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A Summer Camp Swingers Story

Big Ed Magusson

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Welcome to Summer Camp Swingers!

If you’re not familiar with Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Swingers universe, boy do you have a treat ahead of you! The main story follows Paul Hughes as he comes of age in a world of nudism and swinging and is over a million words long and counting. You can find the main story through Nick’s site and his Patreon.

With such a large world, there’s plenty of room for side stories. This is follows Chris Coulter’s adventures with Erin and takes place in May 1983. If you’re interested in more of my work, you can find the bulk of Chris Coulter’s adventures at my site, Big Ed’s Place, or at my Patreon.


Good to be at Camp, Chris mused as he unpacked the razor and shaving cream from his kit. Standing nude in front of the cabin’s bathroom mirror just felt right. Relaxed and right.

Especially after last night, he mused. The sex with Erin in the swimsuit shop had been... unexpected. He’s stayed up way too late packing afterward, but David had been happy to fly their private plane while Chris napped. Now he felt refreshed.

And a bit horny. But that’s just anticipation talking.

Elizabeth had been clear—she wanted him to “save it” for Susan’s big party in the new Camp section and so had turned down his hint for a blowjob—the big party in a mere two hours.

Glad I got that nap.

He squirted some shaving cream into his palm and smeared it on his face.

“Nice,” Leah said from behind him. “Good idea.”

He turned but she’d already moved to his side. She flipped down the lid of the toilet, sat, and spread her thighs. She’d left her bikini bottoms off and her labia seemed to wink at him.

Stop it, he told himself. Nothing you haven’t seen before.

“Can you hand me my razor?” she asked.

“Um, sure.”

“And the shaving cream?”

He handed her the can and then returned to his own task. The sound of the shaving cream squirting out seemed to echo through the small room.

“Need to touch up,” Leah said.

His eyes flicked sideways and he couldn’t help watching as she lathered her mound and the sides of her pussy.

“Uh, why?” he asked. “Mark’s in Seattle.”

A devilish twinkle appeared in her eye. “Yeah, but no one looks good with stubble. Besides, other guys like to look, right?”

Chris raised his eyebrows, but then pointedly kept his eyes forward. He started working on the stubble above his lip.

“Paul’s coming next week,” Leah continued, “and there’s this older guy, Mr. Nelson—”

“Um, does Mark know about all this?” Chris interrupted.

“Yeah,” she said. “We decided that we could fool around with other people over the summer.”

“Will you tell him about it?”

“Sure, I guess. If he wants me to.”

Chris felt the tension flow out of his chest. Unlike her mother used to do.

“Actually, he loved hearing about you taking the photos. You sure you won’t take more?”

He turned and scowled at her, but she wasn’t looking at him. His eyes dropped to where she was running the razor carefully along the side of her pussy. She grinned when she glanced up and saw where his gaze was.

“Will you hand me a washcloth?” she asked.

He did, and then finished his own shaving.

“He’s a really great guy, Dad. Mark, I mean. He wants me to have fun.”

Chris snorted. “He must really love you.”

“He does. He also trusts me. I mean, to not do anything stupid, especially something that would hurt our relationship.”

Like I used to trust Elizabeth.

He shook his head and then washed his face. “And you trust him?”

“Duh. We wouldn’t be together if I didn’t.” She reached for a bottle of lotion. “Besides, I already told him.”

He turned and leaned against the sink. Leah was rubbing lotion into her freshly shaved skin. Her labia were now extended, engorged and full.

Screw it. Just look.

“Told him what?”

“That I want to do more than pictures with you.”

He couldn’t help laughing at her audacity. But she just smirked and continued sliding her fingers across her pussy.

“He’s cool with it,” she said. “Me wanting to, that is.”

Chris rolled his eyes. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. He likes hearing my fantasies.”

“Fantasy. That’s where it stops.”

“Well…. why? I mean, maybe there are dads and daughters fooling around all over the country that we don’t hear about.”

“I’ve heard plenty.”

“Just the bad ones.” One of her fingers dipped inside her. “If it was good, and they were careful, no one’d know. Or if they did, they wouldn’t tell.”


“Well... do you know anyone who’s told? That it was good for?”

He shook his head. “That’s why I don’t think it was good for anyone.”

She smirked. “‘Not knowing about someone doesn’t mean they don’t exist.’ You taught me that.”


“Besides,” she said as she slowly slid one finger across her clit, “I think it’d be good.” She pressed her fingertip down and shivered. “Real good.” She gave him a sultry smile.

“Whatever you say, Pumpkin. I’ve got a party to get ready for. And weren’t you going into town with Trish?”

“After I finish.” She started playing with herself in earnest.

His dick stirred, and then he sucked in his breath. Gotta stop this now.

“Well, enjoy.” He turned and walked out, ignoring her cries of pleasure as he went to find his wife.

Chris told Elizabeth about Leah’s antics as they walked down the road to the new area. Elizabeth just rolled her eyes in amusement.

“That girl,” she said, “is a stubborn one.”

“She gets it from you.” He winked to emphasize it was a joke.

“And you,” Elizabeth added with a raised eyebrow.



“Nah,” Chris said, “I’m laid-back. Laid-back and as relaxed as a guy can be.”

She snorted. “If you were laid-back, you wouldn’t have left Leah alone in the bathroom.”

He snorted. “Uh-huh.”

“I know how much you like to watch.”

He shrugged in acknowledgement.

“It’s okay to let go and enjoy, you know.”

“That’s what I’m planning to do tonight,” he said. “Let go with Susan and Beth and Terri and...,” he grinned at his wife, “well, every woman at the party, if I can manage it.”

“Even Kara?”

“Okay, no. Not every woman.”

“Thought so.” She smiled and reached for his hand. “I still love you, you delightfully stubborn man.”

“And I love you.”

They walked in companionable silence until they arrived at the new compound.

Chris did a double take when they rounded the bend to where Mr. Kestrel’s house had once stood. He’d only wandered through the area a couple of times before, but it looked completely different. The hole for the pool loomed large, along with the foundations for the nearby cottages. Several unplanted trees and bushes stood in their bins nearby. Meanwhile, a completely new building rested where the old one had stood.

What Susan wants, he mused, Susan gets.

They wended their way to the new clubhouse, and then followed the sound of voices around the side, to where a small crowd stood on a brick patio around a built-in grill. Dwight Delozier tended the coals with raw steaks and chicken breasts at hand. He and Stan Dunbar both held beers and were chatting about the Talladega 500.

Chris surveyed the rest of the patio. Several wrought iron tables and chairs filled the area. A brick planter lined two sides of the patio, but since it lacked plants, it had been converted into a buffet spread. Salads and corn and cake were piled high next to pitchers of iced tea and lemonade.

Susan was talking with Karen and Terri, Dwight and Stan’s wives. “So I invited him,” she said to Terri, “but he declined. He said he wouldn’t be comfortable.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Terri said. She waggled her eyebrows at Karen. “You really ought to drop by and see him.”

Chris furrowed his brow, unsure of whom they were talking about. But he quickly let it go as Susan noticed them and came over.

“Welcome,” she said, giving Elizabeth and Chris each a hug. “Glad you could come.”

“Wouldn’t miss coming for anything,” Chris joked.

Susan rolled her eyes, while Elizabeth gave him a playful swat.

“Can we get the tour?” Elizabeth asked.

“Sure,” Susan said. “This is the patio, obviously, and you’ve seen where the pool will be.” She pointed toward the cabin foundations. “Those will be two bedroom units, available both for long-term and short-term.”

“Short term?” Chris asked.

She nodded. “For people who want to have a party for a night.”

“Ah.” He nodded. To keep the swingers a bit more separated from the families. The, ahem, regular families.

Susan pointed toward a small gap in the woods. “There’s a path there that leads to a small clearing and then to an old logging road, but otherwise visitors will come down the main road. That should provide additional privacy.”

Chris and Elizabeth shared a knowing smile. And who doesn’t love outdoor sex?

Chris’s eyebrows went up as the tour moved inside. The new clubhouse truly looked like a clubhouse and not a communal house like at the main camp. With carpeting and paneled walls, the large main room was perfect for parties. A counter and bar separated a small kitchen from the main room at the back, but otherwise it was one big open space. Couches formed a sitting area near a fireplace, where a few people sat and talked. Three other couches were pushed up against the wall near a TV stand, which currently held a record player. That left room in the middle for a circle of chairs.

“Restrooms are there,” Susan said pointing toward the doors, “and storage there.”

“What are the chairs for?” Chris asked as he reached for a can of beer on the bar. They were all facing outward.

“A game,” Susan said with a hit of mischief. When he cocked his head inquisitively, she only winked.

“Hey, Mom and Dad.” Kara waved from the cluster by the fireplace.

Susan joined them as Chris and Elizabeth moved- to their daughter’s side. She and her fiancé, Victor, were sitting with Stacy, Jason, and another twenty-something couple.

“Hello,” Elizabeth said.

Jason and the new man stood.

“Dad,” Kara said, “this is Woody and Sydney. Woody and Sydney, my dad, Chris.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Sydney said, extending her hand to Chris.

“Good to see you again,” Elizabeth said as she hugged Woody.

That’s the guy she screwed at the graduation party, Chris thought. He took Sydney’s hand, and then impulsively turned it and kissed the back.

“Oh, my,” she said. “A real southern gentleman.”

“Only if you want me to be gentle,” he quipped.

The sparkle in her eyes matched her smile.

Chris turned and shook hands with Woody as Elizabeth and Sydney hugged. Kara scooted over to make room on the couch and Elizabeth joined them.

“Is this everyone?” Chris asked Susan.

“Other than Beth and David,” she said. “They should be here shortly.”

Chris did the math. “So... fifteen of us?”

“Think you can handle it?” Sydney teased. “I hope you ate your Wheaties.”

“Oh, I’ll do a lot of eating,” Chris shot back. He grinned and then let his eyes slowly move down her body.

A very trim woman, the nipples on her small breasts were already erect. Her hips flared nicely and she trimmed her brown pubic hair. She fanned herself with one hand and smiled mischievously when he met her eyes.

“First, the steak,” Susan said. “As soon as Dwight’s done.” She nodded toward Woody. “Or chicken, if you like.”

“As long as there’s plenty of it,” Victor said. “I’m starving.”

“For more than food,” Kara said with a wink.

He just grinned in reply.

During dinner, Chris sat with Dwight and Karen, and caught up on the past year. Dwight’s firm had laid some people off, but it looked like they were through the worst of it. He patted Karen’s knee when he said he wasn’t worried about his own job. Her concerned expression belied his reassurance.

They also commiserated about the challenges of raising teenage girls. They’d come home early from a ‘date night’ Valentine’s weekend to discover Trish and two boys making out in the living room.

“At least they weren’t drinking,” Dwight grumbled.

“Or doing drugs,” Karen added. “Though that Maclauren kid...”

“She needs better taste,” Dwight said.

“We’ve been lucky there,” Chris said. “Though Leah did get a hard lesson in that, last spring. A boy started spreading rumors about her.”

“What happened?” Karen asked.

“She got him to stop, but it was rough for a while. And then she met her current boyfriend. He’s a good guy.”

“Good guy, huh?” Dwight said with a small snort. “Does he have a brother?”

“If he did,” Chris said, “I don’t think Leah would share.”

Dwight grinned and looked at his wife. “What is it about two men at once?”

“We can’t help it if y’all get tired,” she teased back.

Dwight laughed and looked at Chris. “We’re gonna need our strength!”

Chris chuckled and then made a show of stuffing a large piece of steak in his mouth before washing it down with his second beer.

After a relaxed dessert of peach cobbler, Susan asked everyone to gather near the circle of chairs. It took a little while for the side conversations to die down and people to find places to set their ever present towels, but she waited patiently until she had everyone’s attention.


That was a preview of Christening. To read the rest purchase the book.

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