked his way in just as Zak had done to him.


While Allan was bigger than Zak was used to, he soon found Allan embedded in him. Allan started moving in and out of Zak in long smooth strokes. Zak groaned each time he pushed into him.


'Oh yeah,' he thought. 'I could get really used to having Allan in me.' He groaned aloud again as Allan humped back into him.


Darla climbed over his chest, and this time Allan got to put Zak into her. He found the whole business hot and sexy. He was fascinated to watch his wife's cunnie stretch over the other man's cock.


He wondered why he had never been in a threesome before. He was seriously getting off on the whole adventure. Zak, being shorter than Allan, was able to lean up and suck on Darla's tits. She was soon jamming down on his cock.


Allan did what Zak had done and timed his ins with her ups. He'd enjoyed it, so he was sure Zak would. It didn't take them long to have Zak moaning and groaning on Darla's tits.


The guy's arse was shaking on Allan's cock, and he pushed in harder on each stroke, totally getting off on the tight arse he was pumping into. Darla started moaning out her oohs and ahs that she was coming and sped up to get her release. Not having had sex for a while, her fuse was short.


Fucking Zak while her husband did him as well really had her going. She liked Zak in her as well. He was a good lover, and his lovely thick cock filled her to her satisfaction. Allan went harder as Darla shook on Zak. Zak was being pounded just as Allan had been.


"Oh fuck," said Zak, and he tightened his arse as he blew into Darla. She came on him, and Allan fucked Zak's arse hard several more times until he too stiffened and groaned as he also came.


This time he felt as if magical energy was being sucked into him and infusing his body. It was even more intense as he realised what was happing. He now knew why wizards liked the high of a threesome.


This time it was Allan who had to pull out first, and he flopped on the bed.




Chapter 5


~~ October - Week 43 ~~


The trio took a few minutes to get their breathing under control.


Darla hugged Zak, not quite ready to get off as he was rolling his hips into her pubic bone and still playing with her tits. Darla had enjoyed being with both men.


"Hey, Zak?"


"Yes, Allan?"


"I think you passed your first audition," Allan said.


He had cuddled up to Zak's shoulder and had dropped a leg back over his and Darla's as if not ready to lose contact with either of them. He felt tranquil, which was an unusual sensation for Allan after sex.


Zak laughed and then said, "So do I get a second interview?" He, sure as shit stunk, hoped so.


Allan looked at Darla and said, "What do you think, my sweet? Should we invite him back?"


Darla looked at Allan. He was lightly rubbing his hand up and down Zak's chest and over his nipple. Zak was lightly raking Allan's back as he enjoyed the titty rub. She didn't think either guy was really aware they were doing it. They both looked very content.


She knew Allan had a reputation for fucking and leaving. Several women had complained about his lack of after sex cuddling. To her knowledge, he only did it with her.


She had enjoyed the fact that Zak could suck on her tits while she fucked him. As much as she loved Allan, it was something she had missed as he had to almost bend in two to reach them.


Zak was an excellent lover, and she believed that she and Allan had both enjoyed his attentions, and he had enjoyed them as well. She knew that, now Allan had a taste of fucking them both together and that he had enjoyed it, he wouldn't want to give it up in a hurry.


The guy really loved sex, and Lee had warned her that he would probably get worse now he was a wizard. Now that she had her sex drive back, having two lovers wouldn't be a hardship either. The fact that Zak turned them both on was marvellous as far as she was concerned.


"Who said that he was leaving?" Darla answered.


The guys laughed. Allan sat up, kissed his wife and then kissed Zak. Darla felt Zak getting hard in her again as Allan kissed the shit out of him. Darla grinned at them.


She wondered if poor Zak knew what he was getting himself into.




The next morning Lee and Sean were leaving their room to go for a run.


They tried to get a run in at least three times a week, if not every day. Zak and Allan came out of Allan's room also dressed for running. The boys had left a very sated Darla curled up in bed.


"Hi Allan, have a new jogging partner, I, see?" said Lee.


Allan looked at the little smirk that she had and then looked at Zak. He decided he could handle being wrong for once and grinned, "Yes, I think I do."


Lee looked at both men. They were both in a good mood, and Lee could guess why without trying too hard. Her nose told her all she needed to know.


"Darla not going with you?" she asked.


They both grinned at each other, then at Lee and Sean. Allan said, "No, the poor dear is a little tired this morning. I think she may have over-exerted herself a little last night."


"It may take her a little time to get her energy back, don't push her too hard," Lee warned.


Zak said, "We tried not to, but she was a little over-excited about getting back in the saddle, I think."


Lee laughed; she wasn't surprised. They were both virile men, and now that Allan was a wizard, he would affect his partners as well. She thought of the political ramifications of this new relationship.


When she told Allan to find a fuck buddy, she didn't expect him to choose a prince from Davinia. She decided it was probably a good thing. It might even help reopen negations between the nations if their leaders were in bed together. Lee laughed.


Allan looked at her, "What?"


She said, "I've heard of getting into bed with your enemy, but you guys seemed to have taken it literally."


Zak and Allan looked at each other, and realisation of what she meant came over their faces. They had been too busy fucking each other to think of the ramifications.


"Shit," said Allan.


Zak laughed, pulled Allan's head down and kissed him hard, much to Allan's surprise and delight.


"I think we still have to practice our negotiating skills," he said as he took Allan's hand in his and squeezed it.


Allan looked at Zak. He wondered if the guy was using him, but the look on his face and the kiss he had given him told a different story. Zak was definitely in lust with him and happy to be so.


After last night, Allan decided he wasn't in any great hurry to give him up either. He didn't think Darla wanted Zak gone, going by how she had reacted to him. It had been one of the best nights of sex that he'd had in a very long time.


His beautiful Darla had been all over both of them like a rash. Despite his initial reserves, he had found fucking and kissing Zak no hardship at all. He shivered at the thought of what they had done to him and knew he would be back for more.


The fact that Zak was a prince of Davinia was not really an issue, as far as Allan was concerned. He had no plans of creating trouble between their people. If their relationship brought them all closer and even helped allay the Antalians' fears, then all the better.


Allan looked at Lee and asked, "Did you set this up?"


Lee grinned and shook her head, "Nope, you did it all by yourself. I must admit I like your taste in men. You've found yourself a real sizzler, Allan."


Allan and Zak both had to laugh, especially as Darla had said the same thing. Allan looked at Zak and then back at Lee, "Careful, the bloke already has a big head. He'll be impossible to live with if you girls keep bolstering his ego."


"How big a head?" Sean asked, cracking everyone up.




They made their way outside and headed off to stretch their muscles.


Zak ran with Lee, and they let the two with the longer legs get out in front while they enjoyed the view from behind. Lee commented to Zak she had no complaints about the view.


Zak had to laugh, as he didn't either. Both men had lovely long legs and tight arses in those little shorts they were wearing. After a little while, Zak said to Lee with some concern, "Shouldn't you be taking it easy being pregnant?"


"Actually, it's a proven fact that women who exercise while pregnant have less trouble with the birth. True, you have to be careful of not overdoing it, but your body will tell you if you are," Lee told him.


Zak accepted this as she was easily keeping up with him. If anything, she was probably fitter as she was barely breathing hard.


After their run, they changed and then went and had breakfast. Lee didn't really like the servants hovering over them, but it was what they did here.


When they got to just drinking tea, Lee said, "Oh Allan, I brought you a little present."


She got up and went to pick up the packages she had deposited on a side table when they came down. She handed one to Darla, then one package to Allan and another to Zak. She had tossed in several spare gifts in case she needed them, and they didn't take up a lot of space.


Mystified, the three opened them. Allan held up the green, black and blue pair of boxer shorts. "Well, fuck me with a big cock." He looked at Lee and said, "Do you have any idea how much I have missed these?"


Lee grinned at him. "Well, a lot of the guys on the starship had said they missed theirs, so I thought you might have as well."


Allan got up and came around the table, and he kissed Lee on the cheek, "Thank you, I love them and will definitely wear them."


Zak looked at his and examined the elastic waist and the cock slit. "Are these under-shorts?" he asked.


Allan replied, "Oh yeah, they are bloody comfortable. I used to love just wearing mine around the house, and they are nice to sleep in if you have to wear something, like having kids around."


Darla held up the hot pink bra and knickers to her body. She said to Allan, "Do you think I'd look good in this, darling?"


Allan looked at them and groaned, "Yes. The only problem is I don't think you'd keep them on long, though."


Darla giggled and looked at the two men in her life. "Hmm, I think we will have to have a private fashion show later."


Both of the guys groaned. Sean and Lee laughed, and both thought of when they had done theirs.


"Oh, dear," said Lee. "Do be careful, Darla. The last time we did that, I ended up pregnant."


Allan shot Darla a worried look. He had only just gotten the Darla he loved back, and he didn't want her out of action for another two years.


Lee understood his concern. "If the fix works for her like it did for Cara, you will probably need Zak to help keep her satisfied," Lee told him.


Allan looked at her quizzically. He had only seen Cara a couple of times since being back from Queland. Now that he thought of it, she had looked very well last night.


That husband of hers had been very attentive.




Chapter 6


~~ October - Week 43 ~~


Darla giggled.


"Goodness, it was so funny. Her poor husband must be firing blanks. She even dragged him off to one of the rooms last night after dinner. He apologised to me later."


"He said that he had to take her home before she fucked every male there or did him on the dance floor. He is seriously thinking of inviting Wizard Wii to come live with them permanently."


"He said that Cara had informed him that the old Wizard was a good fuck, and he could satisfy her. Her husband said he and Wii also got on very well, so I won't be surprised if they become a permanent trio."


"Seriously?" said Allan in surprise.


He thought back to the airship ride home. "Why that cheeky, fucking old bastard. I was wondering why he was closeted with Cara for the trip home."


Everyone had to laugh that Cara and the old wizard had gotten one over Allan.




Lee looked at the trio with some speculation.


"It's not unusual for human females to go through a horny stage while pregnant; apparently, Genteli women once did too."


Allan looked at Darla, and she grinned back at him. 'Oh shit!' he thought. 'I have a feeling that Zak and I are in for a workout.'


He looked again at Lee with worry, "How soon after you fix them, do they come into heat?"


Lee shrugged, "I don't know for sure, but both the girls in Futura that came with Prince Don are pregnant. One or two weeks was all it took, but then neither had been in heat for a while, so it might be a coincidence."


He thought back to earlier this morning. Darla had been randy, and she'd had both of them fuck her. He walked over to his wife and sniffed her. He looked at Zak, "Do you have any kids, Zak?"


"Not to my knowledge, why?" he asked.


Allan looked at his wife again speculatively, "Well, I think it's going to be a case of the fastest swimmer."


Zak gave Allan a confused look. He didn't understand what swimming had to do with him having kids. Lee came over to Darla, and she placed her hand on her stomach. Then she looked at the two guys and grinned.


"It must have something to do with being wizards. Kyle and Tony and then Zan and Essco did the same thing," she told them.


Sean started to laugh hilariously and finally got out, "Oh, you poor bastards, she is going to be insatiable carrying twins."


The group looked at both Sean and Lee, confused. Lee finally put them out of their misery, or rather she at least made them aware of it.


"I believe Allan will be blessed with a son and Zak a daughter. Congratulations, apparently, you both have good swimmers."


Zak blurted out in shock, "By the Gods of old! I've gone and gotten the future Queen of Antalia pregnant."


Darla giggled, now getting the reference to swimmers. Zak was gobsmacked, and Allan was beaming.


"Looks like you're staying, after all, Zak. We might have to sort out a wedding. What do you think, Darla, my love?"


Darla looked at Zak and then back at Allan. She had no objections at all, and she doubted that her mother would either. As a bonus, the political alliance would be a good thing for both countries as far as she was concerned.


Zak finally comprehended what they were saying. He looked at his two new lovers and realised that they weren't upset at all. Then the word 'wedding' reverberated around in his head.


"You want to marry me, but you hardly know me?"


Allan walked over to him and then bent down and kissed him.


Zak automatically kissed him back. He loved kissing Allan. He'd enjoyed everything they had done and was more than happy to stick around for more. He felt as if he had found something that was missing from his life.


They had even spent some time just talking last night, and he had found he had been drawn even closer to his new lovers. In the linger the day before, he had learnt that he liked how they worked together, and he had no problems being part of their relationship.


Allan released Zak's lips and smiled at him. He said, "I think I know enough about you to know you were meant to be part of our family. If the other wizards' stories are anything to go by, it seems we fall hard, and we fall fast. Besides, I have never been attracted to a man before, so you must be important to me."


Lee and Sean nodded in agreement. So far, that seemed to be their experience as well. Lee distracted Zak by her next question. "Is your brother married?"


Zak shook his head, "No, he is a hard man to please. They have been trying to get him to marry for years, but he won't commit. Mother is worried, he is already fifty-five, and she won't hand over the reins, so to speak, until he produces an heir."


"Does your daughter make a difference with the succession?" Lee then asked.


"Oh, my, yes. She will effectively be the next in line. I'm the second son, and we don't have a sister or any female cousins."


He beamed at Allan as Darla said, "My mother won't be able to object to us being wed even if it's a little unusual for us royals. It will legitimise my daughter."


Sean butted in, "Well, we can always use Zan as an example! He has both a husband and a wife, and they are not even Genteli. His wife is a Pix, and his husband is human. I believed that caused a stir in Queland since a member of your race is not supposed to marry a Pix."


"His mother has already abdicated. Apparently, Zan has tossed out the old taboo about a Pix and a Genteli marrying, saying that their laws actually said it was legal for them to be married," Sean told them.


"Well, since we were going to visit your brother next, we might have to take you home to talk to your mother and brother," Lee said.


Zak agreed. Then he looked at Allan and grinned, "Do you think you can handle Darla without me for a few days?"


Darla wiggled her eyebrows at Allan. He groaned and looked at Zak and said, "Shit, mate, don't be gone long. I love sex, but I have a feeling she is going to wear a couple of centimetres off me."


They all laughed.


Zak went to tell his entourage he would be away for a few days, but they were to stay here and wait for his return. Lee said she had to go collect the bands, and she, too, disappeared.


Meanwhile, Sean went to sort out their gear, re-pack the linger, and collect Drako from a very tearful Eve. He promised he would bring Drako back to visit, to appease the tearful little girl.


Darla grabbed Allan, dragged him up to their room and gave him a taste of what the next couple of days would be like without Zak. By the time Allan convinced her they had to see their guests off, he wanted to go with them to have a rest. The others were waiting at the linger when the couple came and joined them.


Lee put the original band on Allan's wrist, telling him that he would need it, going by the look of him. She also placed a second identical band on his other wrist. Sean and Lee were also wearing identical bracelets.


"Feel better?" Lee asked Allan.


"Oh yeah, that feels much better," Allan replied as he felt the magical infusion.


"Just make sure you get some sun every day," Lee told him.


Allan said, "I'll be lucky to have the energy to go for a run."


Lee told him, "Well, just lie on the Patio in the sun and let Darla have her wicked way with you while you recharge on the spot."


Allan liked this idea, and the others just laughed at the image that Lee evoked.


"Also, look up in the primer how to pull magic while having sex. It takes some practice, but once you learn how it will make a huge difference believe me," Lee told him.


She knew that once Allan got the hang of pulling the magic, he would be fine.




Chapter 7


~~ October - Weeks 43 & 44 ~~


Zan had barely been home a full week yet, but things had been hectic.


The week before, Essco, Dye and Zan had decided to go home to Ogilhinn, after they got Captain Nick Clark to marry them while they were still on Harmony.


Lee and Sean had then helped them pack their things into one of the transport boxes they had used with the villagers. Then they helped Zan take them home to his place.


Dye and Essco loved Zan's home. Sean and Lee didn't stick around but promised Zan they would come back for a more formal visit in the future. Lee had given Zan the apprentice's box as well in case he found his apprentice.


Zan's first argument was with the Court about his marriage. He then had to argue with them about changing the banking system. Then to upset them even more, when he had introduced Lee's charter and explained this was how the Lord Wizard, he and the other wizards wanted things done.


There was a lot of grief about him being married to a Pix and a human. But Zan pointed out that as he was a wizard and now the ruler of all of Queland, he could marry whom he damn well pleased.


If it was good enough for the Gold Wizard to have a husband and a wife, it was good enough for him too. He also pointed out the old taboo of Genteli marrying Pix was stupid, as they were the only race that the Genteli had been known to breed children with.


He told the parliament, the church, and the court that the taboo was not a law as far as he was concerned. In fact, their laws stated that as long as the parties were not forced or the other partner didn't object to the new partner, anyone could marry whom they pleased.


Zan informed them the taboo was against their laws and the humans' laws that were very similar to theirs, so he had married under the laws of both worlds. He would happily sanction the marriages of any of the races to each other and any combination of genders.


Some of the members of the minor religions were outraged, but they couldn't dispute that what he said was true. Now that he was their wizard, they would also have little chance of getting the laws changed.


Zan was amused when his next youngest brother Nat, his Genteli boyfriend and their Pix girlfriend asked if he would sanction their marriage. The girlfriend had already had two children to the pair and had been their de facto wife for many years.


Zan happily officiated at the wedding. His mother also sanctioned the marriage. Nat's now-wife had already managed to have a daughter by him. This was before the second man had joined the couple, so the line of succession was safe between the boys.


His mother had told Zan it would be hypocritical for her to say no, considering everyone knew her paramours were both Pixs. She also told him she was ready to retire to the country and was going to abdicate. He could herald in the new ways, and it was better if he had control.


His mother had a lot of trouble after giving birth to her third son, Xavier, and had abstained from sex for many years. His father had moved out of the Palace to the Country Manor many years before and was happily set up with his little harem of two Prol males and two Pix females.


He didn't really like politics and preferred the quiet life of the country. Gentelis don't tend to get divorced. Both of Zan's parents were more than happy with the current status quo.


His father told Zan he was looking forward to spending time with his wife again, and his mother gave every indication she was ready to move back in with his father.


 Zan had the feeling they intended to be one big happy family.




As for the banking system, Zan got Dye set up, and Kyle came and helped them.


He had even introduced Kyle, Tony and Debora at Court. The triad had the other royals, and the gentry won over in no time. His triad's main opposition died a quick death in public once it was endorsed by another wizard and his apprentice.


Kyle had explained to the merchants how the new banking and contracts system would ease up their workload and make it safer to walk in the streets as they would no longer need to carry sacks of coins.


He also pointed out that like the people of Jahnville, the Antalians were planning to use the system as they spoke. He told them that he believed the Davinians would also adopt the system once the Lord Wizard had visited them, so trade with all four countries would be smoother.


It didn't take the local merchants long to get in on the act. The gifts of the e-pads and minders didn't hurt either. The local populace also seemed to like getting free gifts just for opening a new bank account.


The new charter was a different problem. For the most part, it didn't cause any issues until they got to the paragraph about 'No more slaves'.


It read that they could keep their current slaves, but they could not buy new ones or sell the ones they had unless it was to free them. The slave also had a right to buy their own freedom, or it could be purchased for them at the going rate.


No one could refuse a 'Purchase of Liberty' being offered for a slave. Zan told the Court and the Parliament that once he was crowned, the charter would be enacted. He left them to stew over it.


Like Don, he had never been a great lover of slavery and had no qualms in adopting the charter.




Zan had introduced Essco to the head of Biology at the University.

He soon found that Essco had taken over running the place and then demanded a new wing for his lab. It didn't take him long to convince Zan to commission the building. Zan deposited a heap of money into an account for Essco and told him to go for it.


It kept him out of the political arena and busy, so Zan was delighted to do this for his husband. He had no issues with the higher education system getting a revamp either. He had seen how much effort the humans put into education, and he agreed with them.


Zan and Dye loved to come home to hear Essco ranting about the archaic systems and all the work he had taken on getting the University up to scratch. They both knew he was as happy as a pig in a pond with his little empire.


Apparently, the guy had a bent for teaching. Zan soon heard many students and scholars were clamouring to be in his classes. Many of his lectures were standing room only. He had even stirred up other scientific fields, and there were many excited scholars in the University.


Zan had also been busy organising the building of the ships that Sean had ordered. If there was one thing his people were good at it, it was building cargo ships. Kyle had turned up with new designs from Ian, and the shipyards were humming.


They were busy retooling the factories to build the ships to the new specs. Zan hoped his replicator turned up soon. Even so, he found they still needed to hire and train new staff, and this was a good thing for all concerned as he had plenty of people wanting jobs.


The one other commodity he had in abundance was copper. Sean and Gavin hadn't found a lot of good deposits on Jahnville. They would need a lot more than they were currently buying for their venture with Allan.


So, they had set up a company similar to the one they had with Allan to cover the boat building and copper mining. Like Allan, Zan was perfectly happy for the money to go to his town as well.


He had a lot of projects and social reforms he planned to enact after his Coronation.




The day of the Coronation had arrived, and Zan knew it was going to be a long one.


Essco and Dye had become resigned to the fact that they had to contribute too. After all, there were downsides to marrying a wizard who was also a Prince who was to become a King.


They were in an open carriage in the procession, going the House of Gods when pandemonium broke out. Essco was looking at Zan when he saw him suddenly grab the medallion on his chest.


A group of people opposed to the abolishment of slavery had opened fired on the carriage. Bullets were flying all over the place, and Zan saw the coachman hit and one of the ponies.


He was worried about William and Dye being shot, but William dived on him and pulled him down to protect him before he could react. William then pulled Dye down with him and lay over both of them.


People were screaming and running everywhere. The ponies were screaming in fright. People were smashing into the carriage, and it was rocking precariously.


Zan's mounted soldiers had wanted to open fire at the offenders; however, they were mixed in with the crowd making it hard to determine who was who. Four men managed to get to the carriage, and they were trying to pull it over to get to Zan.


Zan was trying to teleport Dye and William out, but the carriage's rocking motion made it hard to concentrate, and Essco's body being jostled onto him didn't help. The screaming of wounded people and animals was also distracting.


Suddenly, a thunderous voice boomed over the crowd, "What the hell do you people think you're playing at?"


Everyone stopped as if rooted to the spot they stood in. Lee floated down over the carriage. She was dressed in her Platinum outfit and her new jewellery. She had her bling turned on, so she shone brightly and looked like a warrior goddess coming from the heavens like the fabled Athena.


The four men that had been trying to turn over the carriage found they couldn't move. They could only stare at the vision of Lee, hovering above the carriage. To them, she like an avenging angel.


Lee looked at them coldly. "Do you know the penalty for harming not only a wizard but a King and his consorts?" she asked them.


The men could do nothing. The rest of the crowd had dropped to their knees and just stared at her. The Lord Wizard was among them, and she was pissed.


Lee looked over the crowd, "Be warned, I will not tolerate this type of behaviour. I will end slavery. No man should own another. Be thankful I didn't ask you, people, to give up your slaves immediately."


She then touched each of the four men in turn with her wand. The crowd gasped as each man disappeared before their eyes.


Unbeknown to the crowd, the men found themselves in the middle of Bruit and Lon's abandoned village on the west side of Jahnville. Lee thought it was an excellent place to keep them out of trouble for a while. She really didn't care what happened to them.


Lee floated over to the coachman and touched him. He stopped groaning and then sat up in surprise at being healed. She also touched the pony. Fortunately, it was only a flesh wound, and she had little trouble with it.


The people started getting up as Lee joined Zan, William and Dye in the carriage. They patiently waited for the procession to begin again. The soldiers soon had the path cleared, and the King's carriage moved on to the crowd's exuberant cheers.


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