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Secrets of a Free Spirit

Dick Spears


Secrets of a Free Spirit

Based on a True Story

Dick Spears

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Secrets of a Free Spirit

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Secrets of a Free Spirit

“I’m a free spirit,” Denise said with a smug grin as we sat at the bar amid the noise. “If it feels good, I do it.”

I laughed and gestured to the dance floor, where swingers of all sorts shimmied and shook. It was a mostly middle-aged crowd, where some of the women were topless and all of them looked good. In other words, people like us. The men kept their partners, or their partners of the moment, moving. My wife was having a good time twirling with a well dressed black man.

“Well, this is the place to feel good,” I said.

“Exactly,” she said. “It’s a great place to feel good.”

“Or to meet people who can make you feel good,” I said with a waggle of my eyebrows.

She smiled and licked her lips in reply.

I leaned back and grinned. My wife Marie and I had been swinging for a year, but the rush of flirting with someone new still got me going. I’d had my eye on Denise from across the room. A fit, forty-something with short light brown hair, she reminded me of one of my childhood babysitters, which was a good thing. She had an easy smile and a sparkle in her blue eyes that suggested things my old babysitter never would’ve considered. Our conversation had gone well—as an artist, Denise had a wide range of opinions about culture and the world, most of which were quite interesting. She also enjoyed my observations on the same subjects as we talked.

The song ended and my wife gave her partner a hug before returning to my side. I introduced Denise and the two hit it off immediately. Denise complimented my wife’s bracelet, which turned out to be from the same boutique that Denise regularly visited. Fashion turned to customer service discussions and after a handful of minutes, I refreshed all our drinks and steered us to a small open table in the far corner.

“So,” Denise asked after the conversation had gone on for a while, “have you ever been to Pandora’s?”

“The lingerie shop?” Marie asked. “Once. It was nice, but very expensive.”

Denise nodded. “But you have to ask for the special service.”

“Oh?” My wife’s amused tone made her curiosity clear.

Denise licked her lips and grinned. “The owner, Christine, personally fits her special clients, and makes sure they’re very satisfied before they leave.”

“That’s some customer service,” my wife said, her eyes twinkling.

“Mmm hmmm. I buy a new bra or panties every month.”

“They must be pretty nice.”

“They feel great, and they look fabulous. Want to see?”

Marie and I exchanged a look. It was the questioning look we’d developed over the past year—do we want to go to the back rooms with this person?

I nodded my chin slightly. My wife returned the nod before turning to Denise.

“I’d love to,” Marie said. She tossed the question to me, mostly for show. “Jared?”

I grinned and tilted my head toward the back rooms, “Shall we?”

Denise grinned. “I was just waiting for you to ask.”

Marie and Denise fell in beside each other and kept talking as we strolled toward the more private areas of the club.

As I trailed behind the ladies, I couldn’t help but be amused. Marie had shocked me when she suggested putting a profile on the swingers’ site. We’d always been adventurous in bed—sharing fantasies and trying new things—but her high libido was matched by an initial shyness around new people. We’d been wallflowers together on our first visit to a swingers’ club, and here she was chatting with a new acquaintance as if they were long lost friends.

Of course, Denise appeared to be one of those people always at ease, and who set others at ease as a result. Marie was an inch or two taller, curvier, prettier, and had long luxurious auburn hair, yet seemed to be the wingman as they walked along. Or the best friend to the instigator of mischief.

And if Denise was into mischief, I was certainly looking forward to it.

We walked down the dim hall. The doors to the first two rooms were closed, indicating company was not wanted. The third already held two couples pretzeled on the bed. We paused and watched for a moment, but then Marie caught my eye and shook her head. Denise noticed the interchange.

“Too big of a group?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Too crowded,” I said.

“Too distracting,” Marie added.

Denise nodded. She reached over and squeezed Marie’s hand. “I’d much rather get to know you personally.

My wife blushed a bit at Denise’s obvious innuendo.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Denise quickly said. “Not into girls?”

“No…,” Marie said, “I’m bi.”

“Goodie!” Denise almost bounced in excitement. She turned to me. “You don’t mind watching, do you?”

I snorted. “Not at all.”

She grinned at me before turning and hooking Marie’s arm in hers. We continued down the hall to the next private room, which was empty and available. The women preceded me inside. I shut the door behind me and leaned against it. Denise led Marie over to the bed.

The room was fairly spartan. Other than the bed, the only furnishings were a small couch with an end table. A sexy Nagel print hung on the far wall and a basket of condoms and a tissue box sat on the table. A few towels were nestled underneath it . I briefly debated whether I wanted to watch from the doorway or the couch, but those thoughts fled when I turned back to the ladies.

They already had their arms around each other and their foreheads touching as they talked too low for me to hear. Denise smiled and slid one hand up to the back of Marie’s neck. With a gentle pull, she turned my wife’s head for a kiss.

They parted from the first light kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes. Then they kissed again, hotter and more passionately. A third kiss followed, and Denise ran her hands down Marie’s sides and back. Marie responded by cupping Denise’s ass in her hands.

I double-checked the lock on the door and settled onto the couch to watch.

The women’s lips met, their mouths open, and their breathing growing ragged. Denise tugged at Marie’s blouse, pulling it up, until Marie stepped back to let the other woman yank it completely off. Denise immediately unclasped my wife’s bra and then shed her own top while Marie was slipping her bra off. Then they kissed again, pressing their bare breasts together—Denise’s slightly smaller and perky ones mashing into Marie’s fuller tits.

More kisses led to more wandering hands. Denise trailed her tongue down Marie’s chest and licked both nipples lightly. She hooked her fingers under the waistband of Marie’s skirt and tugged. My wife shuddered, but let the skirt fall, followed shortly by her g-string. Denise wasted no time in running her fingers down Marie’s mound and through her lower lips. My wife gasped and leaned forward, bracing herself slightly on the older woman’s shoulders. Denise straightened up and murmured something in Marie’s ear. Marie nodded and they parted. Then she stretched out on the bed while Denise undressed.

My blood raced. Marie rarely became intimate with other women so quickly. Yet there was something in the way Denise moved that screamed desire. The fact that she wanted Marie was intoxicating, both to me and Marie. I undid my own pants and started stroking my hard cock as Denise’s body came into full view.

It surprised me. Her hips were slim—almost boyish. She’d shaved all her pubic hair and with her smallish breasts, almost looked like a young girl. Only the hairstyle and the lines on her face gave her age away.

Those soon disappeared from my view. Denise knelt between Marie’s spread thighs and leaned forward, kissing Marie on her belly. As Marie looked down and smiled, Denise worked her way south. To my surprise, she didn’t actually go directly to my wife’s pussy, but instead just circled around her belly button, licking and kissing. Then she slowly slid her body up until she was lying on top of Marie, belly to belly, breast to breast, and pussy to pussy. Denise murmured something in Marie’s ears, and my wife promptly raised her legs and rolled her hips. She gasped as Denise began grinding her pelvis.

They’re rubbing their clits together, I realized. I rubbed some of the pre-cum around the head of my cock and stroked myself a little faster.

The two women stared into each other’s eyes and smiled as they continued grinding against each other. Occasionally one would gasp or shudder, and then a bit later the other would. Denise turned her head once and gave me a warm smile. My wife’s gaze followed with half-lidded eyes. Denise whispered something in Marie’s ear and got a nod in response.

Denise looked back at me. “Get a condom.”

She kissed Marie’s neck and, after my wife shuddered, again worked her way down, kissing and licking and drawing her tongue lightly over the curvier woman’s breasts.

I stripped and grabbed a packet from the bowl on the table. By the time I had the rubber on, Denise had reached Marie’s pussy. On her elbows and knees, she kissed and licked while waving her ass at me.

When I knelt behind her, Denise spread her thighs. I looked at my wife for confirmation that this was okay, but Marie’s face was a mask of pleasure and her eyes were closed. So I nudged my way forward until Denise reached back and guided me to the right location. Then with a slow steady thrust, I was in.

I gasped and savored the sensation of her pussy. She was hot—hotter than I expected, and very wet. I moved easily in and out. She shuddered and shook, but didn’t stop licking Marie.

My wife opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Good?”

I nodded.

Denise lifted her head. “He’s very good. And I’ll want him to pound me once I’ve gotten you off.”

Marie chuckled lightly. “Sounds good to me.”

Denise licked Marie again, and Marie shuddered. I put my hands on Denise’s hips to steady myself as I settled into a slow steady rhythm.

We continued like that for some time. Marie shuddered and moaned as her pleasure slowly built. Denise occasionally squeezed my cock with her vaginal muscles or shook under a particular thrust. When Marie was close, she seemed to hang on the edge of an orgasm forever—gasping for breath and clawing the mattress. Then when I began to wonder if she’d make it, she shrieked and convulsed. Denise backed up enough to avoid getting hit and we held still until my wife had finally collapsed in a flushed sheen of sweat.

“Ready to fuck me hard, stud?” Denise asked.

“You got it.”

I pulled back and thrust forward as hard as I could. She let out an oomph, but pushed back against me. Holding her hips for leverage, I slammed into her again, only to have her slam back. She moaned and shook. I did it again, and she cried out. I kept going and going until I felt the growing pressure in my balls and soreness in my thighs.

“Gonna… come…. soon,” I gasped.

“Come inside me. I wanna feel you come.”

With a nod, I sped up just a little more. When the lightning exploded from my dick, I let it. I cried out and my vision went white. Spurt after spurt exploded out my cock, and then my legs buckled. I did my best not to crush Denise as I tumbled to the bed. We fell apart, and she rolled a bit further away. When I recovered, the two women were looking at me.

“That was nice,” Denise said with a devilish grin.

Marie nodded in agreement. Then she turned to Denise.

“What about you?”

“Oh, I came a dozen times while this stud was fucking me,” Denise said. “Not that I wouldn’t mind some more time with you…?”

Marie looked at me questioningly.

“How late is it?” I asked.

She shrugged.

There wasn’t a clock so I pulled myself off the bed, went to my pile of clothes, and found my watch.

“It’s getting late,” I said.

“We need to go,” Marie said to Denise. “We promised the babysitter we wouldn’t be too late.”

Denise smiled and nodded. “How old are your kids?”

“Our daughter’s four,” Marie said.

“Mine are in college. I’ll probably be home before they are.” Denise looked at me. “Another night?”

“Let’s exchange email addresses.”

Denise smiled broadly. “That’d be wonderful.”

We all got dressed, which was surprisingly not awkward compared to some of the post-swinging sex times Marie and I’d had in the past. Denise seemed to set Marie at ease as they slid back into their lingerie and skirts. After we walked back to the bar and exchanged cocktail napkins with scrawled contact information, the women hugged and exchanged a long lingering kiss. Then Denise stepped into my arms. She kissed me lightly on the lips and then put her head next to my ear.

“I didn’t get to suck you,” she said, low and warm. “Promise me for next time.”

I chuckled. “You bet.”

We parted with another quick kiss and a promise to talk soon.

Marie was silent for the first part of the drive home. She looked out the window, watching the lights pass by, until with a sigh, she turned to me.

“So what’d you think?” she asked.

“That was fun.”

“Yeah, for me, too. I really liked what she did with the grinding.”

I grinned. “It looked that way.”

“She’s… wow.”

I chuckled. “So you want to see her again?”

Marie nodded. The look in her eye was hungry, and I was sure she was fantasizing about our next get together.

The next morning, we received a nice email from Denise, thanking us for the evening and expressing her desire to see us soon. We replied and said it depended on when we could get a babysitter. She asked about our daughter and we had a very pleasant email exchange over a couple of days. Then she suggested Skype, which sounded good to us. We already had a “swinger” Skype ID so we could chat with couples before meeting them. This time, we were just reversing the order. We scheduled it for a late evening few days later after our daughter would be asleep.

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