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Rollie Lawson


Coke Whore


Chapter 1

“Can I help you?” asked Dave Segrove. He was posting a notice on the bulletin board of the Community Center when a pretty young girl came in the front door. She looked very confused and unsure of herself, and Dave also noted that she seemed very scared and sad.

“Is this where they have the meetings for ‘Lost Partners’?” she asked quietly, averting her eyes.

“Yes, it is,” Dave answered, surprised. The ‘Lost Partners’ program was a support group for widows and widowers the Community Center sponsored on Wednesday nights. Part group therapy, part support, and even part singles-bar-without-the-alcohol, the program helped individuals who had been having a tough time handling the loss of a spouse. Ever since Dave’s wife had died two years ago, he had been attending. Now, with the passage of time, the pain had subsided, but the routine of attendance acted as a solace, and he had acquired the status of a senior member.

Dave took another look at the girl. She was much younger than the average member, most of whom were in their forties and fifties. Even Dave, in his thirties, was considered young. This girl was hardly in her twenties!

She still looked very unsure of herself, and her mind was made up when the door behind her opened and another woman entered, another regular who was old enough to be her mother. Sniffling back a sob, she mumbled, “I shouldn’t be here”, and ran back through the door. Dave stared in consternation as she stood on the sidewalk outside. He opened the door and stepped out into the cool, night air.

“Miss, miss…?” he asked as he approached her.

“Nancy, my name is Nancy,” she whispered.

Dave Segrove stepped in front of Nancy and spoke gently. “Nancy, did you lose someone recently?” Nancy nodded mutely as the tears poured out. “Come on in and join us, please? We all have, too. Maybe we can help.” With only the lightest of touches to her forearm, he turned the girl back towards the Community Center and began leading her back inside. “You don’t have to say anything, just be with us.” He opened the door and ushered her in gently. “Who was it, your husband?”

She shook her head negatively. “No, my fiancée. Does that mean I can’t come in?” She looked up at him, tears welling up again, and Dave got the first real look at the girl. She was young, but not quite as young as he had thought, and the eyes on the verge of overflowing with more tears were the most exquisite sapphire blue he had ever seen. She wasn’t pretty; she was beautiful!

“Not at all. Everybody, this is Nancy...” He led her into the meeting room and introduced her to the others as a new member. Quietly, he told her that if she didn’t want to say anything, she didn’t have to, and to feel free to ask questions. He parked her in a chair next to his around the large round table, then got them both a cup of coffee.

The new girl worried Dave somewhat. She seemed to exist in a rather brittle shell, and it took a couple of months before she began to feel confident enough to provide more than one- or two-word answers to any questions. She never did volunteer her last name or any personal details, other than the fact that it was her fiancée who had died, but slowly a picture began to emerge. She was only 21 and had been living with her fiancée prior to their wedding, when he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a cancer which was aggressive and fast growing and had already spread throughout his system. He had died two months later, but the worst was yet to come.

“It was his mother!” she said, one evening after she had begun to open up, lowering her reserve slightly. “She was this real hard line religious nut, and she figured that I caused the cancer. I had enticed her God-fearing son into living in sin, and this was God’s punishment. After the funeral, by the time I had got back to our apartment, she had managed to barricade herself inside the place and was screaming at me through the locked door and throwing my stuff out the window to the ground below.”

“Couldn’t you do something, I don’t know, get the cops to stop her?” asked a horrified woman in the group. This was the ultimate insult!

“Do what? The apartment was his, and most of the stuff was his as well. Outside of my clothing, I lost everything. I’ve had to start over again from scratch. I stayed with some friends until I could sell my engagement ring and pay the security deposit on an apartment,” Nancy replied.

Dave was shocked at this, and like several of the others, offered to help, but the girl waved it off. She was doing fine now, and would muddle through, she said. He admired her.

After the meeting, Dave washed the coffee pot and cleaned up, then walked across the street to the all-night diner for one last cup and a doughnut. Coming in the door, he noticed an arm waving and turned to face Nancy, sitting in a booth in the rear. Smiling, he pointed the waitress towards the booth and went back to join her. “Hi there.”

“Hi yourself. I didn’t know you came in here,” she said.

Dave shrugged. “Eh, sometimes.” The waitress came over carrying a coffee cup and a pot of coffee, and Dave accepted a cup and ordered a doughnut. “You?” he asked Nancy, and when she nodded acceptance, the waitress refilled her cup and went off to get two doughnuts. “Can I tell you something?” he asked. “I thought it was pretty good tonight, you telling us about what happened. It was very brave of you.”

“Thanks. It seemed kind of stupid.” She gave him a wan smile.

Dave waved this comment off. “No, it wasn’t. Hey, you really can smile. You’re very pretty when you smile. You should smile more often.”

Nancy blushed and turned her head away, then turned it back, still smiling, only not as bleakly. “Thank you,” she said quietly.

“Listen, when Emily died giving birth to Charlie, her mother blamed me for getting her pregnant, at the same time she was cooing over her new grandson. Nobody understands mothers, right? I mean, do you understand yours?”

To Dave’s consternation, Nancy turned a deathly shade of white and tears began pouring out. “What’s wrong, is it something I said? I’m sorry, is your mother passed as well?” He reached out and took hold of her hand, the first time he had ever touched the girl. “I’m sorry.”

Nancy fumbled for a tissue, then grabbed a napkin and began crying into it. “I don’t know.”


“I don’t know. I don’t have a mother,” she whimpered.

“Oh, shit!” muttered Dave under his breath. ‘What the fuck have you done now, you moron?’, he thought to himself. He could think of nothing more to say that wouldn’t make things worse, so he just sat there across from the young woman. The waitress noticed the commotion and began coming over, but he motioned her away. “Tell me, Nancy,” he asked.

Nancy looked up at him and nodded, then told him one of the most sordid stories he had ever heard. It sounded like something that belonged on a soap opera, or Geraldo, or something even worse. Her mother had run off when she was four, her father had left when she was six. He had literally left her at an aunt’s house, then gotten in his car and never come back. She had bounced back and forth between a couple of aunts for a few years until they decided they didn’t want her, then was shuffled off to the foster care system at the age of ten.

It only got worse from there. By twelve she was experimenting with alcohol; at thirteen it was drugs. At fourteen she was a boozehound and junkie and the high school slut as well. By fifteen she was pregnant; at sixteen she had a botched abortion that left her unable to have children, not that she cared. She would do or try anything that would ease the pain of her very existence. She dropped out of school and began running with whatever drug dealer would give her enough dope to get high, in return for sex.

“My God! But what happened? That’s not you, at least not the you sitting here!” he demanded.

Nancy shrugged. “In rehab they say that you never really change until you hit the absolute rock bottom, the point where you don’t care if you live or die, and you decide to live. That was me, two years ago.” At his inquiring look, she continued, “The cops busted this coke dealer I was staying with and found me laying on the floor, half naked on a bare ripped mattress and lying in a pool of my own vomit and I knew it and I didn’t care! They got me into a detox program and the judge ordered me into rehab and I realized that I had hit that lowest place. There is nothing lower than a coke whore who sleeps in her own vomit. I had nowhere to go but up.”

“Holy fucking shit!” Dave had an absolutely horrified look on his face. “Mother of God!”

“And that’s my life story,” she said defiantly. Nancy was no longer crying, but glaring at him, daring him to say any damned derogatory thing he could. “You sure you want me to keep coming to meetings?”

Dave’s face clouded up at the challenge. “Damn it, Nancy, that’s not fair. If you didn’t want me to know, you could have kept quiet. Have I said anything? I have enough problems without being your judge and conscience. I won’t tell anyone else, if that’s what you’re worried about, but I am not sitting here and condemning you, either.” He stood to leave.

Nancy reached across the table and grabbed his hands. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just that too many people judge me or don’t want me around or whatever. It’s not like I’m contagious, you know?”

Mollified, Dave sat down and nodded agreement. “Okay. Listen, that was the old you, not the new you. It’s not my job to judge you. God knows that when I hit the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter is going to have a good laugh. I would probably suggest that you come up with some edited version for the group if you ever decide to come clean. There’s more than a few people who associate anything to do with drugs with Satan himself, okay?”

Nancy wiped her face and nodded agreement. It was after two and Dave’s baby-sitter would be going berserk, so he left after getting Nancy’s solemn vow to come back next week.


Chapter 2

It seemed to be a watershed moment for Nancy. The following week, when Dave Segrove acted as if nothing had occurred, she was fairly perky. After the meeting, she volunteered to help him clean up, and he took her to the diner for a cup of coffee. They began to settle into a routine of the meeting and coffee afterwards. After a couple of months, Nancy decided to take a chance.

“Um, Dave, uh, we’re friends, right?” she asked tentatively.

“Yeah,” he replied. It was a curious question, he thought.

“Well, um, I was wondering, if maybe, you know, some night, maybe we might do something, see a movie or something. Dutch, I mean.” Dave stared at her briefly, and Nancy knew she had screwed up. “Listen, it was just a thought, that’s all. Forget I ever mentioned it. Listen, I have to go…”

Dave grabbed her hand across the table and held on. “Wait a minute. You mean, like a date?”

“Yeah. Stupid idea, huh?” she said as she tried to leave.

Dave held her in place, firmly but gently. “What’s so stupid about it? I think it’s a very nice idea.”

“But you don’t want to go out with me, right? Because of…”, she trailed off.

Dave gave the girl a disgusted look. “I thought we settled that. I never said I didn’t like the idea. It’s just, well, it’s been so long, I mean, I don’t…” He looked away, embarrassed. “I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Nancy gave him a funny look. “Dave, I only suggested a movie. You buy a ticket, I buy a ticket, we sit down with popcorn and watch a motion picture.”

“I know that!” he said in exasperation. “It’s just that, well, I’ve never really…”

“What, dated?” asked Nancy. Dave shrugged and nodded, and she stared at him. “Are you trying to tell me that you managed to get married and have two kids and never once dated your wife? That’s nuts!”

“No, it’s just that, well…Emily and I, we were, like, always meant to be. I mean, we always knew she was the one for me and I was the one for her. Even as kids. She grew up two houses down from me, and we played together even when we were in kindergarten. All through school, we were together. I first proposed to her on the swing set when we were six, and she accepted, even then.”

“That’s so sweet!”

“Yeah, but ‘going-out-with-somebody-new-and-getting-to-know-them’ dating? We never did that sort of thing. It was just that when we got old enough to go to school dances or the movies or whatever, we went together, you know? We never thought about it. It was like it was preordained or something. We were going to get married and have kids and grow old and fat together, and we never thought about it. We just knew!” Dave wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at his explanation. “Pathetic, right?”

Nancy held his hand. “I think it’s adorable. Think of all the time you saved getting to know each other! What about, well, you know…when did you two first…?”

Dave rolled his eyes. “God, it was our wedding night, for both of us. Don’t get me wrong, we had done a lot of necking and what not before, but she wanted to wait. I mean, I wanted to, believe me, I wanted to, and Emily said she wanted to, but she said to wait, so we waited. It was like the blind leading the blind!”

Nancy snickered. “You must have figured things out eventually.”

“Oh yeah! About two minutes after we got into the motel room!” Both Dave and Nancy laughed loudly at this.

Their first date was a dinner and a movie, and Dave refused to consider going Dutch. Standing in line at the theater, Nancy took his hand and held it, and he was almost pathetically happy. Later that evening he shyly asked if they could go out again, then had shaken her hand good-bye. A second date went much the same way, only Nancy kissed him good night. She could not understand his actions, or inaction. She had been the one to start holding hands, and she had initiated the kiss. Then it hit her.

Dave Segrove really didn’t know anything about dating! He couldn’t read the signals she had been sending. She had been initiating everything and he was being the perfect gentleman and he simply didn’t have a clue! If she wanted to take things to the next level, and she had to admit that she did, she would have to move things along. Not only that, but more than likely she was far more experienced sexually than he was, as well!

For their next date, after dinner, Nancy told Dave that she really didn’t feel like a movie and asked if he could take her back to her apartment. Dave was disappointed, but agreed, only to be pleasantly surprised when she asked if he’d like to come up for coffee, and to see the place. She let him in, saying, “I know it’s not very big.”

“It looks very nice,” he lied. It did look nice, if the definition was clean and well cared for. Otherwise, there was just about enough room to swing a cat, especially if it was a small cat, held close to the chest. He offered to help with the coffee, but she declined the offer, and they kept talking as she worked in the kitchen. It was a small efficiency apartment, so it was basically a single room plus a bath. He could see the kitchenette from the couch where he was sitting, which he suspected folded out into the bed.

Nancy returned to the couch with the coffee and sat next to him, snuggling against his side quietly as they sipped. Dave was speechless. He had never been alone with a woman other than his late wife, and he didn’t know what to do. He liked the idea, and didn’t want it to end, but he didn’t know what to do. He began reviewing various romantic movies in his head, trying to figure things out, when Nancy took charge.

She took his coffee cup and saucer and set them aside on the end table next to her own. He looked at her hopefully, and she twisted back around on the couch, half sitting and half kneeling, and faced him. Silently, she leaned in and kissed him warmly and passionately. This at least, he understood, wrapping his arms around her and returning the kiss fiercely. They continued to kiss, and then he felt her fingertips caress his chest, moving across the buttons of his shirt, and his eyes opened wide. He pulled back and stared. “Shh, it’s all right. I want to…”, whispered Nancy, who leaned back in and continued kissing him.

Dave wallowed in the sensations as Nancy would undo a button and slip her fingers inside to toy with his chest. It took an eternity for her to reach his belt, but she continued, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his waistband, and unzipping his pants. Dave was panting as the young woman reached inside to touch his cock, straining to escape. Nancy pulled away from his lips, but touched them with her free fingers, quieting him, and began kissing and licking down the front of his chest, pulling his shirt open.

By the time she had his pants pulled down his thighs, Dave thought he had died and gone to heaven. Nancy was doing things to his cock he had never heard of or dreamed about, and it only got better when she began licking and sucking his cockhead. He was writhing and moaning, calling out her name madly, as she tantalized him by taking him to the brink and back again repeatedly. Finally, she looked up at him and said, “Cum in my mouth, Dave,” and began pumping and sucking. He groaned weakly and his cock began twitching, spasming as he unloaded. She continued licking and sucking until his cock was soft and limp.

Nancy kissed her way back up his chest, keeping one hand in his crotch. “You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked hotly.

“How? Why? Jesus!” Dave exclaimed.

“I wanted to. I wanted to make you feel good. I wanted to show you how I cared for you. I wanted to tell you how important you are to me. Did you like it?”

“Oh, God!” he answered weakly. “I never…I mean…Oh, God!”

“I liked sucking your cock and swallowing your cum. It made me cum, too, when you came in my mouth.” She fondled his cock, which was slowly reviving in her hand. “Nobody gives blow jobs like a coke whore.”

Dave’s eyes focused at this reference to her past and he tried to protest. She placed a fingertip against his lips, whispering to him, “Dave, that’s the truth. I was a coke whore and I learned to give really great blowjobs. I learned to do lots of other things, too.” She began pumping his stiffening cock. “Would you like to fuck my pussy, Dave? Would you like to give me a facial? Do you want to titty fuck me, Dave, and give me a pearl necklace? Or maybe you want to fuck my asshole? You can fuck my asshole, Dave. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do. Anything! I’m a very nasty girl. I’ll do things to you you’ve never even heard of!”

Dave Segrove finally found his voice and shook his head in disbelief. “Like what?”

Nancy grinned at her new lover. “Well, honey, there was this one dope dealer I knew who made us give him a rim job after he’d taken a dump.” Dave stared at her, screwing his face up in disgust as he began turning an interesting shade of green. Nancy laughed. “Maybe we’ll save that for another time. Maybe we should try something a little more normal, like getting undressed and screwing our brains out?”

Dave nodded wildly, a mad grin running from ear to ear. Nancy teased him by stripping down slowly, hiding things as long as she could. Finally, she finished undressing Dave and laid him out on the couch, and slowly impaled herself on him. “This is your night, Dave. Let me be good for you!”

Dave left the apartment a few hours later, sated like he hadn’t been for years. Nancy was equally pleased. Dave had a long, thick cock and once he was over his initial unease, had shown that he wasn’t a complete novice. He had the basics down quite nicely. After their third bout, Dave had taken a quick shower, then been escorted to the door by a still naked Nancy. “Would you like to take me out for another date?” she asked coyly.

“Soon, very soon. What are you doing for breakfast?” he asked.

“How about Monday night?” she countered. “I can do that thing to you I mentioned.”

Dave blushed furiously and ran out.


Chapter 3

It was a Thursday night when Nancy ‘deflowered’ Dave, and he called her first thing Friday morning. He wanted to take her out that night, but she demurred, citing her work at night, a job which she still had not explained to him. To Dave Segrove, the wait until Monday night seemed interminable. He called her at least twice a day, a level of attention that Nancy found intoxicating. She decided to reward her new lover appropriately.

When Dave knocked on her apartment door Monday night, he was wearing khakis, coat, and tie, and carrying a small bouquet of flowers. Nancy opened the door and let him in, cooing over the flowers, which she promptly set in a glass of water, not having a vase available. She stood before him and turned around. “Is this okay?” she asked.

He grinned and looked his date up and down, enjoying the view. She had dressed simply but very nicely, in a tank top and a wrap denim skirt, and hose and ankle-strapped high heels. Her lack of a bra was apparent, since her nipples were painfully erect and poking out through the tight-fitting top, and her lovely and long legs flashed through the slit in the wrap skirt. She stopped and struck a model’s pose, thrusting a leg through the slit to the point where it became obvious that she was wearing long stockings and not pantyhose, and thrusting her chest out so that her substantial breasts loomed larger than he remembered. “Is this alright? I wasn’t sure if you would like it.”

Dave was practically drooling as he stammered, “Yeah…yeah…it’s fine…fine…”

Nancy came closer, wrapping her arms around his neck and drawing him in effortlessly for a slow and passionate kiss. After a moment, she pulled one hand back and began rubbing it across his chest and down to his crotch. She noted, pleasantly, that his cock was as stiff as a board. “I think you do like my outfit!” she whispered in his ear. “We can’t go out with your cock so stiff, can we? I think I need to take care of this. Would you like a coke whore blow job? Coke whores give the best blow jobs in the world, Dave. Why don’t I show you…”

Dave stood stock still as Nancy rubbed her body against his as she slid to the floor in front of him, kneeling as she undid his pants and fished out his erection. It stood out proudly from his pants, engorged with blood, the head a violent purple, quivering in anticipation. Opening her mouth wide, she took him in deeply, while one hand pumped his shaft vigorously and the other reached inside to fondle his balls.

“Oh God!” Dave whimpered, as unimaginable sensations coursed through his loins. Nancy’s sucking him the other night had been glorious, but afterwards he had discounted the pleasure to simply being the first sex he had had since before his wife had died. Now he realized that she had the most amazing technique. “Please…please…”

Nancy concentrated on a fast method to bring her new boyfriend off. Sucking like a vacuum cleaner while her tongue ravaged his cock, she was delighted when she felt his hands in her hair, pulling her head closer, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. When he swelled up and began bucking his hips, she greedily swallowed his cum, pumping his cock and massaging his nuts to drain him. Afterwards, she knelt back and smiled up at Dave, even as she tucked his limp dick back into his pants and zipped them up. “Now I think you’re ready for dinner,” she announced with a smile.

Dave roared, pulling her to her feet as a look of maniacal glee suffused his face. “Screw dinner! We are going to order in, and I am going to eat out!” As Nancy laughed, he pushed her back until she backed into the couch and he pushed her down into a sitting position. Kneeling between her legs, he opened her skirt and pushed her legs apart, and was treated to the sight of a bare shaved pussy gleaming wetly at the junction of her perfect thighs. He practically tore off his jacket and tie, then reached out and pulled her top down so that her tits were exposed. “Jesus, but you’re beautiful!” Then he lowered his face to her crotch.

Nancy was delighted to discover that Dave had a certain degree of talent at pussy licking. Unlike herself, she considered him to be an amateur, but a gifted one. He was certainly an enthusiastic one. His tongue had almost immediately found her clit and began flicking across it hungrily. This was interspersed by moments when he would wrap his lips around it and practically try to inhale it. Now it was her turn to whimper, as she slumped down and pushed her pelvis towards him. Dave simply pulled her legs up over his shoulders and continued to suck and lick. On occasion, he would look up at her, seeing her face staring down dazedly from between the twin mountains of her tits.

It was only after her second orgasm, a marvelous affair which left her panting and gasping even as her pussy juice flooded onto Dave’s face, that he took a degree of pity upon her and pulled back. By now, his cock had revived, and he knelt between her outstretched legs and undid his pants, pushing them down his thighs. Moving forward, he tucked his arms under her legs and pushed his cock into her completely slick cunt. They both groaned in pleasure as he pushed in all eight inches.

Much like the other evening, Dave provided Nancy a running commentary on just how good it felt, how tight she was, how hot and wet it felt, how he could feel every ripple and contraction. Nancy was amazed at how much this had turned her on. Her late fiancée had been a decent enough fuck, but she had never gotten this turned on before. At Dave’s request, she put her fingers to her cunt, spreading her lips and rubbing her clit lightly, which only wracked her with further orgasms. She barely noticed when Dave’s back arched and he plunged into her, to weakly pump out a massive load of jism.

Dave waited a moment to regain his breath, then sank back on his heels. His limp cock pulled from Nancy’s cunt with a soft ‘plop’, allowing a small stream of mixed fluids to follow. He looked at her with a lopsided smile on his face. She looked down between her thighs at the trickle of cum and wiped it up with a forefinger, then brought it to her lips to lick off. “Wow! I guess we really will have to order in!” she said breathily, still gasping from exertion.

Dave tucked himself back into his pants and zipped up, then crawled up onto the couch. Nancy rearranged her own clothing, pulling her top back up, and sprawled out half atop him, cuddling. After a few minutes, Dave picked up the phone on the end table and consulted the telephone book to order up a pizza and wings. They continued cuddling quietly until the knock on the door announced the arrival of dinner. Standing, he tucked his shirt tail in as she closed her skirt around herself and otherwise tried to make herself more presentable. This seemed a total waste, since the delivery boy took a single sniff of hormones and semen and grinned hysterically at the pair.

The pair busied themselves with their dinner, and it was only afterwards that Nancy commented, “I guess we did okay earlier.”

“I’ll say! That was rather…spectacular!”

“Do you mind if I ask, what was your wife like? You know, in bed. Should I be doing anything different? I want to be good…”, she started to say.

Dave stared at her briefly. “Good? You were great! If anything gets better, you’re going to have to give me CPR afterwards.”

“Well, thank you, but you know what I mean. What kinds of things did you guys do, and what do you like? Did she suck you cock?” Nancy asked.

“Not like you did, that’s for sure!” Dave answered almost in a daze.

“You’re no help! Come on, did she swallow?”

Dave shook his head from side to side. “Naw, she said she didn’t like the taste or something. I mean she’d lick me and suck me, but then she’d climb on top and we’d screw around.”

“So, what’s your favorite position? You on top? Me on top? Doggy style? Upside down in a rocking chair?”

“What?” Dave asked, his eyes widening. It took him a second of trying to visualize the last thing mentioned before he realized that Nancy was laughing at him. “Jesus! Doggy, if you have to know!”

“Ooh goody, my favorite, too. We’ll do that later. That’s a great way to fuck, since you get to choose between my pussy and ass,” she replied.

“Are you serious? You like that?” Dave felt his cock stiffening in his pants.

“I’m guessing your wife didn’t?” Dave nodded agreement, and Nancy continued. “Yeah, it can be a lot of fun, if you’re careful. Dope dealers love to fuck your ass. It’s second in popularity only to the hummer. It’s a good thing I was into coke; if my jones had been for smack, I’d probably have AIDS!”

Dave gave the girl a strange look, as if he was trying to make sense of this, and she explained. “Coke, cocaine, I would snort. Smack, or heroin, is generally done by injection, usually with a dirty needle. Lots of nasty diseases that way.”

Dave gave a horrified look and glanced down at his pants. They hadn’t been using rubbers…

“It’s okay, sweetie, I’m clean. I got out of the business with nothing worse than the clap, and I got that treated. What about you?” she teased. Dave spluttered out an outraged negative, to which she laughed harder.

“You want to know what else coke whores do a lot of, Dave? We do other girls. You sucked my pussy pretty good earlier, but trust me, I can teach you to be even better!”

Dave stared at the girl in disbelief. It was like he had been transported into a completely new world of depravity and vice. “Do you always talk that way about yourself?” he asked.

“What, that I’m a coke whore?”

“Yeah, do you tell everybody?”

“No, just you. Don’t like it? That’s what I was, Dave, a coke whore. That’s who I was,” she said flatly.

“What did your fiancée say when you said that to him?” he asked curiously.

“I never told him.” Nancy saw the look of confusion on his face. “Listen, he was just getting over a killer divorce himself, and when we met, we just agreed, we were making a new future. We never talked about the past, ever. He never knew the things I’ve told you about myself. You’re the only person who knows.”

Dave was not entirely sure what all this meant. Nancy was the most sexually compelling women he had ever met, as well as the most brutally honest. He wasn’t sure whether to be turned off or turned on. “Wow.”

“So, do you like driving down the Hershey Highway? Or do you like it that way yourself?” At her lover’s look of consternation at this, Nancy burst out laughing. “Let me guess, you wanted to try it with your wife, and she agreed very reluctantly but it hurt, and she made you stop, right?”

Dave gave a sheepish look and said, “How’d you know?”

“Because it always hurts the first time. You have to ignore the pain until you feel the pleasure, then practice a lot!” She gave him a grin. “Listen, we have enough time tonight for one more coke whore blow job, then another fuck. Wednesday, after the meeting, you follow me home, and I’ll let you fuck my ass all night. Okay?”

Dave gave a maniacal grin and nodded acceptance.


Chapter 4

“That’s it…work your finger in slowly…twist it around and turn it and bend it and flex it and…mmmm.” Nancy was purring as she lay across Dave’s lap. They were both naked, but he was sitting up and she was laying there, face down, as he fingered her asshole with his index finger. “Mmmm, that’s so nice…”

They had met at the Community Center for the weekly meeting and neither had done a sterling job of hiding their interest in each other. At least one person had asked them outright if they were seeing each other, and several others had eyed them curiously. Afterwards, Dave had followed the young woman back to her apartment.

He had been wondering whether Nancy had been serious about the promise of an assfucking session that night. She hadn’t said anything about it since then, and he had been too embarrassed to ask. Once she had let him in, she answered his silent question. Locking the door, she had immediately begun to undress, then turned to him and said, “Well, get out of those clothes! As soon as I find the KY, we can start.”

Dave stared at her briefly as he began unbuttoning his shirt. “KY? You mean…”

Nancy kicked off her jeans and began peeling her panties down her legs. “What, you don’t want to fuck my ass? You mean I gave myself an enema for nothing?” She looked at him crossly.

He looked at her with a touch of confusion. “No, I mean, I wasn’t sure if you were joking or something. I mean, I’d love to, if you want to. Please?” The last was said in a pleasantly whining and begging tone which caused Nancy to smile and grin at him. “You gave yourself an enema?”

“It really helps to clean things out. That way I don’t get any shit on your cock or the bed!” Dave reeled at the thought as Nancy moved off to the bathroom and returned with a small tube of ointment. Then he simply stared at her. It was the first time he had seen her completely undressed. The first couple of nights both of them had been partially clothed; tonight, they were both naked.

Now, undressed, she seemed smaller than he had originally thought. Dave realized that it was because she almost always wore shoes with a high heel. Still, she was as leggy as the tallest supermodel, and almost as skinny, all except for her tits, which were far larger than any razor-thin model’s could ever be. Her tits were large and full and firm, sitting high on her chest, and were capped with large nipples and dark coral areolas.

Nancy saw him staring, and looked down at his cock, stiffly erect and sticking straight out from his body, his cockhead achingly purple. “What are you looking at?” she asked.

“You! God, but you’re beautiful!”

Nancy blushed and turned away, pointing towards the couch. “Sit!” she ordered.

“You don’t want to open it?” Dave asked, referring to the sofa-bed.

Nancy shook her head. “To be honest, it’s incredibly uncomfortable as a bed. Most nights I simply sleep on the couch.” She wiggled her fingers at the center of the couch. “Sit.”

Dave sat down, at which point his new lover handed him the tube of ointment and knelt next to him. She kissed him warmly, then twisted around and lay across his lap. She could feel his cock pressing against her belly hotly as she squirmed into position. “Now, squirt some on my asshole and work it in with your finger. You can be generous. You need to really lube me up and work it in deep.”

“You learn something new every day,” quipped Dave Segrove as he followed his orders. Within minutes he had snaked a finger deeply into his girlfriend’s ass and was twisting and turning it, giving her a low-level orgasm. He could feel the moist warmth emanating from her aroused pussy as she humped her ass back at his hand.

“Now, put another finger in…two fingers…gently, gently…oh, yeah!…more, more…ohhhhh…”

It didn’t take long for Dave to get the idea of how to turn Nancy on anally. It some ways it seemed little different than working her pussy over, searching for the G-spot, although he did need to take a bit more care to make sure he wasn’t hurting her. As he poked and probed her ass, he began to whisper to her how he was enjoying it, how he planned on playing with her asshole the next time they were fucking, how he was going to buy her a little vibrator for her asshole.

Nancy was in blissful peace as Dave fingerfucked her ass. He was proving a very fast learner as she began shaking, the orgasm flooding her body. She moaned out, loudly, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Dave let up on the girl as she came down from her cum, and she looked up at him with love in her eyes. “You are so much better at this than a dope dealer!”

“What? Where did that come from?”

Nancy giggled. “Come on, baby, let’s face it. When you are a coke whore, the job is to get his rocks off, not yours!” She twisted around, pulling his fingers away from her ass, and straddled his lap with her ass facing him. Lifting up, she reached between her legs and positioned his cockhead at the entrance to her ass.” Come on, it’s time for you to have some fun!”

Dave aimed his cock with one hand and spread her asscheeks with the other, and Nancy lowered herself onto him. Surprisingly, he slid in without any of the difficulty he had experienced that one time with his late wife. As she settled into his lap and squirmed contentedly, he gasped out, “Oh my God!”

Nancy leaned back against him and took his hands, wrapping them around her to play with her aroused nipples and tits. Then she began to move slowly, savoring the incredibly full feeling she was experiencing, clenching her ass around the intruder. “Oh, Dave, we are going to have to do this more often! This is simply wonderful!” she exclaimed.

“No, no, not yet…shit!” he replied, as she felt his cock twitch and throb, pumping out his cum into her ass. “I’m sorry, honey, it was just so good…”, he whimpered as he drained into her. He nuzzled her neck hoping for forgiveness. “I’m sorry…”

“Shhh. It’s okay,” she whispered, reaching behind her head to caress his face. “I wanted you to cum in my ass, it felt so good. Am I too heavy?”


“Then I am going to stay right here and play with my pussy and rock on top of you while you pinch my nipples and get you stiff and fuck you again. All right?”

“Oh, yeah!” Dave reached around her to cup and fondle her full breasts. “You are just unreal. I want to do whatever you want me to. Whatever you want, I’ll do it.”

Nancy was excited beyond belief as Dave whispered to her. She could feel him hardening rapidly and she began bouncing full length on the cock buried up her ass. “I love, you, Dave, I love you!” she cried out as she rode him to orgasm. Hearing those words caused Dave to explode a second time, filling her ass with a second load of jism. She collapsed back onto him, twisting around, his softening cock still inside her, to kiss his lips eagerly. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes, and said, “I love you, Dave!”

The pair nestled against each other for a time until Nancy felt Dave’s cock slowly shrink and begin receding from her ass. She gently pulled away and allowed him to pull out with a soft PLOP, and he stared as he saw brownish jism seep from her asshole and begin running down her thighs. Turning around, she leaned down and kissed him. “I think I need a shower.”

Dave gave a wry grin. “Yeah, me too.”

She reached out and took his hand. “Come on, we can share. We’ll be saving electricity and water!” She tugged until he stood, then led him into the bathroom. The room was small but serviceable and the shower was just large enough for the pair of them, as long as they were very friendly.

It was a very friendly shower. Dave managed to soap Nancy’s body thoroughly, concentrating or her tits and pussy, while she soaped his cock thoroughly. While kissing passionately, Dave thrust three fingers into Nancy’s pussy, sending her over the edge into a shrieking orgasm. Afterwards, as she panted with exhaustion, she used both hands to stroke him off onto her belly, where the hot water washed his cum off as fast as it pumped out.


Chapter 5

Dave felt rather shitty about what he was doing, but Nancy had left him little alternative. He had been asking her where she worked and she simply refused to tell him, saying only that she was a cocktail waitress, and that he couldn’t see her at work. Mystified, he decided to tail her to work some night and find out.

Now he was sitting in his car a half block away from her apartment, facing the driveway to her apartment. She had told him she had to leave to go to work at about seven, and sure enough, she came out the door to the apartment building right on the hour. She disappeared around the corner for a moment, then pulled out of the driveway a minute later in her battered Nova. Dave started his car up and pulled out after she had gone about a block, then kept the distance, far enough back that she couldn’t recognize him and close enough to follow easily. It seemed a lot easier than in the movies, but then, Nancy wasn’t expecting anybody to be following her.

It was about a twenty-minute drive into a warehouse district on the edge of town, when she pulled into a large parking lot and pulled around the back of the building. Dave pulled in slowly and parked away from the building and stared in disbelief.

‘The Pink Pagoda’ proclaimed itself as a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ and was festooned with a variety of neon signs proclaiming the presence of ‘Girls, Girls, Girls!’ There seemed to be a number of cars already present and more seemed to be streaming into the parking lot. It was obviously a strip joint, and while Dave Segrove had been to a few in college, with his buddies, that had been years ago. He had just gotten used to the idea that he had a ‘girlfriend’, and was planning on introducing her to his sons, and now he discovered that she worked in a strip joint! It was with a strange feeling of dismay, curiosity, and excitement that he got out of his car and went inside.

After paying the cover charge, Dave stayed inside the front door until his eyes adjusted to the light. Looking around, he found a long bar along one wall and a couple of small stages with lights, mirrors, and brass poles. A busty brunette was on one of the stages, stark naked and swaying around one of the poles as a few men tossed bills onto the stage, to get her to do something for them. In the back, several more private rooms beckoned with the promise of lap dances. Several good-looking women moved around the room serving drinks.

He moved to allow a party of additional customers to enter, and that was when he saw Nancy. She was dressed like the other waitresses and was serving drinks. The waitresses wore a very sexy and revealing outfit, though not like what the dancers wore, which generally ended up as nothing. Nancy wore thigh-top black fishnet stockings and spike heels, and above that a lacy black g-string. Up top she wore a black vest of sorts, but one that was little more than a halter top, along with a black bow tie. After her next trip from the bar towards the back rooms, he slipped into an empty barstool at the end of the bar, near where the girls would pick up drink orders. He ordered a drink from the bartender, then waited for Nancy to come by.

She saw him first. Slamming her tray down on the bar, she turned to him and hissed, “What are you doing here?” Dave tried to explain, but she kept on going. “You don’t trust me? You follow me or something? Can’t trust your coke whore girlfriend? You bastard?”

“Hey, I just wanted to find out where you worked!” he protested. “You wouldn’t tell me, so I followed you, that’s all. What’s the matter, you too embarrassed to tell me where you work?” That seemed to hit home, so he followed up. “Listen, I didn’t say anything about your past, you brought it up, not me. I’m sorry I followed you, but what’s the big deal? Are you embarrassed by working here?”

Now it was Nancy’s turn to be taken back. “No…it’s just…you can’t come here…it’s against the rules!” Suddenly she looked over his shoulder and a nervous look came over her face. “You have to go!”

“What?” He reached out and took her hand.

“No touching, bud!” said a voice in Dave’s ear. Dave spun around on the barstool to find a beefy guy of about his height but several years older staring at him menacingly.

Dave let go of Nancy’s hand like it was a hot potato, and Nancy spoke up. “It’s okay, Bobby, he wasn’t doing anything. This is my boyfriend.”

Bobby turned his glare towards the girl. “Hey, you know the rules!”

Nancy stood up under the glare. “Yeah, but he didn’t. Come on, give it a break!” She turned back towards Dave. Leaning down, she kissed him, then sashayed away.

Dave looked at the glaring presence behind him and turned his hands up and outward. “It’s not her fault, I didn’t know. You want me to go, I’m gone!”

Bobby looked at him briefly, then shrugged his shoulders. “Ah, the hell with it.”

“Can I get you a drink?” Dave offered. Anything to try and get out of this without losing Nancy her job or for him to lose Nancy.

The beefy guy nodded and settled onto a barstool next to Dave. “Yeah, sure. Listen, I’m Bobby Diangelo. I own the joint. We got rules, you know, for the girls.” Turning towards the waiting bartender, he said, “Coffee, Vinnie, and sweeten it, will you?” Vinnie poured a coffee and added a generous slug of brandy, then pushed it across the bar to Diangelo.

“Like I said, I’m not trying to cause trouble. What are the rules?” asked Dave.

Bobby turned back and shrugged pleasantly. “Well, the first one is, no touching the girls! That’s for their safety.”

“Not even during the lap dances?”

“Especially not during the lap dances!” answered Bobby with a smile.

“Any other rules?”

“Yeah, no boyfriends.” At the curious and confused look that Dave gave, Diangelo continued. “Now, don’t get me wrong. I ain’t saying Nancy would do this, but I’ve known a few girls who would. It’s just that some girls would have fifteen-minute boyfriends every break, out back in their cars, if you get my drift. I can’t have that sort of thing going on.”

Dave’s eyes widened at the thought. “And after the show is over?”

Bobby shrugged. “I got no comment on that, as long as it ain’t on the premises, you understand. Like I said, I ain’t saying Nancy is anything like that, but we got to play by the rules. Actually, she’s a pretty nice kid. I just wish she’d dance for me, that’s where the real bucks are.”

“She’s not a dancer?” asked Dave.

“You don’t know? Jesus, you two got to talk! No, she’s just a waitress. Believe me, I’ve offered, but she says no.” Bobby shook his head in disgust and finished his coffee, then stood up. “Okay, listen, after tonight, don’t bother her at work, okay? Another reason for the no boyfriends rule is guys like you, real boyfriends. Sometimes they can’t handle seeing what the old lady is up to, you know?”

Dave nodded mutely, feeling about as small as a worm. A few minutes later, Nancy came by and looked at him nervously. “I’m sorry, Dave, it’s just that you surprised me!”

“No, it’s my fault. I should have trusted you and stayed away. I don’t know why I decided to follow you. I’m an idiot!”

“No, I shouldn’t have jumped in your shit. I’m sorry,” she responded.

“I’d better be going. Can I see you again?” he asked nervously.

“Of course. Why?” she asked, confused.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if I pissed you off or…”

“Christ, don’t be silly! Monday night, my place?”

“Yeah, great!” He looked around, then lowered his voice. “Uh, Nancy, maybe you could wear that outfit?”

Nancy’s eyes widened, and she sputtered, “Out!” pointing towards the door.

On Monday night, Dave nervously knocked on Nancy’s apartment door. Surprisingly, she didn’t let him in, but simply called out, “Door’s open!” Dave let himself in, to find the lights dimmed low, and a chair placed in the center of the living area. “Have a seat, sir.”

Dave whirled around to find Nancy in the kitchen. She was wearing her waitress outfit. “There’s a five-dollar cover charge, but you get the first beer free,” she announced. Dumbly, Dave pulled out his wallet and fished out a five, and she pointed him towards the armless kitchen chair in the center of the living room.

Dave stared at her as she moved back into the kitchen and opened the door to the refrigerator. He had never seen any beer or booze in her place before, but tonight she had a six-pack chilling. She pulled one out, popped the top, and poured it into a glass. Placing the glass on a small tray, she sauntered back into the room and bent down to set the beer on a small table placed to the side. Bending from the waist forced her large tits to almost pop out of her small halter top.

“A napkin? Of course, sir.” Nancy sashayed away, her hips swinging wantonly, to pick up a small stack of napkins. She returned and repeated the bend-over-and-pop-the-tits-out maneuver to place them at his side, but this time managed to drop about half of them on the floor. “Oh, excuse me, sir,” she said. Turning away from him, she again bent at the waist to pick up the napkins, and this time thrust her asscheeks into Dave’s face. Her black g-string barely covered her asshole and pussy, and for the first time, Dave noticed how Nancy had no tan lines.

The smell of her pussy backed into his face, combined with a powerful and exotic perfume, was too much for him. Reaching out, he gently caressed her ass and slipped a finger between her legs to run along the sides of the g-string.

“None of that, now!” she yelled, moving away from him. “You know the rules! No touching!”

“Jesus, you’re kidding me, right?” he begged in a whiny voice.

“You want to stay, buddy, you got to play by the rules.” Nancy moved around him seductively, managing to stay out of arm’s reach, and Dave finished his beer quickly, hoping to move on to something even better. He wasn’t disappointed.

“Care for a lap dance, mister? Only twenty bucks!”

“What?” he demanded.

She put her hand out, demanding payment. “No cash, no gash!” she announced crudely, and Dave fished his wallet out a second time. Nancy smiled as she took the bill from his fingers, then moved over to the stereo. She already had a CD set up, and when she hit the Play button, loud heavy metal rock came from the speakers. “Now, sit on your hands!” she ordered loudly, over the pounding beat of the music. Grinning, Dave eagerly complied, but only after adjusting his pants so that his aching erection wasn’t stuck down a pants leg.

Dave had never seen Nancy like this before. She was acting like a woman possessed! She had a sultry and wanton look on her face as the first cut of the CD kicked in, and she began swaying and moving to the music, throwing herself into it. The entire first song she remained clothed, though she jiggled and wiggled as much as if she was stark naked. She kept transferring the twenty from one hand to the other by running it across her body, up one leg and down the other, across her exposed belly, between her legs and breasts. Dave’s eyes followed it slavishly.

During the second song, she popped the snap holding the halter top together, and exposed her luscious large breasts to his view. Beads of sweat began to form on Dave’s face as he took in the sight, and Nancy began dancing much closer to him. Now she began to run the bill down the front of her g-string, pulling it away from her body to let him watch as she stuffed it into her wet shaved pussy. She would bring the limp twenty out and run it under his nose, where he would inhale the pungent and fresh musk. He tried to move his face closer to her body as it danced in front of him, to lick and kiss her succulent flesh, but she kept pushing him back firmly.

Midway through the third cut, she bent over, facing away from him, and stuck her ass in his face. She whisked the g-string off, then whirled to face him, still dressed in the fishnets, heels, and halter. Tossing the halter aside, she straddled his lap and began rubbing herself against him. Dave moaned as he felt her erect nipples pushing against his chest and the moist warmth emanating from her aroused cunt seeped into his pants. When she began licking his cheeks, it became too much. “No, no!” he gasped out weakly. Nancy leaned back away from him, grinning madly, as she felt his cock twitch and pulse in his pants. He came massively, pumping out blast after blast of jism into his shorts. Finally, he sagged back into the chair, his face red with embarrassment. “Jesus!” he panted. “That’s never happened before…”

“Happens all the time in the club,” commented Nancy brightly. Dave looked up at her curiously. She continued, “It’s sort of like a contest the dancers have, lots of bragging rights.”

“Do they ever lie about it?” he asked quizzically.

Nancy climbed off Dave’s lap and skipped over to the stereo and turned it off. “It’s pretty obvious,” she said pointing at the dark spot staining the front of his pants.

Dave blushed furiously. “Why did you get a job there? I mean, you said you were a cocktail waitress, but, I mean…”

“What else am I qualified for?” she asked. “I’m a high school dropout. I got my GED while I was in rehab, and now I go to college part time, but I have to pay the freight, you know. I have no skills other than the ones I’ve shown you.” At this, she waggled her eyebrows and Dave reddened., then continued, “So what else do I do. The money’s better than you can imagine, even if I’m not one of the dancers.”

“Yeah, but what about…”

“You mean, what’s an alky junkie coke whore doing working in a strip club? Sort of like the fox in the hen house, huh?” Nancy came over and sat on Dave’s lap, and Dave blushed again as he felt her warm ass pushing his soggy shorts against his groin.

“Hey, I didn’t say that!” he protested weakly. “But, as long as you raise the question, well, I mean, with your, uh, history, isn’t that a little…”

“Tempting?” Nancy gave him a ghostly smile. “Dave, every day I’m tempted by booze or drugs, but it doesn’t matter whether I work there or in some office someplace. I will always be tempted. That’s what it means to be an alcoholic and an addict. Just because I’m tempted doesn’t mean I have any interest in doing that again. The last time I was even seriously close to it was the night I met you.”

Dave gaped at her. “Huh?”

She nodded. “Yeah, that first night at the meeting, when I wasn’t sure if I should be there. It had been two weeks since the funeral, and people had been pushing me to go, and I had been feeling lower and lower, and every day I wanted to get drunk and buy some coke, more and more. Then, when I finally walked in and talked to you and then ran out, I was running to find my car and find a bar. The only reason I didn’t go was that you ran out and stopped me. You saved my life, Dave.”

Dave stared at the girl stupidly, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Finally, he shook his head, “Nuts, I didn’t do anything, you were just fine, I’m nobody…”

Nancy giggled and leaned back into him and kissed him, silencing him. “So, how was my dancing? As good as the other girls?”

Dave blushed even more furiously. “Listen, I’m an idiot, I know that. I should never have come over there. I didn’t get you in any trouble, did I? I swear, I will never do that again! I mean, I trust you, I really do, it’s just that I was curious…”

Leaning back in, Nancy rubbed herself against her lover as she took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately and thoroughly. Finished, she pulled away and looked at him with a smirk. “If I thought otherwise, you’d be headed home right now with soggy shorts, you bastard!” Dave blushed once more, and Nancy crawled off his lap. “Come on, get undressed, baby!” She grabbed a couple of comforters and tossed them down on the rug in front of the couch as Dave begin stripping down. She tossed a few throw cushions down, then sank down in front of him.

Dave was already stripping off his socks when she began to undo the straps on the high-heeled ‘fuck-me’ stilettos. “No, uh, please…”

Nancy started. “You want me to keep these on?” she asked curiously.

“Please?” Nancy shrugged acceptance, and he continued. “That’s my favorite outfit. High heels, stockings, and a smile!”

Nancy grinned, and adjusted her stockings, pulling them higher and smoothing them out. “It’s nice to meet a man with simple tastes,” she quipped. “Did your wife wear your favorite outfit?”

“All the time! What can I say, I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy!” Naked, he lay back on the comforters and nestled his head on the pillows. Nancy followed him down, to lay beside him and smile at him with a look of love in her eyes. “Am I allowed to touch you yet?” he asked.

“Honey, right now you’re required to touch me!” she answered breathily. She shuddered as he took her in his arms.

Now it was Dave’s turn to tend to Nancy’s needs. Laying a hand on her hip, he gently pressed her back until she was laying on the comforter, anxiously awaiting his touch. Leaning over her, he began kissing her lips, and she sighed contentedly, closing her eyes and reveling in his touch. Moving his lips from her face, Dave brought his hands up to cup hr bountiful breasts, lifting them to his kisses, and he began to devour her titflesh. Nancy began moaning in delight as he began caressing her body and gasped as his fingers slid between her quivering legs to cup and probe her slick and hot cunt. Dave tortured her with his hands and lips, taking her through one wracking orgasm after another, even as she cried and gasped, “Fuck me! Please, fuck me!”

There was little tenderness when he finally did begin to fuck her. He rolled onto Nancy and rammed his cock into her drenched pussy as she shrieked with her pleasure, then began hammering his cock into her. Dave rode her fiercely, slamming into her cunt, and Nancy loved it. She wrapped her fishnet clad legs around his waist and spurred him on with the stiletto heels of her shoes and clawed at his back and ass with her hands. Both were grunting like a pair of wild rutting animals, sweat pouring from their pores, until Dave finally let out a low bellow. His back arching as Nancy clung to him fiercely, he slammed his cock into her cunt and began pumping out an endless load of cum.

Drained, Dave slumped to the floor, sliding off of Nancy as she slowly untangled her legs from around his waist. Rolling onto his back lifelessly, he panted and gasped back to life as his love clung to him, her own chest heaving with the effort. “Oh, my God!” he exclaimed, “It’s never been like this…”

“I love you, Dave, I love you!” cried Nancy. She placed her hands alongside his face and began kissing his lips and face feverishly. “I love you; I love you…”

Dave was content to allow the girl to kiss him as he began to gain his breath back. Love? Was she serious? And if she was, should she be? What were his feelings towards her? Dave’s mind began moving at a million miles an hour, in a million different directions, as he began to contemplate the possible answers to the questions. Did he love her?

It had been several years since Dave had considered loving a woman, and that woman was his dead wife. Nancy had proven to him that he was capable of being attracted to another woman, but could he love her? What about his sons? What was Nancy’s future with him, with them? Could this be love?

“What did you say?” he asked gently.

Propping herself up on his chest, the girl looked down at him and whispered, “I love you, Dave.” She leaned back in and kissed him quick. “I love you.”

“Nancy, I…” Dave was stumped. He had a wild look of despair in his eyes as he contemplated what he should say next. Was he ready for love? “We need to talk, honey.” He struggled upright and moved back against the couch, leaning back against, and Nancy followed, leaning against his chest.

“It’s okay, Dave. I don’t expect you to love me. I just wanted to let you know how much I care for you. You saved my life, Dave.”

Dave shook his head, trying to clear the buzzing. He felt like he was drowning and couldn’t get any air. It had been years since he had considered such a thing. Could it be…? It was almost as if it was a dream, and he heard a voice that sounded just like his own. “Uh, Nancy, did you have any plans for this weekend?”

She gave him a curious look. “Well, I’ll be working at the club, and no, I don’t think you should come by.”

“No, I was wondering if you’d be interested in coming over to my place. Uh, I’d like you to meet the boys,” he said quietly.

Nancy stared at her lover in disbelief. “You want me to meet your sons?” she gasped out.

Dave shrugged. “Yeah, well, I suppose they should meet you sooner or later. I mean, if we are going to have something here, I have to think about them, you know? I mean, I know what you just said and all, but maybe you should meet my kids before you go overboard, huh…”

Dave trailed off as Nancy began sobbing, collapsing against his chest as she wailed. Unable to do anything more than hold his arms around her, he listened to her blubber. “Hey, I’m sorry. If you don’t want to…”

At this she came upright with a wild look in her eyes. “Dave, why wouldn’t I want to?” she demanded through the tears.

“Well, I don’t know, but the way you’re carrying on…”

“That’s because nobody has ever treated me like you before. That was the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me.” Confused, Dave simply stared at her. “You don’t get it? You just asked an alcoholic junkie whore to meet your kids! Guys like you don’t do that, Dave, they don’t want me near anybody who knows them.”

“Hey, that’s not you. I know you, you’re not that woman anymore!” he protested loudly.

“I know that! That’s what I’m saying, Dave, nobody can get past that, maybe not even me! Nobody wants an alcoholic coke whore to meet their kids!”

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Dave Segrove slowly, as he hugged the girl against him. “Listen, I just said I wanted you to meet the boys, not that I loved you. I don’t know if I can love again.”

She pulled back and smiled and wiped her tear-streaked face with a tissue he handed her. She took the box from his hands and set it beside her. “Yes, you did, just now when you asked me to meet your sons.”

By now Dave’s cock was stiff again, from having a beautiful nude woman in his arms and laying against his chest. Nancy glanced down at his erection and smiled shyly. Reaching down, she began tracing her fingers gently along the length of the shaft, and Dave twitched involuntarily in delight. She smiled as she swung a leg over his hips and lowered her sopping cunt onto his cock. “Let me show you how much I love you, Dave.”

Dave groaned as the young woman began moving her body against him. Maybe this would work out after all.


Couples Therapy

Shawanda Parker glanced across the receptionist’s desk at the lone woman in the waiting room, wondering what her problem was. This was a Friday, the end of her second week on the job, and the overwhelming question she had, every day, with everyone who came in the office, was ‘What’s your problem?’

Shawanda had just turned 21. She was a pretty girl, of mixed Latino-African American background, who lived with her Puerto Rican boyfriend in an apartment just outside of town. She had graduated from the local business college a year ago, the modern version of secretarial school, and had ended up with a temp service as a secretary. This job looked to be her longest gig yet, and even had the possibility of turning into a full-time job, but she generally wondered about the people coming in - ‘What’s your problem?’

Dr. Jonathan Barnes was a psychologist specializing in couples therapy and family counseling. It was a small office, with just himself and a secretary/receptionist. His regular receptionist had left on a maternity leave three weeks ago and was now due any day. The first secretary the temp agency had sent over had proved a rude and stupid disaster and had been sent packing at the end of the first week. Shawanda was determined to do much better. If the regular secretary decided that motherhood was a better deal than working, which was a real possibility since her husband had a decent job, then Dr. Barnes had told her he would probably keep her on. Her contract with the temp agency allowed her to go to work for him after twelve weeks, and the money he paid to the temp agency would go to her instead. It was a twelve-week contract; she had worked two and next week the office was closed because the doctor was going on vacation. Then it would be another ten weeks and she might be able to work full time directly for him.

That was a preview of Naughty Shorts. To read the rest purchase the book.

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