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A True History Book Two

StarFleet Carl

A True History - Book Two
II of A True History
Bookapy (Aug 2021)

A True History

Volume Two

By StarFleet Carl

What Came Before

Alternate universes exist. I know that, and some of our scientists have proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I know this because there are alternate versions of me out there, with variations on my powers and skills. Some of them are, politely, lame people. Some of them are megalomaniacs. I'm somewhere in between.

This is the second volume of my autobiography. If you haven't read the full and complete first volume, I highly recommend it. I think the author's a nice guy. But if you don't have time, not a problem. Here's the short and dirty.

I was born on a planet twenty-seven light years from Earth. I've tried to convert things into common Earth measurements, based upon the area of Earth where I … finished growing up, basically. So, inches, pounds, feet, miles. I screwed up several times in converting things, including my initial age. My planet had a year equivalent to 443 Earth days. So, when a rogue white dwarf star got too close to my home planet, and my parents stuffed me into an experimental rocket ship, I was fourteen years old at home. I spent some time in suspended animation, and was revived by the ship's computer just before my ship would have landed in Kansas.

The problem with that landing was radar saw my ship coming in, so I took over manual controls and ended up crashing in an abandoned salt mine shaft near Hutchinson, Kansas, in the United States of America. My ship was damaged, but I wasn't hurt. Actually, I ended up with a lot of abilities that no one ever had before, that I was aware of. Speed such that I can run a mile in less than a second, vision such that I could see a fly on a twig a mile away, strength such that I can pick up multiple tons, flight, laser and heat vision, and seemingly invulnerable skin.

Of course, I didn't know all of that at first, or how all of it worked. (Still working on how it works, actually.) I wanted to stay hidden. That didn't last long, when I kicked up a huge cloud of dust running, and was found by a widowed farmer and his daughter. Since I wasn't that tall, and obviously still young, they thought I fell off a circus train or something like that. I was trying to keep my abilities hidden, which also didn't last long when I screwed up and exposed my abilities to Harry and Beth.

Harry had one thing going for him. He'd been crapped on by the system after his wife died, so he had slightly ambiguous morals. Beth figured that I could become the big man at her school, and the kids there wouldn't treat her like they had been. Net result is I figured out how to find some buried Spanish treasure, and we sold some of it for a lot of money.

Enter Judge Elroy T. Bannister into my life.

I probably can't say enough good about Elroy. He and Harry's father had served in World War Two together. Elroy came home with a LOT of money, used it to help improve the city, and set himself up as the feudal baron of Reno County, Kansas. Over the thirty-nine years since the end of World War Two, Elroy had grown in power such that the Governor, both Senators, and all the representatives owed him their jobs.

Harry called Elroy, told him that I was the offspring of a deceased cousin of his, and all of my records were lost. Elroy is an honest politician. That means when he is bought, he stays bought. Bribing him with two pounds of gold didn't hurt things. Elroy made all of the documents that I'd need to enroll in school and get all of the identification I'd need. In doing so, he 'corrected' my age to sixteen. I should have been made seventeen, but I messed up the math.

Politely, I really am a super-genius, but with some of my screw-ups you'd wonder. I also am slightly faster than a page-at-a-glance reader, and I have a perfect memory. Harry had a large collection of science fiction books, plus the psychology books from his late wife. I also found out that power is an aphrodisiac, meaning that Beth and I found out that our species are physically compatible.

We also found out that my sperm can 'jump start' certain abilities in Earth girls, too, as Beth and I ended up mentally linked.

I started school and had my first run-in with an authority figure, the assistant principal. He ended up getting fired, then tried to attack Beth, Harry, and me. If a police officer hadn't had an emergency kit to do a tracheotomy, he would have died. That's when I found out I could move faster than a speeding bullet, because I caught the ones that had been fired at us in my bare hands.

Since I was coming into school late, the principal decided to see if I had any athletic abilities. The Hutchinson High School football team (the Salthawks) weren't that good. I'd never played before, but this was an opportunity for me to show off for my girlfriend. Turns out I qualified as the Varsity Quarterback. It also turned out from other testing that I was too smart for high school, but the law said I had to attend at least some classes. But I also could take classes at the local community college, at the same time.

Beth and her two lifelong friends, Dora and Eve, were outcasts at the school. I rather quickly ended up dating all of them, which irritated a few people. One of the football team decided he'd redecorate a wall with my face. I moved, and he broke his fist. A bit later, someone started a rumor that I was homosexual, so a former member of the football team decided to come out to Harry's house and attack us. I broke his arm, and was simply holding him when a police officer showed up. I may have pushed him at the police officer while waving a tire iron, so that took care of that issue permanently.

Harry ended up reconnecting with his old high school girlfriend, Emily Miller, who was vice-president of the local bank, when we started my checking and investment accounts. Due to some various things … like Emily ended up pregnant … I told her the truth about me. Since Dora, Eve, and Beth were all planning on moving into a modular home with me in the near future, we had to get parental permission.

Neither set of parents were happy, but the minor detail that I had also gone out and found another lost Spanish treasure, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, took care of most of their objections. It was now mid September, and I'd already played in and we'd won two football games. A lot of people were realizing that our Hutchinson Salthawk football team were going places. I also managed to salvage my spaceship and fix the computer that had safely brought me here.

Things changed for me on Earth shortly after that. Terrorists in Beirut blew up the US Embassy Annex building, and Eve's brother was injured in that attack. I grew up under a different moral and ethical code than any on Earth. I made sure that things were under control at home, then put together an outfit and flew to Beirut, destroying where the terrorists had trained, and also attacking their sponsor in Iran. My powers had increased considerably, so it was quite easy to blow up lots of their military gear and kill their soldiers.

Then I came home and we won the next football game. Harry and Emily had gone on their honeymoon, so Elroy tried to be sneaky and set me up with some investment people. That included his own niece, Margie. She had an MBA from Wharton and was 25 years old. She also had an issue, in that she was so smart, men didn't interest her. Until she met me. Literally two hours after meeting her, she was in the barn hayloft with me, fell in love with me, and was moving in with us that night.

We set up a company called CEDEM Financial, because Elroy and his best friend from the war, Earl O'Connor, were planning on retiring. Elroy realized that with my money, I could help Reno County and Kansas like he had been doing. There was an incident at a Ponderosa restaurant, where Elroy's daughters found out they were bastards, because Elroy was rendered sterile in the war. He only had Margie and Emily as his family to inherit, and Earl had no one because his son had died in Vietnam. They dumped it all onto me.

Under my moral code, I realized that there was only one way to make sure that my kids, when they grew up, would have a safe world, and that was to end the war. I created the Messenger from Above, went to Iran and Iraq, and pretty much destroyed most of their air forces and navies. I also left a mark in Switzerland, in front of their embassies, to end the fighting.

The minor detail that I got caught on camera freaked out a lot of people. I finally told Elroy the truth about me, and we came up with a plan where I'd go to New York City and make a demonstration at the United Nations. I flew there, called the media that I was going to appear at the UN Building, picked up two cops that were just doing their jobs, and burned a lot of marks in front of the UN Building to 'End the Fighting'.

There was a networking company just getting started up out of Stanford University, called Cisco Systems. I wrote some software so they could be about ten years ahead of their competition. I also had millions of dollars sitting in the bank, so I invested in them. There was another company near Seattle, named Microsoft. I wrote a full spreadsheet program for them, and made it compatible with Macintosh products, not just regular IBM based PCs. And a young lady, Marcia, that was working for Microsoft has a similar response to me as Margie.

We figured that we'd need some security, and the head of Microsoft Security got us set up with the best in the business. How good they really were, I wouldn't know until much later. Eve's father has a psychotic breakdown because he can't handle that I have this much money and power. As the Messenger from Above, I flew to Afghanistan and destroyed their poppy fields, and told the Soviet Army it was time to take their toys and go home. I made a bit of a mark in Moscow by destroying Lenin's Tomb in about four seconds flat. I also told the head of the Soviet Union to tell Israel to plan for a meeting in Tel-Aviv between them and the leaders of the nations they were having issues with.

Syria decided they didn't want to play, so I pretty much took care of them, including their hidden poison gas factories. I showed them I wasn't playing around when someone tried to assassinate the leader of Lebanon. I think that crushing a rifle into a small cube, as well as throwing the assassin into the sea from ten miles away may have influenced their decision to believe in peace.

I'd also been busy buying land, because I'd taken some knowledge from my home planet and made two things. The first was a wind turbine that used magnetic bearings and would be more efficient than anything here on the planet, and the second was a chemical my Dad had created for his rocket science. I wanted to help Hutchinson and Reno County, since under my code of ethics, this was my home and as the leader of the home, it was my job to care for everyone.

I took a night off and flew to Pakistan, freeing Benazir Bhutto from captivity and making a bit of an impression that arguing with me would have fatal results. I used my heat vision and incinerated more than half the Pakistani government.

Our football team had continued the winning streak, and I was being considered possibly the best high school quarterback in the country. Some people in town weren't happy with our lifestyle. The Baptist Preacher had been against us for quite some time, and he ended up attacking the girls and me. When I broke their legs and otherwise unmanned them, in pain, the Preacher confessed he'd been running a child molesting ring. That brought all sorts of attention to the town, so to help keep the negative publicity out of the national news, I visited China, threatened them, and then destroyed the North Korean military.

Keep in mind that meant at one point, I picked up a Soviet destroyer from out of a North Korean Harbor where they'd been trying to refuel to comply with my orders, flew it through the air a few miles, then put it back down into the sea.

At this point, I figured it was time to deal with Washington, so I flew there as the Messenger. That's when I found out another reason Earth was so much like my former home. There was a memorial to those lost in Vietnam. I found that I could speak with the souls of the dead that were inhabiting that memorial. I went to the White House, picked up President Reagan, and brought him back to the Wall, so he would hear and hopefully beat some sense in to Congress.

Back at home, we met with people from Siemens AG, and they agreed to build a factory to make turbines in Hutchinson. I also got to meet Leon Hess and Lamar Hunt, and watch a professional football game.

Remember I said my semen helped improve Beth? It'd done the same with all of the girls, because we were having a good sex life. It also helped make all three of the younger girls much smarter, such that they were able to test out of the rest of high school, so they were starting community college as well. We all took the SAT and ACT tests, because I knew where I wanted to actually go to college.

Eve's brother, SJ (Stephen, Junior), had been home on medical leave. He'd figured out that I was the Messenger. He thought I would kill him to protect my secret. I told him what I felt. Cal was me, and the Messenger was the secret identity. We had more money coming in, so I put SJ in charge of finding us some airplanes.

China decided that since the Messenger had said that each nation was in charge of its own borders that Taiwan was part of them, so they attacked. I showed them the error of their ways, destroying some of their attacking forces, then laying waste to about a ten mile wide swath of the country, killing more than ten million Chinese in a few seconds. I also destroyed their government. That's when I flew to the Moon and sculpted the surface there with my mark to quit screwing around and listen to me.

After that, I talked to the government of Germany, briefly, then flew home. That was just in time to fly in an airplane to California, to meet with the people from Intel about their computer chips, and meet the people of Stanford. I took the MCAT and LSAT, passed both of those with perfect scores, and we made arrangements to live there.

We also met Marcia's attorney, Leonard Poulson. It turns out that he knew Elroy from after the war. And Marcia was already wealthy, because her father had been the best pyrotechnics man in Hollywood. Marcia had inherited his skills, too. After an evening dinner chatting with Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, and Patrick Wayne, among others, we came back to Hutchinson. One of the things that Marcia had brought back to Kansas with her was some jewelry her father had found in a cave in Europe.

That jewelry contained gems from my home planet, and Dora's mother being of Romany heritage and blood knew about them. Dora's grandmother was reported to be a witch, so it was decided there'd be a meeting. I also revealed to Dora's parents, Roberto and Esmeralda, that I was the Messenger.

She called me the 'Guardian from Earth' and said I was the answer to a millennia old legend.

Yes, I know that's a LOT. You try to condense a 400,000 word book down to just a few pages. But if you haven't read my first volume, this will at least give you the down and dirty of some of what's happened before.

A True History

Book Two

By StarFleet Carl

Chapter 1

The Guardian of Earth. Of course, it makes sense now. You're of us; you're human, just as we are. But you're not of us, because you come from another world. Our planet, our people … not just my people, but all of us. We're on the brink of killing ourselves off. I can't begin to tell you how afraid I've been that I would have grandchildren born, only to see them die because we did it to ourselves.”

Roberto was nodding right along with his wife. “This is such a relief for me. I knew that you were special. I'm so glad that you're this special.”

The look in Jennifer's eyes practically mirrored the look I was getting from Eve. SJ saw it as well. “Well, this is going to cause a few issues, I expect,” he said.

Yes and no,” Eve said. “It's common knowledge that the six of us are going to go to Stanford, to take all kinds of classes. It's not totally common knowledge that Margie is pregnant, but will be pretty obvious when it's time for us to leave. Mom, to get away from Hutchinson, will quit her job at the end of the semester, to become our housekeeper and the nanny for the baby in California, because the six of us will be so busy. Toby can come along. Lord knows there's plenty of schools right there for him, anyway. SJ will be out of the Corps. He'll live in the house here, and can quit sneaking around with Jessica Linden when he thinks no one is watching.”

Then, when we come home in two years … if we come home in two years … it won't make a whole lot of difference who lives where with who.”

SJ shook his head. “Jessica and I broke up. But, why do you say, if you come home in two years?”

Beth shook her head. “We planned for this house, the one we're in right now, to be our home for no more than two years, before we outgrew it. That was when there were only going to be four of us. We're having a nearly identical home to this one installed in California. After that … it'd be nice if Cal didn't have to go anywhere, do anything. I doubt that's going to happen.”

Unfortunately, I agree with you, Beth. I think it's almost amusing that I've gotten more cooperation from the Soviet Union than I have from our own government. The minor detail that none of us technically have to attend classes any longer, other than my showing up on Friday to play football, means I can actually do more things, be more visible over the next few weeks.”

Elroy said, “If you'll trust me to get this rifle to Earl, I'll take both of them. I probably ought to get out of here, before it gets too late.

Oh, no, you don't,” Margie said. “Not before we learn the truth. You weren't just an enlisted man in the Army, during the war.”

Damn John Ely. Of all the people you could possibly have run into, why'd you have to find him? Even Leonard didn't know; he just thought I was one of the regular instructors.”

Emily looked at Elroy. “Wait, you've been lying to us?”

Um, no. I just haven't told you everything, is all.” He glared around the room, but no one was giving him any slack. “Fine. When I got out of the Regular Army, I stayed in the Army Reserve. So did Earl. We knew we were going to go to law school. Upon graduation, we were now considered officers and gentlemen, and because we both had more than eight years in the service by that point, received commissions as Captains in the Reserve. Due to getting to go to Korea during some of the peace talks, three years later, I got promoted to Major. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention, but … Dwight Eisenhower remembered me from when I was dealing with the scrap metal, and how much I'd actually helped the Third Army. He hated Patton, but he was like Omar Bradley. He recognized the men that helped. I was back here by then, so it was just some simple paperwork as far as I was concerned. I'd go to drill, maybe teach a class or two during summer training.”

Anyway, I'd already gotten another promotion, and before he left office, Ike sent my name up, so just before he left, I got my silver chicken. Not a big deal. Then JFK got shot. Earl was a Lieutenant Colonel at that point, but he was also friends with and worked with Earl Warren. We were brought in to work for the Warren Commission. We weren't part of the Commission itself; we were their investigating attorneys. When we were done, LBJ sent my name up for promotion to Brigadier General. There was some horse-trading done, because of what we'd found out, and I stayed a one star general for all of one day, then got promoted to Major General. I was sick about it, because it was obviously a payoff. But … we needed closure as a country. I ended up finishing my 30 years, instructing for two weeks somewhere. That's how I met Leonard and Beverly, just for example.”

Jesus Christ, Elroy. You're a two-star general?”

Worse than that, Harry. When I retired, the fuckers promoted me one more time, as a farewell present. Lieutenant General Elroy T. Bannister, JAG, at your service. Earl got out as a Brigadier General.”

Emily said, “Hang on, Elroy. You said something about closure, and a payoff.”

I don't believe I said anything like that, Emily. You obviously misheard me, because I would never say anything that would go against the official Warren Report that Oswald acted alone. Do I make myself clear, young lady?” He glared at her.

On a completely unrelated note and just simply talking around things, I wonder what your reaction would be if the Messenger from Above happened to pretty much destroy the CIA building? Hypothetically, of course,” I said.

It'd be nice if he let some of the people out first. Not the executives, of course. But that's speaking hypothetically, because we have no public idea who the messenger is.”

SJ just looked at Elroy in awe. “You're … you're a three star general?”

That, and a dollar, will get you unlimited coffee downtown. I will be flying out to California with you all, just to give John Ely a hard time.”

SJ, remember what I said about looking at getting the 737? If you can keep the total bill under $5 million, that'd be great. Otherwise … just buy the damn thing.”

Roberto shook his head. “Amazing. Cal, I'm glad you're effectively my son-in-law. We will be in touch, later this week, to make arrangements to meet Sophia. My wife, are you ready to go home?”

Esmeralda stood up, still holding the earrings. She came up to me and gave me a kiss on both of my cheeks, then kissed Dora on both of her cheeks. “Good night, all.”

SJ stood up, then held his hand out for his mother. She looked up at him and smiled. “Be sure to tuck Toby in. I'll be home early in the morning, son.” He nodded, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek. He moved the rifle around the best he could, then gave Elroy a salute.

Elroy glared at him for a full thirty seconds, but SJ wouldn't move. Elroy grunted, then stood up, going ramrod stiff himself. It was like watching the years melt from him; his back became straight, his arm moving in precision as he returned the salute. Elroy brought his arm down, slowly, but crisply. Once his hand was down, SJ brought his rifle down to his left side. He was shocked when Elroy stepped forward, giving him a hug. “Thank you for serving, thank you for surviving, thank you for getting out, so I don't have to go to another military funeral, losing another one of our kids to the gristmill.” He stepped back, his hands on SJ's shoulders.

You said that you claim this scalawag as your brother, eh? Trust him with your life?” SJ nodded. “Then, since he's my grandson, that means I'm going to have to claim you as a grandson, too. You know where my office is, down at the Courthouse. Come by there tomorrow at noon, so we can go to lunch together.”

Yes, sir!”

Elroy shook his head. “You're family, SJ. I'm Elroy. Now, get your ass out of here and go take care of your other brother.”

Emily and Harry watched SJ leave, a bounce to his step. Once the door was closed behind him, Elroy turned to Jennifer. “Young lady, you don't have to do this.”

I know I don't. I'm literally old enough to be his mother, to be all of their mothers, if I'd had Margie when I was 12. I can't explain it. I feel drawn to him, to all of them. I've been fighting it, ever since I first met him. Does that make any sense at all?”

Marcia nodded. “To me, it does. Mike, it's been a couple of weeks since we've discussed our measurements with you. We've all been in the house more than long enough for you to get accurate measurements of everyone. You've also gotten more than enough baseline samples. What does your data show?”

From the speakers, Mike said, “Hello, Marcia. Elroy remains at 1.9. Harry remains at 1.0, Emily is now at 1.2 in all four lobes. I must ask, as it is now possible for me to determine the gender of your child. Emily, do you wish me to do so?”

No, thank you. So long as he or she remains healthy, I'd prefer to wait until a regular doctor can tell, then you confirm it or not. That way we'll still have time to paint the nursery.”

I understand. In reference to the others not present, Roberto is also 1.0. SJ shows 1.4 in the three lobes, with 1.1 in the fourth. Esmeralda had conflicting results. Before she was given the present of the necklace and earrings, her measurements were 1.3 in three lobes, but 1.6 in the fourth lobe. After giving her the necklace and earrings, her three lobes measured 1.7, with her fourth lobe measuring at 2.4. That would indicate those items naturally enhanced her. Based upon the conversations, I would like to measure Sophia if at all possible.”

Dora chuckled. “I'm sure she'll be here for a while, so that can get done. Last time we talked, you said we'd individually made slight increases, before we linked. Where do we stand now, number wise?”

Eve, you are at 28.9 and 3.4, an increase of 9.1 and 1.0. Dora, you are at 29.2 and 3.4, increases of 9.4 and 1.1. Beth, you are at 47.5 and 4.2, increases of 11.3 and 1.1. Margie, you are at 54.3 and 6.1, increases of 11.5 and 1.0. Marcia, you are at 52.8 and 6.1, increases of 13.9 and 1.0. Cal, you are at 9931 and 2,662, increases of 46 and 12. Jennifer, you have not as of yet received any dosages. I will be able to track your progress and growth from where you are now. I was unable to do so with Eve, Dora, and Beth. Margie initially tested at 26.4 and 3.6, prior to absorption. Marcia had base levels of 31.8 and 3.6 as well. Jennifer tests as a normal highly intelligent human, equivalent to Sandy Lerner, at 2.2, with her fourth lobe operating higher, at 1.4.”

Elroy said, “As fascinating as those numbers are, what the hell do they mean?”

The four lobes of the human brain. Three of them are our intelligence; our ability to process data and then utilize it. Both Marcia and Margie were able to figure out things about my home planet, simply from meeting Mike and simple discussion, for example. The fourth lobe is … call it ESP. Most people have nothing there. Marcia felt mentally linked to Margie, as soon as we met. When Margie and I got home from Seattle, she proved that they were, because Marcia was asleep and saw what I did, carrying the truck home. But she was seeing that through Margie's eyes, not mine. When I destroyed North Korea, but carried that Russian destroyer over the peninsula, they all saw and heard what was going on, and understood it, because they were all asleep.”

Harry frowned. “All that, from your semen?”

Margie shook her head. “I was linked with Cal, almost without anything. You heard my base numbers. Marcia and I were already … well, what we all are now, super-geniuses, before we met Cal. No, I don't really know why Bill Gates or Sandy Lerner, as smart as they both are, measured the same range as Jennifer, or why Elroy doesn't test smarter than either of them. Of course, it IS Elroy, after all.” She chuckled at that dig.

He frowned. “It may be because I specialized in law, and didn't branch out. You have your MBA, but your other two degrees are math and sociology. Marcia, you said your degrees are math and physics? Plus you've so much additional training from your father and mother, I expect you have the equivalent of two or three additional degrees. That could be why you initially tested higher than Margie, but now the two of you are nearly the same.”

That makes way too much sense, Elroy,” I said. “Jennifer, now that we've probably totally confused you, especially speaking to thin air, do you have any questions?”

The look in her eyes was almost frightening; it was so intense. “Only one. How quickly can Elroy, Harry, and Emily leave? I'm really not sure I can actually control myself for much longer.”

On that note, we'll see you later, folks,” Elroy said, quickly getting the rifles. Harry and Emily were chuckling, helping him out the door.

As soon as the door closed, Jennifer rushed over to me, taking me in her arms and kissing me deeply, almost frantically. Her hands were rubbing over my body, down my back, grabbing my butt, then rushing back up to my hair, all the while with her tongue dancing and dueling with mine. I could hear and feel her moans in my mouth. She pulled back from me, panting.

Please … please don't think I'm a slut. I've never felt more attracted to anyone, ever.” Her eyes were still smoldering, her hair mussed a bit from where I had been holding her against me. “I really wasn't kidding, about not controlling myself.”

Mom, why are you still talking to Cal out here, when our bedroom is this way?”

The mother was an inch shorter than the daughter, but they were both the same height, lying down. Their red hair was nearly the same shade. But Jennifer was more like Beth; she already had shaved her pubic hair. They both screamed nearly the same, when my tongue went back and forth between their pussies, licking and using a little of my speed. They also tasted nearly the same, when they both gushed onto my face. The look of love and desire on their faces were identical, when I first allowed myself to slide inside of Jennifer's eagerly waiting pussy.

Margie brought her face up to Jennifer's, giving her kisses, while I was stroking inside of Jennifer, bringing her to orgasm quickly and keeping her that way. “Jennifer, can you hear me, through the pleasure our man is bringing you?”

Her eyes opened a bit, but they were glazed. “Oh, my god, this is more than I hoped it would be. Yes … I can hear you.”

What are you using for birth control?”

Oh. Tubal … ligation … after Toby … was born.”

That was good enough for me, because with the way her pussy was massaging my cock, I couldn't have held out much longer. I filled her belly with my cum. She screamed again as she felt me shooting in her, then her eyes rolled up in her head.

Eve turned on her side, so she was snuggling with her mother and me, while Beth and Dora licked up the cum that was now leaking from Jennifer's pussy. “I wish you hadn't had to ask my mother that, but I understand why. I was wondering about it, myself.”

Margie moved over, giving Eve a kiss. “I know you were, dear. I could tell, and hear it up here.”

Marcia slid up as well. “It may also be because of her fourth lobe. I would swear I could feel something from Esmeralda, even before she put that necklace on. Dora, from what your cousin in California said, your grandmother is a witch. I'm taking that to mean a psychic.”

Dora rose up, wiping a bit of cum from her face with her finger, then licking it. “Si. Keep in mind one minor detail. My parents know our OTHER phone number, not the one that grandmother called. It's both a private and unlisted number.”

Jennifer groaned a little. I'd been keeping my weight off of her. Her eyes flickered open. “Oh, my. That was … my god, Eve. No wonder you smile all the time. I'm sorry that you all thought I might have been being deceitful, I really wasn't. I can't explain why, but I've fallen in love with Cal.”

I thought you had passed out.”

I did. I could hear you all thinking that you hoped I was serious. Beth, when I got pregnant with Toby, I had been drinking. It's not an excuse for my behavior, but after what I thought was a loving marriage had been … empty … of any physical love for so long, I found that not only couldn't I help myself, but I didn't want to. It's one thing to sleep next to someone at night. It's another to be able to roll over and hug them, knowing that they love you, no matter what.”

Beth said, “Welcome to the family, my sister-mother.” She moved my cock over a little, then buried her face into Jennifer's pussy. While Jennifer was reacting to the first time she'd ever had her clit stimulated by a woman, I crawled up, so that my cock was now beside her head. She turned her head, eagerly taking me into her mouth.

Margie and Marcia began kissing Jennifer's breasts. They were similar in shade to Eve's, only firmer, with more freckles. Eve rolled back onto her back, with Dora moving up and putting her pussy on Eve's face. Beth was doing a good job of licking and fingering Jennifer, so she began having orgasms again. Her tongue wasn't as skilled as Eve's, but she was trying to pleasure me orally. I felt myself start to cum again, with Jennifer's arms reaching around behind me, to cram my cock as far into her mouth and throat as she could. She eagerly swallowed everything I had to offer.

After that, I fell backwards, laying on my back. Jennifer crawled over, taking my cock back into her mouth, to bring me back to life. Margie helped her, showing her how I liked my balls held. While Jennifer was bent over me, Dora got off of Eve, then crawled behind Jennifer and began licking on her pussy. Eve rose up, straddling my face, her pussy lips being parted by my chin, while my tongue reached out and licked from her clit to as deep inside her as I could get.

The feel and smell of Eve made me fully hard again. I felt Jennifer's mouth leave my cock, then felt the bed tremble with movement. Her pussy enveloped my cock again. She was facing her daughter, rocking back and forth with my cock impaled inside her. I could still hear, even if I couldn't see what was going on without using my vision.

Oh, Evie. I love this. I love Cal. And I don't care if it's wrong, I love you, too.” I felt Jennifer's weight shift a little as she leaned forward. I could feel Eve shift as well. From the sounds, the mother and daughter were kissing each other. I could tell from how the weight on the bed moved that Margie and Marcia were licking and sucking on the Patrick ladies titties. I was getting close to cumming again. I felt hands move my legs apart just a little. I was almost afraid of what was going to happen. Two fingers were being coated with Jennifer's juices.

Then, as one, both fingers were inserted. One in Jennifer's butt, one in mine. That was the last thing I felt, because I passed out.

I was only out for a few seconds, but as I wasn't the only one that passed out, it was enough time for four other women to move into action. Three pulled Jennifer off my cock, using tongues and lips to clean extra cum from both of us. Another had pulled Eve off my face, where she'd collapsed into a quivering pile of flesh. “Hey, easy down there, I'm back. What the heck happened?”

You've fallen asleep on us before, but that's the first time you've passed out. You went into overdrive on your mouth, your tongue must've been moving at 10,000 vibrations per minute, because Eve just squealed, screamed, and fell forward. You pushed upwards with your hips, grinding everything you had deep into Jennifer, and when you shot, she actually raised up a little from the amount and the flow. I think that's the closest you've ever come to hurting one of us when you cum …” Beth paused, then shook her head. “Didn't mean to make a joke there, but … you were incredibly turned on. If we'd known you were that into doing a mother and daughter …”

Margie said, “Nope, no way. And not with my sister, either. And I don't think Cal would do that to Roberto.”

Not to Roberto, and not to Esmeralda, either. Oh, sorry, not trying to be funny, just trying to wrap my head … my big head … around this result.”

Jennifer and Eve both woke up then. Eve groaned, “Oh, my god, my poor clit feels like it's been through a meat grinder. I'd tell you to kiss it and make it feel better, but I don't want anyone touching it for a while.”

Sorry about that, love. Apparently, I got kicked into overdrive.”

I'll say,” Jennifer said. “I remember a few years back taking my class to the firehouse, and one of the firemen demonstrating their hose for the kids. I ended up accidentally getting sprayed with it, and pushed all over the place. I just felt like I had a huge push right up inside me, raising me almost up and off of you.”

I looked inside Jennifer. The expression on my face caused Margie to ask, “What?”

Jennifer, this isn't a particularly good time to ask, but what method of tubal ligation did you use?”

The banded one. I felt guilty about having Toby and him not being Stephen's child, but at the same time, I'd decided I didn't want another one of his children. The doctors at the clinic did it about a month after I had Toby. They only made two small incisions to do it.”

Margie looked at me. “Let me guess. Super sperm blew the bands off.”

I nodded. “That's why I asked. Cauterization is still reversible; it just requires a little surgery is all. Banded normally lasts a lifetime. I can tell where the bands were, and even where they are now, just floating around in there. They shouldn't cause you any problems, but I'll monitor them. And … yes, my vision has gotten considerably sharper and better, than when we were waiting to find out if you had a blastocyst, Margie.”

Jennifer was confused. “Vision? What do you mean?”

Eve was still on her side, recovering, but she said, “What he means is that not only does he have vision capable of melting gold or turning people to ash, he can also see through things. Like the ground, walls, and even into people. Which means that you're one step ahead of me now with Cal, if you want, Mom.”

If I want what? I love him, but I'm sterile. I understand why you girls want to have his babies. I really do, he's not just something special, he's more special than any other man on this planet. But I physically can't.”

Yeah … about that. That lifting feeling … I have a suspicion that's as close to losing control of what happens when I have an orgasm as I've ever had when making love to a woman. I don't think we fully demonstrated to you what I can do, just assumed you knew that I have a lot of abilities. I can fly, I can and have picked up a two thousand ton naval ship, I can cut through solid rock with my hands, I don't need air to breathe, heat and cold don't bother me, and I have this vision of mine. What we also feared was that if I came inside someone, I might … kill them, when my semen shot out. We did find out that if I'm simply masturbating, it shoots out like a rifle bullet, and can travel for miles.”

How that affects you … and all of us … now, is simple. I almost lost control. If you take a piece of flexible plastic tubing, and put a rubber band over it, then push a lot of pressure down that tubing, it's liable to do one of two things. Blow a hole in the side of the plastic tubing, or make enough pressure, especially if the tubing can expand, to force the band out, either breaking it or simply pushing it up and off the tubing. I just used my vision to look inside of you. You HAD bilateral tubal ligation via banding. You don't any longer. Based upon the minor detail that you had an egg moving down one of your Fallopian tubes, and I just witnessed my sperm having a good time in there, you're about 5 minutes pregnant.”

Jennifer looked horrified. “You can't think that I … that we …”

Marcia said, “Maybe out there, a little. I've heard the others talk about how his power affected you before. I've felt it myself. In here? No. I don't think any of us could lie to one another if we even wanted to do so. Not after we've shared ourselves with Cal. By the way, I'm so totally out of the mood that I was in just a little bit ago, I'd like to see what measurements, if any, Mike made during this.”

A speaker in the bedroom came on. “Marcia, I am still attempting to figure the results from the data gathered. If you recall, I mentioned that upon a previous occasion, there were increases during your group activities. In this case, it appears that a critical level has been reached. Briefly, while both Cal and Jennifer had fingers in their butts, and while Jennifer, Eve, and Cal were all experiencing simultaneous orgasms, it appeared that their readings were multiplying each other. Now that they have separated, and are relatively still, I … find that the results for both Eve and Jennifer have changed, from what they were just a short time ago.”

Marcia frowned. “What are the readings now?”

Cal has returned to within a point of what he was before. Eve is now at 38.8 and 4.2. Jennifer is now at 8.7 and 2.5.”

Eve crawled across the bed, taking her mother in her arms. “What's wrong, Mom? Jennifer had tears running down her cheeks.

I … I can't be pregnant. I'm 40 years old. I'm an elementary school teacher. I'm going to lose my job, my reputation.”

Margie moved over, taking Jennifer in her arms as well. For some reason, the sight of the three nude women together wasn't erotic at all. Beth got out of bed and started to get night clothes for everyone, so we could simply all sleep together. She caught my eye, and I followed her into the bathroom. Dora padded along behind us, while Marcia stayed out for the conversation.

It's her body, Cal.”

I know. The way she's acting, reacting, I almost feel ashamed of thinking beforehand that she might simply be trying to take advantage of us.”

Si. The key word is almost. We were all thinking it, because it was almost true.”

Consider me a stupid male, sweetie, and explain.”

It's simple. I saw how Jennifer and mi Madre reacted the night of your football game, the next day at lunch. They've both seen your power. We're your women; you know how much your demonstrations of power affect us. Now, you just secured her future, made her family more secure. You've given her eldest child a responsibility and a job that will pay him well. You've already given her daughter more joy than she could imagine anyone possibly could. You paid off her home, so there is no worry regarding bills, so she could care for her youngest child. I have no doubt that she couldn't control herself. She had to do something for you, and the only thing she could do was to give of herself to you. She felt safe, though, in knowing that making love to you wouldn't give her the problems and issues that she ran into the last time she missed companionship so much, for she knew she was sterile.”

Yes, well, as you said a minute ago, the key word for that is was. Now, she's about five days from having the blastocyst implant itself in her uterus. I almost wish … hell, I do wish … I'd had such control that I could have told Margie immediately, instead of having to delay it for so long.”

Cal, girls, can you come in here?”

Yes, Margie. Right here.”

Jennifer has something to say to you.”

Cal … I … I do love you. I don't know why, but I do. I'm not sure how this will affect you, will affect me, will affect all of your ladies, or what it'll do to Toby. But I want to have one of your pendants, one of your rings. I want to be one of your women, and if you'll allow me to do so, I'd like to also be the mother of one of your children.”

I nodded. “We've seven weeks before we leave for California. We'll just modify Eve's plan a little. You'll quit your job with the school corporation immediately. Once we're out west, no one will know you; no one will care whether or not you're pregnant. And … with proper care, I suspect that you'll be the most fit 40 year old on the planet.”

What do you mean, proper care?”

Swimming eight laps per day, to get in shape, for one. For another, by regularly having sex with Cal, you'll … probably experience body changes as well. Mom, I'm a decent high school basketball player, but nothing special. While we were seeing the campus, we toured the gym. I ran rings around the entire Stanford Women's basketball team, and I couldn't miss a shot, even out to 25 feet. Dora and Beth are swimming laps at near world record pace.”

Margie chuckled. “Yeah, we never did get a chance to discuss that. But the minor detail that my hand-eye coordination with a pistol is such that I'm hitting one inch groups at 100 feet means something's up with me, too.”

Marcia nodded. “I was just thinking it was the clean country living. I'm … well, I've never been much of a runner, but I do the stationary bike. I can do a full 20 miles on it in about 40 minutes.”

Margie nodded. “I'm just a hair slower. It takes me about 45 to do that distance.”

Um, I have a bit of an idea. Since I don't think there's going to be much more happen in here this evening, how about … three showers, seven people. Cal and the two mothers-to-be in the main one, the rest of us in the other two? Just in case there was splatter, so we don't have any cement issues?”

Excellent idea, Beth. Jennifer, you've seen our home before, but you've never had the fun that the rest of us have with Cal washing our hair. Come on, you'll enjoy it,” Margie said, taking her by the hand and leading her into the bathroom.

I looked at the others, the question obvious on my face. Their answers were simple kisses and winks.

That night, I was over the crack between the mattresses, which Beth had put some foam over, so no one actually felt it any longer. Margie and Jennifer were on my shoulders, the others behind them. It felt good; the amount of love and affection in the house, for all of us.

I woke up in the middle of the night to motion on the bed. It was dark enough I couldn't see with using my vision, but I didn't need to use it. Margie had reached down and was stroking my cock. Beth was tucked in behind Jennifer, one arm under her, holding her breasts and playing with them, her other hand rubbing on Jennifer's clit. I heard Beth whisper, “Move down. He's hard. Take him into your mouth. Show him that you're his woman. Drink his offering.”

Jennifer hesitated. “I've … I've never really done that before. Ever. Earlier was the first time.”

You won't hurt him, and there's no wrong way. Are you afraid?”

More firmly, Jennifer replied, “No. I love him. I love all of you.” She moved around, her tongue hesitantly at first, then more confidently licking on the head of my cock. She opened her mouth, taking me inside of her mouth. I could feel her teeth scraping me lightly as she learned what it felt like, what I tasted like.

I turned to Margie, giving her a kiss. She smiled back. “Eat her pussy, Cal. Show her what your tongue can do. I promise, no fingers!”

I picked Jennifer's leg up, moving her so she was straddling my face, then bent my head forward. My chin hit her clit just right, while my hands opened her wide, so my tongue could explore her more mature and baby-stretched pussy, although it didn't feel like that. She continued sucking on me while I pleasured her. I felt her holding my balls, taking them in her hands lovingly. I also could tell that Margie and Beth were playing with her breasts, their other hands rubbing on her skin, letting her feel what she'd missed for years.

The moisture began pouring from her; the taste similar to Eve's, but subtly different. I drank it all, my tongue now accelerating in speed as I also wiggled my jaw. I could feel on my cock her moans as the pleasure was making her cum. She started bucking a bit, her body convulsing with each hit of my chin. My balls began to pulse, my cum spraying out and up, into her eager mouth. She pushed down on me, hard, so that most of it went down her throat and into her stomach. Her moans of pleasure continued as I emptied myself again.

Finally, she had to pull back and off me. “Stop … stop … oh, please.” With that, Margie and Beth moved down to her face and my cock, licking and sucking what spend of mine that had leaked. Eve had been behind Margie. She crawled over and licked the juices from her mother that I'd missed. I heard her light giggle.

I've tasted myself, of course. Almost, but not quite, the same. Yummy. My darling mother-sister, your pussy juice is wonderful.”

Jennifer was so tired, I don't know that she heard it. I did hear the explosions from Dora and Marcia, as they reached their own orgasms from masturbating while the rest of us had been busy.

We had turned the early alarm clocks off, as going to school other than on Friday was pretty much voluntary for us at this point. That meant Margie's alarm going off at 7:30 was the first wake-up call for us. Jennifer was disoriented, as she'd fallen asleep with her head on my thigh, her pussy still on my face. And not only wasn't she in her own bed, she wasn't alone.

Margie had woken up a couple of minutes early, so she was watching for Jennifer's reaction. “Good morning, my sister-mother. How are you feeling?”

Jennifer's eyes got wide. “It wasn't a dream? A gloriously happy dream?”

Does that half-erect cock waving around in your face look like a dream?”

Wow! What time is it? It’s daylight already? I need to get home, so I can get Toby ready for school and get to work this morning.”

Eve walked in from the living room, wearing a bathrobe. “That boat sailed a long time ago, Mom. I called SJ before getting in the shower with Marcia. He's got Toby under control this morning, and I called Mister Jenkins this morning; you're excused the rest of this week. Breakfast is ready for everyone still in here. Robes are on the dresser.”

Wait, what? I'm excused? How can I … Oh, don't do that, Cal!”

You're the one that pushed your pussy down on his face, scrambling around. Don't be shocked if he licks it,” Eve chuckled.

Jennifer twitched, like she'd received an electric shock. “I guess there's nothing I can do about it at this point anyway, so … to hell with it.” She got out of bed, getting a robe and following her daughter out.

I looked at Beth and Margie, who had stayed in bed with us. “Don't look at me, lover. I don't think she knows. Let's go eat some breakfast and see if we can explain it after that,” Margie said.

We were still eating breakfast when the doorbell rang. I left the girls at the table, going to the door. SJ was standing out there. “Come on in, SJ. Thanks for taking care of Toby this morning. Have you had breakfast yet?”

A light one, with the squirt. I won't turn down anything else, though. They're going to start working on the … tower …” He stopped talking. He'd followed me into the kitchen and then to the table, where the girls were chatting. He stopped when he caught sight of the two red heads sitting beside each other at the table.

His eyes were flickering back and forth between them, finally stopping on the one who didn't have a ring on her finger. “Mom?”

Jennifer had been watching SJ walk in, a slight smile on her face. At his question, she smiled. “Come on over, Son. They fixed us plenty for breakfast. It's a good thing; I'm rather hungry this morning.”

Mom, I know you were going to stay last night, you decided you wanted to become one of Cal's women. What the hell happened to you?”

Son, watch your language. What do you mean, what happened to me?”

I can barely tell the difference between you and Eve, is what I mean.”

Jennifer harrumphed. “I know we're mother and daughter, and wearing this robe isn't flattering, but I have no idea what you're talking about.”

SJ turned to me. “What'd you do to her last night?” He didn't sound mad, just a bit upset and astonished.

I reached up and scratched my head. “No clue specifically, but based on what I know regarding the other girls, I have a working hypothesis. Remember when you asked if I could make you smart, and I told you HOW it happens?” He nodded. “Apparently there are additional side effects that we didn't know about. Eve is now a better basketball player than the entire Stanford Women's basketball team … by herself. Dora and Beth can swim at a world record pace. Margie and Marcia could probably race in and win the Tour de France.”

By this time, Jennifer was looking both puzzled and a little angry. “What do you mean? What are you talking about, Stephen?”

Mom, come with me.” Eve got up, her Mother following her into our bedroom. I motioned for SJ to wait, while I followed them in, Marcia right behind me. Eve stopped beside the dresser, where we'd mounted full-length mirrors for the girls to check themselves out when they were getting dressed, to make sure things matched.

Jennifer frowned when Eve stopped, and pointed. “Take a look, Mom. We didn't say anything in the middle of the night, because we didn't see it. It probably happened while you slept. But it's obvious this morning.” Her mother looked in the mirror, at the two of them standing side by side.

Take your robes off,” I ordered. Eve nodded, letting hers slide to the floor. Jennifer didn't move, staring in shock at the reflection. Eve moved her hands, pulling the robe open and then down, so they were standing nude, side by side.

Well, if we could bottle it, you'd make an even larger fortune than we already have,” Marcia said. “I can see this could cause all kinds of problems.”

At least I'm still an inch taller than she is,” Eve said. “Otherwise, you'd pretty much have to use our pubic hair to tell us apart.”

Where'd my wrinkles go? My stretch marks? I … I look like I did when I was 20, but I already had stretch marks then from having Stephen. What happened?”

Put your robe back on, Mom. This is going to take some time for us.”

Eve and Marcia helped Jennifer put her robe back on. The four of us walked back into the dining room, where the others were still sitting. SJ had sat down, with a plate of eggs and bacon. “I know you're my Mom, and you've always been good looking to me, but … damn! Cal, how come you get all the beautiful women?”

I'd say I was born right, but considering where I was born …”

That got a laugh from my girls and SJ, a slight chuckle from Jennifer. “That's all well and good, but what does that really mean?” She shook her head. “I've been falling in love with you since the day I met you. You're really from another planet?”

One guaranteed legal alien from another world, at your servicing, Ma'am.” I brought my hand up to my eyebrow, giving her a two finger salute. “Seriously … born on a planet twenty-seven light years from here. Sole survivor due to a cataclysmic action that we didn't cause. We're all from the same roots. My planet was seeded half a million years ago. Earth maybe half that many years ago. The only difference is I have one small organ inside …”

And one big one outside,” Dora chimed in, laughing.

Not even gonna go there, since my uniform that I've worn as the Messenger is quite form fitting. Inside, as I was saying, that apparently was engineered so that my people could resist a radiation that our star produced. No one here has it in them, but it allows me to process the radiation from the sun here, giving me … well, all my powers.”

Able to leap on tall blondes with a single bound,” Beth chuckled.

Don't start with me, young lady, or I'll tell your Dad.”

Tell him what? I was there for those conversations, when we all three agreed that you were the best thing to ever happen to me, and to us.”

Um … maybe a good joke? What do you get when a super alien has sex with his virgin daughter?”

SJ shook his head. “Look, guys, I appreciate that you're being light about this. But … my Mom looks as young as Eve! She has a job as a teacher! What about Toby?”

Jennifer remembered something else from last night. “That's not all, son. Just after Toby was born, I had a tubal ligation, so I didn't … couldn't … get pregnant again.” At his look of confusion, she said, “All that means is that when my body would produce an egg, my Fallopian tubes were crimped, so the egg was blocked from getting down, and from meeting any incoming sperm. I think you know that I planned on having sex with Cal last night.” He nodded, a terse look on his face.

Something … happened. Something wonderful. Indescribable. I felt both more alive and more loved than I ever have in my entire life. And … somehow, when it did … this, to me,” she waved towards her body. “It also fixed or changed my sterilization. If things implant right, then in 9 months, I'll have a baby.”

SJ looked at me. “Well, what are you going to do? Do we call General Bannister, to fix things?”

I shook my head. “Trust me on this one, my brother. You call him General again, and he'll be upset. He let that slip once, because you're a warrior. Someone that he can respect. Just call him a devious bastard, like the rest of us do. He appreciates that.”

At his look, Margie nodded in agreement. “Yep. His public persona is that of a rough curmudgeon. It's easy for him to maintain that, even with family. Just curse him out a couple of times, he'll like that more.”

But that doesn't resolve this issue.” I looked at Jennifer. “Do you trust me, Dear?”

She smiled, a little sadly. “I love you. I have to, even if I can't see a way out.”

Listen, and learn.” I picked up the phone, dialing it.

Hutchinson School Corporation, Superintendent Jenkins speaking.”

Good morning, Mister Jenkins. Cal Lewis here. I'm gathering you got a phone call from Eve earlier this morning about her mother having an issue.”

I've honestly been waiting for something like this, ever since … well, things broke about what Stephen had been doing. She's been strong to carry on like normal, but I know that we all have our limits,” he said.

To a certain extent, I agree with you about limits. Jennifer is a wonderful woman, a great mother. You're aware that we came home from California last evening, and were met by most of the football team, as well as our families.”

He snorted. “If that's all that met you, I'm half surprised. You're the prodigal son of this town. And I heard from Mister Kennedy about your MCAT and LSAT. Somehow, I'm not surprised.”

Well, the cheerleaders were all there, along with various banners and placards. But, back to my main point. With us … all of us … being away for four days like that, and with SJ going down to Dallas for a couple of days to buy some airplanes for us, it made Jennifer do a re-evaluation of what's important to her. Even though there's still quite a bit of the school year left, with us not having to attend school other than for football, and with Eve taking tests later this week to see how much college she tests out of, Jennifer asked me last night if she could move to California with us.”

Again, I'm not surprised. Getting away from this place for a while … a year or two … will probably do her wonders. Um, there's only a few weeks left in the first semester. Just a second, let me check something.” I heard keys clicking on his computer. “Ah, here's what I was looking for. She's been with the school corporation for 14 years. Teachers accrue sick pay at one day per month worked, so 9 per year. She was off when her son was born, and has missed a few other days here and there. And I'm not counting any of the days I told her to miss, when SJ was injured. I'd be the biggest ass in the world if I did. So … just a second … okay, she has 51 sick days available. That's 11 weeks, based upon our schedule. Just tell her to take the rest of the semester off, and enjoy life in California with you.”

Thank you. I can do that. One other detail. I know it's a bit unusual to have someone go from being educated in the public schools to being home schooled, but as we have an accredited teacher available …”

He laughed. “I'll process the paperwork, so that you can withdraw Toby from his school by the end of the week. Somehow … do me a favor. If you home school him like YOU were home schooled, try not to let him get too out of hand. You're a great kid … pardon me, you're a great man, Mister Lewis. Glad I could help with everything. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some paperwork to process.”

Thank you, Mister Jenkins.” I hung up. “There. Resolved. And without getting Elroy involved in things.”

And why didn't you want me involved, youngster?”

Don't you knock before entering, or ever have regular court hours, or something?”

Oh, I do have to sit in my comfortable chair and swing my gavel at times. But only when it pleases me. And you'll notice that I waited until after breakfast to come back out here this morning, so you didn't have to feed me for once. Now, involved in what?”

Getting Jennifer released, so she doesn't have to go back to school, and can come to California with us when we move there. And then getting Toby pulled from school, so he can be home schooled, and can also come out to California with us, and learn there. That's all.”

I see. Or perhaps I don't see. Obviously, you've been busy since you got up, as none of you have bothered to dress yet. My question now is for Eve and Stephen.” He paused, while looking at Jennifer and Eve, sitting next to each other. “Oh, I was unaware that you had a twin sister, Eve. Good morning, young lady, I'm Judge Bannister.”

I know who you are, Elroy. I'm Jennifer, Eve and Stephen's mother.”

I'd been expecting that, and had moved a kitchen chair already, so that when Elroy sat down, he had a chair to actually sit on.

Since it looked like Elroy was out of it for a minute or two, I said, “SJ, one of the people you haven't met yet is my ship's computer, Mike. He's actually in the other room, but he's able to communicate through speakers and microphones.”

Oh. Hello, Mike?”

Hello, Corporal Stephen Patrick, Junior. Cal is making a verbal error, I suspect on purpose, to make it easier for you. I am not a person, I am the personality overlay from his computer that was designed to assist in his long term survival, due to the destruction of our home world. However, it is easier for people to utilize anthropomorphism when dealing with an object, assigning names and individual characteristics when none exist.”

You mean like calling my first car Betty?”

Exactly. Unless there is a disembodied soul involved, as in the Vietnam War Memorial, the item itself does not actually have a true identity. In my case, I have an adaptive learning personality overlay installed, as making me a true AI is forbidden, as well as potentially fatal to all life on the planet.”

In any event, I am certain that the reason you're involving me in this conversation at this time is due to the physical changes that have occurred in addition to the mental changes in Jennifer. Without getting into the actual mechanics of sexual reproduction, I noted that temporarily, the power from your fourth lobe slightly more than tripled. As you were physically connected to Jennifer and Eve, it appears that your ejaculate into Jennifer was also temporarily boosted as well. Thus, prior to your sexual activities, Eve was at 28.9 and 3.4, whereas now she is 38.8 and 4.2, while Jennifer being the actual recipient was at 2.2 and 1.4, and now is at 8.7 and 2.5 in her fourth lobe.”

In addition, you were discussing this morning the physical changes to the other five women. It appears that this burst of mentally enhanced semen not only healed all physical issues that Jennifer had, including the four cancerous tumors that were in her left breast, but also revitalized and rejuvenated her body, returning it to its physical peak.”

SJ quietly listened to Mike. In the silence after he was done speaking, SJ looked at me, then a little grin showed on his face. “Nope. No hot meat injections into my little hiney, thank you very much.” That comment made everyone laugh. “Well … Mom … this is not exactly what I was thinking was going to happen. What kind of arrangements do you want me to make for squirt, and anything personal you have at Graber?”

What are you talking about? I'm still your mother, I can … oh, shit. No, I can't.”

Elroy had gotten over his shock, and had listened to Mike's explanation. “Actually, you can, but not as Jennifer. You can go with SJ, and simply tell everyone that you're Eve. That'll let you get your personal things from Graber. Obviously, it won't be an issue with the title for the house here, as that's paid off. Emily is still President of the bank where all your accounts are, so she'll take care of those. Toby can't have that many things. You'll just have to home school him here. Once you're in California, it's a simple explanation. You had plastic surgery to recapture your youth. No one out there will know any differently, and you can also go to Stanford and get more education as well. Or stay at home and raise kids, or whatever.”

Margie said, “You know, though, that our security is going to know differently.”

I'd been thinking furiously. “I have an answer halfway between. Jennifer, did you know about the breast cancer you had?”

Her eyes dropped. Quietly, she said, “Yes.”

Mom! How could you not tell us about it?”

Eve, I … I felt like it was God, punishing me for not being faithful to Stephen, for falling from the church, for failing as a wife that he sought little children instead of me. My doctor knows. We were going to start treatments in another two weeks. That's … you wondered if I had another reason, besides my love for you, Cal? It's because I could see how deliriously happy my daughter was to have you in her life, and to be making love to you. I've seen what radiation and chemotherapy does to a woman; I've seen what happens to a woman when they cut her breasts off. I didn't know anything about your miracles, or whatever else you could or can do. I knew … know … that you love my daughter. I could feel it; inside me, somehow. I could feel my own attraction for you, for what you have. I … I was selfish. I wanted some of that happiness, that joy, that love for myself, before … before the cancer stripped it all away from me, so I could have some happy memories when … later.”

Well, I don't think you'll have to worry too much about memories. If that's all that was going on, then it's not that big of a deal.” Beth handed me a bar of gold that I began playing with in my hands.

Not that big of a deal? Cal, I do love you, love your life, but how can you not be upset with me? I'm … sorry, so sorry, that I abused our relationship for my own selfishness.”

SJ saw what I was doing. Jennifer was crying too hard to notice. He looked at my eyes; saw the answer there. “Mom … MOM! Hush. Quit crying. Last night, I told you all that I trust Cal with my life, that I already HAVE trusted him with my life. I knew before last night that he's the Messenger. I figured it out. I had him take me someplace quiet, made him tell me the truth. That way, if he … he needed, he could dispose of my body without trouble.”

“You know, it blew me away when he told me that I'm the reason the Messenger even exists. But what else he said … you protect family, no matter what. If a member of your family is hurt, then you respond. I think my brother is going to have to be very careful about the layers of family and his responsibility, because there are a lot of people in Hutchinson and Reno County that won't exactly be open to having sex with him, even if it cures their cancer.”

Eve had given Jennifer tissues to dry her eyes. She'd barely finished crying, when she saw what I was holding for her in my hands. That caused her to start crying again, this time with joy and happiness. Marcia had gone into the bedroom and brought out a necklace she already had. The pendant went on it, allowing me to then get up, walk behind Jennifer, and put the C with her J inside it, the emerald fitting perfectly in place. I took hold of her hand. The indention in her finger from her wedding ring was still there. I slipped the ring on her finger.

Jennifer Patrick, I cannot marry you, until I can marry all of you. But with these symbols of my love and affection for you, I promise to cherish and care for you always. You are my family.”

Elroy was nodding. “Son … as far as I'm concerned, you're married to all of them. Fuck the law on this one. Treat them all well, and I hope the six of you … more later, if needed … have lots of kids.”

Margie turned to him. “Okay, now what plan have you concocted, you devious bastard?”

No need to compliment me, Margaret. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be around long enough to bounce all of your kids on my knees. And I'll be here to help with the plans that this young man has that are local. But I think I already know what his answer for Jennifer's issue is, and it's going to cause a hell of a lot of stink in the medical community, outside of Hutchinson. But the way he just handled everything this morning? All I'll do is help. Hail the King of Kansas, Cal Lewis.”

Having seen all of the cars parked outside, Harry had walked in on the last. “Damn, Elroy, are you feeling okay?”

Elroy smiled at him. “I'm perfectly fine, son. I've chosen … well.”

Good. Speaking of well, I need some help from … Eve? I didn't know you had a twin sister.”

She doesn't, Harry. It turns out that Jennifer had an aggressive form of breast cancer. I suppose you could thank my mother, for being the world class biologist that she was. I managed to come up with a cure for her cancer last night. However, an unintended side effect is that it did some genetic work on her. Last night was a bit of an emergency, so I didn't take into account everything that would happen when I treated her. I'll have to do more work before I could release it as a general medication, a lot more testing.”

Well, no matter what or how you did it, the important thing is that you cured her. Elroy knows. I lost my Dad and Mom to cancer. Congratulations, Jennifer, on your new lease on life. Now, since it's apparent you're not going to school today, can you give me a hand with some of the chemicals in the garage? I've welded together some holders for the drums, but I need to make up close to a hundred gallons of the anti-ice compound, so I need to put them into the holders. Emily got a phone call first thing this morning from Mister Hess. He's got oil field operations in North Dakota, and wants to see how well your chemical will work in a North Dakota winter. I guess last year they had a couple of men get killed or hurt from ice falling off the rigs.”

I looked around the table. Margie said, “I'll call Jim Rogers. That tells me what we're going to put on that fourth section, and we need to get that up and running immediately. We're going to need two rail sidings put in, because I can see us getting tanker loads of raw materials in, to process. Did we ever come up with an actual product name?”


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