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Blood Phoenix (Part Two)







The boat started to slow down as it reached the river bank. From the distance of paddies fields and cottages on the other side of the Red River and Duong River slowly vanished, then there were shops and warehouses buzzing with people selling and buying on side of the river. There were many piers on the river bank where boats, sampans and small junks made their stop sending goods and people.


Our boat stopped at one of the piers and the conductor called us off the boat. As we walked off the pier along the long wooden platform, I asked one of the kuli (worker of pier) where is the palace. He directed me to the main street where it will lead to Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. We walked passed several streets mostly with shops selling rice, nuts and fruits. We passed a lane where there were lot of trishaw and carts… into the main street. The street were wider and the shops were nicely decorated. Most of them have upper floors. The shops were mostly selling luxury good like clothing, jewelries, stationeries, tea houses as well as inns with food stalls.  


On the main street, there more Han Chinese buzzing around compare to the smaller streets where local Viet. I can presumed by the clothing they are wearing. From the distance, the citadel place gate was visible. The light red bricks and stone made the three storey gate look visible from far. Now there is no shops on both side of the main street instead large building and quarters with gates placed on the both side of the street. Occasionally, I can notice officials and Ming army guards coming in and out off those buildings.


Some even glance at us, wondering what is our business going to this area.


“Teng are you sure we can just walk right to the front gate?”


“We got to try… and I betting the guards and officials are Ming Dynasty should able speak Chinese”


I nodded… but who is going to believe us.


“State your business” in vietnamese, one guard asked… in front of the citadel gate.


“We are here to meet the palace official” Sze Teng replied


“Oh… you are Han Chinese, what for?” he replied.


“We are from the royal decree of the Ming Palace” I tried to bluff my way by showing him the black wooden box… then partially open up the content of the royal seal.


“Just the two of you?”


“Of course not…problem is our convoy being ambushed by wukou on the way here and now just left two of us. To avoid any trouble, we lay low.”


“Right… I will bring you to the lord chamberlain”


He knocked the gate where a wooden plank slide open and he talked to someone. Shortly, the big brown gate open… the gate were decorated with two giant golden dragon handlers with dot dot of golden metal inlay.


“Follow him” the guard said.


The guard guided us to a corner where, another guard searched us. Then we hear the large gate closed behind us.


“Please let me search the box as well.”


“Sorry… only official can see this” Sze Teng replied.


But one of older guard stopped us. His uniform was different from the Ming guard.


“Sorry, no one go into the palace without fully search. It is to protect the majesty and everyone. Rules are rules”


“Even his majesty himself” Sze Teng said.


I looked at her…  “Teng”


She opened up the box and show the royal seal.


All the guards kneel down including the old guard.





Next to the dragon hall, lied the visitor hall. The one and half storey high ceiling structure will bright red pillars. The hall was fully opened where visitors can admire the view of the heavenly square. The main gate lead to the heavenly square where the middle is dragon hall, the left is visitor hall and the right is administrative hall.


The square has two ponds decorated with marble pillion surround the ponds. The front dragon hall square were decorated with many marble crafted mystical creatures which centered by two dragons guarding to the main entrance of the dragon hall. All halls are linked with corridor pathway.


We sat quietly in the hall slipping our tea. The tea is exquisite with luxury strong taste yet smooth when it drop on the throat, never I had such nice tea before. The palace was so quiet even it was midday.


Then we heard foot steps… I reckon there were lot of people coming into the hall. The group centered by a small man in his fifties accompanies by six men and six handmaids.


“I am Lord Chamberlain, official in-charged of the palace. I believe you two had made a fuss at the gate presenting the royal seal. Do you know the royal seal has been missing in Ming territories about 16 years ago?”


We shook our head.


“Then what made you think it is real and why you possessed it?”


“I don’t know and that is why we are here to find out since this is the best place to verify it” I spoke.


“Very well indeed.. let me check.”


I hand it to one of the very old man with strange robe, standing next to the lord. He examined it… “Ohhh… ahhh… yes yes”


Then he showed the lord… “The crack… it is the real seal”


The Lord looked at me… “Where do you acquired it?”


“It was from birth…” Sze Teng replied


Then… we heard. “Queen mother, arrive” someone announced from distance.


Everyone… kneel down again. I looked at Sze Teng slowly we followed them. The more foot steps noises came into the hall. I looked up… about 6 handmaids followed by a lady within her sixties accompanied by a handmaid holding her hand.


“Your highness” everyone called.


Lord Chamberlain tried to explained something to the lady who I presumed is the Queen Mother. But she just moved toward me… ignoring the lord.


She hold my hand… stood me up. Then she circled me and looked carefully. She put her hand on my shoulder and pulled the part of my clothes down exposing my upper body. She moved closed to my back shoulder … “There” she pointed my birthmark and scar to her escort handmaid.


“Ohhh” the handmaid moaned.


Then tears came out of her eyes… and the Queen Mother hugged me.


“My grandson”





The evening in the palace is rather warm compare to the mountain where we came from. I was escorted in the royal chamber and the room was assigned sole for me only. It was a big structure in the middle of the palace. The chamber consisted of a large bedroom with a large golden bed in the middle, a large study room where a tall table and chairs, a visitor lounge, a bath area with pond and finally a changing area.


I was bathed by two lady handmaids although I insisted to bath alone. Then they dressed me with golden suit which I felt a bit odd. Soon I was directed to a hall of harmony where I got to meet Sze Teng and the Queen Mother for dinner.


The hall was placed about 9 round tables where one of them is decorated with golden cloth and golden ornaments. The tables were organized in a “u” shape where the middle was opened area looked like for performance. I sat on one of the chairs at a corner and Sze Teng approached me.


“Teng… now how?”


“I also don’t know all this royal stuff”


“Did they give you a place..?”


“Yes… and dressed me up like this”


“Yes… very nice and pretty Teng. In purple like a Purple Fairy…” I laugh.


“I like it… the clothes are so fine.”


Then… the handmaid directed me to sit in the golden table. “Wait, I wan Sze Teng to sit with me”


“Your highness… she can’t sit on that table.. only for high ranking countess”


“No but… I insist”


“Yes… your highness”



From a distance…. “Queen Mother” someone announced.


I stood up … as Queen Mother took her seat and motioned me to sit next to her.


“Jin… tonight I will introduce you to our closest members of the family.”


“But I am not ready.”


“You need to… we need to do it as fast as possible before someone invalidate you throne. It is always the case… so I need to announce it that soon.”


“But I don’t want to be on the throne.”


“You have to… for the sake of our people.”


It was then most of guests had arrived. Queen Mother made the announcement and I stood up for awhile to greet everyone. After the announcement, dinner begun.


“Jin… sitting on the table are the high ranking royal family”


Then she pointed the General Laiyet (cousin of late Majesty Queen), Official Nguyet (sister of late Majesty King & daughter of Queen Mother),  Foreign Affair Official Tham (sister of late Majesty Queen) and Countess Bian & Countess Bich (High Concubines of late Majesty King).


All of them were women and other tables nearby were the 28 countess and lady-in waiting to serve the majesty king. Also there are official of the palace like Lord Chamberlain, Vice Minister, Education Scholar, Official Royal Doctor with their wives.



In the middle of the dinner, Lord Chamberlain came over to greet the Queen Mother and also introduced us his wife Lady Huong. She was a talkative women with short hair in her early fifties and small size too. She talked to Countess Bich which seemed that they were very close.


“Your highness…”


“Hi Lady Huong.”


“Your Highness, I was talking to Countess Bich that since you are new here. Perhaps we can bring you around to visit some places.”


“Can we allow to do that… wouldn’t we need to get official approval.” Sze Teng asked.


“Ha… this is not Ming Court. We don’t have much formalities here.” Lady Huong said.


“You can go but first you need to attend the court session and meet up the ministers.” Queen Mother replied.


I nodded.


“So we will pick you up noon tomorrow.” Lady Huong said.


“Lady Huong… please do introduce His Highness to others minister wives as well” Queen Mother requested.


“Yes, your majesty.”






Sze Teng and I slowly walked toward the back gate of the Citadel. Lady Huong’s convoy was waiting for us there. We were accompanied by Countess Bian & Bich. The weather was very sunny and hot, indeed it was great day for outing.


The gate opened.


Lady Huong and a few ministers wives were waiting for us. There were two large horse carriages and one small carriages. Escorted by 8 horses and 6 soldiers.


Sze Teng and others wives were assigned to one of the large carriages. Then the two countess already occupied one large carriages. The small carriage was assigned for me. I saw Lady Huong was left to ride horse… which I offered her to ride along with me.


“Your highness… it is not appropriate for us to ride with your highness”




So she climbed into the carriage first then I followed. Indeed the carriage is small and it was for one person only… but we managed to squeeze in since Lady Huong is a small size person.


“Hope your highness don’t mind… sitting close to a woman”


“Well, I have fair shares of experiences with women”


The carriage slowly moved.


“Oh… expert indeed. Or woman’s man. On the other hand, I am not so lucky. Beside my husband, your highness is the other man that so close to me.”


“My lady, you are indeed attractive woman. Small size woman but with big breasts. If I am your husband… I would enjoy it very much”


“What? How did you know I have big breasts. So naughty your highness.”


“I noticed”


“You shouldn’t notice that. My husband don’t even notice me since a long long time.”


“You means that you didn’t enjoy sex for so long.”


“Huh.. enjoy sex. I though it was for bearing a child.”


“I don’t believe I am hearing this. It was so wonderful thing to do.”


“ Really? I haven’t experience before… I heard by some of the ministers wives they enjoy it. I always doubt.”


The carriage was a little bumpy… caused her hand hold my thighs. Then my cock slowly hardened.


“I guess I wont able to enjoy it.”


Another bump… I dropped my hands to hers.


“Your hands are smooth”


“Your highness… you shouldn’t do that… but it was nice”


“Then.. I will remove them” as I rubbing mine to hers.


“Please don’t… I wan to try”




“Since your highness got lot of experience perhaps you can…”


My cock was very hard.


“Huh?” still rubbing hers hands.

Then another bump… she off balance on the seat… I grab her hips. She leaned against my body.


“Sorry” I about to remove my hands.




So my hands slowly rubbed on her hips. And there was a silent… as my hands moved upward… towards her breasts. One of my hands touched the breast.


“Naughty… your highness”


“Sorry I can’t help it”


Then my fingers searched for her nipple. Through her light silk clothes… it was easy to find the little bump. My fingers rubbed it through the silk cloth. It was not long, her nipple hardened begging for attention.


“Mmmhhh” she moaned softly.


“Your highneeesss”


My pace increase.. as her body relaxed.


“Ohhh… your highness…” occasionally pinch it.


“Mmmmhh” she closed her mouth with her hands.


I continued… rubbing the little bump.


“It is nice…?”


She closed her mouth….and nodded her head.


When I was about to use my other hand to touch her other unattended breast. The carriage stopped. We returned back to proper manner. Lady Huong leave the carriage and followed by me behind.


In front was a magnificent view of the Sword lake pagoda. The lake was partly filled with lotus flowers. There were ducks swimming on the lake. The side of the lake stood the five storey pagoda. In the middle of the lake, there was turtle tower island which was only accessible by boat.  According to Lady Huong, it was built by the king for his ladies for retreat and moon glazing. It was then opened to public by our late Majesty.


While the handmaids of countess Bian and Bich preparing our afternoon tea and food. We moved around the lake. The wind breeze and the birds chirping have loosen up my feeling of the heat.


I followed behind as Lady Huong talked to Countess Bich in Vietnamese. I turned back and smile at Countess Bian. She was tall and elegant lady but quiet type compare to Countess Bich who as talkative and a smaller size lady.




“Your highness” she try to spoke little Chinese.

A lady in her forties.. long hair with highly decorated hair accessories and light pink silk lady court dress.


“You alright?” I asked.


She smiled… “You Great Ming… tell me”


“Oh.. you want to know about Great Ming… where I come from”


She nodded… seemed she understood limited of Chinese. Indeed… she was elegant with beauty no wonder she was the late Majesty lover beside the queen. It brought me to address her like my step mom.


“I come from the mountain … there are few small villages there. Cold..” I continued as she listened so carefully and amazed. Occasionally she replied me… some I could understand but some she gesture with her hands. That afternoon… I got to know more closer about Countess Bian.




The night in the palace was less calm compare to the mountain. I could hear maids moving here and there preparing the chamber. I had dinner with Queen Mother before retreated to my chamber. She asked about my morning Court Session although all I could do was listen about the country matters since I was not officially crown. I still doubt I would like to be a king but Queen Mother kept persuaded me.


“Your highness… time for your bath”


I turned… it was a new handmaid. She knew Chinese as the rest handmaids who served me yesterday stood behind her.


I nodded. “I will bath alone…” but still they didn’t move but followed me.


“Come on… why can’t I bath alone.”


“Your highness… we can’t. We are to serve you. If we can’t do our duty, we will have to leave the palace. Then we have no home and no where to go.”




“We all are orphans. The palace choose kids who are abandoned or our parents being executed. So we only to serve not thinking about anyone outside. Our lives are actually belong to our master. Now five of us belong to you… your highness”


Damn… I don’t know I have responsible for these maids.


“Alright… bath me”


So I undressed… showing five young maids my naked body. I cover my cock with my hands.

“Hehehe” the maids giggled.




“First… you are the first naked man we all see because mostly we see naked women. And it is funny because you feel embarrass in front of us” then she said something.


All of them stripped naked in front of me. I was shocked.


“Now you don’t have to be awkward. Further we belongs to you”


“Alright… alright… just bath me. Nothing more. But I want to get know all of you”


“I am Linh. This is Nai and Nee, Lai finally Ngee.”


“Linh you know Chinese…”


“Yes… that is the reason I was assigned to you. My mother is Chinese married my father viet. My father was a businessman offended the minister so all of the family were executed and I was sent to palace since six year old.”


“I assumed you all are same age as me.”


“All of us is seventeen except Ngee is eighteen”


Each of them take turn to wash and scrub me. I felt strange in a pond with five naked girls. Suddenly my cock spring up. All of the girls laughed.


“Your highness… you are so different from the master we serve before. You are the first who want to know about us and we are so comfortable with you.”




Nee whispered to Linh while pointing at my cock. “Your highness… we are curious about this… cause man has this… can we touch it”


It was a surprise.


It seemed all of them are looking at my cock and indeed it has an effect on it. My cock became harder and harder by the seconds.


“Well… if you don’t mind. But I have to warm you, it will bite you if you are too naughty.”


Linh “I think your highness is very naughty… hehehe that is why you will use it to bite us.” Slowly she moved her hands toward my lower body. Then she used her finger to touch my cock.

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