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Elements of Power 2

PT Brainum





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By: PT Brainum


Part 3:



Chapter 1

If you have been following the story, then you know I used to be an 86 year old man named Adam H Barkley from New York, USA. I'm now Adam H Barkley Junior, a 26 year old with a new company in Zurich, Switzerland.

If you haven't been following, then you should go read how that happened, all because one day while sitting on a park bench contemplating the majesty of the universe, I got a super power. If you don't, the following is going to be very confusing and possibly unsettling because:

The solstice ritual, and following orgy, lasted until mid afternoon the following day. The key ice breaking point was when Apollo aka Boris, a male duplicate of Nora, wanted to be a girl again so the sex ratio between male and female was equal.

That immediately got everyone's attention, and by the time the party ended, everyone had experienced sex as multiple sexes and ways. The highlight I think was the 8 person lesbian daisy chain of crotch munching. I'd write more, but it wouldn't be either believable, too erotic, or permanently flag someone's squick factor, considering that they were all experimenting with giving and receiving in every possible sex combination known to man, and one that may have been entirely new.

They didn't sleep the entire time, anyone getting in the pool of healing was immediately refreshed with energy, cleaned of toxins, and waste products. They found that they could get drunk only outside the pool, where bins of drinks and tables of food waited.

Finally dicks went limp, pussies were satisfied, buttholes were tender, and everyone collapsed in erotic overload around the pool.

"My hedonist brothers!" I said, even though only two were actually brothers at the moment, and those two hadn't been technically brothers when the ritual started. They cheered to my call, but I continued, "My hedonist brothers. It is time for the ritual to end. The power of the ritual and the healing pool is fading, we must rest until next year."

"Oh thank God, I was worried this would be a regular weekend event," said Tammuz to chuckles of agreement.

That had been my worry too, thus the plan to limit it to the winter solstice. I continued, "We need to get everybody back into the right body, so if you could come here, one at a time, I'll transform you."

A large sheet of diamond formed behind me, then mirrored. Standing in front of it, I transformed myself back to my man shape first. I might miss these tits, I thought as they vanished.

I stepped to the side, creating a platinum circle in front of the mirror, and gestured to the first in line, a very happy Odin, aka Karl. Old men can get really kinky, his dick was positioned higher than normal, and just under it, instead of balls he had a pussy. He had some how managed to take three dicks at the same time, while fucking another ass. I think that it was an entirely new sexual invention.

He transformed back into the healed version of himself from just before the orgy began. "Is the young look too much? I can cosmetically shift you back to how you looked."

"Maybe three fourths of the way back?" he requested.

I adjusted, and he nodded, then I gestured for him to have a seat, and wait. Venus took little adjustment to return to normal, and then she sat. Apollo came next, "Master, can I stay a girl please?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll duplicate your ID and we will adjust the name, you can be Nora's identical twin Mora." I said and shifted her back into her original shape.

Thor, aka Frederick was easy to transform, when I changed his sex, I left his height alone, only shifting body parts and a bit of musculature. His was a simple sex change back, as he had requested no changes to his face.

Isis, aka Angelina, had wanted to be a six foot tall black man for some reason, and then stuck with it for most of the party. She still looked the part, except for the massive tits on her frame, a more recent addition. It took some time to shrink her back down. Finally she joined the others.

The last two came holding hands. Tammuz aka Christian and Ishtar aka Doris had spent the first part of the party exclusive, before Ishtar had dragged him off to the bedroom for a talk. When they returned, they had carefully joined in the group sex, becoming more enthusiastic. I had a feeling that Ishtar had set free the inhibitions that Tammuz had been afraid of suggesting himself.

They had both adopted in the end a hermaphrodite body, female above the waist, dual male and female organs below. The difference was, Ishtar had a pussy above her dick, and Tammuz was the opposite so that they fit together perfectly. I transformed them back, then had to ask about the same youth adjustments. They also opted to pick a three quarters return.

Once everyone was back, and sitting, I turned to them, and grinned. "I'm not going to ever forget this party. I don't think anyone will stop smiling for at least a week.

"Now you may have noticed that the shape changing did not require the pool of healing," I said gesturing at the pool behind me. "Who you are didn't change with the shape you take on. You may also notice that there are two Nora's. They are technically now Nora and Mora.

"My power means that I can create a duplicate of you, that can live a completely separate life. Nora and Mora started out the same, but I'm sure you understand that they aren't the same anymore. Just like you weren't the same person you were after your first few weeks in college.

"Duplicates are tricky, and I'm not inclined to do them without an excellent reason. Body shifting is trivial, so if there's some aspect of your body you want altered, just tell me, and I'll change it.

"Body shifting also means that you can get a new identity, and start over as someone else, perhaps as a much younger someone else. Odin for example might enjoy selling his store, and opening a new one as a much younger man. If you do decide to take a new identity, your brotherhood name does not change, and you lose none of your privileges. I, in fact, encourage this option over growing old and dying.

"You will need to relocate, and the brotherhood will assist in funds for starting over. I would additionally hope that if you did so, you could come to work for me or my companies. Providing a corpse for the rest of the world when you change identities is trivial. If you are worried about leaving money behind for family members, a suitably insured accident can be arranged. I strongly discourage holding onto multiple identities at a time, because you have to come to me for each change back and forth, and it is incredibly difficult to compartmentalize.

"Now who has any questions?"

Tammuz raised his hand, "I have two twin boys. I'm reluctant to miss out on their life, is that required after changing identities?"

"It is generally for the best. I'm not going to say no, I haven't met the boys. Perhaps they would make good recruits, we can talk about this later."

Thor raised his hand, "Angelina and I haven't had children because we've been worried about certain genetic issues."

The strange resonance I'd noticed between them was because they were siblings, something I hadn't learned until Frederick had told me when we discussed Angelina joining the group. I nodded, "You can expect perfect health for yourself and any children you should have together."

The happy smile on Isis's face was blinding. She raised her hand, "Can you do something about my implant?"

My power slipped into her, and I removed the implant. I adjusted her body, and cleared the residue from the implant drugs. "Done, you'll be most fertile in 14 days," I announced.

"Additionally, as Apollo and Venus know, I can adjust your cycle so your period only takes one day, and I can eliminate PMS completely. The only side effect noticed is a little bit of an odd feeling the day before the period."

Apollo spoke up, "I just woke feeling lethargic, by mid morning it wore off."

"Body modification," I continued, "is available at need. Lose an arm, I can grow it back, want less body hair, easy. Taller, shorter, thinner, buffer, doesn't matter. Longer, thicker, more sensitive, faster recharge, available for the guys as well.

"For the ladies, wetter, tighter, deeper, more responsive, increased areas of arousal, multiple orgasms, you dream it up, and I can probably do it."

Odin raised a hand, "If I wanted a new body, would it have to be male?"

"Nope, I can not only give you a female body, I can make it fully functioning," I said, which made him look thoughtful.

"So now that we have completed this first introduction into the possibilities, think about them and get back to me. I'll be setting up secure communications between members. I could use some suggestions on that, Thor, Tammuz, or anyone else with that kind of experience?"

Ishtar lifted her hand, "Before my cancer I was a digital security officer at a local bank. I can set you up with a private server, secure communications software, and end to end encryption."

"If you are ready to go back to work, I'd like to hire you to be in charge of digital security for the group and my companies."

"I will be after the first of the year," she said.

"That's fantastic. Now I need a contractor who can keep his mouth shut," I said.

Thor raised his hand, "I have a brother who is very discreet, and who is a general contractor."

"Fantastic, I had forgotten. Thank you. Are there any other urgent issues? If not then let's head back to the real world."

"What time is it?"

My power looked out and found my watch. I'd left it in the entrance hall. Digital screens were very difficult to read with my power, but a mechanical watch with arms was dead simple. An old school digital watch with a big lcd crystal display might be readable, but they were so 80s.

"It's about 3pm Sunday, December 22nd."

The time seemed to surprise them. There were no clocks down here so they had been living in a bubble of timeless excess.

On Monday morning, I was at my secure warehouse. I was waiting for my Chinese pick up. Fifty million in computer chips. I bought 1, and replicated the rest. These particular chips were being limited in export to China, and I was getting a good, but not exorbitant price. My new friend Wang Po from the Chinese consulate was waiting with me as well.

He was smiling, happy after inspecting the merchandise, and looking forward to many years of cooperation. I was sure that he would be getting many congratulations from the higher ups for achieving this bridge in the trade war bottleneck. The truck backed into place. A couple guys got out, but Wang Po told them to get back in the truck.

He opened up the back, and I started loading with the fork lift. Working together we shifted the four pallets of boxed memory chips destined for smartphones and other consumer electronics. When we were done, the truck drove off, and he turned to me and gave me the piece of paper that had the release code for funds.

"Thank you very much for your business," I said as we shook hands. "Now that I have access to this particular chip, I can fill additional orders of this amount in as little as three days."

"Excellent. We will be sending you orders for more items very soon. Once the chips are in China a careful quality control check will be made. When my superiors are satisfied, we will make additional orders."

"All my products come with a working on delivery guarantee, if they fail inspection, please send me a sample to verify, and I will replace the defective items, at my own cost. If there are quality control problems beyond that, I can try to work them out, as you will not have any warranty from the manufacturer."

"Excellent to work with you Mr Barkley," he said.

He stepped out the door, and I followed. I locked the now empty warehouse behind us, got in my electric van, and pulled out my phone. Using my banking app I input the funds release code. 50 million francs were deposited.

Guido, hired for just the day, drove me home with a smile on my face. I couldn't wait to tell the girls the good news.


Chapter 2

I was standing with David on my property. He had staked out the foundation of my new warehouse building, and added the forms for the concrete. He was wearing a brotherhood ring from his induction just after the first of the year. His ring was gold with a yellow stone, he had chosen Set, an Egyptian God, like his sister Angelina had.

The dark Saturday night was cold, and he held the plans as I conjured steel rebar and bent it into position. Work that would have taken a full crew several days I would finish in an hour. It would get inspected on Monday morning, and the concrete would be poured immediately after, provided the weather was as predicted.

I finished, and we shook hands on a good job done. He went to his truck, I went to my van. I got in the back where Nora was waiting with hot coffee, and Mora up front, drove the five minutes back to the apartment. The elevator from the basement took us directly to our floor. The door unlocked and opened as we went in, and started dropping clothes, and hanging up jackets and hats.

Soon the girls were in their prefered dress, naked except for the chainmail chokers they wore. I stepped into the bedroom, and slid into my silk pajama pants, and a t-shirt. We cuddled on the couch in the living room, just enjoying each other's presence, as we ate the take out they had picked up before picking me up at the job site.

The two girls were physically identical in every way, and regularly tried to confuse me with who was who. I had given them one tiny difference. I had inscribed their names on the surface of their breast bones, so even when they swapped rings, because the rings were inscribed with their secret name on the band, I could still tell them apart. It pleased them that I thought of them as individuals, and loved them both equally.

The duplication of Nora had almost caused our first fight. She had been reluctant to agree, but conceded when I explained I really needed a 7th for the ritual on the solstice, and after gathering up everyone else who could be a brother, I was one short. The shift into the form of 'Boris' had come as a surprise to her, as had her dislike of being a guy had been a surprise to me. I thought being a guy was great.

With Nora and Mora finding the best friend they never had in each other, peace had returned. They eagerly worked together to show me the designs for the new house they were planning. I had picked up a parcel of property directly opposite the company property where we had just started construction. The two were separated by a canal that ran from the Rhine to the Greifensee. I planned on using my powers to build an access tunnel underneath the canal between the two.

Structurally, anyone looking at the house would say it was impossible. Cantilevers centimeters thick extending out dozens of meters, with multiple floors resting above. Entire levels held up with only four posts, which were only a few centimeters thick. But using the carbon materials I had invented back when I was Adam Senior it was all possible.

Their design was nowhere near finished, but they had found a nifty design app and were having fun drawing things out. I was about to make a suggestion for a lap pool, when my phone gave a strange buzz. I hit my thumb on the fingerprint reader and it unlocked.

My banking app showed a new pending deposit for 25 million. I tapped on it again. It required a password, then a thumb print. Finally it displayed the information.

A job in Florida was being offered, to be completed within two weeks. I tapped the accept button, and the details appeared. A photo of a man about 35, his home address in Miami, Florida, and other details about where he worked, how he traveled, and where he liked to go out were listed. Extreme violence was requested.

I looked up at the girls and smiled, "Looks like I have a job."

I went to arrange for a first class flight to New York leaving the next day on Swiss Air, but they were full. I checked the next three days out, all were booked full. I guess I'd have to fly myself.

I looked at my watch, it was almost 9 here, that meant 3pm in New York. I had the girls pack my bag, they ended up packing three bags of clothes just for me. They were looking sad, so I asked them what the problem was. They wanted to go.

"Girls I'd love to take you, but you have to go thru passport controls to enter legally. My passport has no record of leaving the US, so I can enter and exit skipping passport control. I'm just checking the time so that I can call Rebecca and tell her I'm back while the car takes me to my old place.

"Plus, Rebecca would freak out if there were two of you, and I couldn't bear to leave just one of you behind, by yourself."

They gave each other a look I recognized, and tackled me, stripping off my pants and shirt. It was a mad struggle as they pinned me down with their bodies. I didn't resist a single bit. After giving them each a load of cum, they finally relented. I used my power to clean everything up, then did the same to the laundry in the basket, dumping the clothes on the bed for them to put away.

I stored my luggage, laptop, tablet, and bathroom kit in a single slot. Then I conjured it back, I could always leave a set of clothes in New York. I put on my coat, and stepped out onto the terrace. My phone had JFK programmed into its flight path, starting with a waypoint 50,000 feet up. I gave them each a kiss goodbye, used my power to check for overhead aircraft, and lifted up.

By the time I had risen above the roof I was wrapped in a triple layered bubble, a pressurized layer, a cloaked layer that absorbed everything but GPS frequencies, and a sound nullifier for the sonic boom I was about to unleash. I checked my phone, and powered up into the air.

I passed the first waypoint by over a mile before I slowed enough to turn. Heading slightly north, but mostly west my app took me on a shortest route path. I crossed over the tip of southwest England, and then it was only empty ocean. I had timed my departure so my arrival was after the sunset. Carefully navigating the busy skies, I honed in on a dark spot next to a parking garage.

A short walk, and I was standing at the arrivals curb, waiting for my Uber. Once in the vehicle, and heading to my old apartment, I called Rebecca.

"Adam, how are you?" she asked, recognizing the caller ID. I had moved my dad's Google fi number to my new phone.

"I'm good. I just arrived in New York, want to go to dinner? My treat if you get the reservations."

"What? Really? Is Nora with you? Why didn't you say anything? I can't believe it, are you playing a joke on me?" all came out in a rush.

"Just me, no Nora, no joke. Otherwise I could get delivery. My dad raved about this Chinese place near his apartment, he said it was so much better than the place he took me to in Amsterdam."

There was silence only for a moment, "Get delivery, I'll be there in an hour, I'll bring the wine," and then she hung up.

After ordering enough Chinese for five people, I looked around the apartment. It was terribly dusty, and smelled funky. It had been empty for months. My power stretched out and cleaned the whole house. I put away the dishes from the dishwasher, removed the giant old man recliner converting it into energy, and stored and conjured twice the much nicer looking recliner I had hardly ever used.

I wandered to the bedroom, finding old sheets, and a musty bedspread. My mind reached out into the neighboring apartment buildings looking for something better. I found a high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set in the closet of one of my neighbors. I also found a much nicer looking King size bed, mid century modern with a padded headboard.

No one was in the room, so I popped it into storage, then conjured it back in place. My power cleaned it thoroughly after setting in where my bed had just been. I replaced the awful black satin sheets with the 800 thread count I'd already acquired. The comforter was nice, so I kept it. After making the bed, I looked around to see what else I could do.

The desk in the bedroom used as a home office was old and rickety. I searched out a nice modern replacement. The glass and steel number looked great in the room. I unloaded my luggage from storage. The existing clothes didn't fit, but I stuck them all in a slot to donate. I put away all my hang up clothes.

I realized my dresser looked like junk, so I stuck it into storage, and duplicated the dresser that matched the bed. Whoever was next door had some weird clothing fetishes. I dumped all that stuff back into energy. After unloading the last of my clothing, I turned the luggage back into energy. A thorough cleaning of the carpets in the whole apartment followed.

I was standing in the living room contemplating the couch. There was a neighbor, just two buildings over, who had a very nice leather couch that would go well with my two chairs. The knock on the door, that interrupted, was the Chinese delivery.

He swiped my card, and I gave him a big tip. Then shut the door and stuck the food in storage. I didn't want it to get cold. I scanned the fridge, and without opening it completely cleaned it inside and out. I opened cabinets and converted to energy any food that had been opened or expired. Eventually I got to where the cat box had been, and used my power to thoroughly decontaminate.

I checked the time, fifteen more minutes until she said she would arrive. I wandered into the bathroom. My power reached out and merged the tiles into larger pieces, and cleaned the grout. I turned my attention to the steel tub. A bit of power and the porcelain cracks merged and smoothed so it looked new.

The faucets were old looking. 1970s old, not antique. My power cleaned out the pipes, refurbished the valves, and then took the steel of the faucets and remolded them into a modern shape. I did the same to the sink faucet so it would match. I looked around, all my towels were old.

The neighbor with the nice sheets also had nice towels. I converted mine to energy, and duplicated eight sets into my bathroom linen closet. I set out the matching hand towels. I wondered what I was missing?

The knock at the door meant I was done for now. I opened the door to a bundled up Rebecca, who rushed in from the cold. She set the bottle of wine down, and leaped into my arms. My arms went around her, and we kissed. It was so good to hold her again.

I must have held her for a while before we finally came back to reality. I lowered her down, and she pulled off her jacket. She was wearing a very stylish dress.

"Did you dress up for me?" I asked, looking at her admiringly.

"I had just got to the most boring party on the other side of the city when you called. I claimed an emergency, and grabbed a cab straight over here."

"You look amazing," I said.

"And you look good enough to eat. I've missed you and Nora so much," she said hanging up her jacket on a hook by the door, and shuffling back into my arms.

"I've got all night to catch up, can you stay?" I asked.

"You'd have to throw me out," she said grinning.

I gave her a quick tour of the apartment, as she said she had never been here before, and we ended up in the bedroom last. I turned to find her standing just inside the doorway, her dress somehow pooled at her feet. I opened my arms again, and she moved into them.

"I hope you aren't too hungry to wait for dinner," she said.

"I never mind dessert first," I replied.


Chapter 3

I held her close in my arms. I was feeling that warm happy/fuzzy postcoital sensation. Softly Rebecca asked, "Do you remember how much I hated that Barbie?"

My brain wasn't working, so I answered, "I went right out and got you big girl jewelry."

I felt her stiffen, and realized my mistake. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to pretend everything was ok.

"Adam, how do you know that?" she asked.

I started to answer, then reached out, and put her to sleep. Then I put her in a conjuring slot. I grabbed my phone off the dresser with my power, and dialed Nora.

"Adam, what's wrong?" one of them answered.

"I screwed up. Rebecca just asked me about something I shouldn't know about, and I answered."

"Where is she?"

"I panicked, I put her to sleep, then stuck her in storage."

"Adam! I don't. Nevermind, what's the plan now?"

"Call you, obviously!" I said heatedly.

"Alright, it's ok. Was it just after sex?"

"Yes, that's why I answered."

"Then she already suspected, and used that moment of weakness against you. Naughty Rebecca. Can you conjure her back exactly into the same position she was?"

"Probably, but she's asleep. I can wake her and pretend it was just a dream."

"She's too smart for that, Adam. It's part of why you love her so much."

"But what do I do?"

"Do you have a copy of us in storage?" she asked.


"That means you do. How old of a copy?"

"Five minutes before I left."

"We didn't notice."

"You don't, there is no sensation, you'd only notice if you were watching a clock with hundredths of a second, or something was moving really fast nearby."

"Explain everything that happened."

"I called her, asked to take her to dinner, or offered to get delivery. She said she would meet me at the apartment. I freshened the place up, got delivery, and then she arrived.

"We fell into each other's arms almost immediately, I gave her a tour, leaving the bedroom last. In the bedroom she dropped her clothes, she came from someplace really well dressed, she said that it was a boring party and she had just arrived when I called.

"Anyway, we undressed, and rolled into the bed. I had pulled the sheets down, so we ended up under the blankets cause she was cold from being outside. We had wonderful sex, and while we were cuddling together she hit me with a question.

"She asked if I remember how much she hated a Barbie I bought her for her birthday. At the time she had decided she was a big girl, and didn't need dolls anymore, but no one told me. Anyway, I said 'I went right out and got you big girl jewelry,' when I felt her stiffen I knew I'd screwed up.

"Then very calmly she asked me, 'Adam, how do you know that?' and I put her to sleep. Then I stored her, and called you," I finally finished, feeling out of breath. The rising panic didn't help.

"Alright, here is your plan. You're going to put the phone back, conjure her back into the exact spot, release the sleep hold, and kiss her awake, then you are going to say, 'what did you ask me before we fell asleep?'

"If she asks the second question again, ask her a question in return. If she asks the first question, answer the same way again. When she asks 'how do you know that,' the question you are going to ask is, 'haven't you figured it out?' Then let her explain what she knows. If you need to convince her, do something like holding her in the air to demonstrate your power.

"If that doesn't work, conjure one of us and explain the situation. Tell her that you are bringing me from Zurich to explain, and that's why I don't know what's happened.

"Can you do that Adam?" she asked, worry in her voice.

"Yeah I can do that," I said with a glimmer of confidence.

"If that doesn't work, you'll have to absorb her as energy, and try again. If you have to try again, then pretend you don't know anything. It'll make her mad, just endure it. Better to have to endure an angry Rebecca, that can someday forgive you, instead of one that has had her suspicions confirmed, but wants nothing to do with you."

"What about the third you?"

"Guess she's Dora, I can stand having a third me around. Just keep her out, then store her when you fly back. She can't stay in New York with Rebecca."

"You're naked, remember?" I said.

"Further proof that you just transferred me. Do you have my clothes?"

"I've got a copy of everything we own."


"I have 32 slots now, the largest is over 1000 metric tons now. It'll be over a million tons by the end of the month."

"You are amazing Adam."

"Thanks. So any last words of advice?"

"We love you. Rebecca loves you. Make sure you show her how much you love her."

"Thank you, I'll call and let you know later what happened."

"Just text, I'm sure it'll be fine. Goodnight Adam."

"Goodnight my loves," I said, unsure which of the two I was speaking with, and hung up.

I put my phone back where it was, laid back into bed, and shifted till it felt like she was the right shape to fit. I conjured. Then I woke her with kisses.

"Sweetheart, what did you ask before we fell asleep?" I said.

"How do you know that?" she asked again, not believing she had fallen asleep, but not understanding what had happened either.

"Haven't you figured it out?"

"No I haven't. Why don't you tell me what I might have figured out."

"Little Becky, always so smart. Nora thought you'd figure it out."

She pulled back, then peered back closely. "Who are you?"

"Legally, I'm Adam H Barkley Junior. Who am I? I'm a man who has fallen in love with a fun, smart, beautiful, kind, powerful, sexy woman."

Past experience had taught me that sexy was always last in any listing of a woman's attributes. She wants to be valued for more than being sexy, but heaven help you if you leave that off.

"Do you love me Adam?"

"I do, my dear sweet Rebecca. Nora loves you too. She told me that should something like this happen, I should bring her here. Can I bring her here to us?"

"From Zurich?"

"Yeah, she's probably dressed for bed. She's going to be startled, so can you wait patiently while I explain how smart my wonderful Rebecca is?"

"I'll stay right here with you Adam," she said.

I kissed her softly. This was going better than I expected. I focused in front of myself, making sure she would land feet down when I conjured Nora. I actually wasn't sure which of the two it would be. I could see the items in my storage slots, but I couldn't scan them with my power while stored. I normally would conjure both together, so I hadn't tried to remember which one was stored where.

I conjured, and a Nora clone turned around. "Hi Nora. Sorry to bring you all the way from Zurich without warning, but our wonderful Rebecca figured it all out, and we couldn't bear to be without you too," I said.

A big smile lit her face, "Rebecca!" she shouted, and jumped into bed to kiss her.

"Nora? Wait a moment. I don't understand everything yet."

Nora wouldn't answer until she got her kiss. Finally, they broke apart, and a happy Nora giggled. "I told him he should have never let you leave Zurich. He moped for weeks!"

"I've really missed him. God, this is so crazy, how are you here? Why are you naked?"

"Master wanted me here, so I'm here of course. I'm naked because I was dressed for bed. Why are you naked?"

"Because the second I was in his arms, I had to get him into bed, and into me again."

"I know, that's why I sleep naked."

"Even when he's gone?"

"I never know when he might pop back in. I like to be ready for my big sexy man."

"I'm still here," I said interrupting.

"Ok, big sexy man, three robes please so we can get out of bed. Also why is it so cold in here? Warm it up to 22."

I sighed. I extended my hand, and three robes dropped onto the bed. My power flexed and the whole apartment was immediately 72.

"That's incredible," Rebecca said.

"Have you guys eaten," Nora asked, "or did you just jump straight into bed?"

"I have the food, we just haven't had a chance to eat," I said defensively.

"Alright, now what about slippers?" Nora asked.

I conjured slippers. "Anything else?" I asked with some sarcasm.

"I'm sorry Master, I know you are not my personal genie. I'm just so proud of what you can do, I want to show Rebecca."

"I'm actually pretty hungry," Rebecca said.

"The food I had delivered is really great," I said, stepping out of bed, and putting a robe on.

"Master, she's probably feeling a little dirty, would you clean her up? Please?"

"Yes, my little Nora."

I waived theatrically, and Rebecca yelped as I removed all the sweat, cum, and other bits from her body and the bed. Then I did myself as well. She stood up, examined herself in the mirror of the dresser before putting on the robe and slippers. Nora followed getting her robe and slippers on. I was still barefoot, so I lifted a foot, and conjured a slipper onto it directly, then did the other.

Nora clapped at my trick. "He really loves to show off," she theatrically whispered to Rebecca, "Just show him affection when he does, he really likes it."

I gave her a mock glower. "Kitchen is this way Nora," I said, and led the way.

The two pulled out chairs and sat, while I gathered cups and plates. I set them out, and then with a flourish conjured the plastic bag with the Chinese food. The top of the plastic bag was tied too tight to unknot, so I just grabbed it, and ripped it apart. I set out the various containers, and sat.

"So what do you think you know for sure?" I asked as she started to serve herself.

"I think you know things that only your dad would know. Though I don't understand how, I think you actually might be him?"

"In this case the apple doesn't fall from the tree at all," I said, "I really am the same guy who watched you grow up, and got you your first big girl jewelry."

"But there is an urn with your ashes in it on a bookshelf in my father's study!"

"Exact replica of me. I needed to die so that young me could inherit. It happened in a much more dramatic fashion than I had expected."

"Someone shot you in the chest!"

"I know, I was there. That was very unexpected." I agreed.

"But then young you showed up, and we visited you in the hospital!"

"Doppelganger stand in. It was really freaky to see my old man body in the hospital bed."

"And then you died!" she said almost shouting.

"I'm so sorry Rebecca, it hurt so much to see the pain you went thru. I'm glad I was there to help ease it, I can't imagine how it would have been if I had died and you hadn't had Nora and myself to comfort you."

She stopped and stared at me, seeing the anguish in my face. "I loved you both for the care you gave me," she said.

"Most of my tears were because we couldn't tell you the truth," Nora said, "and then you comforted me so much, I fell in love with you. I was so glad when you and Adam connected in that dressing room. I knew that the two people I loved most in the world would be able to love each other too."

"What other secrets are you hiding?" Rebecca asked me.


Chapter 4

"Hundreds, maybe thousands of secrets," I said baring my soul, "It'll take time, and you'll have to trust me thru even the secrets that disappoint and disgust you. I love you Rebecca Smackley, I swear I won't hide any secrets from you, no matter how painful they may be to me personally, or to our relationship. I just ask that you let me share them slowly so they don't destroy what we have."

"Thank you Adam, I believe you. Can you start with how this all began? Have you always been able to make stuff just appear?"

"It started in October. I discovered I had a superpower, I could absorb the energy from the bonds that hold atoms together. The energy I absorbed started healing my body immediately. The first time it happened it was an accident, and I could only do it once. The next day I could do it twice, the day after four times. It kept growing and the power kept trying to make me young. I also discovered I could heal health problems in others.

"I hatched my scheme to become my own son, and left for Amsterdam before anyone noticed how much better my health was. Shortly after arriving I could use my power over a million times in a single day.

"When that happened my power got better. I learned how to adjust individual atoms, and even create diamonds from carbon dioxide in the air. I started being able to move atoms as well, now I can use that power to pick things up, and even fly."

"You can fly?"

"Yup, that's how I got here. No first class seat available on the plane, so I just flew."

She shook her head in wonder as I continued, "The next leap happened because of Nora, she saw me collect atoms in my hand, and asked me if I could make them disappear. I thought about Einstein's equation, E=MC², and boom I absorbed the energy of a 1 gram cube of platinum.

"Since then I've been able to absorb matter and turn it into energy. I can use that energy to warm a room, move matter, and conjure. When I conjure I turn energy into matter. At first I could only make 1 gram platinum cubes, but after a day I got a new thing, I think of it as a slot, my conjuring slot. It could hold anything as long as it wasn't bigger than 2 grams, and as long as I had stored energy available, I could make whatever was stored there as many times as I wanted.

"Two days later I got a third slot, that was 4 grams big. Ever since I've gained 1 new slot every two days. Each time the slot was twice as big as the previous slot."

"How big an item can you store?" Nora asked.

"As of today, my single largest slot holds no more than 1,073,741,824 grams. That is a bit over 1,073.7 metric tons. It's anything, the material doesn't matter."

"So the diamonds that were stolen?"

"All made by me. I'm the world's greatest counterfeiter. That vase that has my ashes? It's a Ming imperial vase I duplicated from an antique store in Zurich. They were selling it for 800k."

"So where do you get this energy, what are you converting to make stuff, it's obviously not a free ride, you said you have to store it?"

"Anything, it doesn't matter. Matter is matter, and energy is too. I mostly absorb the cosmic radiation moving through the Earth. There's tons of it, it's all high energy stuff, and nobody would miss it, because we don't notice it."

"Can you duplicate people?"

I looked at Nora, and she nodded, "That's Nora, but I didn't magically transport her here. That's a copy of her from five minutes before I left. I was going away, but I didn't want to risk something happening to her. If a plane fell out of the sky, or the earth opened up and swallowed her, I wanted a backup copy."

"So there are two Nora's now?"

"Three of me now," said Nora. "This has happened before, but was at least planned first. We call them Nora and Mora. I guess that makes me Zora."

"The other one of you thought you should be named Dora," I said.

"When did that happen?" asked Zora.

"After I put Rebecca to sleep I called her in a panic about what to do, she said to tell her everything, including how much you love her. Then she said to add you to the mix to help convince her."

"You put me to sleep?" Rebecca asked angrily.

"Only for a couple minutes. I was really scared, I finally had you back in my arms, and I. I don't know," I finished lamely.

Rebecca stood, walked over to me, and sat in my lap, giving me a big kiss. "You can be a big goof."

Then she turned to Zora, "And what did this guy do for you so that you swore to spend the rest of your life with him?"

"I couldn't have children because of surgery after I had cancer as a teenager. During the marathon he spent fucking three or four of us at the brothel, his healing power got out of control. When I discovered that my uterus had grown back along with my ovaries I found him and promised my life to him."

"Actually, she promised to suck and fuck me everyday for the rest of my life. But then I fell in love with her, and now it's a mutual promise to stay together forever."

"Which might really be forever considering his healing power," Zora added.

"This was really delicious," Rebecca said, "but I've had enough now. Is it safe to put it in the fridge?"

"It's safe, but I've got a copy of it in storage now, so I'll just reabsorb it back into energy. If we want it again, then I'll make another copy."

"That's amazing. Wait. Have you ever made a copy of me?"

"Yes, just before you left Zurich. If your plane crashed, or something happened to you, I didn't want to regret not doing something to save you," I admitted.

"Do you still have me?" she asked.

"Yes, I've got a new copy of you to replace that one, so if something happens you won't lose much in memories."

She nodded, accepting that my love made me uniquely over protective, standing she made her request. "I'd like you to make another copy of me right now, so you don't need to explain this to me twice."

I looked at Zora, who just shrugged. I put her into a slot. Then conjured her back. "Done," I said.

"Thank you Adam. I love you, but I really don't know if I could live with you, especially if you are going to stay in Zurich. I was afraid that you would just keep trying to convince me over and over again from the backup.

"I'm not saying no, I'm just asking for time to know that I really said yes of my own free will."

I glanced at Zora who mouthed, "It's ok."

"Do you still want to spend the night, or do you need to go home?" I asked, my heart breaking, already guessing the answer.

"I think I better go home," she said leaning over to kiss me, then she turned and kissed Zora too. She walked back into the bedroom.

"Are you sure it's ok? We could still do a do over."

"It's going to be ok, Adam. Just let her get used to this," Zora said.

I nodded, and she came back wearing her dress. I helped her with her coat, and asked if I could call her an Uber.

"I've already called one. I'll call you tomorrow, ok Adam? Remember I love you, I just need time to think."

"I don't understand, and my heart is breaking thinking that you are going to walk out that door and I'm never going to see you again. I love you Rebecca. I really hope we talk to you tomorrow," I said.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and walked out the door. The door closed and I turned to Zora, and slipped in her arms.

She carefully directed me back to bed, and snuggled under the covers with me.

When I awoke in the morning I was alone in bed. I looked around but didn't see anyone.

"Anyone here?" I hollered.

Zora peeked around the corner, wearing a robe and slippers. "Good morning Master. Jet lag apparently works even if you are transported. I'm so glad you are up, there is nothing in this house I want to eat, and I have no clothes or money to go out and get something."

I smiled at her. I dropped a copy of her entire closet onto the bed, and she immediately began digging thru looking for clothes. "I guess you don't have a copy of the stuff in the dresser?"

"No, I figured that stuff could be packed in fewer bags for the next time we go on a trip."

"You did all this just so you wouldn't have to carry our luggage?"

"I'm Almighty lazy," I agreed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, "So, what do Nora and Mora think?"

She smiled, "How did you know?"

"The Jansen brain trust just increased by fifty percent. I know how smart you girls are, I increased your intelligence some, but you were already brilliant."

"The Jansen brain trust is in agreement, everything will work out."

There was a sudden pounding on the door, and then I heard it splintered open. My power flared out, and I put Zora into storage. I was standing in my robe by the bed as men came charging into the room with guns, "screaming hands up" and "down on the ground" simultaneously. As I started to raise my hands, I was bulldozed onto the floor.

I was roughly flipped over and cuffed, laying on the carpet, trying to think. I heard several someone's shout "Clear!" and then I was roughly lifted up and set on top of the clothes on the bed.

"Are you Adam Barkley?" a dark skinned man asked aggressively.

"Adam Barkley Junior," I said.

"We have a report that you have a woman held hostage here, a slave you keep naked and chained."

"That god damn bitch!" I shouted.

I looked the man right in the eyes. "Last night the woman I loved broke up with me. The clothes I'm sitting on are hers, I was just trying to decide if I was going to give them back or give them to charity."

He looked around at the room, and the space that Zora had just made in the closet to hang her stuff up.

"Do you have another woman here?" he asked again.

"No, it's just me. God is she trying to kill me? What is this called, swatting?"

"It was an anonymous report," he said.

"Three people know I'm here. The Uber driver that picked me up at the airport, my ex-girlfriend who I called on the way here, and the guy who delivered Chinese last night."

"Is this your house?" he asked.

"Sort of. My dad died, and I inherited it. The trust owns it, but I get to stay here when I come to New York. I live in Zurich, this is my first time staying here."

"Where is your identification?"

"Wallet, passport, all that should be on the dresser, I think."

He stepped back, turning to the dresser as a man covered me with a gun from the doorway. Before he could turn around I conjured my American passport onto the dresser next to my wallet. He picked it up, looked at the picture, and turned to me, comparing.

"I don't see a stamp showing you coming into the country," he said. I just shrugged, it wasn't a requirement, and it tended to be hit or miss depending on the airport for returning Americans.

He opened my wallet and looked through my cards. "What does ZZ Erwerbung mean?"

"It's my company. I do diamond procurements for customers. Erwerbung is German for procurement."

"What does that mean, procurement?" he asked.

"Customers request a diamond of a certain size and type, I research and find the diamond. Then I give them a price. If they want it, I arrange for them to pick it up at a jewelry store I'm affiliated with or have a courier transport it to them for the quoted price plus my finders fee."

"Has anyone ever accused you of having fake diamonds?"

"Of course not. There's no such thing as a fake diamond anyway, it's either a diamond or it's not. There are manufactured diamonds, but they are just as expensive, but not very big. I deal only in diamonds over 5 carats, and usually much larger. I'm very good at finding the hard to find, big quality diamonds."

"And how do you do that?" he asked.

"That's a trade secret," I replied smiling.

"Why are you here in New York?"

"My father's will is about to be finished with probate. I came to New York to handle his estate, and see my girlfriend, who also happens to work for the law firm that my father used, and is handling the will. God, I've got to call her dad, he's the senior partner at the law firm. I don't think she could screw up the will, I'm the only surviving relative, but after this I wouldn't put it past her."

He looked up at the other officer, who's gun had lowered so it wasn't pointing at me. He shook his head, "I honestly don't know what to do here," he told me.

"How about arresting that bitch for making a false report, and having her disbarred?" I suggested with heat.


Chapter 5

They ended up taking me in, but allowed me to get dressed first. I sat in the interrogation room waiting for an hour, starving. Finally when someone came in, they dropped some papers down on the table I was cuffed to and sat across from me.

"I'm starving here. I haven't had breakfast, I haven't had coffee. I haven't even had my morning shit. Can I get a little respect here?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Mr Barkley, we just have a few questions for you."

"Well you can ask them either after I've been to the bathroom, or I've shit my pants. Which is it going to be, Officer?"

I was mad. They'd taken my wallet and my watch, as well as my fingerprints. I was in comfortable clothes, but that was the limit of my comfort. She looked at me, sighing.

"Ok, Mr Barkley, I'll get you breakfast and a bathroom visit, then we really need to talk."

"Good, the only reason I haven't asked for a lawyer is I'm afraid my bitch of an ex would show up."

An officer uncuffed me, and led me to the bathroom. When I exited ten minutes later, I was cuffed again, and returned to the room. I wasn't cuffed to the table this time, and a McDonald's bag was waiting for me along with a McDonald's coffee.

I added creamer and sugar first then, took a sip with a sigh of satisfaction. She entered the room again, "Mr Barkley, I'm Assistant DA Reyes. I'm sorry this morning has been so difficult for you. We are trying to find the anonymous report that led to the no knock warrant this morning. It seems to be missing."

"Shit," I said.

"Yes, that's my feeling as well. I think your supposition to officer Michaels is correct, you were likely swatted this morning."

"Then why am I still in handcuffs?" I asked, biting into a cold egg McMuffin.

"There is something odd about your passport. It doesn't have many stamps."

"Of course not," I said chewing through the hard English muffin, "It's new. I got it in Zurich at the US Consulate in November."

"There is no record of you in the system," she said.

"I don't believe that, the consulate took my fingerprints when I got my passport."

"No records of you in the US system other than your fingerprints."

"How's that a crime?" I asked, "I grew up in Europe, this my first time here."

"Your English is very good," she said.

"So is yours," I replied.

She paused waiting for me to speak, but I knew this game. I started eating my other sandwich.

"Mr Barkley, can you tell me about your breakup?"

"Sure, I called the woman I loved, and told her I was here as a surprise. I invited her over, and ordered some Chinese delivery. She walks in the door, and she's all over me. We haven't seen each other for nearly a month. We have fantastic sex, then we eat the Chinese. Then she starts accusing me of stuff, and storms out.

"This morning I'm going thru the clothes that she brought to the apartment, in preparation for my arrival I guess, when storm troopers break down my door, throw me to the ground, and then drag me here."

I paused for a breath, "Do you guys have somebody watching my door? I don't think my dad lived in a very good neighborhood, and if somebody steals his stuff while I'm in here, I'm going to be really angry."

"There is an officer there. I believe they are still looking for secret basements where you might be hiding a captive woman."

I rolled my eyes, "That's bullshit, and I think you know that."

She didn't agree or disagree. She stood up, and walked out. Only about two minutes later an officer entered with his hand on his gun. My senses sprung out. The viewing room on the other side of the mirrored window was empty. The camera watching the room no longer had it's little red light glowing. There was another officer standing guard right outside the door.

I grabbed the cop with my power, and banged his head against the corner of the desk. I sealed the door so the officer outside couldn't come in. Then I untied his shoe laces, placed his gun in his hand, with the safety engaged, and carefully reattached my handcuffs to the table, locking myself in place.

Then I started screaming for help as loud as I could. There were several bangs on the door as someone tried to get in. I sensed several people come into the viewing room, and I just kept screaming.

"Help! They are trying to kill me! Help me! Someone help me! The police are trying to kill me!"

Finally someone brought a crowbar to the door, and I let it pop open, they pointed guns at me but I kept screaming for help.

They dragged the cop out, and shut the door. I just kept screaming. Finally the Assistant DA came in.

"That officer just tried to murder me!" I shouted.

"What happened?"

"He came in, reattached my cuffs, and then locked the door. He said, 'SWAT should have shot you.' and pulled his gun. Then he tripped and hit his head against the corner of the table. Then I started screaming for help."

"I don't know what's going on here, but something fishy is going on. What's the name of your girlfriend?"

"Rebecca Smackley, she works at Smackley and Associates."

"That's not good. They are one of the most powerful firms in the city. If her parents are trying to do you in for some reason, then you should be worried."

"I'm going to ask kindly that you not leave my side, and that you let me have my cellphone so I can get my personal assistant to find me a lawyer. If they are doing this, then it makes me wonder if something fishy is going on with my father's trust and the will." I asked.

"Do you know what the trust is worth?"

"Around two billion," I said.

"Well we have means, motive, and opportunity. That's a very good start."

"My father was killed by a sniper in Zurich while he was waiting for me to join him. We were going into the diamond business together. We thought that he had run afoul of a local crime lord who wanted to take his diamonds, now I wonder if it wasn't something else," I told her.

"That is interesting. Do you have a contact in Zurich I can call about that?"

"Yes, Investigator Keller," I said, then spelled it, "Zurich police department. I think that's Zurich Canton, not the city."

"Please tell me you won't leave me alone," I begged again.

"I'm not going anywhere, I can't get you your phone, but I can let you use mine," she said, handing me her phone.

I took it and texted to Nora, "emergency. using borrowed phone. in jail. need lawyer from firm not associated with Smackley to call this number ASAP, Adam."

I handed back the phone to her, and she looked at the message. The phone rang and she answered it. "Yes he is here. I'm ADA Reyes. We are at the police station, the nine nine. There has been an attempt on his life, we believe his ex-girlfriend may be behind it. Yes, I will have this phone, and stay with Mr Barkley."

She hung up. "You have a very thorough personal assistant," she commented.

"I inherited her when my dad died, she's been invaluable," I said.

My power noticed a flicker of electricity, I looked up at the camera, the red light blinked out. "ADA Reyes, do you have a gun?" I asked.

"No. Why?"

"The camera in here just turned off. I'm wondering what happens next?"

She stood and went to the door to open it. She stuck her head out, "Hey Sergeant! I need this guy unlocked for a bathroom break," she yelled.

I could sense everyone's eyes turn to her, and the man that had stood outside the door previously, falter in his nonchalant approach to the interrogation room. The Sargeant entered, and uncuffed me. Reyes stood with her back to the door, blocking it, "Sergeant," she said, "is the camera in here ever supposed to turn off?"

"Of course not," he said looking up at it. The red light was still off. He looked at me, and he looked at Reyes, then he put his hand on his gun. "What's going on here?"

"Just a little bit ago an officer came in here, locked my hands to the table, and started to pull his gun telling me that SWAT was supposed to have shot me when they broke into my house this morning. Just as he pulled his gun, he tripped and hit his head on the corner of the table."

The Sergeant looked at the table, but there was no mark there. "When he did that, the camera light was turned off as well," I finished.

"That's not supposed to happen," he said.

"When I left the room Mr Barkley was not attached to the table, he had been eating the breakfast I brought him."

"Am I free to go?" I asked.

"I think that is going to be yes." Reyes said, as the Sergeant said "Of course not."

"Why did you say that Sergeant?" Reyes asked, curious to the response.

"Isn't this the guy that's been kidnapping women?" the sergeant asked.

"No, he is not the guy that has been kidnapping women," Reyes answered, and the Sergeant just blinked.

"I arrived from my home in Zurich, Switzerland last night. This is my first time in the United States," I said.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. I scanned with my power. My lawyers were here.

The knock came again, and the Sergeant carefully peeked out the door, then opened it to let the two men in suits come in. Reyes turned to them, "Who are you?"

"Thomas Anderson, counsel for Mr Barkley."

"George Peabody, associate counsel for Mr Barkley."

"If you would kindly leave the room so we could confer with our client?"

"They stay," I said shocking everyone.

I looked at Reyes, "Sometimes they really are out to get you," I explained, and she nodded. I looked at the two men, there should be a password or phrase you were instructed to provide?" I told them.

They looked uncomfortable for a moment, then the older one, Thomas, said, "Blessings of the Sea God."

I nodded, "That will do. I still want Reyes to stay."

Reyes turned to the Sergeant, "Sergeant please guard the outside of this door, and ensure that no one enters the viewing room."

He saluted and stepped out of the door. Thomas and George both sat, Reyes remained standing, as there were no more chairs, with her back to the door.

I gave the two lawyers a quick rundown of everything that happened. When I explained the who and what their eyes got a predatory gleam. When I explained the size of the estate they got erections.

They asked a few questions, and then turned to Reyes, "Is he free to go?"

"Yes, I'm releasing him. I will continue my investigation, but my primary target will be the person who called this in."

"I have some very valuable things that were taken from me when they brought me in. They have my wallet, my watch, my phone and my passport. The watch is very valuable."

"How valuable?" Reyes asked.

"Google 1735 Grande Complication, it's one of those," I told her.

"Like what Michael Smackley has been showing off?"

"Platinum body, white face, blue hands, and an alligator band?"

"That's it."

"Couldn't be, there is only one in the world with blue hands and a white face, and that's mine," I said.

"Are you sure?" Thomas asked, grinning.

"I'm sure, my dad was a terrible prankster. I know that he gave me the real one because I took it to the Blancpain store in Zurich to have it cleaned and serviced."

"But how do you know there were not more?"

"They only made 30, this one was made custom to be high contrast, so that the original purchaser could see the dials on the watch. I wouldn't put it past my dad to give two counterfeits away."

"Two, why two?"

"When we opened the safe, there were three boxes, identical in size, weight, and wrapping. One was for me, one was for Michael Smackley, and one was for Paul Sanchez."

"Let's go get your stuff," Reyes said.

The two lawyers brought up the rear, the Sergeant led the way, and Reyes walked with me.


Chapter 6

The booking officer gave me the box of my stuff, and I went thru it. Everything was fortunately there. With my phone back on, my wallet and passport in my pockets, and my watch securely strapped on, I felt semi normal. I could feel the doorway guard nearby, so I looked around. He was average and nondescript, but I'd recognize him now, even without my power.

I reached out and gave him a big kidney stone, and a full bladder. That would eliminate him as a worry for a few days. I turned to Reyes, "Are you willing to go back to my apartment and see the mess, and help me catalog if anything is missing?"

"Why not?" she said sarcastically, "My Sunday is already ruined."

"Thomas, George, I take it Nora is paying for your time?"

They grinned, "Very much so," George said.

I wasn't going to ask the price of two high priced lawyers coming to the police station on a Sunday morning. I think it might have made me angrier. "Alright, let's see about transportation. Do you have a vehicle?"

"We carpooled," Thomas said.

"Room for two more?" I asked.

"Of course," George replied, leading us out to the street where he unlocked a big black sedan, and climbed into the driver's seat. Thomas took shotgun, and Reyes and I climbed into the back. I gave George the address, which he already had, we buckled up and drove off.

I turned to Reyes, "Ms Reyes, would you prefer I call you ADA Reyes, or do you perhaps have a first name?"

"Call me Amanda," she said smiling for the first time.

I reached out to shake her hand, "Amanda, it's a pleasure to have your company, please call me Adam."

We arrived to find my front door broken off its hinges, but set leaning in place. There was no apparent officer guarding the property. I turned to Amanda, "Can you record video on your phone?"

She blinked at me for a moment, then nodded, "Of course."

She started filming the outside of the property, helpfully adding commentary stating who she was, the day and time, and the names of myself and the lawyers. Thomas and I wrestled the door away after calling out to see if anyone was inside.

The place was trashed, furniture turned over, carpets ripped up, walls broken, cabinetry pulled away from the wall. It was a mess. The TV was pulled off the wall and laying broken in a corner where it had presumably been thrown. Thomas and George were a little stunned by the destruction. "Thomas, would you mind reserving a room in a really nice hotel for me? Don't say where, we don't know what was left behind. Just step out, and reserve it from in the car, please." I requested.

He agreed, and stepped outside. George fumbled the keyfob and unlocked the car for him. We moved onto the bathroom, minor destruction only, but I'd have to replace the mirror. The office was worse, my new desk was shattered, leaving a layer of broken glass shards like snow on the ground. There was no sign of my laptop, or my tablet and it's charger.

I turned to the camera, "My laptop is missing, as is my tablet. I don't see anything else, but I hadn't really explored this room yet, I'm not sure what else my dad had." It was obvious he had papers, every metal filing cabinet had been emptied onto the floor. Then they had been dumped into the middle of the room and the carpets pulled up. The drapes were pulled down, the screws pulled out with the rods, laying under the piled cabinets.

In the bedroom, everything was piled on the bed. The dresser, every piece of clothing from the closet, the broken dresser mirror, the shoes, and the chunks of cut up carpet. I headed back out to the kitchen, going through a small door, there was a laundry room. The small stacked washer dryer combo was pulled from the wall, but otherwise the room was relatively empty. The door to the back yard was open, but the washer was sitting blocking it from being used.

I pushed the washer back into position, noting that the dryer hose had disconnected. I stepped out into the back yard and looked around. The fire barrel was sitting in a corner, I grabbed it and pulled it into the middle of the yard. Thomas was back, and with his and George's help we moved the dresser back off the bed. It was a nice big heavy all wood thing.

Carefully picking up the broken glass from the mirror, we set it aside. Amanda filmed all of this, as we worked. I gave my clothes to George, and he went and dumped them into the trunk of his car. "Where is your luggage?" Amanda asked.

I looked around, "Add that to the list of missing items, I guess." I used a reusable shopping bag to stuff my underwear and other items from the dresser into, and George carried that out also.

When we got to the women's clothes, I started pulling them off hangers, piling them up on the bed. When they were all free, I gathered them up and carried them to the burn barrel in the backyard. Amanda followed me out.

After dumping them in the burn barrel, I told Amanda, "keep filming, I'll be right back," then ducked back into the house. I came back a moment later with a bottle of conjured vodka, and a box of matches from a neighbor's junk drawer.

I poured the alcohol onto the clothes, lit a match and stepped back while I tossed it into the burn barrel. With a whoosh it ignited. The extra conjure of cubane into the barrel accelerated it. The clothes burned down to a sticky black mess in less than 10 minutes.

Thomas and George stood around the burn barrel with me, watching it burn. "I called a repairman to fix or replace the door, and to change all the locks on the apartment. Security from a local company is sending someone over to stand guard until it's secure again," Thomas said.

"Excellent, as soon as I'm sure this is going to burn out, we can go," I turned to Amanda, "I think we can stop filming now."

"I'd like a copy of that video," Thomas said.

She looked at me, "He needs it, and if I need it for some reason, then I can get it from him," I told her.

Thomas gave her his business card with his email address on it, and she reciprocated with hers. I judged the fire low enough, and once everyone was back in the house I used my power to extinguish it. Setting the door back in place proved nontrivial, but we got it. I ordered an Uber to return Amanda to the station where her car was, and she demured until I insisted that it was a fair return for the favor she provided in filming the damage and destruction.

She gave me her business card, and left in the Uber. I gave the apartment one last look, then we got in the car to wait for security. It was only about five minutes before the small white car with logos and a little yellow emergency light on top pulled up. Thomas had a quick discussion with the guard, and then we drove to midtown and a big hotel.

The porters loaded up my clothes from the trunk of the car, hanging them on the luggage cart. Thomas directed me inside where I checked in, providing the hotel my black american express card. That got me sharp service. In minutes I was up in my room, Thomas and George not accepting my invitation up. I didn't have any local currency so I tossed both bellboys tenth ounce Vienna gold coins.

I called up room service and ordered a big blue cheese burger with bacon, a double order of fries, and an urn of coffee. Then while I waited, I got my clothes put away. Then I took a deep breath, and walked to the window. When I pulled back the curtain, I was temporarily stunned. I was looking out over Central Park.

I guess I really wasn't paying attention to where I was. I enjoyed the view. The sun was shining, people were in the park doing things. There was a knock on the door, so I opened it, letting the staff in to set my meal out on the desk facing the window. They left, but I signed a tip this time, and I locked the door.

Then I conjured Zora. "Oh! What was that? Where are we?"

"That noise was the police breaking down the door looking for my sex slave. I've just spent the last couple hours in jail and documenting the way they trashed my apartment."

"Oh Master, I'm so sorry," she said, giving me a big hug.

"Do you need to eat?" I asked her.

"Yes I'm still very hungry."

I conjured the perfect breakfast, a pile of sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast, and orange juice. She joined me, and we went to work enjoying our food, sharing the small desk. When we finished, she slipped under the desk and opened my pants. Her work was excellent as always, and with a grunt and sigh I came and she swallowed. A little bit of the tension and anger dissipated.

She popped back up, and I gave her a kiss, as she snuggled in my lap, still wearing her robe and slippers. I pulled out my phone, and called Nora.

"Adam! Are you ok? Where are you?" came the excited questions from two identical voices.

"I'm out and at a hotel. Zora is with me. It's time for a Jansen brainstorm," I said.

Zora quickly filled them in on everything that happened since she talked to them last, which only took sixty seconds as they had already caught up. Then I described the SWAT break in, the police station, the attempt on my life, the damaged apartment, and the new hotel.

Then I opened the floor for discussion. My mind wandered as they tried to figure out if it was all Rebecca or if she had gotten help from a parent or parents. There was also speculation as to whether the Haener attack was somehow related, and to possible changes in the will. One thing kept coming back into my mind, the gossip between Rebecca and Paul about me.

I interrupted and reminded them about how the two had such a friendly relationship, sharing details with each other about my trip. It seemed that I was going to have to investigate my oldest friends. Talk turned to my job in Florida, and they shared what they had learned about my target by researching him online. They agreed he was a scumbag who apparently crossed the wrong person.

I thanked the brain trust, we said our 'love you's' and disconnected. I couldn't go anywhere, I didn't know who to trust. There was only one real entertainment option, and Zora was giving me that speculative look. I convinced her that we needed to put her clothes away first.

Once they were conjured, she picked out just what she would need for a short New York trip. She put that away, and I converted the rest back to energy. She gave me that look again, but I asked her about underwear.

"Master, I know you want me. I want you very much. This me has never had you before. I really want you to really have me, Master," she said.

I agreed, underwear could wait. She dropped her robe, and lay back into the bed. "Come Master, make me one of your women," she invited.

My power reached out, and altered the N carved into her breastbone, changing it to a Z. Then I vanished my clothes into energy, and climbed onto the bed. We kissed softy, as she raised her legs. My hard cock slid along her lips, and she sighed, angling her pelvis to capture me. I conjured lubrication as I slid in, laying on her, holding myself up with elbows, then sliding my hands down her back to grab onto the firm cheeks of her ass.

With my hands firmly planted, I grabbed on hard, and began to thrust all my anger and frustration from the day into her. I could hold myself off of her enough not to crush her, but the position left my lips next to her neck, which I sucked and nibbled on as I thrusted. I didn't hold back, as soon as I got close, I just kept pounding straight thru my orgasm.

I shuddered to a stop, and collapsed on her. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, as she whispered, "Oh Master, you are so good to me."


Chapter 7

I stood in the hotel lobby looking around. The women's bathroom was empty, so I conjured Zora into it. I still pretended to look around, as she stepped out of the bathroom, and headed down the stairs, with her luggage case rolling behind her. I spotted her, and waved. We hugged, and exchanged kisses on the cheek.

I walked her over to the concierge, "This is Ms Zora, she'll be joining me in the hotel room, can you send her bag up?"

"Certainly Mr Barkley," he replied, and rang the bell. He gave the number to the bellboy who recognized me. He gave me a big smile, and grabbed the bag, heading for the room.

"Is my table ready?" I asked.

The concierge checked his computer screen, then his watch. "I'm sure it is, enjoy your dinner Mr Barkley, Ms Zora."

Arm in arm we crossed to the dining room. The maître d' seemed to not have a table immediately available until I slipped him a gold coin, and asked for a quiet table with lots of privacy. We were seated immediately.

The spot was quiet, we could talk softly and not be overheard, as well as not overhear others. The question that mattered was, how angry was I still?

"Master, are you calmer now?" Zora asked.

I sipped my drink, a good glass of Scotch, and contemplated the question. "There is so much we don't know for sure. But there are so many clues to make assumptions about. I think I'm calm enough to investigate without just ripping heads off."

She sipped her own drink, a girly green tea concoction, as she listened. She started to repeat the list of things we suspected based on what was said to us by others, but I waved her off.

"Suspicions. All we have are suspicions. Rebecca is at the front of that list, but that doesn't mean she is actually involved. It's going to take careful investigation. Careful being defined as no one knowing I've swooped in, put everyone asleep, and mind-melded answers out of them."

She shivered at the description, "Oh Master, you are so sexy when you are powerful."

"We need to get you upgraded. We are in dangerous territory, and if you aren't in storage you are at risk."

"I've decided, my secret name will be Valkyrie."

"Chooser of the slain? Is that pretentious?" I asked her.

"Not if I spend most of my life either training in weapons, and the rest stored away when you need either assistance or a big distraction. Let's face it, your bed isn't big enough for four."

I sat back, feeling stunned. "You want to be a Valkyrie in truth?"

"Yes Master, give me abilities, armor, weapons, and I will train. I will be your shield maiden, the one who watches your back when you travel, the ace in the hole."

"You make an interesting point. I could see where you might be useful, but my powers could likely accomplish anything you could do, but faster.

"But, I definitely see the benefit of having extra eyes, especially if I know you can hold your own."

"Does it really matter if I die Master? I'm getting used to being blinked in and out of existence. I'm pretty sure I'd even be ok with having several of me at a time, but you only keep one of me, and delete the unneeded until next time."

My stomach turned at that idea. What if one of the duplicates later decided they weren't ok having their personal memories disappear, but I vanished them back to energy anyway, wiping that unique existence out?

"I love you girls so damn much, doing that would be very hard I think. I regret having insisted that I duplicate you the first time."

"You'll figure it out Master. Maybe keep a recording of everything they see and hear so the base model can watch it? Their experience then would be preserved."

"That barely makes me feel better about this idea," I snorted, "But it's a start."

She held up her ring, "Make mine black. I'm going to be very different from my sister's."

My power reached out and the stone in her ring turned darkest black. I reinscribed the name Valkyrie. "You know, I've got enough storage I could keep groups of you together for transport. I'd just need to keep one of you separate as the leader."

"A female duplicate of Christian would be a better leader," she suggested.

"She might be a better trainer, but this is your idea. I trust you to lead."

"Christian and Doris seemed very gender fluid at the party. Duplication might give them a chance to stay connected to their boys."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Christian keeps his job, but his duplicate becomes head of company security, and training. The Valkyrie's get experience working for her, but are independent in the field. Doris works for you, but her assistant is her male duplicate.

"With that connection, the younger couple befriends the older couple, and gets to know their sons as friends of the family. If they are close to the same age as the sons, they can remain friends even after the older pair move onto new identities, in twenty years or more," she explained.

The Nora's really are brilliant, "That's an interesting plan, then when the older version dies, do they become the new younger friends of the younger version? They could stay connected to the family for decades at that rate," I said thinking it through.

"Christian would have someone to give his beloved sports memorabilia too. Who loves it as much as he does?" she commented.

I snorted at that. There was one thing Christian loved to discuss, and that was his favorite football teams. The waiter brought our food, and I dug into my lobster and pasta, I almost couldn't eat it when I remembered Rebecca suggesting it so long ago. But it was pretty good, so I put that memory out of my mind.

After dinner we went back up to the room. She undressed me slowly, then while I sat on the couch, she slowly undressed, teasing me with the show of bare skin. Once she was naked except her golden collar, she raised her eyes with a determined look on her face.

"Master, put me in storage and conjured me twice. We need to know that I can cope with losing one of myselves."

I had the room so I copied her, and there were two Zora's.

"Master, do nothing to make us distinguishable. You have two Zora's tonight. When the night is over, we will only have one. You won't pick, we will flip a coin," they said in unison.

The anxiety of the situation wilted my penis. Suddenly I had an idea for an experiment. "I'm going to try to use my power to connect you together so that you both experience what the other experiences. I've done it once before when I shared a dream for a little bit with Nora and Rebecca. I'm wondering if it will be more effective since you are such close duplicates right now."

"Yes, Master," they again said together.

My power reached out, and filled their minds. I tried to tell my power what I wanted. I wanted them linked together, what one thought, the other thought. What one felt the other felt. A connected but distributed organism.

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