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The Maid



The Maid..........



Author Warning.

1.This is a work of fiction...so any names and places used in the story has no real relation or what so ever.

2.Ihis is a work of sexual elements and mostly fantasies..so safe sex is advisable.

3.This is a work for adults and people who cared and interested in subject matter of younger man relationship with older women...therefore if anyone felt violated please do not go any further. Underage is advisable not to continue if do anything happened is not a responsible

or causalities of the story and the author.

(Please refer at your legal states rules)



Fantasy .Begin.

It is a whole new story.

My dad is a billionaire...owning large estates and companies in Europe. Therefore we live in a mansion next to the sea in the coast of Greece. My mom die when I was born and living dad and me alone. What make my life less happy was I often left alone in the mansion when dad had to travel all around the world.


Since then my grandma took care of me...schooling ....plays... and food...in the mansion with lots of maids and workers. It was not until she passed away 2 years ago...living me independently alone. Dad told me it is good for me to take care of myself and if any help wanted I could approach Anna, the housekeeper who looking after everything including the 20 over maids. Indirectly dad also ordered the maids to keep an eyes on me...but leaving me independently on myself.


Well...I was 15 at that moment. In fact I  am more mature than many children on my thinking and sexually...knowing what sex is ...and many normal guy stuffs. But I never question about women until............


Sara came...she is the a few of the replacement maids...for the mansion. Sara was a small person...blue eyes and dark hair...straight until the shoulder length.She is like a typical country girl from Greece. To me she is a sister. Her age was about 17 that time...cute...shy ...further she indeed was the youngest plus prettiest maid in my house....


However, I never get to know her until a few weeks after her arrival in the mansion.It was a total misunderstanding when one of the maid brought me some potatoes peeled.I was working on my art homework from school. Instead of ask her to get somemore potatoes...I headed to the kitchen to get them like I want them to be.So I bumped into Sara...


"I am sorry...I don't meant to hurt you." Sara said with her sweet voice.


"Nah...it's ok...I am the one should blame for...getting here and there with a rush"

I applied.




"Oh...just getting some potatoes...you know where they are?"me


"Yes,...I will get them for you."Sara


"Nah...I will get them myself."me


"Well...you should ask Mia before getting them..she is incharge for this kitchen..

if anyone want to take something."Sara



"Why can't I...I need them very much."me


"Well...you and I work here...it doesn't mean that we can take people thing"Sara


"I am sorry..."me




"I don't work here...I stay here.If that will clear your doubtness."me


"Oh...you mean you are..oh I am sorry ,sire...I apologize for my misbehave."

Sara..finally knew who I am.


"It's ok.I got to get those potatoes or I will not able to finish my homework."me


As I was reaching those potatoes... Sara asked.. "What are those for...sire?"

"It's for the art work I am doing...paste or somethings.."me..in fact I am really not good at art...therefore it was really frustrated for me.


"You seem a bit fussy...sire.Perhaps I can help you will you work."Sara offered.


"Well...I love to...thanks"me


So...off we went to the study room...Sara was a very careful and tender person. The way she handle art was remarkable. Slowly she taught me how it supposed to be...

And we work on it for an hour or two. It was the best homework I came out with..I am proud of it...so do Sara. Finally Sara excused herself... for me it's time to bed since it was already 11.00 pm.As I was going to bed...I decided to get some milk before I headed to sleep.So I came back to the kitchen.

What shock me next...was devastated...Sara was having her dinner in the kitchen at that time.I really felt bad since I had interrupted her time until she had to take her dinner so late.In fact, Sara was shock when seeing me there.


"I am sorry..I just jus want to get some milk"me


"Ok..sire.I will get it for you"Sara


"No..no..no.I will get it myself..it's ok. In fact I should apologize for making you to take dinner so late"me


"It is fine with me..."giving a little smile...Sara.


I took the glass of milk and sat next to Sara...ask "Sara...do you usually take dinner this late...?"

"Sometimes...if there is lots of work"Sara...so it went on ...with conversation about her and her family...Sara works...and so on. I seem to know her very long time ago.We talked ...and I joked lots to make her funny..in fact I like to see her laugh and smile.Finally...we had to call it the night since it was late.


Sara had made me feel differently from that day on. I always looking forward to see her everyday. When she was free, we talked ...in fact sometimes helped her with her work...although she hesitated at first..but the idea of a young boy learning how to do house chores had impressed her. To her , she never thought that a wealthy boy like me... would willing to do work like that... and so independent. For me of course... my grandma had trained me to be such a person since she actually came from a poor family...so do my grandpa...according to her.

A person shouldn't forgot his/her moral values eventhough they had became rich..

it was grandma valuable phase.Of course most important of all is I can able to stick around with Sara.


In a week, Sara and I became close friends...since her age is not much different from mine...we got along like normal teenagers. Sometimes.. I introduced her with lots of things books... computers... internet... music and so on. Of course we have to sneak around Anna because it might not be good for a young master to hang around a maid..for me ,I enjoyed the company of Sara since I don't have much friends.. most of them are arrogant. Certainly Sara sometimes took me to places in the mansion I never been before...such as the roof top... back door garden..mostly she talk about her childhood and her friends. I admired her friendly feeling. Things get usual...for a month or so...until an incident happened which made Sara and I came very close.


It was an afternoon, I came home earlier since I had canceled my activities in school.. there were optional. Once I was home... I headed to find Sara.I looked in the kitchens... laundries... gardens...and I still could find her. With disappointment... I walked passed the aisle to the garden. Then I heard some sound...it was like someone scream for help...I looked around and it was from the hut next the pool ..in the garden. I ran toward the hut ...and surprisingly saw... .........


One of the gardener trying to rip off Sara panty.. he was holding Sara tight... as Sara kept pushing away... and scream for help..they were on the couch in the hut...


"No..no please...don't hurt me....help! help! Help!" Sara


"Shut..up you bitch...not one will hear you...let me fuck you." the gardener slapped Sara...while his penis hard and point out.


I was shocked...and quickly grabbed a vase nearby...broke it into half by hitting it not the table. The gardener saw me...he was shocked too.


"Get away from her..."I shouted.


"Sire... I am sorry...she seduced...me ...sire please.."gardener.


"Get out of here...out..I don't want to see you here anymore...you are fired

out or I will call the police"..me.


He ran as fast as he could...to the gate...off he went.I look out to make sure he is truthfully gone...before I turned back to Sara. Sara was sobbing... her eyes were red..

her white bra was torn off...leaving the white breasts and her pink nipple exposed. Her panty was half torn...showing a portion of her pubic hairs. At that moment it was exciting to look at her...but when I started to calm down...I took a robe in the closet of the hut.. and covered Sara.


"Are you alright Sara...?" I asked...sitting next to her.


"...sire..."still sobbing..she hugged me...closer and leaning her head on my chest.


"It's alright...it's alright...no one will hurt you when I am here..." stroking her hair with my right hand... slowly we drifted into sleep. We slept almost all afternoon..before I woke up realizing that I am holding a half naked beauty on my arm. The feeling was very nice as though Sara belonged to me. Soon.. Sara woke up too.. she smiled... and kissed me on my cheek.


"Thank you...sire"...she moved up and rearranged her blouse and her skirt....After that we headed back to the house.. for assurance...I lead her to her room..

once again she kissed me..on my cheek and thanked me. I waited until she was safe before I headed to Anna to tell her about the gardener. Anna of course was furious and promised me to keep on eye on Sara...also took action upon the gardener. Finally...I also made sure Anna did not expose this incident to anyone else...she agreed.



The next morning, I brought Sara some flowers...it continued for the rest of the week. Sara's emotion got better..day after day... it seem that seeing me made her much more happier.In fact..I started to get to clue that she already attracted to me. Somehow...I was shy on this matter so was Sara...so our relationship just got closer now. Looking forward to she see everyday... so was she...and we usual end up with lots of laughter.


We continued to be friends for months..as teenagers...all the freedom we got.Not until Sara's mom joined the maids. Sara's mom was one of the three new maids hired to due the shortcoming of maids. It also meant that Sara and I will get less freedom since her mother will be keeping an eye on her too. Surprisingly.. it was the case...as Sara told me, her relationship with her parent was a bit distance. Coming from a very poor family...most of the time her mom and dad worked hard.So Sara and her siblings were always left alone.Therefore I was introduced by Sara...her mom... Mrs. Pivonski. She was a typical Greece women.. but I agreed she look classy ..additional gorgeous. Mrs. Pivonski doesn't look much like Sara..

As Sara said..she look more like her father..and some appearances of her mom.

I admitted her parents must be very great looking.


Mrs. Pivonski..her age was 44. She was kind of fair and curly hair long...and pretty in good shape for women her age. Her breast size was medium plus size.. and trim legs too. To me...she was very friendly... laugh a lots.So it was how she became one of our maids. Like Sara... she did have a day off..so she can go back to her family... but most of the time...she will be staying in the mansion. As time goes by.. Mrs. Pivonski and I was getting closer. The reason was she was assigned to take care of my rooms. Now I got a nanny...but all this feeling was wiped off when things really got out of hand.


We really got a bit too close. Mrs. Pivonski always mentioned to me how nice I am. Further she always gave compliments to on how well build I am and how handsome I am. Of course I had to admit that I am pretty in good shape since I am a runner for the school. The evidence that many girls always asked me out.. but due to my unsocial personality... I rejected most of them. Yes, I did went to some... parties as well... like usual teenagers. Teenagers..as I am one of them.. I do get curious with sex... my interest indeed was strong. I had some collections of  nude photos from the internet as well as some interesting stories. Like normal guy...I did masturbate sometimes... but it was a careful thing since maids were all around. But my sex drive had becoming obsessed... because of Mrs. Pivonski.

Her conversations and compliments made me feel that sex was a normal thing for her...it was what I assumed. And I was right beyond that...Mrs. Pivonski would always rewarded me with the glimpse of her bossom or her thighs. She knew I was looking at her.. and it was indicated with her smile.


Well, one day when I was working on my homework in my study room... Mrs. Povinski was there dusting. She was wearing a thin summer dress..from top to bottom. Suddenly I dropped my pencil case on the floor... so are my stationeries.. she quickly came to pick them up for me. As she bend down...helping me to gather those stuffs ...she was actually displaying her breast..with bra. But I was so obsess that she caught me.


"So you like what you see uh?" she smiled.


I was stunned... and couldn't speak out...but staring at her two beautiful breasts under the dress.I did got a hard on too!Then I look at her.Before I could response...

She smile and said "Surely you have seem lots of that..a handsome young man like you..."


"No..never..I never got that chance.."I blushed.


"Oh..sweetie ...you will...you will..." there she ended leaving the room...I was a bit frustrated.It seemed I my sex crave..was wild for Mrs. Povinski. However, later on I did felt a bit guilty since she was Sara's mom. Finally I couldn't take it anymore so I jack off all night.. shooting lots of cum...thinking about Mrs. Povinski.Now I started to realize she was different from Sara..Sara was very innocent and she was wild...naughty.


The next day.. like typical day,I was surfing the internet and Mrs. Povinski came in to clean my room. I got a hardon right away when I saw her.. she dressed in a very short blouse and a pink skirt. As she was cleanig...she found my underwear which I wore yesterday..(before jackoff) so it in fact has a portion of my cum.


"Well...well what you got to say uh?"she asked..holding it and showing it to me.


Without thinking I went straight to her and grab the underwear from her hand..


"Oh no...you don't..."she said..came running to me.


After chasing here and there...I end up on my bed..and Mrs. Povinski was on top of me...tickling me.I laughed and laughed..as I did..I was actually moving back and forward....sliding my hard penis through her thigh..between the skirt.Mrs. Povinski was high too...and grab my hard penis between her thigh and moving back and forward..in rhythm. I was so excited..and matched up..her speed...then she moved faster and faster...


"Uh...uh...uh...sweetie..."Mrs. Povinski.


"OHHHHHHHHH.........yyyyyyyyeeeeeeees."Mrs. Povinski.


I couldn't stand as she press  hard on my penis...moving her legs and her thights so fast...again and again....I felt I felt like I in her...I am all hers.....

 finally I came .Shot after shot came..in my trouse...and I collapsed.Mrs. Povinski...also had her orgasm..


"Sweetie...yeeeehhh... yeeeehhh...sweetie...sweeeetiiiiiiie, I ammmmm hoooot...hot

I am hoooot....uh uh uh uh....no no no......I am coming....coming......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"


So Mrs. Povinski collapsed on me. I was shocked at what had happened...and believe it.. we had  intercourse with our clothes on!

Without saying a word...she kissed me on my forehead... and left the room.

In dinner...we didn't even talk as she served the meal.I did keep very quiet and continuously recalling what had happened that afternoon.


However...it was not long before...Mrs. Povinski approached me while I was in the theater room watching movie. It was quite late...about 11.00 pm...when she came.

At first I did not aware of it...until she whispered on my ear..


"Was this afternoon good for you..sweetie..?"she said. Then she sat on the couch opening legs between me.. yes I was sitting on the floor leaning my back on the couch. So now...her legs were between my body...and she was on the couch. When I turned back.. I got my biggest hard on in my entire life.Mrs. Povinski skirt has lifted high...all the way up to her belly... revealing her white panty in front of me.


"So... should we continue where we left off today?"she gave a wicked smile.


Once again I was stunned...not knowing what to do..


"You are a virgin... isn't it sweetie?" Mrs. Povinski.

I nodded. "That's sweet ...darling..go ahead... touch them...there all yours.."


I obeyed quietly... and stroked her panty..as if it was my treasure...it was wet and a musky smell was coming in the way..


"Yes... yes sweetie...pull it down...it is all yours.."


So she move her hips higher so I could pull her panty down.It was wet and smell..weird..but I like it very much...I sniffed it.... " You can keep it sweetie.." Mrs. Povinski whispered again...so I put it into my pocket.


Now...in front of me was a women bush... wet and I could see the lip of Mrs. Povinski pussy...inviting me ..there I stroke her soft pussy hair..

I noticed Mrs. Povinski was very excited...and took my fingers and guide them into her pussy.


"Sweetie ..now I will teach you about what women is build out...yes...uh.."

I touched in her vagina...it was very wet and warm...there are texture...

Soft slippery...wave of skin... I again slowly moved in circular movement and went deeper in her pussy.

Suddenly I touched something...like a small stick ...

Mrs. Povinski shuddered and got an orgasm right away...she squeezed my hand and moved it motionly as my finger continously touching that tiny stick.Finally...she

Shuddred... and screamed with pleasure.I was excited too...and my penis was so hard and pain...poking on my trouses.


"Sweetie....wweeeeetie.. it was my clit... rub it.....play it ....make me come..."


...so again I started to rub her clit again...and again... with shock I pinched her clit and Mrs. Povinski jumped up and pull my head to her pussy...so I took out my fingers and put my tongue into her...licking and sucking her pussy..as Mrs. Povinski hip move up and back..I did that like a pro..that what I heard at school from some boys... the meaning of oral sex.


"Yes...yes ...eat me...you are a pro...my dear...Yeeeeeeesssssssss...

fasterrrr...faster....I am high.... I am yoursssss..... coming....comiiiiiinnnng...harder...yes ...yes ...yes harder..oooohhhhh

gooooooooood.... Your tongueeeee...sweetieee....yes yes yes... ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


She came...again  again...and again.

Finally she collapsed.


Suddenly... young sire! Young sire! Someone called...I was shocked..and pulled my tongue out quickly...and Mrs. Povinski gave out a loud scream..in pain.

But I ran to the called ...I knew Anna was telling it is bed time...so I got to got into bedroom before she found me. Leaving Mrs. Povinski there... I did finally made it safety.

In midnight...I jack off three times using her panty before I fell asleep.


For the rest of the next day...I didn't see Mrs. Povinski...but I did hang around with Sara. We did the usual stuff...talk... and listen to music.... But all the time, my mind was thinking about sex... and the question of whether I could make love to Mrs. Povinski or not. Well, actually things didn't go well for the next couple of days. I did not see Mrs. Povinski around... and that I was told by Sara, her mom went back for a few days since her dad was ill.


Until one night, after everyone had went to bed... well almost everyone, I came down from my bedroom to get some milk before I headed to bed. Just as I finished my milk...suddenly I heard someone knocking on the back door. It was dark, but I am sure it was somebody out there...further it was raining heavily outside. So I decided to check it out...what I was beyond my excitement. It was Mrs. Povinski!



"Honey... opened the door..."she shouted.


I rushed to the door and let Mrs. Povinski in. She was soaked...like a wet duck... carrying her bagpack. From her position, I knew that she just came back from her home.


"Oh...my lucky for me...to see you such late at night... why aren't you sleeping sweetie...?" she asked.


"I was about to when I saw you out there."me

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