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Redtail, an Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Adventure

Devon Layne


Copyright ©2014, 2017 Elder Road LLC

Cast List

Twentieth Century

Cole Alexander Bell: Narrator. Teen on a cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Earl Bell: Cole’s father.

Sarah Alexander Bell: Cole’s Mother

Mary Beth Alexander: Cole’s cousin, next door neighbor (only half a mile away), and first lover. Three years older than Cole.

Angus Arthur Alexander: Mary Beth’s father, Sarah Bell’s older (9 years) brother.

Lily Alexander: Mary Beth’s mother.

Laune Wickersham: High school classmate and Cole’s first kiss.

Sid Davis: High school classmate and Cole’s friend.

Geneive Murrieta: High school classmate and Cole’s first girlfriend.

George: Ranch foreman.

Joe Teini: Sheriff of Albany County.

Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Gonzales: Librarian at Laramie Public Library.

Ashley Kay Brewer: College classmate and Cole’s girlfriend.

Chet and Celia Brewer: Ashley’s parents.

Philemon Morgan III: Lawyer in Salem, OR.

Phil Morgan: Lawyer in Salem, son of Philemon.

Obert Calhoun: Neighbor rancher.

Nineteenth Century

Kyle ‘Redtail’ Wardlaw: Young enforcer for the sheriff in Laramie City, Wyoming. Cole’s host.

Laramie Wyoming: Half Cheyenne girl living on Centennial Ridge with her mother.

Theresa Ranae: Laramie’s mother.

White Horse: Laramie’s father. Cheyenne brave.

Kaylene: Laramie and Kyle’s daughter.

Robert Hood: Kaylene’s common law husband.

Mildred: Kaylene’s daughter.

Caitlin Forster: Young whore at Bertha’s Wild Ride. Geneive’s host.

Ellen Jane: Older heavyset whore at Bertha’s.

Cal Despain: Sheriff of Laramie City. Joe’s host.

Maria: Young Hispanic whore at Bertha’s.

Bill Campbell: Old prospector. Philemon’s host.

Kat Tangeman: School teacher. Kyle’s fiancée.

Arthur Alexander: Banker. Eventual husband of Kat.

Artie Alexander: Kyle and Kat’s son, raised by Arthur.

Bonnie Alexander: Kat and Arthur’s daughter.

1 The First Time

Why is it that everybody wants to know about your first time? What kind of voyeurs are we? Do we just want to compare to see that we weren’t the only ones who were somehow disappointed? Or to prove that our experiences were so far better than everyone else? Or to participate vicariously in something we lost long ago? The first time. The first time.

Well, I was in Seattle for a conference on cattle-breeding. Why the hell they held a conference on cattle-breeding in Seattle is beyond me, except it was hot as blazes in Omaha and Seattle was a nice temperate eighty-two.

So, of course, I’d heard about it. Guys had told me I had to try it. I’d read about it. I decided, ‘What the hey! I can do this.’

Well, it wasn’t at all what I expected. The first time I looked at it, I thought it was pretty disgusting. And slimy. And the smell—it was definitely something you had to get used to. I’d made it this far, though, and I wasn’t going to back down now. I kind of held my breath and stuck my tongue in and slurped. It took a couple minutes and when I could breathe again, I grabbed a shot of tequila. A minute later I dove in again. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but after eight times, I was feeling pretty satisfied. Hell, I was a connoisseur. I hadn’t even had tequila after the last four.

So yeah. Not exactly what I expected, but I’d eat oysters again.

Okay. I know that wasn’t the first time you wanted to hear about. And no, I’m not here to waste your time. I know I’m a smartass, but I really do want to talk about this. I’ll pay extra if you’ll put up with me a little longer. I think I’m going crazy.

Yeah. Back to the first time.

Freshman Year

It was back about the time the economy was going to hell and it was affecting us ranchers just like everyone else. Prospects were bleak and Dad had taken a mortgage on the ranch for the first time in—well, as far as I knew, ever. I was thinking I might join up after high school and go to college on the GI Bill if they still had one by then. Circumstances changed and I still figured I’d serve after college, but then when Dad died, there was no one to run the ranch and I couldn’t turn my back on Mom and… well, everybody. But I’m getting ahead of myself. That was later.

School was tough on me that year. Not the studies, but all the girls in Laramie had blossomed over the past summer and there they all were in school with new tits on display and makeup on. I’d put on a couple inches and a few pounds and was getting as many looks as I was giving. I think girls get just as horny as guys do, you know? Well, now I do know, but then it was a new revelation to me.

Laune Wickersham. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in my freshman class and she didn’t have the biggest tits. But not having much in the way of tits, she most of the time didn’t bother with a brassiere either. Those are the times I remember most about freshman year. Laune would look across the room at me in Algebra with those big brown eyes and I’d sprout a boner. Then I’d glance down at her chest—well, hell. Of course, I looked at her chest. I looked at every girl’s chest—and she’d have these two little points pushing her t-shirt out. A lot of times, she’d just wear a t-shirt with some kind of vest or jacket over it, but it always seemed like when she looked at me in Algebra, she’d kind of have her vest pulled back so I could see her little blossoming buds.

We only had ten minutes between the last bell and when the bus carted us country kids off home. Laune lived in town, but it was more than an hour on the bus for me to get back to the ranch. As soon as I got home, I had chores to do and then supper. Dad would ask me at the dinner table every night how much homework I had and if I’d done it on the bus. Usually I got most of it done on the bus, but I knew that after dinner I had to finish it because before bed Dad would ask if I was done. He’d take a look at my work and nod his head. I don’t think he ever understood anything that I was studying. Not that he was dumb, but he worked on the ranch next door more than he studied until he was eighteen and entered the service. He was smart, but he wanted a son that was smarter and that went to college.

I did, but I didn’t finish—not right away. Dad was in an accident the summer between my freshman and sophomore years as a Cowboy at the University of Wyoming. In the fall, there was just too much to be done on the ranch, and all this other stuff that’s going on. I took a year’s leave of absence and said I’d go back when Dad got better, but he died before we got that far. Ahead of myself again. Sorry.

Anyway, back to Laune; it had started snowing that day early in December and they decided to get the busses moving early. It was pretty chaotic because the busses were already having a hard time getting through. They let us out of class as soon as the first bus got there, but it was almost an hour before mine showed up. I was standing outside freezing my buns off when Laune walked up to me. She lived in town and said she was walking home.

“When are you gonna ask me out on a date, Cole?” she said. Just like that. Like she was waiting for me to ask her out.

“I reckon when I get a driver’s license next summer,” I said.

“Don’t know I can wait that long,” she said. Then you know what she did? She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me, right there in the school bus parking lot. And it wasn’t no peck on the cheek or lips. She put her tongue right in my mouth. It fuckin’ took my breath away, I’ll tell you. I had a boner and she was rubbing right up against it. “You always make my titties ache when you look at me in Algebra,” she said. “I sure wish you could drive.”

I tell you, when I got to bed that night, the old cowboy got a workout.

Course, by spring, she and Sid got together and she stopped showing me her hard nips in Algebra. Wouldn’t you know she got pregnant and they got married when we were juniors? I guess in a way that worked out pretty well for me. I sure wasn’t ready for kids.

School would be out in May and I was really looking forward to getting a driver’s license so maybe I could at least date some other girl in town. But that was still six months away. You see, out on the ranch it was almost half a mile to the nearest neighbor. And that happened to be Uncle Angus and Aunt Lily’s place. Uncle Angus was Mom’s brother. Their kids were all a little older than me. The youngest, Mary Beth, was a real sweetheart, but she was eighteen and a senior when I started high school. I hardly ever saw her except at holidays or when the families got together.

Guess that’s how that started. We all had Christmas dinner together over at their house that year. The two older Alexander girls were home with their husbands and babies, so I guess me and Mary Beth hung out a little.

“You gonna get it on with that Laune Wickersham?” she asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Everybody saw you kiss her in that snowstorm three weeks ago. My little cousin got something going?”

“I didn’t really kiss her,” I said, blushing. “She sorta did all the work.”

“You be careful with her. She’s lookin’ for a meal ticket.” I started to object, but Mary Beth cut me off. “I know she’s a nice girl and all. I’m sure she don’t mean no harm, but her family—well, they ain’t very nice to her. She’d do about anything to get away from them and you’re a real good catch.”

“You gotta be kidding. A stringy fifteen-year-old like me? What have I got to offer?”

“A nice ranch. Good people. And you ain’t bad lookin’, you know? Just be careful.”

“Ain’t nothing gonna happen anyway,” I groused. “I can’t drive into town till I get a license. What about you? Who’s trying to get into your knickers?” I thought I’d turn the tables on her, but I couldn’t think of a single guy I’d ever seen her with at school.

“Who’d want to go out with me?” she snapped. “Hell, I’m bigger than you are.”

“Not for long. I grew another two inches this fall. Just ’cause you’re tall don’t mean you ain’t beautiful.”

“Cole! Hush! Don’t go telling your cousin she’s beautiful. It’ll give her a swelled head. And perky titties like Laune’s. Hell, you’ve already gotten more than I’m likely to ever get.”

“You don’t mean you’ve never been kissed, do you?”

It was Mary Beth’s turn to blush.

Sally Ann’s kids were playing with Christmas presents on the floor and while they hadn’t been paying any attention to us, we’d been talking softly on the sofa. Our Dads were all in Uncle Angus’s office drinking whisky and watching some game on TV. The Moms were in the kitchen and dining room.

I stood up and took hold of Mary Beth’s hand.

“Come here with me.”


“Just around the corner over here,” I said, leading her into the hall down by the bathroom. I took a careful look around and then I kissed her. I wasn’t very skilled, but I’d had one more than Mary Beth had and she kind of melted into my arms. When I touched her lips with my tongue, hell! I thought she was going to scream. But she mashed her lips against mine and let her tongue follow mine wherever it went.

“You gotta be careful with that!” she whispered, looking down the hall. She’d stepped back a bit and looked a little panicked. She looked at me with fire in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Mary Beth, but…”

“Shut up.” She closed the distance between us and laid another one on me, practicing everything I’d just taught her and making up stuff on the fly. Then she pushed me away and rushed back to the living room just as Aunt Lily called everyone to Christmas Dinner. I slipped into the bathroom and managed to get the cowboy pretty much under control in my jeans before I showed up at the table.

You might think that started Mary Beth and me kissing at every chance we got, but it was pretty much a one-time thing. I mean, we were friendly and all and she went out of her way to say hi at school. We even sat next to each other a couple of times on the bus when her best friend Beckie was sick. We talked a bit and she said how she was sorry when she heard Laune and Sid had got together. But there wasn’t much else between us, though when she said she was sorry about Laune and Sid, she took hold of my hand and squeezed it and didn’t really let it go until we got back to Centennial. I didn’t think anything about it other than all the thoughts I’d had about her since that kiss on Christmas and the cowboy got another ride in my hand saddle that night. But shit! She’d warned me off and I was just thankful that she still treated me like she liked me as her cousin and was genuinely sorry I’d had my heart broken. Sorta.

It was Mary Beth’s graduation that really changed things.

Uncle Angus gave her a car. A ten-year-old Chevy Cavalier convertible. Mary Beth loved it.

The car was a pig.

It was black with a gray fabric interior and red racing stripes. But the passenger door was just battleship gray primer paint because it had been wrecked at one time. It had a couple of nicks in the soft top and duct tape stretched across them to mend it. The floorboard was just about worn through. It had 215,000 miles on it and I think Angus must have paid $800 for it. Probably cost that much to insure.

Well, Mary Beth had this dream about taking the car on a road trip all the way to Oregon. She wanted to see the ocean. But the damn thing had an oil leak and she put a quart of oil in it every time she filled the tank with gas. That’s what got me involved.

“Cole, would you help me fix my car?” she asked after she’d pulled into the drive. It was Sunday afternoon, which is the only reason I wasn’t out in the fields. I’d probably ride herd later in the summer to give the ranch hands a break. I’d go out for three weeks and each of them would come in for one week in rotation. It was pretty good. I liked being out with the cattle when we moved them to high ground. I wouldn’t go up till after my birthday, though. I’d been busy in the fields since school got out and had the first cutting of hay that I’d bale on Monday.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Pop said the oil pan gasket leaked. I drove all the way to Cheyenne and got a new gasket, but Pop says I have to fix it myself. I don’t mind doing it, but I don’t know how and I know you do.”

“Well, yeah. Ain’t nothing to replacing a gasket. Let me go ask Dad if he’s got some goop for it. We’ll pull it into the barn where the blocks are.” Dad fixed everything and he started me running for tools when I could hardly walk. It’s not like I love cars or anything, but I can fix it if I have to. For my cousin, I’d do it. Anything.

We pulled the car into the barn and onto the blocks—a pair of short ramps that raised the front end up about a foot.

“We gotta drain the oil first. Did you get oil for it?”

“Are you kidding? The way it’s been dripping oil, I bought a case and put it in the trunk,” she laughed.

I handed her a pair of coveralls and she looked at me strange.

“Your Pop said you had to fix it. I’ll show you how.” She pulled them on over her shorts and one of those tops that ties in front. That was reason enough to get her into coveralls. I wouldn’t be paying any attention to the car at all if I was looking at that the whole time. I pulled on a pair, too.

We slid under the car and I positioned an old enamel wash tub under the oil pan and fit the socket on the plug. Mary Beth put her hands on the handle and I helped pull enough to loosen the nut. Oil started spraying out right away and I laughed at Mary Beth with oil on her face. She glared at me, but she was pretty proud she’d just drained the oil out of her car anyway. We pulled the tub out from under the car and poured the old oil into the drum dad kept there. The co-op came by to pick up drums from the ranchers once every six months or year, however much it was needed. They filled our gas tank and the LP tank for the stove and water heater, too. After the pan was drained, we loosened the bolts holding it and then pulled it out to take a look. I showed Mary Beth how to clean it and we examined it for cracks. It seemed to be okay, but I swear that gasket had never been replaced. It was a mess and we had to scrape the bits and pieces off before we gooped it up and sealed the new gasket in place. Then we slid under the car again and I had Mary Beth bolt it up. I gave each of the bolts an extra turn after she finished and we put in the plug.

We put four quarts of oil in the little four-cylinder engine and then started it up and rolled it back down where it was level. We watched pretty carefully to see if it started leaking or over-heated or anything, but after about fifteen minutes it looked good. We went into the shop and used degreaser to clean ourselves up and Mary Beth took off her coveralls.

“Thank you, Cole. That was the second nicest thing you’ve ever done for me,” she said.

“Huh?” Yeah, I’m quick on the uptake. She didn’t need to explain, though. She just pulled my head to her and put a kiss on me that made me forget about what I was doing. I guess I got a little carried away, ’cause there was a grease-mark on that tie-together blouse she was wearing, right over her left boob. Mary Beth just glanced down at it and grinned.

“I better go home and get this scrubbed out before Mama sees it,” she said. “But since it’s already got a mark on it…” she pulled me in for another kiss and put my hand right back on her boob. Oh man! I was in heaven. I squeezed it gentle like and she moaned into my mouth and we made out like bandits for about ten minutes. Well, then she really did get in her car.

“Cole, how would you like to go for a ride on your birthday?” It was Sunday and my birthday was coming on Saturday. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more for my birthday than going for a ride with Mary Beth.

“Yeah. You think we could get away?”

“We’ll let ’em all have cake and ice cream and then I’ll take you to see the fireworks. Okay?”

“Thanks Mary Beth. You’re the best.” I leaned in and kissed her again a little and she drove away.

It all worked just the way she said it would. I baled and loaded the first cutting that week, but other than feeding the horses and pigs and tending to normal chores, there was no work on my birthday. It’s good when your birthday is a National Holiday.

I’m a firecracker. You know, born on the Fourth of July. In fact, on the Bicentennial, 1976. That was Dad’s joke. He lit a fuse in October and on the Fourth he got fireworks. It was cool, really. Dad and I were close in a kind of rough way. He wasn’t above beating my ass with a belt if I smarted off to Mom or if he caught me smoking behind the barn. Of course, he explained after that last one that if I was going to smoke I had to do it where I wouldn’t burn the barn down. Then he showed me his favorite place to light up out in the woodlot where there was even the remains of an old stone chimney to toss our butts into. Then we lit up together.

Shit. That was a long time ago.

Back to my birthday. We had a big family barbecue Sunday afternoon. Then when everybody was sitting around just being lazy, Mary Beth turned to me like it was a sudden inspiration.

“I never properly said thank you for helping me fix my car Sunday, Cole,” she said loud enough for everybody to hear. “How about if I take you to see the fireworks in Laramie? I’ll even spring for sodas. Would that be okay, Aunt Sarah?” My mom looked at us like we’d just grown two heads. Mary Beth and I had always been polite to each other, but we’d never gone out of our way to do things with each other.

“That’s awfully nice of you, Mary Beth, but if you are driving and spending all that money on gas and oil, I think Cole should spring for the sodas. Don’t you think so, Lily?”

“It sounds fair.” Shit. Where could I get money for sodas? I had maybe five bucks scattered around my room. Mom called me over and whispered in my ear.

“Take twenty dollars from the cookie jar on the kitchen counter and be sure you treat your cousin nicely. If she’d rather have a malt, you get her one.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said and ran into the house. Ten minutes later, Mary Beth and I pulled out of the driveway.

Once we were well out of sight, about a mile down the road, Mary Beth slowed down. As soon as she caught my eye she grinned and floored it. The little Cavalier fishtailed down the road spewing gravel and a cloud of dust out behind it. I didn’t think that 95 horsepower engine with a three-speed automatic would do that. I think the garden tractor had more kick in it. But Mary Beth had her fun and we laughed all the way into Centennial. That’s when she really surprised me. Instead of turning right to go into Laramie, she turned left and headed toward the mountains. I didn’t think the little car could make it over the pass, but she only went a few miles. She turned off onto the USFS road we use to get a truck up to the high pastures. She scraped bottom a few times, but we finally came out at the loading ramp where we’d drop supplies a couple times during the summer and where I’d be unloading my horse next Monday.

“What are we doing here, Mary Beth?” She reached across the console and pulled me to her for a big kiss.

“We’re making out,” she declared. “I’ve waited long enough, Cole. I’m eighteen and will be nineteen in two months. I’m outta high school and headed to Boulder this fall. I want to know what it’s all about. Cole, I want you to make love to me.”

“Wow! I mean. Why me, beautiful? I’m honored and all, but I don’t know nothing. And I’m your cousin.”

“Because you’re my cousin. Do you think I’d risk my reputation and getting a disease and all with somebody like Billy Summers? That makes my skin crawl. But you wouldn’t do that to me. And I’d never do it to you.”


“Let’s just take my ‘emergency supplies’ out of the trunk and go find a nice quiet place to make out and see what happens,” she said, giving me another kiss. She sure took to kissing quick-like. I was punching a hole in my jeans, I was so hard. We grabbed her emergency kit and set off down the trail the other way from where we knew the cattle would be grazing. The trail opened up into a smaller meadow and we looked around to be sure none of the hands had come out this way looking for strays, but there was a gully between us and where the herd was and there wasn’t much chance of them being on the north side. Her emergency supplies kit was put together with a nice blanket, plenty of water, a few energy bars, a flashlight, knife, and compass. And a big box of condoms.

“You’re really prepared for emergencies,” I laughed.

“Well, I’ve only been on the pill for a few weeks and I don’t trust it yet. Beckie was on the pill and look at her.”

“Beckie’s pregnant?”

“Don’t you go telling anybody. Tuesday, I’m driving her over to a clinic in Cheyenne. They’ll take care of it and nobody here will ever know. We’ll just be safe, you know?”

“Well, if we get that far, sure. Mary Beth, I just think the world of you and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Outside of school, you’re really the only person I call a friend. I don’t want to do anything that would make you stop being my friend.”

“Honey, here.” She reached for my hands and squirted some of that hand sanitizer in them. Then she did the same thing herself. “I know we haven’t been mucking out stalls or anything, but this way at least we’re not spreading any diseases with our fingers. Now come here and kiss me. Make me believe I’m as beautiful as you say I am. Just kiss me, honey.”

Well, I don’t know if it was me doing the kissing or her. I guess we both contributed. I just know that she was running her hands all over my body, including places that nobody else’s hands had ever been. And she wasn’t objecting to me exploring either. I don’t know how long we kissed, but when I felt the soft round flesh and hard little point of her tit in my left hand, I had to pull away and look.

She’d managed to get my t-shirt off and I got her shirt opened up. My hand was up under her brassiere cupping a handful of heaven. I looked up at her face and she had her eyes closed and the prettiest smile on her lips I’ve ever seen. I leaned down and kissed her just a brush on her cheek and squeezed a little again. But it was a tight space.

“Let me show you how to take it off, honey.” I reluctantly pulled my hand out from under her bra and she lifted up enough to slide her arms out of her shirt. Then she rolled toward me. “Look. See where it fastens in the middle of my back. There’s three little hooks and eyes. You’ve got to unfasten it.” It took me a little struggle as I had to sit up so I could use both hands.

“Who helps you get this contraption on?” I asked.

“I fasten it in front and then slide it around and put my titties in the cups and my arms through the straps. It’s a lot easier that way and nobody has to help. Course, if you were there, I’d let you help me.” The straps came loose and she shrugged out of it. There were her titties sitting on her chest right in front of me and God and everybody. “You’re staring, Cole. Don’t you like them?” There was a real note of fear in her voice and she reached for her bra.

“Oh, Mary Beth! That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t cover ’em up, beautiful. Please let me just look at you for a minute. I’ve seen pictures and all, but Lord Almighty! There just ain’t anything like this. You’re so beautiful, I just want to hold you and look at you and touch you and kiss you and…”

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

I pulled that sweet girl into my arms and let my hands walk all over her bare back as I kissed her and pressed her boobies against my chest. In all my life, I never felt anything like this. I kissed on her neck and shoulders and cupped her breast in my hand. I didn’t know too much about it, but I sure wanted to kiss those little brown points and give them a little suck. She seemed to be of a like mind and cradled my head in her hands as I put my lips on her nip. She moaned and I figured I must be doing something right.

Now I was no ignoramus. Sid’s brother kept us supplied with copies of Playboy. Sometimes those Forum stories that had me spurting without even touching the cowboy. But the reality of holding an almost naked girl in my arms and sucking on her tit was nothing like I was prepared for. I stroked up and down her belly with my hand and when I switched my lips to the other breast, my hand came up to comfort the first for its loss.

Mary Beth pushed me back and I flopped onto the blanket. She was on top of me kissing her way around my chest while I kept her boobies warm with my hands. Hell! I did not know that my nips were sensitive like that. I could feel my cock start throbbing in my pants and sat bolt upright. I practically threw her off if I hadn’t wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

“Oh shit!”

“What is it, honey?” she said with some alarm.

“Oh God! I’m sorry, Mary Beth. I’m sorry. I didn’t know I’d… Oh shit.” I was so embarrassed I was ready to crawl home. I have to say I wasn’t being very manly now that I’d come. I had tears in my eyes when she looked up at me.

“Oh, honey. Don’t go crying. What’s wrong?”

“I… I come in my pants. I’m sorry.”

“Oh,” she sighed like it was a relief. “You come just because I was kissing you and you were holding my boobies? Really? Oh, honey. I really turn you on that much?”

“Mary Beth, you’re the most wonderful woman I ever met. And that ain’t just because were sitting here half naked. What you do to me, I didn’t even know was possible.”

“Well that’s good. Beckie told me that I’d enjoy it more if I got my man off before we made love. She said the first time she did it, he was in her and it was over before she got her engine started. I figured it would be harder to do than just me kissing on you.”

“I’m just so embarrassed to fill my pants like that.”

“Hey. We’re young. I’ve never done the things we’re doing and I guess you haven’t either. I come a little one while you were sucking on my nips. It was just so dreamy. So don’t be embarrassed. Let’s just get you out of those wet, icky jockeys. And you can do the same for me.”

“Really? You still want to… you know?”

“Honey, my panties are probably just as wet as your jockeys.”

She set about pulling my boots off and then my jeans and undershorts. They were plenty wet and sticky all right. She used the dry panel to wipe things up and then damned if she didn’t get some of that sanitizer soap and rub me down. The cowboy was ready to ride again in no time. She just looked at it and kept stroking on it.

“What do you like, honey?”

“I like what you’re doing. A lot. Maybe too much unless you think it’s best if I come twice. Oh Jesus, Mary Beth.” She stopped stroking me and laid back.

“Now you do me,” she said. I moved my bare ass around so I could reach her boots and pulled them off. Then I unfastened her jeans button and unzipped them. She shivered as the zipper came down.

“You okay, beautiful?”

“Oh yeah,” she sighed. “I’m just excited. Cole, nobody’s seen my pussy before ’cept the OB/gyn when she examined me and put me on the pill. Certainly, no boy. I want you to see me like I just saw you. I want you to touch me in all my special places.” Well, that was pretty much invitation enough and I pulled her jeans and panties down off her hips. She lifted up a bit so I could get them off and I saw the most beautiful light brown tuft of fur come into view between her legs. Everybody in my family is kind of dark blonde or light brown. Mary Beth was light brown, up and down. When the jeans were off, I ran my hands up both legs and she parted them a little so I could see. “Do you like it, Cole?”

“I like everything about you, Mary Beth. You’re beautiful. But, I don’t know what to do. What do you want me to do next, honey?”

“Just kind of lie here beside me and kiss me some more? Is that okay? And you can let your fingers do the walking and finding more places to touch. Just be real gentle and when you get close, I’ll show you where my little button is.”

Well, that’s what we did. We kissed and touched. I found her damp curls with my fingers and the slippery channel between her lower lips. She didn’t want me to push a finger inside her, but she guided it up to her clitoris and taught me how to rub her just a little right alongside it. And she did come. Then we just held each other for a few minutes.

“That was so much better than doing it to myself,” she whispered. “I’m so ready to make love to you, honey.”

“Do you want me to… like… lick it first? That’s what I read was supposed to happen.”

“Those are just stories. I mean, sometime, I’d like you to lick it. And sometime, I want to suck on your cowboy till you come in my mouth. But just now, I just want you to push yourself inside me and tell me that I’ll always be your favorite cousin and you really do think I’m beautiful.”

“There’s no question about that. You never think you’re beautiful because you’re tall. But I’m taller than you now. I don’t know what other reason you have to think you aren’t beautiful. You’ve got the sweetest face in the world. You’ve got the deepest green eyes I’ve ever seen with those little flecks of gold in them. I could look into your eyes all day.” While I was talking, Mary Beth was busy, too. She tore open a condom and pushed me back then figured which side was right side out and started to roll it onto my dick. I wasn’t quite hard, but it didn’t take a second of her playing there for me to come up full. It was a strange feeling rolling on one of those things. It cut in and put pressure all around my hard-on. When it was finally in place and I’d managed to pull the couple of caught hairs out of it, she lay back and opened her arms and legs to me.

“Come to me, Cole. Be my very first lover and let me be yours.”

I got between her legs and positioned myself where I’d felt her tiny opening. I looked into her eyes and she nodded. I pushed forward. I didn’t get very far.

“I know you want to be gentle, honey, and thank you. But you gotta push through that barrier. I know it’ll hurt a little, but I want it. Just, when it breaks stop and let me get used to you. Do it, honey. Do it.”

I did it. She gasped a little and squinted her eyes. I tried to stop, but just kept slowly sliding in, encouraged by her pulling at my hips.

There was a flash of a shadow on my left shoulder and I jerked my head around and saw a redtail hawk diving toward the meadow. My mouth was open, but it was that hawk that let out a long shrill cry.

Traveling: Loving Laramie

If you watch an old western on television and see a big bird screeching down out of the sky, chances are it isn’t an eagle’s cry you are hearing. The masters of the air have wimpy little voices. It’s almost a whistle. But that’s not very dramatic so the Hollywood types went hunting for a bigger sound that would match the majesty of the National Symbol. They came upon the Red-tailed Hawk. That predator isn’t as big as an eagle, nor does it fly quite as high. But its scream will fill a valley and freeze its prey to the spot.

My eyes snapped back to my lover, my sweet, sweet cousin, who had me wrapped tight in her velvet sheath and was moaning under me with her eyes tightly closed as I sank my full length into her.

“Oh my God, Mary Beth!” I said, closing my own eyes in ecstasy.

She slugged me.

I don’t mean slapped. I don’t mean love-tapped. She caught me with a round-house right to the jaw that knocked me clean out of the saddle. Or in this case, onto a saddle with the horn poking me in the ribs. Two beautiful horses, a buckskin and a pinto grazed near us.

What the fuck?

I retreated a little. She was staring at me while she reached to pull up her buckskin trousers.

“Don’t call me by your white whore names, Kyle Wardlaw! Go back and practice some more.”

“Wait, Laramie! I don’t know what happened. You musta misunderstood me. I said, ‘Oh my God, oh yes!’ That was it. Sweet Laramie, don’t get dressed. It’ll be good. I promise.”

“It hurt.”

“But the hurt part is over. Don’t give up before we get to the good parts.”

Something was really wrong here. I was hearing the words coming out of my mouth, but I wasn’t saying them. Laramie? Who the hell was this girl in buckskins who looked so much like Mary Beth that I still couldn’t tell the difference? And, where was I? The woods around me looked different and even the little meadow—it smelled different, sweeter. And now I was picking up more than the voice coming out of this body. I was hearing what he was thinking, too. It wasn’t all that pretty.

Kyle genuinely believed that if he got between the girl’s legs and started pumping, she’d be fine. It was his first time and all he knew about sex came from watching horses and cows and listening to the whores where he lived. It wasn’t my fight. I was getting out of here.

Well, that was a problem. I tried to jerk myself back into my real body, but all that happened was that this Kyle jerked back so hard he practically cracked a rib on that saddle horn. How the hell was I supposed to get back to me? And what was happening to poor Mary Beth?

The girl moved toward Kyle to see if he was okay. He was groaning, but I suddenly felt him tense and knew he was going to grab her and force her. Shit!

No! I screamed in his head. I stopped the hand as it was rising. I put him in his place and told him to sit still and be quiet. I could feel his consciousness receding and suddenly I had full control of the body. Maybe I could get out of this without having the half-breed girl kill us. Half-breed? So that was it. The things that Kyle knew were slowly seeping into my consciousness. Laramie’s mother had run off Cheyenne father and went to a reservation in Montana in 1872. Laramie and her mother had come back to live where her ancestors had.

And damn, she was beautiful. I could tell now some of the subtle differences between her and Mary Beth. Her hair was a little darker. Her eyes were like coal. And just as likely to catch fire.

“Laramie,” I said, finally making Kyle’s mouth work as I raised my hand slowly to her cheek. “Beautiful girl, I’m sorry I hurt you. You made me so excited I got carried away. I never want to hurt you. You are the most beautiful girl in the whole of southern Wyoming. Even your name is like you are the spirit of the territory. Let me show you how much I like you.” I was stroking her cheek and little by little she was leaning into my hand. I shifted down off the horn of the saddle and just leaned back, pulling her with me. She came a little hesitantly, but leaned in until I could reach her lips and kiss her.

She jerked back away from me and looked at me curiously. She touched her lips.

Kyle, you idiot! You didn’t even kiss her?

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “You’ll like it. Taste my lips with your tongue. Just like I tasted you.”

What followed was about the sweetest most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in either body. You’ve got to remember that when Laune walked up and kissed me in the bus parking lot, she pretty much smashed her lips against mine and rammed her tongue in my mouth. I was a little gentler than that when I kissed Mary Beth that first time, but I didn’t have much experience to go by and after the first one, we were zero to sixty as soon as our lips touched. Not so with Laramie. She bravely and tentatively touched my lips with hers and pulled back as if I’d bite her.

“That’s it,” I whispered. “Come here and kiss me, Laramie.”

She leaned in again and I made my lips as soft as I could and opened them slightly. She kissed me softly. Her tongue licked lightly at my lips and she was surprised when mine touched it. She pulled back a little and smiled then she came back for more. I just got lost in her. While we were kissing, my hand slid up under her buckskin shirt and I started playing with her tits. She didn’t wear anything under her buckskins and they were almost as soft as she was. I was beginning to see and feel more differences between Laramie and Mary Beth. Laramie was just a little smaller in the chest and was skinnier overall. I guessed she was pretty athletic and ate a lean diet. But her nipples were every bit as sensitive as Mary Beth’s and looked like they could be twins. I pulled the shirt up and over her head. She was beautiful, shy, and even a little aggressive as she started pulling at Kyle’s shirt. I helped as best I could getting it off over my head and suggesting in my mind that he could do with washing his clothes and his pits.

Laramie didn’t seem to mind too much and we went back to kissing with our bare chests pressed against each other. In any timeline and with any partner, I don’t think there will ever be a feeling that I like better than having my bare chest pressed against a girl’s bare breasts. We rolled over onto the coarse horse blanket. I pushed my pants off my legs, having to kick my boots off first. Laramie saw what I was doing and pulled her own trousers off. She lay back as if she expected me to just get on like Kyle had, but I lay down beside her instead. I kept kissing her and leaned down to kiss her little nips while I let my hand wander down her flat tummy to her sparsely-haired pussy. I wondered if maybe she was a little younger than Mary Beth so didn’t have as much hair. Well, I didn’t care. Whatever this timeframe was, she was an adult and an equal participant in what we were doing.

I found her slit was wet and slippery. She shuddered and moaned when I found her clit and started playing with it. Her eyes snapped wide open as she looked at me with a mix of fright and elation and came with a howl. She pushed me away. I thought maybe I’d gone a little overboard with the girl and we were back to square one, but her eyes trailed down my body (or Kyle’s) to a pretty impressive erection. Without another word, she threw a leg over me and got her pussy opening lined up with my cock and started sinking down on it. She was moaning and practically jumping up and down on my cock like a wild thing. I could feel the come boiling up in my balls and opened my mouth howl my own orgasm. Just as my mouth opened I saw the shadow and heard that unmistakable screech of Redtail.

Loving Mary Beth

“Oh, Laramie, I love you!” There was a moment’s disorientation as I felt the world roll me over and turn me inside out.

She slapped me.

I looked down and shook my head. Staring up at me were those green eyes with gold flecks that I’d come to love over the past few weeks.

“What did you call me? What? Am I so big you think of me as a whole city?”

“Ma… Mary Beth,” I panted. “Beautiful. You are just so beautiful. Don’t you think Laramie is just one of the prettiest words you ever heard? I had to scream and I didn’t want it to be vulgar. I didn’t want to yell ‘Oh fuck!’ because you’re too beautiful for that. But I just had to yell something and Laramie was the prettiest word I could think of.” Jesus, I was working harder to put this right than Kyle had with Laramie. I had no idea what had happened to me. I just knew that Mary Beth was the reality that I knew and I wanted her to be the center of my being.

“Oh Cole. I don’t know if I should believe you or think you’re full of shit. Do you love me, Cole? Like you said?”

“I do, cousin. I hardly know what love is all about, but I love you more than just as my next-door neighbor cousin.”

“Well, I love you, too, but you know we can never be like a couple, right?”


“I want to make love to you whenever we can get away. I want to feel you kissing me all over. I want to suck you sometime and feel you spurt your cream in my mouth. But we can’t be a couple. We can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend or anything else, honey. You know that, right?”

“Yeah. I guess I know that, but I don’t want this to just be a fuck we had to lose our virginities. You know?”

“I know, honey. And it isn’t. It isn’t even over yet today, so let’s not borrow trouble from tomorrow.”

“Can we just love each other?” I asked. “Can we just—when we’re together—forget about what can and can’t be? Beautiful, you just gave me the most wonderful gift of my life and I haven’t even begun to show you how wonderful I think you are.”

“That’s my Cole. Let’s get that used condom off and get you ready for another round. I’m sure ready. That was terrific!”

So that was my first time. It’s funny how your mind works, isn’t it? I mean if anyone really knows how the mind works. In those first few strokes when I was inside Mary Beth, every one of which I remember clearly, I also spent a whole afternoon making love with a beautiful half-breed girl sometime back in the 1880s or 90s. And I remember every single thing that happened there, too. It’s like I have two different people’s memories in my head. I remember other stuff that was floating around in Kyle’s head. I know his horse was the buckskin and its name is Bolt. We were the same age, but I don’t know when his birthday is. And it was his first time, too, though he’d got a different idea of what was supposed to happen. Apparently, I only got the surface thoughts. I kind of took control when I discovered he was going to be an ass.

I don’t think he really is an ass. I think he meant right, but just didn’t know what he was doing. I hoped he and Laramie would work things out—partly because I was hoping that someday I’d get to ride in his head and body again and… and make love to Laramie again. I meant it when I told Mary Beth I loved her. But damn. When I screamed ‘Laramie, I love you,’ it wasn’t just my orgasm talking.

I wish I knew if she was real.


Remember that phrase all the religious nuts were using? Carol Ann Meyers came up to me one day in the hall at school senior year when I was having a particularly bad meltdown. I hardly remember what it was all about at the time, but it seems to me that it might have been the day I found out Sid got Laune pregnant. I couldn’t believe how stupid either of them had been. It wasn’t like I still wanted to date Laune, but she had been kind of special during my freshman year and every once in a while, when no one was looking, she’d still open up her vest and show me the hard points of her nipples sticking into her t-shirt. Then of course, she’d follow it up with some catty little remark like “Too bad you didn’t have a driver’s license,” and sigh. She’d run off and join Sid someplace and I’d be standing in the hallway with a boner.

It’s just that Mary Beth had taught me really well. First, to keep my pants zipped and if I couldn’t do that to keep my cowboy covered. Her friend Beckie had real problems that summer she got pregnant. Mary Beth took her to Cheyenne and got an abortion, but then Beckie got so depressed that she almost killed herself. She didn’t go to college that fall like she planned to with Mary Beth. Instead, she went back to fooling around with the same guy that knocked her up the first time and this time when she got pregnant she told him and he married her. I saw her the next summer and she was carting around a little baby and had a big bruise on her cheek. I could just see Laune and Sid being in the same situation only worse. They weren’t even out of high school yet. What the fuck was she thinking?

Anyway, I guess I was taking it out on my locker when Carol Ann came up beside me and laid a hand on my shoulder.

“There, there, Cole,” she said. “WWJD?”


“What would Jesus do?”

“Oh.” Only what I heard got jumbled up a little and I started thinking immediately, “What would Jason do?” I kinda liked Jason Bourne. I’d read all of Ludlum’s books. You gotta have something to do when you’re riding herd up on the ridge. Hell, he’d just pick up a ballpoint pen from a desk and jab it into Laune’s gut, right into the fetus so she’d abort. Then he’d use the same pen and jam it into Sid’s eye so far it came out the back of his head, the stupid fuck!

Except Jason was way too cool for that. He’d just walk away. Laune was nothing to him and she looked happy. Sid was going to suffer enough on his own. What was it to Jason Bourne? It’s not like one of them is going to hunt him down.

And that’s where I differed with Carol Ann. Apparently to her, what Jesus would do was to loudly lecture Laune and Sid in the hall about the evils of premarital sex and how they were cursed to a life of misery because they didn’t follow the Lord.

I guess Jesus and I were both wrong and Jason was right. Last time I heard, Laune and Sid had three kids in three years before they figured out what caused it. Sid went straight out and got clipped. They moved up to Casper and Sid fixes computers for a living. He was always good at that. I guess they’re happy. What Jason would do is just walk away.

It’s what I should have done with Kyle.

First Girlfriend

For a while there, I thought that I was going to get transported to the 1800s every time I had sex, but Mary Beth and I disproved that the first weekend of August when I got down from my time with the herds. There isn’t really a whole lot to do up there unless something spooks the cattle or a few wander off. Mostly the dogs take care of things, but there’s always a rider nearby. The worst things we watch for are thunderstorms and cougars. Thunder and lightning are the things most likely to spook the cattle into a stampede. Cougars? Well that’s where some of the wandering cows end up. You gotta be careful to keep the dogs away from the cougars, too.

But when I got back, I had two days off before I had to start baling the second cutting of hay. I called Mary Beth the day I got home and told Mom and Dad that now I had my license, I’d like to go camping for the weekend. Dad tossed me the keys to the truck and told me I had work to start on Monday and not to be late. How cool is that? I loaded my camp gear in the back of the truck, and hung my rifle from the rack in the rear window and by dinner time I was on the road. I knew where to drive to, though, and it was straight through Centennial. Beckie lived just beyond Miller Corner and that’s where Mary Beth had her Cavalier parked with all her gear. We tossed it in the back of the truck and headed for the mountains.

We made a stop at the first truck stop on I-25 to get another box of condoms and then high-tailed it to Boulder. Mary Beth wanted to show me where she’d be living this fall and we both just wanted to be a long way from where anybody knew us or knew that we were related.

We set up camp in the state park on the Front Range in a place that might not have been completely legal, but once the tent was up and the air mattress was inflated, we hardly came out of the tent again all weekend. At first, I was a little nervous, but it hadn’t been all that bad the first time I traveled back, so maybe it wouldn’t be this time either. I didn’t need to worry because we made love all weekend long and I never left the tent with Mary Beth. Apparently, it wasn’t sex that sent me time-traveling. I was tempted to tell Mary Beth all about what happened, but decided that this was one of those things that you just don’t tell anyone. Besides, who wanted to put a damper on that weekend?

We did get up and broke camp on Sunday afternoon. We drove into Boulder to walk around the campus. I was a little sad and maybe jealous that she’d be gone in just a few weeks. We wandered around and ended up in this big circle area in front of the library. Mary Beth looked around like she was getting her bearings and then stood right in the middle of the courtyard. She called me to her.

“Kiss me,” she said.


“No. On my lips. Come on. I want a really good one.”

There was still a summer session going on and people were walking around, but I walked over to her and started a slow easy kiss. I remembered what I’d done with Laramie and just caressed her lips with mine, tickling them with my tongue. It didn’t stay slow and easy all that long. We got pretty hot, even though I tried not to let my hands get carried away. I could hear some laughs and a rude comment or two, but I just ignored it. This was what Mary Beth wanted.

When she pulled away she looked into my eyes. I called them witch’s eyes. Green with those gold flecks. You’d think she could see right through you.

“Every day I’m here on campus, I’m going to come to this spot. I’m going to close my eyes and think of you kissing me right here—on the lips. And you’ll know how much I love you, Cole.” She just took my hand and led me back to the truck. You gotta love a pickup truck with a big bench seat and a middle seatbelt. She was tucked under my arm all the way back to Beckie’s.

Well, the end of August came and Mary Beth moved. I volunteered to drive her down, but her parents were pretty set on doing the job themselves. The night before she left, we both left our houses and met in the big pasture halfway between us. We made love out under the stars until it was almost dawn.

“Cole, you got to promise me that you’ll not sit there moping around all winter. You got a driver’s license now. You can go into town and pick up a girl for a date and have some fun. I want you to do that, Cole. I might meet someone I want to have some fun with, too. Remember, we aren’t a couple no matter how much we love each other. We’re never going to get married and have babies. But honey, I’ll always be your lover.”

My sophomore year in high school started kind of sad, but I saw the sense in what Mary Beth said. I’d pretty much finished my growth and was 6’3” and a slim 195. But I was strong and wiry from working on the ranch all summer. I guess some girls like that look.

One of them was Geneive Murrieta. Her dad ran a Basque restaurant in town and it had a really good reputation. It was the kind of place where they just seated you at a long table with everyone else who came in and served most of the food except your entree family style. She was pretty damned cute, too. I suppose she wouldn’t have seemed so short to most guys, but her 5’1” put the top of her head just below my collar bone. I could put an arm around her waist and carry her on my hip like a baby. Everything about her was tiny. Tiny feet. Tiny hands. Tiny titties. Yeah, you guessed it. A tiny pussy, too.

I found that out on our third date. We went to a movie and when we got back in the truck, she was all over me. She had the cowboy out of my pants and her tiny mouth around its head before I got out of the parking lot.

“Easy there, sweetheart,” I said. “I don’t want any accidents if I hit a pothole. I’d like to keep that cowboy intact.”

“You better find a good place to park then, boyfriend. Otherwise I’m going to straddle your lap right here and plant my pussy all over your friend.”

I didn’t think it was that great a movie, but who understands chick flicks? Once I got us out of town and onto a nice quiet farm road, Geneive was naked in a flash and pulling at my clothes. I got stripped down which involved moving out from under the steering wheel and being practically thrown on my back. I had a condom out and barely got it rolled on before Geneive was sinking down on my pole.

“What’s got into you, sweetheart?”


“Yeah. I sure am and you are tight around. I’m not going to last long at the rate you’re going.”

“Go ahead. Fill me up. I wanted this from our first date. Third date is the charm.”

She was a vigorous lover and even though her titties were small, compared to, say Mary Beth or some of the girls who sported double-Ds already at 16, they were really sensitive and she came three times before I finally unleashed a load. Geneive collapsed on top of me, protected by my arm from hitting her head on the steering wheel. She just lay there panting until I started to shrink out of her and reached down to grab the condom.

She looked at it like she hadn’t known it was there.

“Why’d you put that on?” she asked. “You think I’ve got a disease?”

“Condoms prevent lots of things besides disease,” I said.

“I don’t care if I get pregnant. I love you.”

“That’s not a one-sided decision to make, sweetheart.”

“You mean you don’t love me so you wouldn’t get me pregnant?”

“I care about you just enough to make sure neither of us gets saddled with a kid when we’re not even seventeen.”

“I still wouldn’t have cared. I hate school. I’d rather sit at home with a baby.”

“And eat what?” I asked. “Is your daddy going to just feed you from the restaurant every day without you lifting a hand? Or did you think I’d marry you if you had my baby and go to work at Walmart so you could stay home with that precious little one?”

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“No, I wouldn’t. So, the best thing is not to have a baby. Now, I’ll practice with you all you want. You’re pretty amazing and I could really fall for you. But this cowboy don’t go in that corral without rubber boots.”

I pretty much figured that ended our fucking and probably our dating, but I was in for a surprise. Geneive pushed me back and slurped my soft cock into her mouth. I started to respond almost instantly.

“We don’t need rubber boots for this, do we?” she asked, grinning.

“No sweetheart. You can have as much of that as you want. I’ll even return the favor.”

“Really?” There was a mad scramble in the truck and somehow, we managed to fit a sixty-nine around the steering wheel. There was a little leftover taste of the rubber on her pussy, but that disappeared pretty quickly and was replaced by a flood of sweet juices that were all hers.

I wasn’t very proficient at pussy-licking. Mary Beth and I had done it a couple times and it wasn’t like I didn’t like it, it’s just I wasn’t always sure I was any good at it. Based on Geneive’s response, though, I seemed to be doing pretty well. And all the noise she was making as she sucked on my cock was sending a bunch of new thrills up and down my spine and straight through my balls.

“Sweetheart, I’m about to come. I can’t hold back.” She didn’t change her rhythm or her position so I just relaxed and buried my nose in her puss while I let ’er rip. I swear, Geneive came with me, even while she was swallowing my load and bathing my face.

I’m not much on sports. I’ll watch a football game and cheer for the Cowboys just like anyone else, but when it comes to playing sports I figure if it isn’t done on horseback why bother? In case you’re a Dallas fan, you should know I’m talking about the University of Wyoming Cowboys, not the North Dallas 40. Mostly, though, that just means that I’m a tall skinny guy who doesn’t play basketball. Kind of narrows down the dating pool. With Geneive that was a moot point. Once in a while I’d attend a high school ball game if there seemed like a reason to—like I was meeting Geneive at the game and then leaving. She became really special to me really fast. It seemed she’d set her sights on me the first day of school and I wasn’t complaining.

We used ballgames as an excuse to date and Dad raised his brows a little at my sudden interest. I noticed he never got more specific than “Who won?” the next morning. I always remembered to check in with Sid to find out before I went home. We’d managed to stay pretty good friends in spite of the fact that Laune still teased me once in a while.

“I guess you really like us girls with tiny titties,” Laune whispered to me in the hall one day. “Do Geneive’s stand up in little points and push her t-shirt out when you look at them like mine do?” Then she giggled and ran down the hall to grab Sid’s hand before I could respond. Sid, what did you save me from?

Of course, she was right. There was something about those little bumps on Geneive’s chest that just cried out for me to catch them in my lips and tongue them until she came. And for Geneive’s part, I think she caught Laune one day because the next day I couldn’t help but notice there were no bra straps showing through her t-shirt. She was wearing a pair of bib overalls over the t-shirt—it was all the fashion among the town-girls—and it seemed like every time I looked at her, one tit or the other was poking her t-shirt out just to the side of the bib. I walked around bow-legged all day.

I never will understand girls and fashion. There were at least a dozen city-girls wearing some form of bibs that day—full overalls, shorts or cut-offs, and even one who’d cut the crotch out and sewed it into a mini-skirt. The ranch girls all hated the idea of wearing ‘work clothes’ to school and even though we had a pretty fair selection of skin-tight blue jeans, they were usually some Guess or Gloria somebody brand and not the usual work Levi’s or Wranglers. And those tight jeans were always topped by a cute shirt, sweater, or blouse. A lot of country girls came to school in dresses, but some of those were forced to by their parents. We still had some pretty strict notions of propriety on the ranches.

Well, as it happened, this was a Friday and I had standing permission to stay in town on Friday night to go out with friends after school and then to whatever ballgame there was that night. The fact that Geneive and I seldom actually made it to the game didn’t matter.

“Well, hers or mine?” Geneive asked as we drove away from the school. I glanced over at her trying for just a second to figure out what she was talking about. She’d pulled off her jacket when she got in the truck and unbuckled the straps on her bibs so the front fell forward and just the dangling buckles were over her shoulders. She’d worn a white t-shirt and her dark tits were clearly visible under it. I swerved and got my eyes back on the road. “Well?” she asked again.

“Darlin’, I don’t know what ‘her’ you’re talking about. I can’t see nobody else but you.”

“Sweet-tongued devil. You know what I’m talking about. Laune’s been showing you her tits for over a year now. Even her boyfriend knows about it. She spent half the day today pointing him at mine. So, you like mine better or Laune’s?” she repeated.

“I’m stickin’ with what I said first. I mighta looked at Laune a little. It’s hard not to. But I got eyes for nobody but you.”

“Good. Let’s go out on Comanche Road to that abandoned barn you showed me. I want you to get a better look at these.”

I swung north out of town like she told me to and when she slid over to sit in the middle seat I put my arm around her. I had to look again, ’cause all I felt was skin. That t-shirt had come off as fast as her bibs went down. She pulled my arm around her as she leaned against me and put my hand on her right tit.

“I love that you love them, Cole. I love that you want to look at me and touch me. I love that you always want to make me feel good. You’re different than anybody else, lover. You’re gentle and still get a little rough when we both get going. Just enough most of the time.” Her hand was in my lap and had unzipped my pants to ease the pressure down below. “Don’t you know I want to do everything with you?”

“God, Ginny, we do just about everything and I can’t get enough of you. Just let me get us to that barn before I drive off the road.”

I did get to the barn and Geneive showed me a bunch of stuff that we hadn’t done yet for the next six hours. I know you’re thinking I should know all this stuff by now, but besides Geneive, I’d only been with Mary Beth and that one amazing time with Laramie. Mary Beth and I were learning the basics from each other, but neither of us had much experience to teach the other. Laramie had scarcely known what sex was and had never been kissed when we met.

I didn’t want to ask about where Geneive got all her knowledge. She’d say something about “online” or “I saw this on a site.” But I didn’t think that could all come from just browsing the web.

Like kissing.

I know I talk a lot about screwing Geneive, but that wasn’t all we’d do. There were times when we’d just lie there together for a while and kiss and kiss and kiss. She had the softest lips ever just caressing and loving at me. And then she’d turn into the most insistent open mouthed and all-tongue kisser on the planet. I never knew what to expect when her lips touched mine.

Tonight, she wanted me to do a kissing tour of her body. Of course, I spent a long time on her lips. But I guess I spent just as long kissing up her face, her eyes, her ears—that little spot just behind her ears that always seemed to drive her crazy. Then down her neck and throat that was vibrating the whole time with her moans. Oh yeah, that hollow in her shoulders at the base of her neck—some reason that’s like a huge target for me and I just loved that she was letting me or actually asking me to kiss her all over. I was afraid she might be ticklish there when she scrunched her head to that side a little but she pulled it back upright to give me better access and just whined as I let my soft lips move under her shoulder bone to the top of her chest.

I love to kiss and suck her tender nipples, but I had the feeling she wanted me to try everyplace else instead of focusing on them. I couldn’t resist just a little tongue lap across those hard points she’d been showing off all day. Then I continued down her sides and across her belly.

“There! Cole. Oh God! Right there. What are you doing?” I was just kissing her sort of above her pelvis to one side. She tensed up and moaned long and loud. “I loved that, Cole! I loved that! I didn’t know I was so sensitive right there. Oh Lord! that was intense. No, not again. Don’t touch it again right now. It’s too sensitive there.” I glanced up at her face and from where I was, I could see the hard points of her nipples sticking out even further than usual.

Do you know how many little hollows there are on a woman? I mean places where there’s a little dip in the skin like the top of the shoulder and under the shoulder bone on her chest and at the base of her neck and the little indent I’d found that was so sensitive above her pelvis and that spot where her thigh muscles have a tendon that connects and there’s a hollow spot on either side of it and behind the knee and at her ankle. Every single one of them seem to have nerves that are right at the surface and each time I found one, Geneive would moan and lift up off the seat of the truck arching her back. And when I finally reached the center—when her legs fully parted and she let me find the source of the heat I felt on my face—I touched the sweetest nectar I’d ever known. I kept up with just kissing for a minute but I couldn’t resist dipping my tongue in and bringing it slowly up across her clit. When she screamed this time, she was shaking all over and I quickly moved up to hold her in my arms while she sobbed against me.

“Oh Cole. I love you, baby. I don’t know how you did that to me. I just loved it.”

“You told me what to do, Ginny. I never would have known. I loved that I could do something to make you so happy.”

“Do something else to make me happy,” she said. “Get that cowboy dressed and put him in me. Make love to me some more, honey. Tell me how I can make you happy.”

By nine o’clock, we were both pretty damned happy—and hungry. We drove in to the Sonic on Grand in town. We ate, but we did as much feeding each other and cuddling in the truck as we did eating. I don’t know what that carhop thought when I rolled down the window for her to take our order and the smell in the cab rolled out. Her eyes kind of shot open in surprise, though, and I think she blushed. Could have been just the color of the lights in the drive-in, though.

I had a long talk with Mary Beth over Thanksgiving. Geneive and her folks went to visit relatives over the holiday. Mary Beth said she was happy for me and that I should have all the fun I could with Geneive. She wanted to know if I wanted to stop seeing her.

“I don’t know what to say to you, Mary Beth. I love you. Sure, Geneive and me have a lot of great sex, but we’ve never really talked about being anything more serious than we are. I don’t want to cheat on her, but I don’t feel the same about her as I do about you.”

“How about if we just cool it until Christmas and see if you develop deeper feelings for her, then,” Mary Beth suggested. That might sound real generous and all, but the fact was we were lying naked in each other’s arms in the hay loft of the horse barn at the time. It was Saturday night and Mary Beth was headed back to Boulder Sunday. I grinned at her.

“Yeah. Maybe we should not do this again until you get back at Christmas. After tonight, I mean.”

“After tonight. Show me that thing you did on our sides, again, honey. I think I’ll need to remember that when I get back to school. Like every night.” We rolled together again and I made love to Mary Beth softly and gently until we fell asleep under a big quilt we’d brought along.

The chat never came. I got out of school December 18, but Mary Beth didn’t get home until Christmas Eve. Any thoughts I had about getting together with either of my girls were shattered when Dad came in and said we had a sick herd. We had about 900 steers in the feedlot with over three hundred nearly ready for January market. A virus could kill our chances at January income if not kill our cows altogether. We had over five hundred yearlings in the back pasture getting ready for the spring drive to the upper range. Dad opined that some of the cows he bought at auction were sick and had spread the disease through the whole herd.

When your herd is sick there ain’t no holidays.

We had to administer antibiotics and vaccine to every single one of them. Mom was out in the pen with Dad and me and the two winter hands. Mom kept track of the tag numbers as we shot the cows up. I was sent out with the front-end loader to dig a hole and scoop up the dead cows and dump them in the pit. We couldn’t put them in the pasture, so I had to dig the pit in frozen rocky ground nearly half a mile south of the feedlot. It was pretty brutal. We lost fifty head, mostly from the young stock we’d just bought.

But it got worse. Uncle Angus called on Christmas morning and said his stock was coming down with the same virus. We hustled over and shot up another eight hundred head.

I was beat. So was everyone. We’d heard from half a dozen other ranchers that the virus had hit all over the county. Vaccines and antibiotics were getting to be in short supply and it was going to wreak havoc on all of us this winter.

I drove the front-end loader back to the equipment barn after I finished covering in the pit where I’d dumped eighty head. It was dark and before I reached the barn I slowed the tractor to a stop and looked up the snowy mountain where we’d have cattle this summer. I felt his presence before I heard his call.

Traveling: Caitlin

Kyle was riding into town on Bolt and I was riding in the back of his mind. He jerked his head around as if he heard someone talking, but just shook it off and sped his buckskin up as they headed toward town.

I guess I was so exhausted when I stopped the tractor that it didn’t throw me as much to be inside Kyle’s mind and body. He was just riding—a comfortable position for me. I just settled back to watch what was going to happen. It seemed Kyle was exhausted from a long trip, too. I’d almost come to believe it was a one-time thing and would never happen again, but here I was in a Wyoming that had no cars or trucks.

That didn’t mean there was no traffic. Kyle guided his buckskin around a mule train and handed the reins and a couple coppers to a stable boy to go take care of. He just grabbed his saddlebags and went into the saloon. He was hungry and had an itch that he wanted scratched. I wondered where Laramie was. The only reason I wanted to come back was to see her. But I didn’t know where she was so I’d have to ride along with whatever Kyle had in mind for a while.

What he had in mind was a steak and a couple beers. It was way too burned for my taste, but Kyle thought it was as good as it gets. As soon as he finished eating and paid with a silver dollar, he headed around the bar and showed a token to the doorkeeper. He was let through and I found myself in a roomful of half-naked women and a few cowboys.

There was a squeal from across the room and a little redhead came launching herself into my arms and planted a mouthwatering kiss on my lips and deep into my mouth.

“Mmm. Caitlin, you little wildcat. Get me a bath and scrub my prick. I want it buried deep in your cunt in half an hour.”

“You sweet talker, Kyle. I saw you come in to eat and got a bath ready. It’s in our room. Come on, stud. Make me scream.”

I followed Caitlin up the stairs, staying just outside Kyle’s consciousness. That little ass sure looked good as she tugged us along. I decided to just let this play out. Caitlin was out of what remained of her clothes and stripping Kyle out of his as quickly as she could. Something had changed here. My first trip into Kyle, he didn’t care how dirty he was or what he smelled like. Now, before he even thought about bedding this very willing and perky girl, he wanted a bath and he wanted his clothes washed.

Caitlin got right into the tub with me and started scrubbing the dirt from my face and hands. Then she moved down and kept washing, grasping my cock, and stroking it to full erection. She ground herself against me and captured my mouth with her lips and tongue again.

Kyle stood up in the tub, holding Caitlin up by her ass cheeks, and stepped out. Caitlin dropped to the floor and grabbed a towel to start drying him. She dried herself when he was finished.

“Come on, wild one. Let’s get that sweet cunt of yours in bed where it belongs.” He picked her up and deposited her in the middle of the bed climbing in after.

“Oh Kyle. Kiss me. Do all those things you do to me. I missed you so much.” Damn. Is this a whore or is she his girlfriend?

“Now you just settle down and let old Kyle take care of you.” With that, Kyle started kissing on Caitlin. When he got down to sucking on her nipples, Caitlin was writhing in the bed, moaning and pleading for more. His fingers dipped into her folds and began smearing the fluids around, paying special attention to her little bud. Caitlin was rapidly rising to an orgasm.

“No one makes me feel like you do, Kyle. Yes. Just a little more.” Caitlin tipped over the top and Kyle prepared to mount her. The damn prick was using all the things I taught him with Laramie to make the whores go apeshit over him. I read in his thoughts that Caitlin was only one of several who competed for his time, though she was his special girl. I figured it was time to up the ante a little and make him work more for his praise. I slipped past his consciousness and took control of his body before he could thrust into her.

“What are you doing, Kyle? You can fuck me now. I’d do anything for you.”

“And I love that about you, Caitlin,” I said. “I love it so much I’ve got something special for you tonight. You just lie back and enjoy.”

With that, I pushed back and kissed each of her nipples before trailing kisses all down her stomach. I found each of those little concave spots I’d discovered and kissed and licked them until she was writhing on the bed. I kissed that little spot just above her hipbone and before my tongue had slid down to her fuzzies, Caitlin lit up again. I didn’t stop there, though. I kept moving down and when Caitlin felt my breath parting her short hairs she jerked upright.

“What are you doing?”

“You got in the bath and scrubbed this sweet little cunt up for me. Now I’m gonna eat it all up.” I dove in. There was still a trace of soap on her hair and skin, but it wasn’t enough to deter me. I grabbed Caitlin behind the knees and rolled her up so her pussy was easier to get to. Geneive always loved it when I rolled her up in a little ball and started tongue lashing her pussy. Caitlin seemed to agree. Her scream was so loud that a minute later someone pounded on the door and pushed it open.

“You hurting her?” demanded the bulky presence.

“No Saul. Go away!” Caitlin screamed. “He’s wonderful. Do it again, Kyle. Do it again.”

The door closed behind the bouncer, and I dove back into Caitlin’s snatch. This time, just before she peaked, I rose up and shoved my cock straight into her pussy. I clamped my mouth over Caitlin’s as she screamed again and receded into the back of Kyle’s consciousness to leave him to the thrusting and moaning. Even back here, it was a great ride. We all came together and collapsed into a sleeping mass on the bed.

I made an important discovery that night that I didn’t have time for when I last visited. Kyle needed sleep, just like anyone else, but I didn’t. While he slept with his redheaded beauty tucked into his arm, I was free to roam around his mind and pick up a lot of information that wasn’t normally in his conscious mind. It was about all I could do. I could feel Caitlin pressed up against me and occasionally Kyle would breathe deeply and I’d smell the fresh soapy scent of her, but I couldn’t see anything with Kyle’s eyes closed and I hadn’t managed to connect to his hearing while he was sleeping. So, I spent that night picking up bits and pieces of a man I didn’t really care to know. Why the hell would I get plunked down into such a sewer?

Well, it wasn’t all his fault, I suppose. He’d grown up an orphan, living on the streets and running errands for food or scrubbing out pots behind one of the brothels. He’d pretty much grown up on Front Street, right where he was now sleeping. As soon as he was old enough to hold a gun, he started practicing with it and he’d killed a man in a fight when he was 13. He was considered a slow starter in the brothel where he lived for not having taken any of the girls until he was sixteen. That hadn’t been the end of it.

The bloody battles of early territorial Laramie were gone and the little town was preparing a big celebration next month for Wyoming’s statehood. But there were still men who thought nothing of getting what they wanted by intimidating or killing others. Kyle was sort of an enforcer. The name and image that came up most frequently in his thoughts was Cal Despain. Sheriff Cal Despain. Sheriff Despain used seventeen-year-old Kyle for ‘secret’ jobs. That word had been so pounded into his mind that during the night I was unable to pry out what the secrets were.

While I was surfing around Kyle’s memories, I finally located Laramie—or at least a general direction where she’d been when we had our last encounter. The bastard hadn’t even been back to visit her since he took her virginity almost a year ago. I was going to remedy that situation before I went back—at least if I could.

We woke up in the morning to the exquisite feeling of morning wood being sucked into a very wet and willing mouth. It was really distracting to me that I was completely locked inside Kyle’s body, so even though I was conscious and feeling the blowjob long before he woke up, I couldn’t tell who was going down on me until Kyle woke up and opened his eyes. That is, unless I wanted to take over the body and wake it up. It was tempting, but I was determined to just ride along and learn at this stage—except for that little demonstration last night. So, I could feel all the sensations, but I couldn’t really participate much. Okay, I finally took control long enough to thrust my hips forward and bury my cock a little deeper in the willing orifice, but that woke Kyle up and I retreated to watch as he opened his eyes.

Redheaded Caitlin was gone. Instead, a big, buxom brunette was bobbing on our morning wood. As slight as Caitlin was, this girl was big.

“Ellen Jane, what do you think you’re doing?” Kyle yawned.

“I’m gettin’ you ready for a ride, dahlin’. Making sure you got the nuts to give me what I want.”

“And what do you want, you big ol’ pig?”

“I wanna scream like you made Caitlin scream last night. She came out after you went to sleep and was so shaky on her legs she couldn’t service another cowboy for two hours. I want to know what that’s like and she told me some fine tales.”

Kyle shuddered a little at the thought of planting his face between those thunder-thighs. I guess I joined him a little, but I was pretty proud of myself, too. If my little escapade with Caitlin last night made it harder for Kyle to cheat his women of pleasure, I was happy. I didn’t really care if every whore in the brothel rode his mustache.

“You won’t smother me with that big butt of yours will you, El?” Kyle groaned.

Ellen rolled off Kyle onto her back and spread her legs.

“These legs might be big but they spread wide, kid. And Caitlin made me scrub the bush before I came to see you.”

“Thank Jesus for that,” Kyle muttered as he rolled over on top of Ellen and headed for breakfast at the Y. I gave him a nudge, though, and reminded him that he couldn’t take short-cuts. If he didn’t want me to take over he had to start at the lips with one of those kisses that started a girl’s engine. Surprisingly, Ellen received his offered kiss with tenderness that seemed out of character with the brassiness of the big woman. And she surprised Kyle with how good a kisser she was. Kyle was a little out of breath when he pulled his face away and our hard-on was almost painful.

“Ellen, you sure can kiss.”

“My old man was a good kisser before he got hisself killed. That’s the one thing I miss most working here. Most of those cowboys, I wouldn’t kiss if they tripled my wages. Is that how you got Caitlin so riled up last night?”

“Well, it was a start, but not the finish,” Kyle said. He kissed Ellen again and then started working his way slowly down the big woman’s body. To his credit, he spent the time to make sure he found every spot on her big breasts and bulging tummy that might pleasure her. I think they were both surprised when he found that spot just above her pelvis and below the fold of her belly that made her gasp and moan. I’m pretty sure no man had ever managed to touch her there. When Kyle reached her hairy pussy, Ellen was moaning and grabbing at the sheets. Her legs were spread out like a teenaged cheerleader. It took a few seconds for Kyle to lick his way through the hair and fat labia, but when he took his first long lick of the plentiful juices from her vagina to her clit, Ellen nearly came off the bed. Kyle began a steady assault on her clit, keeping his elbows up and wedged against the clamping effects of her legs on his head. Ellen’s pleasure escalated vocally and a gush of juice poured out of her pussy and into Kyle’s mouth.

“Oh Kyle! Get up here and plant that big cock of yours in my cunt! Ride me like a wild horse. Let me have that pole all the way up inside. Fuck me, little man! Ellen’s got everything you need right here!”

We got the wildest ride of my life. I’d never been with a woman the size of Ellen and I didn’t think Kyle had either. She wasn’t just big; she was strong. Kyle was hanging on for dear life as if he was breaking a wild horse. Ellen screamed and rocked her hips and beat Kyle with her heels until he hooked his arms under her knees and pressed forward with all his strength to pound into her. The explosion dizzied Kyle as he spurted into the big whore. He collapsed forward onto her tits and Ellen wrapped her arms around him and crushed him to her.

“Thank you, Jesus,” Ellen kept whispering. “Thank you for bringing the spirit of my man Harry into this boy. Thank you, Jesus.”

“I gotta tell you, Ellen. That was a hell of a ride. But it would sure be a hell of a lot easier to get my tongue in that sweet snatch of yours if it wasn’t so hairy.” He spit a little and pulled a couple of coarse hairs from his mouth. I don’t think he realized what he was starting with those words, but I bet the cowboys at the Bertha’s Wild Ride Saloon were going to have something new on the menu.

Kyle managed to get dressed in clean clothes and strap on an impressive pair of revolvers that stayed firmly holstered, but looked to be Smith & Wesson Model 3s. I was curious that he wore guns in town. Laramie was becoming more civilized as Wyoming headed for statehood. I was sure open guns would be frowned upon by the town marshal. Kyle looked at himself in the mirror as he placed his black hat on his head. I’d never thought to make him look at himself. It was the first time I actually saw what I looked like in this era. We were pretty close to the same build. He was a little shorter than me, but still tall for a man of that time. Most striking, however, were the intense blue eyes and hair so pale it was almost white and hung to his shoulders. I had blue eyes in my own body, but though light, my hair was much darker than Kyle’s. He cut an impressive figure and I could see why he was a bit vain.

He headed out of the hotel after a quick breakfast and walked out of the brothel area and across to Main Street. Laramie had four principal arteries and a number of cross-streets by this time. It had cleaned up Main Street where the respectable businesses were. There was a mercantile, chemist, and even a barber shop. All the less reputable businesses, brothels, saloons, and card rooms were on Front Street. Kyle stopped in front of the sheriff’s office.

“Cal? You there?” he called at the door.

“Get your butt in here and quit yowling on the street,” a gravelly voice commanded. Kyle obeyed.

Sheriff Cal Despain appeared to be a hard man. He’d risen to the position of sheriff on the coattails of the famous N.K. Boswell. Boswell was still around and had a big ranch southwest of town. It was a historic place in my time. I couldn’t remember from my history class if he was still warden of the prison in 1890 or not. Despain worked on Boswell’s ranch and when the opportunity came, Boswell stood him for election as sheriff. Folks still had a healthy fear of Boswell and Despain was elected without competition. Even the women of the town had voted for him.

“Did you get the goods?” Despain demanded.

“Yessir. Just like you said. The stage was hit by a gang of three. They killed the driver and guard, but told the three passengers to just stay in the coach and they wouldn’t be hurt. One of the robbers climbed up top and tossed down the strongbox. Another was down under the carriage. When he crawled out from behind, the guy who seemed to be giving the orders gave him a nod and I saw him light a fuse hanging out of the back. The one from up top gave the horses a smack with the whip and they took off like crazy. About a hundred yards down the road, the whole coach blew up.”

“Clever. They dynamited it. Well, how’d you get the money.”

“I just followed them nice and quiet to their camp and as soon as they settled down for the night I shot all three of them. I stripped them of everything like you said and burned everything that would burn. I loaded my mule with the strongbox and led their saddle horses with all their tack up into the mountains. After I cleaned out their saddlebags, I dumped a saddle in a dry gulch up high where the snow will come early, then set the horse free. A few miles later I did the same with the second horse and then the third. I took the strongbox to our cache and came into town. I didn’t even need to take anything for expenses since the robbers had plenty in their saddlebags for me to get my pole greased and have some fun.”

“Good. It won’t be long now before we can split things up and have all the money we need for life. You’ll either die a rich old man or some jealous husband will shoot you climbing out of his wife’s bedroom window.” They both laughed at the joke.

“Thank you kindly, sir, but I’d much rather live a rich man than die one.”

“Smart. But it’s time to ride again. Sit down.” Kyle sat across from the sheriff and looked at him expectantly. It was the first time I looked into Cal Despain’s eyes. There was something wrong there.

So far, I’d figured I was the only time-traveler there was. In fact, I hadn’t convinced myself yet that what I was experiencing was anything more than a mental aberration or some kind of wild dreams. I had an extremely lucid dream of being in a different time that only lasted a few seconds in real time. I had no evidence that it was anything else. But looking into Cal Despain’s eyes, I saw something wrong—as though someone else was looking out of them. I was making no effort to control Kyle at the moment, but I simply observed what he saw. The sheriff’s movements were jerky and a little off, like someone else was moving his hands as he unfolded a map on the desk.

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