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Man of Power

Korben Hunter




I have been writing stories on Literotica.com for many years. I had started writing because I enjoyed writing, but I found that I liked it even more when other people also enjoyed my stories. A lot of comments and emails encouraged me to continue writing and posting stories. My thanks to the thousands of people who read, rated and liked my stories. And even bigger thanks to those who took the time to comment or email to give me their feedback.


Special thanks to my friend Abigail for taking the time to edit this book and dare to give me her honest feedback. When you produce any kind of creative work you need people who can help you by critiquing it. It’s a delicate job. They need to give their honest opinion but also be careful not to crush your fragile artistic ego. Abi managed to do this beautifully. She provided constructive criticism, suggestions and pointed out embarrassing errors with a gentle and loving style for which I will always be grateful.


This is purely a work of fiction. None of these things really happened. All the characters, names, places, situations are fictional. Any resemblance to any person, place or situation, past or present, may be as a result of coincidence for which the author and publishers will not be responsible.




This story is set in Bombay, India. This is, a story series which I originally published on Literotica and it quickly became the favourite of my fans. After I had been writing it for a while I thought about publishing it as a book to find more readers and see if it would survive in the wild. Of course, if that brings me a few extra pennies then all the better.


I am not one of those sophisticated writers who can spin a word twenty different ways and make a sentence sit up and beg. This is definitely not an erotic novel. I just wrote the kind of story I would most enjoy reading. I was lucky that a lot of other people liked it as well.


Think of this as a porn story. The good kind of porn has some kind of story that makes at least a little sense and the sex scenes are driven by the different situations. That is exactly the kind of story I have tried to write. It should not go so much into other details that the reader gets bored but on the other hand it should not be just mindless sex scene after mindless sex scene either. There, I have written the review for you, you can just copy-paste it from here.


Just to give you a quick warning, the book doesn’t have a real end. The story is still going on in series form on Literotica. The life of our hero goes on after this book as well. This book contains the first 13 chapters of the series though I have rewritten quite a lot of stuff to make it better for the book. After that, 16 more parts have been published on Literotica and I have many more written, and even more planned. I am working on the second book with those chapters and a third one would surely follow as there are a lot of stories to tell and beautiful girls for our hero to conquer.


Enough chatter from me, go on and meet Vikas….

Man of Power


Vikas stopped at the reception desk and smiled "Hello Miss Kajal!"


"Hello Sir! How are you?"


"I am better now that I am talking to you."


"Sir..." Kajal blushed "You are such a tease!"


"And you are such a killer beauty in this red dress." Vikas countered with a wink.


"Thank you, Sir." Kajal blushed.


"I don't know why Rohit doesn't use you as a model. You are being wasted here behind the desk."


"Boss only likes really pretty girls as models."


"He is blind if he can't see what a dish you are."


"I don't know about that, but I do know he's waiting for you and told me not to make you wait when you come in."


"You just want me to leave you alone. You are such a stone-hearted babe."


Vikas smiled and stepped away from the desk towards the door that bore the legend - Rohit Verma Managing Director.


Behind him Kajal smiled. She was a pretty girl and she liked how Vikas always had time to flirt with her before seeing her boss. She was not stupid enough to think that the CEO of a big ad agency really wanted to date her. Besides, he was probably already married.




Inside the office, Vikas was sprawled in the big client chair while listening to a project pitch from Rohit.


“All of these models have participated in some beauty contest, so you know that the quality is high…”


"Yeah, yeah, that's fine. Tell me about your receptionist." Vikas interrupted Rohit.




"Yes. Is she single?"


"She is. But don't bother yourself with her. She's not that kind of girl."


"What kind of girl?" Vikas challenged.


"Arre yaar, I have tried her already. I got her in my office after 2 days of her joining, told her she needs to keep her boss, me, happy otherwise her job will be at risk. You know what she did?"




"Next morning I had her resignation on my table. And the phone at her desk was ringing non-stop. I had to apologise and grovel to get her back. She's a damn good receptionist, but not that kind of girl."


"That's because you tried to nail her, you horny pervert!" Vikas declared "I want to date her. I like her!"


"Well, it was my job to warn you. After that, it's your funeral if you still ask her out."


"You don't mind, na?"


"Not at all. Be my guest. I would love to see you fall flat on your face."


"That's up to me. Cool." Vikas got out of the chair.


“Arre, I was telling you about my idea.” Rohit called out as Vikas walked towards the door.


“Why don’t you email me?” Vikas shot back and was gone.




While walking out of the office Vikas passed in front of Kajal's desk then turned back and looked at her.


"Kajal, I am curious about you. Do you ever eat food?"


"Of course, Sir. Why wouldn't I?"


“Well, you know, girls these days, models especially, it’s all about the diet.”


“Sir, I am not a model, and I love my food.”


“So you do eat food?”


“Yes, Sir. Three times a day.”


“It’s hard to believe. You probably just have some salad for lunch then skip dinner.”


“Absolutely not, Sir. I eat a full lunch and then a full dinner.”


"No, I don't believe it."


"It’s the truth. Why don’t you believe me? How can I make you believe it?"


"Have dinner with me tomorrow night so I can watch you eat with my own eyes."


"Oh! Sir, you are very tricky. You tricked me."


"So, what do you say?"


"Okay. Yes."




Vikas took her phone number and the address to pick her up from. He was whistling a happy tune as he walked out to his Mercedes.



The next evening, he picked her up at her place in his car.


Kajal was wearing a silky top that had little hearts printed on it. It was so much off-shoulders that it left her shoulders, arms and chest bare above the breasts. It wasn't very tight but draped nicely over her breasts and torso. It didn't quite meet her skirt, leaving a gap of several inches, baring her flat belly and her navel. Her skirt was loose and long, reaching almost to her ankles. It was light pink in colour and clung to her legs in a nice, sexy way when she walked without looking obscene.


Vikas whistled when she came out and told her she looked very nice. Kajal blushed and thanked him with a shy smile.


He took Kajal to a fancy Italian restaurant at Nariman Point. The service and food were both excellent and he could see that Kajal was impressed. After dinner, they took a walk on Marine Drive. Vikas gently slipped his arm around Kajal's waist resting his hand on the bare expanse of skin just above her waist. Kajal didn't object, she just walked closer to him and let him gather her in his arm. She kept talking about her family, telling the story of how her mother met her father when she was in the college beauty contest and he had snuck in with his friends.


Vikas stopped and faced Kajal. She looked into his eyes as he brought her closer by closing his arms around her waist. He leaned in and gently kissed her cheek. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around him. He kissed her other cheek. She turned her face up and as he leaned in, their breaths mixed with each other. Vikas looked at her soft, pink lips then slowly pressed his lips on them. Kajal closed her arms around his neck and kissed him back.


His tongue parted her lips and he took her bottom lip in his mouth. Her breath grew heavy as she pressed into the kiss and opened her lips. Vikas’ tongue slipped into her mouth and found her tongue. They stayed close together like that in a tight embrace and the kiss grew deeper and more passionate.


As Kajal pressed closer to Vikas, his hands caressed her smooth bare back, his fingers grazing her silky-smooth skin gently. They continued sucking each other's lips, their breath mingling together in a hot, erotic blend.


They broke the kiss when they were both breathless but Vikas kept Kajal in his arms. She stayed closed to him and rested her face on his chest, breathing in his masculine scent.


When he dropped her off at her home it was almost 11 P.M. Her mother opened the door and asked him to come in. She offered to make him tea but Kajal said she would do it and went into the kitchen. Vikas protested a little but did not want to seem rude. He sat uneasily on the sofa while Kajal's mother, Sonali, sat in front of him.


His eyes went around the room. It was decorated with cheap materials but there was a quiet dignity about it. The items were not expensive, but they were tastefully arranged and things, most of the time, matched each other.


But his eyes came back to Sonali. If he had to guess her age, he would place her on the good side of 40. Still, he knew that Kajal was 25 and had 2 older brothers. Sonali must be at least in her mid-40's. He looked at her again and admired how beautiful she looked. She had no extra fat, her body was very well-proportioned and her skin looked soft and smooth. Her eyes held the spark of intelligence though he could see that the poverty had taken away some of her confidence.


Although, she was wearing a simple saree and blouse, Vikas found himself imagining how amazing she might look if she had proper beauty treatments and dressed in nice clothes. He hurriedly changed his mental track as Kajal walked into the room with tea.


Over tea, they talked about general stuff. Sonali was interested in asking about what Vikas did. She was pleased to hear that he ran his own ad agency. Sonali herself worked in a local company as an administrator for a small salary. Vikas noticed that in all their conversation while Sonali acknowledged their financial difficulties, her overall tone was always of gratitude that they were able to survive. Kajal's job, of course, was their largest income and Sonali said more than once that she was proud of her daughter.


When Vikas left it was getting close to midnight. Kajal came to the door to see him off. Sonali bid him farewell in the living room itself. It seemed like she was giving them privacy for a proper goodbye.


Vikas took advantage of the darkness and privacy just outside the door and pulled Kajal to him. She flowed into his arms and gave him a kiss. This was much less heat-and-fire than their kiss earlier but held a softness that made Vikas feel all warm and happy inside.




For their second date Vikas took Kajal to the planetarium. They watched the "Stars and Planets" show and held hands in the dark auditorium. They walked from exhibit to exhibit and talked about random topics, both personal and general. They had food in the planetarium cafeteria and lingered there in each other's warm company.


Today Kajal had worn a sleeveless top with no back except for a couple of straps tying in a knot. Her skirt was long below her knees but had slit each side that afforded a glance of her milky white legs when she walked or sat down.


More than once Vikas had complimented Kajal on her long, shapely legs which she accepted with a slight blush. When they left the planetarium the Sun was setting. They got in Vikas' car. He put his hand on her bared leg and looked at her. She looked right back into his eyes. As if on a cue, they leaned into each other and their lips joined in a hot, fervent kiss.


Somehow the kiss didn't turn into a make-out session, but as they both sat back in their own seats, the sexual tension in the car was palpable. Vikas started the car and slowly drove out of the planetarium parking.


They went to the Band Stand and sat watching the waves. Kajal told Vikas about herself. She was 10 years old when her father had died after a short illness. Her mother had raised her and her 4 siblings. She had 2 elder brothers, one elder sister and one younger sister. Her mother, Sonali, was educated, beautiful and smart. She came from a higher family than her father. They had had a love marriage that antagonised both their families.


After her father's death, her mother, instead of begging for support from either family had gone to work herself. She worked in an office in the day and on weekends she worked with a friend who used to give her little modelling assignments. She was young and pretty, her fashion sense was good and she had made good enough money with the modelling to educate all five of her children and feed them and clothe them.


Vikas thought about Sonali. From what he had seen he could easily believe that she must have been model material 15 years ago. Even now she was a very nice looking woman with clean skin and high-class, beautiful features. He found his thoughts wandering and brought them back forcibly to focus on what Kajal was saying.


When the Sun dipped past the view and it started to get dark they got up to go back.


They had barely got on the road when it started to rain. Then a little down the road Vikas' Mercedes suddenly stopped. Vikas tried the self-starter again but it would not start. This being the rush hour on a Saturday evening, there were no taxis or autos free. They waited for 15 minutes in vain before Vikas suggested that they could walk to his place which was only a few minutes away. Kajal agreed.


He got 2 guys from the road to help him push the car into Bhabha Hospital's parking. He left it there, saying he could get the garage to come out and tow it the next day and they started to walk.


It is said that Bombay's rain can never be trusted. They had not gone far before the rain, that had been not much more than a drizzle so far, turned heavy and started soaking everything in sight. They tried to outrun it but in the few minutes it took for them to reach his flat they were both drenched.


"Now you will say, 'Oh, change your clothes or you will catch cold!'" Kajal said in a mocking tone reciting a common dialogue from many Hindi films.


"No, I won't." replied Vikas.


"Huh? You won't ask me to change my clothes?"




"But I might catch a cold!"


"I am sorry but I don't have any female clothes in the flat."


"Oh. None?"


"None. I don't have a girlfriend or wife, so no need for them."


"So, you won't say ‘Wear one of my shirts!’?"


"No, no. You are quite safe. I won't say anything like that." Vikas assured her.


"But…” Her voice dropped almost to a whisper “I want you to say it."


He looked at her. Kajal bit her bottom lip.


"Okay. Kajal, why don't you get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold? You can wear one of my shirts."


Her smile was very cheeky and her eyes had a twinkle in them.


A short while later she walked into the living room wearing one of Vikas' white shirts that reached to her thighs. Her legs were bare and so were her feet. Vikas smiled and offered her a hot brandy toddy that he had prepared while she was changing. He himself was wearing a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms.


Sitting side by side on the sofa they sipped their toddies and talked about general things. Conversation was sketchy, however, and the air was thick with sexual tension.


"Well, now at least I know why these scenes in the movies are so sexual. It's the rain." Kajal said with a smile.


"Yes. Easy to understand now.” He turned to look at her “But don't worry, you are safe here. It's only our second date..."


Kajal turned to him and ran her fingers through his matted hair "What if I don't want to be safe?"


Vikas felt a catch in his throat "You don't?"


Lifting her leg over his lap, Kajal straddled him and looked in his eyes "Take me and make me yours!"


They kissed. Hard. The kind of passionate kiss that comes from deep, carnal desires. Their hands roamed over each other's bodies as their lips squashed together and their tongues danced the frenzied dance of lust. Vikas reached under her shirt and grabbed her firm, bare buttocks. She had no panties on and his hands were free to explore her intimately.


As they took a break for breath Kajal reached inside the elastic waistband of Vikas' pyjama bottoms and pulled out his hard, erect cock. She guided the bulbous cockhead to open her pussy lips and pushed with her hips to hold it there, poised at the entry of her wet, leaking pussy.


"Make me yours!" she repeated as she looked into his eyes.


With a smooth but firm stroke Vikas slid the thick, meaty shaft up into her tight cunt, using his hands on her ass to push her forward towards him.


"Oh ma!" Kajal winced and moaned as she felt the big, hard cock spread her tight pussy hole and impale her so deep that her breath caught in her throat.


 She bit her lower lip as she dealt with the pain his hard cock was causing inside her tight pussy. Then she started moving on his lap, slowly grinding down to fuck herself on his long, throbbing cock. Vikas pulled her to him and kissed her hard while pumping her hot, wet pussy with hard, wanton thrusts.


Picking her up in his arms he lay her on her back on the sofa without letting his hard, meaty rod slip out of her dripping cunt. Kajal's moans grew longer and louder as he began to claim her with hard, purposeful strokes. She wriggled under his strong, manly body and clung to him with both hands.


They both exploded at the same time, a sharp cry emanating from Kajal's lips and a deep guttural grunt marking Vikas' climax. He continued to fuck her with jerky, hard strokes, which gradually slowed down.


After they both caught their breath a little, he looked down in her eyes and kissed her "Oh baby, that was mind-blowing."


"Mmmm. Thank you for that. I really needed it." Kajal breathed.


"You really needed it? After seeing you in this damn shirt I wanted to grab you by the hair and really nail you on the floor until your whole body was sore!"


"Ooh! Maybe for the second round?" Kajal suggested with a teasing smile, Vikas' dick still resting inside her.


When Vikas let her up, Kajal called her mother to say she was at Vikas' place and will be leaving soon. Her mom told her that it was almost midnight so why doesn't she stay the night and come back tomorrow? The next day was Sunday anyway.


The second time Vikas fucked her in the bedroom. This time they took time to take the clothes fully off and get in the bed. Kajal lay down and opened her legs. Vikas got on top of her, placed his cockhead on her pussy hole and slowly drove it up into her tight cunt. She moaned as she felt the glorious feeling of being impaled again.


He stopped and picked up the glass of red wine from the bedside table. There with his hard cock buried deep in Kajal's cunt he took a big gulp of the red wine. He pressed his lips to hers and slowly fed her half of the wine. They both drank the wine and continued the wet, alcoholic kiss.


Vikas fucked her slowly but deep, moving his hips in a slow, grinding circle with his long, hard cock jammed fully deep in her cunt. His cockhead massaged her gspot with each movement of her hips and Kajal squirmed under him in the throes of ecstasy.


"Please! Please fuck me harder! Harder!"


But he kept her craving knowing how turned on she was, very much on the edge, just waiting for him to pound her deeper so she could cum. He made her wait, fucking her slow with deep strokes that kept her whole body on slow heat without bringing it to the boil. Then he pulled out until only his cockhead was inside her and slammed back deep and hard, ploughing deep into her tight cunt.


"Aaaaah! Mummy!" Kajal screamed and lifted her ass off the bed in an urgent need to take him deep and hard like that again.


Knowing well that she needed only a few more such hard strokes to orgasm, Vikas went back to the slow, grinding strokes. Kajal groaned and begged. Her head shook from side to side as she clung to him, grabbed his ass and tried hard to get him to fuck her harder.


"I am yours, baby! Please, please fuck me hard!" She whispered in his ear as she begged for a much-craved release.


He slammed in again, same hard, strong thrust, but only one. Each hard stroke would bring her body almost to the point of explosion but not over it. And with each thrust Kajal moaned and desperately tried to get him to fuck her harder. Her body was now covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her eyes were shut tightly and her whole being was focused on one thing - his cock.


She squeezed his cock with her pussy and moved her hips under him, fucking herself on his cock.


Pressing his lips to her neck he whispered, "I will pull out if you do that."


"No, baby. No! I want you. I need you inside me. Please. Please fuck me!"


Vikas grabbed her by the shoulders and started fucking her in a smooth rhythm of long, hard strokes. After only a few strokes, Kajal exploded around his hard cock and came with strong convulsions. Her naked body rocked under his and she dug her nails into his back in the throes of passion.


Kissing her lips, her neck, her cheek, Vikas kept fucking her slowing down his strokes again. But now his own need was becoming urgent. He started really pounding her into the bed now. His hard cock hurt her tight little pussy as it ploughed her with such forceful thrusts.


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